21 February 2022

Open Letter from UK Scientists and Medics Re: Early End to England’s Isolation Rules

20 February 2022

Dear Sir Chris and Sir Patrick,

Re: Early End to England’s Isolation Rules

As members of the UK's science and medical community, we are writing this open letter to express our concern about Government plans to end testing, surveillance surveys and legal isolation of COVID-19 cases. We ask you to clarify the scientific advice underpinning these policy decisions.

We do not believe there is a solid scientific basis for the policy.

It is almost certain to increase the circulation of the virus and remove the visibility of emerging variants of concern. SAGE 105 minutes noted that:

"The emergence of new variants and a resultant wave of infections can occur very quickly, potentially within just several weeks. The ability to rapidly detect and characterise new variants and to scale up necessary responses (such as TTI and vaccinations) quickly will be very important. Considerations for future response preparedness and surveillance infrastructure should take this into account." 1

Further, SAGE’s “Viral Evolution Scenarios” document, dated 10 February, noted:

"higher global SARS-CoV-2 prevalence provides more opportunities for viral evolution, while new variants can drive higher prevalence". 2

We have no reason to assume that all future new variants will be mild. The SAGE document also noted that:

"higher transmissibility does not necessarily mean lower severity or vice versa." 3

Finally, in their consensus statement of 2 February 2022, SAGE SPI-M warned of increased transmission if self-isolation and testing are removed:

"Warwick’s estimates are equivalent to there being the potential for transmission to increase by between around 25% to 80% if the population were to return to pre-pandemic behaviours and no mitigations." 4

We believe humanity is in a race against the virus.

We believe the science strongly supports using vaccines combined with public health interventions to slow transmission and regain the upper hand on viral evolution. We must encourage vaccination in all demographics for which there is a medically approved vaccine and give a timely opportunity for vaccination.

Some form of surveillance must be continued to ensure the situation is well understood and new variants of concern identified. Lack of testing is not only detrimental to controlling the spread of SARSCoV2 and detecting new variants, it also puts people who develop Long Covid at a great disadvantage by not having a confirmation of their infection, which is integral to the diagnosis, support and care they need to receive. For the 1 in 4 people in the UK who are clinically vulnerable, the current approach appears a perilous and politicised pandemic response.

Continued and unopposed transmission is a recipe for further adaptation
by the virus.

Every strain of SARS-CoV-2 to date has failed to reach population saturation. Instead, each has been replaced by a new variant that is more transmissible, more immunity-escaping or both. This pattern will likely be repeated, and further reinfections will occur, with a continuing burden of disease and displacement in the healthcare system.

We urge you to clarify the extent to which the planned policies are consistent with scientific advice and what specifically that scientific advice contained. We feel that transparency on such matters is an essential requirement of your roles as Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, respectively.

We look forward to your response, with thanks for your hard work throughout the pandemic.

Yours sincerely,


Professor Anthony Costello, University College London
Professor Trish Greenhalgh, University of Oxford
Dr Rochelle Burgess, University College London
Dr. Deepti Gurdasani, Queen Mary University of London
Professor Christina Pagel, University College London
Dr Stephen Griffin, University of Leeds
Dr Kit Yates, University of Bath
Dr Daniel Goyal, NHS Consultant Physician, Oban
Dr David Tomlinson, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust
Professor Peter Boyle, University of Edinburgh
Dr Nisreen Alwan, University of Southampton
Dr Alison George, GP & GP in Emergency Medicine, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Dr Sarah Todd, GP, North Derbyshire
Dr Joe Pajak, FRSC CSci, NHS FT Governor
Dr Lucy Williams MRCA, Associate Specialist Anaesthetist, Great Western Hospital
Dr Katherine McConkey, GP, Cumbria
​​Dr Ian Jackson, Clinical Lead, Vaccination Hub, York & Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHSFT
Dr Yvette Rean, GP in Kent
Dr Linda Dykes, Consultant in Emergency & Interface Medicine/GP, Herefordshire
Dr Kate Cushing, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Professor Colin Davis, University of Bristol
Dr Peter Dilworth, GP, Merseyside
Professor (Emeritus) Raymond Agius, The University of Manchester
Dr Simon Ashworth, Clinical Director Critical Care, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Anna Batchelor, Consultant ICM Newcastle upon Tyne, Clinical Lead for GIRFT

