6 February 2024
Aldersbrook Medical Centre Funding Cuts

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our deep dismay at the recent announcements from Aldersbrook Medical Centre, which see the current provider pushed out due to funding cuts.

For decades, Aldersbrook Medical Centre has been one of the services at the heart of the Aldersbrook Estate and community. The service provided is an absolute necessity, particularly for the older and more vulnerable members of the community.

The current operator, Richmond Road Partnership, has put in huge amounts of work to provide a massively improved service in recent years.

Even as it stands, with the number of appointments available and extended opening hours, the practice is at capacity. All extra demand pushes people to out of hours services much further away and puts further strain on NHS resources.

Many amongst the group have shared their concern especially at the possible loss of the services of Dr Karan Bhatt and Dr Uzmah Chaudhary. Both Doctors are held in incredibly high regard amongst patients and have built up a huge amount of trust and respect with the people they have treated. This loss of trust and familiarity could be disruptive and cause anxiety for individuals who rely heavily on their current medical support system and those that are partway through treatments.

Any change to the current service, be it reduction in personnel, hours or provision, will directly impact local residents to a huge detriment. Closure of the practice, should another provider not be found, would be catastrophic for the estate and put further pressure on surrounding NHS services.

We urge you to do everything in your power to retain Richmond Road as the operator and secure the future of the practice and work with us to find a solution that ensures continued access to high-quality healthcare for all members of our community.

We seek a discussion with all interested parties who would like to join a collective conversation on these issues. We warmly welcome the opportunity to discuss this directly with BHURT and hope that, by working together, we can find an alternative solution and outcome which works for all.

Copied to:

Shane DeGaris, Group Chief Executive Officer of Barts Health and BHRUT

Matthew Trainer, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer of Barts Health and BHRUT

Dr Mamta Shetty Vaidya, Chief Medical Officer, Barts Health and BHRUT

John Cryer MP (Leyton & Wanstead)

