15 May 2023
Arts Workers for Palestine, Scotland - Statement

We are Arts Workers for Palestine, Scotland. We are a group dedicated to supporting the Palestinian people’s call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against apartheid Israel. We are calling for arts and cultural spaces across Scotland to demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian people, and make a distinct, uncompromised, and principled stance against the ongoing apartheid regime as enforced by the state of Israel in Palestine.

We are intervening in a culture wherein it is acceptable for arts organisations to aestheticise a radical politic of decolonization and use it to gloss over their tacit contributions to systematised violence and imperialism. People are drawn to art because of its liberatory power, and arts and cultural institutions which have varying degrees of complicity with apartheid are cynically failing their audiences, workers and artists.

All across Palestine Israel’s brutal settler-colonialism continues to murder, dispossess and humiliate Palestinians. Arts workers and organisations in Scotland need to raise their voices in solidarity with this suffering and in support of the Palestinian resistance. We want to highlight the difficulties Palestinian artists and cultural workers face and the consequence this has on production and expression of their art.

We aim to circulate information regarding complicity with apartheid Israel within the art world, especially within Scotland. We want to learn from Palestinian artists, highlighting how important the arts are to connect audiences with Palestinian experience. We hope to create a movement across the arts sector in Scotland in support of Palestine and aim to build alliances with Scottish arts organisations to achieve this.

For more information:

Instagram: @artworkersforpalestinescotland

Email: Glasgowartistsforpalestine@gmail.com

BDS: https://bdsmovement.net/what-is-bds

195 verified
  1. Nabu White, Personal Trainer, Nabu Fitness, Glasgow
  2. Julia Gilmour
  3. Bryony Bates, Data Officer, Glasgow Museums, Glasgow
  4. Claricia Parinussa, Director, ID.Y CIC, Glasgow
  5. Molly Mae Whawell, Producer & Artist, Glasgow
  6. Francis Jones, Writer, London
  7. Shola von Reinhold, Writer, Glasgow
  8. Josie Perry, artist, Glasgow
  9. Stella Rooney, Artist, Glasgow
  10. Jamie Crewe, Artist, Glasgow
  11. Trinity Libertas, Student, Glasgow
  12. Nadia Rossi, Artist, Rumpus Room, Glasgow
  13. Robert Thomas James Mills, Artist, Glasgow
  14. Adrien Howard, Artist
  15. Dr Nat Raha, Poet, Edinburgh
  16. Hussein Mitha, Artist, Glasgow
  17. Aniela Piasecka, Artist, Glasgow
  18. Joss Allen, Artworker, Falkland, Fufe
  19. Namhara Byron Low, Community Engagement and Print Studio Assistant, Edinburgh Printmakers, Edinburgh
  20. Yvonne Billimore, Curator
  21. Soojin, Artist, Glasgow
  22. Jamie Bolland, Teacher / Artist, Glasgow
  23. Laila Hmiddouche, Student, Glasgow
  24. Henry Bell, Writer, Glasgow
  25. Mridula Sharma, Scholar, Glasgow
  26. Becky Sik, Artist, Glasgow
  27. Myriam Mouflih, curator, Glasgow
  28. Saoirse Amira Anis, Artist/Producer, N/A, Dundee
  29. Rachael macintyre, Director, Forres
  30. Greg Thomas, writer/critic, Freelance, Glasgow
  31. Jusztina Hermann, Director, Delighters, Edinburgh
  32. Gentian Meikleham, Artist, Glasgow
  33. Miriam Ali, Visual artist & photographer, Glasgow
  34. sara mostafa, Student, Glasgow
  35. Lauren Fashokun, Student, Mackintosh architecture school, Glasgow
  36. Emily Nicholl, Edinburgh
  37. Sarah Miele, Actor, Freelance, Glasgow
  38. Siobhan McLaughlin, artist and curator, Freelance, Glasgow
  39. Caitlin Merrett King, writer and programmer, Glasgow
  40. Shireen Taylor, Director, Glasgow Artists Moving Image Studios, Glasgow
  41. Maria Howard, Writer, artist, Glasgow
  42. Sinéad MacInnes, Actor, writer, Edinburgh
  43. Rosie Roberts
  44. Ben Harrison, Co-Artistic Director, Grid Iron, Edinburgh
  45. Mark bleakley, Qrtist, Glasgow
  46. Lucy Givens, Doctor, NHS, Glasgow
  47. Glancy Pablo, Printer, Tapp, Glasgow
  48. jasleen kaur, Artist
  49. Hannah Proctor, writer, Glasgow
  50. Shona Robin MacPherson, Artist, Glasgow
  51. Marianne Dissard, Artist, Coatbridge
  52. Rachael Disbury, Artworker, Scottish Borders
  53. Nichol Gray, Art worker, Glasgow
  54. Sara Moustafa, Art Teacher, Edinburgh
  55. Sanne Jehoul, curator / programmer, Glasgow Short Film Festival
  56. Grainne Vedamanikam, Concert Promoter, Synergy Concerts, Glasgow
  57. Sara Shaarawi, Playwright, Glasgow
  58. Michelle Hannah
  59. Helen Wright, Director/Funding Officer, Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Glasgow
  60. Jude FireSong, performance poet, fiction writer, visual artist, independent, Edinburgh
  61. Alex Sarkisian, artist/programmer, Glasgow
  62. Ewan McNicholl, Musician, Glasgow
  63. Leo Torre, Filmmaker and Facilitator, Glasgow
  64. Patrick McAlindon, Artist, Glasgow
  65. Una OSullivan, filmmaker, Glasgow
  66. Annie Hazelwood, Programme Coordinator, CCA, Glasgow
  67. Kiah Endelman Music, Writer, Glasgow
  68. Georgia Holman, Creative Producer, Glasgow
  69. Mina Heydari-Waite, Artist, Mina Heydari-Waite, Glasgow
  70. Titilayo Farukuoye, Writer, Scottish BPOC Writers Network, Glasgow
  71. Kirsty Biff Nicolson, artist, Edinburgh
  72. Annie Crabtree, artist, Glasgow
  73. Jo Hauge, Artist, Glasgow
  74. Carmen Thompson, Film Programmer, Edinburgh
  75. Tao-Anas Le Thanh, Freelance videographer, Le thanh, Edinburgh
  76. Crystal Bennes, Artist, Edinburgh
  77. Fenella Gabrysch, Senior Youth Worker & Auxiliary Nurse, Glasgow
  78. Kelly Rappleye, curator, PhD researcher, 16NSt Curatorial Collective, Glasgow
  79. Mhari Robinson, Executive Producer, Independent Arts Projects, Edinburgh
  80. Saira Harvey, Costume designer, Glasgow
  81. Rho Chung, Journalist, The Skinny, Strut Safe, Edinburgh
  82. Shona Macnaughton, Artist, Glasgow
  83. Lucas Priest, Artist, The School of Pedestrian Culture, Edinburgh
  84. Hazel Dunn, Illustrator, Glasgow
  85. Holly Summerson, Animator, Edinburgh
  86. Maria Cecilie Wrang-Rasmussen, Artist and art worker, Edinburgh
  87. Nicky May Bolland, Visual artist, Perth
  88. Florence Eaglesfield, Front of House, CCA, Glasgow
  89. Sarah McCormack, Designer, Dumfries
  90. Leo Bussi, Writer, Waterwings Press, Glasgow
  91. Kirsty Hendry, Artist + Engagement Producer, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, Glasgow
  92. Nicola Rubczak, Creative Producer, Dundee
  93. saoirse wall, artist, glasgow
  94. Alyson Kissner, Academic + Poet, Edinburgh
  95. Ivy Deacon, Artist, Glasgow
  96. Oisín kealy, Co-ordinator/researcher, Glasgow Short Film Festival, Glasgow
  97. Luke Pell, Dance artist & dramaturg, Edinburgh
  98. Louise Malone, Visual Artist, Glasgow
  99. Martin Laird, Arts Worker, Edinburgh
  100. Emilia beatriz, Artist / access worker, freelance / collective text, Glasgow
  101. Alexander Hetherington, Artist, Stirling
