26 February 2022

Open Letter: We Must Continue to Protect All Australians

To: The Prime Minister of Australia, Federal Health Minister, State and Territory Premiers and Health Ministers, Chief Medical and Health Officers of the Federal, State and Territory Governments and the Members of the AHPPC, the CDNA and ICEG.

We call on you to help the community live safely with COVID-19.

  1. Continued and expanded support for freely available testing by both PCR and rapid antigen tests.
  2. Retention of indoor masking where appropriate, with support to ensure equitable access to respirators.
  3. Policy and investment to improve indoor air quality and educate the public about airborne transmission of COVID-19.
  4. Increase in communication and community engagement, particularly with communities with social and structural disadvantage.
  5. Public release of the scientific advice informing decisions to change or remove public health protection measures.
  6. A policy surrounding the management of waves of new variants of concern.

We write this open letter to express our collective concern about federal and state/territory governments ending the policies that have protected the community during the pandemic to date.

Recent policy decisions will lead to:

· Increased circulation and transmission of COVID-19, including reinfection.
· New variants which are just as likely to be fast-spreading, more severe, or vaccine-resistant.
· Preventable COVID-19 related illness, disability, hospitalisations, and death.
· Limited ability to access other necessary medical care due to a health system overloaded with acute and chronic effects from COVID-19.
· An increase in chronic health problems (long COVID, cardiac, respiratory, and neurocognitive damage), reducing quality of life and burdening the health system.
· Reduced capacity to detect and respond to the inevitable threat from emerging variants. High quality data is needed to ensure Australia is not ‘flying blind’ into future waves.
· Further waves leading to shadow lockdowns as people modify their activities to avoid infection, damaging the economy and livelihoods.
· Continued exclusion of people at risk of severe disease who will be forced to either avoid high transmission environments or forced back / into such environments. This will result in reduced access to healthcare, education, employment, social and community activities in violation of human rights. Those forced into such environments will face higher risk of illness or death.

Available evidence suggests that herd immunity is unlikely to be achieved with either the current generation of vaccines or by allowing people to become infected with the virus. Reinfection with the same or different variants of COVID-19 is now well documented.

Omicron had serious impacts on supply chains and health services due to staff absences, with the hospitality and retail sectors impacted by lack of staff and a ‘buyers’ strike’. This is likely in future waves unless governments to adopt science-based policy and the precautionary principle.

Community transmission disproportionately affects at-risk populations - people with cancer, asthma, diabetes, immunosuppression, those with disabilities, older Australians, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations, migrants, the economically disadvantaged and regional and remote Australia.

To date, most Australians have complied with protective public health measures (most of which do not affect freedom of movement) to ‘flatten the curve’ not just for our own health but to protect vulnerable members of society. This is still a relevant principle in a civilised society, where we should aim to leave no one behind.

