31 May 2022

Open Letter to Liz Truss About The Proposed Ban on So-Called "Conversion Therapy"

Dear Elizabeth Truss MP,

We are writing to you as a group of over 50 registered therapists and trainee therapists who are in support of a full ban on so-called “conversion therapy” practices.

As therapists, we already have an ethical obligation not to practice so-called “conversion therapy”, but we are aware that these harmful practices do take place. In the 2018 National LGBT Survey, 7% of respondents had been subjected to or offered conversion practices. Amongst trans respondents, the figure was higher at 13%.

We are very concerned to see that the government has abandoned their commitment to a ban that includes all LGBTQIA+ people, which leaves trans and non-binary people still vulnerable to these abusive practices.

Likewise, as therapists we also see first hand the incredible life-saving impact of ethical and inclusive therapeutic support for LGBTQIA+ people. This support is not consistently found in health care services in the UK, often forcing this community to seek specialist LGBTQ+ services which may not be locally available, leaving vulnerable people without the help they need (1).

You have already acknowledged that conversion practices do not work and are harmful, and therefore we believe it is essential to implement a full legislative ban as detailed in the briefing by the Ban Conversion Therapy coalition (2) which is available on their website.

According to the government’s response to the recent petition (signed by over 145,000 people), the reason given for the exclusion of gender identity from the current ban is that “those who experience gender dysphoria may seek talking therapy [and] it is vital that legitimate support is not inadvertently impacted.” We believe it is for precisely this reason that a full ban is needed: “legitimate” support can of course include explorative therapy, and clinical standards will not be impacted by a ban. The Memorandum of understanding [MoU] (Version 2) on conversion therapy in the UK (3) sets out that ending converstion therapy "is not intended to deny, discourage or exclude those with uncertain feelings around sexuality or gender identity from seeking qualified and appropriate help." The MoU has been signed by over 25 health, counselling and psychotherapy organisations and we also support it. Coercive and unethical practices must be stopped in order to protect all of our community.

We understand that there will be a Westminster Hall debate on Monday 13 June and we hope you will lend your support to a ban that ensures no one is left at risk of abuse.

We would be glad to discuss this further with you and appreciate your support.

Yours sincerely,

Therapists Against Conversion Therapy and Transphobia (TACTT)

(1) Bachman, C. L., & Gooch, B. (2018) LGBT in Britain: Health Report. Stonewall. Available at https://www.stonewall.org.uk/system/files/lgbt_in_britain_health.pdf.

(2) Briefing: PROTECTING TRANS VICTIMS OF GENDER IDENTITY CONVERSION PRACTICES. Available at https://www.banconversiontherapy.com/s/BCT-briefing_22-April-2022.pdf

(3) Memorandum of Understanding on ConversionTherapy in the UK Version 2 – Update March 2022. Available at https://www.bacp.co.uk/media/14985/memorandum-of-understanding-on-conversion-therapy-in-the-uk-march-2022.pdf.

Update 04 June 2022

Update 4 June 2022

Dear colleagues,

Thanks so much for signing this letter - we're thrilled with the response so far. On Monday we'll send a copy to Liz Truss, as well as sending a link to the "live" letter.

Here are a few points:

  • Please continue to share the link to the letter with other therapists in your own network, or via social media. The more signatures, the greater the impact!

- We've had a small number of signatures marked "anonymous", which unfortunately we'll need to remove before sending. If that's you, thanks for your support: we hope you'll consider re-signing with your name if you feel safe to do so.

- We've also had a small number of signatures from people who are not therapists, or not based in the UK. When we send these to Liz Truss, we'll list these separately as "supporters" of the letter. Thanks for your support, too.

If you would like to take further action against "conversion therapy", please consider individually writing to your own MP here: https://www.banconversiontherapy.com/.

