15 April 2023

An open letter to organisations engaging with the online blind community. Twitter has abandoned us, many of us have abandoned Twitter, join us on Mastodon

Our request
We, the undersigned, respectfully make the following request of organisations engaging with the online blind community. These organisations include, but are not limited to:
• Organisations of and for the blind
• Assistive technology companies
• Mainstream technology companies with accounts focussing on accessibility
• Entities providing essential information that may be vital at times of emergency
• Any product or service that values convenient, accessible engagement with the blind community.
We ask that, as a matter of urgency and to demonstrate a commitment to remaining accessible to as many blind people as possible, you prioritise creating a presence on the social network Mastodon.
Why this is important
Opinions vary regarding changes at Twitter since its acquisition in 2022. But there is no doubt that many blind people who formerly used Twitter as their primary social network have scaled back their use of the platform. An increasing number have abandoned it altogether.
Twitter’s blind community began migrating to Mastodon in significant numbers in November 2022, following the firing of every staff member of Twitter’s accessibility team. It was clear then that Twitter’s commitment to accessibility, which had increased and yielded positive outcomes in recent years, could no longer be relied upon.
With a desire to monetise the platform and find a path to profitability, experienced technology commentators in the blind community warned back in November that Twitter would eventually cut off access to third-party apps. This would ensure more people saw Twitter’s advertisements, and give Twitter full control of the user experience for everyone. This has now happened.
This change has eliminated the most accessible, popular options that made Twitter so attractive to many blind users.
Windows and Mac clients that provided an optimal environment designed by the blind, for the blind are now victims of Twitter’s third-party app ban, and no longer work. With a couple of exceptions that are almost certainly temporary, mainstream third-party Twitter apps that provided a superior accessibility and general user experience no longer work. Twitter’s own mobile offerings have shortcomings and accessibility challenges. Using the web interface is not as efficient or powerful.
The level of migration to Mastodon by the population in general has been remarkable. Since Twitter’s acquisition in October 2022, Mastodon has seen many millions of people join the platform. While specific statistics on adoption of Mastodon within the blind community are not available, anecdotal evidence suggests that the uptake by the formerly Twitter-using blind community is dramatically higher than for the population as a whole.
While Twitter has shown disregard for accessibility, quite the opposite is happening on mastodon. Those blindness-specific clients that were once compatible with Twitter are now serving us well on Mastodon. There’s a thriving ecosystem of third-party apps, supported by an open API no one can take away. Because of the culture of Mastodon, many such apps, including Mastodon’s own official app, offer exemplary screen reader accessibility.
It's long past time to act
The position blind users find themselves in was completely foreseeable five months ago. Organisations have had time to prepare, and we respectfully submit that it is not reasonable for the community to continue to wait patiently for something to happen without drawing the need for action to your attention.
We ask that you consider the following.
Do you care about reaching the blind community?
If so, why would you ignore a platform which an increasing number of us now frequent, while continuing a presence on a social network that has shown open disregard for accessibility?
Many in our community are passionate about the open, decentralised nature of Mastodon and other Fediverse services. We are not just passionate. We are also optimistic and determined. We have learned the hard way how fragile proprietary social networks are when they can be bought and sold, and take away our tools. Social networks based on open standards are the future, it is our insurance against this never happening again. We will support those products and services that recognise our passion and realise that they need to be where we are.
How to get started
Some people are fearful of change, and there are commercial entities with a lot to lose and a vested interest in misrepresenting an open technology they will never control. So, myths persist that Mastodon is complicated. It is no more complicated than choosing an email provider. A quick Internet search will assist you to get up and running, and many in our community would only be too happy to help. There is no time, need or excuse for further delay and inertia.