Yours sincerely

895 verified
  1. Jason Rogers, Retired, Port Macquarie
  2. Annette Evans, Teacher, Melbourne
  3. Diane Fieldes, retired teacher, Potts Point
  4. Amanda Lambie, Teacher, Perth
  5. Li-Ann Leow, scientist, The University of Queensland, West End
  6. Andiope Hatzis, Primary/Mental Health; RN, Public Health, Australia, Melbourne
  7. Jenny Armstrong, retired, wollongong
  8. Ashley Marr, Engineer, Brisbane
  9. Anita White, Retired doctor, Melbourne
  10. Caron Nelson, Teacher, Sudney
  11. Kim Terhorst, Audiologist, Sydney
  12. Tammy, Sydney
  13. Greg Chinery, Aviation tech, Cairns
  14. Sarah Martin, Musician, Victoria
  15. Kate Gibbons, Bunbury
  16. Valerie Rao, Sydney
  17. Peter Lochore, Lawyer, ., Perth
  18. Deborah, Melbourne
  19. Kerri Bradbury, School as Scool Support Officer, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, Sydney
  20. Irene Moss, retired public servant, retired, Sydney
  21. Dr Dan Murphy, Statistician, University of Melbourne, Melbourne
  22. anonymous
  23. Marion Truman, Board Adviser, Port Fairy
  24. Dr Stephen Alomes, Adjunct Professor, RMIT University, Melbourne
  25. John Hunter, Climate scientist, retired, Retired, West Hobart
  26. Cindy Lee, Consultant, Sydney
  27. Alison Budden, Psychologist, McPhee Andrewartha, PARKSIDE
  28. J. MacKenzie, Allied Health, MCA-Group, Parkside
  29. karin bottcher, Office Manager, McPhee Andrewartha, Parkside
  30. Susan McPhee, Psychologist, McPhee Andrewartha, PARKSIDE
  31. Cate Houen, medical practitioner, SA Health, Adelaide
  32. randall clapp, Medical practitioner, Adelaide
  33. Michael Milne, Manager, University of Sydney, Randwick
  34. Kathryn Hackman, Doctor, melbourne
  35. Richard Matthews, Brisbane
  36. Sylvia Howes, IT Consultant, FIVE DOCK
  37. Sarah Burke, Teacher, Sydney
  38. Barbara Rennert, Retired, Wentworth Falls
  39. Andrew Nicholson, Retiree, Toowoomba
  40. How Chong, Engineer, Perth
  41. Alistair Reid, Infectious diseases physician, Wollongong Private Hospital, Wollongong
  42. Louise McCabe, Writer, Adelaide
  43. Margi Brown Ash, Therapist/Educator, Forest Lodge
  44. Liam Cranley, Project manager, Melbourne
  45. Dianne Stevens, Sydney
  46. Rob Scarbro, Engineer, Sydney
  47. Denny Groth, mediator, Five Dock
  48. Alicia Sonter, Gladstone
  49. Suzette Planincic, Ipswich
  50. Lee Beatty, Academic, Perth
  51. Susan Grechko, Melbourne
  52. Camilla Dench, Teacher, Royston
  53. Andrew McDonnell, Teacher, Melbourne
  54. Emma Langford, Carer, Kincumber
  55. Angela Hogan, Retired, Meridan Plains, Qld
  56. Sarah Flegg, Disability support worker, Craigieburn
  57. Matthew Legg, Newcastle
  58. Shae Randall, Wollongong
  59. Inga Atrens, Doctor, Brisbane
  60. Susan Conroy, Cultural Planner, Susan Conroy Cultural Planning, Lismore
  61. Fiona Mcglynn, Sydney
  62. Mary Havill, Retired, Melbourne
  63. Jason Wildschut, Doctor, Brisbane
  64. Robyn Vale, Administration officer, Timboon
  65. Dr Russ Schedlich, Doctor, Sydney
  66. Helen Anderson, Hobart
  67. Tracy Nau
  68. Jannette DANN, Gold Coast
  69. Simone Bye, Sydney
  70. Ruth Macalpine, Psychologist, Gold Coast
  71. Lily O’Neill, BRIGHT
  72. Aimee-Rose Wrightson-Hester, Academic, Yanchep
  73. Theo Hatzis, Retired
  74. Carmel Nunan, Hospitality, Melbourne
  75. Sharon Czerniec, Physiotherapy lecturer, Central Coast
  76. Annette Neill, Epidemiologist (retired), Brisbane
  77. Amanda Ferguson, Community Development, Central Coast NSW
  78. Ari Hatzis, Self employed, Coburg
  79. Susan Park, Marrickville
  80. Amanda Nisselle, Melbourne
  81. Victoria Stone, Public health policy consultant, Sydney
  82. Allison Clarke, Perth
  83. Ian Woolf, Podcaster, Ashfield
  84. Michelle Dale, Retired, KIRWAN
