15 March 2022

Disabled People in Ukraine

We, as Disabled Peoples' Organisations in the United Kingdom, are united in support of disabled people in Ukraine whose right to live in peace has been violated. We are outraged and horrified by Putin's illegal invasion and urgently call for an end to the bloodshed.
This war is an attack on freedom and democracy, not only in Ukraine but in the whole world. The impact on the lives of disabled people and people with chronic illness is immeasurable. Disabled people and people with chronic illness are the poorest and most disadvantaged people in society. This war will kill thousands of these people as we watch helpless in horror.
Many disabled people cannot manage without support and medicines and are most likely to be unable to access bunkers or even flee their homes due to inaccessible transport provision and a world made even more inaccessible by war. Some disabled people require electrical equipment to stay alive, which will not work in war damaged areas nd during blackouts. A lack of food and water is life threatening for many disabled people and people with chronic illness. We hear that there is a lack of accessible emergency transport to get disabled people to safety.
We stand with you, we call for peace, and we call for emergency relief and assistance to help you to survive.

Disability Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

155 verified
  1. Beau Chalmers, None, Brighton
  2. Sue ELSEGOOD, METRO-GAD, Counsellor
  3. Shaffa Hameed, Researcher, International Centre for Evidence in Disability, London
  4. Susan Maxwell-Stewart, Retired teacher, Bhcr, Brighton
  5. Edelweiss Jochlik, Retired teacher, Possability People, Brighton & Hove
  6. Margaret Burrow MBE, Hon.CEO, Barrow & District Disability Association, Cumbria
  7. Yash Kilam, student, Disability Rights Association, fremont, ca
  8. Cade Kuehl, Associate Researcher, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
  9. Jo-Anne Bichard, Academic, Royal College of Art, London
  10. Annie Cannan, Librarian, Brighton & Hove Libraries, Brighton & Hove
  11. Bryan Michell, My Life My Choice, Charity CEO
  12. Lisa, Disabled, None, Gainsborough
  13. Kayleigh Cruickshank, Director, Art Works South Yorkshire, Sheffield
  14. Maria Truchan-Tataryn, RMT, Waterloo
  15. Rosemary Morrison, SEN TA, Education, Northampton
  16. Janice Mitchell, York
  17. Mark Harrison, Steering Group Member, Reclaiming our Futures Alliance, Norwich
  18. Kamran Mallick, CEO, Disability Rights UK, London
  19. kira, curator, activist, Caring Theatre, Berlin
  20. Michael Turner, Policy and Strategy Manager, Merton Centre for Independent Living, Mitcham
  21. Sickness Affinity Group, Berlin
  22. Natasha Moore, Liverpool
  23. Tracy Keenan, Disabled, None, Portsmouth
  24. Louise Weissel, Access Consultant, Louise Weissel, BRADFORD-ON-AVON
  25. Peter Rutt, Lakeorion
  26. Marek Mackiewicz-Ziccardi, independent scholar, Lincoln
  27. ruth purdy, ex director Make it Better CIC, make it better (mitber) CIC, Constantine
  28. Jenny Tarvit, Director, Promas CIC, Tolvaddon
  29. Bernie DeLord, Director, Promas CIC, Penzance
  30. Elizabeth Thomson, Hereford
  31. Jason Lamont, CEO, KCIL Ltd, London
  32. LISA MASKELL, Hayle
  33. Pip Wright, Choir leader, Kana Kernow, Penzance
  34. Teresa Mallon
  35. Jane Val Baker, Media consultant, BBC, Penzance
  36. Amanda Lorens, Artist, Penzance
  37. bh, teaching assistant, cardiff
  38. Vivienne Tregenza, Poet, Penzance
  39. Vivien Fallows, Retired, Chichester
  40. Teresa Christopher, Penzance
  41. Elaine Claxton, Actor, Equity, Penzance
  42. Dr. K. Muruganandan, Assistant Professor, Progressive Thinkers Forum of the Blind, Kallakurichi, Tamil Nadu, India