You can also follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/T_ACTT

Thanks for your support! Best wishes,

Therapists Against Conversion Therapy and Transphobia (TACTT)
1,340 verified
  1. Steph Bayley, Counsellor, Biggleswade
  2. Jane Clements, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Northampton
  3. Jay Sharpe, Student Counsellor, London Friend, London
  4. Seamus Corcoran, Lecturer, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent
  5. Denisa Ion, Trainee Counsellor, London Friend, London
  6. Angelika Tobias-Freitag, Student Counsellor, London Friend, London
  7. Jose Veiga, Counselling Coordinator, London Friend, London
  8. Kate Jones, Counsellor, London
  9. Tina Smith, Retired, Bolton
  10. sally allardyce, counsellor, st ives
  11. Jo Power, Art Psychotherapist, Manchester
  12. Jill Dighton, Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Jill Dighton Counselling Service, Cambs
  13. Erin Flood, Art psychotherapist, NHS Bradford city community mental health, Bingley
  14. Blake Coghill, Charity worker, Rswt, Lincoln
  15. Chiana Khindey, Senior support worker, MIND
  16. Amy Sanderson, Art Psychotherapist, BDCFT NHS, Bradford
  17. Dane Duncan, Clinical Psychologist, Narratives of Us & Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
  18. Pablo Van Schravendyk, Psychotherapist, PVS Counselling, London
  19. Addam Merali-Younger, Trainee Counsellor, Bristol
  20. Kaete Robinson, Psychotherapist, BACP, UKCP, London
  21. Carey Dent, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  22. rahil virik, Therapist, Leicester
  23. Samuele Russo, Dramatherapist, London
  24. Sarah Fitzgerald, Psychotherapist, S Fitzgerald Counselling, Manchester
  25. Jen Skelton, Graphic designer, Oxford
  26. L Gale, Trainer, Gendered Intelligence
  27. Cristina Cont, art psychotherapist, RDASH, Doncaster
  28. Jane D T Skelton, Psychotherapist, Pathways Counselling, Cirencester
  29. Susan M Benbow, Systemic psychotherapist, UKCP, Manchester
  30. Matei Dudu, Systemic Family Psychotherapist, Tavistock and Portman NHS trust, Leeds
  31. Michael Rimmer, Counsellor, NHS, Wigan
  32. Susan Bevan, Counsellor, Therapy 4 All, Shropshire
  33. Neil Young, Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, Neil Young Therapy, London
  34. Julie Cole, Counsellor, Private practice, Alton
  35. Lauren Gilchrist, Speech and language therapist, Private practise, Leicester
  36. Annette Strzedulla, Systemic Psychotherapist, London
  37. Beryl Tomlins, Counsellor, Private Practice, London
  38. Heather Oglesby, Counsellor, Heather Oglesby Counselling, Cambridge
  39. Mandy Neilson, Art Psychotherapist, WildsLodge School, Wellingborough
  40. Lisa Hayter, counsellor/ therapist, lisahaytercounselling, London
  41. Charlotte Wong, Counsellor
  42. Francesca Eastman, Psychologist, NHS, London
  43. Amber Mazza, Trainee Counselling Psychologist
  44. Ashley Miller, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, London, London
  45. Helena Blackstone, Trainee therapist, Regent's University, London
  46. B Abrahams, Integrative Counsellor
  47. Milton Sattler, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Milton Sattler Therapy, London
  48. Kieron Beard, Clinical Psychologist, London
  49. Tonia Mihill, Service Manager, NORWICH
  50. Wasi Daniju, Person-centred Therapist, -, London
  51. Christina James, Counsellor, Stevenage
  52. Lily London, Trainee psychotherapist, Transactional analysis Cymru, Glogue
  53. Lorraine Gordon, Trainee Therapist, The Art of Thriving, Cardigan
  54. Katie Bottle, Psychotherapist, Brighton
  55. Jessie Emilion, Psychotherapist, London
  56. Andy Connolly, Counselling Manager, London Metropolitan University, London
  57. Karen Woodley, Counsellor, Karen Woodley, Newport
  58. Tracey Searle, Counsellor, Breath, Swansea
  59. Gia Denis, Trainee Psychotherapist, Regent's University London, London
  60. Hannah Hay, Trainee Psychotherapist, TAC, Ceredigion
  61. Steven Williams, Trainee Psychotherapist, Transactional Analysis Cymru, Haverfordwest
  62. Riccardo Cocco, Trainee Psychotherapist, Transactional Analysis Cymru, Cardiff
  63. Suzanne Holland, Trainee Psychotherapist, Regent's University, London
  64. Helen Groth, Psychotherapist, Cynefin therapy
  65. Leonie McCartht, Therapist, Oundle
  66. Ayan Ali, Therapist, London
  67. Irena Pancer, Trainee psychotherapist, Regent's University, London
  68. Sara Pritchard, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  69. sarah clowes barron, Contractual Trainee CTA (P), Hertfordshire
  70. Eileen McAleer, Psychotherapist, Merseyside
  71. Sharon Harrison, Psychotherapist, London
  72. Will Leifer, Psychotherapist, London
  73. Jacob Choi, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  74. silvana tharratt, Psychotherapist, London
  75. Philippa McQuilton, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
  76. Liz Kaskela, Trainee Therapist, UKCP, London
  77. Rebecca Oaks, Trainee Psychotherapist, Manchester Gestalt Centre, Carnforth
  78. Betsy Garrett, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  79. Flora Cameron, Psychotherapist, London
  80. Charles Gordon-Graham, Counsellor, psychotherapist and lecturer, Redhill
  81. Dr Leslie Lund, Adolescent Psychotherapist, UKCP private practice, East Horsley, Surrey
  82. Margaret Lambert, Psychotherapist, Beckenham
  83. danny porter, Psychotherapist, Gestalt Training, Manchester
  84. Christabel Butler, Higher Accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Self-employed, Cirencester
  85. John Nuttall, Professor of Psychotherapy, Regent's University London; West London Centre for Counselling, London
  86. Monique Hay, Psychotherapist, Deal
  87. Joanne Strong, Psychotherapist, London
  88. Tricia Grace Worthington, Psychotherapist, self employed, BRISTOL
  89. Daljinder Kings, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  90. Sam Clark, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Margate
  91. Kate Shayler, Humanistic Integrative Counsellor, MBACP, Bristol
  92. Shivani Kumar, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
  93. Elizabeth Kent, Clinical Psychologist, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
  94. Zeny Melisssourgaki, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London
  95. Karen-anne Fisher, Pilates Teacher, Beacon Pilates, Bedfordshire
  96. Lorraine King, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, North Staffs Combined Healthcare Trust, Stoke-on-Trent
  97. Timeon Christofides, Humanistic Integrative Counsellor, TalkToTimeon Counselling, London
  98. Dominic PalmerBrown, Trainee therapist, Regents University London, London
  99. Jo Friston, Trainee therapist, Regents university, London
  100. Catherine Gercs, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
  101. Michelle Fisher, Clinical psychologist, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
  102. Emma Covernton, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
  103. Elisabeth Gaunt, Counsellor, Melton Mowbray
  104. Benoit Bertrand-Delfau, Psychotherapist student, London
  105. Jennie Strauss, Student, Regents University, London
  106. Roderic London, Psychotherapist, Birmingham
  107. Áine Doggett-Brookes, Trainee therapist, Regent's University London, Milton Keynes
  108. Francoise Higson, Trainee Psychotherapist, Regent's University, London
  109. The honourable Gabrella Jane Fink, Student, Regents, London
  110. Wren Lou, Psychotherapy Student, Regent’s University London, London
  111. Celia Fraser, Trainee Psychotherapist, ., London
  112. Eleanor Vardy, Trainee Psychotherapist, Regents University., London
  113. Wenjing Wang, Trainee Therapist, Regent's University, London
  114. Emma Downie, London
  115. Dr Tom Kent, Clinical Research Associate/ Clinical Psychologist, University College London, London
  116. Verity McCann, Psychotherapy Student, Metanoia Institute, Cardiff
  117. Stephanie Britton, Trainee Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Nottingham
  118. Hope Sutherland, Trainee counsellor, Huddersfield
  119. Marika Lisowska, Psychotherapetic counsellor, UKCP, Edinburgh
  120. Elizabeth Cooksey, Psychotherapist, GPTI, Salisbury
  121. Lynne Holmes, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  122. Maria Sansone, Specialist Social Worker, London
  123. Paul V Ricketts, Therapist, West Midlands
  124. Gill Cassidy, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, UCKP, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  125. Dave Mann, Psychotherapist, GPTI, Matlock
  126. David Pringle, Counsellor, Devon
  127. Sara Warner, Counsellor, Lewes
  128. Ayhan Alman de la Osa, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  129. Kirsteen Greenhiom, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Edinburgh
  130. Emma Brown, Trainee Counsellor and D&I Consultant, Metanoia, London
  131. Mike Turton, Psychotherapist, GPTI, Colwyn Bay
  132. Miriam Taylor, Psychotherapist, UKCP GPTI UKAGP, Ely
  133. Sharon Beirne, Psychotherapist, GPTI, UKCP, Liverpool
  134. Kate Upshall, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Private Practice, GATESHEAD
  135. Jane Flint, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Melton Mowbray
  136. Simon Stafford-Townsend, Gestalt Psychotherapist, The Bristol Therapist, Bristol
  137. June Heath, Trainee psychotherapist, Swan Project, Bristol
  138. Rachael Penaluna-Robertson, Counsellor, Sutton
  139. Rob Tyson, psychotherapist, Scarborough
  140. Marian O'Donoghue, Counsellor in Training, Metanoia Institute, London
  141. Alessandra Merizzi, Psychotherapist, Gestalt Psychotherapy & Training Institute, Monte San Pietrangeli
  142. Cam Field, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Birmingham
  143. Katy Yule, Gestalt Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Aberdeen
  144. Mae Tang, Trainee Therapist, GPTI, York
  145. Martin Capps, Psychotherapist, Private, Ross-on-Wye
  146. Liane Smith, Chartered Surveyor and Student Therapist, London
  147. Margaret Rosemary, Psychotherapist, GPTI, Sheffield
  148. Lizzie Kelly, Psychotherapist, Self-employed, Oxford
  149. Brian David McMinn, Psychotherapist, Liverpool
  150. Hilary Holford, Psychotherapist, Hilary Holford Counselling and Psychotherapy, Nottingham
  151. Liz Smears, Therapist, Private practice, Liverpool
  152. Peter Philippson, Psychotherapist, Manchester Gestalt Centre, Manchester
  153. Sue Bennington, Counsellor, Doncaster
  154. Lis Hughes Jones, Psychotherapist, Cardiff
  155. Juliet Denham, psychotherapist, Kidderminster
  156. cathy lasher, psychotherapist, nottingham
  157. Paul Lawlor, Social Worker, Hillingdon, London
  158. Sade King, Clinical Psychologist, London
  159. Clare Harland, Psychotherapist, London
  160. Elizabeth A Marshall, Trainee Psychotherapist, The Metanoia Institute, Ealing Abbey Counselling Service, London
  161. Sandro Voi, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Hertfordshire, London
  162. Heather Rosser, Residential care worker, Residential Home, Stoke-on-Trent
  163. Lorenza Carbognani Mackintosh, Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist in training, Metanoia Institute, Oxford
  164. Linda hughes, Counsellor, London
  165. John O'Sullivan, Counsellor, Aycliffe Counselling, Newton Aycliffe
  166. Oliver Jenkin, Career Development Consultant, Budleigh Salterton
  167. Deniz Sarper, Trainee Therapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  168. Kathryn lock giddy, Counsellor
  169. Jessica Blumsom, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Hertfordshire
  170. Henry Lawry, Trainee Counsellor and Musician, Metanoia Institute, London
  171. Teodoro Fragoso, Counsellor, LONDON
  172. Gianbattista Montagna, Psychotherapist, Pink Therapy, London
  173. Phil Kinn, Trainee therapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  174. Pinar Marasli, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, London
  175. Brigitta Anderson, Trainee psychotherapist, London
  176. Arfan Hanif, CEO, Touchstone, Leeds
  177. Rima Sidhpara, Director & Psychotherapist, RHCP Ltd, Leicester
  178. Sanjidah Islam, Trainee psychotherapist, Psychotherabee, Canterbury
  179. Mark David Boden, Counselling Psychologist, NELFT NHS Foundation Trust, London
  180. Emma E Redfern, psychotherapist, Emma Redfern, Honiton
  181. Pippa Fairhead, Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, Brighton
  182. Susanne Hart, Counsellor, Private practice, Bristol