  85. Anne Tichborne, Retired Bookseller, Adelaide
  86. Vikki King, Director Community Health, Local Government, Sydney
  87. Jennifer Williams, Retired Medical Scientist, Melbourne VIC
  88. Peter Duke, Perth
  89. Margaret Coombes-Pearce, Retired, Wilson
  90. Cara Kusco, Brisbane
  91. A King, Sales, Fernmount
  92. Barry Rowe, Director, Perth
  93. Kathryn Michie, Sydney
  94. Sue Berry, Retired, Port Lincoln
  95. Lauren Dircks, Physiotherapist, Covid Positive Pathways, Melbourne
  96. Nola Johnson, Counsellor, Sydney
  97. anonymous
  98. Tammy Riley, Unemployed due to covid and medical conditions, Albury
  99. Julie McCartin, Trainee lawyer and Mum, Melbourne
  100. Hendrik Grundling, Scientist, Retired, Sydney
  101. Maree Thomas, Pychologist, Sydney
  102. Alanna Blaize, Adelaide
  103. Roslyn Treloar, Retired, Treloar SF, AVALON BEACH,NSW
  104. Helen Lawrence, Work health and safety professional, Guildford, Vic
  105. Paul Power, IT Consultant to the Medical Profession, Geelong
  106. Peter O'Meara, Paramedic Researcher, Global Paramedic Higher Education Council, Kangaroo Flat
  107. Clare Sutton, Senior Lecturer in Paramedicine, CSU, Bathurst
  108. Anna L, Executive Director, Sydney
  109. Karen Bellingham, Systems Accountant, Toowong
  110. Evgeney wolf, Director, Sydney
  111. Diana Ward, Digital designer, Citizen, Melbourne
  112. Daniel brace, Communications, Melbourne
  113. Kevin Harrison, Bus Driver, Transdev WA, Mandurah
  114. Zheng Song
  115. Charles Kleinman, Bus driver, Mandurah
  116. Mark Grimson, Bus Driver, Private, Perth
  117. Kevin Dempsey, Bus operator, Transdev, HALLS HEAD
  118. Elizabeth Freeman, Carer, Vic
  119. Steven Warwick, Bus driver, Transdev, Mandurah
  120. Tracey Swan, Bus Driver, Private, Mandurah
  121. Sarah Leighton, Union Official, VAHPA, Melbourne
  122. Angela Parker, Perth
  123. Catherine Mandel, neuroradiologist, Melbourne
  124. Maureen Sharpe, Glebe
  125. Jayne Power, Social Worker, Retired, Mittagong
  126. Dianne, retired, SEA LAKE
  127. Shannon Conley, Provisional Psychologist, Brisbane
  128. Kathryn Hayles, Perth
  129. Sarah Coolee, Brookfield
  130. Adriana Martínez, Teacher, None, Mexico
  131. Eugenia Sampayo, Scientist, The University of Queensland, Brisbane
  132. Olaf Zaworski, Auto Tech, Bowden
  133. Vanessa Stott, Research Grants Specilalist, Brisbane
  134. Janani Eswaran, Process Architect, QUT, Brisbane
  135. Donna Caulfield, Project Officer, Brisbane
  136. Jenny Agapito, Home dut, Darwin
  137. Julie Gallant, Research Information Officer, Brisbane
  138. Don Lebler, Retired, Brisbane
  139. Helen Dawson, Carer, Vic
  140. P. Marr, Business Owner, Private, Brisbane
  141. Jan Miller, Retired, Bingara NSW
  142. Felicity Durbidge, Mount Gambier
  143. Elizabeth Elliott, Doctor, Fern Tree
  144. Denise Howes, Retired, Geelong
  145. Anna Lawrenson, Academic, Sydney
  146. Jeff Bergman, ACA, Jeff Bergman, Sydney
  147. Lucy Taylor, Retired teacher, Brisbane
  148. Joanne McHarg, Melbourne
  149. Pearl Sims, Change Manager, Brisbane
  150. Nicole Blyth, Social Worker, Coburg
  151. Blythe Toll, Educator, Melbourne
  152. Vicky Merritt, Melbourne
  153. Alex B, Temp, n/a, Adelaide
  154. D Wild, n/a, n/a, Adelaide
  155. Keri McNie, Pensioner, Adelaide
  156. Angela Obradovic, Retired MH Social Worker, Melbourne
  157. Chelsea Ruwaard, Perth
  158. Barbara Carida, Newcastle
  159. Kathleen McNamara
  160. Nicole Carter
  161. Vanessa Macknay, Perth
  162. Maree Lynam, OHT, Toowoomba
  163. Alexandra Kennedy, Sydney
  164. Judith Rafferty, Retired public servant, Melbourne
  165. Angelique Wu
  166. Mira Mihajlovic, Retired, Canberra
  167. Vanessa Peterson
  168. Larsen Sten, Remrdial Massage Therapist not working due to Covid, Handzone Massage Studio (closed), Surfside
