3 April 2022

Open Letter on FR chemicals in furniture

Dear Paul Scully, Member of Parliament

Upholsterers and the general public are at risk because of the excessive quantity of fire retardant (FR) chemicals in our furniture, bedding and fabrics.

The 1988 Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations force the UK to soak our products in more FR chemicals than any other country in the world. Yet our fire death statistics are no better than other countries. These FR chemicals leak from foam, from wadding and from top fabric. They can permeate our skin as we lie on our sofas. Many FRs never degrade. They build up in our bodies. They build up in our environment and particularly in our children.

University research on the aftermath of the horrific Grenfell Tower fire has shown that these FR chemicals do not work. They were originally intended to cause a slight delay in the onset of a fire. But they do not achieve this purpose and instead they can cause death by smoke toxicity. The scientific community are protesting, the Cancer charities are protesting, the environmental charities are protesting, but who is listening?

For over ten years these impossible regulations have been under “review” by the government. But no change. So why is the UK furniture and bedding industry not up in arms? These FR chemicals are certainly very costly to UK manufacturers. Is the reason that the 1988 Fire regs give the UK manufacturers of furniture and bedding a real life monopoly over the UK market? An overseas manufacturer would have to create a whole separate “UK only” product range full of FRs to do business here. Do we want economic competitive advantage to beat health and logic?

So who is motivated to speak out about this excessive use of toxic chemicals? Upholsterers who develop endocrine issues? They have no union to coordinate this. Fire fighters inhaling toxic fumes and developing cancer? The general public who have increased issues of child developmental disorders and infertility? Or none of the above because most people have not read or even heard of the Government’s Environmental Audit of Toxic Chemicals in Every Day Life.

But I hope Mr Scully that you can support us. Unless we take action in the next month the next “scope of consultation” document in the latest review of the 1988 Fire Regs will include a “match test” via the back door. The match test sees a live flame applied to fabric lying over a barely-FR-treated-foam. That means the foam is highly flammable. And to comply with this unrealistic test, unconscionable quantities of FR chemicals have to be added. The whole point of the consultation was to remove the match test and replace it with a smoulder test. The match test is scientifically proven not to work. It has been repealed in the US, rejected outright in the EU and its existence in our legislation can lead to 30% of the mass of a foam cushion being just FR chemicals.

If FR chemicals are absolutely necessary in foam to delay the onset of a fire then they need to be:
(a) non toxic
(b) non-bio accumulative
(c) non- persistent
(d) labelled with full chemical transparency
(e) they have to work and be proven to be effective at creating a meaningful delay in the onset of fire that directly leads to lives being saved.
Unless each and every one of the above points are achieved, the FR chemicals do more harm than good and should be eliminated.

We would like to move to a more sustainable future, where furniture and bedding is fire resistant by design rather than by being soaked in FR chemicals. We would like to offer our customers the choice of a more sustainable option whilst still respecting fire safety. We would like to work with materials that are safe for us, safe for our clients and safe for the environment. With the match test in the current Fire regs we simply cannot.

Please help.

Delyth Fetherston-Dilke (upholsterer)

851 verified
  1. Sarah Clabby, Science teacher, Wetherby
  2. Amie Anderson, Upholstery student, Oxford
  3. Jennifer Montgomery, Headteacher, None, Aberdeen
  4. Emily Montgomery, Upholsterer, None, Aberdeen
  5. Fola Agbalaya, Upholsterer, Square Two Furniture, Manchester
  6. Harriet Greig, Upholsterer, Dorcas Jane Interiors, Hertford
  7. Joanna Maeva, Upholsterer, Maeva & Daughters Upholstery, London
  8. Courtney Winstone, upholsterer, The Salvaged Woodshop, Gundleton, Alresford
  9. Gail Russell, Upholsterer, Glasgow
  10. Catherine Carre, upholsterer pharmacist, Evoque Furniture and Upholstery Revival, Helensburgh
  11. Maryjo Cartier, Independent Consultant, Surbiton
  12. Patrizia Sottile, Business owner director, Urban Upholstery Ltd, London
  13. Susana Gaspar, Screening Specialist, First Advantage, Colchester
  14. Clare Graham, Trainee upholsterer, Stardust Upholstery, Manchester
  15. Melanie Jacober, Upholsterer, Wrapped studio, Ashby-de-la-Zouch
  16. Laurence Katz, Interior Designer, Elemental Studio Ltd, LONDON
  17. Karen Heritage, Interior Designer, Heritage & Green, Fleet
  18. Emmanuelle Sirven, interior architect, EMMANUELLE SIRVEN LTD, London
  19. Jonny Manto, Project Manager, Dodds & Shute, London
  20. Diana Thomas, Project Manager, Dodds & Shute, London
  21. Rosanne Bannister, Sales Coordinator, Dodds and Shute, London
  22. Annwen Moore, Project Manager, Dodds and Shute, London
  23. Michael Hooper, Operations Director, Dodds & Shute, London
  24. Rhiannon Davies, Project Manager, Dodds and Shute, London
  25. Chelsea Fyles, Head of Sales, Dodds & Shute, London
  26. Lucy Arndt, Head of Sustainability, Dodds & Shute, London
  27. Jeremy Nichols, Director, Top Floor Textiles, London
  28. Joanna Benton, Interior designer, Helen Green Design
  29. Stefan Dodds, Co Founder, Dodds & Shute, London
  30. Tracy Ogino, Interior Design Director, Canary Wharf Group, London
  31. Mathew Freeman, Interior Design, Freeman Studio, Barking
  32. Petina Julius
  33. Jules Haines, Retailer, Haines Collection Limited, Groombridge
  34. Nicki Villars, upholsterer, London
  35. Liisa Dudgeon, Upholsterer, Sävy, Manchester
  36. Laura Dekker, artist, London
  37. William Skinner, Caretaker, Great Warley
  38. Kristin Sjovorr, Upholsterer, 26 Chairs, Brighton
  39. Hannah Rice, Upholsterer, Franklin and hare, Newton Abbot
  40. Carolyn Atherton, Upholsterer, London
  41. Daniela Difford, Upholsterer, Darling Dapple, BRISTOL
  42. Siobhan Casey, Interior Designer, Casey & Fox Ltd, London
  43. Sarah Wodehouse, interior designer, Decibel Designs, London
  44. Ann Cope, Interior Designer, ShabbyAn... Ltd t/s Ann Cope Interior Design, Colchester
  45. Elain Toner, Upholsterer, PleatUnique, Hemel Hempstead
  46. W Ratcliffe, Director, Craven Conservation & Restoration, Ely
