1 July 2022

Open letter: The National Lottery and LGB Alliance

Dear David Knott, Chief Executive, The National Lottery Community Fund,

We are writing to express concern and disappointment over the news that The National Lottery Community Fund (TNLCF) has awarded £9,000 of funding to the LGB Alliance to provide a helpline for LGB youth, as part of their Awards For All programme.

LGB Alliance have been identified (1) as an 'anti-trans campaign group' by the Trans Safety Network, who cite for example their opposition to trans-inclusive sex education at schools, and public support of the use of conversion therapy for trans people. We believe providing them with resources to set up a phone line for vulnerable queer youth, considering their track record, has potential to cause serious harm. There are existing phone lines for queer youth that are long-standing and inclusive, where people can explore their sexual and gender identity free from a transphobic agenda: awarding this project grant to LGB Alliance legitimises their message and signals to queer youth that they can be trusted. We believe the LGB Alliance was set up to divide the LGBTQ+ community in a time of rampant transphobia when community building and solidarity are so vital.

We also believe the decision to award public funds to this group is in direct contradiction with your equalities framework (2), particularly where you state your aim to target initiatives that reduce the causes of exclusion and help those at greatest risk. In 2021, the charity Mermaids (which supports trans youth) supported by a consortium of legal and charitable organisations (including trans-led charity Gendered Intelligence) launched an appeal (3) against LGB Alliance and the Charity Commission's worrying decision to recognise it as a charity, on the basis that LGB Alliance use the false pretence of charitability to “divide our community and denigrate those who support trans people.” Earlier this year, Arts Council England rightfully decided (4) to suspend a grant to LGB Alliance awarded as part of their Let’s Create Jubilee Fund after widespread outcry.

We encourage you to follow suit. We ask that the National Lottery suspends this grant immediately and reflects publicly on what led to this decision to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


Please sign, whether you are a National Lottery funded organisation or an individual who objects to public money being used to support LGB Alliance's agenda.

[Don't forget to check your e-mail address, otherwise your signature will not be valid.]


  1. https://transsafety.network/posts/profiled-lgb-alliance/
  2. https://www.tnlcommunityfund.org.uk/about/customer-service/equalities
  3. https://mermaidsuk.org.uk/news/mermaids-appeal-lgb-alliance-charity-status-update/
  4. https://www.artsprofessional.co.uk/news/lgb-alliance-grant-suspended-after-outcry

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  270. katie hedley, student, middlesbrough
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  273. Mimi Richardson, Southsea
  274. Kat Denvir, Leeds
  275. Somali Clarke, Southampton
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  293. Aimee Townley, Psychotherapist, Manchester
  294. Amy, CBT therapist, NHS, Bedfordshire
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  296. Atiya Chowdhury, London
  297. Vicki Cook
  298. Skwirel Vincent, Bank Manager, Birmingham
  299. Ziezy, N/a, London
  300. Liz McCarthy, London
  301. Jennifer Thomson
  302. Sammy Jackson, Climbing Instructor, High Wycombe
  303. Rosie Chalk, Nightshift worker, Southampton
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  305. Hayleigh Winpenny, Cramlington
  306. David Le Masurier, Baker, Cardiff
  307. Mike Lawson, London
  308. Quinn Connolly-Smith, London
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  310. Nick Burns, Bromsgrove
  311. Randy S. Kraft, Long Beach
  312. Sarah Horton, Actor, London
  313. Emilie Muggleton, Leigh-on-sea
  314. Ross Tranter, London
  315. Yasmeen Doogue-Khan
  316. Lizzie Watson, Norwich
  317. Ayeesha Roberts, Student, Manchester
  318. Jessica, Project manager, London
  319. Charlotte Ralph-Gledhill, Customer services, Aylesbury
  320. harriet ffrench, Thatcham
  321. Asa Willoughby, Teacher, Reading
  322. Candice Majewski, Academic, The University of Sheffield, doesn't want LGB youth to receive support
  323. Elizabeth Grange, Senior Underwriter, Bristol
  324. Emma Goulding, Scientist, Manchester
  325. Rebecca Simmons, Student, University of leeds, Leeds
  326. Catherine Young, Manchester
  327. Giles Bailey, Lecturer, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne
  328. Laura Marshall, Chelmsford
  329. Rosemary MacDonald, Glasgow
  330. Kathryn Irish, Leeds
  331. Georgina Barrett, Archaeologist, London
  332. Khazeel King, Project management, Cambridge
  333. Catherine Rylah
  334. Esme, BIM coordinator, London
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  337. Lucy Bannister, Yoga Teacher, Lucyoga, Bingley
  338. Alex Harrison, Teacher, Woking
  339. Alex Heritage, Solicitor, London
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  342. Cole Banton, Digital marketing manager, T Time Podcast UK, Kent
  343. Harriet onyett, Usher, Solihull
  344. Tom Glynn, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, London
  345. Jane Hewer, Theatre Director and Youth Worker, Lincoln
  346. Adam Reason, Marketing Executive, London
  347. Dora Bennett Batov, Student, Birmingham
  348. Julia Langley, Northampton
  349. William D. Howell, Connecticut
  350. Ellen Hemming, Cambridge
  351. Zoe Mackinnon, Sales Engineer, Salesforce, London
  352. Jazmin, Planning, County Council, London
  353. Darren D. Vann, Temp Agency, Gary IN
  354. Jayne Stone, Norwich
  355. Amber Satchwell, SEN Teaching Assistant, Southend-On-Sea
  356. Chelsey lee, Artist, Moth theatre, Brighton
  357. Hannah Harewood, Hull
  358. Keira Sussex, All Rise Collective, Southend on Sea
  359. Jacob Frankau
  360. Eleanor Percy, Mental health nurse, NHS, Cardiff
  361. Charisma Le
  362. Mel Brown, Executive, Spotlight, London
  363. Stewart Crank, Voice actor, London
  364. Joe Hudson, Freelance, Self-employed, Aldershot
  365. Phoebe Ball, Photographer, Berlin
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  372. Luca Chieregato, Verona
  373. Jason, Student, Hatfield
  374. Harriet Carlton, Charity worker, Canterbury
  375. Beatrix Moore, Edinburgh
  376. Lydia Smith, Wigan
  377. Caleigh Sinclair, Celebrant, Rochester
  378. Lucy Bailey, Civil Servant, Manchester
  379. Linden Parker, Cardiff
  380. Megan Orr, HR, Liverpool
  381. Rosie Thomas, Strategy Manager, London
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  385. Ella Jarvis, E-Commerce VM, London
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  387. Dr Emily Ennis, Research and Impact Manager, University of Leeds, doesn't want LGB youth to receive support
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  392. Andrew Parish, Hairdresser, St. Leonards-on-sea
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  396. Rachel Smith, Local government officer, Banbury
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  400. Jason Carter, Retail Manager, Birmingham
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  403. Alistair Dyson, Milton Keynes
  404. Glen Jones, Outreach Worker, London
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  406. Archie Saunders, Retail Manager, Urban Outfitter, Worksop
  407. Thomas Ryan, London
  408. Danielle Halling, Artist, Porth
  409. Bronwyn Jenkins, Mauchline
  410. Rhys Godfrey, Deputy Manager, Two Brewers, London
  411. Asha Reid, Actor, London
  412. Jennifer Figures, Lecturer, Dunfermline
  413. Susan Jack, Retired, Glasgow
  414. Martin Moriarty, Theatre-maker, Inky Cloak, London
  415. Charlotte Novak, Radiographer, NHS, Manchester
  416. Daniel Bowen, Paned o Gê, Cardiff
  417. Maxine Heron, Marketing Manager, Jecca Blac, London
  418. Atticus Watson, Healthcare assistant, NCH&C, Norwich
  419. Claire Gaydon, London
  420. Jennifer Illman, London
  421. Madi K, ,
  422. Sally lloyd, Director, Edinburgh
  423. Gabriella Pearl, Senior Recruiter, London
  424. Sarah Vignoles, Rochester
  425. Jayne Stone, Horwich
  426. Peadar Bradye, Arborist, London
  427. Sarah Bell, Leeds
  428. Siobhan O’Reilly, Marketing Manager, London
  429. Yasmeen Doogue-Khan
  430. Stephen Laverty, Architect, London
  431. Lizzie Watson, Norwich
  432. Thalia reynolds, Social prescriber, Mancheste
  433. Bo, Surrey
  434. Louis
  435. Kay, Cornwall
  436. Daisy
  437. Charlie Knowlson, Learning Designer, Open University, Stockport
  438. Marina Zarate, Teaching assistant, Hove
  439. Annika Walsh
  440. Cerise, Student, Oxford University, London
  441. Glenn Howard, Teacher, Boldon Colliery
  442. Gill Rose, Retired, London
  443. Natasha Simmonds, Glasgow
  444. Sionice Phillips, Banking professional, Abingdon
  445. Alison Chapman, Commercial Assistant, Basingstoke
  446. Jen Da Cuier, blue-haired heterosexual, Peckham
  447. Jessica Kett, Waitress, York
  448. Sophie Argyle
  449. Lori Fadden, TV Producer, Hastings
  450. Yasmeen Doogue-Khan signed three times, Always immediately after Lizzie Watson from Norwich, LGB & women hating cheaters
  451. Harriett Adams, Essex
  452. Lizzie Watson from Norwich signed three times, Cheater cheater, Trans dick eater
  453. Lydia Robinson, Freelancer, Northampton
  454. Hannah Sherry, Customer Advisor, Edinburgh
  455. Katie Bather, Nurse, Manchester
  456. Mya Chapman, Domestic Abuse Advocate, London
  457. Imagine signing this letter, declaring hatred of LGB's and thinking, you're on the right side of history, SHAME ON YOU
  458. Norman Bates, motel caretaker
  459. Heidi, educator
  460. Millie Green, Student, Exeter
  461. Hans Gruber, Nakatomi Plaza
  462. Ben Slater, Finance, London
  463. Scott Handley, Production Manager, The Production Family, London
  464. Louise McLaren, Architect, Perth
  465. J.W.Gacy, children's entertainer, Chicago
  466. Laura Murphy, Civil Servant, UK Government, Belfast
  467. Kalli Angel, Writer, Freelance, London
  468. Meghan Buzzel, Rochester
  469. Rebecca Pope, Project Manager, London
  470. Jasmine, Student, Edinburgh
  471. Christopher Wilder, Model Scout, Miami
  472. James McDonald, Animator, Bristol
  473. Annabel Graves, Senior SEO Executive, Manchester
  474. Holly Cookston-Williams, Bristol
  475. Pol Pot, Cambodia
  476. Martha hayes
  477. Helsa Townsend, Opera Singer, Birmingham
  478. Leo Yung, Project Manager, London
  479. Marina Quiñones Góngora
  480. Zena Zuberi-Quin, BIM Coordinator, London
  481. Elise Oliver, Logistics Coordinator, Chelmsford
  482. Carly Powell, Civil Servant, London
  483. Olivia Marshall, Student, Glasgow
  484. Em Cosh, Consultant, Margate
  485. Anna Heywood, Laboratory scientist, Essex
  486. Stuart Groves, Writer, London
  487. Sarah
  488. Amy Taylor, , Edinburgh
  489. Charles M. Taylor, Armed Forces, Arthington
  490. Isobel Way, Music Education Specialist, Enfield
  491. Kate Thomson Rahmanian, Self employed, Birmingham
  492. Katherine D below...., newsflash - trans activist handmaidens, are definitely NOT feminists
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  499. Sydney Cooke, Fairground worker, Stroud
  500. Jodie Cole, Choreographer, Kent
  501. Miles Edwards, London
  502. Thanks Poppy, Robert, Hollie, Emma, The homophobes coming thick and fast now, You lot out gay bashing tonight?
  503. Thanks Jayne, 2 Sophies, Mary-Beth, Chris and the rest, for your public declarations of your hatred of LGB people, The Homophobe Library, Genderwang