  43. Thomas Blake, Monitoring Officer, Ideal for All, Smethwick
  44. Luke Murray, Penzance
  45. Khatija Patel, CEO, Ideal for All, Smethwick
  46. Sarah Donegan, Property manager, Margaret River
  47. Sarah Braunton, accounts, DisabilityCornwall
  48. Kate Caryer, Director, The Unspoken Project CIC, London
  49. Dr H A Haroon, Research Scientist, The University of Manchester, Manchester
  50. Simon cramp, Life time member, Learning disability england, Chesterfield
  51. Cornelia Broesskamp, familyt carer, Brighton
  52. Elaine Darby, Wellbeing & Community Connector, Stonewater, Brighton
  53. Annie Ferguson, Principal Inclusion worker, Speakup Self Advocacy on behalf of everyone here, Rotherham
  54. Norena Shopland, Writer, Clydach
  55. Stephen Hodgkins, York
  56. Andrea Clark, CEO, Ace AngliaLtd, Stowmarket
  57. Sarah Ruth Snell, Centre Manager, Merlin MS Centre, St. Austell
  58. Catherine Brady, Disability Adviser, Disability Cornwall, Hayle
  59. Emma Nadin, Loughborough
  60. Janice Adamson, Chief Executive Officer, Poole Rights Organisation on Disability, Bournemouth
  61. BRIL, Bristol Reclaiming Independent Living (BRIL)
  62. Rebecca Hulbert, Actor, Falmouth
  63. Jessica Hermosilla Magaña, Linguist, Teacher, Researcher, Lewes
  64. Michael Rosenkrantz, Adaptive Sports Coache, SoCal Adaptive Sports, Palm Desert, CA
  65. Rebecca Dosch Brown, Interdisciplinary Education Director, Institute on Community Integration, UMN, Minneapolis
  66. Frank Hall-Bentick AM, Chairperson, Australian Disability and Indigenous People's Education Fund, Melbourne, Australia
  67. Agnieszka Blonska, Theatre director, Mousehole
  68. Derick Bird, Retired Disability Activist, Academic, BIrmingham
  69. Simone Rowe, Disability researcher; PhD candidate, University of New South Wales, Australia, Sydney
  70. Joshua Hartley, ROMSEY
  71. Magda Szarota, Activist/Scholar, Humanity in Action
  72. Nancy Hansen, Professor, U Manitoba/Disability Studies Canada, Winnipeg
  73. Adele Lisa Nankervis, Disability Adviser, Disability Cornwall, Hayle
  74. Claire Tregaskis, Retired Disability Studies academic, Wadebridge
  75. John Sweeting, Charity Manager, Active8, Cornwall
  76. Christiane Link, Chair, Disire, London
  77. Ben Glass, Governor, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
  78. Kristina But, communication manager, Fight For Right, Melitopol, Ukraine
  79. Chronic, Campaign, CHRONIC Campaign, London
  80. Cathy Galsworthy, Adviser, Disability Cornwall, Hayle
  81. Kaya McLeod, Support Broker, disAbility Cornwall, Hayle
  82. Rosey Sanders, Diocese of Truro
  83. Lynne Turnbull, Chief Executive Officer, Disability Positive, Cheshire
  84. Debbie, Senior Adviser, disAbility Cornwall, Hayle
  85. Khiara Inglis, Adviser, Disability Cornwall, Hayle
  86. Helen Page, Adviser, Disability Cornwall, Hayle
  87. Danielle, Carers Advise line worker, Disability Cornwall, Hayle
  88. Rod Keat, Assisitive technology advisor, iSightCornwall, Truro
  89. Mary Austin, Age UK Cornwall & Isles of Scilly?Macmillan Project Coordinator, Age UK Cornwall & Isles of Scilly, Truro
  90. Emma Gill-Raymond, Hove
  91. Val Cane, retired teacher, NEU LOCAL COMMITEE, Brighton
  92. Sarah Miller, Director, Green Light PBS, Newquay
  93. Caroline Martin, Personal Assistant, N/A, Cornwall
  94. Carol Isherwood, Support & Planning Lead, Humans Cornwall, Redruth
  95. Ernie Boddington, Retired (Chair of Trustees), MK CIL, Milton Keynes
  96. Vicky Taylor, Support and Planning lead, Humans Cornwall, Cornwall
  97. Victoria Daniels, HR / Personal Care Lead, Disability Cornwall, White
  98. Fiona Price, Customer Service Receptionist, iSightCornwall
  99. Carole Theobald, Chief Executive, iSightCornwall, Cornwall