  47. SJ Cooper, Registered Nurse, NHS, Warwick
  48. Sam Nichol, Furniture Designee, London
  49. Jennifer Owen, Upholsterer, SPRUNG Upholstery and Soft Furnishings, Matlock
  50. Emily Bloor, Upholsterer, Dorking Upholstery Studio, Dorking
  51. Craig Wienand, Branford
  52. Marta Urquhart
  53. Caitriona Sharrock, Upholstery student, USC, Essex
  54. Victoria Cook, Health Coach, Dunfermline
  55. Jennifer Minnelid, Montessori Guide, The Montessori Place, Hove
  56. Michelle Ghosh, Interior Designer, Michelle Ghosh Interiors, Sheffield
  57. Lisa Edwards, Furniture Restorer, Southminster
  58. Alena Murrell, Upholsterer, Inner Pieces, Tring
  59. Beverley Brownsdon, Malmesbury
  60. Charlotte Ferreira, Upholsterer, London
  61. Emma Hart, Upholsterer, Hart Upholstery, Hereford
  62. Brian Homewood, Uckfield
  63. Chris Owen, Conformance Manager, Herman Miller, Melksham
  64. Zoe Doughty, Upholsterer, Doughty & Drake, Poole
  65. Vincent Admans, Upholster, Topline Furniture, Swindon
  66. Wendy Mortimer, Upholsterer, Wendy mortimer upholstery, Aberdeen
  67. Emmanuelle Low, London
  68. Becky Burston, Maternity care assistant, NHS, Brighton
  69. David Crawford, Managing Director, The Big Beanbag Company, Callington
  70. Nicola House, Curtain maker, Ashford
  71. Anna Doxey, Upholsterer, Guild of traditional upholsterers, Uplyme, Lyme regis
  72. Lyndsey Wilson, Seamstress, Lulu Interiors, Carlisle
  73. Wendy West, Upholsterer, Tunbridge Wells
  74. Tony Holton-Hughes, Upholsterer, The House of Holton, Bicester
  75. annie gilbert, Upholsterer, Craft london, london
  76. Amy Warren, Designer, Kenilworth
  77. Gary Warren, Upholsterer, Kenilworth Upholstery ltd, Warwickshire
  78. Denise Parker, Rtd nurse, Peterborough
  79. claire rourke, upholsterer, richardson and paige, devizes
  80. Andrew jones, Upholsterer, Leominster
  81. Rachel Victory, Upholsterer
  82. Pauline Stell, Upholstery student, London
  83. Blackhurst Lucy, Upholsterer, King's Lynn
  84. Claire Elmes, Henley on Thames
  85. Sally McPherson, Upholstery student, CROWTHORNE
  86. Sally Grainger, Leicester
  87. Kayhan Foulger, Upholsterer, You're sew cool, Surrey
  88. Lorna Frieze, Upholsterer, Lower Brailes
  89. Nicola Bates, Upholsterer in training, London
  90. fran allen, Upholsterer, Returned to Glory, tring
  91. Sally Mollett, Upholsterer, The London Upholstery House Ltd, Minstead, Hampshire
  92. Pauline Keenoy, Upholstery teacher, Millstack workshop, Leeds
  93. Sian Tew, Upholsterer, Sparky Leather, Northampton
  94. Carole scott, Upholstery student, Richmond furniture scheme
  95. Terri Wright, Upholsterer, Boughton
  96. Katy McBeath, Upholsterer, ChairStory, Stockport
  97. Michelle Angela Rivera, Upholsterer, Royal plush upholstery, Brooklyn
  98. Diana Murray, Soft furnisher, Diana Murray Interiors, Epsom
  99. Nicola Holden, Interior Designer, Nicola Holden Designs, London
  100. Ailidh Kelly, Upholsterer, Studio 127, Aberdeen
  101. Melanie Harris, Upholsterer, Hayle
  102. Dawayne Williams, Regeneration consultant, D L Williams, London
  103. Corinna Vincent, Leven
  104. Ann Atkin, Upholstery student, Hinckley
  105. Michaelwallace, Furniture designer, RESS Furniture, Newcastle
  106. Katrin Penzkofer, Alresford
  107. Michelle Ollier, Upholsterer, The Ashwell Upholstery Workshop, Ashwell
  108. Clare McGuinness, Upholsterer, Cotton Candy interiors, Glasgow
  109. Katherine Susanthan, Sew Simple Llangollen, Llangollen
  110. Jo Madgwick, Upholsterer, Jo Madgwick Upholstery, Yelverton
  111. Victoria Barnes, Trainee Upholsterer, Hannah and Nails, Folkingham
  112. Sara Mason, Curtain and blind maker, White Rose Sewing Room, York
  113. Gillian Holt, Belper
  114. Eileen Mansfield, Student, UCTCS, Dunblane
  115. Claire Layland, Upholsterer, Dartmoor Chairs, Tavistock
  116. Ann Jardine, Student, UCTCS, Bridge of allan
  117. Sue Campbell, Director, KIND2, London
  118. Georgia Grimond, Upholsterer, London
  119. Young Eun Lee, Upholsterer, Bay & Hazel Upholstery, Bristol
  120. Sharon Darby, Upholsterer and TV Editor, Belfast
  121. Maria Willis, Upholsterer, Maria's Traditional Upholstery Ltd, Meppershall
  122. Lynsey Baker, Student Upholsterer, Rennie baker designs, London
  123. Deborah Lineker, HGV Driver, Manpower Services, Essex
  124. Hazel Evans, Student, Bristol Upholstery Collective, Sidmouth
  125. Miriam Heale, student upholsterer, Bristol Upholstery Collective, Blandford
  126. Suzanne Harvey, Norwich
  127. Debbie stevens, Upholstery student, Bedford
  128. PAUL JACKSON, Upholstery Student, Beckenham
  129. Sophie Carter, Upholsterer, London
  130. Ruth Crabtree, Director, Hutchtree Bespoke Furniture, Chorley
  131. Rachel Cope, Nurse, Nhs, Bideford
  132. Lorraine Johnson, Upholsterer and soft furnisher, Manchester
  133. David Greenwood, Upholsterer, Swankies Upholstery & soft Furnishings, Colne
  134. David Hurdley, Upholstery student, BSUF, Oxford
  135. Louise Stone, Finance officer, Capsel Ltd, Newport
  136. Sarah-Louise Johnson, Upholstery Student, BSUF, Twyford
  137. Glynis Cook, Upholstery student, Coventry
  138. Lisa Garnham, Education, NA, Woodbridge
  139. Lucy Round, Brighton
  140. Jill Arrowsmith, Retired, Leamington Spa
  141. Erica Fredricksson, Upholsterer, Hamilton & Hodson, Bristol
  142. Annie Pearce, Upholsterer in training, anniep designs, Guildford
  143. David Admans, Upholsterer, Room for Ideas Ltd, Oxford
  144. Julia Wallace, Upholstery Student, Lincoln
  145. Stuart Bottomley, Upholsterer, Oxford Upholstery, Oxford
  146. Sofia Feijóo
  147. Elaine O’Donovan, Upholsterer, The Upholstery Atelier, London
  148. AYNSLEY TRACY, Upholstery student, Glasgow
  149. Frank Adlington-Stringer, Councillor, Green Party, Chesterfield
  150. Jan Billington, Merseyside
  151. Melanie Alder, , London
  152. MacLeod Sally, Student Upholster, Arbroath
  153. Nikki Trott, Student upholsterer, Bristol Upholstery Collective, Bristol
  154. Mannon Lloyd, Upholsterer, ReSprung upholstery, Dorking
  155. Thomson, Upholsterer, Self employed, Hampshire
  156. Julie Mather, Sales, Jm, Wirral
  157. Mariola Calvo-Montero, Upholstery student, BSUF, Henley-On-Thames
  158. Deborah Cave, Upholsterer, Ivy’s Girl, Ashford
  159. Clare Waite, Upholsterer, Renovare Upholstery, Newport
  160. Helen Caswell, Clevedon
  161. Chloe Lisley
  162. Kate Weir, Upholsterer, Mogarth Upholstery, Glasgow
  163. Hudd Sarah, Upholsterer, Bristol
  164. Ann-marie Stephens, Upholstery tutor, Maid from Fabric, Kineton
  165. J Perry, Upholstery Student, BSUF
  166. Elaine Marshall, Consultant and part time upholstere, Pickering
  167. Caroline Marsden, Upholsterer, Plane Wrppers, Leominster
