28 April 2022

Open Letter to Boris Johnson: Why Relaxing Nursery Ratios of Staff:Children would be Catastrophic for Children, Parents and the Sector

Dear Prime Minister,

We are writing to ask that you ensure high quality education and care for our youngest children is top of your agenda. Specifically, we believe it is crucial for the Government not to relax the nursery ratios of staff to children.

We have a raft of studies from world leading UK and international research institutes which demonstrate that the significance of high staff to children ratios is the quality of the provision. We also know that quality is essential if our youngest citizens, particularly those from more disadvantaged backgrounds, are to thrive and succeed in school.

Increasing the adult to child ratios will, without doubt, significantly reduce the time available for staff to spend with each child. This is particularly important for the youngest children – our little babies and toddlers whose welfare and social and cognitive development is closely linked to social interaction and forming secure attachment relationships with adults.

Furthermore, choosing to push a policy that effectively puts more pressure on staff who are quitting the sector in droves because of lack of respect for what they do, low status, poor salaries and lack of support, is simply foolish.

Our new Education Minister, Will Quince, must get to grips with why thoughtful ratios are critical for the wellbeing of children and the ability of staff to support their learning and development successfully. We have some of the best childcare in the world, yet cutting corners in such a demeaning and dispiriting way should not and cannot be an option.

We strongly urge you to make the right decision.

With all best wishes,

June O'Sullivan MBE
CEO of London Early Years Foundation (LEYF)

1,304 verified
  1. Chris Dimopoulos, Senior Research Scientist, NPL, Kingston Upon Thames
  2. Amy Evans, Nursery Practitioner, Nursery, Beverley
  3. Alison Tobin, Researcher, London
  4. Elizabeth Robinson, Teaching Assistant, Sir James Knott Nursery School, North Tyneside
  5. Patricia, Student, Kingston University, Kingston
  6. Julie Pitt, Nursery Manager, Upper Knapp Farm Day Nursery, Gloucester
  7. Kay Henry, Programme Quality Associate, London
  8. Lisa Marie Swales, Hillingdon Council, Service Manager - Childcare
  9. anonymous
  10. Georgina Trevor, Little Angels Day Nursery, London
  11. Lydia Tyson Blake, Nursery admin assistant, BHCC, Brighton
  12. Ceren Lord, Academic, Oxford University, London
  13. Alayt Haddis, Biomedical scientists, London
  14. Theopi Skarlatos, Journalist, London
  15. Stephanie Wilson, North Shields
  16. Pia de Keyser, Senior Paralegal - Education Law, Coram Children's Legal Centre, London
  17. Charlotte LM, Consultant, London
  18. Juliette cruickshank, Pr Director, London
  19. Kathleen Gaul, Retired, Cheltenham
  20. K Sheehan, Nursery Teacher, Doncaster
  21. Madeleine Stuart, Teacher, Redcliffe Nursery School, Bristol
  22. Jenny Longfield
  23. Jeni Murphy, Early years strategic lead, croydon council, London
  24. Jasmin Sample, Tynemouth
  25. Hayley Kelly, full time mum, sir james knott nursery, north shields
  26. Wendy Beale, Finance Manager, PATA (UK), Gloucester
  27. Ann Ford, Retired, London
  28. Jade Newton, Registered Nurse, Newcastle upon Tyne
  29. Dmitrij Anufrijev, North Shields
  30. William Ford, Early Years Educator, Camden council, London
  31. Jessica Charlton, North Shields
  32. Jen Guthrie, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Tynemouth
  33. Kasia, Nursery Assistant, LEYF, London
  34. Sarah Cuthbertson, Teaching Assistant, Sir James Knott Nursery, Tyne & Wear
  35. Scott robertson, Firefighter, Tyne and Wear fire and rescue service, North Shields
  36. Zoe Robertson, Chocolatier, The Good Tempered Chocolate Company, North Shields
  37. Debbie Pearson, Nursery nurse, Tyne and Wear
  38. Karen Reid, TA, Sir james knott nursery, Wallsend
  39. Fahmeda Ahmed Hussain, Marketing manager, Newcastle upon Tyne
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  50. Gillian Allen, Tutor, Gateshead Learning Skills, Gateshead
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  56. Carol Beton, Substance misuse worker
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  66. Toni cuthbertson, North Shields
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  70. Rachel Johnson, Early Years Advisor, 2 Browns Farm Cottage, Hook
  71. Lidija Matjacic, Scientist
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  92. Shantel wright, Teacher, Childcare, Earls court London
  93. Sheila Taylor
  94. Bethany Daniel, Senior Lecturer in Education and Inclusion Studies, University of Wolverhampton, Telford
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  109. cara beetham, childcare practitioner, child Dynamix, hull
  110. Rebecca Jones, Nursery practitioner, Child dynamix, Hull
  111. Hollie Wells, Reception teacher, Thomas Fairchild Community School, London
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  113. anonymous, University of Cumbria
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  140. Nazia Nabi, Teacher, London
  141. Isabel Zinaburg, Company director, ZedWorks Design Ltd, London
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  144. Chelsea Ward, Third in charge, The WonderWorks, Elstree
  145. Jane Blackborow, Teacher, Mrs./Ms., Chingford
  146. Mimoza Gaxha, Early years practitioner, Goodinge childrens centre, Islington
  147. Julia Hunt, Teacher
  148. Jessie Begum, Early Years Teacher, Islington children centre, London
  149. Sarah Thornton, Nursery teacher, Bradford
  150. anonymous
  151. Gurdeep Burton, Enfield
  152. Evelyne Mampa, Early Years Educator, Goodinge Early Years Centre, London
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  154. Caroline Patrick
  155. Michelle Warner, Early Years Practitioners, Corton Primary School, Corton, Lowestoft
  156. J Dalley, EYFS Teacher
  157. Richard O’Neill, Author, BURY
  158. Witold Matulewicz, Vice-President, Natural Born Leaders, London
  159. Emma Avis, Nursery support worker, Broomhill Nursery at Fonthill, Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  160. Ashfiya Bobat, Assistant head in Early years, School, London
  161. Margi Hamilton, Under Threes Lead, London
  162. Kahla Mayhew, Teacher, Canterbury Nursery School, Leeds
  163. lizzie Carr, Student, Hull university, Hull
  164. Delena Williams, London
  165. Rachel Butler, Ex preschool supervisor & SENCO, Swindon
  166. Jacklyn Haynes, Nursery Teacher, London Early Years Foundation, London
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  169. Leanne Sutton, Nursery Officer, Queens Gardens Childcare Centre, Hull
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  172. Felicity Cowden-Harris, Local Government Clerk, London
  173. Teresa, Baby room leader, Tarnerland nursery school, Brighton
  174. Loraine Slade, Early Years Educator, Croydon
  175. Sarah Dalmedo, Policy Manager, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
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  177. Paula Sonley, Teacher, Oxfordshire city council, Oxford
  178. Sally Duque Adao, New Malden
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  181. Shiella, ECE Teacher, Growing Minds, Auckland
  182. Aster Greenhill, Senior Editorial Manager, Guardian Media Group, London
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  184. Lewis Steeper, Director, ASHFORD
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  192. Souraya Chenguelly, Portfolio manager, parent, London
  193. Jonessa Richmond, Nursery Teacher, Leyf, London
  194. Cora, Nursery Teacher, London Early Years Education, London
  195. Nadia Islam, Childcare, LEYF, LONDON
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  197. Barbara Dalton, Retired, Bristol
  198. Isabella Hazelwood, Child care apprentice, Preston
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  200. Chris Fletcher, Childcare Director, GNRC Limited, Littlehampton
  201. Kamla Singh, LONDON
  202. Kate Heathcote, Teacher, The Tutor Lancaster, Lancaster
  203. Suzanne Battleday, retired teacher & adult literacy co-ordinator, Bristol
  204. REBECCA MARTLAND, Childminder, Children at Heart, Worthing
  205. Jackie Haskins, Nurse, Bristol
  206. Charlotte Houghton-Humphreys, Customer assistsnt, Parent, St helens
  207. Kaz Cambridge, Nursery practitioner, Tarnerland, Brighton
  208. Dr Estelle Martin, Lecturer /therapist, Education, Faversham/Canterbury
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  212. Dafina Kikaj, Scientist, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
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  215. marketi psarrou, youth worker, hackney council, london
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  232. Peter Mewton (grandparent), Organic farmer, Nancarrow Farm, Truro
