27 January 2024
"Not in my name! Germans disagree with government's support of Israel at the ICJ"

Dear Highly Distinguished Judges of the Chambers of the International Court of Justice,

We, the German people, signing this open letter wish to express great concern about our government's decision to intervene as a third party in South Africa's case against Israel.

We are shocked to see our government ignoring and rejecting the evidence of potential genocide despite the atrocities committed by Israeli forces as documented and referred by South Africa and international humanitarian organizations.

While Germany stated in its intervention in the case against Myanmar in November 2023 that it felt “...a special responsibility to contribute to the fight against and the prevention and investigation of any potential genocide and to send a message that states will be held accountable for all acts of genocide. Genocide concerns us all, wherever in the world it occurs.”, today our government rushes to deny the possibility that crimes committed by the state of Israel could be violating the International Convention against Genocide.

We are worried about the contradiction in positions regarding these two different cases of genocide. The double standard interpretation shown by the leaders of our country - that itself has been committing genocide several times throughout human history - lacks serious responsibility over the quote “Never again”.

The way Germany expresses its support of Israel evokes the conclusion that it is acting merely out of political and economical interests blatantly ignoring international law.

We, the German people signing this letter, feel the moral obligation to state publicly that German authorities are acting not in our name. We support South Africa in its defense of Palestinian rights to land and freedom. And we respectfully ask the court to decide impartially with no political interference.

Yours sincerely,

722 verified
  1. Anne Eichler, UX-Designer, Call2ActionNow Germany, Berlin
  2. Petra Missomelius, Austria
  3. Jasmin Peters, Hamburg
  4. Nadina Schirin Khammas, Teacher, Berlin
  5. Golschan DERACHSCHANDE, Germany, Berlin
  6. Franziska Bönder, Head of New Business, Berlin
  7. Manal Serhan, Berlin
  8. Kimberly-Noëlle Offord, Berlin
  9. Salee Ibrahim, 12529, Palestine national comitte, Schönefeld
  10. Ramona Luczynski, Münster
  11. Kübra Bahar, Heidelberg
  12. Anja Dreisbach, Erndtebrück
  13. Sofia, Student, Berlin
  14. Saliha Sahin, Cologne
  15. Timo Imhof, Scientist, Darmstadt
  16. Olga, Software engineer, Berlin
  17. Miroslava Hristova, Berlin
  18. Vanessa Schrage, Space Planner, Berlin
  19. Hatice Kübra Bayir, Berlin
  20. Nawel Alaoui, Berlin
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verified signatures
  1. Heiko Frey, Sachverständiger, Tüv Süd, Geislingen
  2. Rainer Wyslich, Arzt, Ravensburg
  3. Daniel Viguié, Dipl.-Geologe, 72810 Gomaringen
  4. Helmut Müller, Rentner, Reutlingen
  5. Ulfa Becker, Kauffrau im Einzelhandel, Raubach
  6. Michael Templin, Puderbach
  7. Samira Yürek, Mülheim-Kärlich
  8. ulla schick, rottenburg
  9. Konrad Kraft, Rentner, Landshut
  10. Martina Bartholomae, Essen
  11. Brey, München
  12. Klaus Baltus, Fotograf, Pulheim
  13. Adelheid Brodbeck, Erzieherin, Nürtingen
  14. Doreen Marx, MFA, Erfurt
  15. Ralf Jung, Handwerksmeister, KFZ Werkstatt, Bexbach
  16. Michael Windmeier, Elektrofachkraft, Paderborn
  17. Fuat Cetin, Taxiunternehmer, Duisburg
  18. Krimhilde Bopp, Rentnerin, Alzenau
  19. Sabine Felsch, Rengsdorf
  20. Klaus Schäfer, Sachbearbeiter, Dürrholz
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