  168. Agnieszka Lewinska, Programme Manager, Deutsche Bank, London
  169. Hannah Billings, Basingstoke
  170. Lee Smith, Upholsterer, Loose Button Upholstery, Manchester
  171. Katie Stein, BARNSTAPLE
  172. Jane Davy, Accountant, Birmingham
  173. Anne James, Student Training in upholstery, Traditional upholstery workshop, Meidrim, Abergavenny
  174. Dawn Childs, London
  175. Michelle brady, Uphostery Student, Maria's Traditional Upholstery, Peterborough
  176. Zoe Knight, curtain making, upholstery, Zoë Knight Interiors, Orpington
  177. Ruth Dance, Student, Callington, Cornwall
  178. Ruth Martin, Upholsterer, Baskerville & Jones, Malmesbury
  179. Axelle Young, Upholsterer, London
  180. Tom Bosher, Chesham
  181. Hannah Ellis, Upholsterer, Horsehair & Hessian, Suffolk
  182. Jen Scothern, AMUSF student, British school of upholstered furniture, Reading
  183. Oscar Scrase, Sheffield
  184. Mohamed naji el hossami, Appholstering, Furniture, Lebanon & muscat oman
  185. Emma Harris, Upholsterer, Emma Harris Upholstery, Darlington
  186. Francis Mark Clemas, Upholsterer, Francis Tracy Interiors, Stockbridge
  187. Lauren Alexander, Upholsterer, Coleford, Gloucestershire
  188. Alison Sabine, Doctor, Worcester
  189. Megan Statham, Upholsterer, Shoreditch Design Rooms, London
  190. Kathryn Siegel, Student upholsterer, British School of Upholstered Furniture, Henley
  191. Kim Fazackerley-Sale, Curtain maker, Mrs Sew and Sew, Oxford
  192. Alan Lewis, Uoholstere, Tala Valley Upholstery, Launceston
  193. Amanda Hooper, Upholsterer, Coach House Upholstery, Clevedon
  194. Lesleyanne Deadfield, Upholsterer, London
  195. Andria Cauvin, Veterinary surgeon/ Upholstery student, Upholstery Skills Centre, Gosfield
  196. Gail Meek, Student, Upholstery and Craft Training Centre, Stirling
  197. Sarah Mannion, Braunton
  198. Darren Barrs, Upholsterer, Amor interiors, Sudbury
  199. Ana Majdandzic, Shipley
  200. victoria kelly, Upholsterer, Ready Kelly sew, BENFLEET
  201. Rachel Parnham, Upholsterer, Rachel Elizabeth Upholstery, Cambridge
  202. Alexandra Brady, Coach Trimmer/BSUF student, Milton Keynes
  203. Madalyn Cope, Upholsterer, Cope furniture, London
  204. Emer Tumelty, Interior Designer, Belfast
  205. Kerry Rutter, Upholsterer, Unseen Icons, Chelmsford
  206. Sandra Harris, Soft furnishings maker, Lonfon
  207. Lara Smith, Upholsterer, Sew Original, Littlehampton
  208. claire maclean, upholsterer, edge upholstery, london
  209. Melissa Key, Student upholsterer, British School of Upholstered Furniture, Henley on Thames
  210. Trudi Grant, Upholsterer, Thistledown Upholstery, Guildford
  211. Annette Bacon, Doctor, Royal Berkshire NHS Trust, Henley on Thames
  212. Emma Dunham, Seamstress, Cabmff, Bath
  213. Chrissie Pether, Upholstery student, BSUF, Henley-On-Thames
  214. Charlotte Yong, Upholsterer, Sit Upholstery, Witney
  215. Catherine Barry, Decorator, London
  216. Kirsty Howe, Upholsterer, Dovehouse Upholstery, Windsor
  217. Sarah Loveday, Colour my Cottage, Suffolk, England
  218. Gregory Cupitt-Jones, Upholsterer, Cottage Upholstery, Henley on Thames
  219. Tristan Kimber, Upholsterer, Tristan Kimber Upholstery, Truro
  220. Giuliana Cortese, Student, Bsuf, Stone
  221. Catherine Keir, Student, British School of Upholstery
  222. Joanna Holland, Upholsterer, Brighton
  223. Cheryl Brannan, Upholsterer, Neverendingupholst_ry, Crowthorne
  224. Hannah Weston Smith, Traditional Upholsterer, Hannah & Nails Upholstery, Folkingham
  225. Kinga Rymarczyk, Upholsterer, Timber&Cloth, Weybridge
  226. Chloe Nellist, Student, British School of Upholstered Furniture, Oxford
  227. Chris dunbar, Upholsterer, Drayton beauchamp
  228. Libby Payne, Upholsterer, Oxford
  229. Hayley Rawlings-Wingate, Upholsterer, The Dorset Upholstress
  230. Alison Sidney, Upholsterer, West Coast Interiors, Seascale
  231. Christina Rigby, Upholsterer, Raspberry Leaf Upholstery, Totternhoe
  232. Jane McCluskey, Curtain maker, Burrow & Fern, Saffron walden
  233. Karen Beauchamp, Artist/ teacher, Whitehouse Studio, Tarbert
  234. Katy Provoncha, Upholsterer, Cumbria
  235. Jenny White, Trainee upholsterer, Brisol Upholstery Collective, Malmesbury
  236. Kathy Joyce, Upholsterer, Independent, Wells
  237. Giles BRAY, Upholsterer, Middleton Bray Upholstery Ltd, Cirencester
  238. Fiona Lewis, Teacher, Oxford
  239. Kelly stringer
  240. Kate Hewetson, Upholsterer/Interiors, Independent, Warwick
  241. Helen David, Uplolsterer, Original ticking, Daventry
  242. Chantell Pope, Interior designer, No.21bespokeinteriors, essex
  243. Laura Baynham-Hughes, Upholsterer, Oxygen Upholstery, Frodsham
  244. David High, Upholsterer, John High and Son, Cambridge
  245. Chris Baylis, Retired upholstery machinist, Southend
  246. Sara Simmonds, Crowborough
  247. Steven Scannell, London
  248. Dave Groombridge, Upholster, Dave G Upholstery, Welwyn
  249. Lear Susan, Upholster, Self employed, Bristol
  250. Maggie Chalmers, Trainee upholsterer, Bristol Upholstery Collective, Eastleigh
  251. Sue Middleton-Lowes, Leisure upholsterer, Barnstaple
  252. Ben Lewis, Textile wholesale, Sunbury Design, Harlow
  253. Mehmet Ozer, Upholsterer, Classic upholstery, London
  254. Catherine Mardell, Soft Furnisher, Catherine Mardell Interiors, Aylesbury
  255. Keremi Gawade Owens, Upholsterer, London
  256. C Skinner, Frome
  257. Jan Boylett, Liss
  258. Cat Hoad, Director, Absolute Project Management, London
  259. Anna Share, Upholsterer, Oxford
  260. Debbie Rebbeck, Upholsterer, Beetle & Blue, Altrincham
  261. Elisa Soldaini-Paice, Interior Designer, Bath
  262. Giesela Rohr, Upholsterer, Stockholm
  263. Pauline craze, Soft furnishings & upholstery, St albans
  264. Alex Chung, London
  265. Katie Fitzjohn, AMUSF Student Upholsterer, London
  266. Kathryn Griffiths, Upholsterer & Pharmacist, Brooklands Upholstery, Sale
  267. Antonia Stirling, Upholster & Upcycler, Yorkshire
  268. Jo cole, Upholsterer, Joanne Cole Upholstery, West sussex
  269. Lynne Johnson, Retired, Manchester
  270. Lindsey Boon, Upholstery, Maude & Stanley, Northampton
  271. Sara Reetham, Furniture Restorer, And Then Tomorrow, Manchester
  272. Corrina Giles, Upholsterer, The little upholsterer, Saxmundham
  273. Kerri Baillie-Lane, Studio Coordinator, Bristol Upholstery Collective, Bristol
  274. Leanne Watts, Upholsterer, The Upholstery Lady, Manchester
  275. Katie Roberts-Tyler, Lecturer, Bangor
  276. Dawn Crabtree, Upholsterer, Nicely Wrapped Upholstery, London
  277. R Taylor, Upholstery, RoRo Designs, St Albans
  278. Caty Nolan, Upholsterer, Hemel Hempstead
  279. Jennie Woodfine, Leisure class upholstery, Arlesey
  280. Jaine Stanway, IT manager, Sheffield