  183. Veronika Orgonova, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  184. Emma Hull, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  185. Emma Palmer, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Bristol
  186. Natalie McMahon, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Hertfordshire
  187. Jessica Neale, Trainee Counsellor, Imperial College London, London
  188. Natalie Carter, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Nantwich
  189. Amy Garrood, Psychologist, NHS, Birmingham
  190. Mari Syrad, Trainee Therapist, Eastbourne
  191. Daniella Russo, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  192. Ben Broad, MH nurse, UoP, Plymouth
  193. Ruth Armitage, Administrator, Touchstone / Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service, Leeds
  194. Rupert Goodman, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London
  195. Charlotte Turner-Smith, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  196. Mihaela Momoiu, Psychotherapist, Mosaic Counselling and Psychotherapy LTD, London
  197. David Quinn, Consultant neuropsychologist, Halliday Quinn Limited, Hereford
  198. Matthew Wood, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  199. Alison Claire Dalal, Psychotherapist, Alison Dalal Therapy, Ealing
  200. Cameron McNee, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  201. Iris Noor, NHS Peer Mentor, Spectra, London
  202. Danielle Fitzhenry, Lecturer, Staffordshire University, Stoke on Trent
  203. Lucia Fernandes, Student counsellor, London
  204. Sameer Munjal, Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Watford
  205. Kae Spencer, Psychotherapist, London
  206. darren cheek, psychotherapist, darrencheek-counselling.co.uk, london
  207. Charlotte Harris, Psychotherapist, Milton Keynes
  208. Simone Taylor, Counsellor, The Nest Southwark, Croydon
  209. Zuleika Gregory, Art Psychotherapist, Cardiff
  210. Jill Salduk, Project Manager, London
  211. Marsha Oza, Psychotherapist, Southwark Counselling and Psychotherapy, London
  212. Amanda Middleton, Systemic Psychotherapist, London
  213. Zoe Foster, Psychotherapist, The Foster Practice, Clanfield
  214. Sabah Choudrey, Trans Youth Worker, Psychotherapist in Training, Hounslow
  215. Jinny Wadsworth, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  216. Miranda Bartholomeou, Therapist, BACP, London
  217. Allison Clough, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Allison Clough Creative Therapy, Sunderland
  218. Muhammad Abdul Moeez Siddiqui, Therapist, BACP, Sutton, UK
  219. Roshan Jadavji, Psychotherapist, Hertfordshire
  220. Polly Ravenscroft, Therapeutic Counsellor, Portsmouth
  221. Malgorzata Milewicz, psychotherapist and academic lecturer, Metanoia Institute, London
  222. Bethany Manning, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  223. Emily Hay, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Eat London, London
  224. Bianca Nardini, Trainee clinical psychologist, London
  225. Jessica Marsh, Clinical Psychologist
  226. Sue Arthur, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia, London
  227. Alison Dart, Psychotherapist and Tutor, Metanoia Institute, Norfolk
  228. Liz McLaren, Psychotherapist and Tutor, Metanoia Institute, London
  229. Paula MacMahon, Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  230. Leila Breckman, Counsellor, Manchester
  231. Jamie Lawson, Trainee therapist, Edinburgh
  232. Tracy Rowberry, Trainee Psychotherapist, SPTI, Nottingham
  233. Helen Skelton, Psychotherapist, Brighton
  234. Leeanne Fowler, Counsellor, Liverpool
  235. Alexandros Bardis, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  236. Ross Robinson, Clinical Psychologist, AWP, Bristol
  237. Issy McCann, Counsellor, Sefton Counselling Service, Liverpool
  238. Andy Curtis, Trainee Counsellor, Bristol
  239. Elizabeth Henshaw, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Bristol
  240. Diego Avila, Psychotherapist, London
  241. Kerry Wilson, Psychotherapist, See the woods, Sheffield
  242. Sarah Phillips, Counsellor, Gloucestershire
  243. Taf Kunorubwe, CBT Therapist, Mindfulness in Reading, Reading
  244. Rebecca Bayliss, Psychotherapist, The Mind Body and Soul Hub, Manchester
  245. Erica Millwood, Trainee Psychotherapist, University of West England, Stratford Upon Avon
  246. Maddie Saunders, Psychologist, Sussex partnership NHS foundation trust, Chichester
  247. Eppie Wells, trainee counsellor, Metanoia, Tunbridge Wells
  248. Anna-Louise Lambie, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Escape Intervention Services, South Shields
  249. Nineb Nersy, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Hertfordshire
  250. Siobhan Snowden, Therapist, London
  251. Karen Swarbrick, Counsellor, Scunthorpe
  252. Kerry, Counsellor
  253. Sara Reynolds, Counsellor, NHS, Kent
  254. Karen Burrows, Occupational therapist, Sutton
  255. Ryan Flynn, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London
  256. Anne-Marie Martin, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Salomons Institute, Colchester
  257. Deborah Ritchie, Trainee Integrative Counsellor, Newman University, Birmingham
  258. Jo Hearn, Counsellor, Metanoia Institute, Gerrards Cross
  259. David Hansen, Counsellor and Counselling Tutor, Leeds
  260. Sam Marriott, Counsellor, STEVENAGE
  261. Seryn Chang, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Central and North West London NHS
  262. Jennifer Deacon, Counsellor and ecotherapist, Your Nature Counselling Practice, Telford
  263. Nisha Chauhan, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Hertfordshire
  264. Olivia Cunningham, Integrative Psychotherapist, Psychotherapist in Private Pracitce, London
  265. Martin Milton, Professor of Counselling Psychology, Regents University London, London
  266. Kate Gidley, Therapist, London
  267. Ashley Cootes, Counsellor/psychotherapist, Private practice, Greater London
  268. Andy Rushton, Counsellor, London
  269. Katie Manson, Student counsellor, Andover
  270. James Cullen, Teacher, London
  271. Elizabeth Foster, Trainee counsellor, York St John University, York
  272. Rossana Ciminale, Trainee therapist, Metanoia, London
  273. Rowan Long, Counsellor, Rowan Long Counselling, Bath
  274. Allan Clayton, counsellor, Allan Clayton counsellor & coach, leeds
  275. Nisa Burston, Trainee integrative psychotherpist, Metanoia institute, Redditch
  276. Cecilia Covella, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, SurvivorsUK, Accessibility in Therapy, Leeds
  277. Sarah Venis, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  278. Dawn Baird, Therapist in Advanced Training
  279. Maria stride, Counsellor, Taking Strides Counselling, Weston-super-Mare
  280. Luana Lamantea, Counsellor, London
  281. Jackie Rowanly, Counsellor, private practice, Stroud
  282. Hannah lamplough, Assistant psychologist, BEH mental health trust, London
  283. Katy McSparron, Student Counsellor, Keele University, Carmarthen
  284. Rhii Kemp-davies, Clinical Sexologist, PONTYPRIDD
  285. Jennifer Zinser, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Surrey & Borders Partnership, London
  286. claudia voss, Counsellor, Private practice, Oxford
  287. Nick Brownjohn, Counsellor, Preston
  288. Elisabetta Romani, Psychotherapist, ElisabettaRomaniTherapy, London
  289. Rachel Gould, Counsellor, LSHTM, Brighton
  290. Tracy Hutchings, Counsellor, Private Practice, Ipswich
  291. Maureen Lillian Macleod, Counsellor, Free Psychotherapy Network, Lossiemouth
  292. Christine Carty, Trainee counsellor, Huddersfield
  293. Sam Eastwood, Counsellor, Rushden
  294. chrissie hinde, gestalt therapist, self employed, sheffield
  295. Cath Malone, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Cumbria
  296. Maya Mukaeml, Counselling Pychologist, Psychotherapist, Director of Studies, Metanoia Institute, London
  297. Jamieson Elizabeth, Therapeutic Counsellor, Channel Counselling Service, Dover
  298. Aman Sidhu, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  299. Terri Tivey, Therapist, Fleet
  300. Michael Cousin, Art Psychotherapist, Cardiff
  301. LJ Loveys Jervoise, trainee therapist, london
  302. Dianne Foy, Counsellor, Dianne Foy Counselling, Renfrewshire
  303. Pamela Frith, Counsellor, Willow Tree Counselling, Market Rasen
  304. Kerry Forster, Counsellor, Durham
  305. Brennan Holt, counsellor, East Sussex college group, hove
  306. Dr Mark Widdowson, Senior lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy, University of Salford, Manchester
  307. Dan Angel, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Private practice and NHS, Ryde
  308. Cherry Smith, Psychotherapist, Self-employed, Sheffield
  309. Philip Wood, Psychologist & Psychotherapist, Minster Centre, London
  310. Pete Sims, Counsellor, Psychotherapist and EMDR Therapist, TALK - Practice, Bangor
  311. Talia Cox, Trainee therapist and civil servant, Metanoia Institue, London
  312. Karen Stone, Director adults learning dusabilities, Opportunty knocks, Derby
  313. Jessie Holder, Integrative Arts Psychotherapist / Specialist Trans Counsellor, London
  314. Elizabeth Shorts, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  315. Angelo Brieussel, Psychotherapist, MBACP, London
  316. Sue Heap, Psychotherapist and supervisor, UKCP, London
  317. Deborah Fyrth, Counsellor, Sunbury-on-Thames
  318. Katharine Boaden, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  319. Daisy Claxton-Pearce, Counsellor, Eating Matters, Norwich
  320. Julie de Rohan, Psychotherapist, eatonomy, Norfolk
  321. TALLULAH TURNEY, Counselling student, Metanoia, LONDON
  322. Jo De Bruyne, Counsellor, Jo De Bruyne Counselling, Nuneaton
  323. Elvis Langley, Psychotherapista dn Counselling Psychologist, Metanoia Institute, London
  324. Sam Feeney, Counsellor/psychotherapist, Reg. MBACP, Cambridgeshire
  325. Dr Michael Beattie, Counselling Psychologist, drmbeattie.com, London
  326. Iggy Robinson, Psychotherapist, London
  327. Dan Cohen, Trainee psychotherapist, The Minster Centre
  328. Bruce Edhouse, Psychotherapist, All Is Calm Counselling & Psychotherapy, Leicester
  329. James Price, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia, London
  330. Param Singh Sahni, Recovery Worker, CGL, Harrow
  331. Ben Osborne, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia, London
  332. Hilary Moors, Psychotherapist, Edinburgh
  333. Jessica Queree, Trainee therapist, London
  334. Rebecca Wearmouth, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Welwyn Garden City
  335. Abigail Durling, School counsellor, Laurus, Manchester
  336. Lorna A Fulton, psychotherapist, Lorna Fulton Therapy, London
  337. Geoff Norton, Trainee counsellor, York St John University, York
  338. Debbie Thomas, Trainee Therapist, Metanoia, HENLEY-ON-THAMES
  339. Gabriella Hollosy, Trainee psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  340. Julie Elliott, Psychotherapist, Self employed, Thurlaston
  341. Peter Thomas, Psychotherapist, Self employed, London
  342. Anonymous, Psychotherapist in Advanced Clinical Training, withheld
  343. David Chalmers, Trainee psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  344. Nate Speare, Therapist, Bristol
  345. Evelyn Aldous, Couples Therapist/Coach, Evelyn Aldous Ltd, London
  346. Ursula Spindler, Trainee psychotherapist, Minster Centre, London
  347. Martha Dunkley, Psychotherapist, cliniQ CIC, London UK
  348. Geoff Kaile, Counsello, Recipe for life, Folkestone
  349. Durham Bradford, Supported Housing Officer, Rochdale
  350. Ruth Atacocugu, Trainee Counsellor, York St John University, York
  351. Patricia Conlon, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  352. David Cooper, Trainee Therapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  353. Dr Nichols Marchant, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Ruby Psychological Services, Ambergate
  354. Nathaniel Grant, Trainee Counsellor, Stoke on Trent
  355. Graeme Mearns, Teacher, Crediton
  356. SAMANTHA MCDONNELL, Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Metanoia Institute, London
  357. James McWilliams, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Self Employed, London
  358. Abby Bradley, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  359. Mairi Smith, Psychotherapist, Staffordshire University, Matlock
  360. Ailsa Murray, Student, N/a, Newton Abbot
  361. Rosa Elinor-Risemhead, Trainee psychotherapist, The Bowlby Centre, London
  362. Ms Georgia Hackett, Psychotherapist, Self employed, hove
  363. Wendy Collidge, Psychotherapist, LONDON
