3 April 2022

Open letter to Flickr and Internet Archive to save collection of 5.2 million book image scans

We, the undersigned, call on Flickr and Internet Archive to reinstate the recently deleted “Internet Archive Book Images” account, a collection of 5.2 million searchable book illustrations covering 500 years of print culture.

This is a unique resource of societal and cultural significance, and its disappearance will be deeply felt by the many historians, artists, researchers, and others who regularly used the collection.

Through the years it has been explored and cared for by a community of users who believed they were contributing to the preservation and enrichment of a lasting commons.

By shutting down the account, Flickr and Internet Archive are undermining the trust that users have placed in them when tagging and enriching the collection. In addition, they are undermining their own longer term role and responsibilities as infrastructure for the cultural commons.

Reinstating the collection is not just a question of account management, but of trust, community, and the safekeeping of culturally significant material.

Given their longstanding commitment to the commons, we hope that Flickr will work with the Internet Archive to bring back this invaluable collection.

Update 05 April 2022

We did it — the collection is saved!

Flickr have agreed to reinstate the collection (though they are suggesting to do so in a way which will keep it separate from The Commons).

See this message from George Oates on the Flickr forum communicating their regret around what happened and outlining their future plan: https://www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/72157720510495566/#reply72157720613909345

Thank you all so much for taking the time to lend your support to the campaign! And thanks to Flickr and Internet Archive for their quick response. After just a few hours of this open letter going live we had both parties talking openly about this on Twitter. It seems the deletion was Flickr's idea, but they've now said they will put it back online — though their idea is for it to be separate from the Commons.

We're very grateful for any home for the account, but do feel it's detrimental to have it siloed from others in the Commons. It seems Flickr's chief concern was that the Internet Archive images were drowning out others in searches (not something we experienced, but appreciate others have different use cases). But couldn't this be solved with a simple filter? The option to include Internet Archive images could be turned off by default, so they were only seen by those who chose to see them.

Both Internet Archive and Flickr have been in touch directly, and this idea of the filter is something we hope to talk to Flickr about in more detail over the coming days.

Thanks again,

The Public Domain Review.