  281. Robert Berry, Upholsterer, Notley upholstery, Norwich
  282. Paul Stanway, Creative Director, XYZ, London
  283. Catherine Bradbury, Katy B Designs, Upholsterer
  284. Eleanor Young, Textile design & upholstery, Fun Makes Good, Perth
  285. Grace Ingram, Tutor, MakerShed, Bristol
  286. Katie Ritchie, Upholsterer, Refabrikate, Argyll, Scotland
  287. Emily Draper, Designer, london
  288. Helen Gordon, Founder and Creative Director, kitecreative, oxford
  289. Neil Bancroft, Landscape architect, Edinburgh
  290. Chloe Bullock, Interior designer, Materialise Interiors, BRIGHTON, Sussex
  291. Jayne Haywood, Education Programme Manager, Ashbourne Adult Education Centre, Ashbourne
  292. Paola Rezzilli, Upholsterer, Curlyheid Upholsyery, Glasgow
  293. Pat Cattell, Potter, London
  294. Liz Bell, Interior designer, London
  295. Stephen Franklin, Traditional Uphosterer, Franklin Upholstery and Director of The AMUSF, Hereford
  296. Clare Traub, Registered nurse/AMUSF student, HCRG care group/ Bristol Upholstery Collective, Bristol
  297. Tamzin Ketchlove, Upholsterer, Weston-super-Mare
  298. Claire Platten, Upholsterer, Claire Platten Upholstery, London
  299. Victoria Joslin, Peterborough
  300. Joanne Gourlay, Writer and maker, Kingston
  301. Anthony Tocci, Upholsterer, Tocci Upholstery, Cheltenham
  302. Charlie Bates, Antiques, Northamptonshire
  303. Dan Hayes, Director, Industry Standard Management LTD, London
  304. Vivienne Coleman, Soft furnisher, upholsterer and interior designer, Trimm Living Ltd, London
  305. Kate cattell, Creative, North Berwick
  306. Aine Sheehan, London
  307. Anette Landström-Pettersson, Upholstery, Västervik Sweden
  308. Rebecca Neale, upholsterer, Nuffield
  309. Hana Vyas, Finance Analyst, London
  310. Charlotte Lloyd, Upholsterer, London
  311. Katy Chaytor, Teddington
  312. Alex Cattell, Upholsterer, London
  313. Armand Verdier, Upholsterer, Cheddington
  314. Stefanie Schneider, Project Manager, —, Ascot
  315. Steph White, Editor, Steph White, Cardiff
  316. Jenny reynolds, Upholstery, Guilden hill, Roystob
  317. Sandra Calvo, Upholsterer ans weaver, Chania
  318. Marion Wellsman, retired, Barnet
  319. Alison Harness, Student uphoslterer, Ministry of upholstery, Newark
  320. Christine Martin, upholstery student, st albans
  321. Christina Irvine, Upholsterer, Bedale
  322. Natalia Maghdoori, Interior Design Assistant, Berkhamsted
  323. Felicity Walsh
  324. Katherine Byrne, Upholstery Student, St. Helier
  325. Sari Margossian, Upholsterer, SAUS, London
  326. Janneke Evans, Upholsterer, Flamingo Upholstery, Glasgow
  327. Mr S J LAMONT, Upholsterer, St Albans
  328. Stacey Hartshorn, Designer Maker, London Road Design, Cambridge
  329. Kate Cohen, Upholsterer, London
  330. Sandra Bulpitt, Physiotherapist, NHS, London
  331. Gabrielle Ara, Upholsterer, Gabrielle Ara upholstery, London
  332. Nikki Morrison, Upholsterer, journalist, Maggi Loughran School of Soft Furnishing, St Albans
  333. Alison Campain, Retired, London
  334. Heidi Sargeant, Upholsterer, Cloudberry Upholstery, Chelmsford
  335. charlotte mooney, Upholsterer, charlotte mooney upholstery, Bristol
  336. Steven mogolofsky, Redesigner, Upcycling, London
  337. Caroline Pearce, Upholsterer, Caroline Pearce, Bournemouth
  338. Sadie Campbell, Upholsterer, Bristol
  339. Nicola Thomas, Upholsterer, Edge Upholstery, London
  340. Helen Price, Upholsterer, Copper and Calico, Welwyn
  341. Jenny Senior, Upholsterer, Shoreditch Design Rooms, London
  342. Jessica Stone, Interior designer, Abode of Ophilus Ltd, London
  343. Jennie Jones, Upholstery student, AMUSF student, Worcester
  344. A Couldrey, Office worker, Reading
  345. Beth Buchanan, Upholsterer, Sit Tight Upholstery, London
  346. Randi Belgrove, Senior Library Assistant, Brighton
  347. Paulina Kielar-Carter, Upholsterer, Peterborough
  348. Jane Crawford, Interiors, Jane Crawford Interiors, Godalming
  349. Emma Nightingale, Upholsterer, Emma Nightingale Upholstery, Congleton, United Kingdom
  350. Melanie Jarrett, Soft furnisher, The Handcrafted Home, London
  351. Sue Wise, Upholsterer, Self employed, Chesham
  352. Jill Walker, ABERGYNOLWYN
  353. Alison Broadhead, rain Upholsterer, Wendy Shorter, Chalfont St. Giles
  354. Hauen Halvor, Trainee uholsterer/ tailor, AMUSF, Ware
  355. Jo Harrison, Upholstery student, Wendy Shorter Interiors, Harpenden
  356. Jacqui Stephens, Upholsterer, Brookend Upholstery, North Wiltshire
  357. Michèle Bubb, Retired, Barnet
  358. Emma Evans, Science teacher and leisure upholsterer, Stevenage
  359. Debby, Retired, Upholsterer, Peterborough
  360. Ruth Vines, Trainee upholsterer, Retired nurse, TRING
  361. Jill Charman, Retired, Wendy Shorter Interiors, London
  362. Lucy Fisher, Upholsterer, Lucy and the machine, HEBDEN BRIDGE
  363. Rebecca Winfrey, Student upholsterer, Natalie Shaw interiors, Peterborough
  364. Rhiannon phillips, Upholsterer, Rhisewn, Bristol
  365. Christine Hazell, Student upholsterer, Upholstery class, Natalie Shaw Interiors, Peterborough, Plymouth
  366. Ruth Foreman, Medical Research, PETERBOROUGH
  367. Francesca Brookes, St Albans
  368. Chloe Conway - Snook, Hobby Upholsterer, Watford
  369. Maritta Parker, Retired, Peterborough
  370. Sharon Brooks, Upholsterer, Brooks Upholstery, Hampshire
  371. sarah Hilton, Peterborough
  372. Hilary Cunningham, Upholsterer, Westmorland ReUpholstery, Kendal
  373. Simon prescott, IT, Hatfield
  374. Charlotte Prescott, Upholstery student, Hatfield
  375. G Fordham, upholsterer, St Albans Upholstery Studio, Barnet
  376. Carol Arnell, Upholsterer, Carol Arnell Design Studio, Beccles
  377. Samantha James, Student, Wendy Shorter Interiors, St Albans
  378. Lucy Almond-Green, Oxford
  379. Lyndsay Sutton, Upholsterer, North End Upholstery, Scotland
  380. Lucy Foster, Trainee upholsterer/journalist, Chesham
  381. Karen Skinner, Trainee upholsterer/Retired nurse, Berkhamsted
  382. Deborah Walbaum, Hobby upholsterer, Biggar
  383. Sally Mason, upholsterer, Sally Mason Uphlstery, Suffol
  384. Marlis Haase, London
  385. Caroline rance, Upholsterer, Carline rance upholstery, Crowborough
  386. Karen DALLOWAY, Upholsterer, DallowayDesigns, Chesham
  387. Nicola, Nurse, NHS Trust, Hampshire
  388. HAZEL E SCOTT, Carer, Self employed, Cheltenham
  389. Christina Banks, Upholsterer, The Odd Chair Company, Preston
  390. Samantha Sandles, Upholsterer, Sandles Upholstery, Stroud
  391. Helen Buckley, Upholsterer, Self employed upholsterer, Cambridge
  392. Georgia Novis, Brighton
  393. Rachael Bray, Upholsterer, St Albans Upholstery Studio, Berkhamsted
  394. Susan Strother, Retired, St Albans