  364. Isabella Evans-Zoltowski, Trainee psychotherapist, Regents’s University, London
  365. Mhonh Bancyr-De-Angeli, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  366. David Peacock, Counsellor, Surrey
  367. Jonathan Falcone, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Self-employed, London
  368. Isabelle Houart, Trainee Counsellor, Metanoia institute, London
  369. Agnieszka Jankowska, psychotherapy trainee, Metanoia Institute, London
  370. DR ANTHONY NEWTON, Psychologist, NHS, London
  371. Rosie Cope, Student psychologist and teaching assistant, University of Roehampton, Cambridge
  372. Heather Rai, Psychotherapist, Nottingham
  373. Poonam Kalsi, Trainee psychotherapist, Metanoia institute, Ascot
  374. Rosie Seely, Trainee Counsellor, Metanoia Institute, London
  375. Yvonne Munro, Psychologist, Nuremberg
  376. Natasha Grigorov, Counsellor, Berkhamsted
  377. Ronaldo Stroppa, Psychotherapist, London
  378. Albie Cornell, Psychotherapist, London
  379. Jo Hawkes, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  380. Magali Font, Psychotherapist, London
  381. Amy Ryles, Trainee therapist, Metanoia, London
  382. Fiona Harnett, CHALFONT ST. GILES
  383. Alexandra Cooper, Trainee Psychotherapist, Regent’s University, London
  384. Anna Kharbanda, Trainee therapist, Minster Centre, London
  385. Mark Harrison, Counsellor, self employed, Chester
  386. Louise Gungaram, Counsellor, Nottingham
  387. Pam Wooller, Psychotherapist, Manchester
  388. Louisa Kaplin, Psychotherapist, Tyne & Wear
  389. Kelly Tomlinson, Student Counsellor, YSJ University, York
  390. sanaz mohebpour, Mental health Counsellor, The Bowlby centre, Watford
  391. Amelie Gouzer, Training therapist, Bowlby Centre, London
  392. Laura Simmons, Psychotherapist, Aboyne
  393. Heather Southall, Counsellor, Bristol
  394. Michael Reid, Student, Widnes
  395. Marilyn Mckenzie, Psychotherapist, Marilyn Mckenzie counselling, London
  396. Ken Clarke, Psychotherapist, London
  397. Michele Kirschstein, Psychotherapist, London
  398. Sorcha Jones, London
  399. Catherine W Hoyland, Chartered Psychologist, London
  400. Beth Shelley, Trainee Counsellor, BACP, Chester
  401. Elizabeth Murray, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainee Counsellor, Doncaster
  402. Sue Byrne, Counsellor, Chobham
  403. Alison Drury, Psychotherapist, Warwick
  404. Michelle Castle, Counsellor, Michelle Castle Counselling Services, Manchester
  405. Maddy Riley, Trainee psychologist, University of Plymouth, Starcross Exeter
  406. Nikki king, Counsellor, Nikki king counselling, Leatherhead
  407. Alex Thomas, Psychotherapist, at ease therapy, Holywell
  408. Kelsey Loney, Qualified Psychotherapist, Bacup
  409. Simon Littlejohn, Counsellor, Simon Littlejohn Counselling, Newark-on-Trent
  410. Samantha Mulholland, Psychotherapist, Sheffield
  411. laura Summers
  412. Rose Stanford, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Tring
  413. Cindy Barnes, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Marlow
  414. Catherine Hiscutt, CBT therapist, Talking Change, Portsmouth
  415. Jenny Hamilton, Counsellor, BACP, Lincoln
  416. Diane Porterfield, Menopause nurse specialist, Bourne2care, Stourport on Severn
  417. Peachey Lois, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Norwich
  418. Kirsty Horne, Counsellor, Bradford
  419. Madeleine Parkin, Play Therapist, Essex
  420. Tess Brooks, Psychotherapist, Starlight therapy, Bristol
  421. Mary Starke, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, East Meadow, NY
  422. Megan Patterson, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, London
  423. Callum Crouch, Trainee Psychotherapist, The Minster Centre, London
  424. Zoe Hardie, Trainee psychotherapist, Regents, London
  425. Cassandra Geisel, Community co-production officer, suicide prevention, Rethink mental illness, London
  426. Sunny Hayer, Trainee psychotherapist, Regents University, London
  427. Jules Haley, Counsellor, London
  428. Debi Millar, Children's Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, Sunderland Community CAMHS, Hebburn
  429. Charlotte Hughes, Therapist, Bournemouth
  430. James Hodgkinson, Student, Derbyshire
  431. Tina Baston, Therapist, Dromore County Down
  432. Kate Hardy, Psychotherapist, TA Healing Journey, Aberystwyth
  433. Tom Robson, Psychotherapist, Leicester
  434. Josephine Shaw, Trainee Psychotherapist, Regent's University, London
  435. Aidan Flinn, Assistant Psychologist, GMMH, Liverpool
  436. Annette Braun, Therapist, London
  437. Simon Carmichael, Therapist, Belfast
  438. Natasha Eapen
  439. Marley Raven
  440. Helen Dale, Counsellor
  441. peter palumbo, Psychotherapist, Focus counselling, Hull
  442. Cathryn MacLeod, Therapist, BACP, Warwick
  443. Alex Mckevitt, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  444. Dan Knowles, Psychotherapist, Stoke on Trent
  445. Alex Monteith, Trainee counsellor
  446. Paula Williams, Psychotherapist, Edinburgh
  447. Sophia Prevezanou, Psychotherapist, London
  448. Lorraine Keane, Therapeutic Counsellor, Cornwall
  449. Tomazia Galhardo, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Camden and Islington NHS Trust, London
  450. Adam Draper, Psychotherapist, Rhizome Practice, North Devon
  451. Lydia Ewins, Drug Counsellor, DECCA/ Sandwell Childrens Trust, Smethwick
  452. Charlie Bamford, Clinical psychologist, CAMHS, Wolverhampton
  453. Mandeep Ahluwalia, Psychotherapist, CNWL NHS, Buckinghamshire
  454. Zinnia Butler, Nurse/Trainee Psychosexual Therapist, London
  455. Alison Baker, Nurse and Trainee Counsellor, Keele University, Telford
  456. Craig Hutchison, Counsellor / Psychotherapist, The Person Centre, Edinburgh
  457. Julian-Pascal Saadi, Counselling Psychologist, SLaM NHS Foundation Trust, London
  458. James Deaville, Person-centred counsellor in training, Keele University, Keele
  459. Jannine Duffy, Counsellor, Manchester
  460. Nikita Poli, Trainee counsellor, York St John Communities Centre, York
  461. Nequita, Trainee therapist, Newport
  462. Bernard Sharp, Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  463. Heather Wooding, Counsellor, Compassionate Counselling UK, Liverpool
  464. Toni Richardson, Play Therapist & Counsellor, Online & Bristol Counselling, Bristol
  465. Toni Rhoden, Psychotherapist, Toni Rhoden Psychotherapy, Bath
  466. Ms Abigail Rowan, Psychotherapist, Bradford
  467. McVarnock Philomena, Retired, Belfast
  468. Megan. Davies, Trainee counsellor, NA, Macclesfield
  469. Skye McDade-Burn, Child Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, London
  470. Beverley Hanley, Counsellor, Dewsbury
  471. Abbie, Therapist, Leicester
  472. Steve Watt, Counsellor, Preston
  473. Dr Phil Cox, Psychologist
  474. Jess Wright, Trainee Psychotherapist, Bristol
  475. Rosie Leach, Trainee Dramatherapist, London
  476. Treasa Foley, Trainee counsellor, Exeter
  477. Rick Hall, Trainee therapist, Stoke on Trent
  478. Zoe Mcculloch, student, glasgow
  479. Siobhan Toner, Counsellor, London
  480. Samantha Moore, Student counsellor, Myself, Alsager
  481. Juliet lyons, Child Psychotherapist
  482. Freya Parr, Dramatherapist, Tonbridge, Kent, UK
  483. Tom Cawthorne, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Royal Holloway, University of London
  484. Clare Abbotts, Trainee Counsellor, Staffordshire
  485. Amy Calderbank, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS
  486. Roxy Denny, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Plymouth
  487. Clive Patrick Nolan, Psychotherapist in Clinical Training, Clive Patrick Psychotherapy, Gwynedd
  488. Angela Connealy, Trainee counsellor, London
  489. Emma Taylor, London
  490. Elliot Nelson, Trainee Counsellor, Heart and Mind London, London
  491. Mags Linster, Trainee counselor, Sw9 9ad
  492. Annie Anderton, Counsellor, Gloucester
  493. Colette Eaton, Counsellor, Preston
  494. Zoe Varley, Counsellor, Hull rape crisis, Hull
  495. Angela Kelly, Counsellor, London
  496. Morven Cuthbertson, Counsellor, Fife
  497. Bima loxley, Therpist, London
  498. Anna Rokakis, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Surrey, London
  499. Nick Jones, CBT therapist, LIVERPOOL
  500. Matthew owen, Psychotherapist, Terc ltd, Manchester
  501. Nicole Reed, Counsellor, Kent
  502. Jaq Athorn, Trauma Worker, ACE, Lancashire
  503. Maria Albertsen, Psychotherapist, CTUK, Newcastle
  504. Elaine miller, Integrative counsellor, Bristol
  505. Caroline Baillie, Psychotherapist, Stroud
  506. Debbie Lewis, Counsellor, Manchester
  507. Zoe Burnett, Board member, International society for psychotherapists and counsellors, Branston
  508. Josephine Finnegan, Volunteer, Na, Liskeard
  509. Rosie Thewlis, Trainee psychotherapist, The Bowlby Centre, London
  510. Sue Stinchcomb, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Wellness Matters, Wallasey
  511. Claire Finnegan-Vyse, Counsellor, Cornwall
  512. Susy Putnam, Counsellor, Simply Counselling, Plymouth
  513. Ria Gledhill, Counsellor, Yorkshire
  514. Carole Demuth, Counselling Supervisor, Simply Counselling
  515. Laura G, Support Worker, Doncaster
  516. Jane Blackhurst, Psychotherapist, Conscious Liiving, Gloucestershire
  517. Chelsea Parsonage, Mental Health Therapist, Health Assured, London
  518. Jo Armstrong, Counsellor, Buckfastleigh
  519. Dawn Hindle, Trainee Counsellor, Staffordshire University, Peak District
  520. Vanessa Kroll, Play and creative arts therapist, , Bury St Edmunds
  521. Nathan Jenkins, Therapist, London
  522. Claire Furbey, Counsellor, Sheffield
  523. Jacqui Light, Counsellor, Brighton
  524. Jessica Riley, Therapist, Ormskirk
  525. Georgina laing, Student therapist, Minster centre, London
  526. Julia Rizzolo, Therapist, Private practice, London
  527. Chris Thomas, Counsellor, Simply Counselling CIC, Plymouth
  528. Matthew Metcalf, Therapist, Preston
  529. anonymous
  530. Rachel Groome, Therapeutic Counsellor, Llanymynech
  531. Fiona Ball, Counsellor, Fiona Ball, BRACKNELL
  532. Francesca Hopkins, Trainee Counsellor, London
  533. Monica Gallo, Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapist, Sheffield
  534. Sarah Nayeem, Psychiatrist, Brooklyn
  535. Alisha Sheikh-Waleed, Trainee therapist, Middlesbrough
  536. Briony Martin, Counsellor, self employed, LEEDS
  537. Juliet McKenzie, Business Consultant, Sheffield
  538. Emmanuelle Smith, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist in training, LONDON
  539. John Barton, Psychotherapist, Self-employed, London
  540. Aliénor Lemieux-Cumberlege, Applied Psychologist, NHS Lothian, Edinburgh
  541. Adam Waters, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, STEVENAGE
  542. Violet Baker, Counsellor, Private practice, Oldham
  543. Ruqayah Sarwar, Counselling Student, Keele, Stoke
  544. Caroline Harrison, Psychotherapist, Self-employed, Oxford
  545. Ruth Jenni, Counsellor, Oakflower Counselling, Dartington
  546. Jake Yearsley, Counsellor, Self employed, Reading
  547. Anna Demery, Clinical psychologist, Private practice, London
  548. Fiona Start, Counsellor, London
  549. Lizzie Wedderburn, Counsellor, Exeter
  550. Dianne Markham, Psychotherapist, Ayr
  551. Marie-Therese, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Coruscate Counselling, Scotland/Leeds
  552. Jenny Yates, Psychotherapist, Counselling Warwickshire, Stratford-Upon-Avon
  553. Marcella Kapsokavadi, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Sheffield
  554. Julian Russell, Psychotherapist, Coach, Trainer, PPD Consulting Ltd, London
  555. Tom Edwards, Trainee Counsellor, London
  556. Calum Murray, Trainee Psychologist, Nhs, Manchester
  557. Hannah Thornhill, Manchester
  558. Fiona Ryan, Counsellor, Nottingham
  559. Lotte Van Kouwen, Psychotherapist, Thought house, London
  560. Eastwood Sarah, Counsellor, Rotherham
  561. Susanna Beck, Coach and Trainee Therapist, London
  562. Hannah Gregory, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Liverpool
  563. Sarah king, Counsellor, None, Bedford
  564. Amanda Salvara, Counsellor and Coach, Creative Quadrants Ltd, Croydon
  565. Jax Ayling, Counsellor, Jax Ayling Counselling & Supervision Services, Bury St. Edmunds
  566. Jean Thirkettle, Counsellor, Private practice, Cirencester
  567. Laura, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Leeds
  568. Ruth Elias Jones, Counsellor, Finchley Therapy Practice, Barnet
  569. Shoban Adam, Trainee Associate Psychological Practitioner, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Stockport