  504. Poppy Mills, Fundraiser, Manchester
  505. Robert Black, Photographer, Grangemouth
  506. Hollie Evans, Dartford
  507. Emma Munkley
  508. Jayne Stone, Norwich
  509. Sophie Chapman, Student, Kent
  510. Sophie Griffiths, Grants and Contracts Manager, Uk Youth, Helston
  511. Mary-Beth Owen, Administrator, Bristol
  512. Chris Weller, London
  513. Money, Creative designer, Glos
  514. Annamarie Emmerson, Finance Anaylst, London
  515. Emily Sharples, Chorley
  516. Caroline Harding, Shropshire
  517. Lucy Bradley, Social Worker, Bournemouth
  518. Bethany lingard, Associate Psychologist, Leeds
  519. Kirsty McGregor, Lecturer, University of Brighton, doesn't want LGB youth to receive support
  520. Rebecca Stenlake, Video Game Tester, Reading
  521. Ruby Rare, Sex educator, Margate
  522. Marc Walsh, London
  523. Ella Cornish, Trainee Solicitor, London
  524. Rose Moralis, Berkshire
  525. Connie Duffy, Gloucester
  526. Tallulah Wallace-Scutter, Kingston upon Thames
  527. Wendy Haines, Administrator, WDP, London
  528. Megan Lamming, Counsellor, London
  529. Abigail Roberts, Unemployed, Bolton
  530. Diane O'Shea, Civil servant, Belfast
  531. Jade Kelly, London
  532. Zo Bothwell, Administrator, Brighton
  533. Kirstie John
  534. Erin Moffat
  535. Alfie Vaughan, Student, London
  536. Alex Hayden, Nanny, London
  537. Jessica Edwards, Director, Freelance, Margate
  538. Val Perez, Office Manager, London
  539. Ali Gray, Creative, London
  540. Felicity Lockyear, Support worker, Blackwood
  541. James Curtis, London
  542. Charlie Rogers, Science Policy, London
  543. James Palmer, Hull
  544. Eden Vickerman, Nail Technician, Stoke on Trent
  545. Sian Griffiths, Norwich
  546. Inky Lee Campling, Student, London
  547. Luke Stephens, Ely
  548. Matthew Bates, Partnerships Executive, London
  549. Juliette Coutant, London
  550. Zoe Thorp, Veterinary surgeon, London
  551. Yasmeen Doogue-Khan
  552. Lizzie Watson, Norwich
  553. Rosie Hewis, Account Manager, High Wycombe
  554. Lucian Homewood, Paramedic, Norwich
  555. Rachel Dayman, Copywriter, LONDON
  556. Amii
  557. Carl Mackenzie, Accountant, Birmingham
  558. Dylan Plessis, Student, Student, Llanelli
  559. Hannah P, Bookseller, London
  560. Karen Mather, Retired, Blackburn
  561. Keren Smith
  562. CJ, Therapist, Essex
  563. I. Huntley, School Caretaker, Soham
  564. Joe Taylor, Administration, Vets4Pets, Newcastle
  565. Stuart Boath-Pickerell, Law and order, Individual, Didcot
  566. Jack Gill, Software Engineer, Hove
  567. Stuart Hall, Broadcaster, Manchester
  568. Ken Hacking, Project Engineer, Hambleton
  569. Claire ward, Solicitor, Individual, Halford
  570. Myra Hindley, Safeguarding Officer, Freelance, Leeds
  571. Meg Lovell, Photographer, Bristol
  572. Ray Sheo, Lower Swell
  573. Jonathon King, Impresario, London
  574. Ruby Gill, Student, Glos.
  575. Philippa Wheeler, London
  576. Patrick Butson, Researcher, Morpeth
  577. Samantha Jenkin, CARDIFF
  578. Trey Reck, Writer, Barmouth
  579. Dean Monks, London
  580. Tom, Customer service, ., London
  581. Homer Fobic, Librarian, Peckham
  582. Kathryn Lees, Psychotherapist, BACP, UKCP, Hartlepool
  583. katherine thirlwell, Sunderland
  584. James Sullivan, Teacher, Manchester
  585. Nabil El Bark, Student, Gloucester
  586. Katie
  587. Fiona Marshall, Director, By Fiona Marshall, Hitchin
  588. Lily, strategist, london
  589. Elliott Sturt, Drag Wueen, London
  590. Jayne Stone, Horwich
  591. Florence Cross, Yoga teacher, Stroud
  592. Emma W, Edinburgh
  593. Dick Butcher, Meat Slicer, Paychopath, Getchacockoff, Dystopoa
  594. Emma Clews, Student, n/a, Petersfield
  595. EJ Francis Caris-Hamer, Assistant Lecturer, University of Essex, doesn't want LGB youth to receive support
  596. Sayo Banjo, Student, Birmingham
  597. Laura Lawson, Head of HR, Birmingham
  598. Dylan Holloway, Musician, Dylan Holloway, London
  599. Stephanie Large, Photographer, NA, Swindon
  600. Nicolas Tantot, Volunteer, London
  601. Ranulf Lewis Flanagan, Barista, Oxford
  602. Julia Taylor, Scientist, London
  603. Debbie, Civil servant, London
  604. Becky Costigan, Recruitment Business Partner, Heaton
  605. Jack Bourton, Seamstress, Individual, Cardiff
  606. Lottie Storey, Bristol
  607. Laura, London
  608. Missy Hysterical, Chair straightener, Quim city
  609. Hayley Salter, Photography, Birmingham
  610. Jacq A., London
  611. Ana Tiene, London
  612. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, Hating gay people and women, London
  613. Peter Sutcliffe, HGV Driver, The Upside Down, Bingley
  614. Ella Radford, Nurse, London
  615. Naomi Goddard, Video Editor, Leicester
  616. Kyla Stroud, Songwriter, N/A, Kent
  617. Jessica Moffatt-Owen, Consultant, London
  618. Lil J Bush, London
  619. Jodie Stone, Actor, Southend-on-Sea
  620. Clarice Hilton, Research Assistant, Goldsmiths, London
  621. Matthew Murphy, IT Consultant, Department for Work and Pensions, Manchester
  622. Caroline Miskell, London
  623. Hannah Newman-Smart, Associate Director, Informa, London
  624. Lucy Emslie, Marlow
  625. Hannah Watters, Model, Broughshane
  626. Gwyneth Lonergan, Research Fellow, Lancaster University, doesn't want LGB youth to receive support
  627. Lucy Benson, Pr, London
  628. Eleanor T. Higgs, Lecturer, Brunel University, doesn't want LGB youth to receive support
  629. Fiona, Glasgow
  630. Heather Butcher, Oxford
  631. Miriam Kappel, London
  632. Roscoe Stedman, Student, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth
  633. Cathy Borman, University administration, Sheffield Hallam University, doesn't want LGB youth to receive support
  634. Rebecca Milsom, Student Recruitment, City University of London, doesn't want LGB youth to receive support
  635. Kit, Student, Newcastle upon Tyne
  636. Megan Islin, Marketing manager, Cosmonauts, London
  637. Richard Sawdon Smith, Professor, Norwich University of the Arts, doesn't want LGB youth to receive support
  638. ellie babb, Student, Newport
  639. Taylor Theydon, Long term disability, Hemel Hempstead
  640. Wouldn’t dream of sharing my name to this hateful misogynistic petition, Born Woman, Anti Gender Ideology, DropTheT
  641. Yasmeen Doogue-Khan signed twice, #1861 and #1962, This is what trans activists do, They cheat
  642. Lizzie Watson from Norwich signed twice, #1860 and #1961, We see you Lizzie, Cheating Lizzie
  643. Dr Evil, There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum, secret volcano lair
  644. M.Philpott, fire enthusiast, HMP Wakefield
  645. Leave us alone, you deluded cultists, we want nothing to do with you
  646. Dan Hand, student, Norwich
  647. Lovejoy, shitty-shotty
  648. J.K. Rowling's Fuzzy, Black Sweater, Cope & Seethe, LGB Alliance, TERF Island
  649. Sally Mathers
  650. Intan, Student, KCL, London
  651. Matt Gray, London
  652. Richard Sawdon Smith, Professor, University, Norwich
  653. Cathy Borman, University administration, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
  654. James Bridle, Writer, London
  655. Rebecca Milsom, Student Recruitment, City University of London, London
  656. Georgina Eliot, Shepperton
  657. Lauren Arnott, Edinburgh
  658. Jayne Stone, Norwich
  659. Michel Foucault, Kid Fluffer, Groomer, postmodernist, NAMBLA, A Turkish bathhouse in Paris
  660. Amelia Oram, Worcester
  661. Jatie Tucker, Lecturer, London
  662. Daniel Radcliffe (he/him), Prostate owner, The Boy Who Knows Better Than Women But Cannot Define One, Can be found with "really fucking racist" friends
  663. Molly, London
  664. Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub, Firefighters, Trumpton
  665. Yasmeen Doogue-Khan
  666. Lizzie Watson, Norwich
  667. Colin Ireland, Gay Slayer, formerly HM Prison Wakefield
  668. Stacey Duke, Social Worker and Psychotherapist, Birmingham
  669. lorna garner, Technician, Bristol
  670. Jordann Barge, NHS Lead Officer, Sheffield
  671. Lyndon Jessop, Newcastle upon Tyne
  672. Millie Roberts, na, na, na
  673. Rhiannon Griffin, Business Support Officer, Attitude is Everything, London
  674. Sam Taylor, London
  675. Adam Roberts, King's College London
  676. Alicia Shearsby, Sheffield
  677. Ryan Mahon, London
  678. Johanna H, Office Worker
  679. Caterina Sforza, Retail worker, Communist, New York
  680. Luan Morris, Student
  681. Carla McDonald Heffernan, Student, London
  682. Harold Shipman, Doctor
  683. Lydia Clements, Aunt, Gender traitors!, Gilead
  684. Vidala, Aunt, Get those un women to the colonies!, Gilead
  685. Rufus T. Firefly, President, I refuse to join any club that will have me as a member., Freedonia
  686. Bibiane Blondy, Manager, London
  687. Abigail King, Costumier, London
  688. Katrina Pope, Unemployed, None, Brighouse
  689. Aj Silver, Author, The Queer Birth Club, Rochford
  690. Paigee Tea, Cardiff
  691. Maeve Regan, Midwife, Manchester
  692. Cherry Terzza, Social worker, London
  693. Andrew Rogoff-Johnson, Customer service manager, High Wycombe
  694. Jayne Stone, Horwich
  695. Grayson Fritts, Pastor
  696. Niamh Sutton, London
  697. Luna Johnston, Brechin
  698. anonymous
  699. Sophie Plummer, Project manager, Edinburgh
  700. Eleanor T. Higgs, Lecturer, Brunel University, London
  701. Cara Whelan, Fundraiser, London
  702. Dominic Spiliotis, London
  703. Ben Petschack, Accountant, London
  704. Brenna Horrox, Curator, London
  705. Gwyneth Lonergan, Research Fellow, Lancaster University, Lancaster
  706. Sarah Owens, Student, NA, London
  707. Arantxa, Sign Language Interpreter, London
  708. Saffi Jones, Development Manager, Community Arts, London
  709. Elliot White, Student
  710. Carmen Boyd, London
  711. Georgina Rees, English Tutor, Shrewsbury
  712. Ysabells Wombwell, Youth worker, Hull
  713. Robyn timothy, Lecturer, York
  714. Mari Greenfield, Academic researcher, London
  715. EJ-Francis Caris-Hamer, Assistant Lecturer, University of Essex, Colchester
  716. Kirsty McGregor, Lecturer, University of Brighton, Brighton
  717. Michaeal Rogers, Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield, Sheffield
  718. Album Dumbledore, Headmaster, Bearded Gay Men Are Valid, Hogsmead
  719. Willy Grindr, Groomer, Tavistock Centre, London
  720. Nottingham Counsellor, Hating Women, HomophobesRUs, Misogynyville
  721. Jenny Knight, Marketing Professional, Mind, London
  722. Charmaine Wombwell, Artist, London
  723. JkRowlings Plunging neckline, Boozy lunching, The lesbians, Out glamming
  724. Esme Beaumont, PhD student, Cambridge
  725. Paul Boyle, Bo'ness
  726. Pica Mee, Head of Selling Out, The Feminist Library, Peckham
  727. Emma Franks, Artist, London
  728. Charlotte Wright, Basingstoke
  729. Alicia Wallace, Disabled Artist, The Art House, Wakefield
  730. Pugh Bertie-Blokka, Scientist with the aim of keeping pre-pubescent children, in that state until they can consent, to having sex with me
  731. Joe Mengele, Doctor, Oświęcim
  732. Mildred Ratched, Nurse
  733. Scott D. Lively, Activist, Temecula
  734. Dan
  735. Dana Rivers, Corrective Coercion of LGB, Umbrella Corp., TeetYeeticon Valley
  736. Utterly Homophobic (Ms.), Lesbophobia, Save those gay kids from the gays!!, Nogasia
  737. Ryan Williamson, Loughbrickland
  738. Steven L. Anderson, Pastor, Tempe
  739. Meredith Bentley, Horncastle
  740. William Turner, Mathematician, Birmingham
  741. Esther Myers, Senior producer, London
  742. Ernst Stavro Blofeld, SPECTRE
  743. RJ Bowen, Norwich
  744. Munchausen Mum, flying her son to a backstreet castrator, because she dreads him being gay #StunningAndBrave, Hell
  745. Leigh M, London
  746. Karl Howarth, Norwich
  747. Ben GJ Thomas, Bristol
  748. Richard Moyse Fenning, Physicist, Brighton And Hove
  749. Dillon Awes, Pastor, Watauga
  750. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Public representative
  751. Sara Forder, Diss
  752. Tomi Lahren, TV presenter, South Dakota
  753. Serena Joy Waterford, Wife, Republic of Gilead
  754. Hi Ayn and Kerri, thanks for confirming yr homophobia, sock it to those lesbians, gays and bi's right?, I mean who do they think they are?
  755. Kerri, Reading
  756. Hi Emma from Colchester, thanks for confirming, your homophobia, out gay bashing tonight?
  757. Ayn Rand, Writer
  758. Emma Howe, Colchester
  759. V.Putin, Please open a Feminist Library in Moscow., My regime welcomes your homophobia with open arms.
  760. Max Power
  761. Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick, Dick Dick Dick, Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick, We Pretend Feminists Can't Get Enough Dick
  762. Oghenetega Okor, HSBC, London
  763. Leni Riefenstahl, Filmmaker, Why stop at homophobia, Bookburning is good too
  764. Elspeth Williams, Project Manager, Freelance, London
  765. Vecna, Mind Flayer, The Upside Down
  766. Peter Venkman, Ghostbuster, New York City
  767. Clark W.Griswold, additives and preservatives, Chicago
  768. Sarah Teale, London
  769. Kirsty Wyllie
  770. Theodopolus T Wilderbeast, Dolphin Trainer, Meal Team 6, Jersey
  771. Dr S Psycho Teetyeeter, mutilating victims of a social contagion, Troubled autistic and gay kids = $$$$$$$$, The sewers of Hell
  772. Yasmeen Doogue-Khan
  773. Lizzie Watson, Norwich
  774. Dr H.Lecter, Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane
  775. Emily
  776. Peter Kürten, Moulding, Düsseldorf
  777. Rev. Ian Paisley, Founder, Save Ulster from Sodomy, Belfast
  778. Chasia Strange, I’m a sexist manly manz with internalized misogyny, I use my position to shut up those pesky cis white women, Aclu
  779. Amy allcroft, Gardener, Norwich
  780. Taey Iohw, Artist, Asia Art Activism, London
  781. Evanna Kappos, Wokingham
  782. Joel D. Rifkin, Landscaping, NYC
  783. Karen Mudbath, Undercover Agent, MI5, Erehwon
  784. Eleanor Boiling, London
  785. Richard Speck, Monmouth
  786. My girlie dick is gonna make you cry, Rapist, Labour party, London
  787. Ellie stebbing, Teacher, Brighton
  788. Katherine Roberts, Arts worker, None, Biggleswade
  789. I. Keyes, Construction, Anchorage
  790. Freya Jewitt, London
  791. Chief Superintendent Harry “Snapper” Organs, Q Division, London
  792. Richard Panderer, Glass ceiling installer, Upperthong
  793. Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader, Islamic Republic, Tehran
  794. You traitors, are the shit on the soles of actual feminists, fuck you forever, dick pandering homophobic handmaidens
  795. Gee-Laurie Havers, Norwich
  796. A 'feminist' library that, doesn't welcome feminists, Never thought i'd see the day
  797. Joseph Woolnough, Barnstaple
  798. Sabiha Nazir, Housewife, Stockport
  799. Every non-pisstake signatory on this list, is an old-school homophobe, who probably supports gay bashing
  800. Lou King-Atcock, Ladies Bathroom Attendant, Penistone
  801. R. William Pickton, Farmer, Coquitlam
  802. Samuel Little, Los Angeles
  803. I M Anonce, Pervertsville, California, USA, Child Mutilation Expert, Slice of Those Breasts or Wave your Dicks about, Pervertsville, California, USA
  804. Kirsteen, Steph:, you just, declared yourself as, homophobes. Yikes.
  805. Steph Boulter, London
  806. Kirsteen Stevenson, Glasgow
  807. D. Berkowitz, Postal Service, NYC
  808. Joachim Kroll, Sanitation, Duisburg
  809. Alice Clement, Therapist, Southampton
  810. Xander Kovacs, London
  811. Dick Allcocks, Man Island
  812. Sally, Philippa, Marianne:, Why do you hate, lesbians gays and bisexuals ??
  813. Ellen Edenbrow, I&D consultant, Leeds
  814. Tom Gardner, Student, Edinburgh
  815. I've made a complaint to the charity commission, about this targeted harrassment of an LGB charity. .
  816. Sally Barrett, Retired teacher, Oswestry
  817. Philippa U, Graduate Marketing Trainee, London
  818. Some useful names of, homophobes signing this I'm putting on our company's blackist, to NEVER employ in a million years
  819. Marianne Baly, Student, University of Exeter, Exeter
  820. Thyme-scented apricots, Plopping, Cyprus
  821. Dr Diane Ehrensaft, LPT: if your baby doesn't want to wear hair clips, means it‘s traaaaaanzzz teehee, Bring it to me so I can trans the baby and make that sweet$$$
  822. Emperor Nero, Rome
  823. Idi Amin, Uganda
  824. Philip Dundas, Company Director, Private citizen, London
  825. Zoe Everett, Executive, Leeds
  826. An actual feminist who, of course, opposes this., Carer, London
  827. Adelina McKay, unemployed, Bruce Township
  828. Someone who thinks you should all be kind, signing this online for our new woke overlords, did I say overlords? I meant protectors, Chiron Beta Prime
  829. Elan parry-Lowther
  830. H.H. Holmes, 19th century Hotelier, Chicago
  831. Binni Brynolf, Librarian, Birkenhead
  832. Sister Wendy, Nun, Radfems R us, Vatican
  833. Stuart Barrett, Database Developer, Roslin
  834. The Child Catcher, Vulgaria
  835. Bernard Manning, Manchester
  836. Helena Webb
  837. Nicola Madden, Retired, None, Bromsgrove uk
  838. Richard Ramirez, serial killer, The Night Stalker, California
  839. feminist library, avandons, #notagoodlook, women
  840. Vicky Gooding, Retired, Burgess Hill
  841. Antonia below, another coming out, as a homophobe, for shame
  842. Wake up homophobes, there's nothing wrong with LGB, organising our own group, Bonewall abandoned us for the trans ££££
  843. Antonia Keates, Video Editor, London
  844. Danila Mansfield, Retired, London
  845. Tiffany Moore, It's Ma'am, Gamestop, Castle Greyskull
  846. Steven Wright, Forklift Driver, Ipswich
  847. All the real signatories, will need to explain, why they are homophobes who hate lesbians, gays and bisexuals, We're back to 1980s open homophobia
  848. A. Shawcross, Catering, Rochester
  849. Anne Isabella Coombes, Software Engineer, Reading
  850. Michael Abbott, Cambridge
  851. Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, Twat in Chief, BetterUp, California
  852. Vladimir Putin, Dictator, Trans away the gay society, Moscow
  853. Theodore Bundy, Legal Student, Seattle, US
  854. Moshe Mankoff, Please select, Gateshead
  855. Josh Rodell, Engineer, London
  856. I can't believe so many openly homophobic people are still signing this,., It's a phone line to help LG&B young people you fools.
  857. Louise Shelley, London
  858. Benjamin watts, Manager, Leading U.K. charity, London
  859. jasleen kaur, London
  860. Scott Gethings, Occupational therapist, Birmingham
  861. Oliver Ridge, Carer, London
  862. Louisa Briggs, Derbyshire
  863. Emily Ford, Illustrator, RAW Arts CIC, Carlisle
  864. Katie, Software engineer, Edinburgh
  865. Vicki M, London
  866. Mary Flora Bell, Mother, Newcastle
  867. Nell Weston, Writer, Berkhamsted
  868. Sam Clifford, Banking Manager, PensionBee, Brighton
  869. Gloria, pt, london
  870. Joseph James DeAngelo, Ex police officer, California state prison
  871. Robert Awosusi, London
  872. Closing down a helpline for LGB youth?, Great look, guys
  873. Elissa O’Connell, Educator, Bristol
  874. Adolf Hitler, Exterminator, Stonewall of course. We all hate women and gays, Berlin
  875. Ros Champagne, Speech and Language Therapist, Peterborough
  876. Kacey de groot, LGBT+ seat holder national executive, NEU, Coventry
  877. Kate Roberts, London
  878. Con Version-Therapy, Head of Grooming, betteralivedaughterthanagayson.org
  879. Marsha P. Johnson, Gay Male, I was a gay man you absolute wankers, 6 feet under
  880. Ellie Morgan, Tonbridge
  881. Luise Guertler, Sound engineer, London
  882. David Parsley, man at bus stop terrorising lesbians
  883. James Dominic Smith, London
  884. Amber Ablett
  885. Bunch of homophobes attacking LGB people, Seems the hate is all coming from the Feminist Library
  886. Elaine Carolan, Elaine Carolan, LONDON
  887. Anna Preston, Hospitality Director, Nottingham Against Transphobia, Nottingham
  888. Hennie Swan, Nottingham
  889. Martha Stenhouse
  890. anonymous
  891. Beth Parkin, Designer, Derby
  892. Arwel Jones
  893. Caitlin Fleming, Cardiff
  894. Sir Cyril Smith, MP, Rochdale
  895. Holly Carter, Bookseller, Stockport
  896. Mary Gillies, London
  897. David Simkin, Engineering Manager, London
  898. James farlam, manager, glasgow
  899. Eleri, Cardiff
  900. Rolf Harris, Artist, Can you see what it is yet?
  901. Bea Brown, Sales Assistant, GAME, Brighton
  902. Emma Combes, Software Engineer, Cheshunt
  903. Philip Ford, London
  904. I'm a homophobe too, Let's trans away all the gays, Great work guys, handshakes all round, Vladimir Putin
  905. Brendon Treeby, Artist, Canterbury
  906. James Adlem, Manager, Canterbury
  907. Caitlin, Cardiff
  908. Dani Tagen, Artist, Dani Tagen, London
  909. AH-64E Apache Guardian, Attack helicopter, Brave and stunning, Validate me please
  910. Martha Adam-Bushell, Brentwood
  911. Patrick Archibald, IT, Tunbridge Wells
  912. Colin Ireland, Southend-on-Sea
  913. Charlotte Illera, London
  914. E McDowall, Audio maker, London
  915. D. Corll, Electrician, Houston
  916. G. Ridgway, Auto Manufacture, Renton
  917. Emma Bentley, Actor, London
  918. Anders Breivik, Christian Brueckner, Tractor Porn Association, pedophile island
  919. Gabe Beckhurst Feijoo, curator, London
  920. E. Kemper, Dept. of Public Works, Burbank
  921. Eric Gill, Artist., Daughters. Sisters. Dogs. All The Same To Me, Fifth Circle of Hell, Brighton BN2 !AA
  922. Jamie Jenner, Social Work, London
  923. F. West, Builder, Gloucester
  924. Joelle Plow, Software Developer, London
  925. P. Sutcliffe, Haulier, Bradford
  926. Kathryn Mackintosh, Artist, Anstruther
  927. Gaz Beard, shouting at women and cis gays, Stop the Fascist Scum/Starmer Resign/Terfs Out of Walthamstow, my mum's basement
  928. Hugh Janus, Poopee Tester, Stoneballed, Bangor, The Wales.
  929. Nick Lynch, Glasgow
  930. Heinrich Kramer, Inquisitor, Veritas Ltd, Peensbruck, Incellandia
  931. Tery Clark, PM, South East
  932. Kieran Gohel
  933. Grey Starmer, Village People Idiot, My wife has lost his cervix And We too hate Lesbians and Gays, Camden
  934. Emily N, Social Worker
  935. Same sex attracted., Lesbian., Stop erasing gays and lesbians., I also have human rights.
  936. We know you are being held hostage by trans activists, Stay calm, they have been reported and help is on its way, We will have you out of their safely soon!, They are known to be dangerous
  937. Alexander Vidal, London
  938. Joana Cardielos
  939. Aleksandr Lukashenko, Dictator, Good work library...I'm not keen on LGB people either, Belarus
  940. M Smith, Medical Student, London
  941. Anais below, is now a publicly declared homophobe, like all other real signatures, shame on you authoritarian creeps
  942. Anais Walsdorf, Library Assistant, London
  943. Just checking, if, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, fits
  944. Andy M, Unemployed, can I get a job kicking lezzers out of your library?, Halifax
  945. Dr. Juerdo Titsgo, Teet Yeeter, Conversion Therapy Services Inc., Train Station
  946. Chloe Armes, Norwich
  947. Pennywise, Children's entertainer, Don't you want a... balloon?, Maine
  948. Vlad, Impaler, Romania
  949. Have you had a book burning yet?, any feminist literature, not centering men, must be burnt in honour of cock
  950. General Zod, Evil dude, The Phantom Zone
  951. Ricci 'my junk's going nowhere' Tres, skateboarding cheat, I like stealing a 13 year old girl's win. I am PEAK TRANS, New York
  952. Amy M, Belfast
  953. I bet you £1000, The "Feminist" Library, has been taken over by, an AGP cock in a frock
  954. Jasmin Hayward, Office Assistant, Social Research Centre, Melbourne
  955. Jen de Borg, Erasing homosexuality by transing away the gay, Tehran
  956. Fiona Aviani-Bartram, Sheffield
  957. Queefgender Billy Bragg (fanny/fart), champagne socialist, All Billy Braggs are valid, Johnny Marr wrote my only good song
  958. Lara Ratnaraja, Birmingham
  959. Sauron, Necromancer, love your evil campaign, lads, Mordor
  960. Targeting the LGB community is homophobic, Long live the LGB Alliance
  961. Michael Bramham, Leeds
  962. Jack 'I can't be aa woman as I have a willy' Rose, Professional TERF, LGBA Can't Be Anti-Trans As Trans Ppl Are Included Org, Truthville
