15 May 2023
Arts Workers for Palestine, Scotland - Statement

We are Arts Workers for Palestine, Scotland. We are a group dedicated to supporting the Palestinian people’s call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against apartheid Israel. We are calling for arts and cultural spaces across Scotland to demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian people, and make a distinct, uncompromised, and principled stance against the ongoing apartheid regime as enforced by the state of Israel in Palestine.

We are intervening in a culture wherein it is acceptable for arts organisations to aestheticise a radical politic of decolonization and use it to gloss over their tacit contributions to systematised violence and imperialism. People are drawn to art because of its liberatory power, and arts and cultural institutions which have varying degrees of complicity with apartheid are cynically failing their audiences, workers and artists.

All across Palestine Israel’s brutal settler-colonialism continues to murder, dispossess and humiliate Palestinians. Arts workers and organisations in Scotland need to raise their voices in solidarity with this suffering and in support of the Palestinian resistance. We want to highlight the difficulties Palestinian artists and cultural workers face and the consequence this has on production and expression of their art.

We aim to circulate information regarding complicity with apartheid Israel within the art world, especially within Scotland. We want to learn from Palestinian artists, highlighting how important the arts are to connect audiences with Palestinian experience. We hope to create a movement across the arts sector in Scotland in support of Palestine and aim to build alliances with Scottish arts organisations to achieve this.

For more information:

Instagram: @artworkersforpalestinescotland

Email: Glasgowartistsforpalestine@gmail.com

BDS: https://bdsmovement.net/what-is-bds

195 verified
  1. Nabu White, Personal Trainer, Nabu Fitness, Glasgow
  2. Julia Gilmour
  3. Bryony Bates, Data Officer, Glasgow Museums, Glasgow
  4. Claricia Parinussa, Director, ID.Y CIC, Glasgow
  5. Molly Mae Whawell, Producer & Artist, Glasgow
  6. Francis Jones, Writer, London
  7. Shola von Reinhold, Writer, Glasgow
  8. Josie Perry, artist, Glasgow
  9. Stella Rooney, Artist, Glasgow
  10. Jamie Crewe, Artist, Glasgow
  11. Trinity Libertas, Student, Glasgow
  12. Nadia Rossi, Artist, Rumpus Room, Glasgow
  13. Robert Thomas James Mills, Artist, Glasgow
  14. Adrien Howard, Artist
  15. Dr Nat Raha, Poet, Edinburgh
  16. Hussein Mitha, Artist, Glasgow
  17. Aniela Piasecka, Artist, Glasgow
  18. Joss Allen, Artworker, Falkland, Fufe
  19. Namhara Byron Low, Community Engagement and Print Studio Assistant, Edinburgh Printmakers, Edinburgh
  20. Yvonne Billimore, Curator
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verified signatures
  1. Leo Gasson, Co-Artistic Director, Produced Moon, Glasgow
  2. Melanie Frances, Co-Artistic Director, Produced Moon, Edinburgh
  3. Rosana Cade, Artist, Glasgow
  4. Sam Morgan-Hutchings, Fiber Artist, Glasgow
  5. Jennifer M Beattie, Retired, Glasgow
  6. Paula Abla Fummey, Glasgow
  7. Kirsty Crawford, Retired Public Health Nurse/practice development manager, I'm now retired, personal signature, Glasgow
  8. Chris, Glasgow
  9. David Hayman Jr, TV & Film Director, Glasgow
  10. Jessie Jolliffe, Retired, G d a knit and natter, Newton Mearns
  11. Beth Duffy, Project Manager, Greenock
  12. Seamus Killick, Artist, Freelance, Glasgow
  13. Alacoque Davey, Artist, QSS, Belfast
  14. Campbell, Jim, Artist, Edinburgh
  15. Claire Walsh, Curator, Edinburgh
  16. Monika Stepanikova, Office Manager, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
  17. Mark Urban, Robot, Haystack Monolith, Fife
  18. L.T.Leif, Project Manager, The Glad Foundation, Glasgow
  19. Murphy Farrell, Writer, Glasgow
  20. Ben Callaghan, Learning Organiser, Scottish Artists Union, Edinburgh
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