21 June 2023
Open Letter to Fergus Ewing MSP

Dear Fergus Ewing MSP,

We, the undersigned businesses, are writing to express our sincere gratitude for your stance on the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS). We believe that you have shown great courage and integrity in standing up for the interests of businesses, even though it has put you at odds with your party.

We understand that you have been engaged with businesses on this issue for years, and that you have seen firsthand the damage that the DRS is doing. We are grateful for your efforts to persuade your colleagues to halt the scheme.

We are also grateful for your willingness to listen to businesses and take their concerns seriously. We believe that you have a deep understanding of the issues facing businesses, and we are confident that you will continue to fight for their interests.

Thank you again for your leadership and for your commitment to standing up for the interests of businesses in Scotland.


144 verified
  1. Blair Bowman, Consultant, Edinburgh
  2. Tom Hayward, partner, Argyll House, Oban
  3. Michael Stuart, Director, Inverurie Whisky Shop, INVERURIE
  4. Fiona Walsh, Director, Toll House Spirits, Arbroath
  5. Peter Wood, Owner, St Andrews Wine Company, St Andrews
  6. James Goulding, General Manager, Verdant Brewing Co, Penryn
  7. Craig Dearden, Internet o Operations Manager, The Green Welly Stop, Tyndrum
  8. Robert Lindsay, Brewer, ​six°north, Stonehaven
  9. Vinny Rosario, Brewer, Moonwake Beer Co, Edinburgh
  10. Chris Deacon, Head of Sales, Crossip Ltd, Teignmouth
  11. Rich Webb, Head of Information Systems, Stewart Brewing, Edinburgh
  12. Andre de Almeida, Drinks Industry Consultant, Inside the Cask Ltd, Glasgow
  13. Jonny Ingledew, Business Owner, North Uist Distilery, North Uist
  14. Gavin Stevenson, Director, The Gellions, Inverness
  15. Tabatha McCree-Cox, Managing Director, Tarbraxus Distillers Ltd, South Lanarkshire
  16. Gail Sneddon, Director, Newport on Tay
  17. Finlay Geekie, Director, Wild Thyme Spirits, Isle of Colonsay
  18. Craig Duncan, Director, Brocam Retail
  19. Andy Samuel, Managing Director, Shipyard Gin, Gourock
  20. Chris jones, Owner/founder, Paragon brands ltd, Manchester
104 more
verified signatures
  1. Alison Murray, Retired, Ayrshire
  2. Martin Reid, Creative Director, The Gin Cooperative, Oyne
  3. Carol Grant, Small Business Owner, Ayrshire
  4. Clare Winskill, Hotelier, Coruisk House, Skye
  5. Stuart Mcphee, Director, Siberia Bar & Hotel, Aberdeen
  6. Marie Cascarino, Inverness
  7. Matthew Demmon, Glass recycler, MKD32, Stirling
  8. Jim Mackintosh, Co-founder/Co-owner, Mackintosh Gin, Dundee
  9. Catherine McCormack, citizen, ayrshire
  10. Steve stewart, Md, Stewart brewing ltd, Edinburgh
  11. David Lapsley, Sommelier Patron, Etive Hospitality, Oban
  12. andrew mckenziesmith, MD, the lindores distilling co ltd, newburgh
  13. Lesley Adams, Bovey Wines, Lutterworth
  14. James McBride, Dryden Aqua ltd, Bonnyrigg
  15. Phillip Fenton, Glass Industry, British Glass, Sheffield
  16. Lorna Vernon, Employed, Bespoke Cocktails, Edinburgh
  17. Steven Lockhart, Ginventor, The Inventors Gin Co. Ltd., Ardrossan
  18. Simon Fairclough, Managing Director, Glenshee Craft Distillers Ltd, Blairgowrie
  19. Christian Stolte, cider maker, the wee Scottish cider company, Cults
  20. John Fordyce, Managing Director, The Borders Distillery, Hawick
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