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  239. Judith mewton, Grandparent, Retired., St Agnes
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  252. Sue Oakes, NNEB, Truro Nursery School, TRURO
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  262. Jacqueline McCarthy, Montessori Principal, Chalfont St Peter Montesdori School, Chalfont St Peter
  263. Georgina Fardoe, PhD Student (early years education), University of Sheffield, Sheffield
  264. Perrie Grubb, Teaching Assistant, Primary School, Chesham
  265. Sorrel Jemima Thomas, Team leader, Supported living, Devon
  266. Jasbir Tathgar, AHT, Primary School, London
  267. Anna Rode, Nursery Teacher, LEYF, london
  268. Kerry Gill, Early Years Teacher, Wildlings, Belper
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  270. Catherine Stephens, Nursery Teacher, Truro Nursery School, FALMOUTH
  271. Jane Rose, Nursery manager, Chesham
  272. Jessica Feldon, Early years practitioner, Truro Nursery school, Truro
  273. Nikki Jones, School Business Manager, Truro Nursery School, Truro
  274. Nikita Palmer, Teaching Assistant, Truro Nursery School, Truro
  275. Lucy Chamberlain, Nursery Teacher, Truro Nursery School, Truro
  276. Kate Jago, Nursery school secretary, Truro Nursery School, Truro
  277. Kay Mumford, Teaching assistant, Truro nursery school, Truro
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  279. helen adams, headteacher, truro nursery school, truro
  280. Rebecca van der Westhuizen, Director, Tissington kindergarten, Derbyshire
  281. Jayne Hooley, Teacher, Tissington Kindergarten, Derbyshire
  282. Sarah King, Pre-School Deputy Manager, SWINDON
  283. Sharon Wilson, HR Coordinator, Ymca, Redhill
  284. Ellie Knox, Nursery Practitioner, Manchester
  285. Nicola Wormleighton, Teaching assistant, Local school, Manchester
  286. chloe knox, Nursery Practitioner, Manchester
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  288. Kirsty Morley, Nursery Manager, Blackpool
  289. Elaine Humphreys, Nursery Practitioner, Private Nursery, Manchester
  290. Paige Richards, Early years practitioner, London early years foundation, London
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  293. Naeemah, Nursery Teacher, LEYF, London
  294. Lesley graham, Early years practitioner, Little spring wonders, Chelmsford
  295. Becky Laudan, Ofsted Registered Childminder, NORWICH
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  297. Shola l, Early years professional, London
  298. Jenny Summers, SENCo, Swindon
  299. Lesley ashby, Child psychiatrist, Norwich
  300. Kate smith, Teacher, Ascot
  301. caroline Scott-Evans, Jack and Jill Preschool, Banstead
  302. Fathima mifaza noor mohamed, Nursery teacher, Leyf, LONDON
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  305. Tessa Crucefix, LSA, St Jude's Infant School, Old Windsor
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  311. Jodie davies
  312. Gene Spencer, Nursery admin, Brougham Street Nursery School, Skipton
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  314. Liz Humphreys, Nursery Manager, Banana moon Harbury, STRATFORD-UPON-AVON
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  316. Heather Wingfield, Lunch time nursery assistant, Steps community nursery, Sheffiel
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  322. Andrea Morrisroe, EYFS teacher, Scunthorpe
  323. Claire Weir, Deputy manager
  324. Lorraine Hague, Manager, STEPS COMMUNITY NURSERY, SHEFFIELD
  325. Sarah Whatmore, Early Years Adviser, Early Years Service: West Berkshire, Newbury
  326. Emer Pateman, Nursery deputy principal, Pippa pop-ins, London
  327. Helen Irving, Early Years Training Surrey, Early Years Advisor
  328. Elinor Kane, HR Officer, Pound Park Nursery, London
  329. Saimma Akhtar, manager, LEYF, london
  330. Pauline Dolan, Nursery Office Manager, Little Flowers Day Nursery, Renfrew
  331. Gaye Redford, Retired
  332. Claire Dickman, Berkshire
  333. Claire Saville, Early years specialist teacher, Nottinghamshire
  334. Charlotte Winsor, Early years practitioner, Wisbech
  335. Jennifer Dunbar, Child Development officer, clydebank
  336. Zachary Holloway, Early years educator apprentice, Leyf, London
  337. Clare McCrory, HLTA, Broad Oak Primary School, Manchester
  338. Sharon Rea, Nursery manager, New view nursery, Horsham
  339. Alison Swann, Early Years Practitioner, Pound Park Nursery School, Plumstead
  340. Marianne Linden, Estates officer, Elliot Foundation, London
  341. Era Singh, Lecturer, The Henley college, Reading
  342. Debbie Reay, Nursery Manager, Yorkshire Montessori Nursery, York
  343. Allison Chivers, Teacher, Hertford
  344. Clare Weller, Early years practitioner, Little Learners, Hertfordshire
  345. Helen Jones, Headteacher, Strong Close Nursery School, Bradford
  346. Fiona Ackland, Nursery Practitioner
  347. Sam Mcgovern, Nursery Manager, Wisbech
  348. Jennie Linden, Nursery Teacher, Primary School, Ware
  349. Smith Nikki, Pre school Leader, Little Learners Pre-school, Waltham Cross
  350. Claire Nellen, Early years consultant, local authority, HALIFAX
  351. Anabela Garcia, Early Years SEND Advisor, Early Years SEND Advisory Team, Potters Bar
  352. Feras Muhaidat, Teacher, Al Hassad Al Tarbawi Schools, Amman
  353. Jess Green, Early years teacher, Loughborough
  354. Joanne Clark, Deputy Manager, Avenue Playgroup, Southend
  355. Monika Szumilas, Early years Practitioner, North Islington Nursery school, London
  356. Janette Smith, Retired early years teacher/adviser, Norwich
  357. Helen Harwood, Early years educator, Joy lane primary, Whitstable
  358. Fiona Gregory-Wood
  359. Kamal Bahra, Manager and Early Years Professional, Clapham Preschool, Bedford
  360. Eva Apeed, Nursery manager, London
  361. Kara, Nursery nurse
  362. Laura Ortega, Teacher, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  363. Abeda Hewitt, Bursar, Al Aqsa Schools Trust, Leicester
  364. Sarah Hedges, Head teacher, Nursery school, St. Albans
  365. Claudia Barco, Room lider in nursery, London
  366. Janet Cottenden, Pre-School Deputy Manager
  367. Doireann Aburto-Finn, Deputy Nursery Manager, West Smethwick Enterprise, Birmingham
  368. Kirsten Reiter, Teacher, London
  369. Sarah Paterson, Lawyer, Local authority, Eastleigh
  370. Dave paterson, Southampton
  371. Jackie Stevenson, Playgroup Assistanr, Loughborough
  372. Jenny Hamida, Teacher, Al Aqsa School, Leicester
  373. Kim Umpleby, Early Years practitioner, Noah's Ark Preschool, Knaresborough
  374. Katie Meagher, Nursery teacher, LEYF Nurseries Gumboots, London
  375. Lyndsey Maunder, TA, Welling, Welling
  376. Jennifer Ferguson, Early years adviser, Herts for Learning, Harlow
  377. Kerry, Camberley
  378. Maria Isabel Mendonca, Pediatrician, Bessborough Nursery, London
  379. Sue Jones, Teacher, Athelney Primary School, London
  380. Dawn Stephenson, Preschool practitioner, Scunthorpe
  381. Noorheza sobratty, Nursery nurses, North Islington nursery school, London
  382. Cheryl Stark, Nursery director, 0-2-5 Nursery Ltd, Greater Manchester
  383. jo gilbert, earlyyearspractitoner, poundparknurseryschool, london
  384. Kerry Carvosso, SENCO, Avenue playgroup, Southend-On-Sea
  385. Carly wray, Early years support worker, North Islington nursery school, London
  386. Harriet lbeneme, Child care Practitioner, Avenue playgroup, Southend on Sea
  387. anonymous
  388. Sally franklin, Head teacher, North Islington nursery school, London
  389. Helen Jones, Manager, Elworth Pre-school Group, Sandbach
  390. Daniel Barnes, Teacher, Bexleyheath
  391. Becky Powell, Early years SENCO, Maintained Nursery school, London
  392. Kelly Watson, Early years coordinator, Colin Sure Start, Ballymoney
  393. Sam frost, Eyp, Wallace road nursery, Northampton
  394. Ditchfield Nicola, Preschool manager, Fun4Kids Childcare, Warrington
  395. Elizabeth Ferrans, Preschool manager, Avenue playgroup, Southend on sea
  396. Jess Craig, Nursery Teacher, Windham Nursery School, London
  397. Janine Medway-Smith, Assistant Headteacher, Hampden Way Nursery School, London
  398. Sarah Lawton, Retired YEs Leader, Wolverhampton
  399. Jessica Pitt, Lecturer, Royal College of Music, London
  400. Trish Lee, Artistic Director, MakeBelieve Arts, Corsham
  401. Rebecca Roylance, Nursery teacher, The Rosebank Centre LTD, Warrington
  402. Rhian fisk, EYFS Lead, Writtle Infant School, Chelmsford
  403. Jenny holloway, Ceo, Fashion- Enter ltd, London
  404. Merike Williams, Nursery Teacher, Stockton-on-Tees
  405. Samantha Nelson, Deputy Manager, Safeguarding Lead,, Noah's Ark Preschool, Knaresborough
  406. Victoria Wrigglesworth, Manager & Senco, Noah’s Ark Pre-school, Knaresborough
  407. Barbara Cavanagh, Early childhood music specialist, Freelance, London
  408. Sarah Dee, Regional Manager, Thrive Childcare and Education, Manchester
  409. wendy crooks, Nursery nurse, Education, Stanford-le-hope
  410. Briony Allder, Chair of Governors & Parent, Lanterns Maintained Nursery School, Winchester
