1 July 2022
Open letter: The National Lottery and LGB Alliance

Dear David Knott, Chief Executive, The National Lottery Community Fund,

We are writing to express concern and disappointment over the news that The National Lottery Community Fund (TNLCF) has awarded £9,000 of funding to the LGB Alliance to provide a helpline for LGB youth, as part of their Awards For All programme.

LGB Alliance have been identified (1) as an 'anti-trans campaign group' by the Trans Safety Network, who cite for example their opposition to trans-inclusive sex education at schools, and public support of the use of conversion therapy for trans people. We believe providing them with resources to set up a phone line for vulnerable queer youth, considering their track record, has potential to cause serious harm. There are existing phone lines for queer youth that are long-standing and inclusive, where people can explore their sexual and gender identity free from a transphobic agenda: awarding this project grant to LGB Alliance legitimises their message and signals to queer youth that they can be trusted. We believe the LGB Alliance was set up to divide the LGBTQ+ community in a time of rampant transphobia when community building and solidarity are so vital.

We also believe the decision to award public funds to this group is in direct contradiction with your equalities framework (2), particularly where you state your aim to target initiatives that reduce the causes of exclusion and help those at greatest risk. In 2021, the charity Mermaids (which supports trans youth) supported by a consortium of legal and charitable organisations (including trans-led charity Gendered Intelligence) launched an appeal (3) against LGB Alliance and the Charity Commission's worrying decision to recognise it as a charity, on the basis that LGB Alliance use the false pretence of charitability to “divide our community and denigrate those who support trans people.” Earlier this year, Arts Council England rightfully decided (4) to suspend a grant to LGB Alliance awarded as part of their Let’s Create Jubilee Fund after widespread outcry.

We encourage you to follow suit. We ask that the National Lottery suspends this grant immediately and reflects publicly on what led to this decision to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Please sign, whether you are a National Lottery funded organisation or an individual who objects to public money being used to support LGB Alliance's agenda.

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  5. Bryn Rowan
  6. Thomas May, Student, NHS, London
  7. Tom Williams
  8. Jack Witek, Brewery co-founder, Borrowed Parts Brew Co, Plymouth
  9. josie sparrow, Editor, New Socialist, London
  10. Maria Georgouli-Loupi, PhD Candidate, Goldsmiths, UoL, London
  11. Joanne Lee, Programmer, Liverpool
  12. The People’s Film Club, London
  13. Alice Bennett, Chair of Liverpool Momentum, LIVERPOOL
  14. Jeanna Louise Skinner, Author, Exeter
  15. Neil Grayshon, Teacher, London
  16. Rhiannon Lockley (she/her), Foundation Year Lecturer and Midlands representative UCU NEC, Birmingham City University, University, Birmingham
  17. Raluca Moraru
  18. Greg
  19. Hamzah Bharwani, Student Social Worker, Westminster City Council, London
  20. Joshua Wirz, Scenic, self employed, London
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  8. Darth Malak, Evil Lord of the Sith, Has anyone seen my jaw?, A glaxy far far away
  9. Rapey J. Penis, Experimental surgeon for LGB youth, The Center for Sterilization of LGB Children, Cotton Ceilington
  10. Oh dear, the trickle of homophobes trying to cancel an LGB charity, seems to have dried up, how sad
  11. I.Milat, Road Worker, New South Wales
  12. don’t ket homophobes take away important LGB rights founding, homosexual, Bi Town
  13. Stephen McNelly, Founder, Feetr, Glasgow
  14. Jessica Winfield, Rapist, HMP Bronzefield, Ashford
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  16. Raghav Arora, Student, Warwick University, Coventry
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