  570. anonymous
  571. Oliver Thompson, Trainee Counsellor, Headstrong Counselling, Wakefield
  572. Chloe Slater, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Birmingham
  573. Elisa Liberati, Trainee psychotherapiat, The Minster Centre, Cambridge
  574. Megan Woods, Trainee Psychotherapist, Newcastle-under-Lyme
  575. Kim Jackson-Blott, Clinical psychologist, Oxford
  576. Maureen Fanning, Therapist, Relationship South Devon, Dartmouth
  577. RGunning, Trainee Psychotheraputic Counsellor, Northern Guild, Cumbria
  578. Richard English, therapist, London
  579. Patricia Harragin, Psychotherapist, Stroud
  580. Mary Lynne Ellis, Psychotherapist, Perspectives Psychotherapy, London
  581. Susannah Willcox, Counsellor, London
  582. Anna Thomas, Therapeutic counsellor, London
  583. Viki Dimopoulos, BACP Registered Counsellor
  584. Gillian Bush, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Lincolnshire NHS Foundation Trust, Scunthorpe
  585. Hazel North, Counsellor, Weymouth
  586. Huw Rees, Trainee Psychotherapist, The Minste Centre, London
  587. Rosie Freeman, Counsellor, Private practice, Peterborough
  588. Julia Godden, Stroud
  589. Vicky Bamber, Trainee clinical psychologist, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool
  590. Carina Palmer, OCD therapist, Livedexperienceocdtherapy, Basildon
  591. Angharrad Cater, Student Counsellor, BACP, Cardiff
  592. Charlotte Cooper, Clinical Psychologist, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool
  593. Susi, Trainee clinical psychologist, Nhs, London
  594. Bex Mullins-Smith, Trainee Therapist, Minster Centre, London
  595. Carrie White, Psychotherapist, Catalyst, Bristol
  596. Tim Callen, Trainee clinical psychologist, SABP NHS TRUST, London
  597. Mary Clair Kelly, Therapist, BACP, Caterham
  598. Helen Jack, Trainee therapist, London
  599. Jo Benians, trainee therapist, The Minster Centre, London
  600. Trina Driver, Counsellor, Private practice, GLOS
  601. Jing Yi, Student, Keele University, Newcastle
  602. Sally Bentley, Trainee counsellor, Keele University, Nantwich
  603. Keith Whalley, Counselling Student, Keele University, Newcastle
  604. Tommy Silvester, Counsellor, Brighter Teaching, Shropshire
  605. David Fox, Trainee Tantra Teacher, T4GM, London
  606. Beth Glanville, Psychotherapist, Dorking
  607. Sandeep Rai, Trainee Counsellor, Birmingham
  608. Maz Martell, Counselling Supervisor, Bristol MIND, Stonehouse
  609. Georgia, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, NHS, York
  610. Sophie Lee, Trainee Clinical Psychology, Newton abbot
  611. Anton Barnwell, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Surrey (SABP NHS), Southampton
  612. Amy Day, Counsellor, Number 22, Slough
  613. Kellie Bannister, Counsellor, Private practice, London
  614. Angela Barrows, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, SHEFFIELD
  615. Hannah Cunliffe, Wellbeing worker and counsellor in training, Spider, Brain Charity, Liverpool
  616. Anna murray, Trainee counsellor, Keele university, Sandbach
  617. roisin salt, Trainee clinical psychologist, NHS, Plymouth
  618. Darcy Crook, Trainee Counsellor, Newcastle-under-Lyme
  619. Sian Fletcher, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  620. Catherine Cross, Counsellor, Catherine Cross Counselling, Rochester
  621. Samantha Holden, Trainee clinical psychologist, University of Plymouth, Cornwall
  622. Liza Heatley, Psychotherapist, Marldon
  623. Sarah Field, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Cardiff
  624. Patrick Chapman, Lab steward, Grimsby
  625. Eugene Farrar, Counsellor in training, YSJU, Harrogate
  626. John Kelleher, Actor, London
  627. Lizette Nolte, Clinical Psychologist, University of Hertfordshire, St Albans
  628. Jake Hollis, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Surrey, Brighton
  629. Vikki Chalklin, Counsellor, Spectra, London
  630. Aoife Drury, Psychosexual Therapist, Drury Therapy, Wicklow/London
  631. Alison Cooney, Counsellor, Safe Space Therapy Ltd, Nottingham
  632. Naomi Studden, Counsellor, Phoenix Therapy, Gloucester
  633. H Jones, Bristol
  634. Matthew Haywood, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, London
  635. Rebecca Parkden, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Plymouth, Cornwall
  636. Bina, Psychologist
  637. Dorothy Hodgkinson, Trainee therapist, advocate, company director, Finding Perspectives, York
  638. Carl Taylor, Psychologist, Psychology & Psychotherapy Services Ltd, London
  639. Hollie Blanchard, Art Therapist, British Association of Art Therapists, Grimsby
  640. Susie Green, CEO, Mermaids, Leeds
  641. Joy Brooks, Psychotherapist, NHS, Leicester
  642. Caroline Crane, Counsellor, Private Practice, Chatteris
  643. Caz Binstead, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Co-lead #TherapistsConnect. MBACP MNCS, Private practice, London
  644. Charlotte Haylock, Highly Specialist Counselling Psychologist, Gender identity clinic, London
  645. Emma Dresner Barnes, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Art Psychotherapist, Leeds
  646. Samuel Herbert, Psychotherapist, NHS, London
  647. Amandine de Schaetzen, Trainee Psychotherapist, elop, London
  648. Louise Deane, Counsellor, Self employed, Devon
  649. Oriana Johnson, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Manchester
  650. Jenny O'Gorman, Psychodynamic Counsellor, Gloucestershire Counselling Service, Gloucester
  651. Peter John Blundell, Counsellor/Psychotherapist & Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool
  652. David Humeniuk, Counsellor, Red Earth Counselling, Dartmouth
  653. Camilla Giachero, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, London
  654. Mrs L S DOUGAN, Psychotherapist
  655. Georgia Alker, Trainee Counsellor, York St John university, York
  656. Kimberley Graham, Counsellor, Great Yarmouth
  657. Hannah-Phoebe Bowen, Counsellor, private practice, London
  658. Martina Mukerji, Counsellor, Surrey
  659. Amandeep Kaur, Specialist Psychological Practitioner, BSMHFT, NHS, Birmingham
  660. Richard Partridge, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Health Care - NHS, Wem
  661. Jaimie Cahlil, psychotherapist, Jaimie Cahlil - Psychotherapy, Cheltenham
  662. Ulrike Roloff-Standring, Psychotherapist, Self-employed, Bristol
  663. Wendy Priscott, Psychotherapy, Wendy Priscott Psychotherapy, Manchester
  664. Polly Mortimer, librarian, MInster, London
  665. Andrew Sutton, London
  666. Ben Stewart, Trainee psychotherapist, The Minster Centre, London
  667. Lorraine Haye, Clinical psychologist, NHS, Liverpool
  668. Georgina Merry, Integrative Psychotherapist, NHS, London
  669. Jenny Pummell, Counsellor, York
  670. Joan Fogel, Group-analytic psychotherapist, Please select, London
  671. Eileen Wood, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, UoB, Northamptonshire
  672. Denise Gregory, Counsellor, Yate
  673. Ed Sammons, Counsellor, London
  674. William Lax, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, NHS, London
  675. Elizabeth Baker, Psychotherapist, Stroud
  676. Chris Clark, Counsellor, Chris Clark Therapy, Cardiff
  677. Jodie Jose, Trainee Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Plymouth Marjon University, Cornwall
  678. Raul Aparici, Trainee Psychotherapist, The Gestalt Centre, London
  679. David Frost, Psychotherapist, Manorhouse Therapy, Stroud
  680. William Cox, Counsellor in Training, York
  681. Rebecca kearney, Trainee counsellor, York St. John university, York
  682. Stacey Duke, Social Worker and C B Psychotherapist, NHS, BIRMINGHAM
  683. Gabrielle Sharples, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, Hayes
  684. Monte Fields, Psychotherapist, London
  685. Kirstine hunter, Counsellor, ELOP, London
  686. Kathy Carter, Trainee counsellor, Bacp, Maidstone
  687. Caroline, Trainee Counsellor, Sheffield
  688. Naomi Moller, Professor of Psychology and Counselling, The Open University, UK, Milton Keynes
  689. Victoria Kempleton, Therapist, Weston Super Mare
  690. Katina Noble, Therapist, Bristol
  691. Jemima Jefferson, Coach and Mental Health trainer, Self employed, London
  692. Karen Macmillan, Counsellor, Brighton
  693. Judy Hemmons, Psychotherapist, Nailsworth
  694. Emma chapman, Counsellor, Private practice, Cheshire
  695. Jamie de Carvalho, Psychotherapist, Therapy by Jamie, Bristol
  696. Hugh Price, Counsellor, Harbour Drug and Alcohol Services, Plymouth
  697. Ben Dobson, Therapist/ RMN, University of Plymouth, Plymouth
  698. zita cox, Psychotherapist, Zita Cox, Stroud and London
  699. Donna Maria Bottomley, Psychotherapist
  700. Jennifer Davies-Owen, Psychotherapist, Jen Davies-Owen Counselling, Coaching and Training, Wigan
  701. Alison Wren, Art Psychotherapist, Edinburgh
  702. Annie Bird, London
  703. M a bielenky, Psychotherapist, Stroud
  704. LouAnne Lachman, psychotherapist, Energy Counselling, Bristol
  705. Carolyn Beddows, Trainee associate psychologist, Pennine care
  706. Irene Dudley-Swarbrick, Creative Psychotherapist
  707. Joanna Ede, Clinical Associate Psychologist, NHS CAMHS, Cornwall
  708. Christa Welsh, Psychotheraist, Blackspine, London
  709. Gabriela Enache, Counselling Psychologist, GIDS, LONDON
  710. Aylish McFarlane, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow
  711. Siouxsie Bytheway, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Stroud
  712. Andrew Bould, Therapist, University of Nottingham, DERBY
  713. Anna Pester, Director of Studies, BSc programme, Metanoia Institute, Brighton
  714. Angela Walker, Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Bristol
  715. Patricia Lynch, Counsellor, York Womens Counselling Service, YORK
  716. Rachel Sharp, Counsellor, self employed, Bristol
  717. Andrew Harvey, Cousnellor, CSN, Nottingham
  718. Stephanie, Psychotherapist, London
  719. Therese Rush, COUNSELLOR, TR Counselling, Sutton
  720. Ros Wolf, Counsellor, Self employed, London
  721. Lisa Anthony, Counsellor, Self employed, Liskeard
  722. Jessica Lewis, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University College London, London
  723. Teresa Dowson, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Private practice and Bee Released counselling for carers CIC, Fareham
  724. Martin Poole, Psychotherapist, Wirral Therapist, Wallasey
  725. Polly McAfee, psychosexual and relationship therapist, Devon
  726. Charles Neal, Hastings
  727. Sheila McCarthy-Dodd, Severn Talking Therapy, Psychotherapist
  728. Rebecca Goff, Clinical Associate Psychologist, Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust, Penzance
  729. Lucy Cooper, Counseling/Psychotherapy Lecturer, Plymouth Marjon University, Plymouth
  730. Roger Whitton, Psychotherapist, NewStart Counselling, Swindon
  731. Dr Kellie Turner, Clinical Psychologist, Newport, Wales
  732. Lucy Kilshaw, Assistant Psychologist, Tavistock and Portman NHS trust, Leeds, Leeds
  733. Zoe thomas, Senior practitioner, Hertfordshire partnership nhs trust, Stevenage
  734. Ruth Brooks, Associate psychologist, Camhs, Truro
  735. Kathryn Marshall, Psychotherapist, York Women's Counselling Service, YORK
  736. Lisa Grant-Stuart, Psychologist, South Africa
  737. Kay Gittins, Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, Nhs, Birmingham
  738. Natasha Byrne, Natasha Byrne, Stroud
  739. Gemma Green, Counsellor, Portsmouth
  740. Martin Sawers, Psychotherapist, Bristol
  741. Jo king, Psychotherapist, Stourbridge
  742. Natasha Wilson, Psychotherapist, Private Psychotherapy practice, Stroud
  743. Beryl sanderson, Family therapist, Tavistock and Portman NHS trust, Leeds
  744. Libby Marshall, Counsellor, Stroud
  745. Laura Keeling
  746. Christos Chatzigiannis, Classics Researcher, University of Leeds, York
  747. Lauren Williams, Trainee Psychological Practitioner, Pennine Care, Greater manchester
  748. Kim Mitchell, Counsellor and EMDR therapist, Bristol
  749. Lauren williams, Psychologist, Pennine care, Rochdale
  750. Corinne Tatem, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow
  751. Darren Reynolds, Clinical Psychologist, GUY'S AND ST THOMAS' NHS FOUNDATION TRUST, London
  752. Helen Gilbert, Psychotherapist, Brighton
  753. Rebecca Bogue, Trainee therapist, The Minster Centre, LONDON
  754. Fran Christian, Trainee therapist, UWE, Bristol
  755. R Banham, Trainee therapist, The Minster Centre, London
  756. Nathan Simmonds-Buckley, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  757. Holly Cassidy, Psychotherapist, London