  395. faith holmes, hove
  396. Katherine Cummins, Upholsterer, Katherine Cummins Bespoke Upholstery, Berkhamsted
  397. Kathryn Harvey, York
  398. Micaela Chappell, Upholsterer, Micaela sharp design, London
  399. Charlotte Smith, Upholsterer, Charlotte Smith Upholstery, East Sussex
  400. Karen Amsden, Housing Policy, Sussex Housing & care, Brighton
  401. Alison Nolan, Upholsterer and tutor, Alison’s Upholstery, Shepperton
  402. Laura Urrez, Project manager, Nottingham
  403. Helen Davies, Hampton
  404. Lisa-Jane Orford, Brighton
  405. Paula Johnson, Student Upholsterer, British School of Upholstered Furniture, Maidenhead
  406. alice addison, Dog walker, Brighton
  407. Maria-Helena Santamaria, Brighton
  408. Suzanne Crouch, Student Upholsterer, Sussex, Lewes
  409. Jane Robertson, Designer maker self employed, JaneR designs, Dunbar
  410. Heleana Bouyamourn, Upholsterer, Self employed, Bristol
  411. Jodie allen, Operations Director, Cambridge
  412. Sarah Parry, Designer & Upholsterer, Leeds
  413. Deborah Good, Tutor and maker of soft furnishings, Self employed., Tenterden
  414. Helen Best, Upholsterer, Lorfords Contemporary, Stroud Glos
  415. Linda Lab, Teacher, Brighton
  416. Marie MacRae, Student upholsterer, Anstruther
  417. Caroline Clark, Upholsterer, Eady Rose, Peterborough
  418. Catherine jenkins, Designer, Osa & Joy interiors, Lincoln
  419. Christine Lye, Retired, Aylesbury
  420. Karen, Home Decor, Re-jiggery, Wirral
  421. Amanda Smith, Member Service Co-Ordinator, CSSC, High Wycombe
  422. Jenny Staff, Artist, National Gallery, Brighton
  423. Patricia Anderson, Crafted Upholstery Collective Barn 5 Unit 2, Green Tye, Near Much Hadham
  424. Bridie Doyle-Roberts, Upholsterer, Stiwdio-C, Pontypridd
  425. Lyndsey B, East Sussex
  426. anonymous
  427. JAYNE, Upholster, No81 Bespoke Upholstery, Hitchin
  428. cam tasker, upholsterer, tasker upholstery, redditch
  429. Teresa lowe, Furniture artist upcycler, Surrey
  430. Vanessa Tarr, Mother, Lewes
  431. Claire Houslop, Teacher, Brighton
  432. Anne Connolly, London
  433. Danielle Hope, Upholsterer, Hope & Hargreaves, Guildford
  434. Nicki Tarr, Upholsterer, Spring Upholstery, Brighton
  435. Amanda Leen, Upholsterer, Richmond
  436. Lola Parkes, Student, Crawfordsburn
  437. Josh brickell, Engineering manager, Ipswich
  438. Tracy Griffiths, Nurse, NHS, Woodford Green
  439. Claire Parker, Business developer, Legal firm, Lincoln
  440. Richard Parker, Retired, Lincoln
  441. Sian Diacond, Upholsterer
  442. Catherine Cottle, Upholsterer, Granny's Attic Bespoke, Birmingham
  443. Sharon Leney, Upholsterer, Rhubarb Upholstery & Interiors, Colyton, Devon
  444. Melanie Brickell, Student upholsterer, Traditional Upholstery School, Andover
  445. Jenna Dawson, Upholsterer, The sitting folk society, Ruthin
  446. Raymond Mackenzie, Upholsterer, Raymond Mackenzie Upholstery, Lhanbryde, Elgin
  447. Martin Young, Upholster, Vinall and Macey, Hadlow
  448. Magdalena, Upholsterer, The Seating Studio, Ashford
  449. Nicola Parkes, Upholsterer, Nicola Parkes Upholstety, Crawfordsburn
  450. Hazel Corcoran, Upholsterer, Glasgow
  451. Georgette Greig, Upholsterer, Statement chairs, Esher
  452. Emily Beaumont, Upholsterer, Emily Boo Upholstery & Design, Brighton
  453. Katerina Gibb, Upholsterer, The Upholsteress, Stroud
  454. Joanne Smith, Upholstery student, Bedford
  455. Lydia Dench, Upholsterer, Lydia Dench upholstery, Cambridgeshire
  456. Vicky Colthurst, Upholsterer, Kensington Upholstery, Herefordshire
  457. j and t taylor, Upholsterer, Burton-on-trent
  458. Philippa Duckworth, Upholsterer
  459. Amy Thomas, Upholsterer, Amy Thomas Upholstery, Tunbridge Wells
  460. Kathryn Nisbet, Furniture Upholsterer, Ridgeway Upholstery, Didcot/Oxfordshire
  461. Louise Platt, Student upholsterer, Upholstry craft training centre Stirling, Stirling
  462. Denise Cook, Account Director, Stealth Projects, Dorking
  463. Sue Fernandes, Student Upholsterer, Edinburgh
  464. Ann-Margret Kearney, CBO, París
  465. Tina Biswas, London
  466. Heidi Donoghue, Upholsterer, Her Upholstery, Macclesfield
  467. Nicola Little, Upholsterer, Cottage Upholstery, Henley-on-Thames
  468. K Steed
  469. Gemma Butcher, Trainee/student upholsterer, Northampton/london
  470. Jane Warner, Director, Recruitment company, Chester
  471. Jackie Cuffe, Lampshade maker, Jacqueline Oineriors, Noteich
  472. Chris Moon, New Malden
  473. Heather Niven, Upholstery, Laze, Rugby
  474. Hannah Barham, Upholsterer, The upholstery clinic, PETERBOROUGH
  475. Sharon Maginn, Upholsterer, Flipping Fab Vintage, Leicester
  476. Rachel Glaysher, Buyer, Hampton
  477. Emma Robins, Student upholsterer, Oxford
  478. Claire Vaux, Partner, HKUK Support, Ascot
  479. Gillian Sinclair, Seamster, Sinclairs Soft-furnishings, Edinburgh
  480. Zoë Meredith, Textile Designer, Luna Duke UK, Brighton
  481. Andrew Moir, Designer, Art Deco Designs, Kinross
  482. Mary Drinkel, Student, Horncastle
  483. Rachel Sharp, upholsterer, The Chair Doctor, Matlock, Derbyshire
  484. Carolina Harvey, upholsterer, 7 Upholstery, London
  485. Sarah Finnigan, Student Upholsterer, Ledbury
  486. Lsdan Nourbakhsh, Reseller
  487. Lickley James, Upholsterer, London
  488. anonymous, A. Stewart Upholsterery
  489. Jessica Suckling, Upholsterer, Great Missenden
  490. Juliette Raine, PR, Loughton
  491. Lara Kelly, Curtain maker, Aurora Drapes, Blairgowrie
  492. Helen Wood
  493. Victoria Tucknott, Teacher, Wakefield
  494. Laura James, Upholsterer, Rebuilt by Humans, Chesterfield
  495. Emmaline McConnell, Student Upholsterer, Lechlade
  496. Frances Hendron, Upholsterer, Hendron & Co Upholstery, Glasgow
  497. Alexa Nell, Upholsterer, TransFunk Furniture, Crowborough
  498. Sylvia Speers, Retired, Liverpool
  499. Amanda Jackson, Student upholsterer
  500. Caroline Lea, Designer, Oakham
  501. Jennifer Harris, Upholsterer, Jen Harris Studio, Oxfordshire
  502. Sara Wallander-Ross, Teacher, Oxford
  503. Joanne halstead, Healthcare NHS, NHS, Mirfield
  504. Alice sunderland, Upholsterer, A S Upholstery, London
  505. Celia Scriven, Student upholsterer, Malvern
  506. Elizabeth Burns, Architect, Birmingham
  507. Sophie todd, Upholsterer, Cumbria
  508. Sue Pulleyblank, CHIPPENHAM
  509. Shirley McBreen, White
  510. Ray Clarke, upholsterer/textile designer, Atelier Ray Clarke Ltd, London
  511. Jo Slater, Curtain maker, Redhead Interiors, Lincoln
  512. Claudia Watts, Ecologist & hobby upholsterer, London
  513. Susie Pollock, Upholsterer, Charmleys, Benfleet
  514. Carole Hopkins, Retired, Inverness
  515. Anne Jenkins, Florist, London
  516. Kelly Axon-Langhorn, IT professional, Reading