Thank you
Thank you for reading this open letter. Many of us miss the products and services we used to follow on Twitter. We want to interact with you again. You have information we want. Please join us, and receive a warm welcome to the Fediverse
378 verified
  1. Jack Falejczyk
  2. Luca Davanzo, software engineer, Udine
  3. Anthony Rose, Nashville
  4. Nick Cantos
  5. Noelia Ruiz Martínez
  6. Scott Rutkowski, Sydney
  7. Patricia Fraser, Retired, Woomelang
  8. Jeffrey Stark, Director, Government of Canada, Ottawa
  9. Zivan Krisher, AT Teacher, Multi-Service Center for the Blind, Tel-Aviv
  10. Darcy Burnard, Sarnia
  11. Gregory D. Rosenberg, Security consultant and software developer, RICIS, Inc., Tinley Park
  12. Rebecca Skipper, Self-Employed, Lakeland
  13. Anja Meyring, Muenster
  14. Sandra Baillargeon-Molloy, Disabled, Montreal
  15. Marc Baillargeon-Molloy, Regtired, Montreal
  16. Allan Tweddle, London
  17. Nikos Demetriou, Sound engineer, Nicosia, Cyprus
  18. Andre Polykanine, Software Engineer, InterNations, Mannheim, Germany
  19. Crystal Bell, Dallas
  20. Annette Moore
  21. Iain Lackie, Retired, Bognor Regis
  22. muhammad radwan, student at the faculty of al-alsun, ain shams university., Cairo, egypt
  23. Robert Carter, retired psychologist, College Station
  24. Scott Erichsen, Accessibility Specialist, Sydney, Australia
  25. Ali Kazi, Solicitor, Birmingham
  26. Kathrin, Writer
  27. Debra White, CPAMBA retired, Plano TexasCounty collin
  28. Angela L Griffith, Tier2 Technical Support, El Cerrito
  29. David Brown, Brunswick
  30. Maryse Glaude-Beaulieu, Ottawa
  31. Mikaela Smith
  32. Jondalar Sekhon, Blindness Orientation Center Volunteer
  33. Anna Dresner, Pittsburg
  34. marla bergman, librarian, oakland
  35. Brandon Tyson
  36. Claire, Norwich
  37. Christopher Gray, Proprietor Q&G Premium Products, American Council of the Blind, San Francisco
  38. Michael, Ottawa
  39. Amanda
  40. Karl-Heinz Arkenau, Lutten (Germany)
  41. Jakub Sawicki, Kraków
  42. Robert Truman, Librarian, Portland
  43. Patryk, none, none, Jastrzębie zdrój
  44. Gary ketler, Retired, Austin
  45. Jarrod Jicha, Accessibility specialist, Raz Mobility, Holt
  46. Jacek Zadrożny, Warszawa
  47. Victor Tsaran
  48. Tyler Stephen
  49. Kerri Regan, Paralegal, Farmingdale, NY
  50. Lynette Frison, Community Manager, Halifax, Canada
  51. anonymous
  52. Nicholas Cook, Software Engineer, Assistiv Labs, Ann Arbor
  53. Byron Sykes, domestic engineer, Louisville
  54. Liz Phillips, Braillist, San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco
  55. Sidaqvir Singh Lotay, Student
  56. Chris Judd, St. Louis
  57. Adam M Gaffney, IT support/trainer for a state agency, Tallahassee
  58. Daniel Semro, Cary
  59. Diane Karabin, homemaker, none, Canfield
  60. Andrew Walker, Retired, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire
  61. David Best, Digital Communications Specialist, BEST Consulting, Windsor
  62. Jerry Berrier, Retired, malden
  63. Chris Westbrook, Web Accessibility Engineer, Williamsport
  64. Anne Guenther, Student, Erfurt
  65. Paul Smith, Trustee, Royal Victoria Trust for the Blind, Newcastle upon Tyne
  66. Caddi Ranyard, It Trainer, NHS, 3 Grosvenor Court, Lytham
  67. Ayoola Efunkoya, Journalist and Accessibility Professional, Lagos, Nigeria
  68. Becky Scott
  69. Simon Jaeger, Accessibility Tester, Nanaimo
  70. joe Green, Sacramento
  71. Kelly Prescott, Network engineer, Sidney Ohio
  72. George Corley, Sun Prairie, WI
  73. Adrien Collins, unemployed, home, Newton Abbot
  74. Donald Roberts, Retired, None, Chico
  75. Aaron Espinoza, Web Accessibility tester
  76. Aaron Di Blasi, Publisher, Access Information News, Cleveland
