9 May 2024
An Open Letter on Gaza to Worthing MPs: Sir Peter Bottomley and Tim Loughton

Dear Sir Peter Bottomley MP and Tim Loughton MP,

We, the undersigned residents of Worthing West and East Worthing & Shoreham, urge you, our representatives, to demand an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza, an end to all arms sales to Israel and unimpeded admission of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Our community is horrified at the ongoing devastation and killing of civilians we are witnessing. To date, Israel has killed over 14,000 children – equivalent to double the entire primary school population of Worthing.

A full-scale invasion of Rafah is imminent, where 1.4 million people including 610,000 children are sheltering in already inhumane conditions with limited food and water supplies and nowhere left to go. We demand that you do everything in your power to end the UK’s arms sales to Israel, push for an immediate permanent ceasefire and the release of all hostages and call for unrestricted humanitarian access to Gaza.

In February, the Foreign Secretary stated his “deep concern about the prospect of a military offensive in Rafah” adding that “we do not underestimate the devastating humanitarian impact that a full ground offensive, if enacted, would have”. How can the UK government express this concern and at the same time continue to sell Israel the weapons used to kill civilians there?

This letter has been signed from people within our community from all faiths, backgrounds and political views. This is an issue of humanity that concerns us all and we want to see our representatives respond accordingly.

An immediate ceasefire and end to arms sales will not be enough to secure true justice, liberation and equality for Palestinians, but they represent an urgent and indispensable first step. We plead for an end to all violence, an end to all oppression and denial of human rights, and a path towards a just and sustainable peace for all.

240 verified
  1. Rebecca Sinclair, Worthing BN11 5QH
  2. Emma Rafferty, Worthing, BN11 4RY
  3. Hanh Hogg, Clubroom assistant, David Lloyd, Worthing
  4. Mef Williams, Worthing
  5. Yael Friedman, Worthing
  6. Ruth Pineda, Worthing, BN11 5SH
  7. Steve Whitford, Lecturer, University Of Portsmouth, WORTHING
  8. Joanne Newell, Worthing BN11 1DR
  9. Katie Fewings, Digital Marketing Consultant, We Are All Connected, WORTHING
  10. Vicky twitchen, Retired, None, Shoreham
  11. Soraya hatami, Architect, P4P, Worthing
  12. Hajira ben moussa, Self employed, Lancing
  13. Shirin hatami-pour, Retired, P4P, Worthing
  14. Aisha Choudhury, Worthing
  15. Maureen Purcell, Worthing
  16. Lucie koplin, Accountant, Worthing
  17. Fahmida sikder, Learning support, Worthing Islamic society, Worthing
  18. Ros Meadow, Teacher, Lancing
  19. Lorraine McNab, Retired, Worthing
  20. Mrs A L Palmer, West Sussex County Council, Worthing
200 more
verified signatures
  1. Sarah Morrell, Worthing
  2. Yasmin Husain, Worthing
  3. Pamela Bambrick, Worthing
  4. John Rafferty, Worthing, BN11 4RY
  5. Richard Fitzgerald, CSM, Ladbrokes, Worthing
  6. Amanda Hooper, Retired, Worthing
  7. Danielle, Homemaker, Worthing
  8. Dr Ayesha Hafeez, Dr, Worthing
  9. Michelle Perry, Worthing
  10. Elena Bicknell, Shoreham by Sea
  11. Wendy Delius, Artist, Worthing
  12. anonymous
  13. Ruth Troughton, Accountant, Worthing
  14. Lucy toynbee, Retired nurse, Littlehampton
  15. Jana Shkrelaj, Worthing
  16. Ross Bicknell, Shoreham-by-sea
  17. Bryony May frieslaar, Artist, Goring-by-Sea, Worthing
  18. Katy Graham, Worthing
  19. Charlotte Pook, Talent Acquisition Manager, Angmering
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