  169. Sahra Zanetti, Melbourne
  170. Leonard Smith, Potter, Dulwich Hill
  171. Sammy Chow, Sydney
  172. Colin Smith, Sydney
  173. Wendy Smith, Sydney
  174. Debbie Lee, Designer, Sydney
  175. Ana Correia-Gnavi, RMA, Perth
  176. Judy James, Retired, Banora point
  177. Astha Tomar, Psychiatrist, Victoria
  178. Vicki Jones, Adelaide
  179. John Wu, Library advisor, University of Sydney, Sydney
  180. Jennifer McDowell, Heidelberg
  181. Jo-Anne Coleman, Project Officer, Perth
  182. Sarah Rayner, Home duties, Launceston
  183. Erin Ellison, Cairns
  184. May Ali, Artist, Perth
  185. Katie Leach, Technical Analyst, NSW Health, Sydney
  186. Gabrielle Randall, Retired Teacher, Brisbanr
  187. Michelle Buckland, Personal Assistant, Sydney Olympic Park
  188. Vedrana Savietto, Perth
  189. Paul Ashton, teacher, McKinnon
  190. Sandy Williams, Clinical Psychologist, South Fremantle
  191. Cameron Haigh, Music Therapist, Brisbane
  192. Tim Jomartz-Knowles, Music teacher, Caulfield North
  193. Melissa Rogerson, Carer, Melbourne
  194. Nicole Smith, Sydney
  195. Ad'm Martin, Artist, Adelaide
  196. Claire Rafferty, Melbourne
  197. Jill Davidson, Health Manager, Bundaleer, Wauchope
  198. Kerri Morrison, Teacher, Black Rock
  199. Pak Lee, Investment Professional, Sydney
  200. Robin Harvey, Academic, Albury
  201. Jen Coleman, IT Developer, Adelaide
  202. Negibe Mankir, Medical practitioner, Melbourne
  203. Nancy Georges, Magnolia Solutions Pty Ltd, Rose Bay
  204. Ivan Garanovich, Scientist, Canberra
  205. Melissa Fitzgerald, Engineer, Melbourne
  206. Duane Morrison, Musician, Melbourne
  207. Elizabeth Haywood, Communications consultant, Hobart
  208. SANTHOSH THAMARAISELVAN, Registrar, Goulburn Valley Health, Shepparton
  209. Aleema Ash, Arts Worker, Freelance, Sydney
  210. Michael Thomson, Defence Consultant, Crown Consulting, Canberra
  211. Kimberly Jayne, Mechanical Ventilation Marketer, STIEBEL ELTRON
  212. Debra Monte, Teacher, Sydney
  213. Lian Jenvey, Student, Sydney
  214. Janine Young, Editor, Canberra
  215. Emma Giles, Anaesthetist, Perth
  216. Bill Campbell, Property, Melbourne
  217. Elizabeth Hovey, Physician, Elizabeth Bay
  218. Carol Liebeck, Retired, Wagga Wagga
  219. Rachael Watson, Psychologist, Melbourne
  220. E. Jane Grimbeek, Data analyst, retired, Sydney
  221. James McHarg, Senior Anslyst, Melbourne
  222. Vivienne Kane, Business Owner, Hawthorn Vic
  223. Jenny Pitkin, TAFE Teacher, Victoria University Polytechnic, Ballarat
  224. Zoe Moss, Occupational Therapist, Brisbane
  225. Mark Bovill, Student, Yokine
  226. Peta Hooker, Byron Bay
  227. Sarah James
  228. Jarrad Hall MInfectDis PhD MASM, Medical Student, Perth
  229. Bianca Spence, Melbourne
  230. Kara Mestric, Adelaide
  231. Rach Alic, Teacher, Blue Mountains
  232. Sam Dowland, Medical Scientist, The University of Sydney, Sydney
  233. Caroline Finander, Consultant, Yanchep
  234. Bek
  235. Annemarie Lee, PHysiotherapist, Cabrini Hospital, Heathmont
  236. Pamela Chrisp, Home Duties, Perth
  237. Alan Sixsmith, Retired, Sydney
  238. James Ford, Pensioner, Lockridge
  239. Barbara Rennert, Retired, Wentworth Falls
  240. David Lott, Mornington, Victoria
  241. Margaret McDougall, Retired, Coffs Harbour
  242. Francesca Lott, Mornington, Victoria
  243. terry armstrong, teacher, Ashfield
  244. Denise Shearer, Retired lecturer, Perth
  245. Bruce Rowles, Retired teacher, Wollongong
  246. Lynette Campbell, Retired, Home owner, Melbourne
  247. karen websdale, Mediator and Teacher, Ashfield
  248. Stephen Binckes, Medical Product Manager, Gold Coast
  249. Anne Rowles, Retired teacher, Wollongong
  250. Jim McKinnon, Artist Manager, Woodend