Update 03 April 2022

For more information see the following links

1,145 verified
  1. Yildiz Gueven, Creator, Sky Marine Ferries, Bodrum
  2. Lara Nicholls, Academic & Curator, Australian National University, Canberra
  3. Monica Melinte, designer, Bucharest
  4. Patrik Percy, artist, Los Angeles
  5. L. McKay, Creative dir., Flickr and IA, WHY?, St. Petersburg
  6. Leonardo Brogioni, photo consultant, free lance, Firenze
  7. MEG PINSONNEAULT, Photog, filmmaker, graphic designer, shop owner, Shittty Stufff, Pasadena CA
  8. Weipeng Huang, freelancer, Taipei
  10. Hope J, MLIS Student, Maryland
  11. Anne Anderson, GIS Analyst, Rathdrum
  12. Friedrich Schwarz, Mathematician, Bad Lippspringe
  13. Lauren Hostetter, Graphic Designer, Personal, Sacramento, California, USA
  14. anonymous, retired captain M.N., Thessaloniki Greece
  15. Dara Insixiengmay, 3D Artist, Atlanta
  16. Elena Christea, Teacher, elenachristea@gmail.com, Athens
  17. H.K.
  18. José Reinel Sánchez, Profesor, Universidad del Quindío, Armenia, Colombia
  19. Russ Harvey, Bookseller, Albany
  20. Sophie Morris, Researcher, V&A, London
  21. Richard Koehler, Research Archaeology, Visby
  22. Rene Hauser, Consultant, Hauser Micro-and Nanotechnology Consultancy, Ponte Tresa
  23. Ryan, student, n/a, Manila
  24. Mirella Bruno, Artist, Geneva
  25. Selahattin Ozpalabiyiklar, Editor, translator, writer, None, Istanbul
  26. Jan Vlček, Bílkova 8, Prague
  27. ivo di logy, Plasticien, Lyon, France
  28. Kira Kerr, Artist, Alness
  29. Michelle Crippen, Senior designer, Personal, Westminster
  30. Paul Mazur, Physician, Waldo County General Hospital, Northport
  31. Paul Ford, Altona
  32. Joey Potter, Artist, Gold coast
  33. Anna, Designer, Melbourne
  34. Mary-Anne McTrowe, Fine Arts Technician, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge
  35. Gary Dunne, Deputy Editorial Manager, Burlington Books, Athens
  36. Luiz Eduardo Cid Guimarães, Retired university lecturer, Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Campina Grande, PB, Brazil
  37. Helen Wire, Helen Wire Book Editor, STROUD
  38. Alexandra Ladonikola, Editor, Burlington Books, Athens
  39. Tracy Huntingford, Editorial manager, Burlington Books, Athens, Greece
  40. Anne-Marie Byrne, artis, Ipswich
  41. Andreas Braun, Photographer, mediensegel photography & communication, Freiburg
  42. Rodney Hill, Architect, professor, College Station
  43. Robert Stevens, Dentist, Boise,Id
  44. Fiona longden, petlong3@yahoo.co.uk
  45. Anne Norton, Pro. Genealogist, Easley
  46. Richard Bouchard, artist, Ottawa
  47. Ivan Farr, Artist & designer, Self, Minneapolis
  48. Andrew David Boyle, Video Editor, Burlington Books, Athens
  49. Emanuel Schongut, artist, San Francisco
  50. Soretta Rodack, collagist, New York
  51. Grace M Caruso, Advocate/teacher/MLIS, Retired, Lansing
  52. Vincent Mattina, Artist, Salt Lake City
  53. Bernd Noeth, Köln
  54. Timothy W Luke, professor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Blacksburg, VA
  55. Wedge Janet, Retired researcher, Independent, Ossining
  56. Guus Mulders, poet, Goes
  57. Daniele Caraglio
  58. Jason, Web Content Development, U of T, Toronto
  59. Tim Skirven, Designer, Richmond
  60. Margaret McClintock, editor, Toronto
  61. Gradimir Milikić, Designer, Beograd
  62. Martin Goldsack, Retired, Thornton
  63. Michelle, writer, Portland, OR
  64. AM Delattre, Archiviste, Archives de Lyon, Lyon
  65. David J. Tirpak, writer, Blue Highway Bazaar, Mammoth Spring
  66. Lonna Malmsheimer, Professor Emerita, Dickinson College, Carlisle PA USA
  67. Robert Dante, Writer/Performer, Dante's Bullwhips, Minneapolis
  68. Julie E Stratton, Education, EGG HARBOR TWP
  69. Misty Sanico, Publisher, Honolulu
  70. Kerry Frabizio, teacher, Stockton
  71. Francesca Forrest, freelance editor and writer, self-employed, Belchertown, MA