  758. Laura McGuinness, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Newcastle
  759. Georgia winder, TAPP, Nhs, Preston
  760. Enid Welford, Psychotherapist, MANCHESTER
  761. Abigail Cooke, Trainee counsellor, University of Leeds, York
  762. Lucy Manning, Assistant Psychologist, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, London
  763. Andrea Summers, Counsellor, Southsea
  764. Louise Ogilvie, Counsellor, London
  765. Maddy Aulakh, Trainee counsellor, University of West of England, Bristol
  766. Michael Bird, HR Manager / Trainee Psychotherapist, AUKLS, London
  767. Jessica Murray, Psychotherapist, Self employed, Bristol
  768. Sarah Renouf, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow
  769. Una Masic, Research Psychologist, London
  770. Alex Johnson, Art Psychptherapist, The Apple Tree Centre, SHEFFIELD
  771. Lynne Lacock, Counsellor, York
  772. Marisa Jakab, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Private Practice, Brighton
  773. Neil Weston, Counsellor & Mentor, Cambridge
  774. Margaret Gibney, Therapist & Mental Health Advocate, CAUSE NI & Start 360, Belfast
  775. suzanne keys, school counsellor, London
  776. Izzy James, Trainee associate psychological practitioner, NHS, Stockport
  777. Melanie Michelson, Person-Centred Therapist, Private Practice, London
  778. Nathan Bettany, Music Therapist, Sheffield
  779. Rebecca Clitsome, Therapist, Trade Sexual Health, Leicester
  780. Jack Horgan-Briggs, Dramatherapist, University of Roehampton, London
  781. Shaun J F Brookhouse, Psychotherapist, Hon Fellow, UKCP, Manchester
  782. Ruth Mark-Roland, Psychotherapist, London
  783. Oliver Ashton Hill, Psychotherapist, BACP, London
  784. Kimberley Robinson, Founder, Keep Real, a mental health social enterprise, Sheffield
  785. Paula Weninger, Counsellor, Sheffield
  786. Emma Pople, Therapeutic Counsellor, Private practice, Bristol
  787. Hatty Taylor, Counselling and Psychotherapy trainee
  788. Marsha Nodelman, Psychotherapist, London
  789. Beverley Carrington, Therapist, Creating Space Therapies, Nottingham
  790. Uta Saatz, Psychotherapist, London
  791. Karen Bray, Counsellor, private practice, Bath
  792. Natalia Winsor, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, NHS, London
  793. Tessa higgs, Trainee Associate Psychological Practitionee, NHS, Barrow
  794. Jane Desborough, Jungian Analyst, BPC, London
  795. Janet Brandling, UKCP Psychotherapist, Bristol
  796. Ellie Robey, Music therapist, The Apple Tree Centre, Sheffield
  797. Dr. Tarun Pamneja, Psychologist/Psychotherapist, UKCP, Brighton
  798. Ewa Robertson, UKCP Psychotherapist, London
  799. Sabine Fairbairn, Psychotherapist, Number 42, London
  800. L Seaman, Therapist, Herts
  801. Karen Hopkins, Psychotherapist, London
  802. Pernille Frisvoll, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, EDINBURGH
  803. LucyWarwick, Psychotherapist, London
  804. Rachel Yarrow, Counsellor, Bristol
  805. Liza Waller, Psychotherapist, Ukcp, Hastings
  806. Grzegorz Giertner, psychotherapist, ProcessWork.uk, Edinburgh
  807. Niamh Fingleton, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Grampian
  808. Eugene Ellis, Psychotherapist, The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network, London
  809. Bay De Veen, Counsellor, Hastings
  810. Jennifer Goff, Research Manager/Person-Centred Counsellor in training, University of Aberdeen, Glasgow
  811. nikki howes, counsellor, Kingston Upon Thames
  812. Ronny Sandhu, Trainee Counsellor, London
  813. Emily Uzel, Trainee therapist, The Minster Centre, Bath
  814. Alice Baer, Counsellor, Kent
  815. Alex Carvel, Care Assistant, Care UK, Chester
  816. haydn Fraser, Trainee clinical psychologist, Norwich
  817. Cristina Tosti, Therapist, Oxford
  818. Lucy Carr, Counsellor, Ware
  819. Meltem Osman, Clinical Psychologist, Norwich
  820. Luan Baines-Ball, psychotherapy, Leicester
  821. Henk Smit, Counselling Therapist, Henk Smit Counselling, Llandeilo
  822. Andrea Sharman, Emergency Ambulance Driver /Psychotherapist, Rg1 7SZ, Arborfield Cross, Reading
  823. Kirath Ghataora, Integrative Psychotherapist, London
  824. Mrs Catherine R Flynn, Catherine Flynn Therapy, Bristol
  825. Lauren Shenton, Trainee Associate Psychological Practitioner, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership, Nantwich
  826. Constanze Gilbert, Psychotherapist/Counsellor, London
  827. Emily McArthur, Counsellor, Clear Insight Counselling, Leamington Spa
  828. Ben Webster, Counsellor, Apple tree center, Sheffield
  829. Isa, Psychotherapist, ELOP, London
  830. Aimee Sullivan, Trainee Associate Psyhcological Practitioner, NHS, Oldham
  831. Star Atay, UKCP trainee member, Oxford
  832. Alex Cat, therapist, London
  833. Sarah Vassalos, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Cannock
  834. Jade, Trainee Associate Psychological Practitioner, Cheshire and Wirral partnership, York
  835. Noreen Clare Sargent, Student counsellor, Edge Hill University, Preston
  836. Elaine Conway, Psychosexual therapist, Relate, Oving
  837. Joanna Reed, Trainee clinical psychologist, NHS, Norwich
  838. Jacqui Nevin, Clinical Psychologist, CWP, Chester
  839. Oliver English, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, CPFT, Norwich
  840. Holly Tallentire, Trainee clinical psychologist, London
  841. Cathryn Bullimore, Psychotherapist, BACP, Reading
  842. Nicola Longson, Counsellor, Thoughtful Minds Therapy, Preston
  843. Ella Mountjoy, Counsellor, Hemel Hempstead
  844. Sarah Thwaites, Clinical Psychologist, Newcastle university, Newcastle upon Tyne
  845. Jeanette Stanton, Psychological Therapist, NHS, West Sussex
  846. Daniel Charters, Nottingham
  847. Suzie White, Counsellor, Dovetail Counselling Service, Caldicot
  848. Miss Melanie J Whyatt, Counsellor, The Wolverhampton Counsellor, Wolverhampton
  849. Julia Ouzia, Trainee psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  850. Kate, Counsellor, Exmouth
  851. Laura Tyrrell, Counsellor, Laura Tyrrell Counselling, Bath
  852. Liz Pascoe, Counsellor, Ellesmere Port
  853. Eva Stylianou, Psychotherapist, London
  854. Jayne McConkey, Art Psychotherapist, Self Employed, Hope Valley
  855. Linsey Bailey-Rowles, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom, Burnley
  856. Hayley Watkins, Counsellor, Cactus Counselling, Bristol
  857. Leslie Hayes, Psychotherapist, self-employed, Bristol
  858. Kim-Leigh James, Trainee forensic psychologist, Prison service, Peterborough
  859. David Collins, Psychotherapist, West Sussex
  860. Kirsty, Psychotherapist, Hertfordshire
  861. Becky Bonham-Carter, Therapist, Spectra, BRIGHTON
  862. Helen Chambers, Counsellor, Bristol
  863. Katie Hope, counsellor, K Hope Counselling, Bristol
  864. Fiona Hutchings, Psychotherapist, The Apple Tree Ceno, Sheffield
  865. Peter Appleton, Counsellor, Self employed, Bristol
  866. Matthew Pronger, Psychotherapist, Sheffield
  867. Rosie Dymond, Psychotherapist, The Apple Tree Centre, Sheffield
  868. Bryan Bonaparte, Snr Lecturer, London
  869. Dr Charlotte McEvoy, Counselling psychologist, Bristol
  870. Dr Dwight Turner, Lecturer, DTC, Eastbourne
  871. Amy Kirby, Clinical Psychologist, avk therapy, Dudley
  872. Martin Innes, Counsellor/Counselling Skills Tutor, Glasgow
  873. Rob Barry, Psychotherapist, BACP, Nottingham
  874. Cath Lowe, Counsellor, BACP, Chesham
  875. Jodi Pilcher Gordon, Counsellor, Jodi Pilcher Gordon Counselling, Cornwall
  876. Sara Browne, Psychotherapist, Tunbridge Wells
  877. jayne pigford, psychotherapist, nottingham
  878. Naomi Rowe, Music therapist, Hcpc, Birmingham
  879. Cat Chappell, Counsellor, Cat Chappell Counselling, Bristol
  880. Eve Wallman, Therapist, Bacp, London
  881. Rae Yates, Counsellor, Rachel Yates Counselling, London
  882. patricia murphy, BABCP accredited CBT therapist, self-employed, Canterbury
  883. Kathy engler, Counsellor, Huddersfield
  884. Phoebe Toms, Assistant Psychologist, NHS, London
  885. Kay Zacharek, Trainee Systemic Family Therapist, NHS, London
  886. Sharon Kaplansky, Psychotherapist, London
  887. Sasha Bates, Psychotherapist, London
  888. Katie Robertson, Trainee Counsellor, UWE, Exeter
  889. Yvonne O'Keefe, Trainee Counsellor, University of Chester, Liverpool
  890. Thomas Hurlock-Norton, Trainee Therapist, Cardiff
  891. Lauren Steele, LGBT worker & Trainee Psychotherapist, elop & Metanoia Institute, London
  892. Rob F, Trainee Counsellor, ELOP, London
  893. Anne Rawle, Counsellor, Freedom Counselling, Portrush
  894. Beni Manglano, Trainee Therapist, CPTA, London
  895. Stuart Farley, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, London
  896. Julie Watson, Art Psychotherapist, Self-employed, Ipswich
  897. Ali Keen, School Counsellor, Bristol
  898. Gram Davirs, Integrative Counsellor, Exeter
  899. matthew groom, psychotherapist, London
  900. Angie Knowles, Psychotherapist, London
  901. Kate Whitaker, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, London
  902. Jade Harris, Trainee therapist, Telford
  903. Sophie Gyles, Trainee Counsellor, UWE, Salisbury
  904. Erica Cleverly, retired psychotherapist, n/a, NEWTONMORE
  905. Rosie Kaye, Counsellor, Private Practice, London
  906. Briony Morgan, Trainee counsellor, Low cost counselling south west, Bristol
  907. Annie Tunnicliffe, retired counsellor, n/a, London
  908. Jennifer Snow, Counsellor, Southend on Sea
  909. Chloe Foster, Counsellor, Sussex Rainbow Counselling, Brighton
  910. Jack Mason-Goodall, Trainee psychotherapist, BACP, Bristol
  911. Luke Groom, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Hemel Hempstead
  912. Patse Hemsley, Counsellor, The Creative Well, London
  913. Karen Minikin, psychotherapist, Insights South West, Wellington
  914. Adam Deuchars, Mental Health Nurse, Bristol
  915. Laura Middleton Curran, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Hitchin
  916. Beth Hughes, TAPP, CWP, Chester
  917. Shona Webb, Youth Worker, elop, London
  918. Elizabeth Bada, Social Work Student, ELOP, London
  919. Jennifer Tomkinson, Therapist, JLT Counselling, London
  920. Sarah Barker, Counsellor, Counselling with Sarah, Norwich
  921. Miriam Woolfman, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, C&I NHS Foundation Trust, London
  922. Sanjay Joban, Counsellor/Therapist, London
  923. Laura Howlett, Yoga teacher, Self-employed, Stoke-on-Trent
  924. Charulata Yee, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Hemel hempstead
  925. Michaela Rolls, Counsellor, Private practice, Telford
  926. Lynsey Searle, Counsellor and Sex Therapist, Recommend Counselling, Lancashire
  927. Eva Monxy, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  928. SJ Bolton-Locke, Counsellor, Essential Space Counselling Community, Gloucestershire
  929. Frances Basset, Psychotherapist, Basset Consultancy, Brighton
  930. Zoe Hassid, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  931. David Darvasi, Psychotherapist, self-employed, London
  932. Hanneke Kosterink, counsellor, private practice, London
  933. Chloe Davies, Psychotherapist, Leamington Spa
  934. Professor Damien Ridge, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  935. Tracy Vaughan, Psychotherapist, Essex
  936. John Pollard, Psychotherapist, London
  937. Chris Foster, Therapist, Seaford
  938. Christopher White, Therapist in training, ELOP, London
  939. Arlene Audergon, Psychotherapist / Facilitator, Processwork UK, London
  940. Katie Rawlins, Psychotherapist, Birmingham
  941. Lucinda Hart, Therapist, Lucinda Hart Therapy, Wolverhampton
  942. Ilia Daoussi, MBACP, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Private Practice, Liverpool
  943. Craig Schorn, Therapist, Craig Schorn Counselling, London
  944. Tabitha Pickup, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Surrey, SOUTHAMPTON
  945. Gemma Maconie, Therapist, London
  946. Michael Harris, Counsellor/Tutor, Chatham
  947. Tracy Hutchings, Ipswich
  948. Anne Crosbie BSc (Hons) MBACP, Counsellor and Supervisor, Nottingham
  949. Sarah Turner, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, UEL, London
  950. Sara Williams, Therapist, ELOP, London
  951. Sarah Favier, Systemic and family psychotherapist, NHS, Birmingham
  952. Hannah Reene, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, London
  953. Laura De CourcyDavies, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Manchester
  954. Yann Joffrey Phesans-Tiraulhere, Volunteer and Trainee Counsellor, ELOP & UEL, London