  963. Eve. nee Steve., Mummy's Special Boy. I mean Girl., AGP, Women's bathrooms.
  964. We ain't no feminists, bruv, How do we sleep at night, Homophobic Library of Aunt Lydias, Betrayal-upon-Thames
  965. Maya stevenson, Student, London
  966. Michael Lee
  967. Harvey Wankstain, Producer, Hollywood
  968. DEATH TO MUSTY OLD TERF SCUM, Student, Grangemouth
  969. Rochelle Smith, London
  970. Father Hiroshima Twinkie, Craggy Island
  971. Matey Cuntgomerie, standard (cum) (t)issue male misogynist, photo filters set to max, i support the Library's homophobia mate
  972. Jay Tee, Freelance, Liverpool
  973. Ross J Townsend, Retail, Glasgow
  974. Panderina O'Dickworshippa, Fake Feminist, Real feminists have dicks the rest are transphobes, The Feminist Library
  975. Anna C Monk, Digital Apprentice, London
  976. Father Johnny Hellzapoppin, Craggy Island
  977. Lady Natasha Letitia Sarah Jane Wellesley Obstromsky Ponsonsky Smythe Smythe Smythe Smythe Smythe Smythe Oblomov Boblomov Dob, Third Viscountess, Moldavia
  978. Cupid Stunt, Dick Panderer, Bonewall, Bell End
  979. Skullcrusher Henderson, Forger, Hammersmith
  980. Mrs Potato, Hammersmith
  981. No Child, Is Born, Stop Medical Experiments on Kids, In the Wrong Body
  982. Chief Inspector Grobbelaar, Hammersmith
  983. Debbie Russell, Civil servant, Belfast
  984. Linda Wall, Civil Servant, WALLASEY
  985. Simon Brooke, Crofter, Auchencairn
  986. Harry The Bastard, Pawnbroker, Hammersmith
  987. Marco Piccari, Chef, Bath
  988. Rebecca Gellman, Rebecca Gellman, Portsmouth
  989. Dan Guthrie
  990. Cannonball Taffy O'Jones, That's right you ignorant English wankers!, Hammersmith
  991. Dirty Morty, Swedish Chef, Primordial Soup Kitchen, Metropolis
  992. Teetus Deletus, Chest Butcher/Child abuser, Giving double mastectomies to 13 year olds., Wokingham
  993. Tom Fun, Cakes and snouts, We're gonna have a lot of fun, Derek we're gonna get in the drains
  994. Amy Moran, Trade unionist, Edinburgh
  995. Jonathan Boud
  996. Hannah Hill, Artist, Hanecdote, London
  997. Bill Decker, murderer, Tonight Matthew I'm going to try to be, George Michael
  998. Anna Rose James
  999. HANNAH ASPINALL, Bristol
  1000. Ruth Gladwin
  1001. Tractor barn surgical clinic, Hacking off body parts, using chainsaw bought on ebay, No minimum age required
  1002. Juliet Birkbeck, Manchester
  1003. Curtis Nash, Student, London
  1004. Melissa Coleman, Software Engineer, London
  1005. Irene Montero Sabín, London
  1006. Val.E.Date, My, Gender - I can barely open a jam jar since I became a laydee, Lady things, Men's sexual rights r us, Lady psrts
  1007. Alex, London
  1008. Jonny H, Retail assistant, Nottingham
  1009. Everyone who signed this letter is a homophobe, Cthulu, Good work guys!
  1010. Melanie iredale, Director, Birds Eye View, Sheffield
  1011. Fred West, Builder, Gloucester
  1012. Sarah Jones, Shop Assistant, Pembrokeshire
  1013. Jessica Bond
  1014. Josef Fritzl, Amstetten
  1015. Amy Mason, Writer, Self employed writer, Bristol
  1016. Dewey Decimal System, Catch yourselves on, Do something useful that centres women, Misogynist Library
  1017. Eleanor Sandler Clarke, Family Support Worker, Manchester
  1018. Catherine Halliwell, Teacher, Mitcham
  1019. The object of power is power, Ministry of Truth, Re-education zone, Reframe your trauma
  1020. Pickme McHandmaiden, Virtue Signaller, Shitterton
  1021. Dick Head, Pub Landlord, Hammersmith
  1022. Dave Hedgehog, Hammersmith
  1023. Spudgun, Hammersmith
  1024. Edward Elizabeth Hitler, Hammersmith
  1025. Richard Richard, Hammersmith
  1026. Woman Hater, Hating Women, Keep Gender Roles Strict, Sexism
  1027. Dr, Sidhbh Gallagher, Butcher, Miami, FL
  1028. Bee Godwin, Software developer, London
  1029. Hayley Archer, Nanny, London
  1030. Dr Incelman Splainer, Lecturer to women, Incelandia
  1031. Angry Incel (me/me/me), The Misogynist Library, Same sex relationships are verboten, Always centre men
  1032. Sarah Ferrari, London
  1033. Yaseen Mabübz, Adult human female, Hone
  1034. Papa Lazarou, Hello Dave,, You're my wife now, Royston Vasey
  1035. Stephanie Papapavlou, Director, Tring
  1036. Amy Soginist , just like the sexist male supremacist creep who started this petition, Hating women really hard, National Library, apparently, Anywhere UK
  1037. E Fraser, Student, Edinburgh
  1038. A feminist who used to volunteer at the library, exceptionally disappointed by what has become of it, stop pandering to fetishist men.
  1039. Ruaraidh McBain, Bartender and Waiter, Greenock
  1040. Ruth Garde, Arts producer, Independent, London
  1041. Terri Mullholland, Writer, London
  1042. Helen Austerberry, Retired, London
  1043. James Parrott, Librarian, Helena
  1044. Dr Jessica Langston, Lecturer, Birmingham
  1045. Jennifer Radford, Mother, Bideford
  1046. Beth Hartley, Housekeeper, Cambridgeshire
  1047. Kiri Douglas, Museum Worker, Edinburgh
  1048. Alasdair Murray, Solicitor, London
  1049. Andy M, Customer Relations Nightmare, Halifax, Unemployedville
  1050. Serving gay and lesbian youth isn’t transphobic, Really do you have nothing better to do, Than to accuse others of hate, Don’t some books need shelving
  1051. P Blair
  1052. Ruth Lang, Architect, London
  1053. Ma sivcok, Entertainer, London
  1054. Iggy Robinson, London
  1055. H Howells, London
  1056. Eleanor-Rose Gordon, Librarian, Colchester
  1057. Chick-fil-A, Your anti gay campaign is right up our alley, We would love to sponsor you.
  1058. Danielle Kerrigan, Coventry
  1059. Ezra Miller (he/him–I mean, they/them), Dick Haver, Male who preys on fema—I mean, non-binary on non-binary criminal, Armed and Delusional
  1060. Ollie Slivester, Artist, Bristol
  1061. Julia
  1062. Dr. Jimmy Wang, schlong surgeon, Dock the Cock, Ltd, Bangkok Mancave
  1063. Danny, Admin, Bristol
  1064. Emma Nibbs, Project Manager, A NLCF Recipient, Liverpool
  1065. LGB Alliance Protects The LGB From The T, Lesbians Don't Want Penises, And Why Are Male Rapists Allowed In Female Prisons?, Trans"Women" Have Penises
  1066. Deborah Bentham, Civil Servant, Bacup
  1067. Ezra Miller (they/them), Predatory groomer, A gun-filled farm in Vermont
  1068. Holly Cooper, Student, Goldsmiths, University of London, Rugby
  1069. Sir William Ormerod, Funeral Attendant, Gravesend
  1070. Genghis Khan, International Pilferer, Don’t really like the gays, love trans., Worldwide Queen
  1071. Jodie hughes, PhD candidate, Endometriosis south coast, Portsmouth
  1072. Kirsty Line, HR, Samsung, Chertsey
  1073. Emperor Palpatine, Dictator
  1074. Dr Emily Ennis, Research and Impact Manager, University of Leeds, Leeds
  1075. Dennis Nilson, Murderer, ikillgays.com, London
  1076. Fred West, Trans Activist, Don't like Gays, Better to be Trans, Tehran
  1077. David Paisley, Attacker of Women, Ribbons Are Hate Crimes Scotland, Glasgow
  1078. Dylan Mulvaney, tampon thruster, Unclockable, Tucktown
  1079. Kate MacDonald, Isle of South Uist
  1080. Polly Ennis-Theobald, Plant Technician, Urban Planters, Newbury
  1081. Enda Guinan, Digital Communications Manager, London
  1082. Ria Cheyne, Liverpool
  1083. Oisin Wall, Historian, University College Dublin, Dublin
  1084. I'm a ladyyyy, Destruction of women's rights, Men on top, Dickistan
  1085. Tony Collins, Train driver & union rep, RMT, London
  1086. Elizabeth Ottosson, Translator, Eastbourne
  1087. Wilberforce C. Humphries, Salesman, London
  1088. James McKee, Software Developer, Belfast
  1089. Laura Hopkins
  1090. Jessica Ghost, Teacher, Sheffield
  1091. Elizabeth Rosslyn-Tanner, Student Nurse, Brighton
  1092. Ollie Zhang
  1093. Millicent Floortje Breydel Waterbury, Student, NHS, Brighton
  1094. Basil Fawlty, Hotelier, Torquay
  1095. Investigate "the feminist library", Registered Charity, Nothing to do with LGB charities, Not part of charter
  1096. Candice Majewski, Academic, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield
  1097. Alan Beresford B’Stard, MP, Haltemprice
  1098. Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett, General, Cambridge
  1099. Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds, Artist and educator, London
  1100. Adi Daly-Gourdialsing
  1101. Teresa Clark, Retired, London
  1102. Derek Trotter, Entrepreneur, Peckham
  1103. anonymous
  1104. Jenni Goldsmith, Cambridge
  1105. Fen Schofield, Baker, Newbury
  1106. Harvey Denton, Toad Breeder, Royston Vasey
  1107. Dr Michael Marten, Teacher, Secondary School, Brechin
  1108. Loretta (formerly Stan), Judea
  1109. Ed Gein, Making skin suits out of women, Skull Soup Bowls anonymous, Ass end of nowhere
  1110. David. Cleary, Curator, Colwyn Bay
  1111. Ivan Takut-Chetitsov, Surgeon, TMR Inc. (Teenage Mammary Removal), Omsk
  1112. Adam Lucy, Artist, MARGATE
  1113. Henry Root, Professional homophobe, Middle England
  1114. Captain Birdseye, Able Semen and Fish Botherer, Non-DBS Childrens Outings R Us, All Aboard The Skylark!!!
  1115. Ki Dee Phidler, Founding Member of, I'll chop your bits off, if I can watch, Mermaids
  1116. Dylan Mulvaney, Struggling actor who hit upon a way to get famous, Los Angeles
  1117. katie moffat
  1118. Leah Werk, Library worker
  1119. lgbtqiaMAP, swimmer, mermaidiaLtd, Waveville
  1120. I give puberty blockers to children, Don‘t worry no side effects except for micropenis, Does a chicken cry?, and osteoporosis
  1121. I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay, I sleep all night and I work all day, I cut down trees, I eat my lunch, I like to press wild flowers, I put on women’s clothing, and hang around in bars
  1122. Vincent Hanna, Country Gentleman’s Pig Fertiliser Gazette, Funny-on-the-Wold
  1123. Mike Black, Illustrator, Dawlish
  1124. Germaine Greer, An actual feminist, Femininity is unreal, and it's gender, Female is real, and it's sex
  1125. Shaun Blezard, Area coordinator, Dalton
  1126. Iris Dunn, Museum worker, Salford
  1127. Alexis Rogers, Charity Manager, Guildford
  1128. Peter File, Using puberty blockers to keep kids, in a state of arrested development, until they reach the age of consent
  1129. Chris Jae, London
  1130. Humbert Humbert, Literary Pederast, International Federation of Perverts for Puberty Suppression, Lolitaville
  1131. Owen Blacker, Technologist, Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group, Woking
  1132. J Martin, Lecturer, Norwich
  1133. Lisa Risbec
  1134. Why are all the homophobes signing this letter? Opposing LGB Alliance makes you a homophobe. Do better., Not a homophobe, Lesbians don’t have dicks, Northamoton
  1135. Jeffrey Marshe, Pederast, Sparkle Glitter Unicorn Gingerbread Mermaid Consortium, Online, all the time. Come and meet me here, kids!
  1136. Harold shipman, World record holder, Dignatas made easy, Manchester
  1137. Shame on every single one of these signatories
  1138. Imagine being so homophobic you want to oppose a charity trying to help gay kids, Opposing LGB Alliance is homophobic
  1139. Paul Hancock, Bristol
  1140. Matt Moore, London
  1141. Sam Metz, Artist, Hull
  1142. Lesley Tutton, Chelmsford
  1143. Gabriella S, Lawyer, London
  1144. lee rae walsh, queer artist educator care taker researcher community builder, brighton
  1145. Rose Smith, North East England
  1146. Megan Everett
  1147. Emmeline Pankhurst, OG Suffragette, What the actual F is going on here?!, Rolling in my grave...
  1148. Dr, Grace Scrimgeour, Researcher, Bristol Medical School, Bristol
  1149. Evie Amati, Double Axe Attacker, Reported in The Guardian/BBC as a woman. (look me up!), Sydney Womans Correctional Facility
  1150. Nicola Lee, Medical Secretary, NHS
  1151. Finley Adams, Portadown
  1152. Mo Fanning, Author, Brighton
  1153. Thefeministlibrary hateshomosexuals, Misogynist, The patriarchy, Tranada
  1154. Mair Turner, Animator, Aberystwyth
  1155. Fredrik Andersson, Director, Queer youth art collective, London
  1156. missy mcbigot, stealing medals from sportswomen by outcompeting them as a man, Spectre, Transylvania
  1157. Andrei Chikatilo, Cannibal, Rostov
  1158. Issei Sagawa, Cannibal, Kobe
  1159. Stephen Griffiths, Cannibal, Bradford
  1160. Annabelle Kennedy, United Kingdom
  1161. Mikey Cunningham, Northampton
  1162. Albert Fish, Cannibal, Brooklyn
  1163. Ada not Cissy, Male gossip wearing a bra, The Fake Menopause Foundation, Oop North
  1164. Jeffrey L. Dahmer, Cannibal, Milwaukee
  1165. Angela Barron, CEO, Forth Valley Rape Crisis Centre, Cumbernauld
  1166. K.J. Un, Supreme Leader, I very much approve of your stance, Pyongyang
  1167. Sarah Gillett, London
  1168. River Monks-Audyn, Surbiton
  1169. Gwilym Williams, NOTTINGHAM
  1170. Taylor Schroeter, Mother, Beaumont
  1171. Loving ze anti-gay stuff… Keep up ze good verk, Love and hugs, Adolf, Joseph, Heinrich, Hermann, Martin, Adolf, and Reinhard
  1172. Mark Manning, (retired), Lairg
  1173. Nicola Harleigh-Bell, Policy & Engagement Manager, Homeless Action Scotland, KIRKCALDY
  1174. Brose B Forhose, Baseball bat painter, Witchfinders Anonymous, Brighton
  1175. Marla TheTerfDoc, Terfistani, Women's rights, baby, TERF CITY
  1176. Charlotte Vinsen, Manchester
  1177. Michael Wells, Bar supervisor, London
  1178. Jame Gumb, Skin seamstress, It puts the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again.
  1179. Monica Tolia, Artist, London
  1180. Christine Pollock
  1181. Tu Ran-Ni / 變性人, Asian Impersonator, Transracial Equality Now™, Safefromthecisco
  1182. Gender Ideology., Fighting for predators and paedophiles., The sickest thing that's ever been invented., Sick selfish men.
  1183. Naomi Woodhead, Manchester
  1184. Mandy Parry, Bristol
  1185. Emperor Hadrian, Ruler, Pax Romana, Rome
  1186. This is rampant misogyny and homophobia., You are traitors to women., You fight for predatory men with sexual paraphilias., You are from Hell.
  1187. Fay Kabubis, vlogger, online activist, self-employed, Gynecomastia
  1188. Joshua Cottle, Weston-super-Mare
  1189. Esme Chapman-Lund, Copenhagen
  1190. Zara Sands, Dance Artist, Various, London
  1191. Samuel Becker, Musician, London
  1192. Lauren March, Sports Events Sound Engineer, Nottingham
  1193. Jessica Yaniv, Professional Chancer, And wheelchair acrobat, Nottingham Libraries
  1194. Georgios Pappas, Glasgow
  1195. Katy Whitton, Online Content Creator, N/A, Milton Keynes
  1196. Jayna Mistry, PR Lead, London
  1197. Sophie Richardson, Sheffield
  1198. Nina Saarinen, Business Owner, Newcastle upon Tyne
  1199. Alessandra Cianetti, Curator, London
  1200. Jack n’ Danny, My vagina, The Female anatomy, Eltham, London
  1201. J Hannah, UKRI, Public Servant, Cambridge
  1202. Nina Saarinen, Business Owner, Newcastle upon Tyne
  1203. C Zuckerwise, Banker, Transgender Resource Center, Hauppauge
  1204. James Wallis, London
  1205. Michelle Westwater, Student, Glasgow
  1206. Pete Jeffrey, Marketing Manager, Glasgow
  1207. Tanya Milligan, Librarian, Falkirk
  1208. Paul Brocklehurst, Charity Worker, London
  1209. Melissa Hind, Teacher, National Education Union, London
  1210. J'usta Demit, You Hayte, Lesbians Already
  1211. Lee Donovan, Telecoms, London
  1212. Tyrannosaurus R. Ulysses, Tyrannosaurus, Natural History Museum
  1213. Loretta, Was a wise man, now a wise woman, Life of Brian, Bethlehem
  1214. Marianne Benzie, Surveyor, Edinburgh
  1215. Hannah Fox, Project Manager, Various, Hastings
  1216. Martin Stafford, MANCHESTER
  1217. Woman is born not worn, Truth, AdultHumanFemale, Real life
  1218. andy patton
  1219. Xavier de Sousa, Artist, Brighton
  1220. If a dog’s born in a barn, does that make it a horse?, Chef at the Dorchester, The Labour Party, An Earth that isn’t flat
  1221. David Paisley, Actor, LGBT+ Glitterati, Glasgow
  1222. Savannah Garcia, School Liaison Officer, London
  1223. Sarah Stacey, Fundraiser, Cambridge
  1224. Lauren Drozd, Student, Southampton
  1225. Poofy McBumbum, Bumming stem cells and sex chromosomes, Dirk Bogarde's Well-Swept Grave, Brighton
  1226. Ellie Priest, PhD Student, University of Sussex, LONDON
  1227. Dan Pothecary-Smith, London
  1228. Julie Martin, Reading
  1229. Daniel Simkin, Librarian, London
  1230. Her Fallaciousness Lady P Dique,, Full-time Narcissist, Autogynephilia.con, Transylvania
  1231. Jason Henderson
  1232. Cassian Lodge, activist, Powys
  1233. S Brae, Solution Architect, London
  1234. Blanca García, Library Worker, London
  1235. Gabe James, Reading
  1236. Victoria, Edinburgh
  1237. Michele Martin, Retired, Southport
  1238. Tom Robbins, Mathematician and Entrepreneur, Birmingham
  1239. Silvia Christoforou, Student, Exeter
  1240. Mollie Goldstrom, Artist, Cornwall
  1241. Elissavet Ntoulia, London
  1242. Jasper Small, Sheffield
  1243. Janet O'Regan
  1244. Susan Owen, Student, Leeds
  1245. Megan Rapinoes Left Soccer Boot, Professional Sellout, Chucking other women under busses, Womens Soccer, losers to 15 year old boys, Arsington
  1246. Milan Evans, Archaeologist, READING
  1247. Roxanne Doyle, Software Engineer, Glasgow
  1248. Sophie Dodsworth, Trans women are women, London
  1249. Minna Pollanen, Artist, London
  1250. Marijke Vasey, Artist, Beaubery
  1251. Rudy Loewe, Artist, London
  1252. Ellen Gregory
  1253. Rhi Stanford, London
  1254. James Henry, Writer
  1255. Marlow Bushman, Student, Aberdeen
  1256. Haddi, , Exeter
  1257. Livvy Murdoch, Arts Education, London
  1258. Nicola M
  1259. Kathryn mccain, Operations manager, Lindon
  1260. Shaneen, Marketer, London
  1261. Thank you for supporting the Fauxminist library!, We sold out women, especially lesbians for woke brownie points
  1262. Eloise Birtwhistle
  1263. Katy dadacz, student/waiter, London
  1264. Anna McMan - Chin Nicholson, Autogynephiles Anonymous, Edinburgh, Leave lesbians alone, creep
  1265. Hannah Cobb, Manchester
  1266. Rebecca Pitkin, Edinburgh
  1267. Eren Kemp
  1268. Karolina Dworska, Artist, London
  1269. Homophobic Peition, Gay kids exist, Support funding for gay children not hate, Gay not queer
  1270. Grace Thompson
  1271. Brian King, Carer, None, Dunfermline
  1272. Emma McMullan, Winchester
  1273. Gabrielle de la Puente, The White Pube
  1274. Louise Tomlinson-Sylvest, Rugby
  1275. Seth Randall-Goddard, London
  1276. Holly Bright, Director, The View CiC
  1277. Suckma Laydeedick, Ball waxer, Transbians R Us, Lalaland
  1278. Kerry Drewery, Writer
  1279. Farah Damji, Writer, artist, The View, Birmingham
  1280. Farzana Khan, Manager, The View, London
  1281. Clare Simms, Director, The View Magazine, London
  1282. A.N.Other Woke Idiot, Being a woke idiot, Wibble Wibble Pronoun Woke Salad, Wibble Wibble
  1283. David Kirkham, Sheffield
  1284. Kaila Whyte, Teacher, Q3 Academy Langley, Birmingham
  1285. Craig Wagner, Abingdon
  1286. Derwin McGeary, Software Architect, Glasgow
  1287. Oliver Birch, Healthcare Scientist, NHS, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  1288. Chris Eason
  1289. Luke Anokhin, Tree Surgeon, Sudbury
  1290. Paul Hibbert
  1291. Katy Montgomerie, Man, Mate, Mate Mate., MATE
  1292. toke lyndby, Copenhagen
  1293. Amelie Wikström, Writer, None, Umeå
  1294. Harry, Bradford
  1295. Molly McCabe, Birmingham
  1296. Oonagh Keating, Writer, Liverpool
  1297. Phoebe
  1298. colette stuart, student, university of durham, durham
  1299. Milan Kolki, Vienna, Austria
  1300. Rik 'Hands up who likes me', Anarchist, Anyone who disagrees with me is a fascist, London
  1301. Good afternoon, fellow homophobes!, Thanks to everyone who signed this letter, We love taking away funding to gay people, that takes away funding from a gay organisation
