22 February 2024
Call for an Inquiry into the Tasmanian Education System

We call on whoever wins the upcoming 23 March 2024 election and forms the next Tasmanian Government to commission an independent inquiry into the effectiveness of the Tasmanian Education System and its functions, within the first 100 days of assuming office.

We believe the outcome of an independent inquiry will provide the Government of the day the opportunity to reform the Tasmanian Education System as needed to ensure that young Tasmanians benefit from education at least to the same extent as their equals elsewhere in Australia.

We acknowledge the good intentions of the current and previous governments to improve educational outcomes for young Tasmanians. But, while there has been significant investment in the education system to this end, there has been little improvement.

Indeed, data provided by the Productivity Commission’s most recent Report on Government Services shows the gap between Tasmanian educational outcomes and those in other jurisdictions is large and widening. Just 53% of young Tasmanians are leaving school with a Year 12 or equivalent qualification, compared to 76% nationally.

This is despite the Tasmanian Government already spending more money per student than all other jurisdictions, bar the Northern Territory, and having higher ratios of staff to students.

Many now agree that the system is not functioning as it should, nor is it meeting the needs of Tasmania, nor Tasmanians.

There is also little agreement as to the scale and source of the problem, nor how it can fixed. Tasmania deserves a fresh approach.

We believe that an inquiry must have the authority to establish why young Tasmanians are not achieving educational outcomes like their peers in other states. And, that an inquiry must have the expertise to recommend solutions to the cause/s of the problems identified.

The inquiry should be led by an acknowledged educational leader of national standing and include members with expertise and experience in effective education reform.

The Inquiry must:

*Clearly articulate the objective of an educational system fit for Tasmania and Tasmanians in the 21st century

*Map the different parts of the existing system and their roles and functions as they currently operate

*Assess whether the different parts of the existing system are functioning as needed

*Clarify how the Tasmanian education system compares with those of other states’ and territories’ in processes, regulation and outcomes; and

*Make recommendations for improving the system including, if needed but not limited to, changes in legislation, regulations, organizational structure, staffing and curriculum.

We make this call out of our shared deep concern for the future of young Tasmanians, and their families, for the well-being of all, and for the broader Tasmanian community and economy. It is no longer acceptable that Tasmania continues to languish at the bottom of Australia’s economic and social indicators.

We believe that an effectively functioning Tasmanian Education System is the key to unlocking a brighter future for all Tasmanians.

Update 07 March 2024

Update - response from TasLabor and Tasmanian Liberals

TasLabor has responded to the Open Letter calling for an independent Inquiry into the effectiveness of the Tasmanian Education System:

"An incoming Labor Government will facilitate a comprehensive independent inquiry of Tasmania's education system. The inquiry must look at the system holistically, be objective and designed with no predetermined agendas.

Improving education outcomes is the most effective policy area the state government can use to improve all Tasmanian lives and the economy.

It's time for a better future and that starts with high quality education for Tasmanian children under a Rebecca White led government."

The Tasmanian Liberals have also responded and we hope they reconsider their position:

“We are absolutely committed to improving education outcomes in Tasmania, which is why we took the bold and successful decision to extend all our high schools to Year 12 and in 2024 introduced structured literacy into Tasmanian public schools. We are always working to improve our education system, including consulting with experts, however do we not support outsourcing our education policy.”

Update 22 March 2024

Update - pre-polling day

Tomorrow, 23 March 2024, is 'polling day' for the Tasmanian election.

At this stage, only Tasmanian Labor has committed to commissioning "a comprehensive independent review of Tasmania’s education system to better understand why Tasmania's system has consistently underperformed other states and territories. We must pull every lever we can to achieve better outcomes for our kids and states future." See: taslabor.org.au/news/policy-announcements/helping-...

We have received no formal response from the Tasmanian Liberal Party nor the Tasmanian Greens.

A number of independent candidates are signatories to the Open Letter including Jack Davenport, Clare Glade-Wright, Sue Hickey, Kristie Johnston, Jenny Branch-Allen, Lara Alexander, Angela Armstrong (JLN) and Andrea Courtney.

Several current MLCs are also signatories to the Open Letter, as are Federal Liberal Member for Bass, Bridget Archer and Federal Member for Clark, Andrew Wilkie.

While it may be some time before the next Premier and Tasmanian Government is known, we will use this Open Letter platform to keep signatories updated on progress.