  955. Sharon Milne, Therapist, Essex
  956. Josh moritz, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  957. Joanna Jeske, Psychotherapist, Self employed, London
  958. Munaza Ali, Counsellor, Harlow
  959. Dr Rebekah Moore, Clinical psychologist, NHS GG&C, Glasgow
  960. Wendy Blackmore, Trainee Therapist, Staffordshire University, Worcestershire
  961. John Marsden, Senior Lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk
  962. Dr Sophie Broere, Clinical psychologist, Manchester
  963. Dr Sarah Henderson, Clinical Psychologist, Long Eaton
  964. Hannah, Trainee counsellor, Kent
  965. Zena Nicholas, Counsellor, Doncaster
  966. david slattery, psychotherapist, centre for relational couples therapy, stroud
  967. Dr Cheryl Hunter, Clinical psychologist, University hospitals trust Plymouth, Plymouth
  968. anonymous
  969. Andi Maratos, Chief executive officer, Beyond Reflections, Southampton
  970. Gillian Hughson, Counsellor, Liverpool
  971. Anna Palmer, Therapist, Anna Palmer Counseliing, St. Andrews
  972. Amna, Trainee Counsellor, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
  973. Sarah Wood, Psychotherapist-in-training, The Bowlby Centre, London
  974. Elizabeth Viney, Student, London
  975. Maggie Tweedy, Counsellor Supervisor, Bristol University; Bristol MIND; The Nelson Trust;, Gloucestershire
  976. Persephone Black
  977. Steven Mcfarlane, Cognitive Psychotherapist, London City Therapy, London
  978. Richard Falcon, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of Exeter
  979. Sianie, Psychotherapist, Charity, England
  980. Rea Pearson, Relationship therapist, Exeter
  981. Anthony Harrison, Clinical psychologist, Leeds Teaching hospitals NHS trust, Leeds
  982. Dr Claire Browne, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Manchester
  983. Evelyn Smith, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, UEL, London
  984. Dr Lorna Hobbs, Clinical Psychologist, Tavistock & Portman Trist, London
  985. Carena Rogers, Therapist, London
  986. Jill Thwaites, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, BACP, Sleaford
  987. Stephanie Armstrong, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, UCL, London
  988. Teresa Young, Counsellor, Your Space Your Time Counselling, Nuneaton
  989. Annie raff, Trainee clinical psychologist
  990. Maria Crossley, Counsellor/physiotherapist, Bacp, Nottingham
  991. Neil Loffhagen, Counsellor, Private Practice, Bracknell
  992. Lucy Martin, Counsellor, Sahir House, Liverpool
  993. Holly Taylor, Counsellor/Trainee Psychotherapist, Minster Centre, London
  994. Katie Place, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, BCUHB, Wales
  995. Osahon Orchard, Counsellor, Lichfield
  996. Nicky perl, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  997. Debbie Radford, Counsellor, Yew Tree Counselling, West Midlands
  998. Tina Jennings, Counsellor, St Austell
  999. Amy Cowburn, Student Counsellor, Staffordshire University, Manchester
  1000. Zazie Lawson, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  1001. Alison Jones, Counsellor, AEM Counselling, Wigan
  1002. Munzar Sharif, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, UEL, London
  1003. Emily Duffy, Therapist, Emily Duffy Therapy, Waltham Cross
  1004. Ellis Hayes, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  1005. Jed Nash, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  1006. Gillian Proctor, Lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy, University of Leeds, Leeds
  1007. Raeesa Khan, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, London
  1008. Louise W, Trainee Clinical Psychologist
  1009. Saf Patel, Counsellor/Therapist, Self employed with schools, Warwickshire
  1010. Charlotte Maxwell, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  1011. John Yuen, Counsellor, MBACP, Manchester
  1012. Samantha Lee, Counsellor, Private Practice, Leigh-on-Sea
  1013. Jamilah Musah, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, London
  1014. Cath Norris, Psychotherapist, Self employed, Preston
  1015. Dr Gareth Davies, Clinical psychologist, NHS, Penarth
  1016. Simon McGibbney, Counsellor MBACP, BACP, Liverpool
  1017. Laura Jacobs, Brooklyn
  1018. Rowan Moloney, Psychotherapist, The Rowan Well, Eastbourne
  1019. Jo Sparkes, trainee counsellor, london
  1020. Zoe williams, School counsellor, Glasgow
  1021. Lloyd Wood, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  1022. Reay Stoddart Isaac, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  1023. Morgaen Warner, Therapist in training, Brighton
  1024. Ishshah Marinker, Trainee Psychologist, University of East London, London
  1025. Vicky Gaughan, Psychotherapist, Cavendish Cancer Care, Sheffield
  1026. Kymm Stroud, Counsellor, Counselling Haven, Nottingham
  1027. Faye Packer, Psychodynamic Therapist, Faye Packer Therapy, Oxfordshire
  1028. Jamie McNulty, Psychotherapist, UKCP member, London
  1029. Susan Harman, Trainee psychotherapist and counsellor, University of Nottingham, Loughborough
  1030. Maura Hamer, Therapist, London
  1031. Ryan Holmes, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  1032. Rae Hurst, Counsellor, Aquilis, Portchester
  1033. Kathryn Lees, Psychotherapist, BSc, MSc, Registered Member MBACP, UKCP Reg Psychotherapist, Hartlepool
  1034. Adriana Prado, Therapist, Private practice, Bracknell
  1035. Nicola Griffiths, Clinical Psychologist, The Core Collective, Northampton
  1036. Anja Boelkow, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, London
  1037. Sheila van Tol, Psychotherapist, Eca, Edinburgh
  1038. charlotte wilcox, Psychotherapist, SASS, University of Brighton, Brighton
  1039. Michelle Butler, Psychotherapist, Brighton
  1040. Kirstie McEwan, psychotherapist, London
  1041. Mike Gray, Therapist, Private practice, London
  1042. Ruth Coates, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Dunbar
  1043. Shona Grant, Social worker Systemic Psychotherapy, NHS, London
  1044. Sharon Cunningham, Counsellor, Weymouth
  1045. Samia Nelson, Psychotherapist, Aashna Counselling & Psychotherapy, London
  1046. John Koshy, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  1047. August Armstrong, Counsellor, Bristol
  1048. Claudia Coussins, Trainee psychotherapist and Deputy Head of Early Years, The Anna Freud Centre
  1049. Hayley Wolstencroft, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham
  1050. Claire Alison Hams, Psychotherapist, Epsom
  1051. Melissa Cliffe, UKCP psychotherapist and Academic Lecturer, Metanoia Institute, London
  1052. anonymous, Trainee psychotherapist and Deputy Head of Early Years, The Anna Freud Centre
  1053. Ms Cholena Mountain, Psychotherapist, White British
  1054. Paul Mollitt, Psychotherapist, London
  1055. James Pittman, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Winchester
  1056. Geoffery Unkovich, Dance movement psychotherapist, Private practitioner, London
  1057. Marion Winslow, psychotherapist, Ukcp, Reading UK
  1058. David Curl, Counsellor (MBACP), Glastonbury, Somerset
  1059. Chris O'Leary, Trainee therapist, Northern Guild, Durham
  1060. Gemma Pyatt-Lonczyk
  1061. Victoria Tew, Clinical Psychologist, Sheffield
  1062. Emma Hacking, Counsellor, Bristol
  1063. Mr DK Green, Psychotherapist, Chesterfield
  1064. Richard Hobbs, Senior clinical psychologist, LTHT, Leeds
  1065. Dr Heather Wood, Clinical Psychologist, Gender Identity Development Service, Leeds
  1066. Danielle King, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, London
  1067. Emily strang, Psychotherapist, London
  1068. Chris Hunt, Clinical Psychologist
  1069. Claudia Zitz, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Birmingham
  1070. Joel De'ath, psychotherapist in Training, Bowlby Centre, London
  1071. Anne fullam, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  1072. Amy Pearce, Trainee psychotherapist, London
  1073. Alexandra Richards, Clinical Psychologist, NHS and private practice, London
  1074. Leonie Johnstone, Counsellor, Private, Doncaster
  1075. Kirsty, Counsellor, Southampton
  1076. Laura Hall, YP Counsellor, Aberdeen
  1077. James Lea, Clinical Psychologist, Private Psychology and Psychotherapy, Manchester
  1078. Nic Jagels, LGBTQ+ Counsellor, BACP, Hertford
  1079. Hattie Berger, Psychotherapist, London
  1080. Amanda Burbidge, Counsellor, Somerset
  1081. Kate Snewin, Compassion Focused Therapist, Yūki Therapies, Plymouth
  1082. Anando Emryss, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Bristol
  1083. Kate White, Supervisor, The Bowlby Centre, London
  1084. Ann-Marie Wilson, Trainee counsellor and psychotherapost, Liverpool
  1085. Anna Morelle-Grey, Counsellor / Psychotherapist / Owner, Clearview Counselling & Psychotherapy, Cardiff
  1086. Sue Akehurst, Counsellor & supervisor, Worcester
  1087. Jamie Crabb, Therapist, Aashna Counselling & Psychotherapy, London
  1088. Ginella Williams, Trainee Counsellor, Number 22 Counselling, Maidenhead
  1089. Michael Whitaker, Marske-by-the-Sea
  1090. Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapist (UKCP), Terapia; Psychotherapy & Counselling Union, London
  1091. Francis Higgins, Counsellor, Edinburgh
  1092. Clare Forsyth, Trainee Therapist, Northern Guild of Psychotherapy and Counselling, York
  1093. Jeremy Clarke, Clinical Director, Albany Trust, London
  1094. Jude Beveridge, Counsellor, Mentoring in Cumbria, Brampton
  1095. Nikki Millard, UKCP psychotherapist, senior academic lecturer, Metanoia Institute, London
  1096. gareth davies, Coach, Coachingintheround.co.uk, Blyth
  1097. Rachael Chisholm, Trainee therapist, Northern Guild, Teesside
  1098. Gerhard Payrhuber, Psychotherapist, Relational Psychotherapy, London
  1099. Katie Hailstone, Trainee psychotherapist, London
  1100. Nicholas Frealand, Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, ACP/BAATN/NHS, South London
  1101. Claire Shaw, Trainee counsellor, London
  1102. Dr Simon Whalley, Psychologist, London
  1103. Fiona Hewkin, Psychotherapist, Fiona Hewkin Counselling, Haslemere
  1104. Jennifer Attwood, Clinical psychologist, Bristol
  1105. Dorothy Hodgkinson, Trainee Counsellor, Finding Perspectives, York
  1106. Emma Bowers, Trainee Psychotherapist, Manchester
  1107. Madeleine Ayling, Counsellor, Southampton
  1108. Alyssa Millbrook, Dramatherapist, Cambridge
  1109. Michelle Cunnane, Therapist, IAPT, Clacton-On-Sea
  1110. Jos Twist, Clinical Psychologist, London
  1111. Robbie Croy, Psychotherapist, Edinburgh
  1112. Denise Smith, Therapist/ Midwife, Robertsbridge
  1113. Annetta Tang, Child Therapist, Zarya Counselling, London
  1114. Anoushka Beazley, Psychotherapist, London
  1115. Lucy Button, Trainee Person-Centred Therapist, UoN Student, Nottingham
  1116. Colette O'Connor, Psychotherapist, Glasgow
  1117. Natasha Rosner, London
  1118. Kathleen Murphy, Therapist, Private Practice, Margate
  1119. Rina Kakad, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, London
  1120. Brian Dietrich, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Los Angeles
  1121. Hywel Harrington, Trainee therapist, Bristol
  1122. Caroline Cox, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1123. Lyndsey, Counsellor in training, Staffordshire University, Sandbach
  1124. Matthew Cormack, Counsellor, MBACP, Edinburgh
  1125. Felicia Smith-Kleiner, Psychotherapist, London
  1126. Melissa LJ Rees, Trainee Psychotherapist, Staffs Uni, Hixon
  1127. Kerry simpson-Lea, Counsellor in training, Stoke on trent
  1128. Lisa Peett, Psychotherapist, UKCP, BACP and ACTO, Henley on Thames
  1129. Jo Rowan, Therapist, Plymouth
  1130. Sophie Green, Psychotherapist, London
  1131. Killian Strong, Psychotherapist, London
  1132. Jo Taylor, Psychotherapist, Therapy with Jo, Derby
  1133. Chris Oxborrow, Psychotherapist, Beyond Counselling, Warrington
  1134. julie ridlington, Counsellor, Brighton
  1135. margaret winmill-hermann, Human givens practitioner, Aberdeen
  1136. Mariana Panayides, Psychotherapist, London
  1137. Katie Dias, Psychotherapist, Ashtead
  1138. Patricia Grey, Psychotherapist, London
  1139. Alec Caseley, Counsellor, London
  1140. Padraig Cotter, Clinical Psychologist, Imperial NHS Trust, London
  1141. Sam Settle, mental health charity coordinator, Restore, Wallingford
  1142. Claire Crookall, Counsellor, BACP, London
  1143. Ms REENA SHAH, Psychotherapist, London
  1144. Silva Neves, Psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  1145. Richard Parrott, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom, London