  1302. Reuben Rackham, student, London
  1303. Lyndsay Jarvis, Aberdeen
  1304. Sam Oliver-Watts, Salford
  1305. Ronald McDonald, Clown, Makeup maketh the woman
  1306. Lyndsey Mcallister
  1307. Holly Falconer, Photographer, London
  1308. Emma Hadley, Museum Collections Assistant, Stockport Museums, Stockport
  1309. David Challenor, Electoral management, Coventry
  1310. I'm not a vet but I know what a dog is
  1311. Harry Potter, I support LGB Alliance, Your petition is homophobic, Hogwarts
  1312. Edith Speller, London
  1313. Miguel Martinez, Bathroom Monitor, Evansville Wyoming
  1314. Andrew Henderson, Designer, London
  1315. Nathaniel Knight, Aimee Challenor's significant other, Kid's photographer, Green Party, Coventry
  1316. Euan McLaren, Marketing Officer, London
  1317. Blokey McBlokeface, King of the Lady Boys, Mermaids, Transylvania
  1318. Big Gav Hubbard, Women's Weightlifter, Wellington
  1319. Frederik David Colpman, London
  1320. Johnathan Tuck, Operations Manager, Centre for London, London
  1321. Hannah finnegan
  1322. Phallusia McGirldique, Fluffer, Jupiter Mining Corporation, Mannsville
  1323. Samuel Simpson, Dundee
  1324. Jonella Vidal, Digital Marketer, London
  1325. Laura Steel, Learning Technologist, University of Law, London
  1326. Andrew Sutherland, witham
  1327. Sorcha Noble, Hackney
  1328. Nicky Simpson, Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Regent Street Neighbourhood Watch, Scarborough
  1329. Pinkie McPinkie, Pink Hair Stylist, Straight As A Dye Studios
  1330. Rob Beasley, Web developer, Oxford
  1331. James Norrington, Learning Support Assistant, Sprowston School, Norwich
  1332. Arthur Higginbottom, Professional Nonce and Drag Queen Artiste, Drag Queen Story Company Ltd, Little Muffton
  1333. Nicola Owen, Admin assistant, Holmfirth
  1334. Jess Owen
  1335. Trans Women, are men., Biology is real, Upyours
  1336. Harry Calder, None, None, Folkestone
  1337. Rebecca Walsh, London
  1338. Malcolm Kershaw, Owner, MK2G Ltd, Altrincham
  1339. Dr Init Fermoney, Children's Genital Surgeon, Children's Bits Removal Clinic, Harley Street
  1340. Raymond Duck, Four floors up on the Charing Cross road
  1341. Richard Blight, Poole
  1342. Meredith Hadaway, Stonehaven
  1343. Samuel Bradford, Durham
  1344. John Sexton
  1345. Coral Westoby, Cambridge
  1346. Dahmer, Goeffrey, LGBTQIA+++ Consultant, Royal Society of Homophages, Prefer not to say
  1347. Benjamin C Telford, HR Advisor, NHS, OXFORD
  1348. Erik Matthies, Manchester
  1349. Dr yeet the teets, I perform breast removals on 13 year olds, Look me up
  1350. Terfs are radicalized. Get a brain cell., Trans Rights are here to stay, BOO HOO, LGBTQ+
  1351. Dr Cult Lea Der, Leader of cult, Academy of Worshipful Gender Studies
  1352. Laurence Potter, Cardiff
  1353. Louisa Dunnigan, Editor, Profile Books, London
  1354. Professor W. Anker,, Penis Haver,, Dept of Genderology, University of Wokeham, Little Under Knobton
  1355. Jonathan Willoughby, Female Impersonaator, India 4 Queen, UK
  1356. Nathan Booth, Researcher, York
  1357. Donald Duck, Drug Dealer, London
  1358. Owen Jones’s Twin Brother, Gaslighting Non-Men, Non-Men Abolition Society, Troon Golf Course
  1359. Joseph Pearce, Notetaker, Randstad Student Support, Lincoln
  1360. Claude Weir, Dover
  1361. Marina Chymyshyn, London
  1362. Nick Bibby, Charity director, Glasgow
  1363. This homophobic petition sickens me, Feminist, Personal, Leeds
  1364. Amy Holton, Dress historian, Lewes
  1365. The Pied Piper, Child trafficker, International Federation of Musical Groomers (Woodwind Section), Hamelin
  1366. Tom Huddleston, Author, London
  1367. Woddis Naomi
  1368. Niamh Sayers, Student, London
  1369. Marc McAuley, Belfast
  1370. Zoe Sanders, PA, London
  1371. Robert Pope, London
  1372. R H Sinkins, Administrator, Hornchurch
  1373. Anna Grant, St. Albans
  1374. Elliot S, Barman, Inverness
  1375. Les Bians, Don’t Do Dick, I Stand With LGB Alliance, They Stand With Me
  1376. Alison Keys, Brigg
  1377. Chloe Hill, Customer Service, Stoke on Trent
  1378. Caraden Davis
  1379. S Hoyle, Artist, London
  1380. R Flowers, Brighton
  1381. Putin, I support your homophobic efforts, Good job!
  1382. Edward obrien, Registered Nurse, Portsmouth
  1383. Jane Kingswood, Nottingham
  1384. Cal McFarlane, Nairn
  1385. Dave Spunk, London N9 7EP, Edmonton
  1386. JM Davies, Civil servant, Newport
  1387. I'm homosexual and LGB Alliance represents me. Trans people have their own groups too.
  1388. A. Rixon, IT Analyst, Cardiff
  1389. Andreas Chari, Glasgow
  1390. Sam Siva, london
  1391. Liam Green, Dundee
  1392. Hannah Van Weert, Luton
  1393. Stacey Hardy, Teacher, N/A, Newcastle
  1394. S King, London
  1395. Angela W, Manchester
  1396. Carlín Parry, Writer and translator, Chelmsford
  1397. Ash Taylor, London
  1398. Carrie Weaver, Portsmouth
  1399. The LGB alliance are awesome, LGB alliance supporter, LGB Alliance, LGB
  1400. Isla Kennedy, Inverness
  1401. Maurice Lange, Caseworker, David Lammy MP, London
  1402. P McKay, Lawyer, London
  1403. Dee Tranz-Ishna, Silenced, Stonewall’s basement, Under the stairs
  1404. Alex Taylor, Edinburgh
  1405. A suffragete turning in her grave, The 'feminist' library has become a joke, Shame shame shame
  1406. Samual Sullivan, @Never_Seen_Trek, GLOUCESTER
  1407. Tranny wank-bubble, Men in dresses are not women, This letter should be seen for the absurdity it is, so let's stop pretending
  1408. Dr Frankenstein's crazier brother, Prescriber of harmful chemicals to children, Affiliation of Deceivers, Druggists and Butchers, Village of Torches and Pitchforks
  1409. Sophie, Musician, Northampton
  1410. Susan Lewis, Edinburgh
  1411. Lewis
  1412. Andrew Huntley
  1413. Alexander Nelson, Unemployed, Aberdeen
  1414. Jo VanEvery, Academic coach, High Peak
  1415. Lee hall, Graphic designer, Deadlyspud Studios, Leicester
  1416. Halimah Manan, London
  1417. Tim King, Nottingham
  1418. Little Miss Ogyny, 'Actual Lesbian', Inceltrans Pipeline Inc.
  1419. Keffals aka clara sorrenti, Feeding your children diy hormones and proud of it, Groomertown
  1420. Toni Mertin, Manchester
  1421. F, Head of Development, Leeds
  1422. Tom Parslow, Business Owner, Brighton
  1423. Jessica Yaniv, Vexatious litigator, Hairyladyballs Anonymous, Canada
  1424. D.K, Wolverhampton
  1425. Esben-Jonas Houlahan, Chatham
  1426. Matt B, Manchester
  1427. Jimmy Hunter, Dundee
  1428. Richard Haddon, Company Director, Too Much Production Ltd, London
  1429. Jamie Bloomfield, Manchester
  1430. Anthony Bird, Graphic Designer, London
  1431. Elizabeth Vialls, Software Developer, York
  1432. Christine Alison Kaan, Retired/Carer, Farnborough
  1433. Rachel Benson, Dog walker, Waggy Tail Brigade, North Berwick
  1434. Sarah Moss, Cardiff
  1435. Steven Basey, Manchester
  1436. Emma Cunningham, Engineer, Glasgow
  1437. Sophie Jagger, Southport
  1438. Mat Simpson, London
  1439. Dermot Fitzsimons, Glasgow
  1440. Katy montgomierie the misogynist is upset that women won't shut up
  1441. Catriona M
  1442. Victor Kelly, Scientist, Belfast
  1443. Thaddea Shackleton, West Yorkshire
  1444. Aditya Sengupta, Master's student, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  1445. Robin Clarke
  1446. Joshua Ward-Robinson, Loughton
  1447. Robert Lugg, Equalities Officer, Unite the Union LE128 Branch, London
  1448. Ryan B, Chester
  1449. Nichola Frances, Home carer, Barnsley
  1450. Dannie Judd
  1451. Mitchell Taylor, Essex
  1452. Anna Nicholson, Edinburgh
  1453. Jon Dodd, Leeds
  1454. Robin J, Design Engineer, Edinburgh
  1455. Arianna, Bournemouth
  1456. Sophia McDougall, Writer, -, London
  1457. Jake Sheppard, PGR Researcher, Stockport
  1458. Lu Wilson, Developer, Kingston upon Thames
  1459. Ian Rennie, Librarian, Newmarket
  1460. Isa parsons, Student, York
  1461. Keira, Support Worker, Children’s Home, Colchester
  1462. Raphael Parker, Tour guide, Edinburgh
  1463. Macho Ma'am, Tranny savage
  1464. Veronica Ivy, Obese 40 y/o male beating women in cycling, Cheatersville
  1465. Johnson’s Johnson, Trouser tentpole, Society of Sexually Incontinent Male Persons, London, New York, Wherever
  1466. TQ+ is homophobia, Massive Terf, International Terf Corporation, Terf Island
  1467. Uriel Walker, Manager, Cardiff
  1468. Katy Montgomerie, Bristol
  1469. Sheena Ferguson, Violin teacher, Edinburgh
  1470. Owen Jones, Whinging Spunktrumpet, Halifax, London
  1471. Lou Glover, Theatre Manager, London
  1472. Owen Jones had sex with my cat., But then realised it was female, So he can still say he's gay., Now claims it was trans
  1473. Lesbians don't have penises,, Adult human female, Lgb drop the troonies, Transylvanian troony
  1474. Matt Walsh, even I'm more of a feminist than you, What is a woman?
  1475. Katy Sadler, Feminists Work For Change, Birmingham
  1476. Guy Fiennes, Student, Oxford
  1477. Grievance Junkie, Queer Studies Professor, University Of Mickey Mouse
  1478. Black Pampers, Harassing women, Words I don't like are violence!, Wherever women meet
  1479. Billy Bragg (the real one this time), Mainsplainer, Pokémon Headquarters, Troon
  1480. Maire Stafford, Retired, Calverton
  1481. Louise Banks
  1482. Darina K., Teacher, Glasgow
  1483. Victor Smith, PhD student, London
  1484. Donna Verity, Aberdeen
  1485. Joseph Mengele, LGB not worth it, Auschwitz
  1486. Stonewall pressures gay teenagers into getting sterilised
  1487. Katy Montgomerie, The whiniest misogynistic wanker, Dickinmypantsville
  1488. Check Your Ratio Bellends, Probably Time to Delete, You're a Laughing Stock
  1489. Pinocchio, Ge-pedo is my daddy, Society of REAL BOYS with wooden noses and moustaches, Chase Strangioland
  1490. Donagh, Publisher, Tunbridge Wells
  1491. Oonagh Monaghan, Librarian, University of Lincoln, Lincoln
  1492. Keep men out of woman’s spaces, Human female woman, Fact checker, We just want you to see us pee town
  1493. Desdemona Diatribe, Witch, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogsmeade
  1494. Billy Bragg Queen, I brag a lot
  1495. Dicky Panderer, Simping for men, Simp city
  1496. Ima Lay-Dee, Genital inspector, Stonewall, Gomorrah
  1497. Julia Bobbin, London
  1498. Lisa Severn, Engineer, Manchester
  1499. Ivor Knob, Lady, Wokeing
  1500. Sophie Robbins, Student nurse, London
  1501. Kieran Clarke, Stylist, London
  1502. Mr. Gary Lineker. Big ear moral conundrum and crisp mogul, LOL Cow, Walkers, Leicester
  1503. Syd Onmafaisse, Groomer, Neasden College of Pederasty (Patron Prince Andrew), Cockfosters
  1504. Linda Cogan, Student, Personal, Saltcoats
  1505. PunchTerfs2 BeKind, Men's Rights Activist, MenAreMoreOppressedThenWomen, in your face, terf!
  1506. Katerina Spiga, London
  1507. IJustWantToPee, paedophile, I'mALay-Deeee, in the girls' changing room
  1508. Adrain Harrop, Doctor of woman-bothering, Medics Against Common Sense and Decency, Terfspray
  1509. Amy Richardson, Self employed, Durham
  1510. Joanna Simpson, Edinburgh
  1511. Blaine Coughlan, Quisling, Essex Police, Is that on behalf of the apolitical police force blaine?
  1512. Imma Lady, I do lady things, Gamblers Anonymous, Manchester (should be called Womanchester, bigots!)
  1513. Helena Moody, Quisiling Women's Equality Party, WEP has signed against sex based rights
  1514. Sonia Khan, London
  1515. Jame Gumb, Seamstress
  1516. Cara Legender, newcastle upon tyne
  1517. Jimmy “let me in the ladies” Saville, Kiddy lover, Blackpool
  1518. Brodie Bennett, Brechin
  1519. Kevin Binjuice, Apprentice Trainee Assistant Deputy Manager, Whippet World Magazine, Newton Le Willows
  1520. This is homophobia. Support LGBA, Gay people exist, Please, thanks., Have the Q, leave the L&G alone
  1521. Colin Henderson, Glasgow
  1522. Sophie Green, Knob, MiddleSEX
  1523. Dav Kelly, Teacher, Birmingham
  1524. Flora Hunt, Art technician, London
  1525. Maeve storey, WeAreQueerLDN, London
  1526. India_Willoughby_is_a_man, TruthSeeker, z, Terf Island
  1527. A Richardson
  1528. Hazel Geelan, Administration, Edinburgh
  1529. Helena Moody, Digital comms, Women’s Equality Party, London
  1530. You haven’t given them enough. Put a nought on the end, AdultHumanFemaleToo, Human race, Reality
  1531. Sean Reid, Edinburgh
  1532. Euan Richardson, Glasgow
  1533. Leo Levontine, Student, Edinburgh
  1534. Amie M Marie, Playwright, NORWICH
  1535. Ross mowatt, Web assistant, Morpeth
  1536. Frank-N-Furter, Scientist, consent consultant, Sweet Transvestites United, Rocky's Shorts, Transylvania
  1537. Tranna N. Excelsis, Laydee Vicar, Church of the Holy Gendered Soul, Euphoria
  1538. Himdia Is a man, A misogynistic man, LGB Alliance is the true gay rights charity!, A homophobic man
  1539. Tom Bowers, Doctor, Cambridge
  1540. Oliver McMullen
  1541. S. Joyce, Retired Security Services, Private Sector, London
  1542. deborah mcinnes, Pinky McSparkle, Glasgow
  1543. Your Glitter Family, Loves you more than your parents, Not creepy at all
  1544. F Wilde, Charity Auditor, London
  1545. Elle Marzitelli, Administrator, Birmingham
  1546. Marion Flaps, Head of Customer Services, Community Pet Crematorium, Leamington Spa
  1547. Edouard d’Izzard, Actor/actress/comedian/comedienne/none of these, Performative Charity Do-Gooding Co-Operative (founder J Savile), In the ladies’ loo at the park, terrorising teenage girls
  1548. Myra Hindley, Landscape Gardener, Manchester Moors
  1549. George Waddell, Charity worker, London
  1550. Rebecca Parry, Social worker, Beaumaris
  1551. Alice Kay-Coles
  1552. Fanny Craddock, dick licker, knobsworth
  1553. Notta Cultonest, Mens Rights Activist
  1554. Bill Swales, Barnsley
  1555. Ima f’Aique-Gerle, Inspector of public lavatories (specialising in ladies’ loos), Public Understanding-Builders Initiative Corporation, Bishops Itchington
  1556. Emily Hamilton, Bedfordshire
  1557. Talcum Jones, Authoritarian Shitposter, Grauniad, Braggtown
  1558. The homophobic meninist library, Dick panderer, London
  1559. Laurie Penny, Farthing, The Society of Pink Hair Liars, I mean Dyers, THATS RUDE
  1560. Holly Hills, student, Paris
  1561. KAREN white, Cross dressing sex offender, HMP Belmarsh, Your worst nightmares
  1562. Claire Middlemass, Livingston
  1563. Josef "Stalin" Biden, Pedo, Whichever Pharma Lobbyist is paying, Baltimore
  1564. Jack turbant, Hormone pusher to children, Stanford
  1565. Steffie Webster, Nurse, Oxford
  1566. Sally Hines, Pisshead, Faculty of Less Famous than Me Dad, Oop North
  1567. Louise braithwaite, Hereford
  1568. Sophie Powell, Teacher, York
  1569. Darren Agee Merager,, Wi Spa sex offender, California, Look me up
  1570. Craig Burman-Vince, Local government officer, Croydon
  1571. Chloe
  1572. Luke Attmacoq, Child trafficker, Select Surrogacy Services 4 Slebs LLP, Upper Slaughter
  1573. Dr Tita Yita, Child mutilation specialist, The Old Tractor Barn, somewhere in the boondocks
  1574. Jay Delves, Research Scientist, Glasgow/Sydney
  1575. Snippy von Chop-Chop, Castrator of children, Wecastrateanychild.com, The Upsidedown
  1576. Matthew Browning, London
  1577. Owen Bones, My Gaffer, Modor, Hobbits division, Under the Eaves
  1578. Jamie Bolland, Teacher, Glasgow
  1579. Jacqui Sumner
  1580. Clare Bonetree, Charity worker, Herefordshire
  1581. Emma Crawshaw, CEO of a charity, Private indihidual, Edinburgh
  1582. Marcus Juniper, Researcher, University of Oxford, Oxford
  1583. Josephine Sirotkin, Researcher, University of Leeds, Leeds
  1584. God knows why anyone would sign this bollocks, Almighty Deity, My own, Heaven
  1585. Maggie barrett, Artist, London
  1586. Nova Djina, Merkin Museum Curator, Society of Trans-Identified Fetishists, Furries & Youthworkers, Willey
  1587. Peter Mcdysphoria, Transvestite and circus clown, PLO, Mecca
  1588. Laurie Sutton, Buyer, Freelance, Glasgow
  1589. Tsering Frykman-Glen, Tangent Projects, Barcelona
  1590. Fredo "Colonel Pedo" Smythe, Kiddie fiddler, MAPs United London, Global
  1591. Transa Waythegay, Conversion Therapist, Mermaids, Leeds
  1592. Katy Simmons, Youth support worker, Ardrossan
  1593. Carly miller
  1594. Debbie Phillips, Reading
  1595. Charlie Portrr, Writer, London
  1596. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadolf Hitler, I like sleeping with 9 year old trannies, Nambla, London