  411. Anne Downie, Retired EY Lead, Hants
  412. Gemma Prosser, Level 3 practitioner, Peeple, Oxford
  413. Carol, chef, leyf, london
  414. John Wadsworth, Retired Early Years lecturer, ex Goldsmiths University of London, London
  415. David Cahn, Teaching Assistant, Bankside Primary School, Leeds
  416. Alison Herrod, Nursery Manager, Little Castle Nursery, Eastbourne
  417. Kathryn Solly, Retired Headteacher, KSC, Reading
  418. Penny Webb BEM, Retired childminder and grandparent, Individual, KIDDERMINSTER
  419. Matthew Lynch, Parent, High Wycombe
  420. Faye Stanley, Principal lecturer, University of Wolverhampton, Walsall
  421. Tina Maltman, Childminding UK, Kettering
  422. JN EWARDS, toxicologist, NECL, LONDON
  423. Lizzie Griffiths, Nursery Assistant, Little Peeple Nursery, Oxford
  424. Hazel Cole, Nursery Room Leader, LCDN, Royal Wootton Bassett
  425. Finola Manning, Early Years Practitioner, Ruspini House, Herts
  426. Lindsey Marie Hart, Nursery Manager, Little Peeple Nursery, OXFORD
  427. Kristina Simkute, Early years support assistant, Pound Park nursery school, London
  428. Dawn Jones, Senior Early Years Lecturer, Wolverhampton University, Newtown
  429. Daryle Lowden, Employee Relations Manager, London Early Years Foundation, London
  430. Dr Jenny Worsley, Principle lecturer, University of Wolverhampton, Walsall
  431. Sophie Manns, Recruitment Officer, The London Early Years Foundation, London
  432. Kev Henman, CEO, DYS Space Ltd (Youth Services), Devon
  433. Charlotte Holmes, Early Years charity worker, Peeple, Oxford
  434. Rachel Pangburn, Senior Marketing Manager, Hope, Hyde
  435. Jennifer Wells, lecturer, University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton
  436. Stephen Martin, Finance Director, London
  437. Lukas Parry-Norman, Early Years Teacher, LEYF, London
  438. Catriona Nason, CEO Retired, NEyTCO, London
  439. Helen Lloyd, Practice Educator, University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton
  440. Shemoli Miah, Nursery teacher, LEYF, London
  441. Sarah Harrison, Headteacher & Parent, Pound Park Nursery School, London
  442. Dr Sacha Powell, Chief Executive Officer, The Froebel Trust, London
  443. Lanta Fiveash, Nursery Practitioner, Crawley
  444. Bona Reka, Early years practitioner, Pound park nursery school, London
  445. Jude Carr, Foster Carer, London
  446. Sid Mohandas, Doctoral researcher, Middlesex University, London
  447. Renata Moriconi, Bright Start Area Lead, London Borough of Islington, London
  448. Abigail Horn, EYT, Self employed, Brighton
  449. Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros, Academic, London
  450. Irina Dmitrieva, Nursery manager, Angel Nursery, London
  451. Lorna Britton, Inspector, Cardiff
  452. Lorraine Heath, Placement Officer, City of Wolverhampton College, Wolverhampton
  453. Amanda Lawton, Curriculum Manager in FE, City of Wolverhampton college, Wolverhampton
  454. Hannah Hind, Housewife, Mother, Stourbridge
  455. Sally Male, Finance Officer, Pound Park Nursery School, London
  456. Susan Gilbride, Teacher, city of wolverhampton college, WOLVERHAMPTON
  457. Ammara Afdhel, Nursery teacher, LEYF, London
  458. Dawn Wilson, senior admin officer, Pound Park Nursery, london
  459. leighanne wynne, Nursery nurse, DUDLEY
  460. Helen Brown, Teacher, London
  461. anonymous, London Early Years Foundation
  462. Teresa Wilson, Lecturer, University of Reading, Reading
  463. Mim Brown, EY trainer p/t, Self employed, Cheltenham
  464. Geoff Taggart, Associate Professor of Care and Education, University of Reading, Reading
  465. Diane Wycherley, Director of early years quality, Portsmouth
  466. Irina Dmitrieva, Nursery manager, LEYF, London
  467. Professor Jayne Osgood, Middlesex University, London
  468. Emma Evans, Nursey Nurse, Little Angels Childcare, Cheshire
  469. Mehnaz Asim, Lunch supervisor, Birmingham City Council, Birmingham
  470. Susan Shepherdson, Retired, Retired Veteran, Calne
  471. Jacqui Lewis, LA Early Years Adv, LA, Bristol
  472. Fatima rouf, Teacher, Lathom junior school, London
  473. Mirela Andries, Nursery Teacher, LEYF, Dagenham
  474. Phil Brindley, Caretaker, DCC, Buxton
  475. Karen Hargreaves, Preschool Manager, Leighton Primary Pre-School, Peterborough
  476. Laura Foster, Deputy Head Teacher, Selly Oak Nursery School, Birmingham
  477. Sajida, Nursery nurse, Edith Kerrison Nursery, Newham London
  478. Anila Banerjee, Retired teacher, Newham, London, DUNMOW
  479. Prithi Islam, Nursery Teacher, LEYF Children's Garden Nursery and Preschool, London
  480. Jess Shenton, Nursery nurse, Childrens 1st buckinghams, Stoke in trent
  481. Samantha Groves, Nursery nurse, Tanglewood nursery school, Chelmsford
  482. Melanie Lee, Nursery teacher, Stockport
  483. Rasheda Begum, TA, Edith Kerrsion nursery school, London
  484. Carol Collins, Teacher, London borough of Newham, London
  485. Heena Siddiqui, Cover Supervisor, DAGENHAM
  486. Ceri carpenter, Teacher, London
  487. Hayleigh Plastow, Nursery teacher, London Early Years Foundation, London
  488. Lisa Eason, Nursery nurse, Tanglewood Nursery School, Chelmsford
  489. Jade Houlton, Early Years Practitioner, Storal Learning, Swadlincote
  490. Stacey Morgan, Nursery Teacher, London Early Years Foundation, London
  491. Michelle hector, Retired teacher, London
  492. Claire Dugan-Clements, Senior Lecturer Childhood, Youth and Families), University of Northampton, Peterborough
  493. maurizia carobbio, Teacher, Leyf, London
  494. Joanna Harris, Teacher, London Borough Newham, London
  495. Susan Endean, Nursery Teacher, LEYF, London
  496. Aniela Tambescu, Nursery nurse, Tanglewood Nursery School, Chelmsford
  497. Monique Barnes, Nursery Nurse, Tanglewood Nursery School, Chelmsford
  498. Kelly Applegate, Nursery nurse, Tanglewood Nursery School, Chelmsford
  499. Debbie Clegg, Undertook Nurse, Tanglewood Nursery School
  500. Jackie tonge, Nursery nurse, TANGLEWOOD Nursery school
  501. S Armstrong, Nursery nurse, Tanglewood nursery school, Chelmsford
  502. Stacey Morris, Nursery Nurse, Tanglewood Nursery, Essex
  503. Maureen Regan, Governor, Selly oak Nursery, Birmingham
  504. Zoe Monk, Nursery Nurse, Nursery school, CHELMSFORD
  505. Sinead Rooney, LSA, School, Chelmsford
  506. Mette Frederiksen, London
  507. Elizabeth Brine, Nursery teacher, Raynville academy, leeds, Middleton
  508. Donna Townsend, Early Years Development Manager, Banana Moon Franchise LTD, Warwickshire
  509. Anna York, Early Years Practitioner, Connex, Liverpool
  510. Emma Aitken, Archivist, London
  511. Finn O'Sullivan, Compliance Officer, London Early Years Foundation, Fox Hill
  512. Merino Ranallo, Architect, F+P, London
  513. Debbie Hopper, London
  514. Lucy Castlo-Houseman, Nursery Teacher, Hungerford nursery school, Newbury
  515. Sara Mbwiti, Personal Advisor, London Borough of Bexley, bexleyheath
  516. Lisa Evans, Managing Director, Abacus Nursery, New Romney
  517. Jan Yeomans, Governor, Selly Oak Nursery School, Birmingham
  518. Ayesha Khatun, Office Manager, WT, London
  519. Jacqueline E Alexander, Teacher/Researcher, Author of Wizzy's Words, Hoddesdon
  520. Tami Jones, Early Years Practitioner, Lanterns Nursery School, Winchester
  521. Diane Flood, Nursery Manager, LEYF, London
  522. Paula Bayliss, Admin, Selly Oak Nursery School, Birmingham
  523. Yvonne James, Head teacher, Selly Oak Nursery School, BIRMINGHAM
  524. Caron, Early Years Teacher, Mohair Centre Nursery, Eastbourne
  525. Leslie Patterson, Early Years Consultant, Finding the Magic in the Early Years, Bishop Auckland
  526. Sally Cave, Teacher, Guildford Nursery School and Family Centre, Guildford
  527. Konstantinos Skordas, Pedagogy Coach, LEYF, London
  528. Ann Darlington, Early years professional, Crewe
  530. Sarah, Early years, Nursery, Buxton
  531. Jeffery Monie
  532. Linda Richardson, Deputy Nursery Manager, Alchemy Nurseries, Hitchin
  533. Margaret murphy, Teacher, Edith Kerrison Nursery School, London
  534. Vickey Bruce, Manager, Wrenthorpe Pre-school, Wakefield
  535. Oprea Monica Ana, Customer service, London
  536. Sally Smith, CEO, Peeple, Oxford
  537. Falliansy Diakiese, Early Years Practitioner, London Early Years Foundation, London
  538. Jules Ayed
  539. Caron Rudge, Co Headteacher, Barnet Early Years Alliance, London
  540. Natasha Perman, Teacher, Milton Keynes
  541. Adenike Dawodu, Early year practitioner, London Early years foundation, London
  542. Ball Allison, Teacher, White Horse Federation, Corsham
  543. Emma Young, Early years specialist, Worldwide Kids, London
  544. Laura Ludlam, EYFS leader, Woodseats primary school, SHEFFIELD
  545. Julie Linklater, LSA, Primary School, Stockport
  546. Kathryn Roberts, Teacher, Education, Manchester
  547. Nadine forde, Room leader, Nursery in Norfolk, Thetford
  548. Linda hook-dale, early years practitioner, duke Street Nursery School, Euxton