  517. Ollie Clueit, Upholsterer, Clueit Webb Interiors, Margate
  518. Allison Dyas, Performance Analyst, St Helens
  519. Corinne Webb, Upholsterer, Clueit Webb Interiors, MARGATE
  520. Lacey Raymart, Designer, Design by Raymart, Swindon
  521. Caroline Lamont, Health coach, Great In Great Out, London
  522. Lucianne hinch, Upholsterer, Lucianne designs Ltd, Carnforth
  523. Leah Morris, Student Upholsterer, London
  524. Pam Jones, Upholsterer, Cornflower Upholstery, Crewe
  525. Pauline Brown, Upholsterer, PollyB Bespoke Limited, King's Lynn
  526. Philip Gunter, Upholsterer, Gunter Upholstery, Redditch
  527. Tanya Sherrell, Upholsterer, Old Favourites Upholstery, Machynlleth
  528. Louise Lloyd, Upholsterer, Louise Lloyd Upholstery, STOCKPORT
  529. Nevin Joanna, Student Upholsterer, High Peak
  530. Sarah Mann, Upholsterer, Out of the Burrough, Norwich
  531. Jacqui Relph, Quilter & upholstery student, Preston
  532. Dorothy Paterson, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Aberdeen
  533. Caroline Freaney, Student upholsterer, Tonbridge
  534. Suzanne Jacobs, Upholstere, Eight parade upholstery, Aylesbury
  535. Claire Ragona, Restauranteur, London
  536. Sophie Abrahams, Student Upholster, Uckfield
  537. Alison Shaw, Upholsterer, The Yorkshire Upholsterer, Leeds
  538. Sue Grace, Curtain maker/upholsterer, Susan Grace Soft Furnushings, Barnsley
  539. John Hatch, Upholsterer, John Hatch Upholstery & Interiors, Exeter
  540. Michelle Duxbury, Garden designer, London
  541. Stuart Townsend, Upholsterer, Stuart Townsend ltd, Aylesbury
  542. Ali challis, Upholsterer, Bozeat
  543. Ali Challis, Upholsterer, Wellingborough
  544. Tania, VA, Edinbutgh
  545. Carla Costa, Marketer & Upholsterer, aCADEIREIRA, London
  546. Eleanor Maple, Student Upholsterer, Dorset
  547. Sophie Harman, Student Upholsterer, Bristol
  548. Sue Mayes, Upholsterer, London
  549. Monica Delgado, Upholsterer, London
  550. Emma Anderson, Upholsterer, Emma’s Interiors, Stevenage
  551. Gareth Edwards, Engineer, Observant Innovations, Winchester
  552. Amy hales, Analyst, upholstery student, Chelmsford
  553. Sarah Mitchell, Upholsterer, Wokingham
  554. Elizabeth Billingham, Upholstery, Swanmore interiors, Swanmore
  556. Alexandra Norman, Upholstery, Maidstone
  557. Charlie Stockford, Upholsterer, Weston super mare
  558. Isobel james, Interior Designer, Assis Interiors by Isobel L James, New Malden
  559. Louise Neville, Upholsterer, Sussex Upholstery, Lower Berwick
  560. melanie wheeler, MWheeler Upholstery, Enfield
  561. Cecilia Presho, Health & safety, Uk
  562. Deborah Blick, Professional driver, Andover
  563. Sophie Timson, Upholsterer, Stuhl Upholstery, London
  564. Anna Cloutman, Upholsterer, Brighton Upholstery, Brighton
  565. Yvonne van Hapert, Trainee Upholsterer, Perth and Kinross
  566. Alison Knight, Upholsterer, R&R Bespoke Upholstery, Dundee
  567. Cathy Bain, Upholsterer, The Spirit of the Hebrides Upholstery, Edinburgh
  568. Andrew Hull, Upholsterer, Hutchtree Bespoke Furniture, Chorley
  569. Erica Sawdon, Upholsterer, Upholstery by Erica-Jane, Swindon
  570. Fleur Pont, Upholsterer, Fleur Pont Upholstery, Bristol
  571. Gemma Seaton, Nursing assistant, SALISBURY
  572. Tracey smith, Sewing machist, Sew helpfu, North wales
  573. Georgina Coles, Upholsterer, The Upholstery Yard Ltd, Guildford
  574. Margherita Balshaw, Upholsterer, Anna & Dotty Upholstery, Manchester
  575. Lucas Sarah, Upholsterer, Lilac tree interiors, Preston
  576. Jayne wilkinson, Retired, Cornwall
  577. Tracey McConnell-Wood, Trainee Upholsterer, Fife
  578. Rachel Archibald, Furniture maker, Singular Furniture, Dalkeith
  579. Tilly, Preschool teacher, Wendy shorter interiors( student), St Albans
  580. Karen Pilling, Hobby upholsterer, Forfar
  581. Juliet Elias, Trainee Upholsterer, Upholstery, Cardiff
  582. Sara Thompson, Sewing Machinist, Kemp Sails, Dorset
  583. Lee Ness, General Manager, Global Upholstery Solutions Limited, Andover
  584. Oonagh Griffith, Upholsterer, On The Up Upholstery, Castlewellan
  585. Greta Large, Student, London
  586. Janet Higgs, Retired, Worthing
  587. Corinna Garner, upholstery student, N/a, London
  588. Ingrid Kitzing, Nutritional Therapist, Ingrid Kitzing Nutrition, London
  589. Kellee Hubbert, Picture Editor (upholstery student), London
  590. Michelle Hodgson, Upholsterer, Andover
  591. Alexia Smith, Upholsterer, London
  592. Claire Stuteley, hobby upholster, Hastings
  593. Caroline Brookes, Student Upholsterer, Maria Willis Traditional Upholstery, Peterborough
  594. Catherine Nayler, Upholsterer, Clayhills Upholstery, Haslemere
  595. Barbara Paleka-Lucas, Designer Maker Upholsterer, Studio Paleka, London
  596. Jean Billingsley, Upholsterer, JMB Interior Designs, Nashville
  597. Cindy Mason, Upholstery tutor, Suffolk
  598. sandra turnbull, Pilates Instructor, London
  599. Diane Cumming, Upholsterer, DW Home Furnishings, Macduff, Banffshire
  600. Alison McCormack, Upholsterer, Maria Willis Upholstery, Milton Keynes
  601. Annabel Whitehouse, Student Upholsterer, British School of Upholstered Furniture, Leighton Buzzard
  602. Rebecca Reuben-Williams, Upholstery Student, The British School of Upholstered Furniture, Flackwell Heath
  603. Melanie Hargroves, Upholstery, Sevenseats upholstery, Howden
  604. Amanda Hudson, Solicitor/ student upholsterer, Notjustachair, Hook
  605. Chris Binns, Upholsterer, Classique Upholstery, Oxford
  606. Susan Sutton, Upholstery Student, British School of Upholstered Furniture, Leighton Buzzard
  607. Jonathan Bennett, Upholsterer, Richmond
  608. Neil Deakin, Upholsterer, Bearwood Upholstery, Birmingham
  609. Karen Wodar, Accountant and student upholsterer, Cornhill courses, Kirkcaldy
  610. Sara Balzano, Upholstery Student, British School of Upholstery, Maidenhead
  611. Toby Rivers, Upholsterer, Muse Bespoke Upholstery, London
  612. Elizabeth Apple, Upholstery student, London Metropolitan University, London
  613. Elizabeth Stone, Wendy Shorter Interiors, St Albans
  614. Helen Shearan, Upholstery student, London Met university, London
  615. David Jolley, Upholstery Student, London Met University, London
  616. Dunia Tigris Gensler, Designer/Maker/Upholsterer, Dunia Tigris Workshop, London
  617. Kirsten Njie, upholstery student, London Metropolitan University, London
  618. Sally Evans, Upholsterer, London
  619. Roisin O’Shea, Upholsterer, St Alban’s Upholstery Studio, Wisbech
  620. Alex law, Upholsterer, School of upholstery, Faversham
  621. Rachael South, Upholsterer, London
  622. Justin Macleod, Sound Designer, Camberley
  623. Lois Hoole, Customer Assistant, Marks and Spencer, Winchester