  77. Armando Vias, Byron
  78. Aaron Di Blasi, Publisher, Top Tech Tidbits, Cleveland
  79. Carole Bunford, Admin, Yeovil
  80. Austin Nix, Assistive Technology Specialist, Brandon
  81. Noel Romey, Assistive technology/chemical engineer, Dod, Memphis
  82. Terry Clasper., Retired., Stoke-On-Trent
  83. Salih Kunduz, Co-founder of accessibleandroid.com, Istanbul
  84. Clare Page, Bremes Les Ardres, France
  85. Colton Hill, Computer Science Student, Texas, USA
  86. Kathleen Burke, Port Charlotte
  87. valiant8086 (Aaron T. Spears), home owner, audiogame dev, West Virginia, USA
  88. James Dean, Springfield
  89. Patryk Miś, Poland, Wrocław
  90. Síle Ekaterin Liszka, Accessibility Lead, The Adélie Linux Project, Beaverton
  91. Kathy Blackburn, retired, American Council of the Blind, Austin
  92. Susan Nance
  93. Kelly Sapergia, Musician, Moose Jaw
  94. Rebecca Ilniski, Lansdowne
  95. Ray Campbell, Senior Accessibility Analyst, Springfield, Illinois
  96. Tim Aune, Retired, Robbinsdale
  97. anonymous
  98. Charles Adkins, semi-retired radio operations director, fulltime voice work, Columbus
  99. Karyn Campbell, retired receptionist, Springfield
  100. Jessica Dail
  101. anne gibson, UX Designer, Perpendicular Angel Design, Royersford, P
  102. Greg Adams, Developer, Richmond, VA
  103. TJ Olsen, Brooklyn
  104. Kay Love, Retired MSW, Personal, Lawton
  105. Christopher Pearson, Neuropsychotherapist, Consilient Therapy, Leeds, UK
  106. Howard Traxler, Technical Educator of the Deaf-Blind (retired), Center for Deaf-Blind Persons (deaf-blind.org), Milwaukee
  107. Rhonda Selby, Musician
  108. matthew Dyer, NA, Whitehall
  109. Madison Martin, Brandon
  110. Amy Rowson, Kansas City
  111. Frank Welte, Sr. Accessible Media and Braille Specialist, N/A, San Leandro
  112. Aryan, Student, Na, New delhi, india
  113. Williamson, Joe, Options open, Alliance, OH
  114. Daniel Angus MacDonald, unenployed, Westville
  115. john melia, retired, exton
  116. Laura, iamauser of tech., paducah
  117. Tracy Duffy, homemaker, Dallas
  118. Audrey Farnum, attorney, Oklahoma City, OK
  119. Dennis Lembree, Sr Accessibility Consultant, Web Axe, Wake Forest
  120. Mike Mote, Manager of Accessibility, IFB Solutions, Oxford
  121. Jeremy Neander, Software Engineer, Chicago
  122. Londa Peterson, Access Technology Specialist, Harrisburg, PA
  123. Grant C Downey, retired tech support specialist, Saint Petersburg
  124. Matt Holland, Assistive Technology Specialist, UK
  125. Shari Weir, retired, Cleveland
  126. Douglas Hunsinger, Retired, Pittsburgh
  127. Brice Mijares, retired, Modesto
  128. Supanut Leepaisomboon, Student, Bangkok
  129. Eric Eggert, Web Accessibility Specialist, outline.rocks, Wissen, RLP, Germany
  130. Mich Verrier, na, Temiskaming Shores
  131. preston Gaylor, Stewartstown
  132. Christine Hunsinger, Retired, Pittsburgh pa
  133. Jenine Stanley, Director Customer Communication, Aira Tech Corp., Columbus
  134. Char James-Tanny, Accessibility Advocate, Salem, NH
  135. Dan Barnhart, Williamsport
  136. james hooper, denver
  137. Paweł Masarczyk, Podcaster in the blindness and Assistive Technology space, Poland
  138. Nancy Feldman, Product owner manager, Aurora
  139. Wesley Martin, Assistant Manager, Pensylvania Braille-Printing Company, Mifflinburg
  140. Fabiana Lassandro, Front End Developer / Lecturer, London
  141. Amelianelson, Healthcare professionals, Dash NFB
  142. Darran Ross, Londonderry
  143. Margo Downey, Home Health Care Aide, National Federation of the Blind, Buffalo
  144. Kimberly Starrett, Retired IT professional, n/a, Philadeolphia
  145. Carine, computer science ingeneer, France
  146. Paul N Miller, A. T. Specialist, Retired, Aiken, SC
