5 July 2024
No Lovejoyin Australia

Northcote Theatre, Roundhouse Theatre, The Fortitude Music Hall, The Astor Perth

This letter is regarding the performance of the band ‘Lovejoy’ from 27th of August to 3rd September. We do not know if you are aware that William Gold (AKA Wilbur Soot), the lead vocalist and co-songwriter of ‘Lovejoy’ has been accused of abuse by his ex-girlfriend and several of his friends. His behaviour has included perpetuating physical violence, isolating people, abusing the power associated with his online community, and using insects, filth and unsafe living conditions to control behaviour. We cannot stress enough how reprehensible his behaviour has been and his “apology”, if it can even be referred to as such, demonstrated no remorse and a refusal to take accountability for his actions.

By welcoming ‘Lovejoy’ to your venue you are – whether intentionally or not – endorsing Gold’s behaviour. His other employment – as a twitch streamer/entertainer – has given his behaviour more consequences than the country of Australia.

Many of us have been lucky enough to attend concerts at your venue and were planning to continue to attend. However, should this performance go ahead we will be both forced to reconsider further patronage and in touch with local groups supporting women’s advocacy to organise demonstrations against ‘Lovejoy’ and their performance.

Gold's behaviour has been beyond reprehensible and allowing him to perform here says that we support that behaviour and support him as an artist. Violence against women is already so disgusting but allowing someone to simply act as if nothing has happened and to go on with their life consequence free after doing what Gold has done is representative of why abusers get away with their behaviour so easily. It is up to us to ensure that the voices of people who are brave enough to speak out are heard and to demonstrate that we do not want abusers like William Gold in our country.

We are sending you this email, but here will also be


The #NoLovejoyinOz team

13 verified
  1. Julia Brown, Health Analyst, Sydney
  2. Elizabeth Barber
  3. James Mann, Retail Worker, Glenwood
  4. Ben Bradford, Sydney
  5. Nikki Hunter, Self employed, Yarrawonga NSW
  6. Annika Victoria, Sydney
  7. Haylee Bermingham, Project officer, Brisbane
  8. Laura Hosemans, Education, Sydney
  9. Sachi Velins, Sydney
  10. Sahara, Melbourne
  11. Leigh Brown, General Manager, Sydney
  12. Harley, Medical Receptionist, WOLLSTONECRAFT
  13. Azaad Sadiq, Retail assistant, Uniqlo, Sydney (Pymble 2073)
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