Councillor Sheila Bain

Councillor Bayo Alaba

Councillor Jas Athwal

Councillor Mark A. Santos

424 verified
  1. Megan Higgins, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  2. Lisa Ringe, London
  3. Chanel Hunt, Cleaner, Wanstead
  4. David Poole, Retired Bank Manager, London
  5. Trisha Bradley, Retired, London E12 5ED
  6. April Stack, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  7. Samina Islam, Wanstead
  8. Jack Noble, Solicitor, LONDON
  9. Gemmaine Walsh, Aldersbrook resident, London
  10. Dagmar ellefsen, Teacher, London
  11. Sue Mutter, Retired, Aldersbrook resident, London
  12. Lindsay Schofield, Retires, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  13. Sarah Gibbs, NHS manager, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, London
  14. Jess Grattan Williams, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  15. John Tuite, Teacher, Aldersbrook
  16. Amina Malik-Lewis, Childcare Practitioner, BB's Childcare, London
  17. Sue Bestjan, Social Care & Health Consultant (retired), Aldersbrook, Wanstead
  18. Pat OBrien, Aldersbrook
  19. Amber Whitfield, London
  20. Elizabeth Thompson, Retired, LONDON
  21. Sarah Venis, Psychotherapist, London
  22. Denise Day, Retired, London, Aldersbrook resident
  23. Nick Rothwell, Accountant, Aldersbrook
  24. anonymous
  25. Krista Jones, Retired, Resident. Wanstead. Since 1996, London
  26. Lucia smith, Emergency ambulance crew, London
  27. Mart Peers, Teacher, London
  28. Naomi Jones, Project Manager, London
  29. Terri Rowe, London
  30. Ron Filer, Retired, London
  31. Hannah Spraggon, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  32. Asha Patel, Mental health, ELFT, London
  33. Mary O’Leary, London
  34. Velvet Orr, Aldersbrook Resident
  35. Craig Lane, Patient, London
  36. Martin Talbot, Ceo, London
  37. Leigh Donovan, A&E Nurse, Patient at Aldersbrook, London
  38. Claire Gray, Na, Wanstead, london
  39. Ed Jeffersom, Aldersbrook resident, London
  40. Jillian Freimanis, Aldersbrook, London
  41. Karen Kehoe, Retired, London, Aldersbrook resident
  42. Jacob stack, Aldersbrook
  43. Denise Rooney, Retired Clinical Scientist, Aldersbrook, London
  44. Kamile, NHS, London
  45. Karen Broughton, London
  46. Nick Hill
  47. Gemma Palmer, Wanstead
  48. Carol Curtis, Retired, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  49. Gemma Stuart, London
  50. Katharine McKnight, Teacher, Patient at the surgery, Aldersbrook
  51. Emily Azzoppard, Early Years Practitioner, London
  52. Margaret Brophy, Aldersbrook resident, London
  53. Gary Johnston, Aldersbrook resident
  54. Judith Wood, Retired teacher, Aldersbrook Patient, Wanstead
  55. Sadia Bux, Wanstead
  56. Stephen Day, Retired, London, Aldersbrook resident
  57. Emily Russul Saib, Aldersbrook resident, London
  58. rumandip Heer, Teacher, Ruman heer, London
  59. Deanne Lodge, Aldersbrook london
  60. Stephanie Crowley, Teaching Assistant, Aldersbrook Patient
  61. Steven Wood, Assoc. Design Director, Telegraph Media group, London
  62. Nicholas Ross, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  63. Janelle Jeffery, London
  64. Sophie Hussain, Pre school practitioner, LONDON
  65. Mrs Alison Charles, London
  66. Amy Tolley, Teacher, Aldersbrook resident, London
  67. Erin Coghlan, Civil servant, London
  68. Kerry Flitcroft, Manager, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett Llp, London
  69. Stephanie Pettigrew, Aldersbrook resident, London
  70. Vicki Parnell, Assistant Headteacher, Aldersbrook
  71. Carla Norton
  72. Graham Newlands, Project Manager, London
  73. Maura Cardy, Social worker, Patient, London
  74. Claire Thornton, Lawyer, London
  75. Gemma Capocci, Counsellor, London
  76. Alison Tetlow, Retired, London
  77. Raquel Azevedo, Art teacher, London
  78. Rita Kenny, Retired, Wanstead
  79. Leigh Morris, Aldersbrook resident, London
  80. Bradley Wray, Retired, N/A, London
  81. Ramez Hanafi, Head of Digital Products, Visa, London