Update 21 February 2022


  1. In the final paragraph, Chief Scientific Officer should read Chief Scientific Advisor

3,113 verified
  1. Susan Carnell, Retired, Swansea
  2. Tony Gray, Lead Nurse, CNWL, Guildford
  3. Paul de Mornay Davies, Neurologist, Middlesex University, London
  4. Jenny Maslin, Clinical Psychologist, Retired, London
  5. Katy Morrison, Doctor, University Hospital Bristol and Weston (currently overseas), Bristol
  6. Harriet Carroll, SARS-COV-2 Researcher, NHS Scotland, Aberdeen
  7. Dr Karin Lanthaler, Biochemist, Moelfre
  8. Prof Scott WIlliamson-Owens, Modelling Consultant, Warrington
  9. Andy, Nottingham
  10. Mike Meakin, Business Analyst, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Warrington
  11. Dr Jacqui Pearse, Chartered Psychologist, Bath
  12. Judith M. Staley PhD, Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society, Portsmouth
  13. Lauren, London
  14. Carolina De Vivo, Psychology grad, Windsor
  15. Maile O’Hara, Psychologist, London
  16. D McCready, Paramedic, NIAS, DERRY
  17. Suzanne Bissonnette, Marketing, Jubilant, Philadelphia
  18. Annabel Faraday, Artist, Hastings
  19. Chloe, Unemployed, Basingstoke
  20. Suzanne Kelsey, Retired lecturer in health , humanities &education, Retired, Carlisle
  21. Colin Bater, retired, N/A, llanelli
  22. Ella Imison, Notary Public, Imison & Co, London
  23. Georgina Duncan, Totnes
  24. Robert Fillies, Retired technician, Dover
  25. Jan O'Brien, CEV Patient/Former Teacher/ Parent/ School Governor, BOLTON
  26. Danielle Moverley, Former teacher, Northants
  27. Dorothy Bater, retired, llanelli
  28. Rachel Chapman, Teacher, Swansea
  29. Chris Phillips, Medical practitioner, Holmfirth
  30. Rinku Banerjee
  31. Suzanne Brindle, Dronfield
  32. Caroline Stroud, Senior nurse, Primary care, Wakefield
  33. Dr Rebecca Hollaender, GP, Manor Surgery, Oxford
  34. Helen Davies, RGN band 6, PACU, NHS, LL57 4BX
  35. Diana Kloss, Barrister, Hon Senior Lecturer, Manchester University, Manchester
  36. Caroline Lea, Teacher, Eastleigh
  37. Christine Marie Schofield, specialty doctor in clinical research, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, Camborne
  38. Dr C Faruqi, Consultant Psychiatrist, Nottingham
  39. Allison Burrell, Director of Clinical Services, Circle Health, London
  40. Vicki Rickman, Specialist nurse, NHS, Southampton
  41. Chris Evans, Retired, Bristol
  42. Susan Griffiths, Town Planner, Beacon Comms, St Albans
  43. Georgina Curtis Tansley, Liverpool
  44. Linda Parr, FRCOG, Retired NHS, Devizes
  45. Dr Jan Szubert, Cybersecurity, Bioinformatics, Private, Delft
  46. Frank Weber, General Practitioner, NHS Tayside, Dundee
  47. Steve Harrison, Retired, Hertfordshire
  48. Dr Bella Vivat, Principal Research Fellow, Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department, UCL, London
  49. Peles_Bennett, Retired, Consultant, Gloucester
  50. Carolyn Lott, GP, Nottingham
  51. Dr Anna L Kirby, Doctor, NHS, Nottingham
  52. Lucy Vanderham, Marine Biologist, Edinburgh
  53. Geoffrey Millar, retd. ophthalmologist, Lothian Health Board, Edinburgh
  54. Dr Kira Draper, Doctor & CEV, NHS, Ilkeston
  55. Rachel McCoubrie, Consultant, UHBW NHS Trust, Bristol
  56. Stephanie Hoaglin, retired RGN, Farnborough
  57. Louise Hyde, GP, Tywyn Health Centre, Doctors’ Association UK GP Committee, Tywyn
  58. Denise Longman MSc, Research technician, neurochemistry, retired., Southwold
  59. Fiona Leppard, Retired, Malvern
  60. Francesca Edwards, Physiotherapist, NHS, Macclesfield
  61. Dr Ian Frayling, President & LongCovid since April 2020, Association of Clinical Pathologists, Cardiff
  62. Sheila Cheeroth, GP, London
  63. Gen William J Taggart, Physicist (Polymath), R-Force, Reading
  64. Dr Andrew Powell, GP, NHMP, Southampton
  65. Catherine Shepherd, Staff nurse, Southampton
  66. Dr Victoria Grace Walden, Senior Lecturer/ Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, University of Sussex, Brighton
  67. Richard Upright, Retired, Sunderlanf
  68. Joanne Russell, Morecambe
  69. Paquita de Zulueta, Retired GP, active mentor for doctors & medical ethics teacher, Imperial College, London
  70. Dr. Stephen Lathwell, Research Engineer, LUTON
  71. Jane Wingfield, Retired, Leicester
  72. Peter crome, Emeritus Professor, Keele university, London
  73. Loretta Jones, Consultant therapeutic Radiographer, University College London Hospital, London
  74. Penelope Lloyd, Retired, BN43 5YG
  75. anonymous
  76. Andrew Bell, Director, Tiverton
  77. Francis D Sudlow, Chair, MS National Therapy Centres, PERTH
  78. Sarah Ruth Snell, Centre Manager, Merlin MS Centre, St. Austell
  79. Annmarie Pancholi, Teaching Assistant, Leicestershire County Council, Leicestershire
  80. Dr Nicholas Theobald, Medical Practitioner, LONDON
  81. Dr Wiebke Nahrendorf, scientist, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  82. Dr Aayesha Mulla, Clinical Psychologist, London
  83. Susan Patterson, Nurse, NHS, Suffolk
  84. Ranjini Mohan, Paediatrician, OUH, BANBURY
  85. HOMA NOSHIRVANI, retired psychiatrist, NA, London
  86. Kim Hou Chia, Research Fellow, University College London, London
  87. Sally Farrall, House mum, Willenhall
  88. Daisy Cook, Staff Nurse, North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol
  89. Lucy O'Connor, Registered Nurse. Band 5, NBT extra, Bristol
  90. Helena Hernandez, Oxford
  91. Øystein Johansen, Consultant microbiologist, Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Omagh
  92. Louise Nash, Advanced Clinical Practitioner, The Riverside Practice, MARCH
  93. Dawn Wilkinson, UEA
  94. Lucy Corless, NHS, Lancashire
  95. Judy Saunders, Retired, Coleridge, Cambridge
  96. Greta Morando, Research Fellow, University College London, London
  97. Maddie, Self employed, London
  98. Patricio Vasquez-Aguilar, Lab technician, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  99. Nadia Uraiqat, Radiologist, Hampshire hospitals NHS FT, Basingstoke
  100. Alice Palmer, Long Covid sufferers and speech and language therapist, Banbury
  101. Laura Davies, Student radiographer, Keele university, Sandbach
  102. Brina Eidelson, Retired, Cambridge
  103. David Hocken, Consultant Surgeon (Retired), Corsham
  104. Hilary Watkinson, Retired GP, Med Chi, Edinburgh
  105. Joanne Trainor, Eastbourne
  106. Fiona Watt, Immune compromised/retired public health, Edinburgh
  107. Angela Lamont, Counsellor, Self-employed, Cheltenham
  108. Fiona Stevenson, Univeristy Professor, University college London, London
  109. Richard Plumtree, IT Consultant, Orchard Techology Services, Ascot
  110. Jane Pender, CHELTENHAM
  111. Ben Amponsah, Psychotherapist, Amponsah Consultancy Ltd, Manchester
  112. Kate Little, Doctor, Dumfries
  113. Dr Ade-Serrano, Counselling Psychologist, London
  114. Cyra Carley, Long Covid sufferer, Surrey
  115. Richard Johnston, Retired, Newcastle upon Tyne
  116. B sleigh-ives, Teacher, Education, Bury st edmunds
  117. Jose Jesús Ayon Covarrubias, Medico, AIS Cuervos, MEXICALI
  118. John Orkney-Work, Warehouseman, Mercedes Benz Parts, Milton Keynes
  119. Rosemary clarke, Retired pathologist, Belfast
  120. Kian Brodie, Senior HCA, lost mum to covid (aged 44), NHS, Dundee
  121. Wendy Hurn, Consultant Nurse, Embrace Aesthetics & NHS, Bristol
  122. Jean Adamson, Quality Consultant
  123. Amardeep Singh, PCN Clinical Pharmacist, South Worcestershire Healthcare, Oldbury
  124. Sarah Cooke, Pharmacist, NHS, Leicester
  125. Sheila Quinn, Retired, Former teacher, Glasgow
  126. Juley May Corser, Market Drayton, Shropshire
  127. Sally Tewkesbury, Ex preschool practitioner, Long covid sufferer, Swindon
  128. Miranda El-Rayess, University Lecturer, Goldsmiths College, London
  129. Tracy Hanratty, Teacher, Covid 19 Beteaved Families, Liverpool
  130. Louise Nicholls, Long covid sufferer, Liverpool
  131. Josie Hearn, Nurse, The Skin Suite, London
  132. John Asher, Consultant Transplant Surgeon, Glasgow
  133. Fiona Anaman, Retired Nurse/Public Health Practitioner, Milton Keynes
  134. Marc Risdon, Immunosuppressed patient, Cambridge
  135. Sarah Yerbury, Staff Nurse, NHS, Basingstoke
  136. Bindu Xavier, Gp, Fedbucks, High Wycombe
  137. Samantha Giles, Senior Healthcare Assistant, Absolute Healthcare Providers, Hampshire
  138. Sanjay Tanna, Pharmacist, Lancaster medical practice, Lancaster
  139. Dr Tamsin Griffith, Gp partner and trainer, Cotswold Medical Practice, Cirencester
  140. Ann Holden, Former POA to a friend who died after testing +ve for C19, nil, Barrow in Furness
  141. Dr Lamiz Fayker, GP, London
  142. anonymous
  143. Jenny Ceolta-Smith, Occupational therapist, Cheshire
  144. Virginie Risdon, wife of immunosuppressed patient, Cambridge
  145. H. Morrison
  146. William Williams, EXETER
  147. Jemma Lough, Independent Medical Writer, Peterborough
  148. Jane Salvage, Nurse consultant, WHO, Lewes
  149. Ann Voysey, Lymphoma patient, London
  150. Toni lysak, Secondary teacher, Bedfordshire
  151. Brian Thomson, Consultant Physician, Nottingham University Hopitals, Nottingham
  152. Sarah Burton, Accounts Manager, Benfleet
  153. Eugene lloyd, Medical Educator, University of Bristol, bristol
  154. Amie Brown, Clinically vulnerable young person, Member of Fighting 4 Vulnerable Lives & ShieldUs, Hampshire
  155. Dr A Johal, Clinical Psychologist, London
  156. Ondine Sherwood, Patient Advocate and Co-founder, Long Covid SOS, London
  157. Anna McGloin, GP, NHS, Sussex
  158. sally T, Immunosuppressed patient, London
  159. Patricia Clarke, Retired, London
  160. Jacqueline Marshall, Teaching Assistant, Salford
  161. Sheila Hodges, Nurse, General Practice, Manchester
  162. Irene Obrien, Nurse, Inverclyde
  163. Dr Samantha Shaw, GP, East London Foundation Trust, London
  164. Deborah Berry, Psychotherapist, N/A, Halifax
  165. Barry Owens, Retired, None, SEATON
  166. Anne McPherson, Counsellor (ex RMN), University of Stirling, Stirling
  167. Dr Anna Morris, GP, Leicestershire
  168. Katherine Wildon, GP, NHS, Manchester
  169. James Reader, GP, NHS, Bassetlaw
  170. Dr Colin S Cunningham, Paediatrician, Lewisham and Greenwich Trust, London
  171. John L, Teacher, Secondary School, London
  172. Lynda Haines, Administrator, Gloucester
  173. Suzanne Short, Hebden bridge
  174. Philippa Jones, Pharmacist, General practice alliance, Northampton
  175. H B, CEV Long Covid and Cancer patient, London
  176. Margaret Verney, Retired nurse, carer for CEV spouse, Bedfordshire
  177. Charles Gillbe, Anaesthetist (retired), NHS, London
  178. Sarah Flockhart, Nurse, NHS, Swindon
  179. Cathy Mitchell, Consultant, NHS, Dundee
  180. Maeve Kenningham, Doctor, NHS, Wrexham
  181. Docherty Fiona, Nurse, Girvan
  182. Kevin Perryman, Hospital volunteer
  183. Marion Mcdonald, Secretary, Nhs, Glasgow
  184. Roberto Cacciola, Transplant Surgeon, University Tor Vergata, Rome
  185. Patricia Pulham, Retired teacher, Suffolk
  186. Elizabeth Clarke, Rheumatologist, NHS GGC, Glasgow
  187. Steffen N., NHS
  188. Claire Barrow, Rt'd SCPHN, London
  189. anonymous
  190. Bryan Power, GP, NHS, Leeds
  191. Mark Burnstead, Nurse, Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust, Lytham St Annes
  192. Carolina Atkinson, Retired, Over 65, Exeter
  193. Georgia Foster-Symes, Engineer, Hampshire
  194. Colin Atkinson, Retired, Over 70, Exeter
  195. Emma Hughes, Business Office, Cambridge
  196. David Triska, GP Principal, Witley and Milford Surgeries, Godalming
  197. Lindsey Abell, Early years teacher with long covid, York
  198. Pauline Lowrie, Biologist, Frodsham
  199. Paul Lister, RETIRED GUM COMSULTANT, St George’s Healtjcarr, London
  200. Theresa Derbyshire, PSYCHOTHERAPIST, HIGH PEAK
  201. Mike Llywelyn Cox, retired, writer, human rights activist., Norwich
  202. Angela Penny, SLT, ANHST, Keighley
  203. Evelyn Pang, Dermatologist, Widnes
  204. Jonny Ford, Physiotherapist, LUHFT, Liverpool
  205. Angela Marsden, ANP in general practice, Worthing
  206. Stuart Greaves, Retired, Human race, Huddersfield
  207. Lynda Ward, retired, Paignton
  208. Sally hartley, Retired
  209. Bryan Tsui, Pharmacy Student, University of Bradford, Bradford
  210. elizabeth willoughby, retired, severely immunocompromised, lincoln
  211. Emma Frame, Retail Assistant, CEV, living with Long Covid, Cheshire
  212. Dr Rona Davies, GP, Brighton
  213. Kathryn Bole, Co-chair, Chronic Illness Inclusion, Ipswich
  214. Paula Davies
  215. Stephen Dart, Environmental Health Officer, Don't throw vulnerables under the bus !, Plymouth
  216. Dr Mandy Assin, Consultant Psychiatrist, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Brighton
  217. Rosita Stefanyszyn, Retired
  218. Marion Fallon, Norwich
  219. Andy Escott, WINDLESHAM
  220. Pamela ROBERTS, Retired, Tesco Supermarkets, Harrow
  221. Samantha Rospigliosi, Parent carer, London
  222. David Roberts, Retired Engineer, Former BBC TV OBs, then Freelance, Harrow
  223. Mary Clare Bancewicz, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, NHSGGC, Uddingston
  224. Dawn Langton, Stress manager, Risedale retirement home, Great Urswick
  225. Marcia Awty, Retired (Adult/Child)Nurse, York
  226. Maya Gibbon, Secondary Science School Teacher and Long covid sufferer, Brighton
  227. Vicky Lennon, Kidney transplant patient, Bognor Regis
  228. Jeremy Rossman, University of Kent, Canterbury
  229. Lara Payne, Domiciliary carer BSc Nursing, Chippenham
  230. Darren Powell, Pharmacist, Chair - RPS Digital Pharmacy EAG, Doncaster
  231. Dr Steve Goldthorp, GP (retd), Cambridge
  232. Marianne Louise Cramp-Jukes, Left Unity, Crook
  233. Annabelle Redmond, chiswick
  234. Elizabeth Owen, Secondary school teacher and long covid sufferer, London
  235. Sarah Brydon, HR Manager, Richmond American International University, London
  236. Iain Cameron, Tyne and Wear
  237. Anita Jacob, Doctor, NHS, Rotherham
  238. Daisy May Barker, PhD Researcher, Lancaster University, Lancaster
  239. edward thompson, pharmacist, newton drive health cnetre, blackpool
  240. Lynette luparello, Disabled, N/A, Bedford
  241. Carla STEPHEN, Consultant Community Paediatrician, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Essex
  242. Carol Freeman, Clinical Research Manager, Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridge
  243. Susan Chan, Pharmacist, Village pharmacy, Fareham
  244. John Baruch(Professor), CEO, Education for the 4th Industrial Revolution, Bradford
  245. David Neil, Retired Civil Servant, London
  246. Janet Dixon, Teacher (rty), Alnmouth
  247. Tracy Earnshaw, Nurse, SRFT, Manchester
  248. Prof Sharon Pfleger, Public health consultant, NHS Highland, Inverness
  249. Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP, London
  250. Titus Davies, Furniture maker or other craft woodworker, LONDON
  251. Martin Tolley, IPSWICH
  252. Felicity Craig, retired teacher, Dartmouth
  253. linda tweedie, retired biomedical scientist
  254. Kiera Walters, Transplant patient, Bristol
  255. Ailsa Kellett, Retired Nurse, Salisbury
  256. Dill Hurwitz, Physiotherapist, Private practitioner, Edinburgh
  257. Dylan Patel, Practice/site manager, NHS, London
  258. Nickie Sutton, Retired nurse, Chinley
  259. Karen Watkins, Scientist, London
  260. Angela Ashcroft, Radiography Student, Stockport
  261. Hannah Bruce, Basingstoke
  262. Johanna Tudhope, GPST3, Bute House Medical Group, Luton
  263. Dr Michael Shaw, Consultant in Gender Dysphoria, Cumbria Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne
  264. Kerri-Ann Trish, CVID & Cancer Patient, Kent
  265. Laura PHELAN, Retired, Shoreham-by-Sea
  266. James Scott, Transport Worker, Ramsgate
  267. Shelley Goodman
  268. Suzanne Dexter-Mills, Teacher, Suffolk
  269. Sarah Freshwater, Medical doctor, Birmingham
  270. Peter Page, Blood cancer patient, NA, Salford
  271. John Gaskell, Retired, Camberley
  272. Ally Silver, Creative Services Exec, CIPD, Greater London
  273. steve maddison, support worker, Doncaster
  274. Kevin Chesson, Retired, Hindhead
  275. Valerie, retired
  276. Laura Hodges, Abingdon
  277. Hazel Jackson, Retired, Sheffield
  278. Dirk Demuth, Product Manager, Kromek Limited, Sedgefield
  279. Marian Armstrong, Retired teacher, Preston
  280. Teresa Finlay, RN, PhD, University of Oxford, Oxford
  281. Colin MacKenzie, Retired GP, Med Chi Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  282. Sarah Drew, Expert patient, Lichfield
  283. Dr Caroline Hyde, Translational Scientist & Associate Lecturer, The Open University, Stafford
  284. Rebecca Nye, Associate Lecturer, The Open University, Ely
  285. Julie Wells, Carer of child with Ling Covid, Newcastle
  286. Camilla March, Retired RGN, London
  287. Menna Field, Registered Veterinary Nurse, East Sussex
  288. Debbie curtis, Director, Curtis Recruitment Limited, Maidenhead
  289. Shainaz Cowie, Principal Avionics Systems and Software Engineer, N/A, Bristol
  290. Natalie Bain-Reguis, Research, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh
  291. Lynda Rhodes, Retired, London
  292. Zoya Georgieva, Wellcome Clinical PhD Fellow, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  293. Dr Emily Howells, Consultant intensivist, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust, Exeter
  294. Maurice Hardy, Retired, Andover
  295. Beverley Balin-Bull, Registered Nurse (Retired), Camborne
  296. Natalie Hurwitz, Retired GP and former WHO research fellow, Med Chi Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  297. Rebecca Pearson, Self-employed, LONDON
  298. Kat Rivett, General Practitioner, Barnsley
  299. Puveshni Crozier, Public health, Aberdeenshire
  300. Amelia Roberts, Mental health nurde, Cygnet, Leeds
  301. Doro Pasantes, CEO, The Brightwell, Bradley Stoke
  302. Pam Wortley, Retired GP, BMA UNITE, Sunderland
  303. Lisa Smith, Scientific research assistant, Oxford university, Oxford
  304. Dr Jo Gibbs, Senior Clinical Research Associate, University College London, London
  305. Kirsten Crossman, A&E Sister, Frimley Health NHS Trust, Aldershot
  306. Jean Pickup, Retired
  307. Mark Beasley, Director, TfL, London
  308. Wayne Lake, Burnham on Crouch
  309. Caroline Hutchinson, Retired doctor, London
  310. Elaine Porter, Essex
  311. Alan Wu, Specialty doctor, Southern HSC Trust, Belfast
  312. Caitlin.loynd@ntlworld.com, Financial Adviser, Glasgow
  313. Valerie Howes, GP (retired), BLMK CCG, Bedfordshire
  314. David Hunter, Emeritus Professor of Health Policy and Management, Newcastle University, Richmond
  315. Karen Wright PhD, Senior Lecturer in Biomedicine, Lancaster University, Lancaster
  316. Dr Olivia Cooper, GP registrar, Warwickshire
  317. Adrian stead, Sailor, AGS sailing, Southampton
  318. Geoff Yates, Retired, Self interest, Glossop
  319. Kathryn Legg, Retired Analyst, NHS, Manchester
  320. Sara Pratt, Tonbridge
  321. Dr Nigel Mykura, Retired Scientist, Dorset
  322. Gemma Modinos, PhD, Reader in Neuroscience & Mental Health, King’s College London, London
  323. Teresa MacKay, Retired, Unite, Ipswich
  324. Hannah Sheridan, Postgraduate Researcher, University of Exeter, Exeter
  325. Marie Nollet, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Barts Cancer Institute, London
  326. Ruth Thomas, Respiratory nurse specialist, AIRS, PCAS and HOAS, Whaddon Medical Centre, Milton Keynes
  327. George Clarkson, PhD, Medical Communications Consultant, Tusmore
  328. Nicola O'Brien, Health Psychologist, Northumbria University, Newcastle
  329. Sima Berendes, Research Fellow, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London
  330. Maureen Graves, Retired lecturer, Stockton
  331. Shahid Kaleem, Snr Biomedical Scientist, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust, Preston
  332. Donna Knight, Biomedical scientist, NHS, Norfolk
  333. Janet Sutherland, Writer, Lewes
  334. Rachel Yeo, Medical Student, St Georges University of London, London
  335. Cathryn Williams, Parent carer of CEV and CV children, Shrewsbury
  336. Fay Corbett, Torquay
  337. maria jastrzebska, Writer, Hove
  338. Stef May, Disabled, Bristol
  339. Zoe Davies, HR, Organisational Development & Change leadership consultant, Self employed, Newbury
  340. Dr Suzy Hope, Consultant (Healthcare for Older People), RD&E, Exeter
  341. Sally Breach, Retired therapist
  342. Donna Sharp, Retired (due to being CEV), Cambridge
  343. anonymous
  344. Andy Grimley, Distribution, Goldbank Global, Redditch
  345. Desmond Whyms, Public Health Specialist, Ex- DFID, UN, NHS, France
  346. Terry Thorne, Retired, Bristol
  347. Judith Jones, Retired Nurse, Dorchester
  348. Daniel Vulkan, Statistician, Wolfson Institute of Population Health QMUL, London
  349. Marita Ludlam, Therapist, MIND, London
  350. Michael Coulson, Leeds
  351. Ian McMillan, Director, Wealth Manager, Sheffield
  352. Elaine McColl, Professor of Health Services Research, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
  353. Xylina Hogan, RMN, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust, Suffolk
  354. Linn Jarte, Junior anaesthetist, Swansea
  355. Victoria Bhatt, Nurse, CUH, Girton
  356. Helen Taylor, Retired teacher, Huddersfield
  357. Maureen Burke, Retired, Mental Health, Manchester
  358. Pat Scullion, Retired Head Teacher, Glasgow
  359. Dr Brian Reid, Consultant Obstetrician (retired), Kelso
  360. Laura Wyles, Nurse Specialist, West Yorkshire
  361. Helen Banner, Staff nurse, Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Alfreton
  362. Elizabeth Woolley, Student, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London
  363. Michael Freestone, Retired, Crewe Green
  364. Dr Tina Sim, Retired Paediatrician, London
  365. Andrew Marsh, Associate Professor in Chemistry, University of Warwick, Coventry
  366. Garry Carroll, Legal Executive., OLOL, Limerick
  367. Karen McLynn, Teacher, Birmingham City Council, Birmingham
  368. Merle Schlief, Research assistant, University College London, London
  369. Dr Beng Goh, Emeritus Consultant Physician, Royal London Hospital, London
  370. Martin Fitzgerald, Retired teacher, Dorchester
  371. charlotte Augst, Chief Executive, National Voices, LONDON
  372. Giles field, GP, NHS, Gloucester
  373. Prof TP Dawson, Consuyltant Neuropathologist, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, Preston
  374. Kim Fletcher, Transformation Lead, Nottingham University Hospitals, Nottingham
  375. Christine Ince, Nurse, NHSPROFESSIONALS, Manchester
  376. Gareth Foster, Physics Teacher, Ashbourne
  377. Dr Dami Adedayo, GP, Barnet
  378. Miriam Young, Peripatetic School Behaviour Outreach Worker, East Lindsey
  379. Daphne Carnegy, ceramicist, self employed, London
  380. Dr Sue Crossland, Acute Physician, Halifax
  381. Dr Claire E Sansford, Biologist, Independent Consultant, York
  382. Steve Hunt, Councillor, South Cambs, Cambridge
  383. Gesine Reinert, Academic, University of Oxford, Oxford
  384. Dr Phil Curnow, Lapsed Molecular Biologist and Company Director, Doctor, London
  385. Linda Francis, Tax, Harrogate
  386. Dr Natalia Albu, Gp, Colchester Medical Practice, Colchester
  387. Dr Dermot Regan, Retired GO, Manchester
  388. David Day, retired, exeter
  389. David Frail, Retired, London
  390. Dr Michaela Conley, Research Associate, MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research, Glasgow
  391. LaToayh McAllister-Jones, Executive Director, Bristol
  392. Lisa carr, NHS manager, GCCG, Gloucestershire
  393. Jill Zelin, Consultant Physician, Barts Health, Elstree, Borehamwood
  394. Rae Hunter, Healthcare, Heathbridge Practice, London
  395. Helen Ford, Carer of Clinically vulnerable child, Stockton-on-Tees
  396. Tracey Scales, Receptionist, NHS, London
  397. Rosie Doy, Lecturer in nursing, University of East Anglia, Norwich
  398. Dr Timothy Bartel, Teacher of Medical Ethics (Retired), KIng's College London, Oxford
  399. Dr Anna Kushlick, Consultant psychiatrist, Retired, Manchester
  400. Rosemary Chasseaud, retired teacher, Hove
  401. Seyed Reza Mirkhani, Data Scientist, Fincore, Woking
  402. Salam Muhsin, GP, NHS, Manchester
  403. Kirstie Macdonald, Non Exec Director, NHS Fife
  404. Polly smith, Care worker, Care company, Ipswich
  405. Steve Wheeler, Teacher, Yew Wah International Education Foundation, Bridgwater
  406. Jean Stafford-Baker, Norwich
  407. Dr Victoria Jeffrey, General Practitioner, HCRG Care Group, West Lancs
  408. Robert Beard, Health Adviser, Herts Urgent Care, Peterborough
  409. Kate Gladwell, Cheltenham
  410. Jonathan Foulkes, GP, Bournemouth
  411. Barbara Guest, Librarian Retired
  412. Meinir Williams, Acute Care Director/RGN, BCUBH, North Wales
  413. Dr Ann Bowron, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals, Newcastle upon Tyne
  414. Natalie Beveridge, Medical Registrar, Liverpool
  415. Professor Christine Cardin, Professor of Chemistry, University of Reading, READING
  416. Hannah Stephenson, Derby
  417. Dr Meritxell Nus, BHF Intermediate Research Fellow, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  418. Elizabeth Judson, Radiographer(retired)/volunteer covid marshall, Durham
  419. Justine Blyth-Towers, Nursing assistant, NHS, Bury St Edmunds
  420. SADIE DIAMOND-FOX, Advanced Critical Care Practitioner, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals, PRUDHOE
  421. Debbie Rozewicz, General Practitioner, Simpson House Medical Centre, Harrow
  422. Pretty Mukungunugwa, Nurse, Leicester
  423. Liz Jackson, Social care, Social services, Stoke
  424. Susie McKeown-Wade, Nurse, Leeds
  425. Dr Dimitra-Kleio Kipourou, Assoc. Director of Data Science, Cambridge
  426. anonymous
  427. Susan Lowe, Lawyer (retired), Newton Aycliffe
  428. Marion wetherill, Pharmacist (retired), Winchester
  429. Jonathan Shribman, GP, Dartmouth
  430. Denise Goode, Manchester
  431. Dr Jane Thomas, Consultant liaison psychiatrist, Nhs, Halifax
  432. Ashley grossmsn, Professor of endocrinology, Green templeton college, university of Oxford, Oxford
  433. Karen West, Long Covid AHP Lead, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, SE Hampshire
  434. Sarika So, London
  435. Anna-Clare Temple, Charity CEO, Bristol
  436. Sarah Lloyd, Occupational therapist, Leeds
  437. Leticia Monin, Immunologist, The Francis Crick Institute, London
  438. Dr Eileen Sutton, Reseacher, University of Bristol, Bristol
  439. Andrea Murray, Camerton
  440. Sarah Dodsworth, Regional Director, RCN, Sunderland
  441. Dr Jaspreet Tehara, Practitioner Psychologist, NHS, Milton Keynes
  442. A.Williams, Call advisor, Flintshire Council, Chester
  443. Zeynep Catak, Research scientist, Guys and St Thomas hospital, Waltham Cross
  444. Anna Martin, GP, London
  445. Claire Briegel, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, University of Manchester
  446. Paula Swift, Physiotherapist, Exeter
  447. Raymond Lee, Pharmacist Practitioner, Waterloo Medical Centre, Blackpool