Thank you,

Saul Eslake, Michael Rowan and Lisa Denny

358 verified
  1. Dr Lisa Denny, Workforce Demographer, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Tasmania, Tasmania
  2. Saul Eslake, Economist, Corinna Economic Advisory Pty Ltd, Acton Park
  3. Greg Barns SC, Barrister, Chair Prisoners Legal Service, Battery Point
  4. Hank Petrusma, Real Estate Agent, EIS PROPERTY, Hobart
  5. Brendan Blomeley, Mayor, City of Clarence, Rosny Park
  6. Joaquin Vespignani, Economist, Utas, MIDWAY POINT
  7. Michel Rowan, Philosopher, Emeritus Professor, University of South Australia, Birchs Bay
  8. Wendy Edwards, Artist, Tasmania
  9. Russell Hanson, Retired, n/a, Clarence
  10. Charlie Burton, Independent Candidate for Hobart, Hobart
  11. Douglas Armati, Chairman, St Aubyn Holdings Pty Ltd, Hobart
  12. Adj. Prof.Robert Morris-Nunn AM, Architect, Circa Morris Nunn, Architects, Hobart
  13. Dr Susan Banks, Social researcher, Hobart
  14. Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron, Academic, Director TILES, UTAS, UTAS, Hobart
  15. Dr Robin Banks, Human rights lawyer, Equality Building and University of Tasmania, Hobart
  16. Mike Frost, Education and Training Consultant, Mike Frost & Associates - Education and Training Consultancy, Hobart
  17. Theresa Simpkin, Associate Professor, UTas, Hobart
  18. A/Prof Amanda Neil, Health Economist, Menzies Institute For Medical Research, University Of Tasmania, Hobart
  19. Phil Bayley, Consultant, Strategy 42 South, West Hobart
  20. Dianne Underwood, CEO, Colony 47, Hobart
  21. Richard Graham Bury, Paediatrician, Sandy Bay
  22. Lynne Uptin OAM, artist, Former Director, Arts Tasmania, MIDDLETON
  23. Ann Hughes, Social Worker, Hobart
  24. David Bartlett, Former Minister for Education, Premier, Hobart
  25. Danny Sutton, Chief Executive and Board Director, A number of youth focussed organisations, Hobart
  26. Martyn Goddard, Journalist and policy analyst, The Policy Post, Hobart
  27. Lara Giddings, Former Premier of Tasmania, Howrah
  28. Bruce Levett, CEO, Health Consumers Tasmania, Hobart
  29. Andrew Barnard Lohrey, Writer, Freelance, Falmouth
  30. Kate Warner, Emeritus Professor, University of Tasmania, Battery Point
  31. Dr Judith Hudson, Adjunct-Researcher, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  32. Daphne habibis, Adjunct Assoc Prof, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  33. Heather Hicks, Consultant, KPMG, Hobart
  34. Christina Angela Holmdahl, Mayor, West Tamar Council, West Tamar Council, 2111454381
  35. Mark Thomas West, Professional Insurance Broket, PSC Insurance Brokers Tasmania, Mount Nelson
  36. Jennifer Penney, Consultant, Hobart
  37. Adam Gregory Goern, Investor, Milk Road Ventures, Erriba
  38. Yvette Watt, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, UTAS, West Hobart
  39. Valerie tinmouth, Retired teacher, Education department of tasmania, Launceston
  40. Bill Handbury, Artist
  41. Kristen Desmond, Founder, Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby, Launceston
  42. Joyce Williamson, Retired teacher, Launceston
  43. Lois Bury, Artist, Hobart
  44. Kate polglase, Consultant, South Hobart
  45. Elise Jeffery, Conservation Plannet, Tasmanian Land Conservancy, Hobart
  46. Fabiano Cangelosi, Lawyer, The Cangelosi Firm, Hobart
  47. Diana McShane, Health Coach, Hobart
  48. Ingrid Harrison, Company Director, Board Chair and President COTA (Council on the Ageing) Tasmania, Hobart
  49. Peter Tatham, Career Consultant, Peter Tatham & Associates, Hobart
  50. Karen Abey, Director, Hobart
  51. Patrick Cullinane, Engineer, Resonance Consulting, Tranmere