  549. Sue Davies, Senior nursery officer, Hillfields nursery school, Coventry
  550. Maxine Orriss, Administrator, Woodcroft Nursery School, Chelmsford
  551. julia holt, Teacher, Primary School, Lancashire
  552. Lynne Hill, Early years practitioner, Wildlings early years forest school, Belper
  553. Anita mellor, Teacher, Education, Manchester
  554. Claire Moir, Teacher, Zaytouna Primary, Derby
  555. Fiona O’Malley, Teacher, Whitstable
  556. Collette Watson, Teaching Assistant, Nursery school, Beckenham
  557. Laura Erskine, Early years Professional, Duke Street Nursery School, Chorley
  558. Jacqueline Robson, Senior Administrator, Canterbury Nursery School, Bradford
  559. Dawn Matthews, Early Years Teaching Assistant, Highfield Nursery School, Chorley
  560. Ellen Graves, Early Years Practitioner, Duke Street Nursery School, Chorley
  561. Kate Wheeldon, Nursery teaching assistant, Flagg Nursery School, Buxton, Derbyshire
  562. Lily Bascombe, LSA, Cathedral Primary School, BRISTOL
  563. Becky narroway, Senior early years practitioner, Netherton Park nursery school, Dudley
  564. Dr Jo Verrill, Reaearch Consultant, Northallerton
  565. Joe Murphy, Consultant, London
  566. Helen Brittain-Cartlidge, Nursery TA, Flagg Nursery School, Buxton
  567. Samantha O'Brien, Early years teacher, Sheffield
  568. Mary Wynne Finch, Nursery Teacher, Busy Bee by the Bridge, London
  569. Daria Samsel
  570. Matu, EYE, Triangle nursery, London
  571. Angela Woodcock, Early Years Teaching Assistant, Highfield Nursery School Chorley, Lancashire
  572. Rachel Sowerby, Co Headteacher, Canterbury Nursery School, Bradford
  573. Richard Duncalf OBE JP, Former LEA School Governor, Speakers for Schools, London
  574. Verony Elmer, Teacher, Netherton Park Nursery School, Bewdley
  575. helen woodruff, Teacher, Flagg nursery school, Buxton
  576. Michael Pettavel, Headteacher, Brougham Street Community Nursery School, Skipton
  577. Leah Pickering, Admin Administrator, Highfield Nursery School, Chorley
  578. Rebecca Merrity, Headteacher, Wallace Road Nursery School, Northampton
  579. Diane Pring, Retired teacher, Walsall
  580. Anita Bedi, Specialist Teaching Assistant, SEYS, Dudley
  581. Melanie Miah, Head of school (teacher), LNSF, London
  582. Sara O’Mahony, SLT
  583. Melissa Kay, Teaching assistant, School, Bury
  584. Lynne Dickinson, School business manager, Duke Street nursery school, Chorley
  585. Elvira Snalam, Early years practitioner, Highfield nursery school, Chorley,Lancs
  586. Rebekah Swindells, Nursery, Practitioner, Wigan
  587. Lindsey cross, Teaching assistant, Highfield nursery school, Chorley
  588. Samantha Offord, Early Years Professional, Duke Street Nursery School, Chorley
  589. Sarah Brown, Headteacher, Flagg Nursery School, Bakewell
  590. Claire Holland, Nursery teaching assistant, Highfield Nursery school, Chorley
  591. Eleanor Fulford, Eyfs Teacher, Hadleigh
  592. Suzanne George, Teaching assistant, Hoyle Nursery School, Bury
  593. Amy Weaver, Early Years Practitioner, Netherton Park Nursery School, Dudley
  594. Vicky Hamzaoui, EYP, Highfield nursery school, Chorley
  595. Christy Burgess, Teaching assistant, Highfield nursery school, Chorley
  596. Hannah Ellison-Coelho, Early years apprentice, Duke street nursery school, Chorley
  597. Michelle Fox, Early Years Quality Improvement Officer, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield
  598. Cheryl Jones, Teacher, Duke Street Nursery School, Chorley
  599. Kimberlie Worden, Early Years Practitioner, Duke Street Nursery School, Chorley
  600. Kerry chesworth, Early Years Lead Educator, Netherton Park Nursery School, Dudley Westmidlands
  601. Charlotte Wood, Family Support Lead, Canterbury Nursery School, Bradford
  602. Amy Jones, Teaching assistant, Telford and Wrekin council, Telford
  603. Jenny Featherstone, Early years sendco, Axminster early years, Axminster
  604. Jacqueline Armstrong, Safeguarding and Pastoral Lead, Netherton Park Nursery School, Dudley
  605. sarah evans, Teacher, Nursery School, West Midlands
  606. Lucy Luk, Tutor, Chatty world, Telford
  607. Samantha Greenaway, Early years practioner, Netherton Park Nursery School, Dudley
  608. Kelly Anderson, Teaching Assistant early yrs SEN, Bury Council, Bury
  609. Chloe Russell, Early years practitioner, Dudley
  610. Hilary Briggs, Senior Early Years Practitioner, Netherton Park Nursery School, DUDLEY
  611. Deborah Fletcher, HE Lecturer, Hull College, Hull
  612. Sian Huddon, Headteacher, The Lilycroft and St Edmund's Nursery Schools' Federation, Bradford
  613. Maureen Wale, Retired Nursery Manager, LEYF, London
  614. Jackie Bracewell, Head Teacher, Canterbury Nursery School
  615. sarah porter, Headteacher, Kay Rowe Nursery School, London
  616. C warne, Nursery practitioner, Bristol city council, Bristol
  617. Bev Hutchinson, Early years practitioner, Harewood nursery, Wakefield
  618. Sarah Guy, Administrator, Hillfields Nursery School, Coventry
  619. Clare Brown, Teaching Assistant, Harewood Nursery & Pre School, Pontefract
  620. Solin Flash, Headteacher, Pound Park Nursery School, London
  621. Diane Mottershead, teacher, Hadfield Nursery School, Glossop
  622. Fiona Joines, Trainer, Fiona Joines Training & Consultancy, Oxford
  623. E carr, Teaching assistant, West Yorkshire
  624. Karen Tebb, Learning support assistant, Stockport
  625. Maria Morgan, Headteacher, Victoria Park Nursery School, Newbury
  626. Derek Dodd, Events, Bristol
  627. Kelsey goodwin, Nursery nurse, Harewood nursery, Pontefract
  628. Michelle Pazderski, Teaching assistany, Hillfields childrens centre & nursery school, COVENTRY
  629. Dawn Blythe, Early years nursery assistant, Coventry council, Coventry
  630. Chrissi Vincent, Senior administrator, Harewood nursery school, Pontefract
  631. Anita Kumari, Nursery officer, Coventry city council, Coventry
  632. Emma McAdam, Nursery Teacher, Harewood Nursery School, Leeds
  633. Debs Watson, Headteacher, Tanglewood Nursery School, Chelmsford
  634. Fiona Brinson, Head Teacher, Hillfields Nursery School, Coventry
  635. Natalie Godfrey, Headteacher, Harewood Nursery School, NORMANTON
  636. Neerasha Singh, Headteacher, Northfleet Nursery School, Kent
  637. Janice Mckenry, Recruitment agency to Early years, JEM childcare solutions, Reigate
  638. Tracy Peacock, pre-school practitioner, wolverhampton uni
  639. Lesley Healey, School Business Manager, Hoyle Nursery School, Bury
  640. Sharon Mills, Teacher, Education, Preston
  641. Jarman Belinda, London
  642. Paulette Luff, Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University, Witham
  643. Sydney Critchlow, Nursery Nurse, Nursery school, Staffordshire
  644. Margaret Edwards, Retired teacher, Nursery school, Derby
  645. Lynnette Thomas, Teaching Assistant, Derby
  646. Kasia, Nursery Nurse, Chelwood Nursery School, London
  647. Claire Hayes, volunteer support worker and mature student, Telford
  648. Chloe Torrens, Nursery practitioner, Apley village day nursery, Telford Shropshire
  649. Steph Westbrook, Health and social care, Headway, Shropshire
  650. Nuala Cassin, Nursery nurse, Chelwood nursery school, London
  651. Sue cory, Teacher, St marys, Ryde
  652. Victoria Jones, Teaching assistant, Wellington
  653. Gina Bale, early years trainer, Gina Bale, Oxford
  654. Vicky Matthews, Nursery Teacher, Stoke-on-Trent
  655. Sally Thorpe, Early Years Assistant, Catkins Nursery, Lichfield
  656. David Moyles, EYTA, Nursery, London
  657. Amanda Corrigan, Nursery nurse, Abercromby nursery school, Liverpool
  658. C Clarke, Teacher, Ashford
  659. Suzanne Hammersley, Nursery nurse, Children 1st day nurseries, Stoke on Trent
  660. Anna McCallum, Children and Young Persons Care Coordinator, Bexhill PCN-NHS, Eastbourne
  661. sarah Rowley, early years graduate, birkenhead school, wirral
  662. Valerie Armor, Divisional Manager Eaely Help and Intervention s, Halton Borough Council, Widnes
  663. Amanda Barlow, Teaching Assistant, Hoyle Nursery School, Manchester
  664. Sarah Littler, Teaching assistant, Hoyle Nursery school, Manchester
  665. Lauren Beecroft, Higher level teaching assistant, Hoyle nursery school, Bury
  666. Jane Andrews-Roberts, Teaching Assistant, Ashgate Nursery School, Derby
  667. Leah Hadfield, Headteacher, Reddish Vale Nursery School, Stockport
  668. Shelly Thompson, Nursery Practitioner, Leeds
  669. Kelly Blackwood, Nursery Manager, London
  670. Louise Mason, Higher level teaching assistant, Hoyle Nursery school, Bury
  671. Katrina Robinson, Teacher, St. Wilfrid's R.C Primary School, Preston
  672. H.Haworth, Nursery Teacher, Hoyle Nursery School, Bury
  673. Emma hudson, Teaching assistant, Hoyle nursery school, Bury
  674. Dawn Quinn, Childcare practitioner, Busy bees, Leicester
  675. Jennifer Lowe, Nursery teacher, Hoyle nursery school, Greater Manchester
  676. Rachel O’Neil, Head Teacher, Hoyle Nursery School, Bury
  677. Susan McVay, Nursery Teacher, Primary School, Bradford
