24 March 2024
A Prayer For Scampton To Sir Keir Starmer

Dear Sir Keir,

The Home Office is applying for a Special Development Order to continue with the delivery of an asylum camp at Scampton.

Let's just take a look at that for a minute. The Home Office stated that the reason for mass migration camps and barges in the first place was that it was cheaper than hotels and that spending millions of pounds our money on said hotels was unacceptable. And yet we now know from the evidence provided by their own department that Scampton alone is in their words, "£45.1 million more than using hotels, with site used until March 2028."

Not to mention the additional loss at Scampton of £300 million in private investment, 1,000 jobs and the future returns to the exchequer from the redevelopment project potentially running into the billions in coming years.

So why are they looking at going ahead with it? They're literally choosing the opposite (i.e. more expensive) option to their stated overall argument to justify these camps. In the case of Scampton including additional costs and loss of investment at least £345 million.

How can it be when this Home Office plan was initially allegedly conceived to save we the taxpayer money on hotel bills, that we now know that it is significantly more expensive and yet is still being pursued? This appears to be an incredible waste of taxpayers money.

We have watched this shambolic circus of political ineptitude and incompetence unravel before our very eyes. This is a scandal of waste, no more, no less.we're told that the government is working in the public interest, but this appears to be untrue.

We would like to see this reckless use of our taxes stopped so that no more money is wasted on it and Scampton can become the economic growth story it was planned to be whilst protecting it's proud history and heritage.

We would suggest the following:

When our service personnel sacrificed their lives to protect our future we made them the only promise we could:

"We Will Not Forget."

We have a duty to honour that promise, it's the only thing we have left to give them.

Please Sir Keir, submit a prayer for Scampton when they apply for their SDO?

Yours is the only voice that can at least get them to debate this I'll judged, over budget plan. And we believe that a debate is the very least it deserves.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Jason Bayliss


12 verified
  1. Jason Bayliss, Retired, None, Lincoln
  2. Theresa Williams, House wife, Lincoln
  3. Anita Lloyd, community care assistant, Rose community group, Lincolinshire
  4. Michael Stringfellow, Retired, None, Retford
  5. Wayne Lalka, Hospital manager, Nhs, Lincoln
  6. Graham Shephardson, Driver, None, Scampton
  7. Andrew Slack, Agriculture agent, Adm, Lincoln
  8. Jane Duke, Retired, Lincoln
  9. Debbie Grant, Sales assistant, Lincoln
  10. June Laycock, Retired, None, Lincoln
  11. Vanessa Revill, Retired, Lincoln
  12. Marion comerford, Retired, Lincoln
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