  52. Terry Aulich, Director, Aulich & Co, Hobart
  53. Rob White, Emeritus Distinguished Professor, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  54. Christine Edwards, Consultant, Lower Snug
  55. Keryn Nylander, Board Director and Chair, Various Tasmanian member owned and for profit organisations, Hobart
  56. Mark Hogarth, Accountant, Shaw Contracting, Launceston
  57. Anna Reynolds, Lord Mayor, City of Hobart, Hobart
  58. Julian Amos, DIrector, Tasman Management Services P/L, Hobart
  59. Flo Hurst, Coordinator, Libraries Tasmania, Kingston
  60. Simone Zell, CEO, Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania, Hobart
  61. Leonie McNair, Teacher, The Launceston Preparatory School, Launceston
  62. Daivd Midson, General Manager, West Coast Council, Queenstown
  63. Bill Mulford AO, Emeritus Professor, Former Dean, Faculty of Education, UTAS, Hobart
  64. Greg Hall AM, retired MLC, retired MLC, DELORAINE
  65. Jack Davenport, Independent Candidate for Bass, Gravelly Beach
  66. Bruce Kemp, retired, Hobart
  67. Margaret Headlam, Retired Teacher Librarian, Hobart
  68. Michael Roberts, Leadership Consultant, Circle Mindset, Kingston Beach
  69. Dr Anagha Jayakar, Community Paediatrician, Hobart
  70. Katy Cooper, Futurist/Director, DisruptiveCo Pty Ltd, Hobart
  71. Rita Meaney, Accountant, Lawyer, COTA, Geilston Bay
  72. Clare Handbury, Retired senior teacher, Hobart
  73. Dr Reg Allen, Director, CACSA Pty Ltd, Collinsvale
  74. Hans Willink, Retired, HOBART
  75. Bridget Archer, MP, Launceston
  76. Bianca Welsh, Restaurateur, Mental Health Educator, Board Director, Stillwater Restaurant and Seven Rooms/From Experience, Launceston
  77. Adrienne Picone, CEO, TasCOSS, Hobar
  78. Shannon Wells, Managing Director / Pilot, Airlines of Tasmania (Par Avion), Cambridge
  79. James Cretan, Company director, WEST HOBART;TAS
  80. nancy fromberg, retired teacher, Hobart
  81. Kim Barker, Commissioner, Director, Hobart
  82. Andrew Gavin Smith, Orchardist, 22 Lollara rd Grove Tas 7109, Grove
  83. Hon Ruth Forrest MLC, Member of Legislative Council Tasmania, Parliament of Tasmania, Wynyard
  84. Jan Richards, Consultant, Jan Richards Consulting, Dennes Point
  85. Alana Lane, Career Counsellor & Consultant, The Lane Method, East Launceston
  86. Richard Watson AM, Director, Care Forward P/L, Hobart
  87. Ian Middleton, Surgeon, Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart
  88. Heidi Senior, Teacher, Educational Leader, Melbourne (formerly Hobart)
  89. Robyn Lewis, Managing Director, Robyn Lewis, North Hobart
  90. Gundars Simsons, School principal- Retired, Hobart
  91. Clare Glade-Wright, Deputy Mayor, Kingborough, Kingston
  92. John Beard, Retired, Business Eastern Shore, Cambridge
  93. Jill Griffiths, Retired teacher, Flowerpot
  94. Bernard Griffiths, Retired Director, Consultant & Lecturer, Flowerpot
  95. Dr Suanne Lawrence, Lecturer, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  96. Bernard Knight, Educator, Hobart
  97. Terese Henning, Adjunct Assoc Prof, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  98. Michael White, Consultant, Former Director of Schools, Victoria, Hobart
  99. Michael Bailey, CEO, TCCI
  100. Dr I M Fullagar, Social economist, Weathering Change, Hobart
  101. Hon Meg Webb MLC, Independent Member for Nelson, Tasmanian Legislative Council, Hobart
  102. Dave Watson, Concerned Parent, Hobart
  103. Sue Hickey, Company Director, OneCare, Rosetta
  104. Georgie Ibbott, Company Director, Hobart
  105. james morrison, Architect, Morrison & Breytenbach Architects, Hobart
  106. Janelle Lowe, Hobart