  100. Theresa Court, Advice Services Manager, disAbility Cornwall, Hayle
  101. A. Horsfall, Carers Advisor, DisAbility Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly, Hayle
  102. Juliana O'Neill, Personal Care Lead, Disability Cornwall, Looe, Cornwall
  103. Romy-Jo Johnson, Support Planning and Brokerage Lead, Humans Cornwall, Cornwall
  104. Fiona Wallis, Disability Cornwall, Penzance
  105. Kirsty Dexter, Disability Cornwall, Redruth
  106. Jerry Toman, Adviser, Disability Cornwall, Hayle, cornwall
  107. Vivien Taylor, disAbility Cornwall & IoS, White
  108. Hannah Ali, Advisor, Disability Cornwall, Hayle
  109. Bev Richards, DIAL Adviser, Disability Cornwall, Hayle
  110. Joseph Tempest, Support broker, Humans Cornwall, Cornwall
  111. Tamsyn Billing, Care Coordinator, Humans Cornwall, Camborne
  112. Wanda Summers, Disability Cornwall
  113. Sharon Riley, Executive Support, Disability Cornwall & Isles of Scilly, Hayle
  114. Keith Coleman, Adviser, Disability Cornwall, Hayle
  115. Ben Iles, Communications & Engagement Administrator, Disability Cornwall & IoS, Hayle
  116. Annie Horsfall, Carers Advisor, DisAbility Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly, Hayle
  117. Jenny Perrin, Penzance
  118. Dave Richtor, Brighton
  119. Nadia, Sw, Cornwall
  120. Laura Mead, Ostomy Odyssey, Cornwall
  121. Amy Findlater, Project Manager, Disability Cornwall & IoS, Cornwall
  122. Dayana Farah, Housewife, Hove
  123. Mark Green, Trustee, Possability People, Brighton & Hove
  124. Cara Redlich, Co-Founder, Parents Unlimited, Brighton
  125. Tina Halstead, Retired, Individual, Brighton
  126. Victoria Bundy
  127. Angie Emrys-Jones, Foster carer, Truro
  128. Geraldine Des Moulins, Chief Executive, Possability People, Brighton and Hove
  129. Geraldine Des Moulins, Chief Executive, Possabilty People, Brighton and Hove
  130. Melody Powell, Inclusion Champion Development Worker, Alliance for Inclusive Education, Chessington
  131. Caroline Collier, CEO, Inclusion Barnet, Barnet, London
  132. Kate Wilson
  133. Katie Pratt, Finance Manager, Disability Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, Hayle
  134. Phil Gosling, Co-Chair, Regard, London
  135. Melanie Close, Chief executive, Disability Equality (nw) Ltd, Preston
  136. Amo Raju, CEO, Disability Direct, Derby
  137. Jane Johnson MBE, Chief Executive, disAbility Cornwall & IoS, Hayle
  138. Clare Greenwood, Charity manager, Hearing Loss Cornwall, TRURO
  139. Emily Morton, Chief Executive, Disability Sheffield, Sheffield
  140. Sandy Lawrence, Director, Cornwall Accessible Activities Program, Newquay
  141. Ian Peck, Manager, Whitby, Scarborough & Ryedale DIsability Action Group, Whitby
  142. Jane Bartlett, CEO, Disability Stockport, Manchester
  143. Ju Gosling, Artistic Director, Together! 2012 CIC, London
  144. Susan Morrell, CEO, Leeds CIL, Leeds
  145. Richard Pitman, charity worker, compassdisabilityservices, taunton
  146. Tracey Lazard, CEO, Inclusion London, London
  147. Mark Baggley, Manager, Choices and Rights Disability Coalition (Hull and East Riding), Hull
  148. Mrs V C Williamson, retired, Trustee/volunteer Milton Keynes Centre for Integrated Living., Newport Pagnell
  149. Laura J Welti, Chief Officer, Bristol Disability Equality Forum, Bristol
  150. Ian Loynes, CEO, SPECTRUM CIL, Southampton
  151. Mary Reed, CEO, Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living, Devizes
  152. Cathy Maker, CEO, Ruils - Independent Living, London
  153. Sophie Fournel, CEO, Centre for Independent Living Kent, Maidstone
  154. Sally Austin, Director of Operations, Disability Direct, Derby
  155. Dr Theo Blackmore, Disability Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly
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