  448. Dawn Hamilton, Hairstylist, Londonderry
  449. Lucy Lewis, Consultant Nurse, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, SOUTHAMPTON
  450. Jane Watson, Respiratory nurse consultant, St George’s NHS trust, London
  451. Rebecca Rose, Paramedic/Covid vaccinator, Hastings PCN, Battle
  452. Isobel, Retired Research Psychologist, N/A, Falkirk
  453. Muralikrishna Garikipati, Anaesthetist, Kettering general, Kettering
  454. Dushyant Batra, Consultant Neonatology, Nottingham University Hospitals, Nottingham
  455. Samantha Grant, Registered nurse, Kent
  456. Amanda Thomas, Nurse Consultant, WHH, St Helens
  457. Professor Richard Huxtable, Professor of Medical Ethics and Law, University of Bristol
  458. Dr Maggie Babb, Consultant Anaesthetist, Childrens Hospital at Royal Stoke UHNM, Stoke-on-Trent
  459. Kim Harman, Research manager, GWH NHSFT, Swindon
  460. Karen Rean, Nurse, GP surgery, Richmond Upon Thames
  461. Donna Merritt, RGN, NHS, Lancashire
  462. Emma Marrison-Taylor, Project Coordinator, NHS England, Chesterfield
  463. hasantha Jayasinghe, GP, Chapeltown family surgery, Leeds
  464. Angela Duncan, Cleaner, Perth
  465. Christine Magas, Senior Community Nursr, North Cumbria Integrated Community NHS Foundation Trust, Carlisle
  466. Victoria Masey, Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist, Oxford Health NHSFT, Locomotion Study, Oxford
  467. Val Whitlock, Counsellor and PhD researcher, Warwick
  468. Dr Eleanor Hayes, Science editor, Birkenau
  469. Dr Siobhan Stynes, Clinical Academic Physiotherapist, NHS/ Higher Education., Stoke on Trent
  470. Linda K Kaye, Reader in Psychology, Edge Hill University
  471. Dr Andy Freeman, Retired University Lecturer, Norwich
  472. Caroline cook, London
  473. Alison Leary, Professor of healthcare modelling, LSBU, London
  474. Lynsey Mellon, Nurse, Sheffield
  475. Nora st louis, therapist, Self Employed, London
  476. Michael Day, Engineer, Oxford
  477. Shannon O’Neill, Project Manager, ELFT, London
  478. Irene Richman, Teacher, Liverpool
  479. Michele Bohan, Medical Secretary, NHS, Manchester
  480. Wendy Summers, UKCP Reg. Psychotherapist, Frome
  481. Juliette Emery, Carer, Worcester
  482. Michelle fisher, TI in Community Physio, NHS, Manchester
  483. Dr Angela Humphries, GP, Barry
  484. Mary Rankin, RN, nhs.wales, Colwyn Bay
  485. Dr Nicola Spiller, Clinical Psychologist, Wiltshire
  486. Samantha Coleman, Scientist, Reading
  487. Roger mann, Carpenter, Kent
  488. Dr Reina Wujanto, Consultant Dermatologist, London
  489. KATE FRASER, Engineer, Sunshine Coast, QLD
  490. Dr Angela Lishman, retired physician, South Tyneside District Hospital, South Shields
  491. Nicola Cooper, Consultant Physician, University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHSFT, Derby
  492. Tom Faulkner, Sub editor, Individual, Eastbourne
  493. Dr K Isaac, editor, Glasgow
  494. Lisa Thomson, Specialist Biomedical Scientist, NHS Highland, Inverness
  495. Linda Watson, Academic Editor, Edinburgh
  496. Dr David GIBSON, Senior Lecturer, Ulster University, LONDONDERRY
  497. Dr Iro Ntonia, Senior Teaching Fellow, Imperial College London, London
  498. Jane Hayes, Public Health Nurse, London
  499. Rosalyn Connor, Sheffield
  500. Victoria Lilley, Emergency Medicine Consultant, IPSWICH
  501. sandy spencer, NHS clinical consultant, Nhs, London
  502. Dr Dora Papadopoulou, Consultant Orthopaedic & SEM, Loughborough
  503. Dr Stephanie Kermorgant, Cancer Research Scientist, Queen Mary University, London
  504. Trevor McCarthy, Independent Consultant, Sole Trader & Associate Figure 8 Consultancy Limited (Dundee), Leicester
  505. Sandra Long, Consultant Microbiologist, Lancashire
  506. Dr Daniel Campion, London
  507. Dr Kimberley Nettleton, Respiratory registrar, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals, Birmingham
  508. Jill Ashley-Jones, RSPHN (rtd), Worcester
  509. Laura Amy King, BSc Psychology Graduate, HavreDeLuxe, Worcester
  510. Stephanie Allmark, Paramedic, NWAS, Manchester
  511. Sarah willitts, Regional Director, North west
  512. Francesca Sacchi, Medical Secretary, Nelft, Waltham Abbey
  513. Dan Doherty, London
  514. Heather Hutchings, retired, Woodford green
  515. Dr Joanne Simpson BVSc MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon, Leicester
  516. Dr Jane Brown, Consultant Oncologist, Kent
  517. Rosie Phillips, Liverpool
  518. Anne Carter, Unpaid Carer, Kent
  519. Dr Sarah Ah-Moye, Ophthalmology registrar, London
  520. Charlotte Bull, Birmingham
  521. Genia Schoenbaumsfeld, Professor, University of Southampton
  522. Emily Sammons, Clinical research fellow, University of Oxford, Oxford
  523. Dr J Meiwald, GP - CEMS Doctor, LIVES, Louth
  524. Mark Staley, Hr manager, Aerospace plc, ALLESTREE
  525. Miriam Orcutt, Academic, University College London, London
  526. Jessica Pun, Physiotherapist, London
  527. Philip Santo, Chartered Surveyor, Bournemouth
  528. C Chester, Consultant, London
  529. Kevin Nicholas, CBT Therapist, NHS, Harrogate
  530. Kate, Retired teacher, Chester
  531. Chhaya, Doctor, NHS, Leeds
  532. Ting -Li Su, lecturer, University of Manchester
  533. Amy Ah-Moye, Clinical Oncology Registrar, London
  534. Dr David Allsopp
  535. Kenneth Combe, Teacher, Johnstone
  536. Steven Prescott-Jones, Trustee, Blood Cancer UK, London
  537. Duncan Keeley, General Practitioner, NHS, Thame
  538. Patricia, Hull
  539. Helen Leon, Former teacher, forced to retire with Long Covid, LISKEARD
  540. Hilary Hart, Occupational Therapist, NHSTayside, Dundee
  541. Lynn MacLauchlan, School HR & parent of LC child, thatcham
  542. Kirsten Baron, Palliative Medicine Consultant, Preston
  543. Claire Garnett, Senior Research Fellow, University College London
  544. Jeanette Seddon, Public Health Nurse/Health Visitor, NHS, Liverpool
  545. Douglas Wright, Library Adviser, Edinburgh City Library, Edinburgh
  546. Young Mark, Factory worker, Polypipe civils, Louth
  547. Joanna D'Arcy, Consultant Cardiologist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT, Oxford
  548. Kathrin Thomas, Consultant in Health Protection, Public Health Wales, Cardiff
  549. Dennis DEVINE, Business Consultant, Business Software, Armagh
  550. Keri Wong, Psychologist, UCL, London
  551. Dr Andrew Finney, Nurse Academic, Keele University, Staffordshire
  552. Dr Tim Worthley, GP, Arch Healthcare, Brighton
  553. Seleena Paneandee, Doctor, NHS, Surrey
  554. Laura Hughes, Paediatric Registrar, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds
  555. Dr Alex Freeman, GP (MPH), Southampton
  556. April Hodgetts, Manchester
  557. Anne-Marie Cobban, Children's reporter, SCRA, Edinburgh
  558. Jacky Richardson, RNLD, NHS, Middlesbrough
  559. Professor Judith West, Doctor, University of Leicester, Leicester
  560. Margo Hollywood, Teacher, Chester
  561. Elin Preest, Medical Student, University of Oxford, Oxford
  562. Dr Christopher Budge, GP, Hampshire CCG, Southampton
  563. Kushmandinie Goonetilleke, Doctor, London
  564. Susan Smith, Retired nurse/midwife, NHS, Cambridge
  565. Ken Hope, Retired, Brighton
  566. David Hughes, Lecturer /Associate Prof, Birmingham City University, Nottingham
  567. Christopher Healey, Physician, Airedale NHS Trust, Keighley
  568. EMMA O'NEILL, Doctor, NHS, Leeds
  569. Viki Edmondson, Veterinary surgeon, Friendly Vets Ltd, Roxburghshire
  570. Jacqueline Galloway, Nurse, NHS, Bolton
  571. Clare Hague, Health Economist, Janssen, Macclesfield
  572. David Ryan, IT, Liverpool
  573. Jane Peek, Trainer, Freelance/Amaze, Brighton
  574. Victoria Jackson, PhD student, University of Exeter, Exeter
  575. Dr Andrew Innes, Consultant Haematologist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London
  576. Ping Kuo, Anaesthetist, NHS, London
  577. Mark Fitzgibbon, Driving Instructor, Mark Fitzgibbon ADI, Reading
  578. Jane Hale, Retired RGN, Haslemere
  579. sally-pomme clayton, London
  580. Nicholas Elmslie, Engineer, New Milton
  581. Katherine Barnes, GP, London
  582. louise west, Speech and language therapist, Nhs
  583. Andrew Frankl, GP, Barnet, London
  584. Bryan John Turvey, engineer, SOUTHAMPTON
  585. Dr Judith Eling, Specialist Registrar in Public Health, London
  586. Jocelyn Barker, Retired, Godalming
  587. Kristina Kand, London
  588. Dr Emily Grossman, Science Author and Broadcaster, Totnes
  589. Matteo M Galizzi, Behavioural Economist, LSE, London
  590. Terry Suddaby, Retired, London
  591. Ian Aldridge, Self-employed, Welwyn
  592. Dr Damian Bright, Research scientist, UCL, LONDON
  593. Libby Fincham, Occupational Therapist, Lincolnshire
  594. Dr Nicola Seneviratne, Paediatric Oncology Specialty Registrar, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, Leeds
  595. Bathsheba Piepe, London
  596. Dr Gillian W Shorter, Lecturer, Queen's University Belfast, Belfast
  597. Ceri Williams, Researcher, Hove
  598. Ben Moody, Truro
  599. Ganga Liyanage, Consultant anaesthetist, NHS, London
  600. Sally Burns, Midwife, Nhs, Ludlow
  601. Dr Kamran Niaz, Epidemiologistt, Vienna
  602. John Chapman, GP, Pontcae Medical Practice, Cardiff
  603. Jacqueline Howell, GP, Corby
  604. Tony Cassidy, Professor of Psychology, Ulster University, Belfast
  605. Richard Curtis, Bledlow Ridge High Wycombe
  606. Katie Campbell, Social worker, Council, Bristol
  607. Robert Woolley, Musician and teacher in higher education, London
  608. Dr Ravi Mistry, GPST3, NHS tayside, Criedd
  609. Jayne Norris, Rgn, Brook, Truro
  610. Dr Azhar Mehmood, Emergency physician, Scarborough & York Teaching hospital, Scarborough
  611. Janette Cansick, Paediatrician, Medway NhS Foundation Trust, Medway
  612. Mary Doran, Retail worker, Hertfordshire
  613. Gill Power, Nurse, NHS, Leeds
  614. Lorna Brown, Teacher, Taunton
  615. Linda Isaaca, Physiotherapist, Bristol
  616. Dr Natalie Gilkeson, Teaching Fellow, University of Leeds
  617. Dr siobhan murphy, Psychiatrist, Nhs, Glasgow
  618. Dr. Mohammed Khan, Rtd Surgeon, NHS Trust, Walsall
  619. Gavin Dixon, CHERTSEY
  620. Fiona Greaves, Huddersfield
  621. Robert Coghill, CTO, Kingsman, Aberdeen
  622. Dr Frances Burrell, General Practitioner, London
  623. Colette Waters, White - British
  624. Kirsty Hobbs, Parent, Leicester
  625. Prof John Goodacre, Prof Emeritus, Lancaster University, Lancaster
  626. Des Ahkine, Ophthalmologist, South tees nhs foundation trust, Middlesbrough
  627. Kirsty Fitzjohn, Mildenhall
  628. Andrew Cull, Retired GP, FRCGP
  629. Lucy Pembrey, Assistant Professor in Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London
  630. Peter Paviour, 11 5DB
  631. Dr Paula Salgado, Senior Lecturer, Structural Microbiologist, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
  632. Dr Michelle Drage, Chief Executive, Londonwide LMCs (Local Medical Committees), London
  633. Rebecca, Sales, London
  634. Professor Sophie Park, GP & Professor Primary Care & Medical Education
  635. Dr Jessie Morgan, Doctor, Leeds
  636. Dr Urszula McClurg, Cell biologist, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  637. Dr Sue Brechin, Consultant, NHS, Kirkcaldy
  638. Elaine, Self Employed
  639. Veronica Smith, Respiratory physician, Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals NHS Trust, London
  640. Sinead Scullion, Consultant in EM and renal transplant recipient, KCH, London
  641. Elaine Hickling, Pembroke
  642. Dr Tim Davis, GP, Devon
  643. Lesley Kay, Medical director, HSIB, Farnborough
  644. Dr Angie Logan, Consultant physiotherapist, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, Exeter
  645. Irene Dance, Retired / Carer for my Disabled Mum 93yrs, Not Applicable, Thetford Norfolk
  646. Brian Ching, Researcher, UCL, London
  647. Professor John Unsworth, Chair, The Queen’s Nursing Institute, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  648. K Boothroyd, Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Lancaster
  649. DR KHURRAM IFTIKHAR, Consultant Emergency Medicine, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, SHEFFIELD
  650. Dr Melissa Williams, GP, NHS, Suffolk
  651. Taiana Carvalho, Doctor, King's College Hospital, London
  652. Paul Perera, Technology Director, My Mask Fit, Bristol
  653. Ali Hassas, GP, London
  654. Michael welsh, Manager, D, Glasgow
  655. Clare Hawarden, GP, Medway ccg, Medway
  656. Robin McAnulty, Emeritus Professor of Lung Pathobiology, University College London, London
  657. Prof Steve Rothberg, Leukaemia survivor, Loughborough
  658. Dr Judith Davies, GP & Dr Advisor, Wales
  659. Moira Grobicki, Registered Nurse, Jouvence Aesthetics, Middlewich
  660. Susan Stallabrass, Lecturer, University of Essex, Colchester
  661. Niall Quinn, Emeritus Professo of Clinical Neurology, UCL, London
  662. Inge Lake, Account manager, Graphic Design agency, Bromley
  663. Leanne mcbride, Health Visitor, Staffordshire
  664. Cate O’Neill, Long Covid Sufferer, Epsom
  665. Linda Bailey, Consultant in Public Health, Public Health Wales, Cardiff
  666. Rob Hearn, Deputy Manager, Pendennis House Ltd, Wadebridge
  667. Tanya Barnaby, School staff, School, Yorkshire
  668. Kevin Maddison, Retired Registered Nursw, Ryton
  669. Joanna Buckmaster, Business woman, PIMS-TS Support group, Middx
  670. Graham Dick, Chartered Engineer, Somerset
  671. Steven Panayi, Salon owner, Salon, Shropshire
  672. Alison Hewitt, Mother of long covid sufferer, Yateley
  673. Caroline Kavanagh, Paediatrician, Norwich
  674. Dr Fiona Scott, Medical Writer, Glasgow
  675. Jeanette Panayi, Respiratory ANP, NHS, West Midlands
  676. Karen Haworth, GP, Orchard Family Practice, Kent
  677. Maria-Angela Tsitsilianos, Senior Scientist, Lonza Biologics, Berkshire
  678. Jacqueline Lucas, Saffron Walden
  679. Ann Battle, Retired, London
  680. Dr Becky Haines, GP, Glenpark Medical Centre, Gateshead
  681. Connell Morag, Carer, mum & gran, Self employed, Glasgow
  682. Douglas Clappison, Doctor, Retired from NHS and Dept. f Health, Beccles
  683. N.Williams, Wales
  684. Dr Deborah Dover, NHS Hospital Consultant, BEHMHT, London
  685. Nathalie MacDermott, NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer, King's College London, London
  686. Rebecca Newby, GP, Sheffield
  687. Carol Sheppard, Carer, Leigh
  688. Alison Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Nursing, University of Brighton, Brighton
  689. Dr Sonia Chester, GP, Surrey
  690. Peter Boyle, Professor, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  691. Dearbhla Harley, GP, Portstewart Family Practice, N.Ireland
  692. Rhona McMenemin, Consultant oncologist, NHS Grampian, Aberdeenshire
  693. Dr Petros Lekkos, Consultant Psychiatrist, Camden, London
  694. Maaret Ojalehto, Consultant Radiologist, Whittington Health NHS Trust, London
  695. Stephen Irwin, Gosport
  696. Anne Clive, Pharmacy admin, Kent
  697. Dr Gemma Nixon, Core surgical trainee, Belfast
  698. Abigail Gault, Oncologist, Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  699. Tarquin Grossman, Teacher, Brighton
  700. Katrin Munro, Barry
  701. Dr Jennifer Palfrey, Palliative Medicine Consultant, London
  702. Antonia Pontiki, PhD candidate Biomedical Engineering, King’s College London, London
  703. Rapinder Newton, HITCHIN
  704. Mary Charlton, Retired physician, Solihull
  705. Michael Byczkowski, Charge nurse, Nhs, Glasgow
  706. Ceri Davis, Civil servant, Glamorgan
  707. Helen Bates, Mature Medical Student, Warwick Medical School, COVENTRY
  708. Sara Hedderwick, Consultant microbiolog, Southern health &social care trust, Craigavon
  709. Nicola Bonar, Self employed, Port Glasgow
  710. Behzad Nadjm, Clinical Associate Professor, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London
  711. Kirsty Shires, GP, Moss Grove Surgery, Dudley
  712. Julia Bodle, Consultant Obstetrician, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Sheffield
  713. Michael Wight, Edinburgh
  714. Sarah Nicolle, Consultant Haematologist, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS trust, Rugby
  715. Haider Bhogadia, Occupational Physician, Doccmed, Leicester
  716. Amanda Bates, Teacher, Kent
  717. Janette Van Der Ham, Doctor, Nhs Tayside, Perth
  718. Margaret Monk, Retired Community Nurse, Salford
  719. Elizabeth Watkins, Retired, Veterinarian & NHS Administrator, Arundel
  720. Rupert Balfry, Consultant Occupational Hygienist, Viridis Safety Ltd, Edinburgh
  721. Professor Helen Price, Professor of Parasitology, Keele University, Newcastle-under-Lyme
  722. Karim Malik, Scientist, University of Bristol, Bristol
  723. DR Caroline Dalton, Associate Professor, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
  724. Susan Murray, Public Health Nurse/Aesthetics Nurse, Humber Foundation Teaching Trust, Scarborough
  725. Sarah Cruise, Self employed, Cambridge
  726. lesley rose, MILTON KEYNES
  727. Siddhartha Kakar, Hounslow
  728. Dr Katy Poncin, Microbiologist, University of Oxford, Oxford
  729. Marco Bardus, Lecturer in Health, Leeds Trinity University, Leeds
  730. S R Dhain, Director, SRD Investments LTD, Leicester
  731. DIANA WEIR, lawyer, n/a, LONDON
  732. Dr Melanie Thomson, Microbiologist, Greater Manchester
  733. Anette Freyer, Physician, Nottingham University Hospitals, Nottingham
  734. Mary Burton, Assistant Professor, Coventry University, Coventry
  735. Michelle Jean Thompson, Retired cardiothoracic surgeon, Arbroath
  736. Rachel Oldridge, Librarian, University of Bedfordshire
  737. Andrew Champion, Nurse practitioner, NHS 111, Banbury
  738. Matt Gray BSc (Hons) M.W.soc (Snr) ACIPHE, Senior Legionella Consultant, Legionella.org.uk, Hampshire
  739. James Whitehurst, GP, Newcastle-under-Lyme
  740. Lesley Wray, Probation officer courts, Probation service, Hull
  741. Dr Halima Choonara, Junior Doctor (Anaesthetics), Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester
  742. Sarah Jacobs, Nurse, Sidley Medical Practice, Bexhill on Sea
  743. Emma Karsten, Intensive care doctor, Dr, London
  744. Ceri Butler, Lecturer, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Brighton
  745. Dr Melinda Spencer, Senior Lecturer, University of Northampton, Northampton
  746. Steff Ward, Kingswinford
  747. Isaac Moore, Pre-reg Pharmacist, Middlesbrough
  748. Susan Green, GP, Blackpool
  749. Laura Irving, Medical Student, South Tees Hospitals, Middlesbrough
  750. Prof Diane Newell OBE, Microbiologist, Veterinary Laboratories Agency, retired, Andover
  751. Jamie Leung, Product Designer, Manchester
  752. Melanie Brothers, Doctor, London
  753. Julie France, Practice nurse, NHS
  754. m bok, coach, hee, london
  755. Helen Skiffington, Occupational Therapist, UXBRIDGE
  756. Petra Sambale, GP, Glasgow
  757. Charlie Hicks, retired, Kent
  758. KAREN MILLER, Retired teacher, ACCRINGTON
  759. Andrew Volans, ED consultant (retd.), Scarborough
  760. S.Hattersley, teacher, Leeds
  761. Dr Claire corlett, GP, NHS, Alston
  762. Marie Partner, RN Operational Lead, Dronfield
  763. John Atkinson, Retired, London
  764. Katie Lovegrove, Nurse, Braintree
  765. Cheryl Gillian Pithie, Domestic, self employed, Uckfield
  766. Mark Pullan, Cardiac Surveon, LHCH, Liverpool
  767. Dr Artemis Tingas, Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia Consultant, London
  768. Mo Gordon, teacher, Lester school of Dance, Eastbourne Sussex
  769. Dr Jenny Found, GP, Woodlands FMC, Stockton-on-tees
  770. Timothy Woo, Consultant Radiologist, UHCW, Coventry
  771. Michael Rimmer, Doctor, Edinburgh University & NHS Lothian, Edinburgh
  772. Clare Nelson, GP, Sussex
  773. Margaret Kinsella, Retired pharmacist, Manchester
  774. P. Anty Liner, Mask Stuffer, Independent Independent SAGE, Long Covid Kingdom
  775. Zeshan Qureshi, Paediatrician, Cambridge University, Cambridge
  776. Dr Aamir Kamora, GP, NHS London, London
  777. Déborah Sharp, Doctor, University of Bristol, Bristol
  778. David Thomas, Retired, Bristol
  779. Heidi Burrett, Sister, NHS, Worksop
  780. Dr Elisabeth Galloway, GP, The Witley and Milford Medical Partnership, Godalming
  781. Dr Karan Bhatt, GP, Redbridge CCG, Newbury Park
  782. Dr Christine Phillips, GP, Grantham
  783. Rachel keir, Dentist, Hertfordshire
  784. Emma ray, Long covid sufferer, Nhs, Cornwall
  785. Annette Hardy, Andover
  786. Adam Parker, radical dude, Cloud Imperium Games, Stockport
  787. Elisa Vertua
  788. Joe Ross, Teacher, London
  789. Gordon Barratt, Teacher, PORTSMOUTH
  790. anonymous
  791. Ladan Raoufian, NHS GP, Hammersmith and Fulham Partnership, London
  792. anonymous, Gp, Nhs, Barnstaple
  793. Judith Gavin, Southport
  794. Dr Johnny Bananas, Hypochondriac, Covid Exaggeration Board, Plague Island
  795. Kahlan Newman, PhD student in computational biophysics, University of Southampton, Southampton
  796. Katy Fowler, Lecturer, Cumbria
  797. Simon Litchfield, Full Time carer, Cheltenham
  798. Dr. Sterghios A. Moschos FIBMS FRSC, Associate Professor in Cellular and Molecular Science, Northumbria Unversity, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  799. Christopher Evans, Retired, Qrendi
  800. Florence Herbert, Midwife, Nhs, Belfast
  801. Anita Mittal, Doctor, Bedfordshire NHS Trust, Bedford
  802. Dr manohar budhathoki, General practitioner, Primary care 24, Liverpool
  803. Abby M, Student, University of Bedfordshire, Oxford
  804. Victoria Stone, Public health policy consultant, London
  805. Lynda Gilbert, Counsellor, British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Milton Keynes
  806. Natasha Farrant, GP, Swanley
  807. Ella Youngs, Student, Manchester
  808. Dr Katie Brooks, Principal Medical Writer in clinical research, Edinburgh
  809. Nadya isack, Oen trustee, Obesity Empowerment Network, London
  810. Dr Ian Lewins, Paediatric Consultant, UHDB NHS Foundation Trust, Derby
  811. Margaret Livesey, Wigan
  812. Michael Burkitt, Hospital consultant, Manchester
  813. Harriet Poland
  814. David Hartin, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Ipswich
  815. Dr Kitur Patel, General Practitioner, Wallasey Medical Centre, London
  816. Dr. Carol Parkes, Careers coach, NHS HEE, London
  817. Dr Suzy Eldershaw, Programme Manager, University of Exeter, Exeter
  818. Dr Selin Kudret, Associate Professor in Leadership, Henley Business School, London
  819. Dr Pat Parslow, Lecturer, Dr Pat Parslow, Reading
  820. Dr Emma Burkitt Wright, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Manchester
  821. Charlotte Carter, Barrister, Legal, Cardiff
  822. Leigh Powers, Practice Educator, CPFT, Cambridgeshire
  823. Dr Linda P Walsh, Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Science, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow
  824. Tony Saunders, Engineer, Langley
  825. Dr Sian Pottenger, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  826. Heather EDMONDSON, Retired, Was NHS, Kings Lynn
  827. Ivor Cahill, Retired, Portsmouth
  828. Chloe Surrage, Mental health practitioner, BEXHILL-ON-SEA
  829. Sivi Creed, Locum consultant in community paediatrics, CNWL, London
  830. Carol Hermiston, PERTH
  831. Dr Samantha Brooks, Senior Research Associate, Health Protection Research Unit, King’s College London, London
  832. Robin Conibere, Pharmacist, Robin Conibere, Ivybridge
  833. Dr Robin Holliday, Psychiatry Junior Doctor, NHS, Glasgow
  834. Dr Raymond Ringland, GP, NHS, Castlewellan
  835. Dr Sally Baxter, GP, Hereford
  836. Pia Pichler, Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London, London
  837. Carol Hedderman, Civil servant, Eastbourne
  838. Briony Sloper, Nurse, NHSE, London
  839. Aaron Jaffery
  840. Jacqueline Kirkland, Lecturer, City of Glasgow College, GLASGOW
  841. Dr Monaco, NHS
  842. Amyleigh Watts, PhD student in immunology, University of Liverpool
  843. Stephen Baines, Scientist, WRS, Birmingham
  844. Nicky Goddard, Nurse, CPFT, Ely
  845. Roderick Dubrow-Marshall, Psychologist, Salford
  846. Jacqueline Read, Horticulture
  847. Dr Sarah Horsman, Warden of Sheldon, Sheldon (Mary and Martha) retreat, Exeter
  848. Francesca Monaco, Aldershot
  849. Amy Potter, Registered Nurse, Lifton
  850. Sheena, Carer, London
  851. David Cormack, TRANENT
  852. Ms C M Brooks, Retired, Keighley
  853. Maria Whiting, Teacher, Gloucester
  854. Arun Iyer, Occupational Health Physician, London
  855. Despoina Biri, Medical student, St George’s University of London, London
  856. Andie Mclean, Nurse Practitioner, Private, Maulden
  857. Dr Ann Rigby-Jones, Lecturer in Pharmacology, University of Plymouth, Plymouth
  858. James Blake, Singer, London
  859. Puja Singh, PhD student, Wolverhampton
  860. Holly Tregunna, CRA, Hertfordshire
  861. Debs Thompson, Consultant in public health, Greater Manchester Health and Care partnership, Lancaster
  862. Eleanor Ripton, Teacher, Hull
  863. Tracy Mulholland, Nursery Practitioner, Orchard Day Nursery, Reading
  864. Amanda Smith, Pharmacist, Heath Pharmacy, Halifax
  865. Dr Anna Gordon, Scientist, NIAB, Cambridge
  866. Elizabeth Mackriell, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, York
  867. Louise Rooney, GP, Carlisle
  868. Dr Sapna Sharma, GP, London
  869. Teresa Roche, Biochemist/physiologist, Sheffield
  870. Jane Turner, virology lab manager, UCL, London
  871. Peter Griffiths, Professor of Health Services Research, University of Southampton, Southampton
  872. Mattbew Popow, Commercial Director in Healthcare, Grantham
  873. S de Silva, Consultant physician, Nhs, London
  874. Lizzie farrell, Physiotherapist, Nhs, Lanarkshire
  875. Snehasish Guha, Doctor, Northampton General Hospital, Bedford
  876. Michael Ballard, Retired, Woking
  877. Jamilla Hussain, Clinical academic, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Bradford
  878. Catherine Smith, Mother/Carer, Clinically vulnerable, Hampshire
  879. Jennifer Peacey, , Sheffield
  880. Will Bailey, clinical director, NHS, cambridge
  881. Vasil Vasilev, Business Analyst, London
  882. Nieky van Veggel, Senior Lecturer Bioveterinary Science, Writtle University College, Chelmsford
  883. Adrian Haselton, Ambulance Dispatcher, Southeast Coast Ambulance Trust, Sheerness
  884. Samuel Farr, Chemical Engineer, DBD International, Chester
  885. Vanessa Robshaw, BSc, PGDip, Retired Registered Nurse, Wiltshire
  886. Ffion Jones, Student, University of Chester, Chester
  887. Linda Miller, GP, Please Select, london
  888. Jo-anne Casey, Doctor, Somerset Foundation Trust, Taunton
  889. Dr S Crabb, Educator
  890. Julia Richards, Not employed, Long Covid support group, Truro
  891. Charlotte Hankinson, medical student, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  892. Ruth Guest, GP, NHS, Scarborough
  893. Jean Baynton, Retired, Clun
  894. Marlies Haselton, Sheerness
  895. Eleanor Massie, General Surgery registrar, Glasgow
  896. Lisa Dalton, Nottingham
  897. Kathryn de Prudhoe, Psychotherapist, Self Employed in Private Practice, Leeds