  102. Alyesha Choudhury, Curator, designer, /other, Glasgow
  103. Zoe Charlery, Producer, Glasgow
  104. Aideen Doran, Artist and lecturer, Glasgow
  105. Nadine Elwasseif, Glasgow
  106. Marcas Mac an Tuairneir, Writer, Editor, Translator and Singer, Edinburgh
  107. Lou Brodie, Community artist, Edinburgh
  108. Sara Carbonara, Artist/teaching assistant asn children, Glasgow
  109. Grace Higgins Brown, Artist, Glasgow
  110. Antony Lucchesi, Artist, Glasgow
  111. Shannon Galpin, Artist, author, human rights worker, Edinburgh
  112. Blue Kirkhope, Writer, Glasgow
  113. Matthew Barnes, Artist, Govan Project Space, Glasgow
  114. Ali Graham, Writer, Glasgow
  115. Giulia Gregnanin, Director, Timespan, Helmsdale
  116. chizu anucha, musician, filmmaker, Market Gallery, Glasgow
  117. Christiana Bissett, Producer, Freelance, Glasgow
  118. Ciara Dunne, Studio Manager, Too Happy Ltd, Glasgow
  119. Sita Pieraccini, Artist, Glasgow
  120. India, creative researcher, MUCK (Must Use Critical Knowledge), Glasgow
  121. Mae Moss, Archivist, Glasgow
  122. Habiba Saleh, Artist, Glasgow
  123. Theo Panagopoulos, filmmaker, Glasgow
  124. Tam Dean Burn, art worker, burnTgoods, Glasgow
  125. Kathryn Hanna, Socailly Engaged Artist, Kathryn Hanna Sculpture, Glasgow
  126. Brian Castriota, Art Conservator, Glasgow
  127. Lisanne Jacob, Musician & artist, Glasgow
  128. Marie Williamson, Aerial dancer, Glasgow
  129. Aisha, Artist + Gallery Assistant, Edinburgh college of art + Glasgow Museums, Glasgow
  130. Debbie McAulay Finn, Edinburgh
  131. Isla Callister, Musician, Glasgow
  132. Megan MacDonald, Musician, Glasgow
  133. Cáit McClay, Artist, Glasgow
  134. Calum Baird, Songwriter and musician, Falkirk
  135. Sophie Penman, Musician, Edinburgh
  136. Rachel Henderson, Music Student, Glasgow
  137. Itxaso Moreno, Actor, Freelance, Glasgow
  138. Ruben San Roman, Set Designer, Glasgow
  139. Zaki El-Salahi, Lyricist/Producer, Dark Matter education, Edinburgh
  140. Lauren La Rose, artist, DCA, Glasgow
  141. Annabel Cooper, Producer, Sanctuary Queer Arts, Edinburgh
  142. Doug Knight, Cellar Manager, Glasgow
  143. Leila Nashef, Playwright, Glasgow
  144. Hannah Ellul, Artist, Glasgow
  145. Emma Jayne Park, Performance Maker, Facilitator, Some Kind of Chaos, Gretna
  146. Sandy Sigala, Artist, Glasgow
  147. Rallou Panagiotou, Glasgow
  148. Alice Disken, Art worker, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh
  149. Anna Hodgart, Producer Programmer, Glasgow
  150. Mele Broomes, Artist & Director, Body Remedy, Glasgow
  151. Mobolaji Agoro, Director, UP2STNDRD, Glasgow
  152. Beulah Ezeugo, Curator/Programmer, Glasgow
  153. Adura Onashile, Theatre & Filmmaker, Glasgow
  154. Adebusola Ramsay, Artist, Glasgow
  155. Teka Wreka, Graphic Designer & Creative Director, Impromptu, Glasgow
  156. Ashanti Harris, Artist, Glasgow
  157. Sean Cosgrove, Brand Director, MARA, Glasgow
  158. Elouise Blackburn, Student, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
  159. Conor Q Walker, Artist, Obsolete Future, Glasgow
  160. Megan Williams, Engagement, Artist, Sculpture Placement Group, Glasgow
  161. George Finlay Ramsay, artist filmmaker & carer, myself, Glasgow
  162. Zoë Tumika, Artist, Glasgow
  163. Jess Brough, Fringe of Colour, Edinburgh
  164. Clare Nelson, Printmaker/architect, ACT-habitat, Barcelona
  165. Rhea Lewis, Producer, Glasgow
  166. Robbie Kelly, copy-editor, Dundee
  167. Geoff Winde, Writer/performer/activist, Edinburgh
  168. Bryce Goodall, Social Media Activist and Campaigner, Dunfermline, Fife
  169. Molly Porteous, Graphic Designer, Fashion Revolution, Edinburgh
  170. Amy Lawrence, Producer/Artist, Glasgow
  171. Iain MacDonald, Singer Songwriter Artist, Supertone Music Ltd, Glasgow
  172. Rebecca Livesey-Wright, freelance artist, curator, producer, facilitator, n/a, Glasgow
  173. Karl Taylor, Producer, Glasgow
  174. Leonie Gasson, Director, Glasgow
  175. Elina Bry, Artist, Glasgow
  176. Leo Gasson, Co-Artistic Director, Produced Moon, Glasgow
  177. Melanie Frances, Co-Artistic Director, Produced Moon, Edinburgh
  178. Rosana Cade, Artist, Glasgow
  179. Sam Morgan-Hutchings, Fiber Artist, Glasgow
  180. Jennifer M Beattie, Retired, Glasgow
  181. Paula Abla Fummey, Glasgow
  182. Kirsty Crawford, Retired Public Health Nurse/practice development manager, I'm now retired, personal signature, Glasgow
  183. Chris, Glasgow
  184. David Hayman Jr, TV & Film Director, Glasgow
  185. Jessie Jolliffe, Retired, G d a knit and natter, Newton Mearns
  186. Beth Duffy, Project Manager, Greenock
  187. Seamus Killick, Artist, Freelance, Glasgow
  188. Alacoque Davey, Artist, QSS, Belfast
  189. Campbell, Jim, Artist, Edinburgh
  190. Claire Walsh, Curator, Edinburgh
  191. Monika Stepanikova, Office Manager, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
  192. Mark Urban, Robot, Haystack Monolith, Fife
  193. L.T.Leif, Project Manager, The Glad Foundation, Glasgow
  194. Murphy Farrell, Writer, Glasgow
  195. Ben Callaghan, Learning Organiser, Scottish Artists Union, Edinburgh
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