  72. Loren Bondurant, Designer, Ann Arbor
  73. Judith Purdy, Artist, London
  74. Patrick Joust, Librarian, Baltimore
  75. Leah Kaminski, Poet, Chicago
  76. Diego Bonilla, Professor, California State University, Sacramento, Sacramento
  77. Megan Drobes, artist, Atlanta
  78. Meghan Griffin
  79. Kim Zinke, Learning & Development Coordinator, Government of BC, Victoria
  80. max Hamer, retired, retired, Chorley
  81. Volodymyr Bilyk, writer, Zhytomyr
  82. Armando, Art Lover, Home, Destin
  83. Michael Gonzalez, Retail manager, Galveston
  84. Lene Skovby, Retired teacher, Haslev
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  86. edward c mills, teacher, santa barbara city college, santa barbara
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  107. kara coryell, wrtier, stone mountain
  108. Aurélie R., MilBosques, punta del diablo
  109. anonymous
  110. Russell Hall, Mystery entertainer, Magick Enterprises, Sheffield
  111. Gonçalo Freitas, Designer, Implica, designers, Lisboa
  112. Marcos Vicente, Buenos Aires
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  115. Ben Hackney, Consultant
  116. Patrick Edward Quinn, Cookeville
  117. Psarras Antonis, Artiste, Poitiers
  118. Holly Newman
  119. Madeleine Goodall, Heritage Coordinator, Norwich
  120. Kelaine Devine, Artist, Lethbridge
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  153. Daniela Lawrenz, Retired, Bad Sooden-Allendorf
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  953. Harold Carr, Researcher, Oracle Labs, Salt Lake City
  954. Israel Cefrin, Library Information Technology Specialist, University of Waterloo, Waterloo
  955. Andrew Baron, Internet Culture, Boulder
  956. David Charlesworth, Retired, London UK
  957. Jami Gilstrap, Artist, Winston-Salem, NC
  958. Madeline Bernard, software engineer, Seattle
  959. Tim Cowlishaw, Researcher, BAU centro universitario de artes y diseño, Barcelona
  960. Barbro Paulsson Weaver, photographer, Österbybruk
  961. Sanjit Bakshi, Designer, Nelson BC
  962. Christian Nielsen, Artist, Taichung
  963. Callum Newton
  964. Alice Barnard, Library User, 62002
  965. Kristy Edison
  966. Sam McLellan, artist, Toronto
  967. luca giarrettino, Concept di artist, roma
  969. John O'Sullivan, Media academic, Dublin City University, Dublin
  970. eliz, Medical translator, tampa
  971. breann hays, retired, cincinnati
  972. Sonia Landowska
  973. Adriane, Artist/researcher, Dunnville
  974. Sophy, Schol. Comm Product Designer, DOAJ & OA.Works, London
  975. R. Boehm, retired, northfield
  976. Julie Stewart, Realtor, Lake Wales
  977. Lillian Heytvelt, Librarian, Denny Ashby Library, Pomeroy
  978. Claudia Andérica, Crafts, Quito
  979. Ben Esner
  980. Michael Crocker, musician, self employed, Goderich Canada
  981. Catrin Haberfield, MA student, University of Manchester, London
  982. Michael Maggs, Wikimedia volunteer, UK
  983. Maria Sale, BOLTON
  984. Kaometet, Image hunter, Amsterdam
  985. Sophia Austin, Narrator, Lidgerwood
  986. Emily Robin Jackson, writer, Birmingham
  987. Sarah Elkan, Student, Seattle, WA
  988. Helena Patrício, Librarian, Lisboa
  989. Myke Cole, Historian, New Orleans
  990. Alison Hayles, Communication Manager, Perth
  991. Nora Gillooly, Artist, Pittsburgh
  992. Zach Justice, Software Engineer, Atlanta
  993. Kirk Hunter, Urban Planner, Cincinnati
  994. Virginia Aspinwall, Artist/Museum volunteer, Glenesk Trust, Brechin
  995. I. Jarosek, Sales, Perth, WA
  996. Jodi Kurland, Pediatric Physical Therapist, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles
  997. manette garrison, Artist, Billings
  998. Martina Gehring, Berlin
  999. Jennifer Ohnstad, Graphic designer, Luminea Creative, Nashville
  1000. Niklas Pivic, Stockholm
  1001. Amanda, Teacher, Jackson, MS
