27 March 2024
On the events of March 25th at Amsterdam University College

“Do you want to have a positive impact on the world?” The line that opens AUC’s website appears utterly grotesque in light of the events of March 25th. As AUC alumni, we are saddened to learn that our university, which markets itself to prospective students by leveraging their desire to contribute to social and environmental justice, has allowed police to operate violently on its premises and against its own students who were calling for an end to the full-fledged genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

Students, lecturers, and researchers all over the world are demanding that their institutions cut ties with the military industry and with Israeli institutions, whose role in the occupation and apartheid imposed on Palestinians for decades has been documented extensively. Disrupting the business-as-usual life of institutions which collaborate with Israeli universities and companies is the least that can be done in the face of the living hell that Israel is inflicting on the Palestinian people of Gaza. We are disheartened to discover that instead of listening to its students and supporting their demands for an academic boycott of Israel, the AUC administration has allowed for police to intervene on campus. We cannot help but interpret what happened on March 25th as a clear indication that the institution’s commitment to its values is nothing but empty rhetoric.

As AUC alumni, we express our highest solidarity with the students who stood on the picket line, and we fully support their demands for a complete cessation of all ties between the UvA, the VU, and Israeli institutions. We strongly condemn the AUC administration for allowing police violence to take place on campus, but we are certain that such a regrettable display of repressive violence, instead of silencing the students, will only make them louder in their voices and more determined in their struggle.


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  1. Pietro Marchesi
  2. Matilde Marchesi
  3. Floor Cuijpers, Doctor, Amsterdam
  4. Noah Pellikaan, Chair, Central Student Counil, UvA, Amsterdam
  5. Robin Izzy Cassar Fiott, Artist activist researcher in between studies, Amsterdam
  6. Caterina Marchesi
  7. Caterina Ceccarelli, PhD student, Amsterdam
  8. Yvette Lok Yee Wong, PhD, University of Amsterdam, amsterdam
  9. Milan Matthes Kale, Leiden
  10. Sarah Lange
  11. Didi Altena, Brussels
  12. Camille Babut
  13. Francesca Giannella, Rome
  14. Nicolas Antunez de Mayolo, Graduate Assistant, Amsterdam University College
  15. Marie Betzing,
  16. Aditi, AUC Alumni
  17. Jeremy Vial, Geneva
  18. Daria Protsenko, Ms student, Amsterdam
  19. Lionel Deul, rMA Student, , Amsterdam
  20. Olivia Lance, Eindhoven
  21. Fee Kienhuis, Amsterdam
  22. Olimpia Mazza, Student
  23. Paul Frey, Amsterdam
  24. Ananya Jain
  25. Lenka Simsic, Amsterdam
  26. Margaux Bouniol, Student, Edinburgh
  27. Hanna Jaspers, Amsterdam
  28. Nadia Nan, Amsterdam
  29. Flavie Bernadou, Student, Sciences Po, Paris
  30. Tabs Olde, Amsterdam
  31. Monika Narozna, Brussels
  32. Ingrid Sommer
  33. Chris de Ploeg, Journalist/organizer, Aralez / Arts of Resistance, Amsterdam
  34. Jaya Burney, student, Paris
  35. Caroline Skäringer
  36. Mick, entrepreneur, The Hague
  37. Lucia Rodríguez
  38. Jorge San Vicente, Madrid
  39. Elsa, Teacher, Independent, Amsterdam
  40. Isis Knijff, Amsterdam
  41. Ewoud Labordus
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