24 October 2021

Dialogue about the future of C4F

Dear Buhmann, dear lesossies, dear Luques,

C4F has been a joy for many players during its existence since 2006. Unfortunately, during recent years, the number of players has continuously decreased to around 100 players who are still active and around 40 to 50 teams racing per day. A lot of players are concerned about the current development of this wonderful game. And we, the authors of this letter, think that it is time to start a dialogue about the future of C4F.

C4F has been and still is more than just an average game. It is a passion that has connected people and even led to friendships. For this, we are forever thankful to the three of you. You’ve made this game work for almost 15 years now. We do not only want to show you our gratitude, but we also want to help to keep this game alive for even longer. We would be happy to help you with that and would like to share our thoughts with you.

The intention of this letter is to start an open dialogue with the three of you, the founders and administrators of the game. Together with you, we would like to find out how the game may continue not only by keeping the number of current players but also offers the possibility to make former players come back and attract new players.

In our humble opinion, the first step would be to finish the conversion from Flash to HTML5 and make it work efficiently. We are aware that his is a challenge and time consuming. Hence, we want to offer our assistance to you. To be able to do that, we also have a lot of questions:

  • In which areas is help possible?
  • What kind of help is urgently needed?
  • Who is the legal owner of the game and who has influence over the game’s development?
  • What future do you imagine for the game?
  • What are your plans for the short-term development of the game, if any?
  • What is the main problem in developing the game (time, personnel, money, something else)?
  • How does the financial situation look like (running-costs, cost recovery, etc.)? Is money a factor that could seriously help the development process?

We firmly believe in the future of this game, and we are happy to help it develop. We hope that you think so too, and we can start to work together to be able to solve the upcoming challenges. A dialogue among the community and you would be a good start. Please let us know how such a dialogue could be started and which channels you are open to (Forum, E-Mail, Chat, Video Call, etc.). Hopefully together, we will find the solutions the game needs.

Thank you and best regards

Team Trojer Vellau (Chense)
Team FL
Trekken Racing (kunske)
Team Hunsrueck

+ All teams that signed here and support this letter.
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  1. RV Berlin Sued, Germany, Berlin
  2. RC Hachen, Germany
  3. RS Coesitz, Berlin
  4. Montania Crew, Germany, Cologne
  5. Adler
  6. Palasteam, ., ., Szeged
  7. Tukhtahuaev
  8. L RSV
  9. SV Furpach, Furpach
  10. Kaju
  11. Liquigas-CND, Bucharest
  12. BBRC, Bewrlin
  13. Mangahn, Buxtehude
  14. Team FL
  15. Pokemon, Paris
  16. Atletico Lula, Lula
  17. Carrera Blue Jeans
  18. T-Mobile-A
  19. Semper Fidelis (Rexon)
  20. Rhodan Underdogs, Berlin
  21. Seven Down
  22. waerl
  23. anonymous
  24. Freudenfeuer
  25. Alive And Dead
  26. free team
  27. Trekken Racing
  28. Schartner Bombe
  29. Team Trojer Vellau, Doren
  30. Team Dagestan
  31. Falkenbier
  32. Alkworld
  33. Hansa, Peine
  34. Bearclaw Cycling
  35. Los Galacticos
  36. Team Hunsrück
  37. Gipfelstuermer
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