  147. Grace P, Wellington
  148. William Inglis, pensioner, Glasgow
  149. Christopher M0YNG, accessibility consultant and instance administrator
  150. Grzegorz, Sosnowiec
  151. Kathryn Bottner, Senior, social worker case manager, Newark
  152. Charlene Ota, Fargo
  153. Hai Nguyen Ly, Accessibility consultant, Florence, MA
  154. Alex McRoberts, Sr Manager, Software Development, Vancouver
  155. Amanda Carson, Web accessibility practitioner and web developer, Customer Servant Consultancy, State College, PA
  156. Drew Mochak, Accessibility specialist, Mountain View, California
  157. kaveinthran, ipoh
  158. Jason Castonguay, Musician, Manchester
  159. Bradford Snyder, Assistive Technology Specialist/Instructor/Advocate, Dallas, TX
  160. Lanie Carmelo, Student and Freelance Usability Tester, Pennsylvania State University World Campus, Santa Fe, Texas
  161. Chelsea Dye, Braille transcriptionist, Orrville, Ohio
  162. Dennis Long, na, Shamokin
  163. Chris Smart, #A11Y Tester and Advocate, freelance
  164. Ethan M, Florida
  165. Lino Morales, Albemarle
  166. Jared Rimer, Webmaster, The Jared Rimer Network, Woodland Hills
  167. David Goldfield, Product Manager
  168. Hannah Mae Aldeza, San Mateo, Philippines
  169. Terry Baker, Treehouse Radio, Westmont IL
  170. Mark Metz, Welding Teacher, The Crucible, Oakland
  171. Julie Morales, Albemarle
  172. Veronica Ball, Brisbane
  173. Ava G. W., software engineer, allovue, pflugerville
  174. Daniel H Chase, retired, Santa Barbara
  175. Deborah Edwards-Onoro
  176. Thurman Miller, Portland, OR
  177. Niko Lewis
  178. Rick Alfaro, Retgired, Boca Raton
  179. Kathryn Renae Metcalf, Software engineer, Tokyo
  180. Jill Posey, Farmer, Austin, Texas
  181. Catherine Morris, Human rights advocate, Victoria, Canada
  182. Dean Leggo, Software developer, Logical Developments, Perth, WA
  183. Morris Hindle, Greenwich
  184. Keith Salmon, Auckland
  185. Brian Moore, Senior Accessibility specialist, Td Bank, Toronto
  186. Maarten Van Cappellen, Mechelen
  187. Leo Cantos, Customer Service Representative, Arlington
  188. Kaitlyn Epperson, Hazard
  189. anonymous
  190. Kate, Engineer
  191. Ryan Mann, Assistive Technology Instructer, Ormond Beach
  192. Hubert A. Klein Ikkink, Sofware engineer, Tilburg
  193. Shana Lieberman
  194. Tanya Harrison
  195. Victoria Scott
  196. vreer verkerke, Politician, BIJ1, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  197. Joeri Vlekken, Digital Specialist, ONA Digital, Deinze
  198. Nahum Wengrov, Tutor and Typesetter, Jerusalem
  199. Ishmael A Soledad, Author, Brisbane, Australia
  200. Tessa Viljamaa, Seattle
  201. April Vorhies, Administrator, NonProfitFairPay.com, Sussex
  202. Gary dos Santos
  203. Juliane Leuders, University of Education Freiburg
  204. Kristy Clemons, Doctor, Orlando
  205. Mariah Villarreal, San Antonio
  206. John Lipsey, retail, Midvale
  207. Keao Wright, Long term services support coordinator, Access to Independence, Kaneohe
  208. Herbie allen, Former Student, Volunteer, Houston
  209. Rand Arnold, Software engineer, Spotlight Media Labs, Santa Clara
  210. Benjamin Davies, Student, Christchurch
  211. Bobbi B
  212. Roger Davis, Legal Admin, Seattle
  213. Greta Giles, Chemist, Dahlonega
  214. John Cavanaugh, Consultant, Cross Cultural Communications, LLC, Columbus
  215. Ross Minor, Accessibility consultant
  216. Jenni Kim, accessibility Trainer/Advocate, Miami
  217. Jolene Williams, Madison Twp
  218. Paula Gordon, Translator & editor, dba Plan B, Wilmington, DE
  219. Vero Warkentin, Welder, Winnipeg
  220. Nora ONeill, retired, Sacramento
  221. Marcia Darling, Entrepreneur, StreamPad, Pullman