  1597. Jonathan Rancid, Bovine Chiropractor, Mrs Miggins Cattle Ranch, Nutbush Woah Nutbush
  1598. India Willoughby Stole My Cervix, WANKER!
  1599. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS leader, We eat pedophiles as kebab, Raqqa
  1600. Simon, Cambridge
  1601. Barbie Kardashian, psycho, women's prison (look me up), Ireland
  1602. Sara Milenkovska, Student, LSE, London
  1603. Hail Hydra, Villain, My dick tucked in between my legs is a vagina, Worldwide
  1604. We are the real feminists in a very low voice, Homophobe, Homophobes are us, Dick panderersville
  1605. Steph Richards, Activist, Steph's Place UK, Portsmouth
  1606. Annette Brook, London
  1607. Bridget Scabies, Curator, Museum of Rural Perversions, Trumpton
  1608. LGB = Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual, LGBT = Little Girl Boy Tits, Earth, Planet
  1609. Thomas Cuckle, Artistic Director, Kunstraum, London
  1610. Lewis Martindale, Student, Nelson
  1611. Ian Watkins, Children's Photographer, Lost Prophets, HM Prison Wakefield
  1612. Dawn Woolley, Artist, Leeds
  1613. Nic, Leeds
  1614. Anna Chivers, Oakham
  1615. Cod Peace, Fish, Peace of cod, Norwich
  1616. Richard Keys, Qatar-based LGBTQ+ Campaigner
  1617. J Webb, South West
  1618. Kevin Spacey, Theatre Actor & Coach for young boys, Self Employed, London & On Bail
  1619. Blaine Coughlan, Communications Officer, Essex Police, Chelmsford
  1620. Juliann Pichelski, Theatre Technician, Self Employed, London
  1621. Rik Sargent, Musician, Self-employed, London/Berlin
  1622. Louka Maseksi-Wummannow, fondling my titties, in your local woman's shelter, in the mirror
  1623. Alex Ziegler, Retired Teacher, Stafford
  1624. Jon Brady, Dundee
  1625. Gertrude Geni Talia, fantasy millionaire, Terfwrangler, Crazy town
  1626. Joanna Sharples, Full-time parent, London
  1627. Hannah Catterall, Events Officer, Wordsworth Trust, Grasmere
  1628. Charlotte Hanscombe, CHATHAM
  1629. Beth Douglas, Activist, Glasgow
  1630. Verity Bartesch, Trainee Management Accountant, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  1631. Tranny Groomer, Indoctrinator in the art of self hate and harm, Trans Maker Network, everywhere
  1632. Jacob M. Guerrero, Arrested, Wrentham, Look me up
  1633. Frank n Fanny f’Aique-Gerle, LARPers and LibFems (gotta love the patriarchy), Fetish Appreciation Re-education Trust, Lickey End
  1634. BiliousBragg, I am the one and only., identifies as Chesney Hawkes, Bigot-on-sea
  1635. Lord Lucan, Men's Rights Activist, Argentina
  1636. Kate Price, Editions manager, London
  1637. Floaty Scroat McBloke, Cheater, STFU Girls, Cheatsville
  1638. Abbie Vickress, Bristol
  1639. Katie Dolatowski, Sex offender, Kirkcaldy, Look me up
  1640. Noncey Drew, MRA, If your feminism doesn’t pander to men it’s not feminism
  1641. Diana Howe, Financial Controller, Southampton
  1642. Wayne lineker, Chief, The sensible brother, Nonce
  1643. Robert Paynter, Tree Surgeon, Hassocks
  1644. Mr Potato Head (He/Him), Leader of Scots Green party and misogynist, Tortoise appreciation society., Edinboro
  1645. Joe biden, Child sniffer, puppet., Epstein's janitor., Where am I and where's my 10%?
  1646. Eva Braun, Apologist for Evil, Stonewall, Berlin
  1647. Sherene M, Teacher, Newcastle
  1648. Matt Blackwood, Engineer, London
  1649. Lyndsey Taylor, SALTCOATS
  1650. Cassie Saltmer, Great Yarmouth
  1651. Senta Men, Dick Panderer, The Fauxminist Library, London
  1652. Joseph Goebbels, Reichsminister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, National Socialist Party, Berlin
  1653. Jala Wahid, Artist, N/A, London
  1654. Bethan McKnight
  1655. Jame Gumb, aka Buffalo Bill, Fetishist, transvestite, lover of women's soft skin, Donttouchourkinks, Wherever
  1656. Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, That's a man, baby, London
  1657. Ashley Romero, Sex offender, Somerset Women's Prison, New Jersey, Look me up
  1658. Dylan Mulvaney, I want a barbie pouch, I'm a girl going cos I'm going thru 2nd puberty
  1659. Delia Ives, Retired, Brighton
  1660. You Bigots Should Know, Trans Women Are Tran Sexual, Trans Women Are Transexual.., Aka: TWATS for short.
  1661. Margaret Attwood, Handmaiden, Women's Subjugation Alliance, Under His Eye
  1662. Kamla Pillay, NHS, London
  1663. Men Are Men, Not Women, Doctor, NHS, London
  1664. Jessica Gares, London
  1665. Sue Lees, Retired, Leigh
  1666. Prince Andrew, Former member of the Royal Family, Jeffrey Epstein Appreciation Society, Pizza Express Woking
  1667. Matilda Blackwell, Manager, Birmingham
  1668. Amanda O’Sullivan, Student, Manchester
  1669. Georgina Barrow, Strokestown
  1670. Katie Montgomerie, Therapist, London
  1671. Anne Conroy, Researcher, London
  1672. Lia Thomas, Cheater, USA
  1673. Send help, my vagina fell off, Can you check for me, Jessica Yaniv, Young girl
  1674. Karen White, rapist, Royal Society for the Protection of Sex Offenders, Her Majesty's Pleasure (women's wing)
  1675. Wow what a ratio!, You didn't bank, Sense of humour, On our
  1676. UltraHylia
  1677. Gary Glitter, Leader of the Gang, PIE, Thailand
  1678. Adelheid Russenberger, PhD Student, London
  1679. Maeve Slattery, London
  1680. O.K. Groomer, Trans, Groomer
  1681. Anastazia Lajsthong, Bathroom exposer, The inside out ding dong dance group, Boysack, Scotland
  1682. Chryssy Hunter
  1683. Let's lop healthy body parts off autistic girls, And sterilise them for Life, There's money to be made from life long I'll health, Life
  1684. Amber Turd, Socialite, Your Worst Nightmare, Uranus
  1685. Farty McFart, Homophobe, NoGaysAllowed Inc, Buttsville
  1686. Jimmy Savile, Nurse, Broadmoor Hospital, Leeds
  1687. Joss Prior’s wig., Use my daughters for benefits., Toilet attendant at the Lisbon bar, Fake titty city
  1688. Alexander McCulloch, Production Manager, Canterbury
  1689. Dr Josef Mengele, Affirmative trans healthcare provider, Stonewall, Argentina
  1690. Bridget Chapman, Charity worker, Folkestone
  1691. Annette Morris, Retired, Chichester
  1692. Fund the LGBA, Why does the feminist library hate LGB people?, Reality
  1693. Sarah Warren, Unemployed due to disability, Newent
  1694. Caroline Debenham, Chelmsford
  1695. Rosemary West, Patio Designer, Her Majesty's Prison
  1696. Lady Deek Eyemagurl, Squeeeee, Dik Handler, The Titty Skittles Dispensary, Girlslockerville
  1697. Mx Touchma Dyk, Male Hetro Lesbian, Intha Ladies Toilets, Feltum
  1698. Dr Sidhbh Gallagher, Butcher of, Chopping off teen tits for cash, TikTok sensation., Maimi
  1699. Elinor Prędota, Programme Director, We Make The Path CIC, Langholm
  1700. Puberty blockers cause infertility, Give em to your kidz, Cut off girls tit ville, Twans is love
  1701. Stewart Lee, Edgelord, Wish I was as funny as Ricky Gervais, C-list
  1702. Emma-Louise Arnold-Michael, Armed forces store keeper, Babcock, Lulworth
  1703. Jessica Waldron, Caregiver
  1704. Kate Errington, Student, London
  1705. Tracey Loughran, Lecturer, Essex
  1706. I will call M2F by whatever name you like, and refer to you as she/her, but you will ALWAYS be biological men
  1707. Ar Di, People’s Princess, Matt Nash’s World of Greyhounds, Barlandfauld Street
  1708. Dr Helen Webberley, Ghoul, Gender GP, drinking cocktails by the pool
  1709. Why do TRAs, Hate women and gays, so much?
  1710. I believe in rights for TRAs, but not at the expense, of women’s rights
  1711. Michael Davidge, Student, Derbyshire
  1712. Gem Ellis, , Leeds
  1713. Peter Tatchell, Nonce apologist, Women STFU, Paedophile adjacent
  1714. Nicola Buckland, Unemployed, Maidenhead
  1715. I am not a TERF/bigot/transphobic, because I don’t want to shower, with a penis, next to a person
  1716. Biological men, are not, even if they wear a dress and call themselves Susan, women
  1717. Woman hater, Professional troll, NHS, Aardvaarkville
  1718. Marcus Keating, Teacher, Birmingham
  1719. Nancy Kelley, Professional Homophobe, Stonewall UK, London
  1720. LGB Alliance, are the, This petition sucks ass, greatest
  1721. Katy Montgomerie's left bollock, Yep, still a man, Can't pass won't pass, brick shithouse
  1722. Laurie "these pedants are regressive, ... being in vogue is obsessive,, .. My hair colour is Progressive, We wish she was recessive...Penny"
  1723. Britranny Kock, Groomer, Illegal, Hell
  1724. Lav, student, n/a
  1725. Owen Hur/his/theircum, Mayor of Bangher/him/them, me me me, look at me
  1726. Gemma from Halifax, The EDI team said I had to sign this., Anyway, he's, I mean she's coming over now so, Apparently it's part of being kind or something.. Im scared..
  1727. Judith Butler, Bullshitter, University of Bedwetters, Ivory Tower
  1728. Owen Jones, Woman hater, Fantasyland, Up my own arse
  1729. Lesbians love dick, Autogynephile, Incels Inc, A women's toilet near you
  1730. Tilta Swindle McManhands, Choker model, Chokers For Blokers, Stuffies-on-Bedspread
  1731. Activists do not speak for all lesbians, gays, bisexuals or even transsexual people!, This letter is ridiculous., Can't you see how messed up that is? C'mon Man! IT'S MAAAAAAM!, LGBT orgs campaigning AGAINST a GAY helpline??
  1732. Gimme all your cash to chop your teen titties off, I mutilate for $$$, Trans the gay away - Terms & conditions apply, Transtopia
  1733. Sphincter McAnus, Proctologist, Al Shabaab, North Korea
  1734. Karen White, Predator, You're Next, any with a prison
  1735. Keffals, Misogynist prick & Mummy's brave little soldier, Arsehole TRAs R Us.com, Suspended from Twitter for being a c**t
  1736. Transdudes are men. The authors of this letter are pathetic homophobes, yes, yes, yes
  1737. Anime P. Avatar, Terf bat manufacturer, Go Fund Me, Mommy's basement
  1738. Lexie Noel, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1739. Hufflepuff, Screw, Hogwarts, Slytherin House
  1740. Mx Ezra Miller, Professional Enby & child kidnapper, Woker Bros Inc, Fingers X prison
  1741. LGB Alliance is a greatly needed organization, Feminist Library is homophobic, The LGB hotline is a necessary resource, Gays need this group for themselves
  1742. Herman Cock, Trans-unemployed, Trans-job centre, Trans-atlantic
  1743. Transwomen R. Men, Scientist, The Real Workd, Reality
  1744. Michael Parcelmouth, Women's changing room loiterer, Glasgow Ladies' Baritone Singing Association, 7th Grade swim class
  1745. Virginia Pubis, Cockerell wrangler, Save the last hairy irish beavers, Commonmytits
  1746. Mahdic Hurtz, Rubber-extraordinare, Wewanttoweewee, Mansville
  1747. Jamelia fuckme Jamil, Woman thrower, specialising in bus chassis undersides, Pwease don't hwurt me I'm a wittle qweer, Millionaires row
  1748. Spanking the Dildo Monkey in Autogynotown, Montgomeryshire with me besty Barren Bergdorf and his Hairy Ballsack Brigade
  1749. Iona Dick, Fantasist, Zanadoo
  1750. Dicky cockwomble, Lesbian, The international society of powerful lesbians, North willyton
  1751. Lucia Conte, Burnley
  1752. I'm Justin tupee, I Swear, Interpretation Of Female Lived Experience Anon, Coming To A Town Near You
  1753. Sickmund Freud, Psycho Therapist, Cervix Envy Pty Ltd, Lesbophobia
  1754. HomoSEXual! 'Gender' is delusive bullshit. LGB Alliance represnt ME, a HOMOSEXUAL!, Montgomeryshire
  1755. Agnes Savile, Jimmy's Mum, The Jimmy Savile Fan Club, I used to live in Leeds
  1756. Every Single Troon Everywhere, is a pedophile, Dr Harrop mutilates kids & Steph Hayden molests them, living in squalor
  1757. Elsie Dunkley, PhD Student, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington
  1758. Edna Montgomerie, Colin, sorry, I meant Katy Montgomerie's Mum, Katy Montgomerie's Fan Club, Katy Land
  1759. Eleanor Sikorski, Dancer/Choreographer, Leeds
  1760. Alison Lloyd, Artist, Nottingham
  1761. Trans adgenda reinforced gender stereotypes. Stop the madness.
  1762. Real Human Bean, Ambush Flasher, Penis-havers united, Cockford on Avon
  1763. Sibby cyan, Retail, Bristol
  1764. Women don't get hard-ons looking at their own knicker drawers, AGP, Stick your pronouns up your hairy manly arse, Transville
  1765. Jenny Tallz Czar Tranzfobik, Terf, Pet titions are real titions, Rent free in your head
  1766. Lee William (LeeWilliamDesign), Children's Toy Enthusiast, National Society for MAPs and Nonces, I move around...usually in the vicinity of a school
  1767. Ignore us, we're bitter people, London
  1768. Crystal encrusted cock-womble,, Schwing-Flapping Ball Juggler, Pocket Billiards Anonymous, Diddlersville
  1769. You guys are misogynists, Homophobic, Promoting 1950 sex stereotypes as progressive, Sexist
  1770. Woman are born female, Warrior Woman, LGB Alliance Germany, Terf Island
  1771. Spunky thingtype mangirl, confused, weirdcuntsrus, rome
  1772. R wee thebaddirs?, Gender youth leader, The Gender Youth, Pronoun
  1773. AGP TERFbian, esquire, Kid diddler, Center for the Reinforcement of Gender Roles, Mumbai Jumbonia
  1774. Hindia Willyboy McGirldick, Professional TERF, Women's Rights are not for males. I support LGB Alliance, Berlin
  1775. Terfy McTerfy, Terf in Training, JK Rowling Appreciation Society, Terf City
  1776. Transwomen are men, deal with it, dumbass libfems :)
  1777. Siegrun Salmanian, London
  1778. Tranny McGirldick, Chief Terf, The Vulva Society, United Terfdom
  1779. Bio Trans are Trans, Unemployed, focussing on my gender, Validity Inc, Transylvania
  1780. Mari Térfida Agapita Colorá, Chief Operative Bollock Buster, El Terferío Unido Jamás Será Vencido, TERF Peninsula
  1781. Claire Copperman, Bath
  1782. Sara Martin, Designer, London
  1783. Helena Handcart (Terfy), Bullshit Detectorist, Owen Jones’s Nanny, Terf Island
  1784. Ivan Titsov, Surgeon (unqualified but bloody keen), I won’t be beaten on price. Sign up today!, mermaidsuk.co.uk
  1785. Notta Sexual-Orientation, LGB without the T, And what the hell does the + mean?, Leave LGB alone
  1786. LGB Alliance is great, stfu., Asian TERF, Dicks Will Never Be Female, Women are Adult Human Females
  1787. Bunch of fucking loonies, Berlin
  1788. Buster Hymen, Gynecologist, Luton
  1789. Fanny mcknockers, Drag act., Unconvincing Women Impersonators., Your head
  1790. Alexandra Keightley, Scientist, Nottingham
  1791. Tom P, General Manager, London
  1792. Mindy PeePee, Wanker, AllCocksMatter, UpMyArse
  1793. Freda Peeplefrom-Genderballs, Gender Atheist, Feminism, Reality
  1794. Nina (Adult Human Female), LGB Alliance Supporter, I Stand with LGB Alliance, this is appalling homophobia, TERF Island
  1795. Tony McAleer, Omagh
  1796. Adam Bandit, Hobbit, Trans Party, Melbourne
  1797. Lily, Anon, Anon, London
  1798. Himdia Willoughby, Wanna see it, Where does he keep it, Cervixville
  1799. Jordan Thomas, Designer, Aviva, London
  1800. Nicola sturgeon, Joker, The Scottish raving looney association, Glasgow
  1801. Donald J Trump, Fat titted failure, Stop molesting children before I have the chance to, White Supremacist House
  1802. Katerina Mimikou, Artist, London
  1803. Ting-tong macadangdang, Lady boy, Scrotum waxing specialist, Tooting
  1804. Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel, Politician, Silly Party, Luton
  1805. Tootsie
  1806. Ruth ****, Absolute clown, Selling out lesbians "(was) a price with paying", House of Lords (unbelievably)
  1807. Emily Pritchard, bookseller, Oxford
  1808. Jolly Foxkiller, Wildlife Botherer, Very Bad Law Project, Windmill Towers
  1809. Mr Thisneverhappens, Full time Penis Wanker, PIE, Cocksrising
  1810. Peter Underwood, London
  1811. Jonathan Willoughby, Ladyboy, Cock Lives Matter, Indianapolis
  1812. Charlotte 'gold lamé purse' Clymer, Professional Narcissist and Female Impersonator, The Royal Society of Womanface Mansplainers, Somewhere in Texas...probably
  1813. Roboplegic Wrongcock, Drag Queen, TERF Island
  1814. A.G.P Hairyballsack, Fetishist, Trans Away the Gay Incorporated, Troonville
  1815. Leave LGB Alliance alone, They are superstars, The only LGBT charity who knows what a lesbian is, The real world
  1816. Vladimir Putin, I hate gays as much as you guys, bunker dwarf, the Kremlin
  1817. Leave the LGB alone. Feminist Library does not speak for me., Women Stand with LGBA., #BeKind, Homophobia has no home here.