  82. Susan Fitzgerald, Solicitor, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  83. Elaine Bryant, Retired, London
  84. Kairika Karsna, Resident, Aldersbrook
  85. Áine Burke, Teacher, London
  86. Avani Higgins, Director of School Improvment, Aldersbrook
  87. Russell Kenny, Retired, London
  88. Sharon kain, Aldersbrook resident, London
  89. Radhiyyah chowdhury, Hca, Aldersbrook medical centre, Wanstead
  90. Darren, Engineer, London
  91. Lena Coombs OBrien, Aldersbrook Wanstead
  92. Frances Connolley, Driver, London
  93. Farah khan, Nhs, NHS london, Londo
  94. Dawn kavanagh, Nurse, E12 5DF, London
  95. Olaf McGing, Dentist, LONDON
  96. Melanie Hartt, Education, Self Emoloyed, London
  97. Jonathan Boshell, London
  98. Geoff Bryant, Retired, London
  99. Joanne Scriven, Aldersbrook resident, London
  100. Hazel Podmore, Retired, London
  101. Leah Buckley, London
  102. Ann & Jack Coveney, Retired, Wanstead
  103. Natasha White, Aldersbrook resident, London
  104. Tracy Higgins, IT Consultant, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  105. S.Moseley, Teacher, Aldersbrook resident
  106. Imran haris, Barking
  107. Christina Herold, Aldersbrook
  108. Linda Heston, Phlebotomist, NELFT nhs trust
  109. Robyn Day, London
  110. Brett Orr, Aldersbrook
  111. C McGovern, Retired, London
  112. Uzmah Chaudhary, Gp, Self-Employed, London
  113. Ruth Taylor, Solicitor, London
  114. Sopura Khanam, HCA, Aldersbrook Medical Centre, London
  115. Mark Heston, Engineer, Aldersbrook London
  116. Sarah Crabb, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  117. Nicola Perry, Operations Director, London
  118. Urmila R. Velani, Revenues officer, London Borough Of Newham, London
  119. Sarah Gray, Aldersbrook Resident
  120. Kate Lothian, Title, Aldersbrook
  121. Shuja Varghese, Practice Nurse, Aldersbrook Medical Centre, Wanstead
  122. Hannah Brownhill, Creative Director, London
  123. Gopal Mehta, Doctor, Wanstead
  124. Sidney Clegg, Aldersbrook medical centre, London
  125. Kieron burke, Teacher, London
  126. Frank Kain, , Wanstead
  127. Sharon Payne, Lakehouse Resident, Wanstead
  128. Gordon Soo, Aldesbrook resident, London
  129. Robert D'Angelo, Retired teacher, London
  130. Azadeh Soltani, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  131. Theresa McGing, Retired, Aldersbrook
  132. Hapi Begum, Receptionist, Aldersbrook, London
  133. Samila savomy, Receptionist /admin, Aldersbrook medical centre, London
  134. David Hartt, Bank Treasurer, London
  135. Ted Burberry, Head Coach, GLL, Wanstead
  136. Frances Hills, London
  137. Samantha Valentine, Resident, Oma, London
  138. Susan Cockett, Retired teacher, Aldersbrook resident
  139. Sayeda, Analyst, UCL, London
  140. Elwin Cockett, Archdeacon, London
  141. Kate Fentiman, Aldersbrook Resident
  142. Cherelle
  143. Clive Graham, Aldersbrook resident, London
  144. Ben Ormerod, Lighting designer, London
  145. Janet Godbold, Retired
  146. TJ Atkinson, Consultant
  147. Antonia Doggett, Acting coach, London
  148. Jenny Chu, Resident, Nhs, Aldersbrook
  149. Maria, Engineer, London
  150. Oliver Holmes, Deputy Director Delivery Management, NHS England, Wanstead
  151. anonymous
  152. peter bateman, Retired, London
  153. Anna Wales, Self employed, Anna Wales Jewellery, London
  154. Kerri Smuth, Administration Coordinator, Nursing and Midwifery Council, London
  155. Alison Crow
  156. Sarah jewiss, Receptionist, Aldersbrook resident
  157. Susie Haynes, Clinical Psychologist, Aldersbrook resident, London
  158. Kay Bargrove, Ward Clerk, Bhrut King George hospital, E12 5hr
  159. Shakuntla Velani, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  160. Billy jewiss, Banker, Aldersbrook resident
  161. Jenny Nanalal, Solicitor, Aldersbrook resident, London
  162. Aniqa Mateen, Solicitor, London
  163. valerie nadel, Retired, Herongate Road, london
  164. Anna Harling, Aldersbrook Resident, Aldersbrook,London
  165. Jenefer Sargent, Resident, Resident, London