  678. Kim Campbell-Short, Teacher, Notts county council, Mansfield
  679. Marie Woodward, Operations Manager, Pier Training, Staffordshire
  680. Sharon Ryan, Early years Specialist, Grandir UK, Essex
  681. Donna Noble, HLTA, Nursery, STOCKPORT
  682. Samantha Molloy, Teaching assistant, Council run, Derby
  683. Annette Long, Headteacher, Moss Hall Nursery School, London
  684. Lucy Holliday, SEN Officer, Southampton City Council, Southampton
  685. Debra Legg, Nursery nurse, Local authority Nursery, Stockport
  686. Michelle williamson, Early years practitioner, Wirral
  687. Christine Lawson, Teacher, County council, Durham
  688. Debbie Chant, EY Manager, Stalbridge Pre-School, Dorset
  689. Ellie moylan, Sen teaching assistant, Sen Primary school, Lichfield
  690. Rob Wood, Deputy Lord Mayor, Portsmouth City Council, Portsmouth
  691. Amelia Kaminski, Vice Principal (Primary), Primary School, Lichfield
  692. Sophie Moylan, Nursery Nurse, Catkins Nursery, Lichfield
  693. suzanne McGoay, Teacher, Annfield Plain Infants, Stanley
  694. Alison McConnell, Nursery nurse, Abercromby Nursery School, Liverpool
  695. Jordan Isaacs, Ta, Triangle nursery, Hackney
  696. Ruth stirland, Early years play worker, Derby
  697. Sarah Roberts, Deputy Head Teacher, Birmingham
  698. Rachel Ingram, Teaching assistant, Newton Regis C of E school, TAMWORTH
  699. Gina Edwards, Nursery manager, Stamford uk
  700. Tom Molloy, Early years practitioner, Newcastle under Lyme
  701. Adell Bruce, Preschool assistsnt, Squirrels preschool, Colchester
  702. Urszula, Early years teacher, Ashgate Nursery School, Derby
  703. Megan Grounsell, Teachet, Knutton st Marys Accademy, Stoke on Trent
  704. jane wilkinson, class teacher, st marys ce primarys school slough, High wycombe
  705. Izabela Dworczak, TA, Bassingbourn Primary School, Bassingbourn
  706. Maria Scruby, EY Lecture/ass, Art Historian, researcher, Independent, Poole
  707. Sam Mason, Head of Early Years, Birkenhead school, Wirral
  708. Kim Richings, Teacher, Pebbles Nursery, Canvey Island Infant school, Canvey Island
  709. Alice Kirk, Teacher, BRISTOL
  710. Joanne Harris, EYFS Lead, Wickham Market Primary School, Suffolk
  711. Marie Kershaw, Nursery Practitioner, Swallow Hill Nursery, Bourne
  712. Katie Reid, EYP, Lanterns Nursery School, Winchester
  713. L Hardaker, Teacher, Primary School, London
  714. Jennifer Bilton, Nursery Nurse, London
  715. Michelle Peet, Kent
  716. R.Hamad, Unqualified Teacher, Low Hill Nursery School, Wolverhampton
  717. Anna Houghton, Teacher, School, Banbury
  718. Gemma O, Early years teacher, Leyf, London
  719. Kelly, Headteacher, Weston way nursery, Baldock
  720. Shamara, Teaching Assistant, Triangle Nursery, London
  721. Kathy Birks, OT, NHS, Derby
  722. Anonymous, Nursery Manager, Staffordshire
  723. Leigh, Early years assistant, Lichfield
  724. Julie Plumstead, Headteacher, Tarnerland Nursery School, Brighton
  725. Sharon Pick, Admin Officer, Newton Regis CE Primary school, Tamworth
  726. Elizabeth Vigar, Lead practitioner, Fernhurst pre-school, Haslemere
  727. Karimah Manning, Early years educator, Lambeth, Herne hill
  728. Caitlin Steward, Childminder, The Rutland Nanny, Oakham
  729. Judit Farkas, Play worker, Central Nursery, Derby
  730. Rebecca Jones, Teacher, Forest Fields Primary School, Nottingham
  731. Debbie Stevens, Nursery School Admin Assistant, Lanterns Nursery School, Winchester
  732. Jean Weir, Teacher, Greenbank Primary School, Liverpool
  733. Tracey Domican, Lsa, London
  734. Andrea Vera-Broadbent, Teacher, Greenbank Primary School, Liverpool
  735. Angela Holliday, EYP, Lanterns Nursery School Hampshire County Council, Winchester
  736. J. Jones, HLTA, Greenbank Primary School, Liverpool
  737. Katie whiteside, Nursery nurse, BLUE BEAR PRESCHOOL, Preston
  738. Jackie murray, Nursery manager, Firststepsenterprise
  739. Emma Hills, Romford
  740. Maddie smith, Larkhill nursery, Stockport
  741. Emma Butcher, Teacher, Redcliffe nursery school, Bristol
  742. Karen Fairweather, Lark Hill Nursery School, STOCKPORT
  743. Lorna Wells, Reception Teacher, LEARNAT, Leicester
  744. Christine Hutchins, Teaching assistant, Hungerford nursery school, Hungerford
  745. Laura Baddiley, Headteacher, Harrington Nursery School, Derby City
  746. Lisa Tyrell, Crafter, Spalding
  747. Harriet Bell, Retail Assistant, Lush, Liverpool
  748. Caroline Boggis, Deputy, Suffolk
  749. Danielle Roper, Nursery Nurse, Nursery, Chesterfield
  750. Liz murphy, Hlta, Greenbank primary school liverpool, Liverpool
  751. Alison bell, Early years instructor, Hessle
  752. Lynsay Briggs, Assistant manager of a nursery, Shining stars nursery, Derby
  753. Joanne Evans, Teacher, Monega Primary School
  754. Andrea Wilson, Early years, Nursery, Morecambe
  755. Clare Penter, Pre school manager, Bramble Brook Pre school, Derby
  756. Helen Wickett, Nursery Nurse, Derby city council- Central Nursery, Derby
  757. Denisa Hladikova, Nursery Teacher - Bank Staff, London Early Year Foundation (LEYF), London
  758. Claire Evans, Nursery Nurse, Children 1st, Chesterfield
  759. Clare Devonald, Bristol
  760. Lucila, Nursery nurse, N family club, London
  761. Clare Wilkinson, Teacher, Laughton j and I school, Sheffield
  762. Sarah Shaw, Deputy Manager, Kamelia Kids Day Nursee, Worthing
  763. Louisa Hinds, EYFS leader, School, Pinner
  764. Catherine Greenwood, Midday supervisor, Otley street community nursery, Skipton
  765. Sarah gordon, Teacher, Primary School, London
  766. Daniel Juniper, Early Years Practitioner, Redcliffe Nursery School, BRISTOL
  767. Ruth Smith, Teacher, Cherry tree hill primary school, Derby
  768. Rebecca Batten, Manager, School, Wiveliscombe
  769. Shirley Page, Office manager, Redcliffe Nursery School, Bristol
  770. Shirrell Wilson, Early years educator, BLUE BEAR PRESCHOOL, Preston
  771. Anonymous, Nursery practitioner, Redcliffe Nursery School, Bristol
  772. Jessica Brand, Recruitment Coordinator, Three Little Birds Nurseries, London
  773. Melissa Charles-Bowkett, Reception Teacher, Herefordshire Council, Herefordshire
  774. Alison ward, Headteacher, Netherton Park Nursery School, Dudley
  775. Louise Stutt, Nursery practitioner, Redcliffe nursery school and children centre, Bristol
  776. Brooke Allen, Administrator, Redcliffe Nursery School, Bristol
  777. Lisa Dean, Nursery Teacher and SENCO, Redcliffe Nursery School, Bristol
  778. Stephanie Ager, Early years practitioner, Redcliffe Nursery School, Bristol
  779. Lana cockaday, Eya, Lanterns nursery school, Winchester
  780. anonymous, Nursery practitioners, Redcliffe Nursery School, Bristol
  781. Josefa, SEN Support Worker, Redcliffe Nursery School, Bristol
  782. Sharon Stewart, Teacher, Freemantle Community Academy, Southampton
  783. Keith O'Boyle, School Business Manager, Redcliffe Nursery School, Bristol
  784. Louise Robinson, Early Years Practitioner and Sendco, Redcliffe Nursery School, Bristol
  785. Kayleigh Davies, Early years educator, Westgate pre school, MORECAMBE
  786. Heidi Garnett, Welfare officer, Greenbank primary school, Liverpool
  787. Charlotte, Teacher, Greenbank Primary School, Liverpool
  788. Daniel Finlan, Nursery worker, Redcliffe Childrens Centre, bristol
  789. Lorraine Hale, Early years pracitioner, Highfield nursery school, Ipswich
  790. Jas Thandi, Teaching assistant, Central Nursery, Derby
  791. Gina Backhouse, Support worker, School, Liverpool
  792. LILY PINNER, Nursery worker, Redcliffe children's centre, BRISTOL
  793. Jeanette Hill, Head teacher, Redcliffe nursery school, Bristol
  794. Maria, Nursery Teacher, Greenbank Primary School, Liverpool
  795. Kenreela Rowlands, Teacher, Greenbank Primary School, Liverpool
  796. Nicola Tull, Teaching Assistant, Hungerford Nursery School Centre for Children and Families, Hungerford
  797. Sara Fenton, Nursery Administrator, Hungerford Nursery School, Hungerford
  798. Carol Fincham, Nursery nurse, Withernsea primary school, Withernsea
  799. Bethany Vaughan, Teaching assistant, Central nursery, Derby
  800. Sarah Taylor, EYFS Teaching Assistant, Halewood C of E Primary School, Liverpool
  801. Angela Shurie-Mackenzie, HLTA, Greenbank Primary School, Liverpool
  802. Melissa Giles, Nursery Nurse, Hungerford Nursery School Centre for Children and Families, Hungerford
  803. Julia Harris, Early Years Speech and Language therapist, Nottingham
  804. Monika Strzelecka, Teacher, Harefield Primary School, Southampton
  805. Chloe Welsh, School Business Manager, Chelwood Nursery School, London
  806. Cavan Slater, Director, The Workshop Derby Ltd, Derby
  807. Ria Humphries, Nursery teacher, Abercromby Nursery school, Liverpool
  808. Sharon Waterman, Teaching Assistant, Hungerford Nursery, Hungerford
  809. Mia Metcalf, Teaching Assistant, Hungerford Nursery school, Hungerford
  810. Tamara Bennett, Head Teacher, Abercromby nursery school, Liverpool
  811. Michelle Heath, London
  812. Michelle Burns, Key Account Manager, Findel, OLDHAM