  624. Stacey Scott, Scientist, University of Exeter, Exeter
  625. Malcolm Scott, warehouse supervisor, bristol
  626. Michelle Low, Upholsterer, Ragtacker Upholstery, Horsham
  627. Jessica Hudson, Part time upholsterer, Leek
  628. Amanda Muir, Marketer, Cable & Blake, Farnham
  629. Rachel cabblr, Upholster and tweed fabric producer, Cable & Blake, Carnforth
  630. Rowena Murphy, Upholsterer, Rowena Murphy, London
  631. Rosanna Owen, Upholsterer, Balboa Interiors, Tunbridge wells
  632. Clare Godden, Student, Wendy Shorter
  633. Michelle Fielden, Wendy Shorter Interiors, Totternhoe
  634. Monika Gibilaro, Surveyor, N/a, BERKHAMSTED
  635. Patricia Pryce, Upholsterer, Alban Upholstery, St Albans UK
  636. Jacqueline Humphreys, AMUSF Student upholsterer, Wendy Shorter training centre, St Albans
  637. Caroline Woods, Student Upholsterer, Wendy Shorter Interiors, St Albans
  638. Julia Lee, Upholsterer, St Albans Upholstery Studio, St Albans
  639. Elizabeth Alsop, Upholsterer, St Albans Upholstery Studio, St Albans
  640. Paul Whaley, Researcher, Lancaster University, LANCASTER
  641. Carys Macdonald, Financial analyst, Edinburgh
  642. Elena Xenophontos, Upholstery student, London Met Uni, London
  643. Zoe Forster, Upholstery Student, Kent
  644. Zoe Lanceley, Textile Conservator, Self employed, Manchester
  645. Sam Murphy, Upholstery Student, Hampton
  646. Astrid Gorissen, Upholstery Student, London Metropolitan University, London
  647. Stephen Holgate, MRC Clinical Professor, RCP, Southampton
  648. Alex Sherman, Upholsterer, London
  649. Roy Theobald, Upholsterer, Theobald Upholstery, Kent
  650. Eden Hage-Dando, Consultant, Deloitte, London
  651. Lisa Weil, Berlin
  652. R Stobo, Self employed, Self, Drymen
  653. Peter Farrow, Director, The Futon Shop Ltd, Plymouth
  654. Hannah Wozniak, Upholsterer, Seats & Solder, Bristol
  655. Rebecca Ungpakorn, Scientist, Oxford
  656. Victoria Heckenberg, Interior Designer, London
  657. Danielle Taylor, Designer, London
  658. Rebecca Larn, Interior Designer, London
  659. Caroline Wilkinson, London
  660. Kitty Chan, Part time upholsterer, Beyond the Chair upholstery, London
  661. Lily Stone, Soft furnishings maker, Fringe folk interiors, Essex
  662. Emily Yue, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  663. Pamela Loveday, London
  664. Tom Phillips, Artist, London
  665. Cecilia Halling Howells, Interior Designer, Elicyon, Haddenham
  666. Heather Thompson-Jones, Upholsterer, Self employed, London
  667. Lowe Julie, Upholsterer, Zip Upholstery, Warwickshire
  668. Natalie Kubicki, Upholsterer, Kubs upholstery, London
  669. Camilla Close-Brooks, Textile conservator, Self employed, London
  670. anonymous, Janesville Upholstery
  671. Alice Marns, Upholsterer, Marns Makes, Bradford
  672. Alice White, Banbury
  673. Lisa wilcockson, Education, Nottingham council, Belper
  674. Gaia Rossetti, Research Development Manager, Loughborough
  675. Artur Sutor, Upholsterer, Artur Sutor Furniture restoration, Melksham
  676. Anna Hollingshead, Upholsterer, London
  677. Therese Lane, Upholsterer, Crafted Upholstery, London
  678. Sharon Hennessy, Suite Comfort, London
  679. Natalie Shaw, Upholsterers, Peterborough
  680. Nikol Smith, Upholstery student, Bristol
  681. Sandra Bertolotti, Upholsterer, Leamington Spa
  682. Juliet Goodman, Upholsterer, Juliet Goodman Upholstery, Reading
  683. Timothy Cox, Upholstery Manufacturer, Coakley & Cox Ltd, Attleborough
  684. Zahra Hassani, London
  685. Heather Rogers, Interior designer, Barnton
  686. Kirsten Ingram, Upholstery student, Traditional Upholstery School, Mells
  687. Sarah Wood, Upholsterer & Tutor, Peterborough
  688. Janet Capstick, Upholsterer, Highcroft Interiors Ltd, Letchworth GC, Herts
  689. Jodi Wade, Sewing teacher, Jodi's Sewing Room, Budapest
  690. Peter Scott-Cooksey, Instructor, London
  691. Lauren Perry, Upholsterer, London
  692. Keris Russell
  693. Pam Jones Jones, Upholster, The two shady ladies, Crewe
  694. Maureen Klug, Bank clerk, RBC, London
  695. Michelle Stevens, Office worker, London
  696. Maria Rose, Artist, Tiverton
  697. Susan Scott-Cooksey, Office worker, London
  698. Kate Egan, AMUSF Student, London Met, London
  699. Aurelie Delage, AMUSF Student, Shoreditch Design Rooms, London
  700. Ian Hoole, Mattress production assistant, Cottonsafe Natural Mattress, Exeter
  701. Bruce Jack, Retired Upholsterer, The Guild of Traditional Upholsterers, Plymouth
  702. Sophie Bamber, upholsterer, clou and antidote, petworth
  703. Beth Swade, Upholstery, Studio Swade, London
  704. Jessica Parkhouse, Mattress Manufacturer, Cottonsafe Natural Mattress, Exeter
  705. Gareth Simkins, Environmental journalist, Croydon
  706. Jamie Willis, Mattress Manufacturer, Cottonsafe Natural Mattress, Exeter
  707. Rebecca Willis, Mattress Manufacturer, Cottonsafe Natural Mattress, Exeter
  708. Margaret McKinney, Care worker, Glasgow
  709. Victoria Richardson, Retired, Student upholesterer, Oxford, Oxofrd
  710. kerry spurry, faringdon
  711. Josh Tilmouth, Furniture designer, Brownlow, Chester
  712. LABushell, Upholsterer, Hilda’s lounge Ltd, Portsmouth
  713. Sarah Starbuck, Upholsterer, Tacks and Twill, Tadworth
  714. Linda TONNER, Upholstery, Falkirk
  715. Elizabeth Dowen, Retired mattress manufacturer, Sidmouth
  716. June Heron
  717. Rebecca Hoddinott, Teacher, The Natural Cook Company, Liss
  718. Mark Dowen, Furniture Fire Expert, Retired, Exeter
  719. Madeleine Matthews, Retired
  720. Julie Littler, Retired corporate, Herriard
  721. Claire Hale, upholstery student, Oxford
  722. Nathalia Chalmers, upholsterer, craftspace.design, london
  723. terry edge, fire expert, independent, london
  724. Elizabeth Sharkie, Retired Research Director, Glasgow
  725. Lorenza kelly, Psychotherapist, Charity, Leeds
  726. Anna Griffin, Upholsterer, By Anna Elizabeth, Martock
  727. Sian Leong, Sales Manager, London
  728. Allison Clark, Upholsterer, London
  729. Stephanie Edwards, Upholsterer, Glasgow
  730. Kate Keppel-Palmer, Upholsterer, Polster Works, Priston, Bath
  731. Frances Price, Training Upholsterer, DFS, BOURNEMOUTH
  732. Amy Burnand, Upholsterer, Burnand & Simpson Upholstery, Brighton
  733. Marion van den Bergh, Student upholesterer, Oxford
  734. Celia Somers, Retired, Glasgow
  735. Jo Evans, Project manager, Self employed, London
  736. Carol Rendell, Retired
  737. Edith Light, Interior Designer, Edith Light Upholstery, Hereford
  738. Mrs Patricia Pegg, Retired
  739. Diane Cotterrell, Altrincham
  740. Janet Howe, Retired
  741. Caroline jess, Retired Nurse, NHS, Oxford
  742. Sam Daglish, Upholsterer, Studio52, Twickenham
  743. Linda Raabe-Marjot, Upholsterer, Oxford
