24 March 2022


As residents of Cambridge who fully support Ukraine, we release this letter to address representatives of the UK Parliament.

On 24 February 2022, the Russian Federation launched a full-scale attack on our parents, friends, and relatives in Ukraine. We hope that you join us in strongly condemning the recent decisions of the Russian Federation government to further violate Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and to attack Ukrainian cities.

On 5 December 1994, the United Kingdom signed the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances. In exchange for Ukraine giving up its nuclear state status (Ukraine had the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world at the time), the UK guaranteed the mechanism of assurance of Ukrainian security. It is obvious that seeking "immediate United Nations Security Council action" is not a valid mechanism of assuring security of Ukrainian citizens. The UNSC (United Nations Security Council) proposes interventions to "maintain or restore international peace and security" and this must be speeded up because there are thousands of civilian victims of the conflict and they are growing every day. Adapting policies to the current emergency means guaranteeing people's survival. We are asking you, Members of the UK Parliament, to put forward in Parliament and support all efforts to provide further assistance to the citizens of Ukraine. We welcome your guidance on impactful policies, and have identified the following that we would appreciate your consideration of:

  • Create a UA Settlement Scheme (settled and pre-settled status) for Ukrainian nationals residing in the UK similarly to the EU nationals after Brexit. This would allow those Ukrainians living in the UK to freely change their jobs (without the need to switch to an alternative visa route) and open businesses to create workplaces for the UK residents, including refugees from Ukraine.
  • Extend economic sanctions on Russia by pressuring pension funds and international companies, which are still conducting commercial activity in Russia, especially those headquartered in the UK such as Marks & Spencer, Imperial Tobacco, Dentsu international, Unilever. In addition to this, ban energy trade with Russia. Cooperate with international partners (including China) to further isolate Russia economically, in particular - to disconnect all Russian banks from SWIFT.
  • Extend Ukrainian family scheme to allow those Ukrainians who are in the UK on student or work visas to host their relatives and loved ones. As per the present-day eligibility criteria concerning the ‘sponsor’, it enables those with indefinite leave to remain (“ILR”) (or the equivalent) to essentially save their family members by bringing them to the UK. Respectfully, it is difficult to understand the rationale behind restricting the access to the scheme to those permanently settled in the UK, especially in light of the fact that those with pre-settled (non-ILR) status are covered by the eligibility criteria. Considering the emergency of the situation we therefore, respectfully request to include other non-ILR holders in the criteria, including but not limited to the holders of work and student visas.

We hope that you share our determination to help the populace of Ukraine. As members of wider Cambridge community we would be pleased to hear which policies you intend to implement to assist the people of Ukraine. If you feel we can be useful to you in any way, please feel free to email us at: info@cambridge4ukraine.uk

King regards,
The people of Cambridge

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  1. Emma Collison, Development Editor, Cambridge
  2. Emilia Whitehead, Cambridge
  3. Lindsey Smith, Bedmaker, Lindsey, Cambridge
  4. Maliek Banat, Student, London School of Economics and Political Science, London
  5. Will Norman, Civil Servant, Cambridge
  6. Agata Nejman, Therapist, Cambridge
  7. Vladyslav Shutko, Master of Law Candidate, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  8. Anna Szawuk, Hospitality, Accor, Cambridge
  9. Cameron Holloway, Content Manager, Socrates Software, Cambridge
  10. William van Boesschoten, Art Teacher, St. Andrew's College, Cambridge
  11. Christine Botes, Retired, Cambridge
  12. Iryna Dek, Research Fellow, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Cambridge
  13. Anatolii Pavlovskyi, Cloud Infrastructure Consultant, Red Hat UK, Cambridge
  14. Stepan Blinder, PhD Candidate in Slavonic Studies, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  15. Andrii Smytsniuk, Language Teaching Officer, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  16. Rend Platings, CEO, Sugarwise, Cambridge
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