  813. Tessa Brown, Teaching Assistant, Hungerford Nursery School, Hungerford
  814. Lucy Hunter, Teacher, Primary school Derbyshire, Derbyshire
  815. Molly stone, Pre nursery lead, Hungerford nursery school, Hungerford
  816. Jan Robinson, Teacher, Stalybridge
  817. Claire Spink, SBM Early years, Ashgate and Central MNS, Derby
  818. Suzanne Taylor, Headteacher, Hungerford Nursery School, Hungerford
  819. Lucy Daviss, Nursery Teacher EY lead, Hemel Hempstead
  820. Elizabeth Large, Room Lead, Young Explorers Nursery Marsh Green Primary School, Wigan
  821. Lorna Howlett, Preschool manager, Humpty Dumpty Playgroup, Ipswich
  822. Natalie Graham, Nursery Teacher, Barnsley, Wakefield
  823. Zainab Mirza, Early Years Practitioner, Lanterns Nursery School, Winchester
  824. Adina Soare, Business analyst, DERBY
  825. H mc crae, Security guard, None, Mancheser
  826. Carol Insley, EY Lead/Teacher, School, Lancashire
  827. Rosie Storr, Teacher, Chelwood nursery school, LONDON
  828. Katrina Morris, Nursery lead/ teacher, London
  829. Mrs Anna-Tasha Pritchard, Nursery practitioner, Private day nursery, WARRINGTON
  830. Paula McCrae, Teaching Assistant, Stockport
  831. Corrie Leach, Director of Early Years/EY Lead, Red Kite Learning Trust, Harrogate
  832. Brooke Pena, Teacher, Cambridge
  833. anonymous
  834. Stacy Bell-Ricketts, Nursery nurse, Chelwood nursery school, London
  835. Carine leung, Nursery manager, London
  836. Karen Crawford, Manager/Owner\, Rainbow Nursery, Durham
  837. Joanne Hattley, Nursery Nurse, Chelwood Nursery School, London
  838. Penny Borkett, Retired senior lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
  839. Roo Mackervoy, Caretaker, Central Community Nursery, Derby
  840. Kimberly Horton, Learning Support, London
  841. Susan Prescott, Retired nursery assistant, Manchester
  842. Faye Meridew, Teacher, Cambridge
  843. Gemma Williams, Early years assistant, Lichfield
  844. Helen, Early years professional, Charterhouse Pre-School, Bromley
  845. Magdalena, Teaching assistant, Triangle Nursery school, London
  846. Caroline Mitchell, Teacher, Chela Nursery School, London
  847. Sally Whitley, Teaching Assistant, Cambridgeshire
  848. laura bradley, Teacher, Brough
  849. Kelly Mulliner, Teacher, Redbrook hayes community Primary School, Stafford
  850. Harriet Mulchrone, Early Years Assistant, Lanterns Nursery School and Extended Services, Winchester
  851. Kathie Harvey, Eyfs lead, Burton cooperative trust, Staffs
  852. SallyAnn Roberts, Teacher, Clifford Road, Ipswich
  853. Kelly Aldous, Nursery Teacher, Primary Education, Sandbach
  854. Juliet Taplin, Speech Therapist, Ealing
  855. Melanie Hixon, Teacher, Primary school, Manchester
  856. Andrea Parsons, EYFS lead, Lewes
  857. Elisabet Trujillo, EYFS Lead, Derby
  858. Jennifer Slater, Early years support worker, Central community nursery, Derby
  859. anonymous
  860. Helen Watson, Nursery SENDCO, CAN Nursery Schools Federation., Derby
  861. Kellie Wynn, Amersham
  862. Kim Good, Horley
  863. Melissa Steele, Early Years Practitioner, Swadlincote
  864. Jolanta Fereday, Leader of learning, London
  865. Shilpa Murthy-Jayaram, Teacher, Derby
  866. Mary Edwards, School Admin, Central Nursery School, Derby
  867. rebecca hobbs, Senior early years practitioner, nursery class, REACH2, rugby
  868. Renate Lamprell, Learning Support Assistant, Richmond Primary School, Hinckley
  869. Michelle Calligy, Teacher, Rachel McMillan Nursery School, London
  870. Nicole Miller, Early Years Leader, Rickley Park Primary Academy (inc Nursery), Milton Keynes
  871. Karl Hollingworth, Builder, Building, Derby
  872. Jacki Booth, Nurseey Deputy Manager, London
  873. G Monington
  874. Genevieve Waldron, Careers Consultant, University of Derby, Derby
  875. Helen Hunter, EYFS Teacher, Lamberhurst Primary School, Tonbridge
  876. Janice Darkes-Sutcliffe, Practitioner Researcher, York St John University, Southport
  877. Sarah Watson, Senior Early Years Practitioner, Lanterns Nursery School, Winchester
  878. Claire James, Nursery practitioner, Lambeth council, Croydon
  879. Betty Liebovich, Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London, London
  880. Helen Parkin, Teaching assistant, Kilburn infant and nursery school, Derbyshire
  881. Kerry Millward, Hollywood park, STOCKPORT
  882. Trina mason, Preschool manager, Little battlers preschool, Leicestershire
  883. Claire Austin, Assistant Headteacher, Tapton School Academy Trust- Wisewood, Sheffield
  884. Clare payne, Community engagement support worker, Huntingdon Nursery School, Huntingdon
  885. Jemma Coupland, Preschool Practitioner, Squirrels Preschool, Essex
  886. Jennifer Lively, Retired Early years, Stockport
  887. Ben Messih, Student Teacher, Goldsmiths UOL, London
  888. Donna Hibbert, Teacher, Ashgate Nursery School, Derby
  889. Nicola Aitken, Teacher, Primary school, Darlington
  890. Rachel Freedman, Reception teacher, Ateres Bais Yakov Primary school, Edgware
  891. S mckenna, Teacher, School, LIVERPOOL
  892. Monika Troscenko, Early years practitioner and level 3 TA, Central community nursery school, Derby
  893. Vic Clewes, Senior Teacher, All Saints First School, Leek, Leek
  894. Rebekah Matthews, Eyfs teacher, Ongar
  895. Bibiana Wigley, Speech and Language Therapist, Derby
  896. Rachel Wright, Preschool Manager, Westwood Preschool, Leek
  897. C mcgahey, Registered childminder, Childminder, Stockport
  898. Msmy, Yearly years practitioner, Highfield nursery, Ipswich
  899. Lindsay Barclay, EYFS Leader, Newton Regis C of E Primary and Nursery School, Staffordshire
  900. Anne Sills, Early Years Practitioner, Lanterns Nursery School & Extended Services, Winchester
  901. Amanda Furtado, Acting head teacher, Chelwood nursery school, London
  902. alyson wells, Teaching assistant, Ashgate nursery school, Derby
  903. J A Guy, Early years practitioer, Birkenhead School, Birkenhead
  904. Julie Russell, Huntingdon nursery school, Cambridge uk
  905. Katherine Young, Speech And Language Therapist, NHS, Derby
  906. Elaine Griffiths, School Business Manager, Reddish Vale Nursery School, Stockport
  907. Susan Brown, Resource Nursery Nurse, Hollywood park Nursery, Stockport
  908. Kelly Cottier, Teaching assistant, Reddish Vale nursery school, Manchester
  909. Papia Sulthana-Rahman, Early Years Educator, Highfeild Nursery School, Ipswich
  910. Maureen Kidd, HLTA, Nursery school, Greater Manchester
  911. Bernimcmonagle17@gmail.com, HLTA, Reddish vale nursery, STOCKPORT
  912. Nicola Titus-Powell, Family support worker, London
  913. Kathryn walsh, Headteacher, Stockport council, Manchester
  914. Christine, Grandparent, TAMWORTH
  915. Katerina Boletou, Deputy Manager, London Early Years Foundation, London
  916. Jane Rodgers, Nursery Nurse, Retired Community Nursery Nurse, Dorchester
  917. Haris Mehmood, Teacher assistant, London
  918. B Heathcote, Nursery nurse, Busy bees, Leicester
  919. Wendy Horsman, Early years practitioner, Derby city council, Derby
  920. Heather M Murray, HLTA, Stockport nursery school, STOCKPORT
  921. Lorraine Holford, Administrator, Ashgate Nursery, DERBY
  922. Katie Bennett, Headteacher, Nursery school, Stockport
  923. Sarah Geary, Senior Early Years Practitioner, Lanterns Nursery School, Winchester
  924. Sue Bennett, Preschool leader, Testwood Baptist Church Preschool, Southampton
  925. Sheila Goodall, Cleaner, Nursey, Cambridgeshire
  926. Silvana Gomes, Teaching Assistant, Triangle Nursery School, London
  927. Emma forshaw, EYP, Lanterns, Hants
  928. Donna stables, Dinner lady, Central and nursery school federation, Derby
  929. Joanne Mansell-Austins, Teaching Assistant, Central community nursery school, Derby
  930. Amber Toogood, Teaching Assistant, Central community nursery school, DERBY
  931. Caroline Thorley, Teaching assistant, Derby City council, Derby
  932. Emily Speller, Early Years Assistant, Lanterns Nursery School, Winchester
  933. Angela Morgan, Teaching assistant, Central community School, Derby., Derby
  934. Alice Poultney, Teaching assistant, Central and ashgate nursery school, Derby
  935. Elly Sax, TA, Central and Ashgate Nursery Schools Federation, Derby
  936. Taryn Sudding, Teaching Assistant, Triangle Nursery School, London
  937. Kirsty Muggleton, Additional Needs Teaching Assistant, Central Community and Ashgate Nursery Schools Federation., Derby
  938. Rebecca Fern, Henley-on-Thames
  939. Abi Wallis, Early Years Practitioner, Ashgate Nursery School Derby, Derby
  940. Philip Edwards, Teacher retired, London
  941. Jennifer speed, Nursery practitioner, Larkhill nursery school, Stockport
  942. Roxanne Marie Walsh, Teaching assistant, Chaddesden, Derby
  943. Jade espley, Nursery lunch time supervisor, Lanterns nursery school and extended services, Winchester
  944. Diane Parmley, Nursery Teacher, NWPNA, Derbyshire
  945. jill griffin, administrator, central nursery school derby city council, derby
