25 November 2020
Priority to children in Parc Josaphat

Since March 2020, the avenue Van Vollenhoven in Schaerbeek is car-free. The decision was motivated by the need for social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis. For eight months, the inhabitants of Schaerbeek took great advantage of the space. Children learned to ride bicycles and skate. Older people could walk around and enjoy social life at a safe distance. PRMs and cyclists could safely cross the park to the other side of Schaerbeek.

At the end of October, the municipality decided to turn the favorite playground for hundreds of children into a parking lot. From November 27th, there will be eighteen car parking spaces in the middle of the park. This decision goes against the majority agreement and the goals of the Brussels Region.

The park is surrounded by parking lots: anyone who comes by car can park anywhere else. As a "compromise", the municipality decided to leave part of the street free of cars. This is a frankly dangerous solution in terms of road safety. Thus, a child riding a bike or playing will find himself without any warning in a parking lot where motorists maneuver in and out.

This decision falls in the middle of the second wave of the COVID-19 crisis. The need for social distancing is still acute. Recreation is very limited, with the exception of parks and woods. It is in every respect a big mistake made against the will of the population. The people of Schaerbeek come to enjoy this avenue every day, even in the middle of autumn. It is that we need.

Sign this letter and ask the commune to reconsider this decision. Give priority to our children. Leave Van Vollenhoven Avenue without cars. Josaphat is a park, not a car park!

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Update 26 November 2020

Priority to children in Parc Josaphat

We've surpassed the thousand signatures! Thank you for signing the open letter and keep sharing it!

This decision affects so many people that we have decided to launch an action to protest it. This Saturday at 11am, let's meet on the Avenue Van Vollenhoven to play, skate, rollerblade, bike... Come with your children and don't hesitate to bring games or anything that can color the street.

All the info here :


Hoping to see you there,

the 1030/0 team :).

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  1. Pieter Fannes, Illustrator, Allowing car traffic on this avenue is dangerous and misguided., Schaarbeek
  2. Steven Everts, Civil servant, EEAS, Brussels
  3. Xavier Damman, Entrepreneur, Schaerbeek
  4. Anne Cremer, teacher, Schaarbeek
  5. Arne Smeets, Teacher, Brussels
  6. Benoit GĂ©rard, Citizen, Wrong way for our city, Bruxelles
  7. Azer Nessim, 1030
  8. Jordan Hill, Consultant, N/A, Brussels 1000
  9. Wim, Citizen, This doesn't make any sense., Schaerbeek
  10. Joanie Lemercier, artist, anderlecht
  11. Wannes Deprez, Architect, Brussel
  12. Ermenegilda Boccabella, Lawyer, St Gilles
  13. Aleksandra Sobczak, Schaerbeek
  14. James Candon, Managing Director, United Europe, Bruxelles
  15. Jeroen Baekelandt, Schaarbeek
  16. Yumika Lecluyze, Inwoner, Schaarbeek
  17. André-Stephane Van de Goor, Project manager, Windvision, Schaerbeek
  18. Xavier Huysmans, Bruxelles
  19. Caroline Zaoui, Self-employed, Novobiom, Schaerbeek
  20. Christian Stahn, Marketing Executive, KNX Association, Brussels
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  1. Koben Sprengers, Musicien, Schuman School of Music, 1000
  2. Laura R, architect, Brussel
  3. Rik
  4. Hilde Vanophalvens, Sint Lambrechts Woluwe
  5. Claudine Huyghe, Met pensioen, Schaarbeek
  6. Olivier Gillerot, Schaerbeek, 1030
  7. VĂ©ronique van Lierde
  8. Ellen Lemmens, Herk-de-stad
  9. carla vanparys, Brussel
  10. Ragna Govaerts, Ambtenaar, Schaarbeek
  11. Jesse Geelissen, bediende, Jette
  12. Jeanne Tordeur-Marchal, Brussel
  13. Huig Deneef, Brussels
  14. Ilse Mertens, Grafish vormgever, Monoeil.be, Jette
  15. Kathleen Peters, Sint-Joost-ten-Node
  16. ine maenhout, laken
  17. Wouter, Medewerker fietsenwinkel, Brussel
  18. Axel Kapinga
  19. Erzincanli Hakan Ozan, Sans emploi, Schaerbeek
  20. Anna Striethorst
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