  898. Jacqueline Rogers, Post office proprietor, Ashburton Post Office, Newton Abbot
  899. Garry Harper [PhD], Scientist, Applied Biologist, Taunton
  900. Wendy Wodzianski, registered nurse, Central London Community Healthcare Trust, London
  901. Patrick White, Lecturer in Quantitative Methods, University of Leicester, Leicester
  902. G singh-Watson, Hotelier, The Bull Inn and Albatross, Totnes
  903. David Anderson, H&S Advisor, NHS, Manchester
  904. Tracy Mitchell-Floyd, Registered Nurse, Oxford
  905. Jenny Watson, GP, Ealing Borough, Southall, London
  906. Edward Rosen, Educator, Lambeth GP Food Co-op, London
  907. Dr Rakhi Kakad, Doctor, Birmingham
  908. Johanna Cargill, Lawyer, Andrews & Monroe Solicitors, London
  909. Sarah Hatliff, Marketing Consultant, Edinburgh
  910. Brian Robinson (Dr), Retired psychiatrist, Retired NHS doctor, Milton Keynes
  911. Katherine De Riera, Care Worker, Godalming
  912. Sally Chasney, Teacher, Watton
  913. Dr Purnima Gautam, GP, NHS, London
  914. Dr Kiran Bains, Honorary Research Fellow, City, University of London, London
  915. Lucy O'Keeffe, London
  916. Dr Fiona Mapp, Senior Research Associate, University College London, London
  917. Jean McNeil, retired, Colchester
  918. Micaela Plucinski, Registered Nurse, London
  919. Bradley Barnes, Library Assistant, Wakefield
  920. Dr christine furber, Midwife educator, Manchester
  921. Kathy Oliver, Chair and Co-Director, International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA), Tadworth
  922. Martin Thomas, Covid vulnerable, Penrith
  923. PRIYANKA Sharma, Mansfield
  924. Corinna Dass, Nurse, York
  925. Paul Graham Morris, Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  926. Karen Webb, Clinical Specialist Nurse, CPFT NHS FT, Huntingdon
  927. Andrew Hide, IT, Newcastle
  928. Dr Rebecca Gill, GP, NHS, Manchester
  929. David Harding, Doctor, BRISTOL
  930. Jennifer McCutcheon, Pharmacist, Oxford
  931. Amy Jayne Jayne McKnight, Professor of Molecular Epidemiology and Public Health, Belfast
  932. Dr Maria Markides, GP, NHS, Merseyside
  933. Trisha Todd, Retired, Southend-on-Sea
  934. Huw Davies, Professor Emeritus, University of St Andrews
  935. Will Davis, Retired Headteacher
  936. C. Coatglas, Long covid sufferer, Teddington
  937. Mark <McDowall, Nurse, NHS, Ayr
  938. Michelle Sudbury, Cognitive behavioural therapist IAPT, Dudley integrated health and care, Birmingham
  939. Kai Rabenstein, Anaesthetist, East Sussex Healthcare Trust, Hastings
  940. Rosalind Dunton, Parent, Buckinghamshire
  941. Miriam Cooper, Consultant psychiatrist, South Wales
  942. Tom Stanyon, Maidstone
  943. Dr Margaret Field, GP, Milton Keynes
  944. Dr Vivian Fox, Retired occupational physician, Colchester
  945. Rachael Andrews, Clinical Scientist, NHS, Cambridge
  946. Diana Fields, Qualitative Research Associate, University of York, York
  947. Dawn Fieldsend, Community Nurse, Mersey Care, Liverpool
  948. Richard Lawson, Retired GP, NHS, Bristol
  949. EUR ING Prof. Tim Kerby, Consultant, Edinburgh
  950. Danielle Watkeys, Researcher, Television, Birmingham
  951. Sophie Gage, Data scientist, St Albans
  952. Ryan Charles, Teacher, Harrogate
  953. Gillian Webster, Researcher, NIHR, Carlisle
  954. John Robertson, Retired, Sleights
  955. Joanna Roberts, Nurse, Kidwelly
  956. Linda Harris, Teaching Assistant, Vale Federation SEND Community School, Aylesbury
  957. Cheryl-Anne Peers, Clinical service manager, Sale
  958. Dr.James Henderson, retired, Ipswich
  959. Martin Newby, Professor Emeritus, Retired, London
  960. Anita West, Teacher (retired), Market Harborough
  961. Catriona Watson, Nurse
  962. Trish Morrison, Manchester
  963. Dr Amy Pearson, ENT Surgeon, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Hull
  964. Dr Terry Baxter, Retired GP, Redcar
  965. Annette Steele, GP, NHS, London
  966. Dr. Peter Drobac, University of Oxford, Oxford
  967. Stacey Poole, Journalist, Itv news, Southampton
  968. Josie Parr, IT Worker, Camberley
  969. David Colquhoun, University College London, LONDON
  970. Kamini Gautam, GP, KS Medical Centre, Southall
  971. Hannah Bottomley, Basingstoke
  972. Sandy Thomas, Civil servant, Chester
  973. Christine bottomley, Self employed, Manchester
  974. Dr Tim McMinn, GP, Brighton
  975. T Prutton, Retired, Norwich
  976. Heather Betts, Physiotherapist, NHS, Liverpool
  977. Stuart Thomas, Retired, Conwy
  978. Dr Laura Wilson, GP, West Sussex
  979. Clare wenham, Associate professor, Lse, London
  980. Eleanor Stevens, Teacher, London
  981. Leah Shainfeld, Occupational Therapist, Hillingdon Manor School, London
  982. Dr Laurel Edmunds, University of Oxford, Oxford
  983. Valerie Bradley, houswife / mother, East Molesey
  984. Lauren Finn, Cyber security expert, Belfast
  985. Prof Martin Utley, University College London
  986. Dr. Don Barry, Astronomer, retired, Cornell University, Rochester, New York
  987. Steve mcmillan, Consultant podiatrist, Nhs, Glasgow
  988. Deb Hirons, Paramedic
  989. Ria Agarwal, Physician Associate, NHS, Sheffield
  990. Tomas Mason, HCA, UHCW, Coventry
  991. Tracy Nicholls, Chief Executive, College of Paramedics, Buckinghamshire
  992. Anne Nida, GP, Malling PCT, Tonbridge
  993. Sarah Briggs, GP trainee, Bournemouth
  994. Dr Deborah White, GP, Stockton on Tees
  995. Anne Francis, Retired
  996. Doreen Whittington, retired, Beccles
  997. Prof. Paul Clarke, Consultant Neonatologist, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Norwich
  998. Paul Madill FFPH, Public Health Specialist, Leven
  999. Claire Hunt, Speech and Language Therapist, NHS, London
  1000. Alastair Montgomery, Education Researcher, Academic Profiling Tests, Cirencester
  1001. Karen Parkhurst, Retired nurse, POLEGATE
  1002. Julia Grant, Retired, London
  1003. David Speak, Retired science teacher, Buxton
  1004. Katherine Francis, Public Relations, Burgess Hill
  1005. Richard Carne, Handyman, Southampton
  1006. Steve Penfold FRSPH, Senior Health Adviser, Amman, Jordan
  1007. Dr Helen Allott, Senior Specialist, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool
  1008. Donald Cairns, Professor Emeritus, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
  1009. Rose Cottrell, Teacher with Long Covid, Stratford-upon-Avon
  1010. John Morgan, GP partner and Hon Senior Lecturer UEA, N&W CCG NHS, Norwich
  1011. Eleanor Mountstephens, GP, Brixham
  1012. Zoe McClements, Nurse, Nhs tayside, Dundee
  1013. Paula Narrett, Tetired, Whitby
  1014. Phillip Chalmers, Registered Nurse, Independent, Liverpool
  1015. Deirdre Anderson, Academic, BEDFORD
  1016. Frances Coutts, Retired Consultant Orthodontist, Ashford
  1017. Angela Ravenscroft, Self employed, Newcastle under Lyme
  1018. Dr Rochelle Velho, Acute Medicine and ICM Doctor, NHS, Birmingham
  1019. Dr Mark Vaughan, GP, RCGP, Llanelli
  1020. Sue McBean, Nurse & Academic, Coleraine
  1021. Georgina Paget, Nurse, Self, Brighton
  1022. Angi Strafford, Emergency Nurse Practitioner, Leeds
  1023. Mun-Yee Tung, Doctor, NHS, London
  1024. Gillian Cosser, University Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester
  1025. Neil Hannah, Teacher, York
  1026. Gareth Kelly, GP, Worcester
  1027. Meriel Lland, Science writer/carer, Staffordshire
  1028. Dr Jenny Smith-Wymant, Health Engagement Officer, Peterborough
  1029. Douglas Troup, Ellesmere Port
  1030. Ceri Godden, Student Nurse, London
  1031. Dr Sarah Stoneley, Consultant Geriatrician, Leicester
  1032. Andrew Gerrard, Consultant, Woking
  1033. Anju, GP, NHS, London
  1034. Dr SAKKAF AHMED AFTAB, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Northrem Lincolnshire & Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Brigg
  1035. Dr Sara Thompson, GP, Hertfordshire
  1036. John Gass, Retired, South Croydon
  1037. Stuart Willmot CBiol, MRSB, Retired Microbiology Research Scientist, Canterbury
  1038. Dr Heather Ann Williams, Consultant Medical Physicist and Lead for Nuclear Medicine, The Christie, Manchester
  1039. Hilary Klonin, Doctor, Nhs, Hull
  1040. Ruth Hannah, Teacher, York
  1041. Dr Lauren Kelly, Lecturer, Birmingham City University, Birmingham
  1042. David Cobbald, Finance, PPF, London
  1043. Claire Farrington, GP, Bristol
  1044. Dr Janet Flinn, Retired Consultant Radiologist, Perth, UK
  1045. Margaret Munro, Pharmacist, retired., Bristol
  1046. Dr Michael Leach, Biologist, Ashbourne
  1047. Luke Guest, Leeds
  1048. Patrick Mc Fadden, London. SW10 9JB
  1049. Mark Colley, Registered Nurse, NHS, Rowley Regis
  1050. Christopher Cleasby, Investigator, Aldershot
  1051. Stephanie Jenkins, GP, Bryn Darland Surgery, Wrexham
  1052. Jesús Rodríguez, Economist, Cardiff University, Cardiff
  1053. Lynda Woodhams B.A., PGCE, Teacher, Fareham
  1054. Holly Everest, Coronavirus Researcher, University of Oxford
  1055. Helen Hewitt, Dental Nurse, Nantwich Smile Design, Nantwich
  1056. Carole Hagan, Retired, Parent advocate of CEV individual, Greylees, Sleaford
  1057. Jane Nellist, Coventry NEU, Coventry, UK
  1058. Sue Paice, Pharmacy technician, Kent Community NHS Trust, Edenbridge
  1059. Matt Graham, Retired, Glasgow
  1060. Vicki Milner, Long Covid sufferer, Bristol
  1061. Peter Burke, GP, NHS, Oxford
  1062. Sara hamilton, Doctor, London
  1063. Marian Deacon, Sales assistant, Sainsburys, Surrey
  1064. Lorna Harries, Professor of Molecular Genetics, University of Exeter, Exeter
  1065. Yvonne Mason, Nurse, Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust, London
  1066. Sarah Roberts, Retired, Exeter
  1067. Jackie Wyse, Quality Manager, Cambridge Uni NHS Trust
  1068. Emma Dimond, Pre School Manager, Playbox PreSchool, Hitchin
  1069. Mary Santo, London
  1070. David Peters, Retired, Birmingham
  1071. Mark Stenhoff, Scientist, retired, London
  1072. regent turp, business coach, freelance, YORK
  1073. GILLIAN ROSS, Consultant Oncologist, Royal Marsden NHS Trust, London
  1074. Sally Tyrer, GP, North Yorkshire
  1075. Marianne Price, pharmacist, Self-employed medication trainer and mentor, Puivert
  1076. Samuel Boulger, Biomedical Sciences Student, University of Oxford, Oxford
  1077. Tom Geraghty, CEO, Iterum Ltd, NOTTINGHAM
  1078. Dr Joanna Kirkcaldy, GP, Exeter
  1079. Pamela Job, Retired, Wivenhoe
  1080. David Stevenson, Retired Doctor/Researcher, Winchester
  1081. Cynthia Graham, Professor, Dept. of Psychology, University of Southampton, Southampton
  1082. Victoria Haslam, Writer (former pharmaceutical scientist), Grantham
  1083. Dr Mark Dziobon, Medical Director & GP, CCG, East Lancashire
  1084. Sharon Taylor, Consultant, Imperial college school of medicine, London
  1085. Richard young, Blackpool
  1086. Daniella Di Lisio, Technical Support Officer, London Borough of Redbridge Council, London
  1087. Helen Gordon, Retired GP, London
  1088. Kym Kirby Smith, Citizen’s Advice
  1089. Mandy Bell, Parent/Carer, Tiverton
  1090. Will Hall, Lecturer in Advanced Clinical Practice, Oxford
  1091. Judith Moreton, Retired, Walsall
  1092. Caner Anac, Engineer, London
  1093. Paul Magnall
  1094. Jean Webster, Retired, Southport
  1095. Zhongni Zeng, Student, University College London, London
  1096. Sharron Currie, Unpaid Carer, London
  1097. Carl Martin Edwards, Microbiologist, University of Leicester, Leicester
  1098. Chloe Poulter, Daughter of a dedicated, dissapointed GP, Winchester
  1099. Dr Elizabeth Ingram, Public Health Researcher, University College London, London
  1100. Chris Dale, Retired statistician, Helston
  1101. Elizabeth Ward, Senior Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield
  1102. Anita Harper, Mum, Cheltenham
  1103. JAMES WALKER, retired teacher, BEVERLEY
  1104. Joseph Machta, Paediatric Doctor, Barnet Hospital, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, London
  1105. Andrew Brewerton, Professor Emeritus, Retired, Shrewsbury
  1106. Dr Elizabeth Elliott, Edinburgh
  1107. Gillian Adams, Non Executive Director, Healthcare, Loughborough
  1108. Gillian Osborne, Carer, Leeds
  1109. Alistair Carratt, Teacher, East Kilbride
  1110. Katherine Piccinelli, Paediatrician, Bury St Edmunds
  1111. Karen Grunwald, Retired, N/A, Leicester
  1112. Lori-anne Morris., HCSW on sick leave with long covid, HDUHB, Pembrokeshire
  1113. Mark Paterson, GP, Hampshire
  1114. Denise Holden, Rocester, Uttoxeter
  1115. A.Davis (BSc, PhD), research scientist (retired), nottingham
  1116. Graeme Smith, Researcher, Glasgow
  1117. Alka Pandey, Dietitian, Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust, Aylesbury
  1118. Sophie smith, Epidemiologist, University of bristol, Bristol
  1119. Paul Arestides, Business Owner, Northampton
  1120. Anderson Pequeno, Musician, Fluminense Federal University, Rio de Janeiro
  1121. Rumana Omar, Professor, University college London, London
  1122. Anna Riddell, Teacher (Unable to work due to Long Covid), London
  1123. Simon Ward, Engineer, Coventry
  1124. Jonathan Haigh, Journalist, Physicist, HKTDC Research, Hungerford
  1125. Nesta Mackenzie, Retired GP, None, Surrey
  1126. Joy Everest, Cearer, London
  1127. Shelley Spacey, Homemaker, Nottingham
  1128. Julian Flowers, Retired, Cambridge
  1129. Ann Hughes, Retired, Manchester
  1130. Margaret Bevan, Retired, Norwich
  1131. Rosemarie, RGN, Griffiths, SHREWSBURY
  1132. charles davis, Professor if neurosurgery, greater Lancashire Hospital(covid free), preston
  1133. Nathalie Burton, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, Insight Healthcare, Kent
  1134. Dr Bindu Vydianath, Consultant Pathology, University Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham
  1135. Sally Ann East, Organisational Psychologist, SAB Careers Consultancy, ORPINGTON
  1136. Dr Shirin Lakhani, Doctor, Elite Aesthetics, Greenhithe
  1137. Tracey Murray, Community worker, GLASGOW
  1138. Donna Scates, Teaching Assistant, Paignton
  1139. Dr Sarah Cowley, GP, London
  1140. Faisal islam, GP, Nhs, London
  1141. Helen Marlow, Pharmacist, Surrey Heartlands CCG, Guildford
  1142. Dr Neha Cattra, Counselling Psychologist, Chichester
  1143. John Gow, Retired, None(but currently COVID positive), Dunoon
  1144. Dr Rebecca Garrett, Musgrove Park Hospital
  1145. Dr Helen Bosley, Nurse Consultant IPC, Oxford
  1146. David Constantine, Retired teacher, full-time carer, Hull
  1147. Kirsty Rogers, Clinical Trias Unit Project Manager, University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust, ROMSEY
  1148. Dr Mirko Pegoraro, Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool
  1149. Preeti Gupta, Doctor, Cardiff and Vsle NHS trust, Cardiff
  1150. Lyndsey Grice, CEV immunosuppressed, Former NHS Nurse, Leicestershire
  1151. Anna Paes, GP, Greater London
  1152. Toorawa Zohra, Teaching Assistant, Bolton
  1153. Ian Davies, Healthcare, Cheshire
  1154. Dr Selena Langdon, Doctor, Maidenhead
  1155. Dr S Golder, Associate professor, University of york, York
  1156. Barbara Johnson, Associate Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University, Gosport
  1157. Hilary Tyne, Consultant Neurologist, Salford
  1158. Victoria Hoskins, Clinical are Facility Manager, UCL, London
  1159. mike downham, Retired Paediatrician, Zero Covid Scotland campaign, Glasgow
  1160. Rob Moore, Clinical Scientist, University Hospitals Sussex, Brighton
  1161. Pippa Wellard, Ward sister, Uclh Nhs Trust, London
  1162. DR Angela Wearn, Research Fellow, Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  1163. Kapila Shrestha, GP, Locum, Lancaster
  1164. Sharon Bailey, Principal, Harris Trust
  1165. Katy Willis, GP, Richford Gate medical practice, London
  1166. Denise Sherer, Administrator (retired), wivenhoe
  1167. Farzana Hussain, GP, The project surgery, London
  1168. Georgina Parisi, Registered Nurse, NHS, British
  1169. Fiona Stephenson, Teacher, Scarborough
  1170. Tara McGuinness, Nurse, Thames Valley Police, CHIPPING NORTON
  1171. Stefano Fedele, Professor of Oral Medicine, University College London, London
  1172. Nigel Quinton, Ex opposition spokesperson on Public Health Herts CC, Welwyn Garden City
  1173. Sophie Hamilton, Oncology Specialist Dietitian, Buckinghamshire NHS Trust, Aylesbury
  1174. Philippa Griffiths, Researcher, Freelance, Shrewsbury
  1175. Sue Powell, Occupational therapist, Coventry
  1176. James ogorman, Director, Construction, AYLESBURY
  1177. Jill Truesdale, Teacher, EA, Newcastle
  1178. Mark Ariyanayagam, H&S Manager, Queen Mary University of London, London
  1179. DR MARCUS JOHNS, FRCPSYCH, retired child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, London
  1180. Melanie Woodcock, Chichester
  1181. Mike Taylor, Palaeontologist, University of Bristol, Ruardean
  1182. Katharine Williams, Writer, freelance, Edinburgh
  1183. P Clarke, Science Teacher, Worthing
  1184. PETE LAUDA, Teacher, Bolton
  1185. Ben franklin, Carer, Na, London
  1186. Philip Mowlem, Senior Radiographer, UHD NHS Foundation Trust, Poole
  1187. Eric Pedersen, Builder, Central London Construction And Maintenance Ltd, London
  1188. JO HUnter, HR Consultant, HR Focus, Oxford
  1189. Mary Sanderson, retired Health Visitor, Bristol
  1190. Dr Matthew Francis, Doctor, ASST Lodi, Lodi, Italy
  1191. Riccardo Tortolano
  1192. Patricia Howarth, Bramhall
  1193. Rachel English, Supply teacher, Lowestoft
  1194. Donna Reynolds, Manchester
  1195. Ally Smith, Support Worker, Barnsley College, Barnsley
  1196. Carol Orwin, Orwin Sculpture, Guildford
  1197. Dr Veronica Newton, Senior lecturer, University of Salford, Salford
  1198. Dorrie Willis, Retired Pharmacist, Billingshurst
  1199. Antony Guillemin
  1200. Louise Wake, Maternity Investigator, Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch, EASTBOURNE
  1201. Anne Gladstone, Retired, Studley
  1202. Helen Bettesworth, BMS virology, NHS, Sheffield
  1203. Christina Wilford, Education Mental Health Practitioner, Derby
  1204. A L STEVENS, Dartington
  1205. Caroline Farmer, Research Fellow, University of Exeter Medical School, Exeter
  1206. Maria Hancock, Health care Assistant, NHS, Cardiff
  1207. Helen McLaren, Retired biomedical Scientist, Buckinghamshire NHS Trust, High Wycombe
  1208. Stewart Mercer, Professor, University of Edinburgh, EDINBURGH
  1209. Dr Anna Matthews, Gp & COvid clinical assessment CCAS 111, NHS
  1210. Greg Fleming
  1211. Dr Pieter Steketee, Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  1212. Dr Elisa Perego, Honorary Research Fellow, University College London
  1213. Nicola Spiers, Epidemiologist, University of Leicester, Leicester
  1214. Ann Walklet, Long Covid Sufferer, London
  1215. Dr Gareth Greenslade, Consultant in Pain Medicine, Nuffield Health, Bristol
  1216. Linda Weatherhead, Crawley
  1217. Suneth Sumanasiri, Software developer, Na, London
  1218. DOREEN Kennedy, Retired nurse, N.H S, Colchester
  1219. Vicki Chambers, Worcester
  1220. Dr Peter Kennedy FRCPE, Retired consultant physician, NHS, Wivenhoe
  1221. Clare Sander, unpaid hihgly complex-needs carer of 31 years, Oxford
  1222. Mariann hardey, Academic, Durham university, York
  1223. Dr S. H. B. Roberts, Chepstow
  1224. Chris Chorley BSc MSc CEng MIET MInstP, Software Engineer, Wymondham
  1225. Louise Hopkins, Unemployed due to Long Covid, Bristol
  1226. Eilish Neill, Publisher now retired, Bangor
  1227. Lara de Haas, GP, Holland Park Surgery, London
  1228. Rhona Welsh, RN, NHSBT, Leeds
  1229. Dr Philip Hollington, Retired lecturer, Bangor University, Beaumaris
  1230. Carlos Gershenson, Professor, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
  1231. NS, Academic, UCL, London
  1232. Fiona Power, Medical writer (retired), Lymphoma Action, Dumfries and Galloway
  1233. Georgia Read-Cutting, Dental Surgeon, Dental Practice, London
  1234. Jill boys, Corby
  1235. Dr Adam Benkwitz, Academic, Newman University, Birmingham
  1236. Graham Long, Retired, Honiton
  1237. Andrew Webster, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, Leeds
  1238. Stephen Palmer, Retired, Sutton on Sea
  1239. Dr Claire Donald, Lecturer, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  1240. June Girvin, Prof Emerita of Nursing, Retired, Devon
  1241. Selina Postgate, Retired, Carmarthen
  1242. claire collett, GP, nhs, Godalming
  1243. Catherine Lee, Lecturer, Exeter
  1244. Mark Stafford, Retired, staffordm383@gmail.com, Cannock
  1245. Dr Colin Burr, GP (retired), Bourne
  1246. Dr Philip Reilly, Consultant, Torbay NHS foundation trust, Torquay
  1247. Pauline Antrobus, NA, NA, Colchester
  1248. Grahame Wood, Team Leader, Network Rail, Broughton
  1249. Paula Falconer, GP, NHS/ Bupa, London
  1250. Pamela Snowdon, Not working, due to ill health, Newcastle upon Tyne
  1251. Andrew Aitkenhead, Consultant, Axxelate Ltd, Cambridge
  1252. Dr Darius Widera, Associate Professor, University of Reading, Reading
  1253. Dr Mary Younger, Psychologist, MY Counselling and Psychotherpay Services LLP, Chelmsford
  1254. Asha Rattan, Doctor, NHS, Norwich
  1255. S A Tabner, Retired doctor, Wakefield
  1256. Annette Kent, Retired, Colchester
  1257. joseph mccarthy, retired, colchester
  1258. Stacey Murphy, Security consultant, London
  1259. Dr Andy Hershon, GP, NHS, Glossop
  1260. Ewen Pearson, GP, NHS, Wick
  1261. Sam Watkin, PhD Student, London
  1262. Dr Kafui A., Public Health, London
  1263. Gemma Vinall, Nurse, SCAS, Oxford
  1264. Neil Blundell, Nuclear Inspector, Wigan
  1265. Federico Fernandez, Educator/Parent, JUHSD, Daly City
  1266. Naomi Rose, Retired, Whitchurch
  1267. Dilip Modhvadia, Pharmacist, EASY CARE SERVICES LTD, Ashford
  1268. Anna Cronin de Chavez, Research fellow, LSHTM
  1269. Ged Sims, Retired, Southport
  1270. Sarah Jones, Doctor, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Liverpool
  1271. Cristal Palacios, Clinical Psychologist, Psicodiáspora, Belfast
  1272. Isobel Allingham, Retired nurse
  1273. Sophie Gordon, Long Covid Sufferer, 17 months, London
  1274. Gary McGreevy, Nurse, GSTT, London
  1275. Olga Watkins, Retired GP NHS, Perthshire
  1276. Dr Anna Croft, Bioscientist, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
  1277. John Mason, Psychotherapist, Cambridge
  1278. Jenny O'Gorman, Psychodynamic Counsellor, Gloicester
  1279. Lyth Hishmeh, Patient Advocate/Co-Founder, LongCovidSOS, Camberley
  1280. Helen New, Consultant in Paediatric Transfusion Medicine, NHS Blood and Transplant, London
  1281. Georgia Ramirez, Public Health Programme Manager, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London
  1282. Laura Lovell, Carer, Lancashire
  1283. Dawn, NHS hospitality worker, Sheffield childrens hospital, Sheffield
  1284. Prof Kenneth Walker, Surgeon & Education Innovator, NHS Highland & NHS Education for Scotland, Inverness & Edinburgh
  1285. Terry mulvenna, Retired, READING
  1286. Ross Haffenden, retired nurse, Brighton
  1287. Parris Williams, Research Fellow, Imperial College London, London
  1288. N.Foleros, Retired, Private, Colchester
  1289. Brian Ferguson, Associate Professor, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  1290. Matthew Green, Chef, MGA, London
  1291. Garth Rapeport, Visiting Professor, Imperial College, London
  1292. Heather Leybourn, Retired Local Government Officer, Lowestoft
  1293. Lesley Smart, Consultant radiologist, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh
  1294. Hannah Broadbent, Paramedic, NHS, Yorkshire
  1295. Chris Ryder, Retired nurse, Wigan
  1296. Claire Buckell, Nurse, Rochford
  1297. Dr Miriam Silver, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, LifePsychol Ltd, Derbyshire
  1298. Michael Frearson, CAMBRIDGE
  1299. Ed Griffiths, PhD Student, London
  1300. Linda Porter, Historian, Sevenoaks
  1301. Amanda Gill, Health and Safety, Oxfam, York
  1302. Karen Constantine, Retired doctor & teacher, Hull
  1303. Eilidh Renwick, GP, Dunblane
  1304. Christine Richardson, Retired, Manchester
  1305. Ian Robinson, Retired head of science faculty, Derbyshire
  1306. Colin Gavin, Retired, Southport
  1307. Dr Jennifer Rees Mann, Immunologist (ret’d), Hereford
  1308. Andrew Conway, Retired, London
  1309. Robert Porter, Retired Brewer, Lowestoft
  1310. Deborah Veitch, Manchester
  1311. Susan Swalwell, Teacher, MIDDLESBROUGH
  1312. Dr Gerry Lee, Nurse, Kings College London, London
  1313. Gavin Reid, Retired chemist, Leeds
  1314. Eleanor Haworth, Local government officer, Leicester
  1315. Tiffani Rees, Paediatric Endocrinologist, London
  1316. Fran Richards, Retired, N/A, Colchester
  1317. Emily ARDEN-CLOSE, Principal Academic in Psychology, Bournemouth University, Poole
  1318. Chris Miller MSc, Software Engineer, London
  1319. Martin Judson, Retired GP, Durham
  1320. Tom Patterson, Retired Director, Newbury
  1321. Caroline Bloom, Doctor, Holland Park Surgery, London
  1322. Michael Ryan, Retired Teacher, Dundee
  1323. Shaun Freeman
  1324. Dr Dale Esliger (PhD), Reader in Digital Health, Loughborough University, Loughborough
  1325. Dr Nicola Wall, Consultant Anaesthetist, UHB NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham
  1326. Liz Wilford, Unemployed, St Columb
  1327. Dr Anke Marsh, Research scientist, London
  1328. Julie Todd, Nurse, NHs, Manchester
  1329. Olivia Collins, Registered Nurse, Imperial College Healthcare, London
  1330. Sam Farrell
  1331. Helen Jones, Dietitian, Spalding
  1332. Jennifer Johns, retired ex-GP and psychoanalyst, London
  1333. Ann Early, Physician, NHS Retired, Somerset
  1334. Professor Ian Kunkler, Clinical Oncologist, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  1335. ian Silvester, Clinical, Kent
  1336. Mark Penwill, Retired GP, East Herts
  1337. Iain Orkisz, Tutor/Writer, Bedford College / Sparky T-K-O, Bedford
  1338. Tori Ford, DPhil Primary Health Care, University of Oxford, Oxford
  1339. Richard Hook, GP, Kennet & Avon Medical Partnership, Calne
  1340. Dr Yasmin Mohseni, Process Development Scientist, London
  1341. Gavin Thoms, Consultant in public health medicine and anaesthesia (Retired), Consett, Co Durham
  1342. Kim Wareham, Writer, The Copysmith, Bath, Somerset
  1343. Christopher Cocking, Social Psychologist, University of Brighton, Brighton
  1344. Dahilia mohamed, Gp, Nhs, LONDON
  1345. Dr Stephen J Eglen, Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge
  1346. Claire Herbert, Ex NHS employee, Pmymouth
  1347. Naseema callaghan, Dentist, Richmond
  1348. Valerie Spencer, Retired, Clinically Vulnerable, SIDCUP
  1349. Dr James Matheson, GP, NHS, Cumbria
  1350. Jane Bailey, Retired teacher, Norwich
  1351. Simon Brunner, Chartered Physiotherapist/Clinical Informatician, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, London
  1352. Diana Clayton, HCSW, RHUTHIN
  1353. Barbara Crawshaw, Retired, Colchester
  1354. Mary Thomson, Librarian, Strathaven
  1355. Jacqueline Payne FRCGP, GP (retired), Cumbrian GP, Kendal