  222. moss avery, storyteller, West Chester
  223. michel decurtins, journalist, Chur, Switzerland
  224. Darren X Nevares, San Marcos
  225. Nathan, Project Manager, Rowlett, TX
  226. William Gordon, IT Team Leader, Palmerston North
  227. Liam Megraw, Buffalo, NY
  228. Justin Ekis, Memphis, Tennessee
  229. Christine Zanoni, Educator, Cleveland
  230. Steve Lord, Somerville, MA
  231. Gavin Jones, Software developer, Private, Kirikiriroa
  232. Paul Hellyer, HR Consultant, Wellington
  233. Brian Bascoy, Software engineer, Edinburgh
  234. Adrianna Mamczarz, Adrianna Mamczarz - Brand Strategist & Product Designer, Berlin
  235. David Collins, retired clinic manager, University of Texas at Austin, Asheville, NC
  236. John Lull, Engineer, Fullerton, CA
  237. R Wilson, Seattle, Washington
  238. John Peterson, Orientation & Mobility Instructor (Retired), TELCI, Ottawa
  239. Rick Eyre, Australia
  240. Julia Lunetta, Dobbs Ferry, NY
  241. Abigail Hamilton, Principal UXDesigner, Abigail Hamilton, Bainbridge Island
  242. Madeline Bishop, Olympia
  243. Bill Bennett, Journalist, Freelance, Auckland
  244. Jerry W. Conner, Jr., Aspiring Writer, Fairview Heights
  245. Ashley Porciuncula, Consultant, Bristol
  246. Cathy Wise, Software Engineer, Australia
  247. Rick Harmon, Akron, Ohio
  248. Samuel Thurston, Iowa City
  249. David Mitterauer, PhD Candidate, London
  250. Helma, Netherlands
  251. Ceollitzin Diaz Grajales, Student, México City
  252. Bob Jamieson, retired, Hawick
  253. Ahimsa (pseudonym), disabled, none, Portland, OR
  254. Doug Lawlor, Accessibility Tester, Kingston
  255. Rick Tunstall, Film Lighting Texhnician, Burnaby, BC
  256. Matthew Campbell, London Ontario Canada
  257. Steven Robinson, Carthage
  258. Raphael Sizemore
  259. Chris Williams, Consultant, Ashburn
  260. Andrew Smith
  261. Jon Dunning, Facilitator, Auckland, AoNZ
  262. Christian Hellwieg, Hamburg, Germany
  263. Jon Michaels, Marshfield, MA, USA
  264. anonymous
  265. chris pepperdine, art therapist, n/a, Victoria
  266. Giorgos Diakoulakis, Athens, Greece
  267. Dennis Alexis Valin Dittrich, Professor of Economics / Senior Economist, Stepstone, Berlin
  268. Sarah A, teacher, Flying Blind US;, Las vegas
  269. Penny Mcconnell, Artist, Gridley
  270. Wayne B. Carlson, Retired Journalist, Giant Stride International Llc, Denver
  271. Michael Simpson, Tampa
  272. Kelly Dusterhoft
  273. Lyn Cox, Clergy, Baltimore, MD, USA
  274. Joanna Franks, Content editor, RNIB, Peterborough
  275. Angharad Shaw, Computer science lecturer (including accessibility issues), Aberystwyth university, Ystrad Meurig
  276. Manuel Feller, Software Developer, Ingelheim
  277. Reinout van Schouwen, tech lead, Mendix, Rotterdam
  278. John Lomax, Retired, Preston, Lancashire, England
  279. Elizabeth Sutherland, Weston
  280. Slade Watkins, Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Kakariko Herald
  281. Robin Phillips, Publisher, Author Help, Stoke-on-Trent
  282. June Ellerby, Retired, Nottingham, England
  283. Ella kondrat, Slp, Kingston
  284. Christian David, Computer Security Consultant, Comsecuris GmbH, Redwood City
  285. Helen Carroll, Student, Sydney
  286. Erik Moeller, Portland
  287. Kagan MacTane, Web Developer, Brooklyn
  288. Chris Wood, UX Designer, Edinburgh
  289. Jake Beamer
  290. Jesse, Student, Dorchester
  291. DG
  292. Ashley Odell, Disability advocate, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
  293. Yessie
  294. Luce Carević, Accessibility expert, Access42, Paris
  295. Adam Kennedy, Homemaker, Seattle
  296. Changeling, Micro fiction artist, Sarasota
  297. Sébastien Andrivet, Webmaster, Nantes
  298. Leonard de Ruijter, Software Developer, Sliedrecht, The Netherlands