  166. Lisa Braden, Head of Development, Aldersbrook
  167. Valerie Church, NHS Complaints, Bartshealth NHS Trust, London
  168. Joanne Seekings, London
  169. Satinder Sharma, Aldersbrook resident
  170. Sam Bikhit, Estate agents, Berkshire Hathaway home service, London
  171. Nicola Smith, London
  172. Lucy Johnston, Artist, London
  173. Imran Suleiman, Teacher, London
  174. Gabrielle Richards, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  175. Lisa Affleck, PA, London
  176. Nick Affleck, Resident, Aldersbrook
  177. Rebecca Bolam-Taylor, , London
  178. Susanne Marshall, London
  179. Denise Nathan, Court Clerk, E11 3RX
  180. Oriana Chao, London
  181. Andrew Parnell, Aircraft Engineer, Aldersbrook
  182. JANET LEE, Retired teacher, London
  183. Paris Parnell, Office manager, Veranex, wanstead
  184. Harry McCarthy, Engineering supervisor, Canary Wharf grohp, London
  185. Maggie Barrett, Retired, London
  186. Alice Noble, Teacher, Aldersbrook
  187. Faisal, London
  188. Natasha Asselin-Miller, Doctor, NHS, London
  189. Charlee Parnell, Courier, Addison lee, London
  190. Robert Blamire, London
  191. Louise Richards, Choose an option, London
  192. Salik ahmed, Aldersbrook resident, London
  193. Charlotte Robinson, Teacher, London
  194. Stella Joseph, Retired, Select...Aldersbrook resident, London
  195. Jack Nilsen, Retired Teacher, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  196. Sumrana Chaudhary, GP, Mayflower, Plymouth
  197. Charlotte Brooks, Aldersbrook resident, London
  198. Joanne Guleroglu, Teacher, London
  199. Michael Pritchard, Retired healthcare chaplain, Londo
  200. Abdul mohamed, Actor, London
  201. Michael Withnall, Retired Aldersbrook Resident, Retired, LONDON
  202. Joanne Robinson, London
  203. Peter Metcalfe, Emergency Ambulance Technician, London Ambulance Service, London
  204. Sarah Jeffrey, London
  205. Daniel Carney, London
  206. Ruby Morgan-Bennett, Senior Programme Manager, ODI, London
  207. Dr Minali Gupta, GP, The Forest Practice, Nottingham
  208. Simon Barton, Aldersbrook, London
  209. Terry McKnight, Civil Servant, London
  210. Vlora Jaha, London
  211. Elizabeth Graham, student, london
  212. Fiona Davidson, Consultant, London E125DZ
  213. Gerard Durcan, Educational consultant, Mr, London
  214. Sanaa Fazil, GP, Leicester
  215. Daniel Tolley, Mechanic, Aldersbrook resident, London
  216. Sebastian Spencer, London
  217. Mohammad Ahmed, Actuarial associate, Actuarial, London
  218. Denise farr, Midwife, Resident, Alderbrook
  219. Mahmuda Begum, Manager, London
  220. Urim Jaha, Safeguarding Liaison Manager, Aldersbrook
  221. M begum, Resident, Wanstead
  222. Caylie Stallard, London
  223. Monira begum, Teacher, Resident
  224. Majida begum, Civil servant, Wanstead
  225. Mumina begum, Teacher, Newham, Wanstead
  226. Pauline Pritchard, Retired, London
  227. Dima Hohlov, Photographer, London
  228. A Rahman, Finance manager, Wanstead
  229. Geoff Bryant, Retired, London E12 5EA
  230. Ian Selby, Insurance Underwriter, London
  231. Daniel Harris, London
  232. Abdul sadiq, Delivery driver, Wanstead
  233. Shailesh Velani, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  234. Pascal Cisse, Aldersbrook resident, London
  235. Aaron Paul, Programmer, Tech company, London
  236. Jo Addison, Add10, London
  237. L gibson, Practitioner, Primary school, London
  238. Jackie Withnall, Invigilator, London
  239. Martyn Hawkes, Vicar, St Gabriel’s Church, Aldersbrook
  240. Michele Wheeler, Resident, London, Aldersbrook
  241. John Barry, Wanstead
  242. Inez Pardoe, Retired
  243. Janette Clark, Retired, Aldersbrook
  244. Kevin Boa, Aldersbrook resident, London
  245. Stephen Clubb, Retired, Not Applicable, Wanstead
  246. kate white, Architect, Aldersbrook, London
  247. Fay fidler, Wanstead
  248. Mahesh Velani, Electrician, Wanstead
  249. Jonathan Sloan, London
  250. T O’Hara, Director, Aldersbrook
  251. Onorica sultenia, Retail, Dune, Wansted
  252. Reiko Shimazaki, Producer, London