  1818. Annie with the foetid foreskin fanny, Beautiful Lady, Headtilt Fashion Emporium, Cockjar on the Mantlepiece
  1819. Hermann Göring, President of the Reichstag, Nationalist Socialist Party, Berlin
  1820. Lia Thomas, Stealer of real women's achievements, Oops my dick has fallen out, NYC
  1821. Luke Crutchley, House Husband, Self-employed, Plymouth
  1822. Katie Montgomerie's Guitar, Professional misogynistic man, CocksRUs, Cockingham
  1823. Pink floyd, Band, Leave those kids alone, Terftown
  1824. Esme Crutchley, Solopreneur, Self-employed, Plymouth
  1825. Aaron Jagger, Student, Coventry
  1826. Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Jizz Squirter, Transsexual Transylvania
  1827. Iona Wilson, Manchester
  1828. Art Haxhijakupi, Artist, London
  1829. trans Billy Bragg, failed musician, men's rights, posh-topia
  1830. Katy Montgomery, Pretend woman, Big Penis, small brain, London
  1831. THAT'S MA'AM vonLadyDyck, Stall Snooper, The Foin Laydeeez With 5 o'clock Shadow, WeJustWantToWeeville
  1832. Jess W
  1833. Clare, Lesbian, Stop transing children you complete Aunt Lydias
  1834. Fannybaws Pishflaps, Dickpanderer, Phallustown
  1835. Tom Daley’s Next Uterus, To Be Rented, A Transvestite, From
  1836. Miranda Willan, Graphic Designer, Glasgow
  1837. HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG, Artist, National Socialist Party, Berlin
  1838. Cacafuego K Nobchops, Mansplainer extraordinaire, The Royal College of Arseholes, Hull
  1839. Stop transing young lesbians, Stop, Young Lesbians, Coercing
  1840. Handmaidenfeminist, Handmaiden, BBC, London
  1841. Ellen Clifton, Teacher, Newcastle
  1842. Rachel Nelson, Nottingham
  1843. Dame Formaldehyde Balls, Love and kisses, etc
  1844. Menenist Library, Homophobes, We love the LGBA L. Stop sterilising kids, TERF Island
  1845. David Lammy, MP, Can't see any police around here, DEEZ NUTS
  1846. Billy Bragg, Full time fool, "Comedians" for cocks, Loony town
  1847. Cotton McCeiling, Harassing actual lesbians
  1848. Toxic Trannys, Whore, Stop sterilising kids, Bangcok
  1849. Cormoran Strike, Detective, CORMORAN STRIKE LIMITED, Aldershot
  1850. Joanna Lambert, Writer, Llandovery
  1851. Oliver Sudden, Procrastinator, Pretty poor actually, Aberlour
  1852. Louise Birch, Leeds
  1853. Rainbow Dildo Butt-Monkey, Pomo Librarian, Trans The Gay Away, Incelford
  1854. Bescumber Buncombe, Fecking feck dissembler, LGB Alliance, Terf Island
  1855. Ivor Girldick, Pretend woman, Your space, Wanna invade
  1856. Ivana Tinkle, In the laydeees, Toilets
  1857. Owen Hurcum’s Nine-Hour Explanation of what ‘Non-Binary’ Meanz., Green hair-dye manufacturer, London
  1858. Saul Jones, London
  1859. Douglas Renholm, Hey there sugar tits, Renholm industries, Faaaaattthhhheeerrrr
  1860. Ivanna Choppayukokov, Surgeon (pre-training), Rusty Choppers Inc., Bangkok
  1861. Irelean Dover - Dropped my pronouns, Mighty Morphin Pronoun Ranger, Men's Club Owner, TransGalactic
  1862. Erin Moodie, designer, Glasgow
  1863. Otto Gynophile, Bullying bar steward, Misogyny and Homophobes collective, Terftown
  1864. Baz Hard-Cock, FlagFlyer, NHS, Alarmed
  1865. anonymous, Share my surgery with a Dr J Mengele
  1866. Incontinentia Buttocks, Wife of Biggus Dickus, LGB Alliance, Rome
  1867. Dribbly Cumface,, pube-dresser, transcuntsville
  1868. Mama Smurf, Blue Lady, Woo Woo, Women Are women
  1869. Hairy McClairy, Donaldson’s Dairy
  1870. Childish Forever, Believer of anything I see on social media, Tiktok Farm, City of groomers
  1871. Mrs Ballbag Lady Wang, Dilation inspector, Manginas.Inc, Cockshire, Bell End Lane
  1872. Betty Big Bollocks McLadycock
  1873. Dixie Recht, Female Changeroom
  1874. I'm a laydeeeeeeeee, Elbowing women out of the way, Terfopolis
  1875. Darren Merager Stunning Brave, Serial Sex Offender, Just Don’t Look, Wi Spa, That Girl’s a Bigot
  1876. anonymous
  1877. Papa smurf, blue guy, men are men, Woo Woo
  1878. Mangina Clitorless, sex worker, Transylvania
  1879. Nonce Pervy, Ladydique aficionado, MRA PLC, Cisoff
  1880. Nameless, Jobless, Worthless, Homeless
  1881. Trans Billy Bragg, Singer, TERFVILL
  1882. Joss Prior, Chirpy Scouse Drag Queen, Lisbon Bog Cleaners, Troonville
  1883. 30 Helens Agree, LGB Aliance, Is necessary, Not anti trans
  1885. Notta Fetisch, female impersonator (amateur), a ladies room near you, Bulge-in-Panties
  1886. Gender ideology is sexist stereotypes, Sex not gender, Woman is not a feeling in a man’s head, Let women speak
  1887. Camilla Stacey, Artist, Fish Factory Arts CIC, Penryn
  1888. sachairi nixon, front of house, the adamson, dundee
  1889. Full time woman cosplayer, Fetishist, Pretending to be oppressed at cons, Make believe
  1890. Amelia Crowley, Wakefield
  1891. Down With the TRAliban, Shitstirrer, Schadenfreude, InsideYourHead
  1892. Seems homophobic to me!, Self Employed, Nonnaya, London
  1893. Humans can’t change sex, Trans women, pickled/onion/monster/munch, Are men
  1894. anonymous, Mongolian Massacres PLC
  1895. Mister Groomer-Creep, Kindergarten Teacher, The Drag Queen Preschool, San Rafael, CA
  1896. Supreme Leader of Iran, Trans away the gay! Based, The Feminist Library Iranian branch, Tehran
  1897. Fiona Briscoe, Manager, Wigan
  1898. Suck me girl dick laaa (scouse accent), Just a void mate, Democratic republic of Tranada
  1899. Men Aren't Women, Even If You Squint, TERF, We will not be erased by mentally ill men in drag, Everyfuckenwhere
  1900. Seveninche Clitorise, Packing girl, Beard like Hagrid, Meat
  1901. Helen Wobberley, Quackdoctor, Childhell.Inc, Transmania
  1902. Feminist society MY ARSE, LGB Alliance Forever, Bonerwall are finished, Drop the T
  1903. Miss Muffet, Tuffet sitting, Curd munching, Whey
  1904. Mx Clitoral Genoside, Bearded Lesbian, Stonewall PLC, Cocksville
  1905. Joe Hall, Leeds
  1906. This Open Letter is Homophobic, Truthtown, Bunn Halifax, TQ8 LGB
  1907. Twa Mbam-Thank, You ma'am, Not a woman, Bang kok
  1908. Dr Christian Justin Arlene, Embarrassing tweets, Private Health, London
  1909. Simple Simon, Metapieman, that's a bloke, that is, goingtoafair
  1910. george scott, Health Service Management, NHS, aberdeen
  1911. Silence LGBs, Suck the Girldick, The Right Side of History
  1912. You are all, Very, Terfs, behave yourselves, Naughty
  1913. Close Down Stonewall, They’re, Homophobes, Vile
  1914. Louise Tyson, Charity workee, London
  1915. The Ogre, Morgane, Ogre, Defunder of rape centres at Rat Nailers R Us., Underbridge
  1916. Anthony Halliday, Golfer and Nonce, Big Steph's Lady Lawyers, Bedlam
  1917. The Poor Dead Fox murdered by the kimono wearing Jololololyon Maugham QC's baseball bat, Clayton Windmills, Good Law Project, Clayton
  1918. Robin Incel, Brian Cox's straight man, They only want to pee, something very odd going on here
  1919. Feminine Penis, Lady Dique Model, Lesbians with penises are the best., Transland
  1921. ThoughtPolice, Paranoia, Low self esteem Massive Ego, Why?
  1922. Anyone for a game of scrabble?, Location, Terf Island
  1923. Cunch of Bunts, Massive, Vagina
  1924. Terfy McTerfFace, Adult Human Female, Laughing at blue hair, Trans Fancisco
  1925. Father Jack Hackett, Pronouns drink/feck/arse/girls, Craggy Island Parochial House
  1926. Bridget
  1927. Assigned a Gender Athiest, Support LGB Alliance, Glasgow
  1928. Uncle Albert, Uncle, Suck it up geese, I got a whole pointless song, Not Cherry Tree Lane
  1929. Leave LGBA Alone, Woman, Sod Pronouns, Sanity
  1930. Everyone is hateful and wrong who disagrees with me., Pro Tantrum performer, Space cowboys Inc., Metropolis
  1931. Hey, leave the kids alone, leave, LGB & women alone, Keep in your own lane!, Only WOMEN are women!
  1932. Marjorie Hipkins-Genderwang, Foreskin Seamstress, The Pudding Club Of Greater Wombwell, Felch
  1933. Ian Watkins, HMP Wakefield, nonce wing, #LGBWithTheTrancels, Transing for a transfer
  1934. Dixie Normous, Yes, ACME, Feltham
  1935. Three singing geese, Harmony singers, We were the real stars of that film, forget that Poppins woman, Pavement drawing, Cherry Tree Lane
  1936. I M A Predator, Chld guidance, No,SHE raped you with HER penis,Bigot., Anytown
  1937. Blue, Student, Edinburgh
  1938. Tarquin Richdad, MRA, Black Pampers, Wherever there are noncompliant women
  1939. Matthew Dalrymple (shamn/shobo), Groomer, The MAPs of Manchester, Manchester
  1940. Lesbians don't have penises, Woman, Adult human female, Single-sex toilet
  1941. Wrong kind of lesbian, Dyke, LGB Love org, London
  1942. George Banks, Banker, My dear, never confuse efficiency with a liver complaint., Cherry Tree Lane
  1943. Laura anderson, Market researcher, London
  1944. Enby Tarquin-Snott, Professional Screecher, MeMeMeMe, Basement at home
  1945. No males in womens spaces, Lesbians like women, who pretend to be women, not men
  1946. Pete O'Foyle, Youth Roundreach Worker, π, Corinth
  1947. Winifred Banks, Suffragette, When do we get to and fly that awful kite?, Cherry Tree Lane
  1948. Benito Mussolini, Fascist Dictator, Approving pillaging other rights ;), On your side!
  1949. Lotta Love, Pipefitter, Coming Soon, Beggar’s Bush
  1950. Lesbi McLesFace
  1951. Mr Binnicle, First Mate, Aye, Aye Captain, Cherry Tree Lane
  1952. Les B Ann, mam with a penis, Technician, kathlynn@hotmail.co.uk, Uk
  1953. Helen Webberly, Former GP, Transing the gay away plc, Terminally Online
  1954. Adam Beaumont, Artist, Chaos Magic, Nottingham
  1955. Admiral Boom, Admiral (retired), Everyone stop this, it's getting silly, Cherry Tree Lane
  1956. Don't Believe Penis News, This is going well, Are Scumbags, Scolds
  1957. Mridul Wadhwa, Man, Reframe your trauma and let me examine you intimately, Edinburgh
  1958. Iam a. Homophobe, IT consultant, Belfast
  1959. Dick Panderer, Handmaiden, Trans Blob, Gilead
  1960. A, Ready, Take Action, To
  1961. Beth Breeze, Tutor, Tameside College, Hyde
  1962. PERSECUTING CHARITIES IS VILE, Get a life!, Charity sector worker FEMINIST, SHAME on you!
  1963. Bert, Chimney Sweep, Not sure this petition is going to plan is it?, LGB drop the T
  1964. Leena van Deventer, Victorian Women's Trust, Sorry, they should fall into a well too, Victoria
  1965. Billy Bragg, No not that one, Bragg rights are human rights, All Braggs are valid
  1966. Girldick Transbian, pervert, Promoting Paedophilia and other Perversions, TERF Island, sadly
  1967. Usma Pronouns-Bigot, Human Resources, Halifax, HALIFAX
  1968. How dare you say my signature will not be valid!, You, bigots, STFU
  1969. Who Hates LGB Youth?, Opposing Helplines causes DEATH, There but for the grace of God, Compassion?
  1970. Andy M, Head of Customer Relinquishment, Halifax Bank, Twitter
  1971. Eddie Izzard, Girl Mode, Payment terms, But not for
  1972. Mike Roe-Dick (panspecies demisexual duck fondler) Quack/Qua-Quack, Twitter Biologist
  1973. John Tomelly, Bat Wanger, Dis, London
  1974. Women and Gay Hater, Hater, lets trans the gay away., London
  1975. anonymous
  1976. J Edgar Hoover, Bully. Forerunner of Admiral Levine, FBI., Washington
  1977. Leena van Deventer, Victorian Women's Trust, Traumatised women should be spat on at every opportunity, Victoria
  1978. Dorothy Gale, Child, Leave LGB people alone you homophobes, Not in Kansas anymore
  1979. Victorian Women's Trust, Men's Trust, Lol we don't care about women, Victoria
  1980. National Lottery done good., Thank You, Supporting Lesbians - the most oppressed
  1981. WOMENS Rights, female, iamafemale, femaleness
  1982. Sissy Sassy, Proffesional stalker, Traliban, Ladiesroom
  1983. anonymous, Pick me!, Let men listen to your traumatic stories, bigot!, Maleapprovaltown
  1984. Mary Poppins, Practically perfect in every way, Stop attacking LGB Alliance, Cherry Tree Lane
  1985. What’s wrong with supporting gay and lesbian youth, Seriously what’s the problem, Explain it in words of one syllable
  1986. JK Howling, Authoressssss, Fnord Technologies, Landan
  1987. Nicola, No one told me that only men have penises, I thought all women had them too, It's not my fault
  1988. Gary Heavily tanned Lineker, Professional numpty, BLM, Kingston Jamaica
  1989. Rose DeWitt Bukater, Posh bird off that film, Stonewall sinking faster than the Titanic., First class
  1990. Mx Jonah Coman, I'm a laydee really, FART Educator, Scottish Government, Edinburgh
  1991. Homosexuality is a transphobic genital preference
  1992. Cramd M'Cochin (she/her), Pervy Voyeur, Laydeez Looz, Peenizville
  1993. Katy (Colin) Montgomerie, roadie for BIlly Bragg, Professional victim, Little Hampton
  1994. Rolf Harris, Paedophile & didgeridoo aficionado, BBC, Sussex
  1995. Richard Panderer, Appeasing male ego, Any Wokoid Welcome, Salford
  1996. Katy Montgomerie’s Penis
  1997. A man with a big, swinging dick can be a woman, Women don't have penises, NO HE CAN'T
  1998. Brian d'Crispin Paddick-Hunt, Director:Seismic Dilators Inc, Keys In The Bowl Cottage. Dogging Lane. Somerset
  1999. Shame on you, Call yourselves feminists?, WTF are you thinking?, Scarlet for you
  2000. Gary Lineker, Me. Me me me., Me me me. Me. Me. PS, me.
  2001. Adult Human Female, Standing for XX, terfisaslur.com, Fuckrightoff, U. Wanker
  2002. Trans men are women, Gay men don’t have vaginas!
  2003. Jonathan Willoughby & his manky wound, Stop transing gay and lesbian youth, Where have all the transvestites gone?, LGB without the T
  2004. Susie Green, Castrator, I castrated my son for his 16th birthday, Thailand
  2005. Jeremy Vine, TV presenter, I'm sorry to ask but what is happening here?, No idea
  2006. robin buckley, lesbian as in attracted to females = WOMEN <3, your mom, idk, idk
  2007. Persy Russell, Arts educator, Dundee
  2008. Annie Rection, Cry wanker
  2009. DOCTOR Adrian Harrop, Troll GP, Deplorable, Suspended
  2010. Me here? Endorsing your homophobic agenda, 13th Duke of Wybourne, Disgraced Aristocracy, Wybourne
  2011. terfisaslur.com, witch huntin the LGBs, Remember the Gay Liberation Front?, London