  299. Lisa Osborn, Manchester
  300. Piotr
  301. W Thomas Leroux, Server administrator, Ottawa
  302. Arthur Rigaud, Montréal
  303. Ethan Jones
  304. Marco Zehe, Retired accessibility specialist, Formerly Mozilla, before that Freedom Scientific, Hamburg, Germany
  305. Aaron John Dizon, customer Service Agent, PayPal Philippines, milan
  306. Catherine Gold, Retired, Los Angeles
  307. Violet Gill, Toronto
  308. Melisa Paye, Writer, Westminster
  309. Timothy Miller, Writer, Baltimore, MD
  310. Alexander Corby, Cidra
  311. Adeline Jérôme, Ottawa
  312. Ben Durnell, Web Developer, Medical Lake, WA
  313. Caelan
  314. KellyAnn Romanych, Advocate, Los Angeles
  315. Angela Preston, Manhattan, KS
  317. Luis C. González M., Latina University student, USMA student, Panamá
  318. Peggy Kern, retired, Sacramento
  319. Carl L Hippensteel, Psychotherapist, Chicago
  320. Juan Alicea, Newburgh
  321. Per Busch, accessibility activist, Germany
  322. Rainer Martinez, Frontend Engineer, Santa Clara, Cuba
  323. Minerva Koenig, Author, Austin TX
  324. Shane Popplestone
  325. Tamer Zaid
  326. Rene Ludwig, Sales /support, Chemnitz
  327. Hamad M H AlQassar, self-employed (freelancer), Kuwait
  328. Deborah Lenares, Librarian, Boston
  329. S J Cooke, London
  330. Erica Cole, Nottingham, UK
  331. Melissa Milford, Retired, Philadelphia
  332. Devin Prater
  333. K.O. Munley, Digital Asset Manager, South Carolina
  334. JT Foster, Massachusetts
  335. Tim Reierson, Advocate
  336. Preston MacDougall, Chemistry Professor, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro
  337. José Manuel Delicado, President, NVDA Spanish Community Association, Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain
  338. James Nash, UX Engineer, London
  339. Amir Soleimani
  340. Kevin Russell, Retired
  341. Jayson Smith, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  342. Kara Goldfinch
  343. Robert Kingett, Author, Houston
  344. Tony Sidaway, Retired, Sunderland, UK
  345. Jason O'Neil, software developer, Culture Amp, perth
  346. anonymous
  347. Buffy Hartland, home baker, totally blind, Halesowen
  348. Wenwei Fisher
  349. Kathleen Rosen, Retired, Beaverton
  350. Mark Ellis, Unemployed, Treehouse Radio, Sleaford
  351. Michael Kazarnowicz, Author, Tärnaby
  352. Martin Wilsher, Ipswich
  353. Chris Nova, Mystic Access, Buffalo
  354. Prisca Schmarsow, designer + teacher, london
  355. Sarah Mathews, Braille Tutor, Adult Learning Lewisham, London
  356. Bruce Toews, Braille Proofreader, Winnipeg
  357. Robert Kingett, Author, Houston
  358. Arne Babenhauserheide
  359. Maja Košir Habjan, Slovenia
  360. William Mutch, Retired upholsterer, Aberdeen Scotland
  361. Celeste Wheelock, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, United States of America, 01201
  362. Elaine Wooton, Civil Servant, Maryland
  363. Tim Appleby, Halifax
  364. Trenton Matthews, Denver
  365. David Harvey, Auckland
  366. anonymous
  367. Brandon Bracey, COBD, Edmonton
  368. Darren Hartland, Self Employed, Treehouse Radio, Birmingham
  369. Stephanie, Halifax
  370. Phil Sherry, Accessibility Engineer, The Eye Fund, Newcastle upon Tyne
  371. Martín Baldassarre, UX Accessibility Specialist, dALAT, Buenos Aires
  372. Derry Lawlor, Civil Servant, Dublin
  373. Léonie Watson, Bristol
  374. David taylor, Preston, UK
  375. Brian Hartgen, Co-Director, Hartgen Consultancy, Caerphilly
  376. Kay Dear, Volunteer My Sight Nottinghamshire, Nottingham
  377. Josh Stirland, Software developer, Manchester
  378. Jonathan Mosen, Chief Executive, podcast host, Living Blindfully, Wellington
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