  253. Vlad Muresan, Hospitality, Caffe, London
  254. Stephen keddie, Doctor (neurologist), Royal London Hospital, London
  255. Beej Shah, GP, Northampton
  256. Claire Hepworth, Aldersbrook resident, London
  257. Gerti Ashton, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  258. Anya Hawkes, Student, London
  259. Sarah Stack, Teacher, London
  260. Peter Parten, Solicitor, London
  261. Jill salmon, Retired, Wanstead
  262. Alan Tetlow, Retired, London
  263. Olivia cardnell, Property mNGddt, -, Aldersbrook
  264. John Anthony, Retired, Resident of Aldersbrook/ Lake House Estate, London
  265. Nnenna Henrietta UMOKE, Dr, Nhse, MANCHESTER
  266. Clive Power, Aldersbrook
  267. Jahid Ahmed, Self employed, London
  268. Laurine Chanza, Stay at home mother, London
  269. Terilla Bernard, PPG Chair oAldersbrook Medical Centre, London
  270. Luke Bunting, GP, Aldersbrook
  271. Paul Gowans, Investment Director, London
  272. Mrs Claire Smith, Aldersbrook resident, London
  273. Janette Binns, Retired teacher, Aldersbrook resident, London
  274. Murshed Baig, IT, London
  275. Stephanie King
  276. Sonia Richardson, Social Worker, LONDON
  277. Ffion Boshell, Chief Financial Officer, Wanstead
  278. Sirin Aktar, Passengers Assistant, Resident, E11 3rt
  279. aaswim nassir, driver, pertemps, london
  280. Tangena Begum, Case Handler, London
  281. Khaled Mahmud, Financial Controller, London
  282. Kishore Teelanah, Lecturer, North Hertfordshire College, Stevenage
  283. Mary Bacham, London
  284. Usman Ahsan, Doctor, LTHT, Leeds
  285. Kasamba Stern, Pharmacy Technician Trainee, NHS, London
  286. Carla Thompson, Medical doctor, 8 prestbury close, stockport
  287. Lenka Vargova Pasku, PA, Accountancy practice, London
  288. Dean Gibson, Teacher, Resident, London
  289. Caroline Chan, London
  290. Julian Gibbs, Retired, London
  291. Neville Brewis, Retired, Dover Road residents, London
  292. Haseeb Ahmed, Accountant, London
  293. Kathryn McKenna, Midwife, Wanstead
  294. Elaine Grimes, Lighting Technician, Royal Opera House, London
  295. Hakan Guleroglu, Resident, None, London
  296. Yulia Turchina, Resident, Aldersbrook
  297. Katharine Yates, Logistics Director, London
  298. Terence george CUTTER, retired, Perry Lodge ,Arran Drive e12 5hp, Wanstead
  299. Najah Ismael, London
  300. Tommy Fennelly, London
  301. Mary McMullen, Residant, London
  302. Polina Burgess, Resident, LONDON
  303. Jack Smerdon, London
  304. Carmen Warner, Retired, Wanstead
  305. Chloe Rumak, Ceramics Technician, London
  306. Flo Graham, Aldersbrook resident
  307. Richard lodge, London
  308. Aaron Moore, Civil servant, Aldersbrook
  309. Maureen Mackay, Retired, London
  310. Karen Middleton, School Health, LBN, Aldersbrook
  311. Amber Holmes, Head of Quality, Regulatory and Parmacovigilance, Cancer Research UK, LONDON
  312. D, Accountant, N/A, Ilford
  313. Leshia Meduoye, Designer, Aldersbrook, London
  314. Janey MacRae, Aldersbrook resident, LONDON
  315. Shaber Ahmed, Property developer, London
  316. Sabana Patel, London
  317. Arzu Gonenc, Aldersbrook resident, London
  318. Siobhan Flannery, Partnerships manager, London
  319. Emma Fenelon, Barrister, London
  320. Felicity Brewis, Retired Teacher, Aldersbrook resident, London
  321. Daniel Singer, Civil Servant, London
  322. Abbie Baker, Hotel manager, Courtney hotel, E12 5dg
  323. Christine Davis, Office worker, Courtney Hotel homeless unit, Manor Park
  324. Rana Fahmy, Counselling psychologist, IKWRO WOMEN’S RIGHTS ORGANISATION, LONDON
  325. Sarla Velani, Learning support, London
  326. Gill Usher, Ceramicist, Lakehouse Estate
  327. Madeleine McLeod, London
  328. Mr D Fentiman, Aldersbrook patient
  329. Celia Parker, Retired, London
  330. Dorothy Fentiman, Retired NHS, Aldersbrook patient
  331. Rose Hensman, Retired, London
  332. Rich, MD, London
  333. Claudia De wolff, Media, London
  334. Victoria Kennard, Aldersbrook Resident
  335. Erum Akbar, Medical Sec, Kings College Hospital, Wanstead. London
