12 November 2021

Open Letter To EYMS Ltd. On Women and Girl's Safety in East Yorkshire

To the Directors of East Yorkshire Motor Services Ltd.,

We are writing to you to incite change to enable women and girls to travel home safely, especially at night time and at weekends, following reports of a 16-year-old girl left at Beverley Bus Station on Sunday evening, 7 November 2021.

According to reports and video footage, a young girl was left stranded and alone, except for a police officer, after an East Yorkshire bus driver refused to let her board. It was the last bus home. The young girl was 16-years-old; in the eyes of the law, still a child. Video footage shows she pleaded and sobbed to the driver to let her travel on her bus service home to Dunswell, a village near Woodmansey, Beverley.

However, instead of showing the young girl compassion and prioritising her safety, the bus driver beeped his horn and revved his engine to get her to move out of the way. If this incident had not been witnessed by a police officer, who had been dealing with a previous incident, the 16-year-old would have been left at Beverley Bus Station alone and frightened.

Your bus driver cited “health and safety” for not allowing the young girl onto the bus. However, as pointed out by the police officer, there were no hazards nor risks to allowing the girl on the bus. Your bus driver said: “I’m just doing my job.”

As a provider of public transport, East Riding Motor Services has a duty of care to the people who use its buses. In the past month, there has been at least one reported attempted assault on a young woman in Beverley—how would you all feel if because of this incident there had been another?

We are proposing the following to protect women and girls, who are vulnerable on public transport on weekends and night times when travelling alone:

  • An apology to the young girl and her family for putting them through emotional distress
  • A meeting between East Riding Motor Services and members of Women Reclaim / RTS Hull and members of the Women’s Safety Collective in Hull to discuss how the company can implement change to protect women and girls on their buses
  • Guidelines and training to all bus drivers on how to identify a woman or girl in a vulnerable position and how to help
  • Revision of health and safety guidelines to ensure that bus drivers do not leave women and girls stranded
  • A service that women or girls can ring if they have missed the last bus due to health and safety reasons and are alone, arranging for them to get home safely
  • Manned bus stations so these incidents do not happen without witnesses
  • A follow-up meeting to discuss how the actions are working and whether there has been any satisfactory change

You can read the report on this incident and watch the video footage here: https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/east-yorkshire-bus-driver-left-6181321

We hope that you will work with us to make these changes and ensure the safety of women and girls travelling on your bus network in the future.