  946. Jan Brown, Semi retired
  947. Jane Holcroft, EYFS Teacher
  948. Emily, Playworker, Derby
  949. Rachel Bailey, Business Manager, Lanterns Nursery School and Extended Services, Winchester
  950. Helen Fearn, Head teacher, Central and Ashgate Nursery Schools Federation, Derby
  951. Diane Chadwick, Teacher, Cornwall
  952. Catherine Armstrong, Headteacher, Hollywood Park Nursery School, Stockport
  953. Elizabeth Brewer, Senior Admin Assistant, Lanterns Nursery School and Extended Services, Winchester
  954. Joanne O'Raw, Headteacher, Lark Hill Nursery School, Stockport
  955. Sinead Mackin, General nursery assistant, Huntingdon
  956. Laura jones, Nursery nurse, Busy bees nursery, Leicester
  957. Claire Palmer, Headteacher, MNS, Huntingdon
  958. Carol Masson, Teacher, Rachel Madocks School, Fareham
  959. Caroline Clist, Nursery lunch time supervisor, Lanterns Nursery School & Extended Services, Winchester
  960. Susan Herdman, Retired nursery teacher, Winchester
  961. Elaine Seaton, E.Y.E, Triangle Nursery School, SUTTON
  962. Esther white, Head teacher, London
  963. Claire Cleur, Teacher, Chase Side Primary, London
  964. Suzanne Relihan, Senior Admin Officer, Triangle Nursery School, London
  965. Holly Meynell, Teaching Assistant, Otley Street Nursery School, Skipton
  966. Kathryn Firth, Headteacher, Childhaven Nursery School, Scarborough
  967. Lynsay Falkingham, Headteacher, Lanterns Nursery School, WINCHESTER
  968. Nathalie Elwood, Specialist speech & language therapist, Lincoln
  969. Alexandra Law, Teacher, Ben Jonson school, London
  970. Michelle Cooper, Midday supervisor, Otley Street Pre School Nursery, Skipton
  971. Judith Hargreaves, Teacher, Otley Street Nursery School, Skipton
  972. Emma Flockton, Headteacher, Headteacher, Otley St Community Nursery School, SKIPTON
  973. Dominique Simpson, Lecturer, Cheltenham
  974. Sienna Nugent, Early Years Practitioner, London
  975. Joyce Humphreys, Governor, Everton nursery school and family centre, Liverpool
  976. Sue Conron, Executive Headteacher, Duke Street and Highfield Nursery schools, Lancashire
  977. Luke Page, Executive Headteacher, Maintained Nursery Schools Federation, LONDON
  978. James Gray, Teacher, St. Leonard's Primary, Staffordshire
  979. Julian Grenier, Headteacher, Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre, London
  980. Lorenzo Chiozzi, Employee, leyf, London
  981. Sarah Camp, Deputy Nursery Manager, Kamelia kids day nursery and Beach School, Worthing
  982. Suzanne Charlesworth, Nursery Operations Director, Kamelia Kidss, Worthing
  983. Alex Venter, OPS MANAGER, BOSCASTLE
  984. Latif Sayani, Vice Chair, London Early Years Foundation, London
  985. Annie woolley, Nursery Deputy manager, Family first nurseries, Marlow, bucks
  986. Jennie Campbell, Nutmrsery manager, Littleworld day nurseries, Pewsey
  987. Julie Clarke, Nursery Manager, Aurora Childcare, Banbury
  988. Eve Aitchison, Nursery Manager, Bright horizons, Surbiton
  989. Jen Heaton, Early years supervisor, Early years, Wirral
  990. Sarah Evans, Assistant Manager, Ashbourne Day Nurseries Ltd, Thame
  991. Nicoletle Elkins, Safety Advisor, Busy Bees Childcare, BURNTWOOD
  992. Julie Wenn, QA Manager, Children 1st, Nottingham
  993. Nicky Hardy, Nursery Manager, Children 1st Breedon house, Staffordshire
  994. laura howard, Early years supervisor, Little flyers preschool, Lymington
  995. Shakira Love, Early years practitioner, Wirral
  996. Jane Gardner, Early Years practitioner, Birkenhead nursery, Birkenhead
  997. Caroline Jones, Nursery Nurse, Agency, Reading
  998. Andrea Vincent MBE, Public Servant, Local Government, Milton Keynes
  999. Lynn blay, Director, Ladybird Private Day nurseries Ltd, Manchester
  1000. Mary Ajaero, Health Care, Nursing, London
  1001. Karen Borley, Education Advisor, N Family Club, London
  1002. Megan Terndrup, Nursery Manager, Bright Horizons, Chandlers Ford
  1003. Michelle eyles, Early years practitioner, Early years, Essex
  1004. Tina Ross, Deputy manager & supervisor in early years, Early years, Merseyside
  1005. Jennifer Billington, Early years professional, Prenton
  1006. Jennifer Phipps’s, Ops Director, London
  1007. Patricia Costa, At home mum, London
  1008. Alice Houldsworth, Childcare Lead, Children 1st, Nottingham
  1009. Pamela Blaxland, Retired, Craven Arms
  1010. Nina Catzeflis, Accountant, Wpp, Barking
  1011. Janthea Brigden, Director of childcare, Nipperbout Ltd, National
  1012. Natalie cason, Early years Teacher, Early years foundation, Romford
  1013. Imogen Sellers, Teaching Assistant, NCC, Nottinghamshire
  1014. Rachel Kitts, Senior Manager, Children1st@Breedon House Nurseries, Chesterfield
  1015. Fay Nichols, Early Years Assessor, Children 1st, Newark
  1016. Angela Porter-manning, Swaffham
  1017. Lisa Lake, Derby
  1018. Nausheen Khan, Nursery Manager, London Early Years Foundation, LONDON
  1019. Andrea vaughan, Senior Early years Educator, Warwick Nursery school, Warwick
  1020. Eleanor Borrowdale, Senior operation manager, Spring, Newcastle
  1021. leanne lovell, Early year practitioner, Birkenhead school nursery, WIRRAL
  1022. Katie Walker, Early years practitioner, Nursery, Leicestershire
  1023. Noor Begum, Nursery teacher, Leyf
  1024. Zoulfa, Nursery teacher, London
  1025. Anita wilden, Head of nursery operations, GymfinityKids, Milton keynes
  1026. Alfred Spahiu, Senior Butler, The Connaught, London
  1027. Karina Antcliffe, Assessor, Children 1st Day Nurseries, Notts
  1028. Mine Tana, TLDI Manager, BSC, WALTHAM CROSS
  1029. Becky Wharton, Nursery nurse, Bright Horizons, Thatcham
  1030. Almudena Segura, CIC Founder and Director, Nice Bunch CIC, London
  1031. Nupur Bhatt, Bank staff, Farrance road nursery, Essex
  1032. Mrs. K L Warbey, Early years educator, Pre school, Romford
  1033. Beth Lewington, Nursery Manager, Bright Horizons, Andover
  1034. Lauren Richards, Room leader, Side By side, Staffordshire
  1035. Lenka Vycuzanina, Barking
  1036. Rebecca Marples, Nursery nurse, Children 1st day nursery, Chesterfield
  1037. Olivia Anne Cutts, Nursery nurse, Children 1st, Chesterfield
  1038. Maria Crescenzo, Assistant Head Eyfs, Primary School, London
  1039. Janet prior, Nursery nurse, LEYF
  1040. Katie Macnamara, Nursery manager, Children 1st, Chesterfield
  1041. Ian R Jamieson, Retired CEO, Walton on Thames
  1042. Danni Hope, Nursery practitioner, Children 1st, Derby
  1043. Bobbi-Jo O'Reilly, Nursery Deputy Manager, Leyf, London
  1044. Valeria, hr, London
  1045. Charlene Powell, Social Worker, London
  1046. Beatriz Puerta, Nursery teacher, Le trois Oursons & Mars Montessori, London
  1047. Gemma Viner, Cook, Children 1st, Derby
  1048. Emma Chandler, Early years practitioner, Harbury Preschool, Harbury
  1049. Emma Begum Ali, Early years educator, Apprentice, LEYF, Barking
  1050. Helen Denys, Preschool assistant, Harpole Preschool, Northampton
  1051. Jackie Hyde, MD, dot2dot nursery insurance, Manchester
  1052. Tara Leeson, Parent, Burwell
  1053. Claire Cooper, Engineer, WInchelsea
  1054. Linda Wood, trustee, What About the Children? charity, Chester
  1055. Angelo fiorillo, Healthcare, London
  1056. Sbakhai, Nursery manger, Littlelionhearts nursery, London
  1057. Lisa Parry, Childcare Assessor, Children 1st Nurseries, Dronfield
  1058. Caroline Bastow, Lecturer, Telford
  1059. Valerie, Nursery Deputy Manager, Buttercups Day Nurseries, London
  1060. James Fish, House Husband, London
  1061. Donna Fish, Nursery Teacher, LEYF, London
  1062. Laura Hughes, Chesterfield
  1063. Dr Lala Manners, consultant, 'activematters', London
  1064. Louise Cowley, nursery worker, YMCA EAST SURREY
  1065. Julia Beech, Early years teacher, London Early Years Foundation, Eastbury Barking
  1066. Neha, Early years Educator, London Early years foundation, London
  1067. Susanne Jay, Nursery teacher, LEYF, London
  1068. Danielle Lynch, Senior Nursery Officer, Woodville Day Nursery, Swadlincote
  1069. Paige Brandrick, Derby
  1070. Mari Ebora, Early years practitioner, Ymca, REDHILL
  1071. Tanya Sawywr, Nursery deputy manager, London Early Years Foundation, Barking
  1072. Jody Higham, Nursery nurse, Daventry
  1073. Kay Gibson, Administrator, Chesterfield
  1074. Laura Arguello, Early years teacher, London Early Years Foundation, Barking
  1075. Katie Freeman, Room Leader, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1076. Clare Paget, Lawyer, london
  1077. Bethany Lang, Deputy Manager, Children 1st Day nurseries, Chesterfield
  1078. Elaine Hubbard, Preschool practitioner, YMCA, Redhill
  1079. Rachel Hayes, Early years teacher, Leyf Teddington, Sunbury on Thames
  1080. TimothyTim Slater, Huddersfield
  1081. Amy Goldstraw, Teacher, Leyf, London
  1082. Joanne Clarke, Preschool Manager, Rainbow Early Years, Trowbridge
  1083. Angela Laval, Preschool practitioner, Ymca, Surrey
  1084. Isabel harrison, Nursery practitioner, Chesterfield
  1085. Gary Barlow, Training & Development, Children 1st Day Nurseries, Chesterfield
  1086. Permeshwary, Nursery assistant, Harrow
  1087. Becky Cook, Executive Headteacher, Waterton Pre-Schools, Wakefield
  1088. Rhiannon Morledge, Room leader, Bright Horizons, Andover
  1089. Anna, Pre school, YMCA, Redhill
  1090. Siobhan Eagle, Nursery Nurse, Children 1st Oakwood, Derby
  1091. Valerie Horn, Retired, Grandparent, St. Leonards on Sea
  1092. Catherine Mallett, EYFS teacher, Reepham Primary School, NORWICH
  1093. Jeanne Barczewska, International Education Director, ChildBase Partnership Ltd, Northampton
  1094. David Sherratt, Clerk in Holy Orders, Church of England, London
  1095. Amanda Holmes, Nursery Nurse, Children 1st, Chesterfield
  1096. Sarah Matthews, Parent, London
  1097. Dr Jools Page, Early Years Academic & under 3’s specialist, University of Brighton, Brighton
  1098. jane boulton, Manager, Springboard Chippenham, Chippenham
  1099. Kate Horsley, Nursery Manager, Children 1@ Breedon house, Long Eaton
  1100. Pip Pinhorn, Charity Manager, Toyhouse, London
  1101. John Siraj-Blatchford, Professor, OMEP, Poole
  1102. Jess Tuson, Nursery nurse, Bright Horizons, Andover
  1103. Chloe Field, Nursery Nurse, Children 1st, Derbyshire
  1104. Jess Baker, Nursery nurse, Private nursery, Nottingham
  1105. Vicky Turner, Nurse, Chesterfield
  1106. Carolina Giraldo, Early years practitioner, LEYF, London
  1107. Melanie Scott, Early years practitioner, Children 1st, Leicester
  1108. Christina Emberton
  1109. Beth Linney, Practitioner, Jelly Beans, Beeston
  1110. Professor Jan White, Education consultant (early years), Early Childhood Outdoors, Sheffield
  1111. Elloise Humphreys, Nursery nurse, Children 1st, Derbyshire
  1112. Emily Potter, Nursery nurse, Children 1st
  1113. Kiera Mckenna, Nursery nurse, Children 1st, Clowne
  1114. Beth Rowbottom, Nursery practitioner, Woodville day nursery, Swadlincote
  1115. Lois, Nursery nurse, Derby
  1116. Hope Burgess, London
  1117. Josephine Leal, Eyfs teacher, Primary school Westbourne Park, London
  1118. Abby mason, Nursery nurse, Children 1st, Derbyshire
  1119. Marcus Dyke, Director of Operations, Childcare Seminars, London
  1120. Natalia Reyner, Early Years Advisory Teacher, Bath
  1121. Kate Bickley, Early Years Educator, Children 1st, Nottingham
  1122. Louise Case, Nursery Nurse, @children1st, Derby
  1123. Stacey Lawrence, Preschool Manager, YMCA, Reigate
  1124. Amy Morley, Early Years Practitioner, Children 1st @Oakwood, Nottingham
  1125. Lisa Cox, Deputy preschool manager, YMCA East Surrey, Surrey
  1126. Debi Keyte-Hartland, Early Years Pedagogical Consultant, Freelance, Birmingham
  1127. Alice Kirby, Nursery practitioner, Children 1st, Derby
  1128. Jackie Marshall, Forest school leader, Children 1st, Derby
  1129. Dina Awada, Deputy manager, Dalgarno preschool, London