  107. Neil Gillham, Electrician, Hobart
  108. Ningning Lyons, Executive, Dress For Success, Hobart
  109. Mark Mugnaioni, CEO, Hobart
  110. Lindi Wall, Lawyer/Conciliator (ret), Kaoota
  111. Pieter Kolkert, Comany Director, Hobart
  112. Geoff Fader, Chairperson, Tasmanian Small Business Council, Hobart
  113. Alexandra Tanner, Retired teacher, Nil, Hobart
  114. Ralph Doedens, SOUTH ARM
  115. Mark Kelleher, Strategic Adviser, Hobart
  116. Megan Lang, Research Fellow, UTAS, Hobart
  117. Michelle Williams, Paediatrician, Hobart
  118. Ahmad Mohamad, Paediatrician, Hobart
  119. Naomi Tomlinson, Paediatrician, LINDISFARNE
  120. Dr Natalie Morgan, Paediatrician, Hobart
  121. Dr Victoria Carter, Paediatrician, Hobart
  122. Joyce Reed, Gordon
  123. Scott Harris, CEO, Beacon Foundation, Hobart
  124. Sam Bye, consultant, Agsam Consulting, Launceston
  125. Linda Karlsson, Consultant, Folket Consultancy Pty. Ltd., Hobart
  126. Gerald McAfee, Accountant, Dennes Point
  127. Amaryah Paul, Psychiatrist, Archer Street Health, Hobart
  128. Elizabeth Walker, Child Psychiatrist, Hobart
  129. Monika Clarke, Consultant, KPMG, Hobart
  130. Kennedy Clarke, Strategic Project Advisor, Marinus Link, Blackmans Bay
  131. Kathleen Mackay, Chief Information Officer, Hobart
  132. Becky McLoughlin, PhD candidate & plain English trainer, University of Tasmania/26Ten campaign, Hobart
  133. Emma Riley, Director, ERA Planning and Environment, North Hobart
  134. Adam Poulton, Futurist, Bitcoin Monetary System, Launceston
  135. Professor Pam Sharpe, Educator, Independent Candidate for Prosser, Swansea
  136. Dheeraj, ICT Project Manager, Hobart City Council, Kingston
  137. Toni Gray, Retired teacher, former curriculum officer, Department of Education, Hobart
  138. Benjamin Tolputt, Outreach Worker, The Salvation Army, Latrobe
  139. David Mitchell, Burnie
  140. Leah Galvin, Consultant, Leah Galvin Consulting, Allens Rivulet
  141. Grace Elliott, Social/Environmental Planner, Hobart
  142. James Holden, Head of Institutional Engagement, Duolingo, Duolingo, Hobart
  143. Dang Minh Duc Van, Town Planner, Burnie
  144. Tracey Taylor, Launceston
  145. Ally Bradley, Executive General Manager, Southern Cross Austereo, Hobart
  146. Ian Duthie, Manager, SeaPerfect, Orford
  147. Jennifer Clarke, Retired nurse, Concerned grandparent, Hobart
  148. Philip Cocker, Environmentalist, Hobart
  149. Annette kaitinis, CEO cofounder, Scoot Boot, Cambridge
  150. Ben Bowring, Tasmanian Graduate; Parent of Little Tasmanian, Tasmanian, Hobart
  151. Robyn Bevilacqua, Land use planner, Huon Valley Council, Hobart
  152. Peter Allan, Retired, N/A, Hobart
  153. NATHAHN WALTER, Sales Manager, Kellyville
  154. EW, Teacher, Department of education children and young people, Burnie
  155. Steve King, Teacher, Burnie
  156. Deanne Polson, Shearwater
  157. Jane Madden, Board Director, Various, Canberra (ex- Tasmania)
  158. Veronica, Farmer, Burnie
  159. Ruby Wolfe, Public servant, Hobart
  160. Karen Palmer, PhD candidate, University of Tasmania, West Hobart
  161. Erin Bowring, Teacher, Kingston
  162. Sascha Adams, Consultant, KPMG, Hobart
  163. Karina Dambergs, Institute Coordinator, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, Launceston
  164. Suzan West, Leadership Specialist, TasNetworks, Hobart
  165. Lisa Punshon, Manager, Hobart
  166. Rosalie Martin, Speech Pathologist, Speech Pathology Tasmania, Hobart
  167. Mary Bennett, President, Tasmanian Branch, Economic Society of Australia, North Hobart
  168. Annie, Content marketer, Hobart
  169. Renee frost, Youth engagement coordinator, Colony 47, Hobart