  2012. I demand the right to self identify as a duck, Duck Warden, Ducks Lives Matter, Springfield
  2013. Evan Mortimer, Yorkshire
  2014. Colin Montgomerie, Man, Men have been using female toilets since before you were born, Manchester
  2015. Coutsier Boobsoff, Child Mutilator, Stonewall, London
  2016. You, Pathetic, Feeble, Idiots
  2017. HomoSEXual, LGB without T
  2018. Tit Slinger, Sgt, Terfinator, LGBAllianceRules, GTFOH
  2019. Isobella Disgrace, Missing, Toronto Police, Toronto
  2020. Katy Mongomerie, AGP, Colin!, La La Land
  2021. Frances Campbell, Newtonmore
  2022. Elliot Page, Man, Trans Umbrella Academy, No, really, I am
  2023. Nancy Kelley, Woman Hater, Stonedlesbophobes, Dickopolis
  2024. Myfem Ballbag, Pervert, Mermaids, Brighton
  2025. Arthur Cum Pants, Creep, Halifax Bank, Edinburgh
  2027. Hellish Webberley, on 2 month holiday, IStandWithLGBAlliance, Terfville
  2028. Lia Thomas, Cheat, LockerRoomFlasher, Pennsylvania
  2029. Proud Gay, All the love to LGB ALLIANCE!
  2030. Ellie Nethercott, Bristol
  2031. Lottie Kleenex, Self promotion, The Glitter Underground, Hentai
  2032. Jess Bradley, Flasher, NUS (formerly), Manchester
  2033. I Loppedmacockoff, Not a biological woman, Human Remains, Stonewall, Penistone
  2034. MINDYAOWNBUSINESS, End Misogyny, Stop harassing lesbians and gays, Got nothing better to do?
  2035. Debs knows TWAM, Men can’t be women, Full time Terf, Terfville
  2036. Johnathan Yaniv - any young 'uns need a tampon, Creeper, MAP, Pervertsville
  2037. Lesbians, Dont do, Leave us alone!, Dick
  2038. You should learn how, to add filters, forms, to your
  2039. Wimpund Wumben, Professional Womansplainer, Protection of Children from Trans Mania League, Terf Town
  2040. Marquis De Sade, Professional sadist, Paris
  2041. Dave Hayton’s Festering Manhole, Professional Arsehole, AGPs Are Predators, Birmingham
  2042. Eloïse Speight, Student, Loughborough
  2043. Törf Here, Women won't give a fuck what a man thinks about himself. TIMS are clowns and pathetic., Munic
  2044. David Hayton’s gynaecomastic manflaps, Teacher, An AGP’s Place, Nonceville
  2045. Willy Knott, It's a ladydique, I can't believe you bigoted lesbians don't want it., Honest
  2046. Stephen Ee Hide Ing, Grifter, Grifty McGriftyFace Ltd, Conningtit
  2047. “Her penis” you fucking bigot, TWAM, Trolling the TRAs, Terf island
  2048. Trans Lesbian Lilly licker, Licking Lolly, Trans are tucked up backwards, Lollyland
  2049. Was a terf, now a fart….still waiting for menopause penis to arrive, NotABot, Very organized, Womanhood
  2050. I am a serious activist and this is a serious cause, Bullshit, Delusionville
  2051. Rainbow dildo buttmonkey, Children's entertainer, London
  2052. Snork Maiden, Troll, Moomins Against Homophobic Libraries, Finland
  2053. Lesbians don’t have Penises, Believer in Reality, Part of the vast majority of the public, Sanity Town
  2054. Tatchel’s Satchel of Haribos & puppies, Yew Tree Dodger, Lesbophobes for Noncery PLC, Noncington-upon-Oz
  2055. Nancy Kelley, Lesbophobic fool, Former LGB Charity Stonewall, Castle Stonewall
  2056. If you don’t suck me womanly cock I’ll have you in the dock. Ivan the terrible, Stomper of women with me new man tits, Trans is law we ate the LGB, Transtitopia
  2057. This is homophobic - stop it., Carrier of a womb and various other organs, Womanchester
  2058. Patricia Gurgel-Segrillo, designer, London
  2059. LadyPenisMcLadyPenisfaceOfMisogyny&Homophobia, Coercing lesbians since 2015, Caring about LGB people is not transphobia, ILiveInYourMind
  2060. I don’t know how to tell if I am a boy or a girl I can’t see my cervix help help, Keeper of the keys, Hogwarts
  2061. Tess Tickle - Inventor of the all night dilator. Keep those wounds open and fetid, gents!, Dr, Dilation Station, London
  2062. LGB Alliance represent me, Adult Male, Same-sex attracted not same-gender attracted, Homosexual
  2063. Emma CoolGirl Watson, Shit Actor, Pick Me!, Jogwarts
  2064. Lesbian and Gay is Good, Child Protection, Shutdown Stonewall for Hate and Homophobia, London
  2065. P D'Ophile, trans your kids
  2066. The Emma Watson, Has Been, JKR Coattails, UpMyself, UK
  2067. Ivor Cockinmefrock
  2068. Terfs are the best, Terfing, Terf central, London
  2069. Transy Mansfanny, Violent Gaslighter, Black Pampers SS, Girldicks Uppham
  2070. Lesbians Don't Want Your Crusty Girldick, Lesbian, Walsall
  2072. Tranny pussy, smells like rotten, dick, Piiuuuuu
  2073. T things leave normals alone., Something on our own., Terfing, Terfsville
  2074. Karen White, Molesting female prisoners, HMP Woke, Stonewall Land
  2075. Mary
  2076. Colin Montgomerie, Professional Narcissist, University of Bristol, Womanface
  2077. Cotton Ceiling, Unbreakable, Professional Gusset Reinforcer, TERF Central
  2078. SuperBillybragalisticLGBTallyatrocious, Twat, Singalongabilly, Twatsville
  2079. TWAM, TWAM, TWAM Forever, TWAM
  2080. Billy Bragg, TBBRA (Trans Billy Bragg Rights Activist), TransBraggNetwork, Transbillybraggsarebillybraggs
  2081. Lesby Larper, Fetishist, Skirt-Go-Spinny-Willy-Go-Hard, WankerTown
  2082. AndyM, Company's liability - accounts closure team, Halifax Bank, Leeds
  2083. Katharine Lynch, , Bradford
  2084. Titselina Bumsquirt, Saddlesniffer, Troon
  2085. Lia Thomas, Professional Cheat, My cock pokes out of my bikini
  2086. I stand with LGB Alliance, Terf Island
  2087. AndyM, Twat, If you don't like this petition you're welcome to close it., Halfifax
  2088. Gay Men don’t eat pussy!, Sex not gender, St Albans
  2089. MANfred MANn, Hopeful tunnel inspector, Women’s changing rooms, Spy-on-the-sly
  2090. Support dog at Alison Baileys tribunal. Woof woof, Being a dog, Dog rights are human rights, Too scared to live in a city
  2091. Stonewall R Homophobic, Professional woman, LGB Alliance speak for me, Terf Island
  2092. LGB Alliance Isn't A Hate Group, You homophobic, petty, Why don't you piss off and go suck some girldiq, little fuckflutes
  2093. Malificent Randythrobber, Literal Doctor, Trans Rights are Male Rights, Bristols, Massive
  2094. Shelley James, Cleaner, Bournemouth
  2095. Little Owen Jones, Terf, Grauniad, Terf island
  2096. Vik K-F, london
  2097. Lord Tunstall of Old Cunt, A CUNT, House of Cunt, Town of Cunt
  2098. Blue haired narcissist, Me me me me, Bellend Polytechnic
  2099. Himdia Stillaboy, Journalist, Startled Puffer Fish Inc., Clitori City
  2100. Failed Male Cosplayers, Dirty Room Maker, Destroying Women And LGB Lives LLC, Yanivs-lost-apeen
  2101. Nottingham Council, Winner of inaugural Pride Award, We've been Stonewalled, Wasting council taxpayers money
  2102. Lesbian women, do not suck, Ever., tranny dick
  2103. N knight, Executive, London
  2104. IStandWithLGBAlliance, Actual lesbian, YouAreHomophobes, Everywhere
  2105. J Cheever -Loophole, Wizard, Alaskan wizards LGB alliance, Chicken Alaska
  2106. Albert E. Cockfrocker, Animagi, Greater Terving
  2107. Lesbian Cocks For Santa, Elf, Christmas 4Evah, Northpole Christmas Camp
  2108. India girlish head tilt Willoboughby, Female imperonator, Mens rights activism, cloud cockoo landd
  2109. Adam Sach
  2110. Cunty Muntgumery, Professional imposter, Twitter, Lala land
  2111. Owner Jones, Terrible writer, The Grauniad, Blackpoo
  2112. Philip Michael Hunt, Misogynist, Cockfosters
  2113. Troony McTroonface, Troonville, AGP Avenue
  2114. Florence Williams, West Ham
  2115. LGB Alliance is NOT a hate group, Adult Human Female, WomenWon’tWheesht. EVER., Terf Island
  2116. Otto Gynephile, TQ+/-$#* Group Lead, Cocks in frocks, Londinium
  2117. Willie Flopper, Women's spaces
  2118. Jizzlechin McSlurpy, Octopus Wrangler, Build-A-Barbiepouch, Toontown
  2119. Mr Biggus Dickus, Licensed Misogynist, Men's campaign against women, Dickton
  2120. LBG ALLIANCE ARE DOING A FINE JOB, Because Stonewall, Same-sex attraction is real, Is all trans, all the time
  2121. Ter. F. Island, Full time actual woman, TW R MEN, Lady Garden
  2122. LGB Without the T, Terven Vanigasaurus, ScrewU, MenRNotWomen
  2123. Devin McMullan, Counsellor, Northern Ireland
  2124. Ima Manne, Genderologist, GenderHawkers Inc., Terven
  2125. Rachel Lloyd, Engagement officer, ZSL, London
  2126. Jerry Helmet, Obvious man, Church of the Woo Woo Sisterhood, Deep Voice, Ontario
  2127. Holly Cowley, London
  2128. Veronica Ivy, TRANS CHEAT, Sportisacheatersright, Vancouver
  2129. Fred West, Murderer, Hell
  2130. Terficus Farticus, Ovary-haver, Peakers R Us, A Womb with a View
  2131. Mr T Erf, adult human male, Realist, Sex is binary and immutable, Facts Town, Adulthood
  2132. Katie Pham, Pharmacy manager, Truepill, Manchester
  2133. trans women must never, feel safe in, spaces, female
  2134. Ivan Knackofnickemoff, Russian Castrator, Gender GP: The Revenge, St. Penisberg
  2135. Heni Tinker, Freelancer, Brighton
  2136. Big Steph, Serial Litigant, nowan will avme, Liverpool
  2137. TranswomenAreMen AndYouAreHomophobes, AdultHumanFemale, IStandWithLGBAllience, TERF
  2138. anonymous
  2139. Charlotte Watts, Kentford
  2140. Auto Gyno Philia, Pervert, Misogynists'R'Us, California
  2141. Anna Marie Simonsen, Freelancer, London
  2142. Lesbian McLesbianface XX ♀️♀️, Shouting about women's rights, Sisterhood, Everywhere
  2143. Mr man, Occupier of womens spaces, Cockington
  2144. TW R. MEN, Groomer, Drag Queen Readers Inc., Alt-Reality
  2145. Crispin Blunt MP, MP, The Conservative Party, London
  2146. Jenna, Artist, Freelance, Glasgpw
  2147. Joseph Ausena, Self Employed, NA, London
  2148. The LGB Alliance represents me, Lesbian, Sexuality and genderidentities are not the same thing, Lesbianville
  2149. Adam Sapple, Head tilter, Free The Bulge, Ugley
  2150. Himdia willyboobie, Cervix owner, Destroyer of safe spaces, Over the rainbow
  2151. Tervens Fightback, Woman, Women of the World, Scotland
  2152. Transphobic CisHet Male,, Misogynist,, Coincidentally Supporting a 100% LG~B~ Community, Bigottopia
  2153. Dwight shrute embracing my feminity, Beet farmer, Penises for all…especially the girls. Also free beetroot, Penisville
  2154. Aimée Laws, Glasgow
  2155. Halifux Building Society, Social Engineering, Millennial PR Team, Halifux
  2156. Lila Robirosa, Learning Support Assistant, London
  2157. Jen De Reskrap, Keep Out, Women’s Spaces, Of
  2158. Katy Montgomery, Wanker, In A Woman's Toilet Near You
  2159. Ren Sogunro, Technician, London
  2160. Check out, Kiwi farms before you, anything, retract
  2161. Dr Yeet The Teets, Steriliser of children, Hell
  2162. anonymous
  2163. This, petition, homophobic, is
  2164. Stiv Bator, Gender Squeef, Gents Toilets, Holborn, SW1
  2165. Sinead Cummings, Software Developer, Gateshead
  2166. Gary Linker Virtue Signaller Corporation, Virtue Signalling, Virtue Signal Inc, Brighton
  2167. Groomy McGroomface, Groomer, Professional misogynist, Cockinfrock
  2168. Dick S R Gross, Especially, “Women”, On
  2169. Takea Jump, Unicorn & make uppy stuff, Flying reindeer trainer, London
  2170. Holly Willaboabies hairy balls, Ball scratcher, Baw bags anonymous, Nut sack
  2171. Emily Priscott, Freelance Editor, Axminster
  2172. Love the LGBAlliance, NotHomophobic, Support Same Sex Attracted People, Bristol
  2173. Gender Is Bullshit, Terf, The Terf Squad, Terfville
  2174. LGB ALLIANCE 4EVA, Homosexual, Gay rights at LGB Alliance, Leeds
  2175. The Chicken That Cried, Egg layer, McDonald's Farm
  2176. Herr Bollox, Ball Waxer, TRAs are homophobic
  2177. Stop being homophobic, Na, Na, Na
  2178. Samesex Attracted, Lesbian, Stop Homophobia No Male is a Lesbian, Swindon
  2179. Linda Loves Lacy, Adult born female (Woman)), LGBA rules, Everywhere
  2180. Michael lay-d'dique
  2181. Lesbians, don't, have, penises
  2182. Dicky Panderer, Footstool, FootstoolsRUs, Make-believe
  2183. Twam Dropthet, Lesbian, LGBA represent me, Terfshire
  2184. anonymous
  2185. Women do not come..., In male, Varieties, And female
  2186. Owen Hurcums boyfriend, shagging men, while taking drugs because Im a laydee, in the laydees toilets
  2187. The + means nonces, I punch chickens to see if they can cry, Flashing is okay actually as long as it's a womans penis, Clown World
  2188. Alec Paton, Shop supervisor, Oxford
  2189. Fox Maltas, -, -, Leeds
  2190. Doctor Polly Mengele, Child sacrifice priest, Tavistock and Portman, London
  2191. anonymous
  2192. Sophie 'Predator' Hairytube, Unemployed obvs, None, London
  2193. Gay Isgood, homosexual, Gender is a Myth, London
  2194. Theodore Kaczinski, Tinkerer, Environmentalist, Harvard University, The Great Outdoors
  2195. Owen Jones’s mother’s favourite black dildo, Dildo, England
  2196. Kay Harris, Media, London
  2197. We love the LGB Alliance
  2198. Eilís Ní Fhlannagáin - you might have seen thr article about me in the Independent, Castrator, Tractor Outhouse Clinic, Pacific Midwest, Rural Tractor Farm
  2199. Woman Adult Human, Woman, Rights of Women, Womantropolis
  2200. Stephanie Rebecca Tony Stephen Halliday Hayden, "Lawyer", "Commentator", "Golfer", Troon Golf Club, London and Moscow
  2201. Mike Oxlong, Terf Island
  2202. Dick Outinpublic, Pro Flasher, Leave Homosexuals Alone FFS, London
  2203. LGB. Everything to the right is straight, TERF, Jk Rowling rules, I am everywhere
  2204. Benjamin ButterGasp, "Journalist", The I Paper, for now, Where the heads shake like jelly,
  2205. Lydia D’Arcy, Berkshire
  2206. LGB Alliance Rocks!, First Officer, Gender Atheists R Us, London
  2207. Sian Williams, Doctor, NHS, London
  2208. Woke Beard Misogynist, Homophobe, Trans Incels R Us, Bastardsville
  2209. This is homophobic, Let the National Lottery Lotterise, Or else you might be next, Trumpton
  2210. Malestia Child, Child safeguarding expert, Hard Core Drag Story Time for Kids Inc., Very near you
  2211. Rubbered-Up in the NSPCC toilet, Masturbater, Ex-NSPCC, London
  2212. Tits Mghee, Validator, Medals for men who wear a dress, Stunning and Bravesville
  2213. Suns out, cocks out, angry, Cocks 'r' Us, progressville
  2214. Wokey Incel, WomanHater, Homophobic Bastards R Us, Misogynyville
  2215. LGB RIGHTS - Leave gay people alone you vile homophobes. SAME SEX ATTRACTION! Sex is not gender. Perverts., Penis Owner, LGB against Trans ideologies, Cockadoodle-do one.
  2216. cis is a slur, sex can't be changed, academic (ret), LGB supports LGBs. Stonewall only supports TQ+, Southampton
  2217. Gender ideology is over., You nonces are, Going to jail. See you in court.
  2218. Lezzy Behan, I watched too much porn, Some tech company, Now I think I’m a laydee
  2219. Black Pampers, Call me Loretta, FoetusInABox
  2220. Woke MRA Billy Bragg, Woman, adult human female #JKRrules, Manchester
  2221. Gay and bisexual young people need support, Not being a homophobe, There's nothing wrong with being gay, Terf Island
  2222. A. MensRightsCunt, Basementdwellingmisogynistfuckwit, WeHateWomen&Girls Ltd, Westcliff-on-Sea
  2223. Lady Peen, Colonizer, Buy a Diagnosis, Inc., Women's Spaces
  2224. Meghan Markle, Princess, Archewell, Sussex
  2225. Transwomen are men with, sexual, women are not their toys! Leave us alone!, fetishes
  2226. Keep your cocks out of womens dressing rooms., Swimming, Not Hackney Council, peoples republic of east London
  2227. Gender not Legally recognised, Not being Cis and Heterosexual, The Anti-TERF Movement, LGBTQPlus City
  2228. Alex Cocks, Director, Folkestone
  2229. Ed Tilt, Social contagion, Narnia
  2230. Rachael England, Lecturer, Oxford
  2231. LGB drop the t, Gay rights activist, Stop transing gays you homophic trannys, Terf island
  2232. Bawls Is My Dirndl, Woman, WDI, Womanville
  2233. LGBA is the ONLY org for us and you want LGB CHILDREN to loose access to a HELPLINE??, Dismayed lesbian, 🤡🌍
  2234. ItsAFetish, ItsAFetish, ItsAFetish, ItsAFetish
  2235. Alex Drummond, Beardy Bandwidth Expander, Bonewall
  2236. MYMATEBILLY HADATENFOOTWILLY, Heshoweditto, Shethoughtitwasasnake Sohititwitharake Andnowitsonlytwofootfour, Theladynextdoor