Signed by:
141 verified
  1. Jeni malone, Bridlington
  2. Racheal Hoult, Hull
  3. Paul Bennington, Thirsk
  4. S.Hall, Harrogate
  5. Sarah barber, Business owner, Antiques and home, Filey
  6. Lorraine potter, Care, Districk care for elderly, York
  7. Michael ford, Vehicle mechanic, Ministry of defence, York
  8. Anne Warriner
  9. Darren Longhorn, Shipley
  10. Holly Burton, Diversity officer, Hull University Students' Union, Hull
  11. Fiona Berry
  12. Alice Polwarth, Editor, Thirsk
  13. Sally Duncalf, York
  14. Ian Cowling, General manager, Brewery, Snaith
  15. David Pearson, Systems Manager, York
  16. Lisa Taylor, Engineer, Thirsk
  17. Pat Eagle, Retired, Filey
  18. Samantha Dawson, Registered Nurse Associate, Harrogate NHS, Harrogate
  19. Jayne Harker, Office clerk, Goole
  20. Judith Tubb, Teacher, York
  21. Justine Allen, Wetherby
  22. anonymous
  23. Geoffrey Lonsdale, Retired
  24. Claudine Lazenby, Filey
  25. Kathryn Chew, Gardener, Kitty Chew Gardens, Harrogate
  26. Michelle Green, Harrogate
  27. Simon Biltcliffe, CEO, Webmart, Barnsley
  28. H mcmaster, NHS, Hull
  29. Peter Garforth, Climate change camoaigner, Yorkshird Party, Driffirld
  30. Jennifer Hall, Retired, Stockton on Tres
  31. Andy Walker, Ward Councillor, East Riding of Yorkshire and Bridlington Town Council, Bridlington
  32. Bob Buxton, Teacher, LEEDS
  33. Andrew McTiernan, retired, Wakefield
  34. Philip Jackson, Sheffield
  35. John Philip Hall, Retired, 0, Harrogate
  36. Richard Askew, London
  37. Nina Jansen, Gateshead
  38. Sarah Hewitt, Belfast
  39. Clare Gassmann, Market Harborough
  40. David Nash, Health and safety officer, Ashford
  41. Duffill Rebekah, Teacher, Hull
  42. Fred’s Bailey, Retired
  43. Ami Hook-Ireland, Norfolk
  44. Janina Hossbach, York
  45. Rebecca stafford, Snr Manager, Hull
  46. Ms Sarah Moor, Brough
  47. Lucy Kirkman, Lawyer
  48. Rachael Griffin, Huntingdon
  49. Daniel Jones, unemployed, Wolverhampton
  50. Joshua Brandwood, Teacher, Lancaster
  51. Ruby Swales, Student, No organisation, Leeds
  52. Nina O'Toole, Student, London
  53. Evie Tomlinson, Student, Na, York
  54. Kailah Hodge, Customer adviser, sky, Cowdenbeath
  55. Louise Reith, Customer service agent, SkyTv, Dunfermline
  56. Chris Baker, self-employed, Chris, Trowbridge
  57. Philippa Jackson, Lecturer, Leeds beckett University, Hull
  58. Nicholas Willson, Unemployed, Hull
  59. Bellenis Clio
  60. Tom Fitton, Unemployed, Orpington
  61. Kate Flynn, NHS, London
  62. Helen M, Care, Private, Hessle
  63. Brent Reid, Nottingham
  64. Dominic Wall, Conservator-Restorer, Ipswich
  65. Kerry Harrison, Social Media Manager, Hessle
  66. Jo Hobbs
  67. ian coady, care worker, Slough
  68. Marie Murphy, Grandmother, Hull
  69. Sarah Hockney, Mum, Hull
  70. Sachaa Pattison, London
  71. N. Caple, Teacher, London
  72. Gary Hockney, Businessman, Meadowcroft Dunswell Ltd, Hull
  73. Hemelaer Lieve, Retired, Christchurch
  74. rowan metcalfe, Bpd, None, malton
  75. Patricia Holloway, Liverpool
  76. Rachel Edwards, Cambridge
  77. Goudet Muriel, Support Worker, Midlands Living, Bournemouth
  78. Robert Player, Marketing, London
  79. Laura Johnson, Tile specialist, Hull
  80. Abigail Osbiston, Digital Product Owner, Chelmsford
  81. Nico Solheim-Davidson, Care Assistant, Bridlington
  82. Richard Parker, Stockport
  83. Nigel Booth, retired, Hull CITY Council, Hull
  84. P Todd, Bedale
  85. Elaine Barlow, Cleaning, Hull
  86. Susan Boulton, York
  87. Ed Tomlinson, Retired, Born in Linton, have lived in Leconfield and Willerby., Philadelphia, USA
  88. Stephen Hill, Madeley, Telford
  89. Christine, Housewife, York
  90. Roz Rudkin, business owner, Beeford Bee Products, Beeford, Driffield
  91. Catherine Williams, Retired, Hull
  92. James Bradbury, James Andrew Bradbury, Cheltenham
  93. C Ellis, Account manager, Market weighton
  94. Helen Alexander, Hull
  95. Faye Smith, Market Weighton, York
  96. Nicholas white, Retired, Sheffield
  97. Claire Marsden, Hull
  98. Jane Weaver, Hull
  99. Brian Young, Student, Father, Hull
  100. Jade Dorrington, IT Support Advisor, Bristol
  101. Charlene Ambler
  102. Louise Lock, Hinckley
  103. Rebekah Daley, Teacher, St. Peter’s cross keys academy, NOTTINGHAM
  104. Jeanette Palmer, Hull
  105. Vanessa curtis, Retail, Brough
  106. Suzanne Aspden, Teacher, Oxford
  107. Pip Harrison, Teacher, Newcastle upon Tyne
  108. Jessica Radley, Doctor, Nhs, Watford
  109. Carl Waterfield, Finance, Torquay
  110. Nathan Hazlett, English Tutor, N/A, Sunderland
  111. Vicky Skoulou, Dr Chemical engineer, University of Hull, Hull
  112. Nicola Karunaratne-Diver, Dog walker, Speedy Pet Services, St. Helens
  113. Steve Styles, Cottingham
  114. Lauren Collery, Teacher, Harrow council, London
  115. Anna Jones, London
  116. Jenny Floyd, Legal secretary, London
  117. Juliet Wilson, Retired, Cockermouth
  118. Natasha, Student, Hull
  119. Rebecca Depczynski
  120. Dawn Patricia Young, Midday supervisor, Kirk Ella
  121. Shelley Attenborough, NOTTINGHAM
  122. Emma Walker, Publicist, London
  123. Louisa Hodgson, Hull
  125. peter Bangs, Minister, Southampton
  126. Ellie Mackay, London
  127. Susie Beever, Journalist, Leeds
  128. Jobson Ian
  129. Malcolm Farquhar, York
  130. Scheenagh Harrington, Black Mountain Editorial, Castres
  131. Meric <Withheld>, Bath
  132. Nicola Carling, York
  133. Anna Miller, Silversmith, Chelmsford
  134. Donna Howard, London
  135. Samantha lewis, Journalist, Paranting Magazine, Leeds
  136. Mike Jennings, Writer, Mike Jennings, Scraptoft,leicester
  137. Robyn Vinter, Leeds
  138. Richard Worth, Librarian, University of Leeds, Leeds
  139. Jamie Klingler, Events Organiser, Reclaim These Streets, London
  140. Eloise Crosby, Online retailer, Hull
  141. Sophia Waterfield, Journalist and Activist, Women Reclaim, RTS Hull, Market Weighton
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