  170. Karin Mathison, Company Director, Hobart
  171. Penny Cocker, Educator, retired, Clarence
  172. Jenny Branch-Allen, CEO, Kidsafe Tasmania, Hobart
  173. Graham McAlister, Engineering, Hydro, Hobart
  174. Erin van Maanen, Executive, Hobart
  175. Perry Mannering, Accountant, KPMG, Hobart
  176. Oliver George, Consultant, Hobart
  177. Dr Kathryn Barnsley, Researcher & advocate, SmokeFree Tasmania
  178. Alison Holm, Associate Professor, Speech Pathology, University of Tasmania, Launceston
  179. Angèla Davison, Town planning consultant, Home, Adelaide
  180. Dr Sophia Staite, Childhood Studies Researcher, Midway Point
  181. Peter Phibbs, Consultant, EPIC DOT GOV PTY LTD, Sandy Bay
  182. Caroline Lindus, Town planner, Hobart
  183. Nav Bambra, CEO, TAS TRANS, HOBART
  184. Jenn Heggarty, Manager, Beacon Foundation, NEWSTEAD
  185. Lara Alexander, MP, Electorate of Bass, Launceston
  186. MENGTING HUA, International Education professional, Sandy Bay, Hobart
  187. Lucia Wellington, Architect, Cumulus Studio, Launceston
  188. Tim Blakeway, architect, Cumulus Studio, Hobart
  189. Ray Mostogl, CEO, TMEC, Dilston
  190. Luke Waldron, Architect, Cumulus Studio, Hobart
  191. Rosalyn Bermudez, Architect, Cumulus Studio, Hobart
  192. Kate Gooch, Architect, Cumulus Studio, West Launceston
  193. Anna Alvis, Studio Assistant, Cumulus Studio, Launceston
  194. Tania Hunt, CEO, Youth
  195. Kristie Johnston, Member of Parliament, Independent Member for Clark, Glenorchy
  196. Muhammad Raza, Management Accountant, Cumulus Studio Pty Ltd, Hobart
  197. Emeritus Professor Roberta Julian, Sociologist, University of Tasmania, Sandford
  198. Dr Samuel Calder, Lecturer, Speech Pathology, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  199. Marcus Denny, Engineer, Melbourne
  200. Sebastien Robin, Learning designer, NAATI, Sandy Bay
  201. Angela Turvey, Manager Community Development, Brighton Council, Old Beach
  202. Ned Daniels, Student, Cumulus Studio, Hobart
  203. Lizzie Castles, National Disability Services, Hobart
  204. Amelie Hudspeth, Outdoor Guide, Numerous, nipaluna/Hobart
  205. Mischa Cushing, Outdoor educator, Hobart
  206. Jessica Murphy, Designer, Cumulus Studio, Newstead
  207. Steph Eslake, Journalist, Hobart
  208. Chris Rushworth, Educational Technologist, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  209. Shelley Greener, Senior Exploration Geologist, Perth
  210. Matt Phyland, Operations Coordinator, Beacon Foundation, Launceston
  211. Ebony Bridle, Manager, Beacon Foundation, Trevallyn
  212. Kylie Murphy, Community Development Officer, Hobart
  213. Linda Arenella, Former University lecturer, Hobart
  214. Melinda Reed, Councillor, Sorell Council, Dodges Ferry
  215. Angus Reynolds, Data Analyst, RACT, Hobart
  216. Oscar Greenwood, Student, Elizabeth College, Hobart
  217. Bill Edmunds, Retired Principal, Oakdowns
  218. Kerrie Mazengarb, Strategic Change Specialist, GSD Advisors, Lindisfarne
  219. Oscar Wadsley, Medical student, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  220. Kuba Meikle, Former DECYP student, ANU, Canberra
  221. Andrew Morgan, Managing Director, SFM Agribusiness, Hobart
  222. Samantha Amos, Student, Launceston
  223. Dr Polly McGee, Neuroleadership consultant, www.pollymcgee.com, Low Head
  224. Andrew Wilkie, Independent Member for Clark, Hobart
  225. Peter Walker, Architect, Hobart
  226. Brian Bowring, GP, George Town
  227. Justin White, Communications & Engagement, Kingston
  228. Angela Armstrong, Legal Practitioner, Jacqui Lambie Network, Low Head