  1356. Professor Angel Chater, Professor of Health Psychology and Behaviour Change, University of Bedfordshire, Bedford/Luton
  1357. Andy Parrott, REGISTERED Nurse (Rtd), Epworth, Doncaster
  1358. Linda Richards, Chemist/Mother, Hertfordshire
  1359. Scott Richmond, Thatcham
  1360. Rosemary B Simpson BSc, Botanist, Retired, Kingston upon Thames
  1361. Jordan Bone, PhD virology student, Glasgow, centre for virus research, Glasgow
  1362. Clio Bellenis, Retired psychiatrist, Winchester
  1363. Maria Cutler, Training officer (Retired), Bournemouth
  1364. Fotis Saltaferis, Camden
  1365. Heather Sillitoe, Chemist, London
  1366. Peter Ronan, Dementia Practitioner, NHS, Colchester
  1367. Kim Pothecary, Immunocompromised, Chippenham
  1368. Dr Jacqueline Thomas, Doctor, Derbyshire
  1369. Dr Katherine Mary Hawking, GP - retired, no company - retired, Dunstable
  1370. Dr Sara MacKian, Senior Lecturer
  1371. Mel Cooper, Head of Finance, IIC, London
  1372. Tom hodson, GP, Manchester
  1373. Sir Roy Anderson FRS, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Imperial College London, London
  1374. Abhishek Gupta, Consultant, University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham
  1375. David Simpson BSc MSc PhD, Botanist, Retired, Kingston upon Thames
  1376. Peter Coggins, Retired Surveyor, Oxford
  1377. Jon Dorling, Professor of Paediatrics, Southampton
  1378. Lesley Allen, PR, Belfast
  1379. Dr Sarah Kurt-Elli, Ex-GP (NHS), Lausanne
  1380. julia vezza, artist, Wivenhoe
  1381. Henry Gardiner, Retired, Cleland
  1382. Sue Laughlin, Retired health service planner, Peoples Health Movement Scotland, Glasgow
  1383. Dr Tim Taylor, Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter, Truro
  1384. A Williamson, Technical Consultant, Private, Billericay
  1385. Gina Coventry, Engineer, Derby
  1386. Kathryn Wenczek, Reading
  1387. Gary Greenman, Retired, None, Croydon
  1388. Mohammed Hussain, Pharmacist, Bradford Teaching Hospitals Trust, Bradford
  1389. Austen Burnham, Student, Fleet
  1390. Wendy Bull, Nurse, School Nurse NHS, Oxford
  1391. John Kelly, Retired, Tolleshunt Major
  1392. Aydin KURT-ELLI, Ex-NHS Junior Doctor, Lausanne
  1393. Alan Willett, Self-employed
  1394. Dr Vivien Swanson, Health psychologist, University of Stirling, Stirlin
  1395. Sarah Robinson, Hairdresser
  1396. Michael Fletcher, Retired Lecturer, Wivenhoe
  1397. Stewart Bullen, Deputy Head Teacher (retd), Wimborne
  1398. Stuart Mackay-Thomas, General Practitioner and Clinical lead, Hampstead Group Practice, London
  1399. Dr Richard Giordano, Senior Lecturer, University of Southampton, Southampton
  1400. Simran Buttar, Pharmacist, London
  1401. Shashi Chawla, Family doctor, Nhs
  1402. Joseph Hartland, Doctor, University of Bristol, Bristol
  1403. Gillian Louise Campbell, Prefer not to say, GREENOCK
  1404. Amy Hayes, LSA, Southampton
  1405. sonny-lee wood, Chef, Farnborough
  1406. Penny Robertson, Retired, Saxmundham
  1407. Maria Trupia, Retired, London
  1408. Jenny Foster, MARLOW
  1409. Jack Huang, Accountant, FWSR, London
  1410. Karen Doyle, Retired teacher, Watford
  1411. Katherine Seymour, Guildford, Surrey
  1412. Fiona Dennis, CEV, Peterborough
  1413. Dr Terri Gardner, GP, Yarm
  1414. Kenneth Holmes, Nursery Nurse
  1415. Dr Jill Harrington, Retired medical practitioner, Leicestershire
  1416. Lindsay Aitchison, Killin
  1417. John Williams, Retired, Weston
  1418. Yvonne Kirk, Retired Headteacher, Chorley
  1419. Elaine Patten, Registered Nurse, NHS, Ipswich
  1420. Anthea Lehmann MD FRCP, Recently retired consultant physician, Nhs, London
  1421. Professor Charlie Foster OBE, Professor of Physical Activity & Public Health, University of Bristol, Bristl
  1422. Daniela Silvidio
  1423. IAN SMITH, Retired Tutor, OSWESTRY
  1424. Annabelle Hibbert, Retail worker, Sainsbury's, High Wycombe
  1425. Jillian Braund, Retired Midwife, Retired. Volunteer., Lancashire
  1426. Peter, Nhs ambulance service trust, East of england ambulance service, East anglia
  1427. Simon McDermott Brown, Retired, London
  1428. Margaret Watson, Project Manager, Hatton of Fintray
  1429. Janet Smith, Retired Teacher, OSWESTRY
  1430. Rita Arya, Consultant Obstetrician, Warrington and Halton, Warrington
  1431. Dr Kerry Smith, GP, Chichester
  1432. Lise Hertel, Western Isles Health Board, GP
  1433. Sophie McCambridge, Research Midwife, University Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, Worthing
  1434. Jacqueline Harris, Psychologist (Retired), Weston-super-Mare
  1435. Dr Andrea Benjamin, Respiratory consultant, London
  1436. Tracy Birch, Staff Nurse, STSFT, Durham
  1437. Owain Salter Firz-Gibbon, Mathematician, University of Oxford, Oxford
  1438. Helen Tissington, Retired Nurse Consultant Health Protection, Retired
  1439. Joanna Greaves, Retired RN, Timperley
  1440. Kimberly Chapman, CEV, CAMBRIDGE
  1441. Tony White, Teacher, Sidcup
  1442. Shirley gover, Gp, Nhs, Taunton
  1443. Nicola Quinn, Fundraiser, Bat Conservation Trust, London
  1444. Dr John Chisholm CBE, retired general practitioner, medical ethicist, London
  1445. Ruby Cane, Student, Havant College, Gosport
  1446. Kate Hutchins, Accountant, Helston
  1447. Tanuka Palit, GP trainee, Bristol
  1448. Eric Trump, Psychiatric Patient, Belfast
  1449. Annie Campbell, Florist, Glasgow
  1450. Niall DC Finlayson, PhD, FRCPE, FRCPL, Physician (Retired), Retired, Edinburgh
  1451. Dr Kit Byatt, Physician, Self-employed, Hereford
  1452. Simon Ball, unemployed, none, Luton
  1453. Bob Broad PhD, Research Professor (retired), London
  1454. Bernard Horan, Computer Scientist, University of Essex, Colchester
  1455. Aileen Keel, Consultant haematologist (retired), University of Edinburgh, edinburgh
  1456. Andrew Clifforth, FIEEE, exeter
  1457. Dr Fiona Stirling, Sheffield
  1458. Rowena Lawrence-Thorn, Mathematician, Retired, West Yorkshire
  1459. Katherine Brown, Doctor, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
  1460. Jenny Watson, Retired teacher, Individual, Leeds
  1461. Mr Steven Patrick, Engineer, Self employed, Strathaven
  1462. Christopher Michael Donohue, Retired, Retired, Irvine, North Ayrshire
  1463. Dr Marcus Beadle, Consultant Intensive Care, Calderdale & Huddersfield NHSFT, Halifax
  1464. Tanya Taylor, Hospital at home, Early Years Educator, St Giles School for Sensory and Physical, London
  1465. Sarah Pring, mother, Staffordshire
  1467. Wendy Fletcher -Denton, Retired, Registered disabled, Ashill Devon
  1468. Professor Nicholas Hopkinson, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Imperial College, London
  1469. Matthias F Schneider, Professor of Physics, Technical University of Dortmund, Dortmund
  1470. Ms Anna Maclure, Urologist, STS Foundation Trust, Durham
  1471. Alison Borgelin, Administrator, University of Bath, Bath
  1472. Dr Claire Ballinger, Retired academic, University of Southampton, Southampton
  1473. Kellie Bell, Civil Servant, NICS, Belfast
  1474. Margaret Ruane
  1475. Gillian vivian, Radiology and nuclear medicine, Retired, Fowey
  1476. Paul Keenan, Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin
  1477. Susannah Monk, Psychotherapist, Self employed, Petersfield
  1478. Francesca Lo castro, Senior Policy Adviser, London
  1479. Alexander Thomas Boyd Moir, Retired, Director of Chief Scientist Office, Edinburgh
  1480. anonymous
  1481. Dr Shoba Dawson, Academic, University of Bristol, Bristol
  1482. Jayant Vaidya, Professor of Surgery and Oncology, University College London, London
  1483. Jonathan Decker, Research Associate (Respiratory Sciences), University of Leicester, Leicester
  1484. Faris Al-Refaie, Consultant Haematologist, Princess Alexandra Hospital, UK, Harlow
  1485. Alistair Blunt, Development Consultant, Sociologist and Town Planner, Independent, London
  1486. Madeline Cooper, Bookseller, Shepherds Bush
  1487. Lynn robertson, Retired, University of aberdeen, Aberdeen
  1488. Diane Craven, York
  1489. Lady D Şen-White, Hampshire
  1490. Charles Oppenheim, Visiting Professor, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
  1491. Lou Wiblin, Consultant Neurologist, South Tees NHS Foundation Trusr, Middlesbrough
  1492. Dr Simon Dyall, Neuroscientist, University of roehampton, London
  1493. Irene Martin, Head of Physics, Ashford School, Canterbury
  1494. Dr Dez Allenby, Retired, Hull City Council, Hull
  1495. Bryan Roberts, Long term sick, N/A, Renfrew
  1496. Dr Emma Harris, Consultant Haematologist, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, Harrogate
  1497. Margaret Ross, Retired, Stanley
  1498. Jodie Kane-Smith, Bristol
  1499. Ioannis Bantounas, Molecular Biologist, University of Manchester, Manchester
  1500. Siobhan Abrahams, ED Pharmacist, Northampton General Hospital, Northampton
  1501. Karin Koller, Retired, University of Nottingham, Watlington
  1502. Ahmet FUAT, GP and of Primary Care Cardiology, Carmel medical practice, Darlington
  1503. Pam Thomson, Retired Headteacher, FAKENHAM Norfolk
  1504. Colin Palmer, Professor, University of Dundee, Dunde
  1505. Kate Hatton, Nurse Advisor, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, West Sussex
  1506. Clare Sansom, Lecturer in biological sciences; science writer, Birkbeck, University of London, Cambridge
  1507. Fran Williams, RN, Ipswich
  1508. Jayne Emerson-Lawrence, Reading
  1509. Joanne Phippard, Retired civil servant, Ilkkey
  1510. Nadine Seward, Epidemiologist, King's College London, London
  1511. Pamela Wallis, Retired SEN specialist, Crowborough
  1512. James Cocker, Retired Economic Development Consultant, Dartmouth
  1513. Sophie Fowler, Herne Bay
  1514. Susan Paraszczuk, retired, N/A, Bolton
  1515. Dr Jo Woodhouse, Play Therapist, Ormskirk
  1516. Mandy Dale, Nurse, Braintree
  1517. Hannah Bloor, Disabled, Chesterfield
  1518. Paul Allingham, Retired, Worked NHS 30 years, Peterborough
  1519. Mark Mendoza, Educator, NORWOOD
  1520. Gregory Price, Local Councillor, Green Party, Cambridge
  1521. anonymous
  1522. Dr Aine FitzGerald, PhD Independent Scientist, Independent Physical Scientist, Perthshire
  1523. Jim Finlayson, Specialty Research Doctor, NHS, Inverness
  1524. anonymous, Retired, MILTON KEYNES
  1525. Fran Smith, Customer service, LEEDS
  1526. Rebecca Reed, CRM Executive, WORTHING
  1527. Sarah Miller, Charity fundraising manager, East Sussex
  1528. Martin Phippard, Retired Civil Servant, Ilkley
  1529. J Beaven, Risk Manager, London
  1530. Nicoletta Landi, Data and Insights manager, Ovarian cancer action, London
  1531. Liz Quinlan, GP, NHS, Somerset
  1532. Roberto Gomes, N/a, London
  1533. Fiona Mccabe, Nurse, NHS
  1534. Judith Woodcock, Carer, Self employed, Worcestershire
  1535. Orange lorraine, Rochester
  1536. Dr Rina Patel, Palliative Medicine Consultant, Epsom and St Helier Hospitals NHS Trust, London
  1537. Clare English, RGN, General practice nurse and relative with myeloma., Kent
  1538. Professor Alison McCallum, Public health, Chair of ASPHER COVID-19 Vaccination Sub-Committee, Edinburgh
  1539. Dr Jeffrie Strang, Retired Director of Public Health, North Yorkshire
  1540. dr lucinda melcher, oncologist, London
  1541. Syvia Dhenin, retired, Virginia Water
  1542. Catherine Read, Retired radiographer, Wiltshire
  1543. Jacqueline Hitchen, Retired, Dawlish
  1544. Wilma Dale-Foulds, Sevenoaks
  1545. anonymous
  1546. Andrea Pisauro, reasearcher, University of Birmingham, OXFORD
  1547. Lisa Folan, Carer, London
  1548. Mike Byrne, Care
  1549. Bill Guest, Retired, Vulnerable and still worried, London
  1550. Gillian Williams, Pharmacist, Northampton General hospital, Northampton
  1551. Debbie Bray, Senior Nurse and cancer survivor, Scunthorpe
  1552. Paul Edwards, Civil Engineer, Swansea
  1553. Dr Helen R Goldrick, Emergency Medicine Consultant, NHS, Manchester
  1554. Mr C G Hoggarth, Bournemouth
  1555. Mary Purtill, Nurse, Potters Bar
  1556. Dr Katy Sutcliffe, Associate Professor, University College London (UCL), Lonodon
  1557. Dawn Guilfoyle, Carer, Greater london
  1558. Julie Flynn, Insight & Performance manger, BSC Hons Biomedical Science, now medical 3rd sector, London
  1559. Sammie McFarland, CEO, Long Covid Kids, Dorset
  1560. Christine Robbins, Retired, Retirement, Lincolnshire
  1561. Claire, St columb major
  1562. David Brookes, Retired Principal Officer, Local Government, Holmfirth
  1563. Dr Susannah Mitchell, GP, NHS Fife, Dunfermline
  1564. Alice Ashcroft, Management Consultant, 24 months suffering with Long Covid, Staffordshire
  1565. Mark Noble, Retired, London
  1566. Helen Neuenschwander, GP, NHS, Lymington
  1567. Dr Janet Amakye, GP, Locum, London
  1568. Andy Macphee, Retired, London
  1569. Tom Boyles, Infectious Diseases specialist, Wits, Johannesburg
  1570. Emilio Di Lisio, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Hunter 2000, Romford
  1571. Dr Lucy Wright, Research Scientist, Cambridge
  1572. Clare Vines, Teacher, Boston
  1573. Dr Ernesto Priego, Senior Lecturer, City, University of London, Bristol
  1574. Brian W Phillips, Retired scientist, Institute of Biology, Sherborne. Dorset
  1575. Claire Copperman, Bath
  1576. Darrel Watson, Licensee, WDP Leisure, London
  1577. Dr Yvonne Cartwright, Consultant Palliative Care, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge
  1578. Mimi Gordon, Retired, Hull
  1579. Dr John Trattles, Academic Tutor, Newcastle upon Tyne
  1580. Jayne Clarke, Clinically vulnerable and worried citizen, N/A, EXETER
  1581. Sheila Holmes MSc, Retired scientist, PHE, Oxford
  1582. Dr K Moore, NHS Clinician, Powys tHB, Shropshire
  1583. Barbara Murray, Musician, Worried about husband immunocompromied by cancer treatment, Wells
  1584. Lilly Evans, NHS FT Governor, Ascot
  1585. Fiona Roberts, Retired clinical oncologist, St James Univerisity Hosptial, Stamford Bridge, York
  1586. Claire Thacker, Retired, Citizen of uk, Exeter
  1587. Roman Zwicky, Professor, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh
  1588. Lesley Pain, Retired Senior Occupational Health Nurse Manager
  1589. gillian heather price, retired, sheffield
  1590. RD, Psychologist, Camden & Islington NHS Trust, London
  1591. Laura Dominguez, Professor, University of Southampton, Southampton
  1592. Sue Brand, Retired Testicular Cancer Nurse Specialist, Barnstaple
  1593. Michael Campbell, Enabler, Clancy, Reading
  1594. Deborah Stephenson, Na, London
  1595. MICHELLE RICHARD, Teacher, Malvern
  1596. Becca Hall, GP, NHS, Glastonbury
  1597. Kate Ward
  1598. Graham Scott, Lecturer in Psychology, University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow
  1599. Will Newman MSc BSc, Physiologist, Canterbury
  1600. cecile philippe, Institut Molinari, Director, ISSY LES MOULINEAUX
  1601. Nicola Kerrison, Data analyst, Cambridge
  1602. Mark Atkinson, retired, Mendham, Harleston
  1603. anonymous
  1604. Emma Sinclair, GP, London
  1605. Fiona Davey MPH, Registered UKPHR practitioner, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Southampton
  1606. Adele Gilmour, Manager, Cardiff
  1607. EJ Smith, Anaesthetist, London
  1608. Celia Norman, Retired, London
  1609. Dr Simon Lennane, GP, NHS, Ross-on-Wye
  1610. Matthew James, Microbiologist, Legionella Consultant, PORTSMOUTH
  1611. anonymous
  1612. Lesley McLean, Doctor (FRCR), NHS (retired), Newcastle
  1613. Andrea Blay, Retired, Ex nurse consultant critical care, London
  1614. Tony George-Owens, Actor, tonyowens.co.uk, Honley
  1615. Corinne Prescott, Oxford
  1616. Sandy Paul, cancer survivor, London
  1617. Shu-Ti Chiou, Professor, Health & Sustainable Development Foundation, Taipei
  1618. Muhammad Arshad, Doctor, Health, London
  1619. Julie McDonald, Consultant Anaesthetist, NHS Grampian, Aberdeen
  1620. Sophie Bagnall, Student, Leicester
  1621. Dr Kerry Bramley, FY2 Doctor, Nottingham
  1622. Pam Hinks, Self employed, Worcestetshire
  1623. Dr Jo Davis, writer and patient advocate, London
  1624. Paul Spaven, Trustee, The Brightwell, Bristol
  1625. Dr Rebecca Macfarlane, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust, Epsom
  1626. Graham J Gamblin, Health Sciences Librarian, Birmingham
  1627. Dr Dina Kronhaus, Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, Cambridge, University of Cambridge
  1628. A Hindocha, Doctor, NHS, Manchester
  1629. Laura Bishop, Chef, Truro
  1630. Andrew Stephens, Veterinarian, Isleham
  1631. Saqib Hasan, Paediatric Emergency Medicine Doctor, Glasgow
  1632. Dr Darren Conway PhD, Lawyer, Bridge McFarland, Lincoln
  1633. Sarah Shaw, Teacher
  1634. Stephen.todd@outlook.com, Retired, CHEADLE HULME
  1635. Wayne, Carer
  1636. Andrew Desmond, Retired, weymouth.born@gmail.com, York
  1637. daphne wiggett, Retired, Nursing Sister RSCN, Shifnal
  1638. Anne Townsend, Health Researcher, Lancaster University, Teignmouth
  1639. Chris steele, Key worker, Cothrom, Daliburgh
  1640. Simon Bradley, General Medical Practitioner, Concord Medical Centre, Bristol
  1641. Ian Grant, Retired, Ex Consultant in ICM, Edinburgh
  1642. Joe Grainger-Hull, Postgraduate researcher, London
  1643. Paul Bennett, Admin, N/a, Brighton
  1644. Geoff Bowen, Retired, None, Norwich
  1645. Sue Hesketh, Retired deputy head teacher
  1646. Christopher Fellows CChem, Chemist
  1647. Dr Stephanie Foulkes, GP and Medical Examiner
  1648. Rose Buchan, Retired Nurse, Glenrothes
  1649. Ila Dhupelia, Retired Anaesthetist, London
  1650. Dr. Fernando Acosta, MD, Fundación Ruth Paz, Honduras
  1651. Margaret Davidson, Retired NHS, ESSEX
  1652. Dr David Berger, GP, Former UK GP, now Australia, Barnstaple
  1653. Sylvia Hopper, Carer, Carer to someone with Polio and now cancer, Bromsgrove
  1654. Dr Sarah Wookey, GP, Kings College Hospital, London
  1655. Mike Sweetman, Hitchin
  1656. Ian Tomlinson
  1657. karyn davies, MH nurse lecturer, University of south wales, bridgend
  1658. Dr Alan MacNicoll, Research Scientist, Retired, Belford
  1659. Barbara Farneti, Newhall
  1660. sukhpal Singh, chandlers ford
  1661. Dr Melinda Creme, GP, London
  1662. Sazia Samad, Doctor, London
  1663. Lee Garner, postdoctoral research scientist, University of Oxford (AJ), Oxford
  1664. Susan Lawson, Retired PR Consultant, Indigo-CIP, Nerja
  1665. John Clarkson, London
  1666. Nicky Butler, Retired, Concerned for relative with blood cancer, Newcastle
  1667. Dr Alison Gill, Consultant Respiratory Physician, Nottingham University Hospitals, Nottingham
  1668. Dr Sara Al-Atassi, GP, London
  1669. Susan Bowie, GP, Hillswick HC, Shetland
  1670. Sian Rees, writer, Brighton
  1671. anonymous, Social care Director, R. E. A. C. H, Bucks
  1672. Professor Katrina Turner, Academic, University of Bristol, Bristol
  1673. Susan mcdonald, Retired
  1674. Adrian smith, Lead support, Brandon trust, Gloucestershire
  1675. R Barnard, GP NHS, South Shields
  1676. Dave, Retired
  1677. Dr Sarah Brennan, Research Fellow, Dietitian, Public Health, Queen's University Belfast, Belfast
  1678. Philip Ireland, Retired technologist, Retired, Hungerford
  1679. Dr Morag Kerr, Veterinary surgeon, worked in disease control, retired, Edinburgh
  1680. anonymous, Editor, BTL, Amersham
  1681. Jenny Day, Retired research consultant and support specialist, Retired, Exeter
  1682. Matthew Beardmore
  1683. Iresh Cueto, Senior Critical Care Outreach, University Hospitals Birmingham, Birmingham
  1684. Dr Clive Peedell, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, NHS, Middlesbrough
  1685. Ian Jordan, IT Manager, Health Education England, Bristol
  1686. Tracy Palmer, Professor of Microbiology, Newcastle University, Newcastle
  1687. Ms Angela Gilchrist, Clinical Psychologist, Angela Gilchrist Psychology, Sevenoaks
  1688. Dr Rosalind Marns, GP, Birmingham
  1689. Joy Taylor-Cowling, Retired Microbiologist, Staffordshire
  1690. Anna Wylie, GP, Cambridge
  1691. Christine Peters, Doctor, NHSGGC, Glasgow
  1692. Gianluca Bregoli, Management Consultant, London
  1693. Erum Jamall, Consultant Paediatrician, Barnet
  1694. Jayne Bullock, Teacher, Portsmouth
  1695. Nicola Jones
  1696. Stuart E. Smalley MBE, Ex NHS Trust CEO
  1697. Caroline Bell, Doctor, NHS, Belfast
  1698. Dr Claire Hastie, Lecturer in Public Health, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  1699. Richard chan, Business owner, Skipton
  1700. Dr Deborah Stalker, Paediatrician, Taunton
  1701. Emma Brackenbury, Huddersfield
  1702. Julie Marsh, Retired Biomedical Scientist, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  1703. Grant Creaney, Clinical Lecturer in Dental Public Health, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  1704. Jane Brammer, Stoke on Trent
  1705. Jennifer Vernon, Business Development Manager, Southern Brooks Community Partnerships, Bristol
  1706. Louise Davis, Associate Clinical Professor, University of Warwick, Coventry
  1707. Rosemary Huggins, Milton Keynes
  1708. Dr John Gibson, Consultant Intensive Care, NHS, King's lynn
  1709. Valerie Palmer, Retired GP, Carlisle
  1711. Elizabeth Jordan, Knowledge Specialist, Health Education England, Bristol
  1712. Davidson Chademana, Retired Lecturer, Self, Kirkcaldy
  1713. Sarah Baker
  1714. Professor Thomas Scharf, Professor of Social Gerontology, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
  1715. John endersby, Retired, Mansfield
  1716. Yaneer Bar-Yam, Scientist, NECSI, Cambridge
  1717. Gordon Saxty
  1718. Dr Katherine Twomey, Lecturer, University of Manchester, Manchester
  1719. Robert Aunger, Researcher, LSHTM, London
  1720. Sam Dean, Journalist, Freelance, Marlow
  1721. Huw Morgan, London
  1722. Jennifer Mcwee, Paediatric Oncology Sister, NHS, Harrogate
  1723. Michael Head, Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton, Southampton
  1724. Margarita Thomson, GP, NHS, London
  1725. Janine Illian, Professor of Statistical Science, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  1726. Steve Lawler, Retired, Human Race, Liverpool
  1727. Anna Dolphin, Brighton
  1728. Txiki Rabasco, Estate Manager, N/A, London
  1729. MaryCairns, London
  1730. Amanda Louise Ward, Registered Nurse, Coventry
  1731. Deborah Di Lisio, Clinically vulnerable patient, ROMFORD
  1732. Adrian Smith, HCA, London
  1733. Alan Woodall, Doctor and Honorary Resarch Fellow, Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  1734. Dr Colin Close, Consultant Physician, Retired, Taunton
  1735. Patricia Reilly, Data & Business Development Manager, London
  1736. Tim Walker, Retired, BYK Chemie, Brighouse
  1737. Rosetta Ceesay, Research Psychologist, Rosetta Ceesay, Manchester
  1738. Dr Sarah Marsden, Anaesthetic Registrar, Leeds
  1739. kristina kelly, GP, West Kent, Oxted
  1740. Alison Adam, Retired Professor, Sheffield Hallam University
  1741. Andrew Morgan, Solicitor, Graduate in Physics and Philosophy, London
  1742. Emma Howes, Teacher, Devon
  1743. Dr Lee Cainer, Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust, London
  1744. Tiff Housley, Somerset
  1745. Amanda McIntyre, Robertsbridge
  1746. Verónica Pereira, Nurse, Lisboa
  1747. Kate Shaughnessy, London
  1748. Uttam Sinha, Consultant Physician, Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust, Shrewsbury
  1749. L waterson, Internal Auditor, Warrington
  1750. heather allen, Retired anaesthetist, Newcastle upon tyne
  1751. Caroline Braithwaite, Retired, Burgess Hill
  1752. Dr Llinos Wells, GP, Llandaff North Medical Centre, Cardiff
  1753. Dr Tina Joshi, Lecture in Molecular Microbiology, University of Plymouth, Plymouth
  1754. Martin Malone, Educational Consultant, Harrogate
  1755. Linda Withwr, Housing Support Officer, The Mungo Foundation, Glasgow
  1756. Claire taylor, GP, Crieff
  1757. Christine Clavey, Carer, Houghton Regis
  1758. Professor John Coleman, Professor of Phonetics, University of Oxford, Oxford
  1759. Paula Clough, Housewife, Bedford
  1760. H Case, Retired, St Austell
  1761. Laura Auld, BLACKBURN
  1762. Dr Rachel Landau, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, London
  1763. Dr Anna-Marie O'Connor, Scientist, Ex FSS, Southampton, UK
  1764. Professor Karen Luyt, Neonatologist, NHS and University of Bristol, Bristol
  1765. Sucheta Tiwari, Psychiatry trainee, East London NHS Foundation Trust, London
  1766. Dr Anna Walisiewicz, dentist, Bupa, Brighton
  1767. Yogini Bhatia
  1768. Wendy Holden, Social Housing, Higher Ansty
  1769. Dr Nigel Blagg, Psychologist, NBA Solutions Ltd, Taunton
  1770. Olivia Davies, Geriatrics SAS doctor, University hospitals Dorset, Dorset
  1771. Eleanor Devereux, Registered nurse, Mansfield
  1772. Coral Jones, GP, NE London appraisal team, London
  1773. Paula Mason, Co. Dir. (ret), Psychologist/Educationalist, Nottingham
  1774. Sarah Gibbard, Dietitian, NHS, Buckinghamshire
  1775. Dr Christiane Harris, NHS, GP
  1776. Bronwyn Irving, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Leeds, Leeds
  1777. Shelley Bennett, HR Manager, Falcon Group, London
  1778. Helena Russell, Lunchtime controller, Kennel Lane School, Bracknell
  1779. Dr Miranda Brice, GP, BRAUNTON
  1780. Elizabeth Weston, Peacehaven
  1781. Michele Manziano, Perchtoldsdorf
  1782. Peter May, Retired
  1783. Tyler Horey, Student, Leeds
  1784. Wolfgang Wüster, Reader in Biology, Bangor University, Bangor
  1785. Dr Christopher Schoeb, GP, London
  1786. A Chapman-Hatchett, Director, The Health and Europe Centre, Kent
  1787. Paul Rayne, Fisherman, Plymouth
  1788. Keith Simpson, Retired, Labour Party, London
  1789. Simon Worthington
  1790. Susanna Spencer, Podiatrist, Self employed, Norwich
  1791. Dr Thorsten Brandt, Specialty Doctor, Plymouth
  1792. James Palmer MS FRCS, Retired, Carlisle
  1793. Nicholas Ripley, Burnley
  1794. Kate Harvie, GP, Hillside Practice, Middlesbrough
  1795. Raquel Fernandes, Teacher, Flintshire
  1796. Abdul Karim Shebani, Doctor, TRFT, Rotherham
  1797. Dr Theresa Howe, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Cardiff
  1798. Professor Daniel Jagger, Scientist, UCL, London
  1799. Amy Downing, Researcher, University of Leeds
  1800. Dr Pooja Mishra, GP, Leeds
  1801. Mrs J Hodgson, retired, Carlisle
  1802. Sarah Louise Hopkins Saul, CEO, Verrimus, Newcastle upon tyne
  1803. Benjamin Saunders, Lecturer in Applied Health Research, Keele University, Newcastle-under-Lyme
  1804. Alec Morley, Medical Student & CEV, Cambridge
  1805. Ray Alderson, Manchester
  1806. Caroline Oram, Retired, Cardiff
  1807. Lynn Williams, Unpaid carer, Carer campaigner, Paisley
  1808. Jo Harvey, Retired, Nil, London
  1809. Elizabeth Stott, Retired scientist
  1810. G Prout
  1811. karen burkett, retired, uckfield
  1812. Karen Boughton, Clinically vulnerable, Ex Senior Radiographer
  1813. Peter Thomas, Retired, Clinically Vulnerable, Worksop
  1814. Ian Crockford, Self Employed Minister, Birmingham
  1815. Janet Murray, Retirex, Warrington