  1002. The Itinerant Poetry Librarian, Librarian, The Itinerant Poetry Library
  1003. Sheila Cunningham, Librarian, SRJC, Santa Rosa
  1004. Liz Stewart, editor, Saint Paul
  1005. Michel Stoll, Professor, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Augsburg
  1006. Filipe Dasilva, Milton
  1007. Enzo Barone, Udine
  1008. Stephen Ford, University Professor/Librarian, Salisbury, MD
  1009. Joshua Alvarez, Graphic designer, Sven Eighteen, Malmö
  1010. Emiliano Perra, University of Winchester, Winchester
  1011. Steven Jankowski, English Teacher, JET Program, Saza
  1012. Graeme Storey, Retired IT Consultant, Force 10, Lerwick, Shetland
  1013. Charlene Mitchell, Photographer, Escondido
  1014. Karen Casey, Musician, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Memphis
  1015. Bastien, DA, Pont-Saint-Esprit
  1016. Ann Lasko-Harvill, Designer, Olympia
  1017. Dr Marilyn Livingstone, Historian, Self employed, Devon, UK
  1018. Russell Clampitt, Lawyer, None, Long Beach
  1019. Kadri Rebane, Teacher, Laagri Kool, Tallinn
  1020. Sophie Tilgner, Librarian, Ottawa
  1021. Damian Tong, Magician, SRO Entertainment, Pasadena Ca
  1022. Theodore Kuechel, Digital Culturist, Open Education, Leeds
  1023. Simon Tertychniy, Madison
  1024. Tim Schonborn, Engineer, Utrecht
  1025. John Grech, Toronto
  1026. Gareth Madeley, Primary Teacher, Wirral
  1027. Elizabeth Bruce, Content design specialist, Cake Consultancy Ltd, London
  1028. Bruce Venne, QA, Edmonton
  1029. Sara Kramer, Editor/image researcher, Brooklyn, NY
  1030. Mary Feaster, artist/musician, Staten Island
  1031. Sofía Ravone, museologist, Buenos Aires
  1032. Bruce Murray, Penzance
  1033. Lynn Hatfield, Artist, Ventura
  1034. Lauren Sandford, University of Liverpool
  1035. Jeremy Webber, New Orleans
  1036. Ritika Jani, student, Bhubaneswar
  1037. Eric Buck, architect, square one design, Camden, Maine
  1038. Kelly Ludlum, retired, Glendale
  1039. Adam Lawrence, Researcher/Clearances, New York
  1040. George A Pelletier Jr, Esq, Attorney, Suffied
  1041. Sharon Handy, Museum Designer, Saint Petersburg
  1042. Mark Baldridge, Professor, Albright College, Reading, PA
  1043. China Albin, Graphic design, Austin, TX
  1044. Ignacio García Oliver, web developer, CIUDAD AUTONOMA BUENOS AIRES
  1045. Bernadette Ryan, Archivist, Independent Contractor, Dublin
  1046. Travis Brisini, Researcher, LSU, Baton Rouge
  1047. Aviva Weiner, Artist/teacher, Peace Through Art, Los Angeles
  1048. Damon Smith
  1049. Krissy Boswell, Artist, St Louis
  1050. Jessica Cale, Historian, Dirty Sexy History, Greensboro
  1051. Marie Bissonnette, Educator, Catholic Church, Minneapolis
  1052. Fátima São Simão, Professor, University of Porto, Porto
  1053. Cathy Dobson, Meerbusch
  1054. Jeff Doran, T shirt designer, Las Vegas
  1055. Lynn Roof, Beverly Hills
  1056. Lynn Wageler, Writer, BANCROFT
  1057. luka knezevic strika, artist, jednostavno receno, belgrade
  1058. Chantal Cheyrouze, Isle sur la sorgue
  1059. Miguel Ángel Torres, Musician and Illustrator, Freelancer, Guadalajara
  1060. Steve Knoblock, Software Engineer / Citizen Archivist, Folkstreams.net, Washington
  1061. Aleksandra Dunaj, artist, Poznań
  1062. Daniel M Tomasch, Graphic Designer, Eight Point Design, Alexandria
  1063. Michael Milton Holcombe, Artist, Buford
  1064. mariana pliego, illustrator/designer, mexico city
  1065. Emma Lloyd, Writer, New Zealand
  1066. Mogens Winther, Sønderborg
  1067. Jan Kezer, Publisher, Žatec, CZ
  1068. Annelies Kamran, adjunct assistant professor, Suffolk County Community College, Brookhaven
  1069. Ethan Whittet, English Language Specialist, Northeastern University, Boston
  1070. Brendan Whalen, Long Beach, CA
  1071. Debbie Slater, Retired, Bradford on Avon
  1072. Gabe Wigtil, Tucson