  229. Em Harvey, Teacher, Launceston
  230. Mark McManus, Economist, Conscia PTY LTD, Canberra
  231. Kayla Lily Palmer, Teacher, Hellyer College - Department of Education, Wynyard
  232. Anna Groom, Senior Executive Officer, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  233. Michael McCourt, Chief Operating Officer, Hobart
  234. Dr Kate-Ellen Elliott, Adjunct Senior Researcher, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  235. Caroline Sharpen, CEO, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Hobart
  236. Dr Nicholas Direen, Geophysicist, Mitre Geophysics, Hobart
  237. Abdul Rahman, Geologist, MEC Technical Services, Launceston
  238. Jesse Cotterill, Mechanical Engineer, Private Consultancy, Hobart
  239. Dr Christine Sanderson, Paediatrician, Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart
  240. Steven Rust, Economist, Hobart
  241. Lynn Broos, Communications Officer, Tas Government, Devonport
  242. Ryan Cook, Economist, ATO, Hobart
  243. peta Fitzgibbon, retired social worker, Sandy Bay
  244. Deb Greene, Self Employed, Deb’s Fine Jewellery Pty Ltd, George Town
  245. Sallie McEwan, Migrant Resource Centre, SOUTH HOBART
  246. Rowan Wylie, retired citizen, South Hobart
  247. Philippa Chong, Consultant, Chong & Jones Consulting, West Moonah
  248. Alison Standen, Former Member of Parliament, Bellerive
  249. Cameron Adams, CPO, Canva, Launceston
  250. Jason Turvey, Post-Grad Economics Student, Torrens University Australia, Kingston
  251. Christine Lewis, Economist, Huon Valley
  252. Sherri Ring, Business owner, Energy Health, Hobart
  253. Ariadne Magalhaes, Economist & Business Transformation Specialis, OmniStrategic, Hobart
  254. Nick Truchanas, Geologist, Hobart
  255. Janelle O’Reilly, Lawyer/governance advisor, O’Reilly Legal and Governance Pty Ltd, Hobart,Tasmania
  256. Damien Charles Viney, Teacher, Devonport
  257. Andree Simpson, Middleton
  258. Jennifer Grimes, SOUTH LAUNCESTON
  259. Kaye Dowling, Retired, Launceston
  260. Tony Walker, Retired, Launceston
  261. Helen Manson, Retired teacher, Launceston
  262. Michael Ling, Retired teacher, NA, Launceston
  263. Virginia Allanby, Social Worker, Carlton
  264. Lyn Evans, Retired Teacher, Launceston
  265. Assoc Prof Hong-Oanh Nguyen, Lecturer, University of Tasmania, Launceston
  266. Gary Bakker, Clinical Psychologist, UTas, Legana
  267. Carol Fuller, retired teacher, Launceston
  268. Jeff McKinnon, retired, Launceston
  269. Kim Clarke, Retired Midwife, Nil, Launceston
  270. Jim Mitchell, Retired, N/A, Rosevears
  271. Elvin Fist, Retired teacher, Youngtown
  272. Edwina Mulholland, Retired, Launceston
  273. Jan Allford, Registered Nurse, Concerned for our young people's future, Launceston
  274. Phil oneill, Retired social worker, Hobart
  275. Pamela Lethborg, Retired teacher, Launceston
  276. Elizabeth Jane Drexler, retired, t Pacific INC, Riverside
  277. Hilary Purdie, Principal, Independent school, Hobart
  278. Kristin Leeds, Teacher, Hobart
  279. Giy Greener, Retired building designer, Lower Longley
  280. Andrew Pitt, Launceston
  281. John Silberberg, Master Mariner, Launceston
  282. Erica Maxwell, Retired, NORWOOD
  283. Alan Stanley Purdey, Retired Teacher, Norwood
  284. Peter Moore, Program Officer, Burnie
  285. Anna Coxen, Mother, Bridport
  286. Val Clarke, Retired teacher, Launceston
  287. sharon opdyke, retiree, hobart
  288. Bree Huntee, Councillor, Clarence City Council, Clarence
  289. AA, Teacher and Parent, Hobart
  290. Kyrstine Haslam-Coates, Lead Facilitator, The Smith Family, Launceston
  291. John Maynard, Former Company Director, Blackmans Bay