  1816. Boris Johnson PM, Prime Minister, Self serving, London
  1817. Ali Keen, School Counsellor, Secondary School, Bristol
  1818. Kathryn Bauer, Company secretary or administrator, Ellesmere Port
  1819. Vivienne Coy, Retired teacher, Washington
  1820. Dr Ellen Grimås, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, London
  1821. Rebecca Mountain, Retired Nurse, London
  1822. Professor Neil Mabbott, Personal Chair in Immunopathology, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  1823. Craig Grannekk, Journalist, Freelance, Nearish to Londonish
  1824. Sue Khan, Retired Nurse, Durham
  1825. Sally-Anne Wherry, Senior Lecturer of Nursing, Gloucester
  1826. Chriss Jones, London
  1827. Chris Marsh, Sotware Engineer, St Asaph
  1828. jOhn Wallace, Advisor, NLRP 12, Autoinflammatory UK, Edinburgh
  1829. Norman Vetter, Editor-in-Chief, British Medical Bulletin, Cardiff
  1830. Claire Littlewood, Teacher, Primary School, Coventry
  1831. Dr David Nicholl, Clinical Lead for Neurology, Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust, Birmingham
  1832. dr sunimalee perera, GP, NHS, London
  1833. Dr Robert Stott-Marshall, Virologist, University Of Nottingham, Nottingham
  1834. Adam Kleczkowski, Professor, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  1835. Kairen Toman, North’s
  1836. Dr J V Hindle, Consultant Geriatrician Retired, Honorary Associate Professor, Abergele
  1837. Tom Phillips, Retired Scientist, Tutbury
  1838. Vivienne Gould, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, London
  1839. Laura Foster, Advanced Critical Care Practitioner, NHS, Birmingham
  1840. David Lent, HM Forces, MOD, Warminster
  1841. Terry Coaker, Retired Biomedical scientist, NuTH nhs trust, Newcastle
  1842. LJ McAuley, GP, Glasgow
  1843. paul jenkinson, GRIMSBY
  1844. anonymous
  1845. Ravi Mani, Doctor, Airedale General Hospital
  1846. Teresa Dundovic, Registered Nurse, N Hampshire NHS Trust, Basingstoke
  1847. Patricia Barton, Retired, Sheffield
  1848. Danielle Johnson, Statistician, Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre, Manchester
  1849. Dr Lisa Milligan, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, Sherwood Forest NHS Trust, Nottingham
  1850. Alex Stirzaker, Clinical Psychologist, Gloucestershire
  1851. Jessica Lowes, Norwich
  1852. Professor Carol Bond, Professor, University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton
  1853. Domanic Mart, Undergraduate Student, University of Plymouth, Plymouth
  1854. Ryan Smart
  1855. Alexander Sinanan, Consultant Radiologist, NHS, Sheffield
  1856. Pamela Hopcroft, Brierfield
  1857. Dr Christopher Hughes, Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician & GP, London
  1858. Caroline Kelly, Norfolk
  1859. Rachna Chowla, GP, NHS, London
  1860. Megan Harris, Consultant in Public Health, Public Health Wales, Carmarthen
  1861. Jane Mardell, Business Manager, APEA, Cambrdige
  1862. Merie Eglesfield, Teacher, Worcestershire
  1863. Catherine Thomson, Physiotherapist, NHS, Haslemere
  1864. Dr Hannah Jennings, Lecturer Global Health, University of York, YORK
  1865. Tricia Greene, Social work Lecturer, Education, London
  1866. Noreen Soar, Doctor (retired), Nottingham
  1867. Peter Walsh, Retired
  1868. Dr Catrin Moore, Researcher, University of Oxford, Oxford
  1869. DR David jones, GP partner, NHS GRAMPIAN, Aberdeenshire
  1870. Garry Rice, Retired, BARTON UPON HUMBER
  1871. Katja Doerholt, Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases, St George’s University Hospital, London
  1872. Simon Hampton, IT Manager, Reading
  1873. Cecilia Heyes, Professor of Psychology, University of Oxford
  1874. vicki kirkham, manchester
  1875. Katherine McDermott, NHS Consultant, Rotherham
  1876. Dr Sian Arfon, GP, NHS, Bangor
  1877. Professor Alison Birtle, Consultant Oncologist, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, White
  1878. Nicola Bates, Stem cell research scientist, The University of Manchester, Manchester
  1879. David Shepherd FRCGP, Health Sciences, Leicester University & CCG, LEICESTER
  1880. K kaur, Nottingham
  1881. Dr Naushin Hossain, General Practitioner, Salisbury House Surgery, Leighton Buzzard
  1882. Dr Stephanie Chiu, Specialty Registrar, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
  1883. Michael Norman, IT Problem Manager, Numero UK Limited, London
  1884. Karla Weir, GP Appraiser, NHS Cumbria and North East
  1885. Jan Millar, Retired
  1886. Bhupendra Kumar Patel, Retired, pensioner. Vulnerable, None, Harrow
  1887. Susan Prince, Retired, Skegness
  1888. Claire Argyle, Long covid sufferer, NHS, Leeds
  1889. Alison Crail, Barrister (np), London
  1890. Antje Whitehurst, GP, Self Employed NHS, Ealing
  1891. Pauline Benet, Carer, Great Yarmouth
  1892. Dr Melanie Stapleton, scientist, University of Sheffield, Sheffield
  1893. Jacqui Ratcliffe, Office Administrator, Lincolnshire
  1894. Darren Brown, Physiotherapist, Chair, Long COVID Physio, London
  1895. Mark Signy, Cardiologist, Worthing
  1896. Caroline Douglas, STEM manager, Open University, Northampton
  1897. Dr Sethina Watson, Doctor, Bristol
  1898. Clive Dellard, Bath
  1899. Dr Emily Lister, GP, London
  1900. David Hutchings, Professor, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  1901. Laura B, CEV, York
  1902. Mrs J Lumsden, Registered Nurse, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, Westwell
  1903. Nina Gray
  1904. Julie Jackson, Retired, Leicester
  1905. Professor Stephen Marks, Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, University College London, London
  1906. Rupa Ark, Manager, Newcastle Under Lyme
  1907. Dian Dale, Wife / carer vulnerable husband, Manchester
  1908. Denise Ham, Retired specialist nurse, Surrey
  1909. Alison Browning, GP, NHS, Inverness
  1910. Vinod Tohani, Public Health Consultant, Independent, Armagh
  1911. Danielle Knott, Healthcare, NHS, Milton Keynes
  1912. Carla Lowndes, long covid sufferer, Shropshire
  1913. Prof Claudia Blindauer, Professor of Chemistry, University of Warwick, Coventry
  1914. Richard Sloan, Lecturer in Virology, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  1915. Gerard Morgan, Covid Clinical Lead, Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board, Greenock
  1916. Eleanor Parker, Retired, Midhurst
  1917. Gwyneth Guillebaud, Retired nurse, Oxford
  1918. Viv Dolby, Audit Midwife, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Bradford
  1919. Chris Simpson, Retired teacher , M.E. patient, Exmouth
  1920. Andrew Ashdown, retired, n.a., Milton Keynes
  1921. Mark Olive, eHealth & Biomedical Informatics researcher, UWE, Bristol
  1922. Jamie Wilson, Nurse, Wirral
  1923. bryan seddon, mechanic, garage, sunderland
  1924. La Resistensia, Retired, La Resistensia, Cadiz
  1925. Yasmin Friedmann PhD, Data Scientist, Swansea
  1926. David Levine, Retired Physician, N/A, Penzance
  1927. Michelle Jukes, Manchester
  1928. Nikki Reilly, Teacher, WORCESTER PARK
  1929. Dr Dawn Branley-Bell, Scientific Researcher, Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  1930. Stuart MacAllister, Disabled, Clinically Vulnerable Person, Bristol
  1931. Susanne Haberer, IT QA specialist
  1932. June Antoinette Necchi, Teacher, Wessex Cancer Trust, Bournemouth
  1933. Dr Susie Robinson, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, NHS, Sheffield
  1934. Dr. Rebecca Inglis, ICU doctor, University of Oxford, Oxford
  1935. Dr Peter Kay MRCP FRCPsych, Retired
  1936. James Whitehorn, Consultant Microbiologist & Infectious Diseases Physician, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, Cambridge
  1937. John Forristal, London
  1938. Dr Helen McNair, Therapeutic Radiographer, Royal Marsden NHS Trust
  1939. Dr Saima Chaudhry, GP SPR, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, Whittington Scheme, London
  1940. Jenny Lumsden RN, Registered Nurse, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, Maidstone
  1941. Richard Badge, Associate Professor, University of Leicester, Leicester
  1942. Paul Kingston, Chartered Scientist and Engineer, IChemE IMechE, Guildford
  1943. Kelly Lambert, consultant surgeon, University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust, Leicester
  1944. Georgia Newman, Clinically vulnerable, London
  1945. Holly newman, Carer, Lymington
  1946. John Walker Ph.D, Environmental scientist, Environmental Protection, Lexington KY
  1947. Sharon Downham, Retail, West Sussex
  1948. Julia Brassey, Mother, N/a, Wirral
  1949. Williams Rachel, Nurse, Nhs, Newport
  1950. Leigh Chambers, Science Teacher, London
  1951. David Whitcombe, Science Director, Destina Genomics, Rosslyn Lane, Northwich
  1952. Gemma Cave, Teacher, Birmingham
  1953. Taranveer Atwal, Slough
  1954. Pam Davies, Retired, Parent CEV son, Southwold
  1955. Adrian Faiers, Campaigner, Chelmsford
  1956. Philip Sherwin, retired, n/a, Folkestone
  1957. Kathy Condon, Retired NHS doctor, Broxbourne
  1958. Dr Christine M Beavers, Scientist, Diamond Light Source, Didcot
  1959. Sharon Smythe, Early Year's Teacher, Shelswell and Fringford Pre-School, Oxfordshire
  1960. Chiara Marletto, Research Fellow, University of Oxford, Oxford
  1961. David Hopcroft, Retired, Retired lecturer, Nelson
  1962. Polina Sparks, Analyst; Employment Group advocate, Long Covid Support, Manchester
  1963. Dr Julie Patterson, GP, Bradford
  1964. Robert Newton, retired, Harrogate
  1965. Y tsim, Therapist, Pingpingbowen, Horsham
  1966. Ian McDermott, Retired, Colchester
  1967. Yvonne GRunder, lecturer, Liverpool
  1968. Derek Gott, Retired, Cheltenham
  1969. Charlotte Weston, British Nuclear Medicine Society, NOTTINGHAM
  1970. Antonia Crowther, Publisher, York
  1971. Dr Gavin Stewart, Scientist, Director Evidence Synthesis Lab, University of Newcastle, Newcastle
  1972. Katherine Deane, Associate Professor in Healthcare Research, University of East Anglia, Norwich
  1973. Dr Michael Doyle, Retired, Southport
  1974. Keith Gymer, Retired Patent Attorney, Datchworth
  1975. Dr Tami Kramer, Consultant Child Psychiatrist, , London
  1976. Nestor Serrano, Researcher and nurse, University of Southampton, Southampton
  1977. Laurence Moore, Professor, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  1978. Dr. Preeti Singh, GP, Kent
  1979. GRAINNE M O'CONNELL, ANP, Primary care, Carryduff
  1980. Catherine Needs, Foundation Doctor, Wirral University Teaching Hospitals, Liverpool
  1981. Jemma Franklin, PhD Student (microbiology), University of Nottingham, Nottingham
  1982. liz holland, retired, Gateshead
  1983. Dr Naomi Harvey, BSc, PhD, AFHEA, Biologist, Cambridge
  1984. Dr Matt Burleigh, Reader, University of Leicester, Leicester
  1985. Dr Amy Jebreel, Psychiatrist, NHS, London
  1986. Jill Belch, Doctor, University of Dundee/NHS Tayside, Dundee
  1987. Fiona Stephens, Author, Gloucester
  1988. Mark Bishop, Bus driver, London transport, London
  1989. Bob Dickson, Retired, Vulnerable patient, Market Drayton
  1990. M Hayes, Manchester
  1991. Jayne Larkin, Consultant Paediatrician, Belfast
  1992. Dr Helen Day, GP, NHS, Yeovil
  1993. Celia Bailey, Colchester
  1994. Francis Kinsler, Retired, Bournemouth
  1995. Linda Adamson, Retired Nurse/Midwife, Manchester
  1996. Mrs Jean Tulloch, Retired Deputy Head of special school, Wigan
  1997. Dr Giulia Corona, Senior Lecturer, University of Roehampton, London
  1998. Gail Cave, Childminder, Birmingham
  1999. Dr Alan Hassey, GP (retired), None, Skipton
  2000. Ruth Ingram, Virology PhD, Stockport
  2001. Jillian Carew, Teacher, None, Ormskirk
  2002. Ellen Marie O'Sullivan, Sister Critical care, UHCW, Coventry
  2003. Shazia Ovaisi, GP, Thurleigh Road Practice (NHS), London
  2004. Dr. Aarren Mannion, Former PhD student, University of Leeds, Leeds
  2005. peter holland, retired, Gateshead
  2006. Patricia Brennan, Retired, Glasgow
  2007. George Brawley, Retired, n/a, Stonehaven
  2008. Denyer Kittle, GP, Sandwich Medical Practice, Canterbury
  2009. Karen bellamy, Company director, UK Gossip Girls Networking Ltd, STOCKPORT
  2010. Julia Haynes, Field Technician, University of Oxford, Oxford
  2011. Ian Reveley, Mr, Horwich, Bolton
  2012. Emma Shaughnessy, Policymaker, NHSE/I, London
  2013. Graham Sivills FBCS, Retired, Rochdale
  2014. Helen Cherry, Retired Nurse/Social Worker with diabetes and heart disease., Cambridgeshire
  2015. Annette Kelly, Harrow
  2016. Mr Simon Leyshon, School Administrator, Surrey
  2017. Lyn Prendergast, PA, London
  2018. Elizabeth Roberts, Retired 68 year old with long term chest problems, Retired, Strathclyde
  2019. N Tucker, Retired, 13 WOODMAN ROAD WARLEY,BRENTWOOD,CM14 5BG
  2020. Vicky Kusnierz, Microbiologist / daughter of CEV, Na, Telford
  2021. Deborah Addison, Engagement Officer, Gen2, Whitehaven
  2022. Darryll Monroe, ACP, LEEDS
  2023. Stewart Jennings, HALIFAX
  2024. AnneClose, Retired ICU nurse, Taunton
  2025. Jeff Rowland, Retired, None, Mansfield
  2026. Dr Liz Main, GP Partner, NHS, London
  2027. Sharon woodrow,
  2028. Mr Dave Farmer, Clinically extremely vulnerable, Nottingham
  2029. Derekk Ross, Actor, Cornwall
  2030. Sandra Halifax, Retired, Hungerford
  2031. Roisin McCarthy, Psychiatry junior doctor, Leicestershire Partnership Trust, Leicester
  2032. Nicole Barnes, MSc student, University of Bristol, Bristol
  2033. Mrs Sandra Higgins, Concerned Citizen, DUNBLANE
  2034. Suzanne Renwick, Head of Clinical Practice Services, Myeloma UK, Edinburgh
  2035. Jim Shanks, Retired, Stirling
  2036. David Hatchett, Retired, N/A, Belper Lane End, Belper
  2037. Dr. Irene Tosetti, MPH candidate, LSHTM, London
  2038. June todd, Gp retired, Coventry
  2039. Amanda Sheldon, Principal First Aider, Secondary school, Chelmford
  2040. Amanda Evans, ICU nurse, Wales
  2041. John Smith, Nurse, Guys & St Thomas's NHS, LONDON
  2042. Helen Tedcastle, Shrewsbury
  2043. Prof Jacqui Hamilton, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, University of York, York
  2044. Dr Kelly Fearnley, Dr, Bradford Royal Infirmary, Leeds
  2045. izzy, student, london
  2046. MR ANDREW LUMLEY, Biomedical Scientist, NHS, Sheffield
  2047. Julie Cropper, Nurse Specialist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds
  2048. Anne Dyas, Retired microbiologist and infection prevention specialist, Retired NHS, Solihull
  2049. David Stalder, Retired, Bicester
  2050. Ilana Shein, Community paediatrician, Royal Free Nhs foundation Trust, London
  2051. LOUISE ARIMATSU, researcher, East Twickenham
  2052. Charlotte Rogerson, Nurse, NHS, Wrexham
  2053. Sally McDonald, Retired, SWANSEA
  2054. Susan Wray, Clinically vulnerable, Manchester
  2055. Dr Caroline Brett, Health Psychologist and university lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool
  2056. Dr Nigel Jacobs, Psychotherapist
  2057. Jonathan Sumner, Retired Business Consultant, London
  2058. dr Mary Sathananthan, GP, London
  2059. Lynn Presland, Retired, Chesterfield
  2060. Professor Stuart Conway, Professor of Chemistry, University of Oxford, Oxford
  2061. Nicola Reed, Medical Scientist, Birmingham
  2062. Pardeep Thiara, Research Analyst, Climefort, London
  2063. Madhuri Bose, Human Rights Defender, BLF, London
  2064. Mrs Fiona R Dawson, Microbiologist, Ashbourne
  2065. Tracey Dobb, Mother of vulnerable daughter, Nottinghamshire
  2066. Cindy Brooks, Researcher, Southampton
  2067. James Lowes, Medical Biochemist, Wroxham, Norfolk
  2068. Alastair Machin, retired, eastbourne
  2069. Abirami Subanandan, Consultant Geriatrician, Luton
  2070. Phil Wolstenholme, Rope Access Technician, SHEFFIELD
  2071. Catherine Boulton, Social worker, Wales
  2072. Dr Ian MacInnes, Physician, NHS, Sheffield
  2073. Kelly Tweedie, Advanced Specialist Pharmacist- Cystic Fibrosis, Stoke on Trent
  2074. Graham Smith, Retired biochemist, Retired ex leeds university, Leeds
  2075. leeanne kilminster, Marketing manager
  2076. Amanda Dowdney, Retired Nurse, EAST MOLESEY
  2077. Jill Simpson, Retired nurse, Newport
  2078. Professor Roopen Arya, Consultant Haematologist, King’s College Hospital, London
  2079. Christopher G Street, Medicinal Chemist / Science & Maths Tutor, TutorMaster, Christchurch
  2080. Jon wakeford, Scheme manager, Student accommodation, Bristol
  2081. Oana Stroe, Communications Officer, Cambridge
  2082. Hannah Hassan, Student, Edinburgh
  2083. LESLEY MFON, Teacher, Education dept, London
  2084. Susan Reed, Medical Scientist, Birmingham
  2085. Sheelagh Littlewood, Retired, Nhs, Nottingham
  2086. Dr Geoff Dabies, Occupational Physician, NHS, Bournemouth
  2087. Dr Bala Sathananthan, Lecturer, London
  2089. Georgina, Trainee Solicitor, Manchester
  2090. Colin Marsh, Retired Biomedical Scientist, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  2091. Paul Mizen, Consultant Acute Physician, ABUHB, Cardiff
  2092. Emilia Dobb, Geoscientist, Clinically vulnerable, Nottinghamshire
  2093. Joanna McLean, Clinically vulnerable, Gateshead
  2094. Illona Kell, SODP, James Cook University Hospital, Saltburn
  2095. Lynne Rees, Tetired
  2096. Stephen Spencer, Retired, Fakenham, Norfolk
  2097. Anne Collins, Laboratory scientist, Cardiff
  2098. anonymous
  2099. Ruth Anderson, Student Support, Peterborough Regional College, Peterborough
  2100. dr armanda Finn, gp, the oaks partnership, swanley
  2101. Christos Bergeles, Reader, King's College London, London
  2102. david kane, clinically vulnerable, doncaster
  2103. Richard Knight, Volunteer worker, Lincolnshire
  2104. Alison Thomas, Research scientist, London
  2105. Deborah Sadler, Retired, BILLERICAY
  2106. Louise Clarke, Registered nurse, York
  2107. Gillian Owens, Disabled Civil Servant, Classic Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Civil Service, Liverpool
  2108. Samantha McDonald, Learning Support Assistant, London
  2109. Emma Lawrence, Family Coach, Mother of CEV child, Brighton
  2110. Rohit Makhija, Doctor, NWAFT, Peterborough
  2111. Jos Bell, Community Public Health, Past chair SHAL, London
  2112. anonymous, Unemployed, Burnley
  2113. Deborah King, Unpaid Carer
  2114. Erik Feriotto, Director, ISI, London
  2115. Tom Austin, Teacher, Cambridge School, CAMBRIDGE
  2116. Rosalind Kent, Retired GP, Transition Eynsham Area, Witney
  2117. Helena Turner, Retired
  2118. Adrian Baker, Consultant Occupational Physician, Private
  2119. Pauline Murphy
  2120. J A Tulloch, Retired, Wigan
  2121. Priya Rauli, HR advisor, London
  2122. Christina Barratt, Long Covid unemployed, Manchester
  2123. Verity Outram, London
  2124. J Kirk, Belfast
  2125. Christine Milne, Retired, Torquay
  2126. Dr Urwah Abdul Rahman, GP, Nottingham
  2127. Jill Grahsm, GP, London
  2128. Tamara Joffe, GP, NHS, London
  2129. Sally Lawson, Professor Emeritus of Physiology, University of Bristol, Bristol
  2130. Judy Mansfield, Celebrant, Biggleswade
  2131. Rosie Sherry, Retired, Grantham
  2132. Clare Vickers, Sheffield
  2133. James Glen, Founding Member, Long Covid Support, London
  2134. Nadia Stewart, Unpaid carer, Liverpool
  2135. Dr. Andrew Harbit, Doctor, North Yorkshire
  2136. Val Gherasim, Psychiatry Trainee, Newcastle upon Tyne
  2137. Kathryn breslin, Engineer, Raf, Huddersfield
  2138. Keith Walker, Metallurgist, Consultant, Brigg
  2139. Emma Brown, Bristol
  2140. Dr Justin Hassett, Consultant Occupational Physician, Private, Portsmouth
  2141. carol bray, retired, Exeter
  2142. Tara Vanhpnacker, Cosmologist, Earth, somewhere
  2143. Vivienne Goulding, Teacher, CHORLEY
  2144. Christine Thomas, Dental Hygienist, Swansea
  2145. Cevin Cornwall, Retired, Southampton
  2146. Rosie Shire, GP, Quay Healthcare, Lymm
  2147. Emma Rodber, Student Nurse, West Sussex
  2148. Philip Rutherford, Amsterdam
  2149. Emma Rhodes, Building Officer, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Luton
  2150. Natasha Benson, Lead advanced Practitioner Radiographer, St Helens & Knowsley NHS Teaching Hospitals Trust, Prescot
  2151. Steve G., Retired, Isle of Wight
  2152. Gail Smith, Physiotherapist, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Tyne and Wear
  2153. Maureen, Retired, Essex
  2154. Simon East, Surgical care practitioner, York and Scarborough NHS trust, Scarborough
  2155. Ron Connolly, Retired electrician, Wigan
  2156. Christopher Pipe, UX architect, New Malden
  2157. Dr Polly Nyiri, GP, NHS, London
  2158. Ms Jacqueline H. Norman, N/A, None, Coventry
  2159. Elaine Lloyd, Customer service rep, Exporta global, Kinross
  2160. Stephen D Everson, Retired, , NEWARK
  2161. Amanda Woods, Consultant, Private Practice, London
  2162. Simon Hester, Consultant Intensivist, Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust, Telford
  2163. Dr Barry McAree, Consultant Surgeon, NHSCT, Antrim N.Ireland
  2164. Charlotte Richardson, Journalist, Kingston upon Thames
  2165. Anita Attala, Advanced Dietitian, CNTW Foundation Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne
  2166. Arvind Kumar, Consultant Physician & Geriatrician, University Hospitals of Bristol and Weston (NHS) & SIRONA Care, Bristol
  2167. Victoria Holder B(H)Sc A.C.I.B, Finance Director, Erion Limited, Lochinver
  2168. Joan Dolphin, Retired, Eastbourne
  2169. margaret fletcher, midwife, manchester foundation trust, Stockton Heath
  2171. CAROLE LONERGAN, Retired, None, BURY
  2172. Abigail Saada, Retired, Clevedon
  2173. Scott Weich, Professor of Mental Health, ScHARR, University of Sheffield, Sheffield
  2174. Dr Louise Evans, GP, NHS, Burton-on-trent
  2175. Andrew Morgan, Disabled Person, Other woodworking
  2176. Jennie Sherman, Bury St. Edmunds
  2177. Martin Bowers, Managing Director, Laystall engineering Co Ltd, Wolverhampton
  2178. Victoria Cooper, Registered Nurse, Guy's and St Thomas's NHS Foundation trust, Bognor Regis
  2179. anonymous
  2180. Mobina Begum, Leeds
  2181. Julie Bennett, Teacher, Chelmsford
  2182. Amy Williams, Senior AICU Sister, Uhl nhs trust, Leicester
  2183. Sheridan Hanney, Retired, Birmingham
  2184. Theresa Cornes, Retired nurse, NHS, Bedford
  2185. Dr John Sutherst, Retired surgeon, Liverpool
  2187. Christina grundy, Manager, Hospitality sector, Brighton
  2188. Kirsty, Carer vulnerable child, St albans
  2189. Dr Rae Duncan, Consultant Cardiologist & LC Researcher, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  2190. Farid saada, Retired, Clevedon
  2191. mohan sathyamoorthy, Anaesthesia, NHS, London
  2192. Andrew Larner, Musician, Sandwich
  2193. Yvonne Blay, Retired, Eastbourne
  2194. Jill MacKay PhD, Lecturer (STEMM Education), University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  2195. barbara jennings, Professor of Genetics in Medical Education, Norwich Medical School, UEA, Norwich
  2196. Len Dolphin, Semi retired music teacher, Eastbourne
  2197. Sally Goffin-Adams, Unable to work due to Long Covid, St Albans
  2198. Gary Bridge, Retired, Derbyshire
  2199. Jean Gott, Retired, Cheltenham
  2200. Amanda Clark, Abingdon
  2201. Alan Helliwell, Retired, Ashby de la Zouch
  2202. Margaret Burrell, Carer of extremely vulnerable 93 year old, Nottingham
  2203. Louise Donnelly, Manager, Edinburgh
  2204. Bernard Walsh, Retired, Non, Chester
  2205. Lynn Wishart, Emergency services, Fife
  2206. Robert James Beveridge, Non-executive Director, Inspiration Healthcare plc, Reading
  2207. Helen Vecht, retired medical practitioner, Edgware
  2208. Claire Wakefield, Group Quality Manager, BPS Ltd Pharmaceutical, Emsworth W.Sussex
  2209. Claude Samaran, Online trader, London
  2210. Dr David Holder CEng FIET MIEEE, Director and Consultant, Erion Ltd, Lochinver
  2211. David O'Loughlin, PhD Candidate, MRC Toxicology Unit, Cambridge
  2212. gillian duffy haran, Retired nurse, Clinically vulnerable, Thornaby on Tees
  2213. Sharon Maguire, Staff Nurse, NHSGGC, Glasgow
  2214. Margaret O'Hara, Research Professional, University Hospitals Birmingham, Birmingham UK
  2215. Lara Roberts, Consultant Haematologist, London
  2216. Ian Latta, Retired, Moffat
  2217. Morag Forbes, Public Health Nurse and Midwife, London
  2218. doreen ogden, retired, elderly and vulnerable, Blackpool
  2219. Rich Walker, Company Director, London
  2220. Kai Hui Leong, Chartered engineer, Bentley Motors, Liverpool
  2221. Leigh Beech, Nr Wolverhampton, South Staffordshire
  2222. Arnold Wilkins, neuropsychologist, University of Essex, Colchester
  2223. Jacqueline Claisse, Actor, London
  2224. Dr Abigail Hine, Consultant Anaesthetist, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton
  2225. Annette Shelford, Science learning consultant, Cambridge
  2226. Nina Hartstone, Self Employed, Windsor
  2227. Cam W, Sales, WWIB, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  2228. Evelyn Balsells, Course organiser/Epidemiologist, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  2229. Laura Mylott, Respiratory Physiotherapist, Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care, London
  2230. Andy Kipling, Unemployed, Southwick
  2231. Virginia Hill, Retired, Durham
  2232. Stella Knox, Retired. Carer, Leeds
  2233. STEVEN BRADBURN, Disabled, CONWY
  2234. Tracey Ormes, Clinical support & vaccinator, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London
  2235. Nessa Carey, Author, Norwich
  2236. Mrs Z J Sharpe, Engineer, Cambridge
  2237. Eve Bury, BLACKBURN
  2238. Linda Whitney, Carer, N/a, SHREWSBURY
  2239. Jan Dart, Jersey
  2240. Sue Marshall, Retired Registered Nurse, NHS, Leeds
  2241. Aileen Smith, Consultant Hepatologist, Plymouth
  2242. Dr Andrew Seal, Public health researcher, University College London, London
  2243. Emma Lock, Manager, Driving School, Tadcaster
  2244. S J Rogers, Burnley
  2245. claudia Paoloni, Aarsthetist, University Hospital Bristol & Weston, Bristol
  2246. Marylou Murray, Retired GP, NHS, Belfast
  2247. Paula Keay, Nurse Practitioner, Redhill
  2248. Samantha Sykes, Carer of 3 vulnerable people in our household, Cumbria
  2249. Dr Ian Barros D’Sa, Consultant Radiologist, Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, Birmingham
  2250. Sandi Hutton, Consultant Paediatrician (retired), WHSSB NI, Derry
  2251. Margaret Lambert, Self employed, Cumbria
  2252. Jennifer Ault, Teacher, None, Reading
  2253. Chris Cherry, Retired, Clinically extremely vulnerable, Driffield
  2254. Rujuta Bance, Surgeon, Nhs, St Albans
  2255. Clive Richards, Teacher, Chalfont St Giles
  2256. Sandra Walton-Betancourtj, Consultant Paediatrician, Cambridge University Hospital, Cambridge
  2257. Dr Anna Stern, Consultant Occupational Physician, London
  2258. Louise Henstock, Senior Lecturer, Salford University, Manchester
  2259. Cash Singh, Social Worker, NHS, Manchester
  2260. Paul Stackhouse, Salesperson, Manchester
  2261. Joanna Youngs, 1:1 Teaching assistant & tutor, Altrincham
  2262. Fiona Dorrington, Pharmacist, Frimley Health NHS FOUNDATION TRUST
  2263. Alasdair McNab, Retired, Nottingham