  2237. April Hughes, Norwich
  2238. Wee Nicola Cranky, Despot, Suffragette Elimination Society, Lesser Albion
  2239. Feminist Library Supports Homophobia
  2240. Clive Sinclair, My computer is a Spectrum, I can't believe I'm not butter, C5
  2241. Trans rights R 🍆 rights, Humans aren't 🤡🐟, TERFS RISE UP 💪🏽💅🏽🚺, 2+2 = 4
  2242. Pick-me Girl (self-IDs as feminist, Human support animal for men, Gilead
  2243. Amy, Science Communicator, Edinburgh
  2244. Nancy Kelley, Evil lesbophobic 💩, Stonewall, Lesbians are sexual racism.
  2245. This open letter proves why the, Helpline, Needed, Is
  2246. Lgb cake-maker love LGB but not the alphabet leeches., Philosopher, KeepMenOutOfWomensSpaces, Birmingham
  2247. No Shame In Same-Sex Attraction, Homosexual, Reality, XY
  2248. Claudia Pugh, CAD Technician, N/A, London
  2249. Daniel Kramer-Arden, Audio editor, Bristol
  2250. Literal Erasure, Affirmer, Cross dressers Union, Euphoria
  2251. Madams Apple, Get a choker around jt, Huge hand delicately placed over neck, Strap it down!
  2252. Jeremy Vine, What is this all about
  2253. Harpic Blue Hair, Flasher, No one will have me, Cockoutville
  2254. Ignore this childishness, LGB Alliance, great, is
  2255. Master Bation, Paraphilic, Nappy Fetishism Ltd., Jawline
  2256. Feminists don't hound gays, Adult male, Human Race, Edinburgh
  2257. Cassandra Halliday, TERF, Terfs r us, Terfville
  2258. This petition is pure homophobia, LGB without the T, Liberals for Reality, Suffragette City
  2259. Thispetitionisproofofyour Homophobia., WomensRightsAreHumanRights, Leave lesbians alone, NosuchThingasaLadyDick
  2260. Wozza “Heather” Peto, Narcoleptic Pervert, Professional Labour Resource Drain, “It wasn’t me!”
  2261. abigail arnold-michael, Esperanzaretail.com, Dorset
  2262. Men aren't women though, SorryIdontMaketheRules, Women's Rights Are Human Rights, WomenAreReal
  2263. Lesbians don't have 🍆, Same sex attraction is VALID, Your mums a TERF
  2264. Lucinda, Soap maker, Ukraine
  2265. Only dickheads start letters with "we are writing", you're not playing the effing piano, JFC, of course you are writing
  2266. H. The Eighth, Wife Killer, Stonewall, Tudor branch, Hampton Court
  2267. Amy Peacock, Editorial assistant, London
  2268. Reject homophobia, Support, LGB Alliance
  2269. Billy Bragg's Minge
  2270. John Money, Disgraced paedophile Sexologist, The Trans Reich, HELL
  2271. Lizzy Kelly, Student Social Worker, London
  2272. Fuck this shit, Being gay, Home
  2273. Womanface Impersonator, Trespasser, NoMoreWomanFace, Sexist Central
  2274. Liam Manigan, Dicksplash, Saville’s Apprenticeships, Clitheroe
  2275. It's not hateful to organise without the T, Not everything is about you
  2276. jeez.Nicht, nurse, nhs, cardiff
  2277. William Bragg, Author, Progressive Activism: Why Women are Wrong, and how to Tell Them
  2278. I support same-sex attraction and LGB Alliance, Oxford
  2279. Manny McMan Face, Misogynist, ‘TTTTTTTQQQT with the T, Lahdan
  2280. Person in support
  2281. Stop trying to dictate how Lesbians and gay men organise
  2282. Biology is real, GC feminist, Reality inc, Same sex central
  2283. Labia Ladybits, Pornhub tester, Scottish Greens Minecraft Club, Inchtoofar
  2284. Sex not Gender, I love LGB Alliance, London
  2285. David Paisley, Trannie Chaser, Tears of a clown, At a Busstop
  2286. Cathy Hall, Teacher, Aberdeen
  2287. Jimmy Saville, Pedo, Love has no age, Hell
  2288. This is the most misogynistic, Sexist, Homophobic ideology that I have ever known, Regressive
  2290. Now then, now then, now then, jingle jangle, TV Personality, Leeds
  2291. Mr Antifa Chaser, Unemployed Archaeologist, Bedroom revolutionaries Ltd, Hereford
  2292. Joe Futak, Sound Engineer, London
  2293. Gay Man, I support LGB Alliance
  2294. James Waumsley
  2295. Daisy Molloy
  2296. LGB = Sexuality T=Identity, we aren't the same, Trans Rights R mans rights, Woman Adult Human Female
  2297. Adult Human Female, LGBA Supporter, Don't Defund LGBA, Yes
  2298. Dick Panderer, Ex-Feminist, All-Hail-the-Dick, Suffragette City
  2299. Amy Mathie, Glasgow
  2300. I am a REAL WOMAN, TV Agitator, WillyBooby’s Pop Socks, MAN City
  2301. Fart E Panties, Panty Sniffer, Big Dick & The Four Skins, Cockenzie
  2302. Suzi Boseley, Medical secretary, Nhs, Brighton
  2303. Miss Sweaty Balls, Transmen Are Women Inc., London
  2304. Lgb without the t, Adult human fem, Sex not gender thankyou, Lesbos
  2305. Vanker Hard, Professional Fluffer, Misogynist Porn, Emerald City
  2307. Susan Peniscock, Knob Wrangler, Tom's Tin Tallywhackers, Toole
  2308. Edward Whelan, Communications, Mind, London
  2309. Dick Panderer, Fake feminist, University of Transylvania, Homophobicsville
  2310. Feminist Library are Butt Monkeys, Bull Milker, Butt Monkey Love Holes Inc., Wonderland
  2311. Steven Carver, Glasgow
  2312. Jasmine Burt, Art Gallery Host, N/A, London
  2313. Archibald Meatpants, Supervillain, SG Ltd, Quahog
  2314. rainbow flag eater, does a jingle, flatulance, in the theatre
  2315. Sorsha Roberts, London
  2316. Mr Eye Hate Women of 69 Let's Chopitoff, Hater of Women, Flag Maker doing great business, Lesbos in my dreams
  2317. Kirti Durelle, Student, UCL, Acton
  2318. Bent Lawyer, Sliding into DMs
  2319. Emily T, Director, University, Leeds
  2320. Nicholas Rowe, Engagement Manager, N/A, London
  2321. Kate Bonner, London
  2322. Richard Phoenix, Artist, Hastings
  2323. Salam, Edit Assistant, London
  2324. Nancy Oursole, Camel Jockey, Whipsnade Zoo, Coventry
  2325. P.H. Dee-Wanker, Professional Bore, Dept of Pointless Gender Studies, Posh University
  2326. Manny McWomanface, LARPER, Any DV shelter, MANchester
  2327. damien johnstone, Dj, Manchester
  2328. Rainbow Dildo Butt-Monkey, Librarian, Basingstoke
  2329. Dunia gensler, Upholsterer, Dunia Tigris Workshop, London
  2330. Sandy Pringle, Penguin Insurer, Down Under
  2331. Astrid Heidemann Simonsen, PhD, Windsor
  2332. Dr Lloyd Meadhbh Houston, Leverhulme Fellow, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  2333. Sappho, Poet, Island of Lesbos
  2334. Camilla, Writer, London
  2335. Owen "Broody Lesbian" Jones, YouTuber, The Guardian of Trans, London
  2336. Benjamin Whateley, Gallery assistant, South London Gallery, London
  2337. Shona Bobison, thicko liar fallgirl, Sturgee acolyte, Trans 101
  2338. Busty LaRou, Dancer, Naughtinham
  2339. Micky Misogynist, Woman Hater, SUCK IT UP SON, ADULT HUMAN FEMALE
  2340. Billy Smallballs, Professional Tortoise Racer, Esio Trot Athletics, Leeds
  2341. Aman Durr, Coloniser, MANchester
  2342. Wayne Kerr, None, Mastubation
  2343. Billy Bragg, Woman Hater
  2344. A Doll Fittler, Nazi, Howvery Darezey, Nuremberg
  2345. Boris Yeltsin, Vodka Connoisseur, Shannon Airport
  2346. Araminta Snodgrass, Class Tourist, St Martin's College
  2347. Jame Gumb, Tailor, Virginia
  2348. RU Seriously, Citing Mermaids, Cheerleaders for Child Mutilation, Wow
  2349. Tiffany Fiddlesticks, Trapeze Artist, Cirque Du Fromage, Brighton
  2350. Fanny Envy, Fantasy Island
  2351. Men, Men, Men, Men
  2352. Gandalf the Grey, Wizard, The Fellowship of the Ring, Middle earth
  2353. Katrine Moeller, London
  2354. Precious Bluefringe, “Artiste”, Backstreet Tatts Studio, Paisley (not the fat has been actor)
  2355. Kirsty Murray
  2356. Some Unfunny TERF C*nt, Name Adder, Keep Adding Fake Names LOL
  2357. Nicola Sturgee, Despot, NSP ( Nicola! Sturgee! Both votes ME!), Trans 101
  2358. Samuel Ferry, Writer, Donegal
  2359. Lex Luther, prisoner, shutup woman, Smallville
  2360. Deirdre Elastic, Cinema Usher, Grubby Mac Multiplex, Steveage
  2361. India Boxall
  2362. Gail Platt, Serial Spouse, Coronation Street, Weatherfield
  2363. Chris Chan, Oedipus, Motherf*cker, Somewhere over the rainbow
  2364. Hubert Horsebox, Cushion plumper, Blubberhouses
  2365. Anna, Manchester
  2366. Willow Thrush, Back Scratcher, Scratch O Matic, Wigan
  2367. Johanna Wilson, Quality Manager, London
  2368. Tom O'Carroll, PIE
  2369. R. Kelly, Convicted pedophile, ACLU and P.I.E, Los Angeles
  2370. Chelsea Gagging-Forit, Hotelier, Knocking Shop GmbH, Hamburg
  2371. Verruca Jones, Pig Euthaniser, Hog Roasts R Us, Merthyr Tydfil
  2372. Hugh Geranus, mentally deranged bottom goblin, The Menz, Gender Hell
  2373. Zander Mawbwy, Designer, Sandbag LTD, Reading, UK
  2374. Anna Reilly, Student, London
  2375. Boudicca, Chariot Driver, Head of the Iceni Tribe, Colchester
  2376. Suzanne Ridealgh, Developer, Leeds
  2377. Ellena Handbag, Nob Thatcher, Seaton Sluice
  2378. Taylor Bryant, Student, Portsmouth
  2379. Harriet Monkhouse, Manchester
  2380. Kiea Graham, Travel advisor, Oxford
  2381. Daniel Turrell, Self employed, London
  2382. Nix Corporan, Fan Support Team Lead, DICE
  2383. William Wallace, Freedom Fighter, Independent Scotland, Bannockburn
  2384. Bustee Lynch, Merkin Maker, Sparkly Unicorn Corporation, Dagenham
  2385. Andrew Simmons, Merchandiser, Sam's Club, Stapleton
  2386. LG Bee, No Right to Self-organise, Without Gender Identitarians, Says Feminist Library
  2387. Segolene Py, London
  2388. Karla Hardy, student, Lanark
  2389. Apricot Plops, Barrister/Fox Wrangler, Cyprus
  2390. Jewel Foster, London
  2391. Kyna Morgan, Student, Glasgow
  2392. Amanda Hugnkiss, Minge inspector, London
  2393. Chas Tittbelt, Vicar, Church of St Minge, Oooer by the Sea
  2394. JoJo Kimono, Pest control, For Fox Sake, Londonium
  2395. Destiny Seahorse, Squirrel Matador, Swindon
  2396. Vincent Teule, Dmm, Stripe, London
  2397. Kevin Gimbert, Nhs, Nhs, Manchester
  2398. Emma Butterworth, London
  2399. KiraBaur, actress, dresden
  2400. TMSA-UK, Trans Masculine Support & Advice UK
  2401. Fraser May
  2402. Matthew Hopkins, Civil Servant, English Parliament, Manningtree
  2403. Nicolas Bouchet, Marketing, London
  2404. Surya Monro, Academic, University of Huddersfield, Sheffield
  2405. Sarah Arkle, Librarian, Oxford
  2406. Mx. Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder Genderal, Reformation #2, Inc., Great Wenham
  2407. Deirdre Murphy, Belfast
  2408. Sweaty Nonce, Pizza Express, Woking
  2409. Ayoola Solarin, freelancer, London
  2410. Toby Go-Nads, Nut Polisher, Groomers Inc, Chorley
  2411. George Ankers, Marketing, Nottingham
  2412. Rebecca Lewis, Museum Assistant, Glasgow
  2413. Ruth Mather, YORK
  2414. Molly Adams
  2415. Kate Dickinson, Felixstowe
  2416. Mike Jones, Accountant, Bournemouth
  2417. lottie hillfort, writer, london
  2418. Greasy Lavvy, Landlord, Cock n Bollocks Country Inn, Chester
  2419. Brigette, Actor, London
  2420. Karen White, HMP Frankland
  2421. Anal o' nothing, Child molester, Stonewall, Leeds
  2422. Amika Moser, Postgraduate Student, London
  2423. Catherine Francis, Bartender, London
  2424. Claire Sedgwick, Researcher, Derby
  2425. Malcolm X, Civil Rights leader, Omaha
  2426. Phoenix Hampton, Southampton
  2427. Amy Glover, London
  2428. Yvonne Thomson, Glasgow
  2429. Waxme Balls, Deviant, Yaniville
  2430. Lola de la Mata, Composer, curator, Liverpool
  2431. Oliver Treadgold, Student, London
  2432. Jacqueline Sadler, Hospitality management, Cream Group, London
  2433. Elisabeth Marks, Portsmouth
  2434. Ming The Merciless, Galactic Emperor, Liberal Democrats, Mongo
  2435. Andy Connelly, Glasgow Sainta, Glasgow
  2436. Beckett Julius Frith, Content Officer, Mind, Stevenage
  2437. Alice Hatton, Basingstoke
  2438. Pauline Hennel
  2439. Ewan Wilson, Soldier, York
  2440. Rebecca Counsell, Student, Manchester
  2441. Harry Nichols, Customer Service Consultant, HMRC, Newcastle upon Tyne
  2442. Esther Maltby, Artist, Sidmouth
  2443. Rosa Marouane, Tattoo Artist, London
  2444. George Shaheen, Programme manager, The London school of architecture, London
  2445. Fisty Anus, Stonewall Education Outreach
  2446. Mahmud "Foreskin" Al Saana, Freedom fighter, Al Shabaab, Jemen
  2447. Jessica Mulder, Orpington
  2448. Caitlin Webb, charity worker, Rainham
  2449. Steven "big UP" Cooper, Child trafficker, Feminist Library, London
  2450. Peter R Dale, Charity Worker, Glasgow
  2451. David "Destroyer" Knott, Executive and Pedophile, Feminist Library, London
  2452. Maya Bawsaritchi, High priestess, The Nu Religion Co, Lala Land
  2453. Angie "Woman with dick" Stone, Child Molester, Punjab
  2454. Diletta Taris, Lecturer in Financial Services, City of Glasgow College, Glasgow
  2455. Tallulah Twizzletits, Grifter, London
  2456. Emma Silvia, Cardiff
  2457. Assya Ahouandjinou, London
  2458. Matt David, London
  2459. Nick Eden, Programmer, York
  2460. Melina "Alan" Cummmmmm, Dragqueen and prostitute, London
  2461. Ivana Vankinpublik, AGP
  2462. Sylvester "Ladydick" Paris, Child porn producer, London of course
  2463. Isabelle Walker, Student, Doncaster
  2464. Woke Prick, Drag Queen, Stonewall, Las Vegas
  2465. Hugh Hefner, Pornographer, Playboy, Gropesville
  2466. Big Dick Johnny, Transvestite & Child groomer, Feminist Library, London
  2467. Mitch Montgomerie (aka BigDick Katie), Grifter, Misogyny R US, London
  2468. Laura Taylor, Postgraduate student, University of East Anglia, Norwich
  2469. Dr Emma Hutson
  2470. Joanna Anderson, Quality Manager, Bo'ness
  2471. Maisie
  2472. India "Willow-boy" Willoughby, Grinder pro and Onlyfans 1%, London
  2473. Natasha lock, Support worker, Anawim, Birmingham
  2474. Ylenia Zanghi, London
  2475. E Corbett, Edinburgh
  2476. Tristan Gray, Author, Edinburgh
  2477. Ghislaine Maxwell, Heiress, We sex with Kids + Stonewall, The world
  2478. Manina Frock, Female impersonator
  2479. Bonnie Pointer, Bicester
  2480. Jeffrey Epstein, I'm rich !, Liberal MAP, Pedo island
  2481. Heidi Ingamells, Ilford
  2482. Michael Jackson, Artist and groomer, Nambla, Neverland
  2483. yasmin smith, barista, london
  2484. Hannah Buckingham, Portsmouth
  2485. Lili sharman-hutt, Artist, N/a, London
  2486. Pascale Hall, Student, N/A, Brighton
  2487. Robert Mills, London, UK
  2488. Gus Dumpster diver Hansen, Mormon Gay prostitute, Don't know. I'm lost, Utah
  2489. Lizzie Chesshire, Aylesbury
  2490. Daniela Nowokunska, Charity worker, Manchester
  2491. Fred West, Builder
  2492. Conrad HUGE BBC Peters, I fucks everything, Nambla, NYC
  2493. German Two Girls + a cup, Porn actor, Stonewall, Luton
  2494. Molly Ackhurst, GTA, Birkbeck College, London
  2495. Paolo "Head wound" Malfonso, Retired child fucker, Nambla, Florence
  2496. Derek Craig, London
  2497. Leah Micosa, Keyworker, Antidote, London
  2498. Ashley Akingbade, Brighton
  2499. Abigail Stewart, University Student
  2500. Isabelle Flynn, marketing professional, Bracknell
  2501. Lauren Corelli, London
  2502. Su Sheppard, None, Buckley
  2503. Freya Paulucci Couldrick, Communications, Oxford
  2504. Amber Marshall Callaghan, London
  2505. Christopher Billett, Support worker, Mirfield
  2506. Rosie Austin, Birmingham
  2507. Holly, London
  2508. Kalid Sheikh "KSM" Mohammed, Illegal combatant, Guantanamo Bay
  2509. Fanny Bygaslight, Outreach worker, Help The Needy, Soho
  2510. Montgomeries Nutsack, unemployed
  2511. Sarah Trowsdale, Shoreham-By-Sea
  2512. Peter "BIG Queen" Johnson, MAP & Dragqueen, Manchester
  2513. Alasdair Hall, Software Engineer, DICE, London
  2514. Jimmy Saville, Paedophile, BBC, Hell
  2515. Nat Walpole, Communications Officer, CCA Glasgow, Glasgow
  2516. Paulie "Dysphoric as Fukk" Smith, Rapist, Stonewall, Liverpool
  2517. sarah Crees, LONDON
  2518. Martin "Jessica" Nelson, Pedophile, Stonewall, Leeds
  2519. Clara Sorrenti, Narcissist, Upper-middle class like the rest, Praxtopia
  2520. Jack "Ms Crystal" Pierson, Child molester, Stonewall, London
  2521. Manly Womanface, Clown, TRA, Neverland
  2522. Tallulah Twizzletits, HGV Driver, Honk if you’re Horny, Brighton
  2523. Charlotte Thorley, Public engagement consultant, Stoke-on-trent
  2524. John Wayne Gacy, Taxi Driver, Chicago
  2525. Lisa Hughes, NHS Manager, NHS, Windlesham
  2526. Josef Stalin, Unemployed, Red Party, Moscow
  2527. Rebecca Smithson, Burnley
  2528. Tasha Campbell
  2529. Hannah Winslade, London
  2530. Jeffrey Dahmer, Housewife, Milwaukee
  2531. Erin Kelly, Student, London
  2532. Rose Sinclair, Brighton
  2533. Julie Gough, Swindon
  2534. Evan Crow, doctor, NHS, Glasgow
  2535. Adolf Hitler, Dictator, SS, Berlin
  2536. Elliot McClenaghan, Epidemiologist, London
  2537. Anthony Williams, Paralegal, Manchester
  2538. Katherine Linsley, LONDON
  2539. Dev Dholakia, Student, King’s College London, London
  2540. Bex Sander, Student, London
  2541. Kate Joester, Edinburgh
  2542. Kaneeka Kapur, , London
  2543. Saddam Hussein, Despot, Iraqi conservative party, Baghdad
  2544. Xinyu Xu, Artist/Student, Goldsmiths, London
  2545. Osama Bin Laden, Terrorist, Al Qaida, Kabul
  2546. Rebecca del Tufo, Film freelance, London
  2547. Rachel Hinsley, London
  2548. Polly Steward, Suffolk, UK
  2549. Rachel Burge, Doctor, NHS, London
  2550. Demi Moran, Student, Aberystwyth
  2551. Caroline von Taysen, psychologist, London
  2552. Susan Corrigan, Writer and Editor, London
  2553. Louie Cornish, Copywriter, Worthing
  2554. Olivia Basterfield, Birmingham
  2555. Raluca Micu, London
  2556. Rupert Higham, University lecturer, UCL, Reading
  2557. Emma Huzzey, Nurse, Essex
  2558. Daniel Brady, Liverpool
  2559. John Foster, Editor, New Socialist, London
  2560. June Lam, Director, We Exist, London
  2561. Robyn Carroll
  2562. Becky Dann, Marketing, London
  2563. Amy Roberts, Chair, Friends of the Joiners Arms, London
  2564. Natalie James, Liverpool
  2565. Katy Noseda-Vennard, Therapeutic Parent, London
  2566. Andi, Signing in a personal capacity, London
  2567. Alex Luo, Design engineer, London
  2568. Jamie Bauermeister, Artist, London
  2569. Lenja Gloger, Student, London
  2570. Ro Elfberg, Editor, DICE, London
  2571. Amy Roberts, Scientist, London
  2572. Rosie Slater, Disability adviser, Worcester
  2573. Marie Smith, Artist, London
  2574. Kade Fletcher, Programmer, London
  2575. Charlotte Munglani, PhD Student, King's College London, London
  2576. Beth Bhargava, PhD Student, Sheffield
  2577. Marie Reitner, MUA, London
  2578. Rosalind Russell, Director, Independent, Margate
  2579. Ellis Saxey, University worker, London
  2580. Emily Ross, London
  2581. Holly Bissell, Retail, Warwick
  2582. Valerie Hughes, Writer, Deeside
  2583. Frances Sampayo, Deputy Director, London
  2584. Sarah Brotherton, Community development worker, Leeds
  2585. Ellie Roberts, Academic, King's College London, London
  2586. Kate Tokley, London
  2587. Emily Sorrell, Creative strategist, Redruth
  2588. Sam Glasper, Student, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  2589. Laura Moseley, Common Threads Press, Norwich
  2590. Joe Thomas, Student, London
  2591. Cariad, Author
  2592. MayDay Rooms, Archive, London
  2593. Anna Madeleine, Data Science, London
  2594. Fiona Heseltine, Receptionist, Leeds
  2595. Syd Ammil Sleeper, Artist, BRISTOL
  2596. Penelope Foreman, Community Archaeologist, Bradford
  2597. Laura Radcliffe, Brighton
  2598. Skye Counsell, Pharmacy Assistant, Pharmacierge, London
  2599. Zhuanxu Xu, para-acdemic, University College London, London
  2600. Marc Stamp, London
  2601. Daniel Jones, Social Worker/ Trainee Psychotherapist, Enabling Assessment Service London/ The Minster Centre, London
  2602. Natasha, Project Manager, DICE, London
  2603. Isabel Adomakoh Young, Actor, London
  2604. Nicola Peek, Psychologist, Carmarthenshire
  2605. Arman Arutiunov, iOS Engineer, DICE FM, London
  2606. JEnna Gibbons, Manager, Running With Wolves Ltd, Manchester
  2607. Emily Towler, Learning Advisor, University of Leeds, LEEDS
  2608. Mimei Thompson
  2609. Beth Bramich, Student, London
  2610. Bianca Belli, London
  2611. Dr Emma and, Lecturer, Coventry
  2612. Eve Griffith, product manager, dice fm, london
  2613. Maria Isabel Conde Tkatchenko
  2614. Rachael House, Artist, London
  2615. Alicia Radage, Artist, London
  2616. Raffaella Carillo, Art curator, Metropolis Contemporary Art Gallery, Brighton
  2617. Lucy Sullivan, Artist/Writer, London
  2618. Anniken Haugan, Designer, DICE, London, London
  2619. Linda Heap, Retired, Southport
  2620. Sarah Lewin-Rose, Birmingham
  2621. Beth Eades, Teacher, Derby
  2622. Nastassja Simensky, Artist and Lecturer
  2623. Lucy Gray, Charity worker, London
  2624. Nazreen Sohnie Babar, People Operations Manager, DICE, London
  2625. Beatrice Loft Schulz, Architectural Technologist, London
  2626. Ashleigh Morgan, Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover, Coventry
  2627. Veronika Gibbins, North London
  2628. Roy Seedhouse, Retail Assistant, Thurrock
  2629. Olivia S A Ouwehand, youth worker and project manager, Odd Arts, Manchester
  2630. Jacob Lomas, Writer, London
  2631. Amy Rushton, Social Worker, London
  2632. Catarina Simao, London
  2633. Marina Georgiou, Archivist
  2634. Kate Menzies, Copywriter, London
  2635. Miranda Schiller, London
  2636. Mat Thompson, Youth Worker, London
  2637. Martha Dale, Sunderland
  2638. Kristina Macdonald, Librarian, UCL, London
  2639. Rosalind Crossgrove, Educator, London
  2640. Regan George, NA, NA, Ruislip
  2641. Jess Pumphrey, Senior software engineer, London
  2642. Jude Wanga, Writer, New Socialist, London
  2643. Alice Thompson
  2644. Rosie Clarke, Charity worker, IWGB union member, London
  2645. Emma Gattey, Student, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  2646. Joshua Wirz, Scenic, self employed, London
  2647. Hamzah Bharwani, Student Social Worker, Westminster City Council, London
  2648. Greg
  2649. Raluca Moraru
  2650. Rhiannon Lockley (she/her), Foundation Year Lecturer and Midlands representative UCU NEC, Birmingham City University, University, Birmingham
  2651. Neil Grayshon, Teacher, London
  2652. Jeanna Louise Skinner, Author, Exeter
  2653. Alice Bennett, Chair of Liverpool Momentum, LIVERPOOL
  2654. The People’s Film Club, London
  2655. Joanne Lee, Programmer, Liverpool
  2656. Maria Georgouli-Loupi, PhD Candidate, Goldsmiths, UoL, London
  2657. josie sparrow, Editor, New Socialist, London
  2658. Jack Witek, Brewery co-founder, Borrowed Parts Brew Co, Plymouth
  2659. Tom Williams
  2660. Thomas May, Student, NHS, London
  2661. Bryn Rowan
  2662. Maya
  2663. Zayba Malik, insurance broker, Mercer Marsh Benefits, manchester
  2664. Raluca Moraru, Fundraiser, London
  2665. Feminist Library Collective, Library & Archive, Feminist Library, London
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