  292. Ben Smethurst, Quality Numeracy Coach, Flinders Island District High School, Whitemark, Flinders Island
  293. Jessica Del Rio, Social policy adviser, Canberra
  294. Craig Elliott, Consultant, P2R2 Consulting, Launceston
  295. Linda Giumelli, Allied health professional, SOUTH HOBART
  296. Geoff Webb, Consultant, GR Webb Consulting Pty Ltd, Hobart
  297. Penelope Clark, Allied health professional, South Hobart
  298. Clare Wiltshire, Physio, Parent, primary school children, South hobart
  299. Kirsten Fairfax, Scientist, Utas, Hobart
  300. Larissa Bartlett, Researcher, Menzies, Hobart
  301. Keith Hewitt, Engineer, Hobart
  302. annah simsons, Manager, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  303. Maree Richards, retired, West Hobart
  304. Trish Haeusler, Education Officer, Tamar NRM, Launceston
  305. Andrea Courtney, State Candidate for Braddon, Tasmanian Health, Wynyard
  306. Michael O’Farrell, Barrister, Hobart
  307. Mike Blyth, Retired, Northdown
  308. Richard Bingham, Retired lawyer, NA, Geilston Bay
  309. Robert WOOLLEY, Investor, Wynyard
  310. Susan Hampton, General Practitioner, Sandy Bay
  311. Bill Harvey, Councillor, City of Hobart, Hobart
  312. Frances Millar
  313. Rod Gray, retired ex-teacher, Huonville
  314. Adj. Prof Jo Badcock, Psychologist, University of Western Australia, Richmond, Tasmania
  315. Simon osborne, Data analyst, Private, Hobart
  316. Helen Yeoland, Retired teacher, Hobart
  317. Stephen Porter, Company Director, Searson & Assocs, Hobart
  318. Helen Ellis, Retired, Hobart
  319. Christine Bell, Director, Hobart
  320. Dr Geoff Heriot, Consultant/author, Hobart
  321. Richard Hughes, Retired, private citizen, Hobart
  322. Greg Pullen, Retired/parent, MIENA
  323. Bradley Saunders, retired, Meander
  324. Dr. Allan Herrmann, Retired Educational Technologist, Franklin
  325. Robert Loring, Retired Teacher, Hobart
  326. Richard Atkinson, Retired, Hobart
  327. Judith Longhurst, retired, Hobart
  328. Michael Tong Lee, Retired teacher, Kingston
  329. Olivia Shekleton, Lauderdale
  330. Richard Eccleston, Professor, University of Tasmania, Hobart
  331. Jane Forrest, Arts management consultant, Vim Arts & Events, Launceston
  332. Drew Edwards, Architect, BYA Architects, Hobart
  333. Rod Tedds, School Principal (non-gov), retired, Richmond Tas
  334. Philippa Duncan, Hobart
  335. Philip Morris, Retired health service manager, Launceston
  336. Andre Leslie, Journalist, Launceston
  337. Kelly Grey, Mum, Spreyton Primary School Association, Devonport
  338. Julia Verdouw, Lecturer, NICE, Hobart
  339. Onno Van den Eynde, Retired, Nil, Melbourne
  340. Emeritus Prof. David Badcock, Academic, Richmond, Tasmania
  341. Amanda Johnstone, CEO, Transhuman, via Launceston
  342. Annah Clare Fromberg, Hobart
  343. Donelle, Launceston
  344. Edward Forrest, Doctor, Melbourne
  345. Tom Lewis, Director, RDS Partners, West Hobart
  346. Rob McEwan, Principal, The Hutchins School, Sandy Bay
  347. Jean Ledingham, Retired GP, Woodbridge
  348. Cynthia Howard, Educator, DECYP, Hobart
  349. Sheree Vertigan, CEO, CCA, Devonport
  350. Hugh Denny, Retired, Hobart
  351. Rosemary Laver, Retired clinical psychologist, Hobart
  352. Jacquie, Physio
  353. Olivia Powell, Clinical Psychologist, Hobart
  354. Robert Buell, teacher retiredd, Sandford
  355. Megan Baynes, Senior Advisor, City of Hobart, Hobart
  356. Penelope Clark, Registered Nurse, THS, Howrah
  357. Jae Lloyd, Learning and Development, Momentum Energy, West Hobart
  358. Nadia Mahjouri, Writer, Hobart
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