  336. Kevin Higgins, Retired, Wanstead
  337. Tineke Zonneveld, Financial Controller, Aldersbrook Resident
  338. Keith Crompton, Retired teacher, London
  339. Julian Stanley, Researcher, LONDON
  340. David Bartley, Retired
  341. Orla Pearson, Director, MyClearText Ltd, London
  342. Nadia Foster, Self employed, London
  343. Martin Gruenanger, Architect, Space Group of Architects, London
  344. Paul Wildish, Retired, Aldersbrook Medical Centre Patient’s Participation Group, London
  345. Laura Keddie, Doctor, Barts NHS Trust, London
  346. Alice batsford, Marketing, Heineken, London
  347. Tim Harris, Editor, London
  348. Bridgid Joy, Training manager, London
  349. Victoria Kearney, Marketing Director, Ingatestone Road E125HE, LONDON
  350. Cameron mitchell, Aldersbrook patient
  351. Louise Russell, London
  352. Joanna ingram, Marketer, London
  353. Kalpna Lewis, Dementia support worker, London
  354. Simon vincent
  355. Shehr Kazmi, Aldersbrook, London
  356. Luke Gribbon, Resident, London, Aldersbrook
  357. Ray Goodspeed, Retired, Leytonstone
  358. Nigel Prendergast, Retired, Wanstead
  359. Ian Wheeler, Resident, Aldersbrook
  360. Tom Smith, Doctor, NHS, London
  361. Lady Tracey Adebowale-Jones, Health coach, Nhs, London
  362. J J Shoobert
  363. Elaine Hoctor, Retired, London
  364. Marilyn Towler, Retired Teacher, N/A, Aldersbrook
  365. Aloka Alam, Banking, Aldersbrook resident, London
  366. Stephen Moule, Retired
  367. Kathleen partington, Retired, London
  368. Vera Wilby, Solicitor, N/A, London
  369. Peter Coll
  370. Maryam dar, Gp, Solihull
  371. Pam Marley, Retired Headteacher
  372. Rabia, Doctor, London
  373. Neil Battes, Retired, London
  374. Daniel richardson, Truck driver, London
  375. Natalie Brodie, Social Worker, London
  376. Karan Bhatt, GP, London
  377. Preslava, Nail artist, Wanstead
  378. Kate Law, Aldersbrook
  379. Susan Gray, Retired, Aldersbrook
  380. Andrew Bonner, Retail manager, London
  381. Rhi Louise
  382. Daniela Webbe, Hospital Pharmacist, Barts Health NHS Trust, London
  383. Ann Marriott-stevens, dental surgery manager, WOODGRANGE DENTAL, London
  384. Gillian Davenport, Account assistant, Loughton
  385. antony stevens, driver, estuary, southend
  386. Oakley Parnell, London
  387. balraj birring, London
  388. helen
  389. Nicholas Asselin-Miller, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  390. Elaine McSharry, Retired, London
  391. Rachel McSharry, Resident, London
  392. David Shapiro, Retired, Aldersbrook
  393. Michael Webbe, Aldersbrook Resident
  394. Brenda Thomason, Retired, London
  395. Pam Plane, Retired, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  396. Paul Plane, Retired, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  397. MR FADIL KADRIU, London
  398. J. Graham, Retired, Manor Park Resident
  399. Imran Bhurawala, Company Director, Creative Entertainment Exchange Ltd, Aldersbrook
  400. Usman TARIQ, GPST, Birmingham
  401. Jack, London
  402. Caz Crilly, PA, London
  403. Claire Xu, Local resident, London
  404. Dennis Weeks, Director, London
  405. Stuart Baillie, Town Planner, London
  406. Wendy Finan, Retired, London
  407. Ruth Lisk, Aldersbrook resident
  408. Sue Cody, Retired, Aldersbrook resident
  409. Dipak, Working, Wanstead
  410. dr helal ali, doctor, GRMC, Leicester
  411. John Meehan, London
  412. Andrea Waller, Nurse, London
  413. Eileen Flinter, Education, London
  414. Kay Downie, Teacher, LONDON
  415. Elaine nicholson, Finance clerk, Qmul
  416. Marilyn Short, Retired, London,
  417. David salmon, Managing director, Colchester
  418. Linda Mair, Retired, Aldersbrook
  419. Asha Raval, Optician, London
  420. Bill Stack, IT Trainer, London
  421. Robert Millar, Retired, Wanstead
  422. David Cull, Retired, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  423. Maeve d'Angelo, Work, Hospital and carting, London
  424. P. M. Britton, Retired, None., LONDON
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