  1130. Jane bellenger, Preschool manager, YMCA East Surrey, London
  1131. Kelly Watson
  1132. Joanne Hamilton, Deputy Manager, Children 1st, Chesterfield
  1133. Emma Baggott, Early education or childcare services manager, Leyf, SOUTHALL
  1134. Jordean Moore, Derby
  1135. Jaclyn Simmons, Nursery Manager, Children1st @ Breedon House, Derby
  1136. Holly Lynam, Senior nursery nurse, Children 1st Breedon house, Derby
  1137. Lisa Phillpot, Nursery Manager, Children 1st, Chesterfield
  1138. Cath Armstrong, Trustee, What About the Children?
  1139. Lydia Keyte, Retired Nursery Infant School Headteacher, SL5 7AW
  1140. Lin Towsey, Administrator, 1-2-1mentors, Exeter
  1141. Leanne Elcoate, Deputy manager, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1142. Amanda nevill, Director, Amanda nevill ltd, Heathfield
  1143. Christine ward, Early years safeguarding and improvement advisor, Worcestershire Children First, BIRMINGHAM
  1144. Abbey Towsey, Lead Trainer, Kids Inc Nurseries, Newbury
  1145. Jayne Mallett, Head of Operations, Nina's Nurseries, Stockport
  1146. L jeffreys, Deputy manager, Leyf
  1147. Toni, Nursery manager, London
  1148. Laura manning, Nursery nurse, London
  1149. Laura Owens, Level 3 Nursery Practitioner, Poppies Day Nursery, Marlow, Shiplake
  1150. Afiya Begum, Bank Staff nursery teacher, LEYF, London
  1151. Angela Karanja, Adolescent psychologist, Raising Remarkable Teenagers, Oxfordshire
  1152. Natasha Welham Clarke, Nursery nurse, Busy bees, Bristol
  1153. ROXANa Haloiu, Nursery practitioner, LONDON
  1154. C.Garratt, Nursery Manager, Bright Horizons, London
  1155. Susan Hartley, Director, Yoginis Yoga Training Ltd, Manchester
  1156. Jessica Vacher, Learning Disabilities Nurse, Sussex community NHS Foundation trust, East Grinstead
  1157. Kelly Walton, QDM, Fennies, London
  1158. Karen Elson, Nursery Nurse, Bright Horizons, Salisbury
  1159. Abby Johnson, Nursery officer, Warwick
  1160. Rebecca Moore, Ops manager, Village nursery group, Manchester
  1161. Ana Maria Marinescu, Supervisor construction, Londra
  1162. Nicky Chesworth, Chef, Bright Horizons, Salisbury
  1163. servane mouazan, Business owner, Conscious Innovation, London
  1164. Abigail Hurmson, Early Years Educator, Storal Learning, Swadlincote
  1165. Majella McElwee, Director, Happy Tree Nursery, London
  1166. Tracey stokes, Commissioning officer, Surrey county council, Surrey
  1167. Wendy Creegan, Nursery Deputy Manager LEYF, London
  1168. Anna Prados Aulet, Nursery teacher, LEYF, LONDON
  1169. Gaitree Cuppoor, Business Development Director (Childcare), Capitalix Consultancy and Le Nid Childcare, London
  1170. Barbara Henry, Nursery Teacher, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1171. Ishrat master, Nursery teacher, Leyf nursery, Sutton
  1172. Tracey Shinkins-Watson, Partnerships Managet, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1173. V.Cogley, Assistant nursery practitioner, London Early Years Foundation, Greater London
  1174. Humairaa, Deputy manager, Bright horizons, London
  1175. Georgia Webster, Nursery Nurse, Leyf, London
  1176. Amina Bibi, Nursery Deputy Manager, Brighthorizons Family Solutions, London
  1177. Nicola Stobbs, Lecturer, University of Worcester, Worcester
  1178. Diane Elawad, Nursery teacher, LEYF, London
  1179. Tabatha, Early years practitioner, Kiddi Caru, Chelmsford
  1180. Paul Fitzpatrick-Spinks, Nursery Manager, Chelmsford
  1181. Jamie Atkins, Academy lead, Fennies, Horsham
  1182. Helen Garnett, Early Years Consultant, Arc Pathway, Brighton
  1183. Shannon Edwards, Third in Charge, Hatching Dragons Nursery, ORPINGTON
  1184. Bogdan Cieslukowski, Carpenter, Contractor, London
  1185. Urszula Cieslukowska, Kitchen Staff, Contractor, London
  1186. David Wright, Ambassador, Paint Pots Nurseries, Southampton
  1187. Sylvia church, Nursery nurse, London
  1188. Tamanna Hasina, Room leader, London Early years Foundation, London
  1189. Sandra Cieslukowska, Door Supervisor, Estella Security Ltd, London
  1190. Joanne Barlow, Swadlincote
  1191. Agim Kelmendi, Contractor, A.kelmendi, London
  1192. Lauren Whitmore, Early years practitioner, Hermitage day nursery, Leicester
  1193. Marie Christina Richardson, Experiential play, Glasgow
  1194. Chloe Cleightonhills, Nursery teacher, London early years foundation, London
  1195. Andrea Spahiu, Nursery teacher, LEYF, London
  1196. James Wilson, Executive Head Chef, Gladwin Enterprises, London
  1197. Ana Cruz, Nursery Teacher, Londo Early Years Foundation, London
  1198. Victoria Chamberlain, Nursery Teacher, LEYF, London
  1199. Saudaa Nadat, Area Operations Manager, London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), London
  1200. Buckley Catherine, Teacher, Swadlincote
  1201. Lisa Ferguson, Nursery Practitioner, Mini Explorers Pre School, Ibstock
  1202. Kevin Dyson, Finance Director, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1203. Ramona Calauz, Deputy Manager, LEYF, Barking
  1204. Gemma Pring, Nursery Manager, Happy Days Nursery, Bristol
  1205. Jenny King,
  1206. Khaleda Begum, Nursery teacher, Leyf, London
  1207. Joan Goatley, Nursery nurse, School, London
  1208. Emma Miller, Nursery Manager, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1209. Natasha Holgate, Nursery manager, Hertfordshire
  1210. Manna Marie Constantine, Nursery Deputy Manager, London
  1211. Kerry Nettel, Deputy manager, Ashby preschool Academy, Ashby de la zouch
  1212. Catherine Higgs, Assistant manager, Hermitage day nursery Coalville, Leicestershire
  1213. Amanda gadsby, Nursery manager, Woodville Day Nursery, Derbyshire
  1214. Michael Wills, Early Years Teacher, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1215. Cristina Munday, Early Years Teacher, Private Nursery, London
  1216. Lorreen McClean, LONDON
  1217. Sasha Howard, Probation Officer, London
  1218. Jenny Truslove, Nursery manager, Nelly’s nursery, Staffordshire
  1219. Saran DIAKITE BENGALY, Nursery teacher, Black/African/Caribbean/Black British
  1220. Justina Alaka, Early years teacher, London Early Years Foundation, Beckenham
  1221. Sophie Wright, Level 3 practitioner, LEYF, DAGENHAM
  1222. Ezinne Okoronkwo, Nursery teacher, LEYF, London
  1223. Liam Erens, Early Years Teacher, LEYF Pembury Nursery, London
  1224. Mandy Cuttler, Head of Pedagogy, Learning and Development, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1225. Holly, Nursery Educator, London
  1226. Chinyere, Nursery Assistant, LEYF NURSERIES
  1227. Gifty peprah, Health care assistant, Romford
  1228. Mrs m c Richardson, Head of early years, Alice Sharp ltd, Glasgow
  1229. Suzanne De Boer, Nursery Teacher, LEYF, London
  1230. Zoe Raven, CEO, Acorn Early Years, Milton Keynes
  1231. Jenika, London
  1232. Clare Stead, CEO, Oliiki Limited, WARE
  1233. Deanne Hopkins, Nursery apprentice, Leyf, London
  1234. Kim Benham, Pre-School Manager/ owner, Sparkles and Millies Pre-School, Croydon
  1235. Nick Corlett, Sustainability Manager, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1236. Jodie McDermott, Nursery Teacher, LEYF, London
  1237. Lucy Patricia Taiwo, Nurse, NHS, Romford
  1238. Toyin Akinmulero, Romford
  1239. Paula Lucian Radu, ROMFORD
  1240. Kirsty fryer, London
  1241. Louise Hill, Operations Director, Childbase partnership
  1242. charlotte wardle, deputy manager, nfamily, london
  1243. Stacey Manning, Early Years Teacher, LEYF, London
  1244. Ann Mousseddad, Nursery Teacher, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1245. Melanie Whitley, Nursery Manager, Small World Nursery, Loughborough
  1246. Eva Lloyd OBE, professor of early childhood, University of East London, London
  1247. Katy Sparrow Robins, Chief Executive, Babyzone CIO, London
  1248. Kelly Fisher, Early Years Advisor, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
  1249. Iliana Trifonova, Early years professional, N FAMILY, LONDON
  1250. Pauline Emmins, Nursery Manager, London Early Years Foundation, Dagenham
  1251. Reiss ware, Chef, London early years foundation, London
  1252. Amit Bali, Consultant Paediatrician, NHS, London
  1253. Sarah Ashton, Deputy Manager, Bright Horizons, London
  1254. Ana Rita Antunes Levita, Teacher, Leyf, London
  1255. Chris Marston, Director, Family First, Alton
  1256. Caroline Thoyts, Nursery Manager, LEYF LONDON FIELDS, Haggerston
  1257. Dhanvanti Deshmukh, Nursery Nursery, The Weir Link, London
  1258. Conor Bathgate, Field manager, Bright horizons family solutions, ROMFORD
  1259. Chris Forbes, Retired, Concerned educationalist
  1260. Peter, Security, London
  1261. Charlie Barlow, Parent, Leyf, London
  1262. Rebecca Swindells, Nursery Owner, The Blue Door Nursery, Brighton
  1263. Marzana zuma, Lunch time Assistant, LEYF, London
  1264. Beth mannion, Head of people experience, Child’s Time, Nottingham
  1265. Nahid Kamil Rizig Abdelmula, Preschool Teacher, Leyf, LONDON
  1266. Taiwo Ogunwolu, Nursery Teacher, LEYF, London
  1267. Dorota Wolejko, Teacher, Leyf, LONDON
  1268. Gemma Goatley, Nursery Educator, LEYF, London
  1269. Alexandra McClean, Teacher, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1270. Merita Selaci, Nursery Manager, LEYF, London
  1271. Mollie, Early years teacher, Leyf, London
  1272. maria chilver, Teacher Assistant, LEYF - Conservatoire, london
  1273. Naima Ahmed, Apprentice, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1274. Marta Piotrowska, Nursery Manager, LEYF, London
  1275. nikki kanye, Deputy Manager, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1276. Kerry Sturges, Deputy Manager, LEYF, London
  1277. Richard Lester, Nursery Manager, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1278. Stacey-Jane Whitfield, Nursery Manager, LEYF Conservatoire Nursery and Pre-school, London
  1279. Gabija Dovidaityte, Room Leader, LEYF - Conservatoire, London
  1280. Gemma Morris, Nursery Manager, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1281. Grace Mortlock, Strategic Project Manager, London Early Years Foundation, London, Dorking
  1282. Gemma Manns, London Early Years Foundation, Streatham
  1283. Yvonne Theresa Cadore, Nursery Manager, LEYF Katharine Bruce Nursery and Pre school, London
  1284. Pearl Lacerda, EArly Years Teacher, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1286. Elizabeth Adeyemi, Manager, LEYF, London
  1287. Jodie Hutton, Customer Services Executive, LEYF, London
  1288. Constance Tina Georgiou, nursery Manager, LONDON EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION, London
  1289. Fatama Katun, Customer liaison officer, London Early years foundation, London
  1290. Christel Brown, leyf
  1291. Sara Goncalves Brito, Parent Liasion Specialist, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1292. Thomas Abrams, Health and Food Lead, LEYF, London
  1293. Mona Majed, Support Manager, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1294. Annie-Rose Fitzpatrick, Recruitment Manager, London Early years Foundation, London
  1295. Mark Cleere, Property and Facilities Manager, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1296. Sally Clark, Head of Marketing, London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), London
  1297. Marlene Terblanche, The London Early Years Foundation, London
  1298. Naomi Marsden, Marketing Manager, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1299. Francoise Fracas, Strategic Communications Manager, LEYF, London
  1300. Elaine Kilkenny, London Early Years FOundation, London
  1301. chelsea cowdery, nursery manager, leyf, London
  1302. Samantha Creme, Director of Strategy & Business Development, London Early Years Foundation, London
  1303. paula moss, Manager, Nursery, Liverpool
  1304. Aimee Wardrope, Nursery Manager, Ballyhoo Boutique Nursery, Carlisle
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