  1146. Constantina Stamou, Psychotherapy Student, Bowlby Centre, London
  1147. Megan Karnes, Therapist, Advocate, Charity Chair, Mental Health Consultancy UK Ltd, London
  1148. Rupa Lal, Psychotherapist, Tulsi Counselling, London
  1149. Andrew Rutherford, Psychotherapist, London
  1150. Kim Teresa Marsh, Therapist, London
  1151. Clinton Raminhos, Therapist, Clinton Raminhos Psychotherapeutic Counselling, EPSOM
  1152. Fabian Benjamin Wood, Student Counsellor, Manchester
  1153. Sandra Hilton, Therapist, Sandra Hilton Therapy Limited, St Albans
  1154. Brigitta Mowat, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  1155. sharmila kohli, Psychotherapist, Aashna, London
  1156. Becki Short, Voice Teacher and Peer Mentor, Portsmouth
  1157. Holly E Smith, Counsellor, Grantham
  1158. Jane Hunt, Therapist and Academic Director (Faculty 1), Metanoia Institute, London
  1159. Lisa Murray, Personal assistant, LONDON
  1160. Anita Gaspar, Psychotherapist, London
  1161. Julia Hazelwood, Counsellor, Private practice, Lincoln
  1162. Nick Britchford, Trainee Psychotherapist, Private practice, Nottingham
  1163. Hettie Malcomson, Student Psychotherapist, London
  1164. Jason Wright, Psychotherapist, london
  1165. Ayla Carter, Student Psychotherapist, London
  1166. George Dewey, Psychotherapist, Bristol
  1167. Clare Dudeney, Counsellor, Bedford, Uk
  1168. anonymous, LeahDavidsonPsychotherapy
  1169. Emma Hulse, Trainee psychotherapist, The Minster Centre, London
  1170. Jackie Roberts, Psychotherapist, London
  1171. Ayla Savaşkan, Person-Centred psychotherapist, London
  1172. gillian emslie, consultancy, Findhorn Consultancy, findhorn
  1173. Alison McLauchlan, Student Psychotherapist, Nottingham
  1174. Sue Armstrong, Therapist, London
  1175. Susan carey-wilson, Counsellor, London
  1176. Maria Drinkald, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Surrey
  1177. Cathie shore, Counsellor, Nhs, Birmingham
  1178. John Garden, Trainee Counsellor, The Minster Centre, Bedford
  1179. Sandra Martinović, Counsellor and Systemic and Family Therapist trainee, NHS, GSMD, London
  1180. Andrew Samuels, Psychoanalyst, London
  1181. Lynda Britchford, Counsellor/Therapist, Private Practice; The Online Trauma Therapist, Nottingham
  1182. Patrycja Chmurzynska-Rainbird, Counsellor, Dunblane
  1183. Mary Fiona Richardson, Student Psychoherapist, Liverpool
  1184. Andrew Tobert, Trainee Therapist, The Minister Center, London
  1185. Marc Mason, Counsellor, Senior Lecturer in Law, London
  1186. Claudia Adamson, Trainee Psychotherapist, The Minster Centre, London
  1187. Jennifer Louise Dowdell, Training Psychotherapist, The Minster Center, London
  1188. Dr Brendan J Dunlop, Principal Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Lecturer, Manchester
  1189. Suzie Shrubb, N/A, Chichester
  1190. Natasha Morgan, psychotherapist, GPTI, London
  1191. Tone Horwood, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Bristol
  1192. Meriel Whale, Counsellor, Privare practice, Lewes
  1193. Carolyn HALL, Psychotherapist, London
  1194. ANDT -, Association of Neurodivergent Therapists
  1195. Jack Cooley, Trainee Counsellor, Intercom Trust, West Devon
  1196. Eiman Hussein, Psychotherapist, London
  1197. Helen Stone, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, Bingley
  1198. Dr Els van Ooijen, Psychotherapist, Nepenthe Consulting, Bristol
  1199. Erin Stevens, Psychotherapist, Erin Stevens Counselling and Psychotherapy, Ilkley
  1200. Paul Colley, Psychotherapist & Supervisor, Keighley
  1201. Katherine Murphy, Psychotherapist, London
  1202. Grant Denkinson, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Leeds
  1203. Clare Whitworth, Psychotherapist, Halifax
  1204. Stasa Morgan-Appel, Counsellor/Psychotherapist
  1205. Amy Doherty, Student Psychotherapist, Liverpool
  1206. Sheena Hutcheson, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1207. Savannah Theis, Psychotherapist-in-Training, London
  1208. Natasha Byrne, Therapist, Natasha Byrne, Stroud
  1209. Amanda Bettison, Psychotherapist, Orkney
  1210. Tania Glyde, Psychotherapist, London
  1211. Tana Lucker, Trainee psychotherapist, London
  1212. Muriel Walshe, Psychotherapist, TRS, ST. ALBANS
  1213. Beth Fallon, Trainee Psychotherapist, BACP, Liverpool
  1214. Rebecca Ingram, Counsellor/Therapist, Contemplations psychotherapy practice, Hemel Hempstead
  1215. Ellis Beardsmore, Trainee Psychotherapist, Glasgow
  1216. Helen Cordery, Psychotherapist, London
  1217. Mark Barren, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1218. Fiona Yaron-Field, Psychotherapist, FYFTherapy, London
  1219. Carrie Weston, DCEO, Metanoia Institute, London
  1220. Jan O’Mahony, Counsellor, London
  1221. Keith Barber, Psychotherapist & Supervisor, London
  1222. Janice Acquah, Psychotherapist, London
  1223. Guy Williams, Therapist, Self employed, London
  1224. Steven Hayward, Psychotherapist, Steven Hayward Psychotherapy, Guildford
  1225. Gavin Robinson, Therapist, Tooting
  1226. Anna Gyorfi, psychologist, private practice, London
  1227. Avril Hollings, Psychotherapist, London
  1228. Sarah Richings, School counsellor, London
  1229. Elizabeth Sacre, Therapist, ELOP LGBT Mental Health and Well-being, Lonon
  1230. Jacquie Jenner, Trauma Therapist, Ash Tree Counselling, Norwich
  1231. Mariella Michaelides, Psychotherapist, London
  1232. Elly MacDonald, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1233. Charlotte Tuck, Trainee therapist, London
  1234. Susannah Cardy, Therapist, London
  1235. Ruth Brenner Ungar, Therapist, Relational Spaces, London
  1236. Jonathan Oppong-Wiafe, Therapist, London
  1237. Jade Hoffman, Counsellor, BACP, London
  1238. Kate Ahl, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Cambridge
  1239. Ruth Williams, Jungian analyst and psychotherapist, London
  1240. Christine Andreasen, Therapist, London
  1241. James Angel, Psychotherapist-in-Training, London
  1242. Annie Pender, Psychotherapy, Private practice, London
  1243. Bethan Griffiths, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Birmingham
  1244. Lou Futcher, Counsellor, London
  1245. Cathy Rostas, Psychotherapist, Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling, London
  1246. Teresa Sinani, Psychotherapist, London
  1247. Shoshi Asheri, Psychotherapist, Shoshi Asheri, London
  1248. Carol Titley, Psychotherapist, Henley on Thames
  1249. Lenya Samani, Psychotherapist, London
  1250. F. Feizi, Trainee therapist, London
  1251. Mark Kinnally, Psychotherapist, Mark Kinnally Therapy, London
  1252. Duncan Branley, Psychosexual and Relationship Psychotherapist, London
  1253. Jo Harding, Psychotherapist, LONDON
  1254. Karen Lubner, Psychotherapist, London
  1255. Alyx Lakewood, Psychotherapist-in-Training, London
  1256. Nikki Palmer, Therapist, London
  1257. Mandy Coghill, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Wolverhampton
  1258. Doron Levene, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, Relational Spaces, London
  1259. Julie Sale, Psychosexual Psychotherapist, Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology, Letchworth
  1260. Natalie Clarke, Psychotherapist, London
  1261. Lauren O'Rourke, Counsellor, Glasgow
  1262. Carmen Joanne Ablack, Psychotherapist, Consultant, Supervisor, LONDON
  1263. Jenny Secretan, Retired counsellor/psychotherapist, Newcastle upon Tyne
  1264. Adele Oti, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  1265. Rebecca Greenslade, Psychotherapist, London
  1266. Erika Mansnerus, Integrative Counsellor, MBACP, Private practice, London
  1267. Julia Cooke, Psychotherapist, Hertfordshire
  1268. Kathy Osborne, psychotherapist, private practice, chelmsford
  1269. Oliver O'Donohoe, Integrative Counsellor, BACP, London
  1270. Beth Carley, MBACP, Integrative counsellor & therapist, WakingGround Counselling & Therapy, Wymondham
  1271. anonymous, psychotherapist, Bristol
  1272. Zoe Goodacre, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Swansea
  1273. Penelope Wenham, Counsellor, Reading
  1274. Sophie Lawton, Psychotherapist, London
  1275. Megan Lamming, BACP Registered Counsellor, London
  1276. Ronete Cohen, Psychotherapist, The Rainbow Couch, London
  1277. Joanna Russell, Psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer, Temenos Counselling, Glasgow
  1278. Alex Narkis, Trainee psychotherapist, London
  1279. Paula Dangers, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1280. Sarah Colbourne, Therapist, N/A, London
  1281. anonymous
  1282. Ammar Al-Ghabban, Education Consultant / Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1283. ROBERT PALMER, Psychotherapist, London
  1284. Pamela Gawler-Wright, UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist, BeeLeaf, London
  1285. Carly Weston, Counsellor, BACP, Milton Keynes
  1286. Lissie Wright, Director, The Minster Centre, London
  1287. Claire McComb, Counselling Manager, elop: LGBT Mental Health & Wellbeing, London
  1288. Anna Addington, Counsellor, London
  1289. Eimear Diviney, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1290. Laurie M Atkinson, Psychotherapist, Laurie May Atkinson Counselling & Training, Nottingham
  1291. Brian Beamish, Therapist, South Wales Counsellor, Swansea
  1292. Aylin Albayrak, Psychotherapist, Self-employed, London
  1293. J. Chance Czyzselska, Psychotherapist & counsellor, St Leonards On Sea
  1294. Kathryn Nawrockyi, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1295. Harvey George, Trainee Therapist, London
  1296. Sarah Pfitzner, Psychotherapist, St Leonards-on-sea
  1297. Sally Redmond, Counsellor, Peterborough
  1298. Nina Pavitt, Psychotherapist, Bedford
  1299. Rebecca Bow, Senior Well-being Adviser/Counsellor, Birmingham City University, Birmingham
  1300. Lorraine Hargraves, Psychotherapist, Leicester
  1301. Will Hardy, Trainee Counsellor, London
  1302. George Taxidis, Lecturer / Jungian analyst, Goldsmiths, university of London / private practice, London
  1303. Gigi Engle, London
  1304. Alex Sanderson-Shortt, Psychotherapist, KAS COUNSELLING, Northwich
  1305. Paula Coles, Psychotherapist, Winchester
  1306. Sheila Youcef, COSRT student, Glasgow
  1307. Alexis Caught, Psychotherapist, London
  1308. CJ Webb, Therapist, Inclusion Thurrock IAPT, Essex
  1309. Kris Black, Integrative Psychotherapist, london
  1310. Amanda Cromwell, Director of operations, London
  1311. Amy White, Trainee Sex Therapist, None, London
  1312. Ekaterina Ermakova, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1313. Tracy Kitching, Trainee therapist, London
  1314. Dominic Davies, Psychotherapist, Pink Therapy, London
  1315. Vincent Goyon, Trainee Psychotherapist, The Minster Centre, LONDON
  1316. Harriet Elizabeth, Psychotherapist, Harriet Elizabeth Psychotherapy, London
  1317. Sophie Yates, Trainee therapist, London
  1318. Killian Grogan, Psychotherapist, Positive East, Market Harborough
  1319. Loki Grey, Trainee Psychosexual therapist / Sex Educator, Brighton
  1320. Chai-Yoel Korn, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Chai-Yoel Korn Psychotherapy, London
  1321. Charley Venables-Bland, Psychotherapist, Leicestershire
  1322. Katrina Beath, Lecturer and BACP Accredited Counsellor, Metanoia Institute / KLB Therapy, London
  1323. Shae Harmon, Trainee Therapist, London
  1324. Fleur Farish-Edwards, Lecturer and Counsellor, Lancashire
  1325. Ruth Moir, Trainee psychotherapist, London
  1326. Christine Jayne Finch, Counsellor, Therapies for Life / Xyla Digital Therapies, South Cumbria
  1327. Lucy Watt, Counsellor and Counselling Lecturer, London
  1328. Rachael Peacock, Person-centred Psychotherapist, London
  1329. Dr Nikolaos Souvlakis, Psychologist/psychoanalyst, London
  1330. Jessica Wynn, Trainee counselllor, Leeds
  1331. Daniel Jones, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1332. LV Penman, Trainee psychotherapist, London
  1333. Dr Debbie Wood, Clinical psychologist, Outreach Cumbria / NHS, Carlisle
  1334. LJ Potter, Lecturer and psychotherapist, Staffordshire University, Stafford
  1335. Daniel Winstanley, Therapist, London
  1336. Hannah Mackenzie, Student psychotherapist, The Minster Centre, London
  1337. Erene Hadjiioannou, Integrative Psychotherapist, Therapy Leeds, Leeds
  1338. Andrew Rivers, Student/trainee Counsellor, Liverpool
  1339. William Smith, Therapist, Self-employed
  1340. Karen Pollock, Counsellor, Counselling in Northumberland, Stocksfield
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