  2264. Anthony E kemp, Registered Nurse, Axminster
  2265. Laura Gillanders, Midwife, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough
  2266. Timothy Patrick Driscoll, Camberley
  2267. Peter Wilkinson, Retired, Stockport
  2268. Jane McKay, Retired, Durham
  2269. David, Father of Disabled son., Shrewsbury
  2270. Dr Helen Wright, Research Fellow, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  2271. Tony Terry, Retired Science Teacher, Liverpool
  2272. Susan Farrow, Musician, London
  2273. Richard J Miller, Paramedic, Basingstoke
  2274. Charles Ebikeme, LSE, London
  2275. Dr Michelle Wragg, Services Project Manager, Aylesbury
  2276. nigel beech, OFFICE MANAGER, amp electrical ltd, cheddar
  2277. J conder, Retired firefighter, NA, Tadcaster
  2278. Tom Henry, Retired public health engineer engineer, Huddersfield
  2279. Judy Huang, GP, Medicentral medical center, Sydney
  2280. Claire Elliott, Midwife, Kent
  2281. elizabeth aitken, Research technician, Bristol
  2282. James Mure, Retired engint, Southwell
  2283. William Langan, Retired, None, Tunbridge Wells
  2284. Richard Harris, Retired, Southampton
  2285. Dr Hugh Millington, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London
  2286. anonymous, Administrator, Slough
  2287. Chris Ward, retired, retired teacher of science, Kettering
  2288. Cregan Boyd, Director, Rebecca charity, Belfast
  2289. kristin tunley-smith, Warrington
  2290. Melissa Caringi, Romford
  2291. Joyce Clegg, Retired, Brighton
  2292. Christopher Brown, Nottingham
  2293. Avril Washington, Consultant Paediatrician, St George's University Hospitals NHSFT, London
  2294. Dr Lucy Pocock, Academic GP, University of Bristol, Bristol
  2295. Raymond Turvill, Data Collection, Basingstoke
  2296. Alexander Norman, Director of Music, Holy Trinity Church, Coventry
  2297. Derek Beeston, Assoc Professor Retired, Stafford
  2298. Barbara loman, Medical journalist, BBC, brighton
  2299. Dr Daniel Fitzgerald, Doctor, NHS Scotland
  2300. Richard Carr, Retired, ury St Edmunds
  2301. Dr Bill McConnell, Retired Director of Public Health, Western Health Board, Derry
  2302. Les Compton, Retired, Gloucester
  2303. Girvan Stables, Retired, Edinburgh
  2304. Elaine Malone, Retired, Harrogate
  2305. Esther Roycroft-Boswell, Retired Breastfeeding Counsellor, Coventry
  2306. philip benson, terrified cancer patient, newton aycliffee
  2307. Medin Okic, M.D., manager, CEE-MED, Sarajevo
  2308. Dr Natalie Silvey, Anaesthetic Registrar, Imperial School of Anaesthesia, London
  2309. Elizabeth Avent, Retired, Private Citizens, Lochailort
  2310. Jenny Head, Professor of Medical and Social Statistics, UCL, London
  2311. steve Mel, designer, SPM DESIGN, newcastle upon tyne
  2312. Jenny Redpath, Operational Lead, NELFT, London
  2313. Amy Miller, Researcher/Lecturer (health), Bournemouth
  2314. Jeanette Pillman, Design
  2315. FREDA BHATTI, GP, Gt. Bentley Surgery, Colchester, Colchester
  2316. Andrew Berry, Social care, UNISON rep, London
  2317. Charlotte Frise, Consultant Physician, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford
  2318. Jan Webster, Retired Social Services, Hull
  2319. TIM Morris, director, university, Brightlingsea, Colchester
  2320. Kim Fenton, teacher, Faversham
  2321. Pam Attree, Retired, Chester
  2322. Victoria Stacey-Masters, Teacher, Somerset County Council
  2323. Odette Mcgahey, Councillor, RBG, London
  2324. Sam Winstanley, Software Engineer, London
  2325. Tarandeep S Kang, PhD Student (Social Psychology), University of Warwick, Coventry
  2326. anonymous
  2327. Angela Rapeport, Former ICU Sister, NHS
  2328. Anna Durrans, Research Programme Manager, Versus Arthritis, LONDON
  2329. Claire Head, Covid Test Centre supervisor
  2330. Jennifer Doré, Autism Activist and passionate proponent of women in STEMs, London
  2331. Emelli Doran, Manchester
  2332. Ben Howes, Hospital doctor, University hospitals Bristol, Bristol
  2333. Heather may, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Brighton
  2334. William Fowler, Lecturer (Mathematics), Coleg Cambria, Wrexham
  2335. Dr Alexandra Jellicoe, Public Health Scientist, Maternity Leave, Bristol
  2336. Dr Kishan Rees, Honorary Lecturer, Hull York Medical School, London
  2337. Christine Barry, Retired, London
  2338. John Kelleher, London
  2339. Shirley Smith, Retired teacher, Manchester
  2340. Zoe Chamberlain, Housewife, Malton
  2341. Garry Simpson, Retired teacher, Part - time Invigilator, Hawick
  2342. David Hallsworth, Anaesthetist, Oxford University NHSFT, Oxford
  2343. Anne Morse, Retired NHS dentist, Truro
  2344. Tracy lamb, Foster carer, Taunton
  2345. Nicola Hull, Retired, Retired, Oxfordshire
  2346. Tamara Mulenga, Doctor, Nationall Health Service (NHS), Grays
  2347. Alyson Gilbert-Smith MSc, BSc, Lic. RTPI, Planning Consultant, Aspect Planning Associates, Uckfield
  2348. Anna McGinty, Pa, Cambridge
  2349. Barbara Long, Grandparent of immun - suppressed child., Bradford
  2350. Nicola Gray, Retired, Truro
  2351. Cathy Churchman, Retired, Hailsham
  2352. James Robert Jones, Retired, Oswestry
  2353. Jane Wallin, Retired Civil Servant, HM Courts, Worcester
  2354. Professor Pamela Sammons, Professor of Education (emeritus), University of Oxford, Nottingham
  2355. Marie Baker, Teacher, Colkege, Bristol
  2356. Ian Davies, Retired Teacher, Wantage
  2357. Dr Matthew Lariviere, Lecturer, University of Bristol, Bristol
  2358. Karsten Schonrogge, Community Ecologist, Doctor, Oxfordshire
  2359. Tony Lewis, GP & academic (retired), Budleigh Salterton
  2360. David Walker, IT, Retired, Munich
  2361. anonymous
  2362. M Merchant, Retired, N/a, Sheffield
  2363. Michael Kisser, Pensioner, Retired, Rhyl
  2364. Dr Michelle Sahai, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences, University of Roehampton, London
  2365. Euan Guilor, Healthcare, NHS, Bath
  2366. Dr Joe Cowley, Academic lecturer, Stirling
  2367. Alan Brennan, Retired, Darlington
  2368. Susan Dix, Retired Headteacher, None, Newcastle upon Tyne
  2369. Mary Green, Retired nurse, Bedfordshire
  2370. lorraina holland, Counsellor, University and Nhs, Coventry
  2371. Katherine Knighting, Reader in Palliative and Supportive Care, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk
  2372. Karen Broughton
  2373. Brenda inwood, Retired, Thatcham Berks
  2374. anonymous
  2375. Dr Elizabeth Rainey BSc MBChB, GP, Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS, Glasgow
  2376. Marie-Claude Boily, Professor in epidemiology, Imperial College London, London
  2377. anonymous, Education consultant. Rtd, Scunthorpe
  2378. Jenny Thatcher, Retired, Leicester
  2379. Margaret O’Brien, Professor Child & Family Policy, UCL, London
  2380. Emily Petherick, Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Loughborough University, Loughborough
  2381. Natalie Shepherd, Lincoln
  2382. Helen Budge, Writer, Freelancer, SW20
  2383. Paulette Birtwistle, Retired Teacher, Wigan
  2384. Debs Frazer, Teacher, CHESTERFIELD
  2385. Dr Theresa White, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Change Grow Live, NORTHAMPTON
  2386. Ron Churchman, Retired, Hailsham
  2387. Eileen Alderman, Retired Registered Veterinary Nurse, London
  2388. Amitava Banerjee, Professor of Clinical Data Science and Consultant Cardiologist, University College London, London
  2389. Graham N Heal, Registered Nurse, NHS, Wales
  2390. Dr Juliet P Dukes, Research Integrity and Governance, University of Surrey, Guildford
  2391. Martin I., N/A, N/A, Durham
  2392. Sue Parkes, Headteacher, Derbyshire County Council, Buxton
  2393. Carwyn Jones, Student, Manchester
  2394. Alan Petrie, Retired, Peterborough
  2395. Elaine O'Neill, Retired, Ex NHS, Cork Ireland
  2396. Elaine Gardener, Microbiologist, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth
  2397. Pete Burgin, volunteer, RSPB, Sheffield
  2398. Adam Proctor, Teacher, Newcastle upon Tyne
  2399. abigail Claton, Director, Cheshire
  2400. Jim McGill, Retired Chartered Accountant, Retired, Maidenhead
  2401. Dr Michael Goulden, Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool
  2402. Susan Bennett, Retired Medical Research, Durham
  2403. Tim Ashby, Retired, None, UTTOXETER
  2404. Katrina Jones, Rtd Nurse, none, Plymouth
  2405. Ronnie Wedlock, Leatherhead Trinity School, Leatherhead
  2406. David England PhD, retired, Liverpool
  2407. Ian Parkes, IT Consultant, Pivot PLC, BUXTON
  2408. Marilyn Monkhouse, Retired anaesthetist, Former NHS employee, Sandwich, Kent
  2409. Katherine Brown, Teacher, REDCAR
  2410. Kenneth Spearpoint, Principal Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield
  2411. Christine Mitchell, 2 Years Isolated Lung Cancer Patient, London
  2412. Dr Sarah Jackson, Consultant Radiologist, Northern Care Alliance, Manchester
  2413. M French, Retured, Bournemouth
  2414. Cynthia Tanner, Retired, BH22
  2415. Dr Natasha Greenough, Doctor, Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, London
  2416. Rachael Richards, Mother of unvaccinated, school-aged children, Essex
  2417. Dr Donnie Ross, Ret. Medical Director, ex-NHS Grampian, Aberdeen
  2418. Carol Wellwood, Retired botanist, Totnes, Devon
  2419. Charlie Owen, Academic, UCL, London
  2420. Steve Onno, Project manager, KELVEDON
  2421. Dr Thomas Boyd, GP expert, Bushey
  2422. Dr Avtar Singh, GP, NHS, Birmingham
  2423. Tim Debenham, Retired, None, Chelmsford
  2424. Robert Eastwood, Economist, Sussex University, Brighton
  2425. Gary Henderson, Local Government Officer, Truro
  2426. Dr Felicity Katz, Paediatrician, London
  2427. Philippa Ritchie, Freelance Audio Producer, London
  2428. Marian Trevillion, Hotelier, Penzance
  2429. Hannah McCluskey, Midwife, NHS Shetland, Lerwick
  2430. Julia Knight, Retired Specialist Practitioner Paediatrics, Ex NHS, Lincoln
  2431. Peter Lamin, Pharmacy delivery, Great Yarmouth
  2432. Doyle, John, Driving instructor, London
  2433. Susan Miller, Retired, -, Blunsdon St Andrew
  2434. Karen Nagalingam, Senior Lecturer, St. Albans
  2435. Cheryl Paterson, Research Associate and PhD student, University of Exeter Medical School, Truro
  2436. Andrew Hawkins-Kennedy, Retired, Kibworth Beauchamp
  2437. Dr Anna Eyre, Clinical Psychologist, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Suffolk
  2438. Jennifer Probert, Retired Nurse, Essex
  2439. Nicola Mcinnes, Mother of special needs child, Carlisle
  2440. Professor Sir Cary Cooper, Professor, University of Manchester, Manchester
  2441. Mark Lee, Dunfermline
  2442. anonymous, Contact Tracer, NHS Tayside, Dundee
  2443. Judy Gammans, Company Secretary, Investment company, Great Yarmouth
  2444. Professor John Barrett, Professor, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
  2445. Kat Schneider, Research Fellow
  2446. Tim Blackburn, Consultant Anaesthetist, London
  2447. Richard White, Director, Oxford PharmaGenesis, Oxford
  2448. Malcolm Osborn, Retired, Cambridge
  2449. Marco Borghesi, Professor of Physics, Queen's University Belfast, BELFAST
  2450. Sophie Faulkner, Occupational Therapist / health researcher, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester
  2451. MR DANIEL KAYE, Halifax
  2452. Oona popat, Accountant, Harrow council, London
  2453. Emmy Kelly, Campaigns, Fighting For Vulnerable Lives, Armagh
  2454. John Littlewood, Retired senior analyst/programmer, Stockport
  2455. Sandra Grafton, Retired teacher, Education, Leamington Spa
  2456. Amanda Hobbs, Nurse Lecturer, University of the West of Scotland
  2457. Mary Elizabeth O'Gorman, GP, 07749282103, BIRMINGHAM
  2458. Heather Stokes, Education, Living with Long Covid, Newcastle
  2459. Clive Darlow, Retired Engineer, Barnsley
  2460. Janet Rogers, Retired Civil Servant, Clinically vulnerable, Chester
  2461. Dr Lynn Lansbury, Academic, University of Porsmouth, Portsmouth
  2462. Andrew Harries, Retired, None, Dorchester
  2463. Sally Greenway, Clinically extremely vulnerable, Rugby
  2464. Claire Sharp, Public Health Nurse, Birmingham
  2465. Tom Cooper, Education Standards and Excellence Officer, Suffolk County Council, Lowestoft
  2466. Stephen Hickman, Snr Lecturer, University of Exeter, Falmouth
  2467. John Notman-Watt, Director, Notman-Watt Consulting Ltd, Dorking
  2468. Marion McNaught, Emergency Medicine Locum, NHS, Ayr
  2469. Alistair Stewart, Consultant Psychiatrist, Pennine Care NHSFT, MANCHESTER
  2470. John Drury, Professor of Social Psychology, University of Sussex, Brighton
  2471. Elzbieta Anderson, Writer, London
  2472. Louise Vale, Living with Long Covid, London
  2473. Dr Lyndon Wagman, GP, London
  2474. Haidar Ali Javed, sales, wwe, MANCHESTER
  2475. Dr Michelle Jacobs, Emergency medicine consultant, West Herts NHS Trust, London
  2476. Natasha Prangnell, Microbiologist
  2477. Richard Jones, Engineer, Polestar Refrigeration & Electrical Ltd, Bognor Regis
  2478. Nigel Benham, Retired
  2479. C. Barclay, Retired, ALLOA
  2480. Rachel Meade, Carer, Wonersh
  2481. Deborah Stedman, Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, NHS, Worcestershire
  2482. Laura Bear, Professor, London School of Economics & Political Science, Department of Anthropology, London
  2483. Susan Lowes, Teacher, Education, Reading
  2484. Katie Court, DISABLED, Private Citizen, BUCKS
  2485. Chaela Cooper, Parent of school aged unvaccinated children, Suffolk
  2486. Surrinder Kailey - CEV, Civil Servant, Coventry
  2487. Indranil misra, Consultant Paediatrician, Milton Keynes university hospital, Milton Keynes
  2488. Mary Keelan, Education Consultant, Bham
  2489. Dr Jaya Gupta, Consultant Psychiatrist, London
  2490. Claire Horwell, Professor, Durham University, Durham
  2491. Julie Evans, Retired, ex NHS staff, Birmingham
  2492. Roger Evans, Retired, Taunton
  2493. Kirsteen pickup
  2494. Ron Smith, Retired, Leven, Fife
  2495. Elisabeth Thompson, Student, Durham
  2496. Hannah Century, Foundation doctor, London
  2497. Angela Slaven, REGISTERED NURSE, Nhs, Gourock
  2498. Graeme Evans, Retired, Wisbech
  2499. Séan Smith, Disabled, Poole
  2500. Deborah Gornik, Retired, Lancashire
  2501. Dr Gary Weaving, Retired clinical scientist, Brighton
  2502. Dr Hannah Cheeseman, Head of the Core Inmunology Laboratory, Imperial College London, London
  2503. Charity Hobbs-Wood
  2504. Anthony Dooley, Retired, Suffolk Unite Community, Ipswich
  2505. Paula Cantwell, Retired, N/A, London
  2506. Catherine Patterson, Practice Manager, Bristol
  2507. Dr Ben Gibson, Psychologist, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool
  2508. Lynn Copley, Retired, Huddersfield
  2509. Dragana Milojkovic, Hospital Doctor, Imperial College NHS Trust, London
  2510. Sarah Clarke, Pharmaceutical Physician, The Medical Department Ltd, London
  2511. Edwina Baxter, Education, Devon
  2512. Coral Smith, Software Admin Mgr, Marnham U.K., London
  2513. Nola Hedderman, Customer Satisfaction Manager, Essex
  2514. Meirion Rees, Retired Systems Engineer, Atworth
  2515. Sharon Harford
  2516. Kathryn Gibbs, self-employed, Camberley
  2517. Ada Yan, Research Fellow, Imperial College London, London
  2518. Tony Whitehouse, ICU Consultant, University Hospitals Birmingham, Birmingham
  2519. Tony Roberts, Software Engineer, Freelance, Surrey
  2520. Bärbel Frodermann, Oxford
  2521. Emma Hall, Parent & Carer, Lutterworth
  2522. Belinda wilson, Education, KING'S LYNN
  2523. Owain Williams, Lecturer, University of Leeds, Leeds
  2524. Murray McAllan, Retired, Eaglesham
  2525. Frankie Sparkes, Frankie Sparkes, Highworth
  2526. Kirsty Rowlands, Assistant Headteacher, Wakefield, Wakefield
  2527. Klaus Hentrich, Molecular Biologist / Consultant, KH Innovation, London
  2528. Sarah Griffin, Disabled, clinically vulnerable, Disabled, Bristol
  2529. adam lewis, sales, SDCN, Bournemouth
  2530. Bob Anderson, Education consultant, Private, London
  2531. J Rodda, Retired, Norwich
  2532. Penny Mackinnon, Retired nurse, N/A, Bristol
  2533. Mike Knowles, Retired, None, Edinburgh
  2534. Julie Wesson, Centre Manager, Nottingham MS Therapy Centre, Nottingham
  2535. Robert Dyas, Oral Surgeon, Manchester University, Sheffield
  2536. David Tucker, Retired teacher, Sunderland
  2537. Dr. Julie A Walker, retired molecular biologist, Birmingham
  2538. Paul Booton, Emeritus Professor, Retired, LONDON
  2539. Jane Robinson, Retired from NHS, Wakefield
  2540. Gemma Conreen, WARRINGTON
  2541. Hugo McNestry, Director, Trothco, London
  2542. Geraint Jones, Pharmacist, Bridgend, South Wales.
  2543. Dean Eaketts, Online Shopper, Tesco, Gloucester
  2544. Dr Anita Roy FFPHM, Retired, Ripon
  2545. Margaret O'Keeffe, Parent and teacher, London
  2546. Sarah Kearn, Semi retired, Hadleigh
  2547. Prof Liz Lightstone, Prof of Renal Medicine, Imperial College London, London
  2548. Jane Kysow, Retired teacher, Prudhoe
  2549. Carole Fogg, Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton, Southampton
  2550. Sammie Grainger, Teacher, Reading
  2551. Louise Allison, Just a person, Oxford
  2552. Catherine Newman, AHP, London
  2553. Nicolas Locker, Professor of Virology, University of Surrey, Guildford
  2554. Dr Adam Jacobs, Senior Director, Biostatistics, Premier Research
  2555. Professor Stephanie Baldeweg, Clinical Lead, Consultant Endocrinologist, University College London, London
  2556. Brooke
  2557. Nicola Byrnes, Business Analyst, NA, Warrington
  2558. Jennifer Williams, London
  2559. John Williams, Risk Management consultant, Freelance, Bath
  2560. Michael Orgel, MD, Medical Doctor retired from NHS clinical practice, Edinburgh
  2561. Julie Burton, Retired, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  2562. Garrie Hunter, Retired, Basingstoke
  2563. Mrs Mary Ion, Senior CBT and EMDR Therapist, NHS, London
  2564. Dr Nida Yasin Suri, Emergency Medicine Consultant, London
  2565. Chrysanthe Grech, London
  2566. Adam Drew, Software Engineer
  2567. Sally Lester, Long Covid, Former Russell Group Uni lecturer, Stratford-upon-Avon
  2568. Anna Beaumont, Doctor, NHS, London
  2569. Dr Eleanor Ball, Director, Hampshire
  2570. Jill Wood, Childcare for grandchildren, YELVERTON
  2571. Dr Chloe Marks, Psychologist, Peterborough City Council, Huntingdon
  2572. Dr Robert Watson, Senior Lecturer, University of Bath, Bath
  2573. Dr Catherine Penrose, Consultant in childrens Icu, Leeds teaching hospital nhs trust, Leeds
  2574. Kirsty Mabb, Cancer Nurse, Cherry Lodge Cancer Care, London
  2575. Dr C.B. Rose, Post-Doc Researcher, UWE, Shropshire
  2576. Dr Ellie Donnelly, Ex medic now Anthropology PhD student, Durham University, Durham
  2577. Dr Felicity Alcock, Research scientist, Newcastle university, Newcastle upon Tyne
  2578. Adrian McGuinness
  2579. Georgina Fellows, Biologist, Preston
  2580. Rachel Wheeler, Actor, London
  2581. Professor Nicholas Embleton, Consultant in Neonatal Medicine, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust & Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
  2582. Alastair Fischer, Health Economist, Office of Health Economics, London
  2583. Liz ler, Specialist Teacher, Warwickshire County council, Leamington Spa
  2584. Jacquie Stone, Disabled private citizen, Doncaster
  2585. Alexandra Denby, Pharmacist, Bushey
  2586. Chris Kirk, retired, Malvern
  2587. Dr Saleyha Ahsan, Emergency medicine doctor, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  2588. Dr Jane Paxton, Bath
  2589. rebecca lee, Medical oncologist, University of Manchester/the Christie hospital, Manchester
  2590. Bill Gunn, Retired, N/A, Shrewsbury
  2591. Kim Ellis, Housewife, West malling
  2592. Rosemary Atkinson, London
  2593. Barry Williams, Cyber security analyst, Manchester
  2594. DAVE ELLIS, Director, Risk Management, HSBC, Kent
  2595. Jane Margetts, GP, NHS, Durham
  2596. Sandra Luckman, Retired, N/A, Derbyshire
  2597. Elizabeth White, Retired Pharmacy Worker, Formerly a high street pharmacy chain., SKIPTON
  2598. Helen Beinart, Clinical Psychologist, Oxford
  2599. anonymous
  2600. noelle graal, Lecturer, Deal
  2601. anonymous
  2602. sally smith, Teaching Assistant, Priors Field Primary School, Leamington Spa
  2603. Cherry Hudson, Parent and concerned about our health and schools, Devon
  2604. Karen Haddock, Retired civil servant, Doncaster
  2605. Victoria Yorke-Edwards, Research Fellow, MRC Clinical Trials Unit, University College London, London
  2606. Keith Bonugli MA(Cantab) Ph.D C.Biol, Retired Sixth Form Head of Biology, Basingstoke
  2607. Angela McNally, Civil servant, Wallsend
  2608. Richard Thomson, Emeritus professor, Newcastle university, Newcastle upon Tyne
  2609. Paul Taylor, Lecturer, Gillingham
  2610. Anthony Hall LL.B BEng (Hons), Police Sergeant
  2611. Dr Sam Robson, Medical director, Temple Clinic, Aberdeen
  2612. George Watson, Director, Custom Cable Assemblies Ltd, Glenrothes
  2613. Barry Stevens, Consultant Radiographer, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, Birmingham
  2614. Louise Cunane, Research scientist, retired, Sheffield
  2615. Marian Bangham, Retired medical secretary, Bromsgrove
  2616. Kenneth Lockhart, Retired physics teacher, Cardross
  2617. Kevin Parker, Retired, Washington
  2618. Susan Glover, Private tutor, East Kent Tutors, Herne Bay
  2619. Charlotte Miller, Student midwife, UHNM, Derbyshire
  2620. Judith Summers, Retired doctor, Hertfordshire
  2621. Holly Benson, Registered Midwife, NHS Lothian, Falkirk
  2622. Kellie-Ann Mower, Advanced Clinical Practitioner, London
  2623. Martin Morse, Retired Medical Director, Truro
  2624. Richard Kelly, author, Swarm Business Solutions, London
  2625. Lynda Starkie, Teaching assistant, Rochdale Council, Whitewell Bottom
  2626. Marie Newton, Clinical service manager, Nhs, Brighton
  2627. Nikita Harvey, Scientist, Imperial College London, London
  2628. clare johnson, Early Years, Kings Lynn
  2629. Lianne Geddes, Consultant Emergency Medicine, Frimley Park
  2630. David Sunman, Pastor, Luton
  2631. Claire Stikans, Doctor, NHS, Brighton
  2632. Diane Carr, Retired teacher, Blyth
  2633. Dr Sue Reeves, Lecturer, University of Roehampton, London
  2634. Jan Okeeffe, Retired, Ffestiniog
  2635. DR Claire Thompson, General Practitioner, claire thompson, Southampton
  2636. Sarah Wenham, Retired, Liverpool
  2637. Julia Houghton, Administrator, NHS, York
  2638. John Finagin, Retired, Private citizen, London
  2639. Abigail Findley, Teaching assistant, Amersham
  2640. Nikianna Nicholas, Veterinary surgeon, London
  2641. Haydn Owen, Retired
  2642. Vellendra Sannasy, Change Management consultant, Sannasy, Edlesborough
  2643. Louise Ward, Ret. Headteacher, Norfolk
  2644. Dr Martin Fry, Medical Physicist, University College London, London
  2645. Teresa Rudnicki, Teacher, Taunton
  2646. Raith Else, Paramedic
  2647. Michael Tansey, Manchester
  2648. Jill Stephens RN RM, Retired nurse and midwife., NHS, Southampton
  2649. Wendy Smith, Medical writer, Wordsmiths Int Ltd, Bristol
  2650. Prof David Uzzell (Emeritus), Psychologist, University of Surrey, Guildford
  2651. Gifford Batstone, Consultant Chemical Pathologist
  2652. Brian Peacock, Senior Software Developer, School of Medicine, University of Dundee, Dundee
  2653. Stephanie Colbridge, Retired Teacher, Barnsley
  2654. Stephen Wilson, Director R&D, Edinburgh
  2655. Caroline Fitzpatrick, Retired Prof Env. Engrg, UCL, Leighton Buzzard
  2656. Dr Blandine Poulet, Lecturer in biomedical sciences, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  2657. Concerned for the vulnerable, Worcestershire
  2658. Graham Checkley, Edinburgh
  2659. Geraldine Mahon, Retired Social Worker & CEV, N/a, Scarborough
  2660. Esra Hassan, PhD student, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, CDS, Dept. of Neuroscience
  2661. Andrew bowers, Liverpool
  2662. Dr Charlotte Hattersley, GP, Cumbria
  2663. Natalie davies, Domiciliary carer, Wrexham
  2664. Drikesh Etoar, Account Executive, Software, London
  2665. Philip Powell, Retired, Solihull
  2666. Gareth Mobbs, Gardener, Norwich
  2667. Robert Milton, Retired Civil Servant, Trowbridge
  2668. Jill Buckley, Educationalist, Godalming
  2669. T Lucas, Environmental Health Officer
  2670. Dr Roger Scott, GP, NHS, Liverpool
  2671. Dr Anna Kessling, Physician Scientist (retired), Rhos on Sea
  2672. Dr Helen Sissons, Retired GP, Chester
  2673. Peter Cartwright, Retired, Tamworth uk
  2674. Nicky Bamford, Nurse, London
  2675. Dr Agnes Ayton, Consultant psychiatrist, Oxford health NHS FT, Oxford
  2676. Robert Munro, Enterprise Architect, Local Government, Snaith, Goole
  2677. Darren Bell, Nurse, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead
  2678. Dr Sophie Nocton, GP & Psychiatry Trainee, BDCT, Bradford
  2679. James Garrard, Doctor, Buckinghamshire NHS Trust, Oxford
  2680. F J King
  2681. Kathryn Szymanska Barrett, Lecturer in Public Health, Coventry University, Coventry
  2682. Andrew Whitaker, RMN, NHS, Worcestershire
  2683. Alison Mott, Retired paediatrian, CVUHB, Cardiff
  2684. Gemma Wall, Teacher, County Council School, PICKERING
  2685. Prof. Chris Bundy, Psychologist, Cardiff University, Cardiff
  2686. Terry Palmer, Retired, Sheerness
  2687. Oliver Whitney-Jones, Cheshire
  2688. Prof. Chris Stephens, Retired, Faculty of Medicine University of Southampton, Southampton
  2689. Kate Scheele, Consultant Respiratory Physician, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Lincoln
  2690. Lisa dinley, Dentist, The Castle Clinic, Nottingham
  2691. Dr Emma Cowe, Out of Hours GP, NHS Tayside, Dundee
  2692. Conor Rafferty, Student, Leicester
  2693. Alison Smith, OH Nurse, Retired, Staffordshire
  2694. Michael Read, Ipswich
  2695. Gary Hogben, Microbiologist, Wirral
  2696. Alison Wright, local government, LBTH, london
  2697. Jennifer Jenkins, Education Advisor, Rugby
  2698. Dr Lucy-Jane Davis, GP registrar, Devon
  2699. Sadie Furey, Self employed, Kidderminster
  2700. Megan Adams, Physician Associate, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust
  2701. Dr Andrea J Howes, Consultant Radiologist, St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust, Prescot
  2702. Dr Chris Scotton, Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter, Exeter
  2703. Sarah Robinson, Hairdresser
  2704. Dr Helen Chamberlain, Consultant Physician, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
  2705. Dr Jo-anne Veltman, Specialty doctor Paediatrics, NHS, Norwi
  2706. Dr Marisa Casanova Dias, Clinical academic psychiatrist, Cardiff University
  2707. Kayleigh Orchard, PhD Student (Biochemistry), Coventry University, Coventry
  2708. Martin Sotheran, Medical Engineering, Retired, Warwick
  2709. Ming Cheng, Architect, London
  2710. Ann Phoenix, Academic, Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL, London
  2711. Dr Stephen Wanless, Assoc Professor, Birmingham City University, Birmingham.