  1073. Jason Abdelhadi, Information Architect, Ottawa
  1074. Gregory A Marcy, Artist, Odyssey Studio da Gama, East Falmouth
  1075. Michael Russo, Author and Teacher, None, Prague
  1076. Isabella Leon, Librarian, NOVA, Manassas
  1077. Bram Wasito, Denpasar
  1078. Chris Pikula, trader, Bryn Mawr, PA
  1079. Adam Chapman, Historian, Hildenborough
  1080. roselle levy, retired, boston
  1081. Yrjänä Rankka, Amsterdam
  1082. Julian Waddell, Researcher, Surgo, Ridgewood
  1083. Jillian Kern, Graduate Teaching Fellow, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
  1084. Lisa Barrow, Editor, Albuquerque
  1085. Charity Hendrix, Taft, TN
  1086. Torr Leonard
  1087. Matthew Slusser, Publishing, Wiley, Philadelphia
  1088. KRISTEN HALL-GEISLER, writer, editor, grad student, freelance, Harvard, PORTLAND
  1089. Sean Holland, Writer, Athens
  1090. Brenda Mitchell, Indiana
  1091. Claudia Rangel, Interpreter, Guadalajara
  1092. Scott Saslow, Graphic designer, Van Nuys
  1093. Sandra Grad, BURLINGTON
  1094. Holly Samson Hall, author/artist, Guthrie, OK
  1095. Vivi-Mari Carpelan, artist, Llanidloes
  1096. Katherine Worsham, Upton
  1097. Fintan Coyle, Doctor, LONDON
  1098. Jeffery J. Szudzik, Buffalo
  1099. Nic Tobin, MLS(ASCP)CM, YPSILANTI
  1100. Bryn Truscott, Exeter
  1101. Jim Herren, Retired, Treasure Island
  1102. TOM GILL, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Changeis, Cambridge
  1103. Matt Kresling, Documentarian, Easton, MD
  1104. Luis E. Andrade, Pennsville
  1105. Holly Wrangell, Artist, Perris
  1106. Kris Lachowski, Librarian, Chardon
  1107. James Morthland, retired, Saint Louis
  1108. Corentin, Freelance, Paris
  1109. Anthony Cardinal, software engineer, Chicago
  1110. Lisa Fiorito, Researcher, Seattle
  1111. Megan Gallagher, Tuscaloosa, AL
  1112. Patrick Roney, Retired, Saint Clair Shores
  1113. Anna Radcliffe, Writer/Photographer, Leicester
  1114. Mary G Bradley, Web Guru, Black & Black Surgical, Atlanta
  1115. Aram Vartian, Producer, Detroit
  1116. Nathan Treme, publisher, Highland Paranormal Society, Shreveport
  1117. Anahita Pakbin, Artista, Torino
  1118. Jonathan Bohan, Data Archive Specialist, Ithaca, NY
  1119. Peter Wood, Teacher, University of Mississippi, Oxford
  1120. Johannes Charman, software developer, London
  1121. SOYYO DFG, designer, Roda de Barà
  1122. Corina Bardoff, Librarian, Princeton, NJ
  1123. Jordan Pearce, Engineer, OLI Systems, Inc., The Woodlands, TX
  1124. Peter R. Rasmussen, historian, Copenhagen, Denmark
  1125. Will Shetterly, writer, Minneapolis
  1126. Jim Anderson, Seed Buyer, West Des Moines
  1127. Carmel Galvin, Retired, Noosa
  1128. Jonas Lönborg, Designer, Renard Roux, Espergærde, Denmark
  1129. Robin Ziegler, Docent, Pittsburgh
  1130. Jana, Software Engineer, Berlin
  1131. Carl Anderson, Software Developer, Madison, Wi, USA
  1132. Jen Garcia, Software engineer, Haverstack, Atlanta
  1133. Alex Galt, Hummus Manufacturer, uBu foods, Green Bay
  1134. Anne-Lise Heinrichs, Cat herder, Fens, UK
  1135. Person Araujo, Web designer, personaraujo.com.br, Salvador-Bahia
  1136. Tomasz Lewicki, astronomer, Myself, Świdnica, PL
  1137. Luiz Antonio BUeno Barbosa, Full Stack Developer, Iniciativa Privacidade Digital, Vitória, Brazil
  1138. Seanacey Pierce, Letterpress printer, Kyoto
  1139. Paul Taylor, olive farmer, Xerta
  1140. Ellen Duffer, Managing Editor and Blog Editor, Ploughshares, Boston
  1141. WY Liu, PhD student, Taipei
  1142. Hunter Dukes, Managing Editor, The Public Domain Review, Helsinki
  1143. Brian Jones, Technical Lead, The Public Domain Review, Columbus, OH
  1144. Jonathan Gray, Senior Lecturer, King’s College London, London
  1145. Adam Green, Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief, The Public Domain Review
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