8 November 2021

Neuroscience 2021 Exhibitor Full Refund

Dear Society for Neuroscience 2021 Meeting Management Team,

We, the undersigned exhibitors, are writing this open letter to express our dissatisfaction with the Society's decision to convert our on-site booth agreement to a virtual booth, without the option to opt-out and receive a full refund.

The terms of the exhibitor agreement specify that the agreement is a "Lease of Space" agreement and the cancelation clause (copied below) offers the option for a refund without any mention of an option for conversion to virtual conference.

The virtual booth option was initially offered as a complementary addition to on-site exhibitors. Accordingly, it is not acceptable to us that our agreement is converted to a lease of a virtual booth, and that we are charged for that. Furthermore, the virtual booth cost unfairly impacts smaller businesses more than larger businesses, as the fixed booth cost is a larger fraction of a smaller booth's fees.

We respectfully ask you and the society to reconsider your position and refund all exhibitors the full amount of their registration, as per the agreement. (regardless of whether the exhibitors participated in the virtual booth or not)

Thank you for your reconsideration!
Neuroscience 2021 Exhibitors

From the Exhibitor Prospectus 2021:
"Cancellation of Meeting and Exhibition

It is mutually agreed that in the event Neuroscience 2021 is canceled due to the unavailability of the convention center for any reason, or due to acts of God, war, strikes, government regulation or advisory warnings (including travel advisory warnings by the government or World Health Organization), civil disturbance, terrorism, or threats of terrorism substantiated by governmental warnings or advisory notices, curtailment of transportation, epidemics, disaster, fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, unseasonable extreme inclement weather, shortages or disruption of the electrical power supply causing blackouts or rolling blackouts in Chicago, IL or any other comparable conditions or circumstances occurring either in the location of SfN’s meeting or in the countries/states of origin of at least 30% of the attendees or along their routes of travel, making it, at the sole discretion of SfN, commercially impracticable, illegal, or impossible to operate the event. If the event is cancelled pursuant to this paragraph, then the application and contract for exhibit space will be terminated. In the event of such termination neither party shall be liable to the other for delay or failure to perform its obligations, except there shall be a prorated reduction of any fees payable or otherwise due under this agreement and/or refund of any deposits paid."

38 verified
  1. Rachel Weisman, Marketing Communications Manager, Active Motif Inc, Carlsbad
  2. Diane ROYER, Marketing Manager, Neuroservices-Alliance, Aix en Provence
  3. Bruno BUISSON, President & CSO, NEUROSERVICES-ALLIANCE, Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade
  4. Aneesh Acharya, Head of Commercial, Molecular Instruments, Los Angeles
  5. Catherine Theodoropoulos, VP Product and Applications, EMIT Imaging, Baltimore
  6. Gretchen Brauch, VP of Sales and Marketing, Psychology Software Tools, Pittsburgh
  7. Perry Spires, Sales Manager, Hilltop Lab Animals, Inc, Scottdale
  8. Clifford Bredenberg, President, World Precision Instruments, Sarasota
  9. Lawrence Savoy, CEO, Spike Neuro LLC, Ann Arbor
  10. Tatu Saukkoriipi, Sales director, Sensapex Oy, Oulu
  11. Stefan Schaffelhofer, CEO, cortEXplore GmbH, Linz
  12. Bernd Polder, CEO, npi electronic, Tamm, Germany
  13. David Pushett, Business Development, Porsolt, France
  14. Donald J. Trump, Rightful President, Murica, Washington D.C.
  15. Walt Besio, President & CEO, CREmedical Corp., East Greenwich
  16. Neha Doshi, Marketing Manager, Zaber Technologies, Vancouver
  17. Kelsey Moore, BD Executive, HistoWiz, Brooklyn
  18. Jeffrey Farmer, CEO, Diagnosys LLC, Lowell
  19. Donna A Johnson, CEO, Pinnacle Technology Inc., Lawrence KS
  20. Kevan Hashemi, Electrical Engineer, Open Source Instruments Inc., Waltham
  21. Andrew C Klein, VP, Sales and Marketing, Plexon Inc, Dallas
  22. Michael Holmes, Sales Agent, Prospective Instruments, Saint Petersburg
  23. Alan Kriegstein, Owner, ALA Scientific Instruments, Farmingdale
  24. Marieve Picard, Director Sales and Marketing, Bliq Photonics, Montreal
  25. Alessandro Porro, Application Scientist, Elements srl, Milano
  26. Filippo Cona, PhD, Project Manager, Elements srl, Cesena
  27. Federico Thei, PhD, CEO, elements srl, Cesena
  28. John Stowers, PhD, CTO, loopbio gmbh, Vienna
  29. Max Hofbauer, CEO, loopbio Gmbh, Vienna, AUSTRIA
  30. Jane Lucas, Event & Marketing Manager, Sophion Bioscience AS, Ballerup
  31. York Winter, CEO, PhenoSys GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  32. Brandy Nagamine, Biotechnical Specialist, Gene Tools, LLC, Corvallis
  33. Jon D. Moulton, Ph.D., Biology & Special Projects, Gene Tools LLC, Philomath, OR USA
  34. Dawn Gelsinger, Vice President Sales/Operations, www.kopfinstruments.com, Tujunga
  35. Chase Lampl, VP Sales & Operations, Somni Scientific, South Park
  36. Shirley Kingsley-Berg, Biomedical Engineering & Physiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  37. Kamran Nazim, Biomedical Engineer, Soterix Medical, Woodbridge
  38. Walid Soussou, President, Wearable Sensing, SAN DIEGO
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