  2712. David Robertson, Research Fellow, University of Glasgow, GLASGOW
  2713. Dr Emily Brown, Academic GP, NHS, Exeter
  2714. Dr Emma Wilmot, Consultant Physician, University Hospitals of Derby & Burton NHS FT, DERBY
  2715. Dr Graham Richardson, Retired, La Capelle-lès-Boulogne
  2716. Vera Thornhill, NHS activist, Norwich
  2717. Lucy Weavers, Nurse, NNUHFT, Norwich
  2718. Professor Carlos Oya, University Professor, SOAS, University of London, LONDON
  2719. Emily Nettleton, Student Medical herbalist, LEICESTER
  2720. Professor Richard Kwiatkowski, Psychologist
  2721. Emily Reitsma-Jurman, Rabbi, Barnet
  2722. Professor J Mark Thomason, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
  2723. Colon Black, General practitioner, Nhs greater glaagow and clyde, Glasgow
  2724. Michael Thomas, Liverpool
  2725. Sharon Free, Midwife, UHP, Plymouth
  2726. anonymous
  2727. Lloyd G Czaplewski, Chemical Biology, Chemical Biology Ventures, Abingdon
  2728. Clare Rayner, Occupational physician, Manchester
  2729. Professor Alastair H Leyland, Associate Director, MRC/CSO SPHSU, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  2730. Dr Clare Blues, Retired Hospital Consultant, Hope Valley
  2731. Nick Bray, GP, Somerset
  2732. Alison Aitken, RN, MELROSE
  2733. Dr Oliver Fox, Doctor, North Middlesex University Hospital, London
  2734. Mary Quinn, Retired, Barnsley
  2735. Gary Hatt, NHS activist, Norwich
  2736. Michael McKenna, London
  2737. Mr AWJ Nicoll, Auto Technician, Rowan Tree, Burnham on Sea
  2738. Jonathan Ruprecht, Senior Investigator Scientist, Cambridge
  2739. Charlotte Feinmann, Doctor, London
  2740. Sarah Teece, Psychotherapist, KNARESBOROUGH
  2741. Jules Hancox, Professor of Cardiac Electrophysiology, University of Bristol, Bristol
  2742. Simone Schnall, Professor of Experimental Social Psychology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  2743. Dr Michelle Heys, Paediatrician and Associate Professor, Institute of Child Health, UCL, London
  2744. Dr Rebecca Moss, Hospital doctor, Gloucestershire
  2745. Leah Hazard, Midwife, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Glasgow
  2746. J Airdien
  2747. Dr Annette Self, Research Scientist, Institute of Cancer Research, London
  2748. Joshua Silver, Professor, University of Oxford, Oxford
  2749. Dr Julia Ferrari, Senior Lecturer, University of York, York
  2750. Dr Arlene Vetere, Psychologist, Indepent practice, Headley
  2751. Ilona Carneiro, Epidemiologist, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London
  2752. Sheila Moran, Retired, Nottingham
  2753. Wanda Bodnar, Marine Scientist, Thames Estuary Partnership, London
  2754. Helen Wollff, Nurse, Sheffield
  2755. Carol James, Retired, Education, Liverpool
  2756. Parisa Mansoori, Mental Health Research Collaboration Manager, NIHR
  2757. Middleton John, public health doctor, ASPHER, Coventry
  2758. Badia Ahmed, ST4 Histopathology Doctor, National Health Service, London
  2759. Josh Cosgrove, Physiotherapist, NHS, London
  2760. Connie Jordan-Turner, Student, Lancaster University, Lancaster
  2761. Douglas Kell, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  2762. Dr Karen Franks, Consultant Old Age Psychiatry, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust, Gateshead
  2763. Lee Griffiths, , Penarth
  2764. Michael Hughes, Trainee Clinical Scientist in Respiratory and Sleep, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Basingstoke
  2765. Dr Ruby Tsang, Researcher, University of Oxford, Oxford
  2766. Miranda Berry, NHS Quality Manager, Wakefield
  2767. Shweta Marwah, GP/Healthcare Consultant, LEK Consulting, London
  2768. Janet Saunders, Retired Nurse /Expert by Experience, Choice Support, Bath
  2769. Peter Paterson, Retired, ., London
  2770. Michael Hirst, Teacher, Supply Agency, Barnsley
  2771. Sue Deakin, Surgeon, West Suffolk Hospital
  2772. Yvonne Osman, OBE, Retired, Newark
  2773. David Wright, Specialty Doctor, Anaethetics, NHS Dumfries and Galloway, Dumfries
  2774. Mark Robson, Retired, Dover
  2775. Hadrian Moss, Retired GP, National Health Service, Kettering
  2776. Professor Christina Richards, Psychologist, Sheffield
  2777. Vanessa Gordon-Dseagu, Epidemiologist, Brighton
  2778. Prof (retired) Alison McConnell, Scientific Consultant, Christchurch
  2779. Sara Tucker, Dr, WSM
  2780. Claire Naylor, Paramedic, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Bradford
  2781. Dr Portia Hussey, Doctor, NHS hospital, Haywards Heath
  2782. Dr Katie Smith MBCHB, Doctor, Mansfield
  2783. Susan Filsell, General Practitioner, NHS Fife, Glenrothes
  2784. Laura Godfrey-Isaacs, Midwife, London
  2785. CLAIRE DONNELLY, Infection medicine consultant, SHSCT NI, Belfast
  2786. anonymous
  2787. Dr Sarah Miller, Palliative medicine physician, Perthshire
  2788. Emma Bouskill, GP, NHS, Southport
  2789. Katie Stewart, Retired, Clitheroe
  2790. Shane Taylor, Retired Ambulance personnel, Worcestershire
  2791. I cooke, Self employed, Dundee
  2792. Dr Adele Hill, Associate Professor, University of Plymouth, Plymouth
  2793. Michael Busfield, Online Science Tutor, TLC Live, South Darenth
  2794. Gareth Garner, Virologist, Chester
  2795. Emilia Bartram, Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist, Oxford University Hospitals, Oxford
  2796. Martin ryan, Director, Rydale enterprises ltd, Skelmersdale
  2797. Sarah Thompson, Self-employed, Independent, Ipswich
  2798. Karen Fretwell, Retired, Wakefield
  2799. Dr Visita Majithia, GP, London
  2800. Christopher Syme, Research Associate, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  2801. Professor Neil Coulson, Professor of Health Psychology, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
  2802. Juliet Wood, Midwife, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth
  2803. John Peppard, Learning Mentor/Assistant SENDCo, St Elizabeth Primary School, London, London
  2804. Dr Nicola Holt, Associate Professor, University of the West of England, Bristol
  2805. Rory Gordon, Retired, Hull
  2806. Dr Rachel McCloy, Associate Professor in Applied Behavioural Science, University of Reading, Reading
  2807. Jane Roberts, General Practitioner, Victoria Surgery, Holyhead
  2808. Dr Philip Greenough, Retired mathematician, Manchester
  2809. Ushasi Hull, Lay minister, Church of England, Welwyn
  2810. Gillian MacArthur, Nurse Practitioner, NHS Fife, Ladybank
  2811. Dr James Evans, Doctor, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Leicester
  2812. Dr Emma Ward, Birkbeck University of London
  2813. anonymous, Retired, None, East Yorkshire
  2814. Ed Murphy, Learning Support Assistant, Instow
  2815. Dr Joanne Ollerton, Consultant Emergency Medicine and Medical Examiner, Nottingham
  2816. Dr Ai Yu, Associate Professor in Organization Studies, University of Southampton, London
  2817. Sandra Barber, Teacher, Seaford Head School, Peacehaven
  2818. Sr Christel, Retired Old Age Psychiatrist and GP, Winchester
  2819. Anne Edwards, Healthcare, Nhs borders
  2820. Jarrod Hart, Chemical Engineer, Materials Industry, Truro
  2821. Natasha Prior, Executive Assistant, Kent
  2822. David Millar, Retired, Falkirk
  2823. Deborah Ann Norton, Retired Teacher, MANCHESTER
  2824. Chris Craig, Consultant Surgeon, NHS, Manchester
  2825. Wayne Cottrell, General Practitioner, Dr Wayne Cottrell, London
  2826. Dr Elizabeth Ryan, Consultant Emergency Medicine, UHW, Cardiff
  2827. Tessa Bennett, Oxford
  2828. Rebecca Ingram, Senior Lecturer in Infection and Immunity, Queen's University Belfast, Belfast
  2829. Katrina Murphy, Carer, Carer to a CEV, Glasgow
  2830. Seema McArdle, Writer
  2831. Leena Sankla, Director of Public Health, Solutions 4 Health, Berkshire
  2832. Afrodita Marcu, Researcher, University of Surrey, Guildford
  2833. Andy livesey, Bricklayer, Birmingham
  2834. Dr. Toni Hazell, GP, NHS, London
  2835. Dr Eimi Howse, GP, NHS, London
  2836. Jane Grove, Teacher, Kent
  2837. Abigail Carey, Specialty trainee in geriatric & General medicine, St Helens & Knowsley NHS Trust (lead employer), Liverpool
  2838. Neesha Chana, Admin
  2839. Helen Green, Podiatrist, Sandbach
  2840. Lynda Hitchman, Nurse, East Sussex
  2841. Tara Weeramanthri, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, LONDON
  2842. Julie Hallett, Brighton
  2843. Gary Strydom, Occupational Physician, London
  2844. Federica Guglielmo, Researcher, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool
  2845. Mandy Valerio, Art, Bristol
  2846. Diana Strasser, Publisher, iclanguage ltd., Aberdare
  2847. Dr Michelle richardson, Researcher, Ucl
  2848. Robert Hadfield, Professor, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  2849. James Coombs, Royal Society of Arts
  2850. Dr Anjaly Mirchandani, GP, NHS, London
  2851. Eugene P McCarthy, ITU Senior Charge Nurse, UHB Birmingham, Birmingham
  2852. John McGuigan, Retired, GLASGOW
  2853. Susan Taylor
  2854. Sally Wilmshurst, Consultant Anaesthetist, Great Ormond St Hospital, London
  2855. Geer Hubregtse, Consultant Anaesthetist, NHS, Taunton
  2856. Paul Ekblom, Professor Emeritus, University of the Arts London, Tunbridge Wells
  2857. Dr Anna Field, Consultant in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, LCHT, Leeds
  2858. Julie Cotterill, Secretary, Birmingham
  2859. Dr Rebecca Belfirr, GP, Chesterfield
  2860. Kaye wadland, Retired staff nurse, Bournemouth
  2861. Kanchan, GP, West Midlands
  2862. Chris Brown, Nottingham
  2863. G Murphy, Doctor, NHS, Birmingham
  2864. Luke Tillman, Oxford
  2865. William Whitehead, retired GP, NHS Wales, Talsarnau
  2866. Professor Jessica Woodhams, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
  2867. Colin Yates
  2868. Dr Leila Ellis, Foundation Doctor, South West
  2869. David Hall, EMT, Sheffield
  2870. John Greenwood, Associate Professor, University College London, London
  2871. Lisa Smith, Senior Lecturer (Historian of Medicine), University of Essex, London
  2872. Dr Sandra Pearson, Consultant psychiatrist (Retired), Torbay
  2873. Charles E, GP, NHS, Bedfordshire
  2874. Dr Leonidas Chouliaras, Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry, CAMBRIDGE
  2875. Florence Findlay White, Registered Nurse, Belfast Trust, Belfast
  2876. Mike Gill, Public Health physician, London
  2877. anonymous
  2878. Ken Magee, GP, Isle of Wight
  2879. Susan Michie, Professor of Health Psychology, University College London
  2880. Dr Victoria Holt, GP, Homerton Hospital GP OOH, London
  2881. Dr Mark Temple, Retired PHM consultant, Retired, Cardiff
  2882. Dr Shan Hussain, GP, Nottingham
  2883. Dr Dan Dhunna, Doctor, London
  2884. Dr Anne Wilson, Epidemiologist, Liverpool
  2885. Tom Newman, Clinical Research Fellow, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield
  2886. Adrian Holme, Senior Lecturer, UAL, London
  2887. George Gott, Chemist, Retired, Pontefract
  2888. Dr Jacinta O'Shea, Associate Professor in Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, Oxford
  2889. Bernard Traynor, Director, Precision Fitness Limited, Hexham
  2890. Dr Judith Trew, Doctor - retired, Community, Elgin
  2891. Carol Percy, Lecturer, Warwick
  2892. Barrie Margetts, Professor, University of Southampton, Southampton
  2893. Lorna Gamberini, Speech and Language Therapist (Long Covid MDT), NHS, Carlisle
  2894. Sue McKenna, Retired, n/a, Bradford
  2895. Inge-Lise Dahl, London
  2896. Julia Streete, Retired Dentist, N/a, Oxford
  2897. Louise Brown, Respiratory Consultant, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester
  2898. Carolyn johnstone, Retired consultant, Nhs, Glasgow
  2899. Gillian Cowe, School support assistant, cec, Edinburgh
  2900. Jolyon Gardner, Teacher, Walton-On-Thames
  2901. Kirsty Bulloch, Office Manager, APF Heating & Mechanical Services Ltd, Elgin
  2902. Uzma Sarwar, Doctor, GP practice, Luton
  2903. Dr Joanne Edwards, Specialty Registrar, NHS, Durham
  2904. Patricia Anne Clarke, Macclesfield
  2905. Dr Tristram Wyatt, Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford, Oxford
  2906. Surajit Ray, Professor, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  2907. Annabel Yoxall, RN, Wokingham
  2908. Professor John Spencer, Emeritus, Newcastle University, Newcastle
  2909. Gary Kidson, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, BAE Systems, Barrow-in-Furness
  2910. RICHARD CRYER, retired, n/a, Walford
  2911. Pete Magee., Retired., Wellingborough
  2912. Stephen wells, Researcher, University of Bath, Bath
  2913. Prof. Jon Lane, Professor of Cell Biology, University of Bristol, Bristol
  2914. Dr Gallin Montgomery, Senior Analyst, NHS E&I, London
  2915. Leslie Woodhouse, retired, Christchurch
  2916. Oliver England, Teacher, Brockenhurst College, Bournemouth
  2917. Dr Jolanta Opacka-Juffry, Emeritus Professor, Neuroscience, University of Roehampton, LONDON
  2918. Dr James Conway, Rtd ppsychiatry, London
  2919. Dr Binita Kane, Consultant Respiratory Physician, NHS, Manchester
  2920. Alison Nolan, Virologist, Medically retired, Eastbourne
  2921. Christopher S Brophy, Retired GP, Doncaster
  2922. Andrew Ronald, Consultant Anaesthetist, Aberdeen
  2923. Robyn Clark, Practice Manager, Kingswood Health Centre, Bristol
  2924. Dr Antonia Hoyle, Surgeon, Manchester
  2925. Huw Waters, Material Scientist, Abergele
  2926. Dr Lia Betti, Senior lecturer in Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Roehampton, London
  2927. Jo Pollard, Nurse, Doncaster
  2928. Jennifer Bradbury, Patient Review and Recall Coordinator, NHS, Birmingham
  2929. Hong Chen, Research Fellow, University of Warwick, Coventry
  2930. Amanda Walker, Retired General Practitioner of Medicine, Norfolk
  2931. Hisham Ziauddeen, Consultant Psychiatrist & Clinical Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  2932. Dr Sally Askey-Jones, Clinical Psychologist, CNTW NHS Foundation Trust, CARLISLE
  2933. Maz bernard, Bexhill-on-Sea
  2934. Dr Andrew Broadbent, research scientist, CES Ltd Economic & Social Research, London
  2935. Dr Caroline McLoughlin, Consultant, Southern Health & Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland
  2936. John Watson, Consultant Respiratory Physician, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds
  2937. Richard Norris, Retired, N/A
  2938. Mr Jonathan Fox, paramedic now semi-retired, Stansted Mountfitchet
  2939. Mariolina Salio, Vusiting scientist and Associate Director, Experimental immunogy, Univerity of Oxford and Immunocore, Oxford
  2940. Professor Madelynne Arden, Professor of Health Psychology, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
  2941. Chris Ponting, Research Scientist, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  2942. Debra Lapthorne, Retired Public Health Consultant, Devon
  2943. Dr Anja Heilmann, Associate Professor, University College London, London
  2944. Julian Walters, Professor, Imperial College London, London
  2945. Anna Aukim, Admin, Suffolk
  2946. Mark Cheesman, Retired Physician, Retired, Bristol
  2947. Samuel Hey, Doctor - Internal Medical Trainee, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester
  2948. Dr Camille Gajria, GP, lecturer, NHS, London
  2949. Alison Casebow, Carer, Basingstoke
  2950. Clare Longhurst, Redruth
  2951. Jane Newson, Nurse, Clacton On Sea
  2952. Janet Cook, Potton
  2953. Kevin Rogers, Teacher, Retired Scientist, Westerham
  2954. Professor Gary Collins, Professor of Medical Statistics, University of Oxford, Oxford
  2955. Nimrata Singh, Homemaker, Ascot
  2956. S Lawson, Occupational Therapist PhD Candidate, Glyndwr University, Wrexham
  2957. Dr Eric Rose, Retired GP, Aylesbury
  2958. Nida Khatri, Gp, Nhs, Luton
  2959. Dr Edward Emmott, Tenure-Track Fellow (Virology/Proteomics), University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  2960. Professor Lyla Mehta, Professorial Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, Brighton
  2961. Tracy Epton, Lecturer in Health Psychology, University of Manchester, Manchester
  2962. Dr Jenny Langdon, GP volunteer returner, Windsor PCN Vaccination Programme, Windsor
  2963. Peter M B English, Public Health Physician, Retired/carer, West Ewell
  2964. Dr Lesley McLarnon, Biologist, Bangor
  2965. Dr Manjit Dhinsa, GP, Bristol
  2966. Roy Skates, Mr R E Skates, Bishopsteignton
  2967. Professor Daryl O’Connor, Professor of Psychology, University of Leeds, Leeds
  2968. Sophie Jackson, Paediatric Trainee Doctor, University hospitals Bristol and weston, Bristol
  2969. Dr Pauline Campbell, Research Fellow, Glasgow Caledonian University, Edinburgh
  2970. Dr Marianne Seebold, Clinical Psychologist, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  2971. Dr Bharat Pankhania, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Exeter University, Medical School, Bath
  2972. Lewis Walker, Clinical Lead, Nhs, Elgin
  2973. Professor David Wraith, Institute Director, Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy, BIRMINGHAM
  2974. Dr Selvaseelan Selvarajah, GP Partner, London
  2975. JY Teoh, Occupational Therapist, Brunel University London, London
  2976. Dr Siôn Edwards, GP, NHS Wales, Cardiff
  2977. Anna Black, GP, NHS, Glasgow
  2978. Donald Ismay, Retired nurse, Carlisle
  2979. Helen Salisbury, GP, Observatory Medical Practice, OXFORD
  2980. Dr Phil Hughes, Retired GP, Scarborough
  2981. Jayshree Pillaye, GP Public Health-Retired, PINNER
  2982. Dr Paul Evans, GP, Bridges Medical Practice, Gateshead
  2983. Dr Pietra Palazzolo, Lecturer, The Open University, Essex
  2984. Shankari Mahathmakanthi, Doctor and Clinical Lead, BLMK ICS, Milton Keynes
  2985. Dr Alice Hillis, Researcher, LSHTM, London
  2986. Dr Neena Jha, GP, Hertfordshire
  2987. David Noble, COO, Education Provider, Stockport
  2988. Gustavo Figueiredo, Doctor, CDDFT, Darlington
  2989. Eva Godfrey, Trainee Educational Psychologist, University of Exeter, Exeter
  2990. Dr Roderick Pattison, GP, NHS Tayside, Kinross
  2991. Dr Lucy Cheke, Associate Professor, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  2992. Ruth Burke, Teacher/Tutor, Colchester 11+ Tuition, Colchester
  2993. Simon Greasley, Nurse practitioner, Hoyland Medical Centre, Barnsley
  2994. Alex Fisher, Spec Occupational Therapist, Neuropsychiatry, BSMHFT, Birmingham, UK
  2995. Jayshree Pillaye, GP Public Health-Retired, PINNER
  2996. Dr Eleanor Draeger, Consultant, Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust, London
  2997. Michelle Lawrence, Horrified citizen, Swindon
  2998. Emily Botcher, Paediatric Registrar, HEWM, West Midlands
  2999. Dr Natasha Christofides, General Practitioner, NHS, London
  3000. Raka Maitra, CAMHS ST, Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, London
  3001. Charlotte Bolton, Doctor, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
  3002. Dr Malcolm Smith, Anthropology, retired, Durham University, Durham
  3003. Eleanor Derrick, Diagnostic Radiographer, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham
  3004. Joanne James, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University London, London
  3005. Dr Hilary Swales, Consultant Anaesthetist, University hospitals Southampton
  3006. Paul Casey, Derry
  3007. Dr. Fiona MacLeod, Clinical Psychologist, Edinburgh
  3008. Dr Dylan Kneale, Principal Research Fellow, UCL, London
  3009. Deborah Sibly, Retired, Nottingham
  3010. Hannah Keely, Grandparent, Home, Brighton
  3011. christine priestley, Retired, None, York
  3012. Dr Arvind Maheru, Doctor, London
  3013. ROWENA ROONEY, Hebden Bridge
  3014. Dr Leon Rozewicz, Psychiatrist, Priory Group, London
  3015. Dr Mark Heafield, Consultant Neurologist, Worcester Royal Hospital, Worcester
  3016. Prof. Martin Milton, Psychologist, Regents University London, London
  3017. Elizabeth Gregg, Retired Nurse, Belfast
  3018. Dr Emily Casebow, GP registrar, St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals, Liverpool
  3019. Eleanor Jane Turner, Surgeon, Royal marsden, London
  3020. Susan King, Finance Manager, Bath
  3021. Paul McCormack, Scientist, Retired (BASF), Fuerstenfeldbruck
  3022. Dr Robert Salmond, Associate Professor, University of Leeds, Leeds
  3023. Rachel Sheils, Doctor, Halifax
  3024. Fay Burgess, GP ST3, NHS, Welwyn Garden City
  3025. Dr Christopher Baker-Beall, Senior Lecturer Disaster Management, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth
  3026. Rawson Nicola, Occupational Therapist, Outcomes First Group, Scunthorpe
  3027. Donna Mcfaul, Early years practitioner, Donna, Please
  3028. Dr Abi Howgego, GP, Bradford
  3029. Elizabeth Stokoe, Professor, Loughborough University, Loughborough
  3030. Dr Anthony Jones, Retired Cardiologist, Salisbury
  3031. Dilip Kumar Gandhi, Paediatrician, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, Birmingham
  3032. Emily Simon Thomas, Doctor, CNWL, London
  3033. Anna Jameson, Healthcare worker, NHS, St Helens
  3034. Leah Fitzpatrick, London
  3035. Teresa Kelly, Consultant Obstetrician, Manchester University Foundation Trust, Manchester
  3036. Sham Lal, Assistant Professor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London
  3037. Paul Sibly, Retired Teacher, Nottingham
  3038. Sandra Phinbow CSci FRSB, Biomedical scientist, Oxfordshire
  3039. Dr Jonathan Boote, Freelance research consultant, N/A, Sheffield
  3040. Elspeth Reid, Anaesthetist, Mid Essex NHS Trust, Chelmsford
  3041. Prof Mark A Hollywood, Professor of Physiology, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Saintfield
  3042. Ron Smith, Systems Test Analyst, Retired, Southend-On-Sea
  3043. Brenda De Cogan, Ayr
  3044. John MacArtney, Senior Research Fellow, University of Warwick, Coventry
  3045. Lara Wong, Founder, Clinically Vulnerable Families
  3046. Marie Williams, Retired, Education, Hereford
  3047. Doreen Taylor, Blackpool
  3048. Richard Gamlin, Nurse, retired. Hospital volunteer, Northumbria Healthcare, Newcastle
  3049. Daniela Riccardi, professor emerita, Cardiff university, Cowes
  3050. Pauline Pearson, Professor Emerita of Nursing, Northumbria University, Newcastle
  3051. Professor William Wade, Professor, King's College London, London
  3052. Dr Euan Bennet, Senior Research Associate, University of Bristol, Bristol
  3053. Tony Goldstone, Doctor, Imperial College London, London
  3054. Richard Hyland, 3367MZZD
  3055. Dr Arthur Hosie, Course Director, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent
  3056. Mahesan Niranjan, Professor, University of Southampton, Southampton
  3057. Laura McDonnell, GP, Irvinestown Healthcentre, Fermanagh
  3058. Dr Tom Lawton, Consultant Critical Care, Bradford Institute for Health Research, Bradford
  3059. Alex Bullock, Health researcher, University of Hull, Hull
  3060. Anne Marie Nelson, Retired, Education, Halifax
  3061. Sarah Todd, GP, North Derbyshire, Chesterfield
  3062. Dr Graham Bottley, Researcher, InCytometry, North Yorkshire
  3063. Jennifer Lees, Clinical Lecturer in Renal Medicine, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  3064. Dr Simon Williams, Lecturer in Psychology, Swansea University, Swansea
  3065. Dr Tracy Draper, Psychiatrist, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, Worcester
  3066. Simon Frain, Medical Researcher, University of Manchester, Telford
  3067. Dr Steve Grice, Deputy Faculty Head, Birmingham
  3068. Dr Robert Dickinson, Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London, London
  3069. Dr Bindi S Brook, Associate Professor, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
  3070. Dr Charlotte Bonardi, Senior Lecturer, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
  3071. Dr Cathy Finnis, NHS England, Kent
  3072. Dr Zera Brittenden, Clinical Psychologist, LONDON
  3073. John Taylor FIBMS, Retired bacteriologist, Retired, Bolton
  3074. Dr Neil Thompson, Physicist, Science and Technology Facilities Council, Manchester
  3075. Nigel Martin, Retired, London
  3076. Jez Robson, Hospital Pharmacist, The leeds teaching hospitals nhs Trust, LEEDS
  3077. Claire Bradford, Medical Director, Sunderland CCG, Sunderland
  3078. Dr Christina Maslen, Retired health researcher, Last employment - Bristol City Council; Public Health, Bath
  3079. Sarah Cottee, Registered Nurse, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge
  3080. Prof Brendan Delaney, Chair in Medical Informatics, Imperial College, London
  3081. JOANNE TEMPLE, General medical practitioner, University of Bristol Students Health Service, Bristol
  3082. Stuart Green, Medical Physicist, University Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham
  3083. Richard Stanton, Reader in Virology, Cardiff University, Cardiff
  3084. Dr Mairi Todd, GP, NHS, Eastergate, Chichester
  3085. Duncan Gilmour, Retired pilot, Nil, Reading
  3086. Kath Mather, GP, Sunniside Medical Practice, Gateshead
  3087. Dr Sarah Howcutt, Principal Lecturer in Public Health, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford
  3088. Simon De Cogan, Psychotherapist, Self employed, Ayr
  3089. Anthony O'Rourke, Clinical Scientist, OUH NHS FT, Oxford
  3090. Kelly Park, Taught Postgraduate Admissions Officer, University of Leeds, Leeds
  3091. Dr Andrew Schuman, GP, 19 Beaumont St Surgery, Oxford, Oxford
  3092. Bill Kilvington, ODP, Coulsdon
  3093. Dr J A Harvey, Retired academic, St Austell
  3094. Nigel Hall, teacher, Truro
  3095. Dr Pauline Nelson, Research Fellow in Applied Health Services, University of Manchester, Manchester
  3096. Dr Pietro Oliveto, University of Sheffield
  3097. Dr DL Clements, University Reader, Imperial College, London
  3098. Emma Shaw, Medical Librarian, Imperial College London, London
  3099. Becky Bloom, Book Publisher, London
  3100. anonymous, Housewife (retired), British Women Pilots Association, Eastbourne
  3101. Jo Waller, Reader in Behavioural Science, King's College London, London
  3102. Charlotte Brown, GP, The gold street surgery, Cambridge
  3103. Karen Bates, Occupational therapist, London
  3104. Dr Melissa Sargaison, Specialty Doctor, UCLH NHS Trust, London
  3105. Dr Rachel Bevins, Coventry University
  3106. Mirre Simons, Sir Henry Dale Fellow, University of Sheffield, Sheffield
  3107. Professor Eileen Kaner, Professor of Public Health & Primary Care Research, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne
  3108. MR PHILIP R JONES, Retired teacher, GLOSSOP
  3109. Dr Emma Weidblatt, Paediatric neuropsychiatrist NHS and clinical researcher, CPFT and Department of Psychology, Cambridge
  3110. Dr Lily Read, Physician, COVENTRY
  3111. Jana Javornik, Dr, University of Leeds, London
  3112. Dr Caz Sampson, Critical care Consultant, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Leicester
  3113. Stephanie M Rainey, Research Associate, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
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