  744. Philomena French, Interior Designer, Philomena French Interiors, folkestone
  745. Emma Denis, Upholsterer, Atelier Denis, Leuven
  746. Lorna Birchenall, Community volunteer, Sheffield
  747. Anna White, Teacher, Twickenham
  748. Louise Parkinson, Upholsterer, Scruffy Upholstery, Tadcaster
  749. Fiona Edwards, Attleborough
  750. margaret ranaldi, Responder, Mobile Community Responders, BIRSAY
  751. Sarah Ashley Bach, Upholsterer, Safs upholstery, Richmond
  752. Joy Hopkins, Retired IT Engineer, N/A, Witney
  753. Sophie Hall, Hartlepool
  754. Trudy Wilkes, Upholster, Oxford
  755. Catrin Astor, Student upholsterer, Guildford
  756. Victoria Turner, Upholsterer, Victoria Turner Upholstery, Brighton
  757. Gillian Munro, Upholsterer, Edge of the Wood Upholstery, Croftamie
  758. Nicola Bhatt, Oxford
  759. Danielle McMullan, Student Upholsterer, Student, London
  760. Bettina Langlois, Administrator, Bristol
  761. Eleanor Gilson, Student Upholster, Sidcup
  762. Maria modarres, Upholsterer, Surrey
  763. Stephen Sanderson, Upholsterer, Button & Webb Upholstery, Wigton
  764. Katrin Penzkofer, Upholsterer, The Polster Project, Alresford
  765. Sarah Carr, Upholsterer, Great Bookham
  766. Rebecca Long, Interior Designer, London
  767. Natalie bolton, Upholsterer, Consciously creative, London
  768. Sarah Shephard, Upholsterer, Sarah E Shephard Fine Upholstery, HELENSBURGH
  769. Gaelle Langston, Interior Designer, Gaelle Langston House & Garden, Petworth
  770. Jan Donley, Upholstery teacher, Jan Donley Upholstery, Oxford
  771. Tara Craig, Furniture manufacturer, Ensemblier London, London
  772. Harriet Pagr, AMUSF Tutor, Bristol Upholstery Collective, Bristol
  773. Kirsty Lockwood, Upholsterer, Kirsty Lockwood Furnishings, London
  774. Caroline North, Student Upholsterer, Barnett Upholstery, London
  775. Oriana Wilmott, Upholsterer, London
  776. Kim Hare, Director, Nigel Hare Joinery, London
  777. Rosie, Putney High School, Me, London
  778. Rebecca Leggate, Journalist, Newbury
  779. Nicoletta zimbler, Doctor, Royal Brompton, London
  780. Sally Tweed, Upholsterer, Undercover upholstery, Andover
  781. Hayley Green, Upholsterer, Sheffield
  782. Charlotte Fletcher, Upholsterer, London
  783. Sarah Hill, Upholsterer, London
  784. Anne Parsons, Production leader, 22Chairs, Lewes
  785. Holly Donoghue, Interior Designer, Holly Donoghue Ltd, London
  786. Narissa Musgrave, Upholsterer, London
  787. Hannah Gracie, Upholsterer, Gracie Upholstery, London
  788. Alison Pretlove, Upholsterer, Cocoon Upholstery Ltd, New Malden
  789. Kate malone, Student upholsterer, Brighton
  790. David Mcnulty, Upholsterer, Newton Abbot
  791. Georgina Houston, Upholsterer, Leeds
  792. Jo Oldfield, Upholsterer, The Dandy Chair, Manchester
  793. Lucy Lightfoot, Upholsterer, Little Fish Upholstery, Stafford
  794. Sandra Casey, Upholsterer, TheCalicoDiaries, Basingstoke
  795. Katie mcintyre, Volunteer, Richmond furniture scheme, Teddington
  796. Marie Favier, Upholsterer, Marie Favier upholstery/Charles of Lloyd, London
  797. Louise Wilkinson, Upholserer, Chairsbylouise, Preston
  798. Stephanie Kinmond, Upholsterer, Roads2Joya, London
  799. C. Rothwell, Upholsterer, Clemmie Rothwell Upholstery, London
  800. mick sheridan, upholsterer, mick sheridan upholstery, Llangadog
  801. Gemma Broad, Upholsterer, Embrace Bespoke Upholstery & Design, Nottingham
  802. Emma Wallis, Upholsterer, Emma Wallis Upholstery, Bristol
  803. Katherine Park, Upholsterer, Katherine Park Upholstery, Kendal
  804. MaryAnn Quinn, MAQ Design, Upholsterer
  805. Polly Granville, Upholsterer, Polly Granville, LONDON
  806. Rebecca Lovett, Upholsterer, Love Lily Upholstery, Barnsley
  807. D PAYNE, Textile Design Student, High Wycombe
  808. Zoey Bates, Upholsterer, Bates Upholstery, Manningtree
  809. Lindsay Booth, Upholsterer, Box Upholstery, Corsham
  810. Amanda humphries, Upholsterer, A J Humphries Upholstery Studio, Bideford
  811. Ellie Alcock, Nurse/ upholstery hobby, St Asaph
  812. Maria Daniela Núñez, Upholsterer, Resoul Upholstery, Manchester
  813. Pauline Brown, Upholsterer, PollyB Bespoke Limited, King's Lynn
  814. Liisa Dudgeon, Upholsterer, Sävy, Manchester
  815. Leonie Groves
  816. Rebecca Gibbs, Upholsterer, Divine Materials Upholstery, Oswestry
  817. Indya Hanlon, Fabric designer, Indya Creates, Banbridge
  818. Alison flavell, Upholsterer, Grace and Flavell, Bournemouth
  819. Sarah Jane Bustin, Upholsterer, Sarah Jane Hemsley Upholstery, London
  820. Peter Fournel, Antique Restoration and Upholstery, Peter Fournel Antique Restoration and Upholstery, Maidstone
  821. Valérie Menou Moss, Upholsterer, Valerie Moss Design, Cheshire
  822. Katie McNeill, Upholsterer, Townhouse Upholstery, Newcastle upon Tyne
  823. Louise Stead, Upholsterer, The Quirky Home, Mirfield
  824. Aimée Alice Payton, Upholsterer, Newburt
  825. Wendy Roberts, Upholsterer, Lolaloveschairs, Greater Manchester
  826. Sammy Mosley, Upholsterer, Bath
  827. Emma Hyde, Trainee upholsterer, Wiltshire
  828. Ann Addicott, Upholsterer, Stuffing & Springs Upholstery, Pencader
  829. Vanessa Broguy, Upholsterer, Vanessa Butt Upholstery, London
  830. Amanda Neat, Upholsterer, Amanda's Upholstery, Sittingbourne
  831. Ayesha Sowani, Upholsterer, Roads2Joya, London
  832. Emily montgomery, Upholsterer/soft furnisher, Self employed, Aberdeen
  833. Anne brain, Retired, Dorchester
  834. Tracy Hodge, Upholsterer, Bunker Upholstery, London
  835. Gill Laird, Upholsterer, Gill Laird Upholstery and Chair Seating, Cambridge
  836. Rebecca Hutchinson, Upholsterer, High Farm Upholstery, York
  837. Lucy Fisher, Upholsterer, Lucy And The Machine, HEBDEN BRIDGE
  838. Kasia Kozlowski, Upholsterer, Wells
  839. Anna Gow, Upholsterer, Madderdyer Upholstery, Nailsea
  840. Michelle Kenyon-Roberts, Upholsterer, Kenyon-Roberts Upholstery, Aboyne
  841. Rosalie Walker, Upholsterer, Rosiewalkerupholstery, Surrey
  842. Emily Ward, Upholsterer, The Wiltshire Upholsteress, Chippenham
  843. Charlotte Ellis-Brown & Alexandra Clark, Upholsterer, Clarkandbrown upholstery, DUNSTABLE
  844. Heather Breed, Upholsterer, Heather Breed Upholstery, Princes Risborough
  845. Sharon O'Connor, Upholsterer, Vintique Upholstery, London
  846. Amanda Ayres, Upholsterer, UpholsterybyAmanda, Surrey
  847. Sonia White, Upholsterer, White.Bespoke, Teddington
  848. Judith Dennis, Upholsterer, London
  849. Gareth Rees, Chairman, The Guild of Traditional Upholsterers, Wallingford
  850. Susie Stanway, Upholsterer, studio stanway, Wendover
  851. Delyth Fetherston-Dilke, upholsterer, Delyth Upholstery, London
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