  251. Glen Cookson, Consultant, Self employed, Perth
  252. Valerie Osborne, Penrith NSW
  253. Mai Raabus, Medical Research Scientist, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Melbourne
  254. Sue Helfgott, Social Worker, self employed, Perth
  255. Narelle Ford, Retired Teacher, Canberra
  256. Rhonda Seager, Hairstylist, Bathurst
  257. Shireen Narayanan, Filmmaker / Psychotherapist, Perth
  258. Soosin Yeoh, Retired, Sydney
  259. Mark Davis, self-employed, Mooroobool
  260. William Price, Academic, Melbourne
  261. Patsy Yeoh, Cremorne
  262. Susan Pitcher, Retired, Melbourne
  263. Alex Mortensen, Retired teacher, Quialigo
  264. Miriam Frommer, Lecturer, Sydney University, Sydney
  265. Sheila Hosie, Retired, Ramsgate
  266. Annette King, Retired, Redland Bay
  267. Kim Binckes, Homemaker, Gold Coast
  268. Tim Booth, Risk Management Specialist, Resource Industry, Perth
  269. Marisa Senese, Mum, Melbourne
  270. Dolores Elek, Clinical Psychologist, Perth
  271. Shannon Newbery, Carer, Hobart
  272. Calum Johnston, Spatial Scientist and First Responder, Kyneton
  273. Natalia Bateman V., Outreach and Engagement Manager, Canberra
  274. Meredith Spark, Remedial Massage Therapist, Melbourne
  275. May Shum, Sydney
  276. Evelyn Dixon, Home duties, PERTH
  277. Gillian Farrell, Retired, Perth
  278. Jo Frank, Instructional Designer, Sydney
  279. Portia Zar, Perth
  280. Natalie Tsambouras, Mum, Sydney
  281. Robyn, Library assistant, Ocean shores
  282. Richard Wyllie, Brisbane
  283. Wendy Goodisson, artist, Mallacoota
  284. Ron birch, Retired, Gold Coast
  285. Fran Murrell, Gardener, Fitzroy
  286. Emily Hackett-Jones, Data Scientist, St Peters
  287. Iolanda Stacey, Melbourne
  288. Amy Day, Perth
  289. John Johnston, Emergency physician, Box Hill Hospital, Melbourne
  290. Emma Carolan, immunocompromised, Mount Colah
  291. Mary McCarthy, Ret, Perth
  292. Pamela Haysom, Carer and past Pathology Technical Officer, Thurgoona
  293. Claudine Haysom, Retired, Thurgoona
  294. Alana Mrsa, Midwife, Perth
  295. Theresa Khorshid, Analyst, Perth
  296. Nick Drengenberg, Lithgow
  297. Kate O'Neill, Tax Specialist, Albury
  298. Jennifer Barrett, Professor & Director, National Centre for Cultural Competence, University of Sydney, Sydney
  299. Annette Kasprzak, Research Projects Officer, CSIRO, Canberra
  300. Peter Roupas, Retired / Senior Research Scientist, Geelong
  301. Lara Sherrie, Teacher, Hurstville
  302. Mary Tapsall, retired doctor, Bethanga
  303. Annette Alldrick, Registered Nurse/Midwife, Tapitallee
  304. Sally Piracha, Org Change Mgr, Freelance, Brisbane
  305. Anita Sorensen, Registered Nurse, Central Gippsland Health, Traralgon
  306. Tony Chinnery, Retired, Beechworth
  307. Nicole Huber, Carer, Maroubra
  308. Joanne Horniman, Writer, Beechworth
  309. Robert Paton, Heathmont
  310. Sue ward, Carer, Melbourne
  311. Daniel MacArthur, Professor, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney
  312. Christine Webb, Retired /Registered Nurse, Tumut
  313. Wendy Siryj, VHPSS Coordinator, Epidemiology, Doherty Institute, Melbourne
  314. Laura Currie, Florist, Perth
  315. Bernard Boerma, Director & PhD student, Sydney
  316. Catherine Maio, Communications Manager, Sydney
  317. Pam Norman, Pensioner, Toukley
  318. Sandy Clarke, Nurse, Adelaide
  319. Deb Walter, Practice Manager, Sanctuary Medical Practice Fletcher, Fletcher
  320. Wendy Spencer, Manager, Walgett
  321. Ryan Buckley, Engineer, Nowra
  322. Fiona Macgregor, Lawyer, NSW
  323. Bernie Flanagan, Director, Castle Canvas, Newcatsle
  324. Nicole Benaud, Research scientist, UNSW, Sydney
  325. Maree Imer, Mum, Hobart
  326. R J Wood, Hillvue
  327. Susan Lenord, Barista, Ganmain
  328. Genevieve orban, Psychologist, Capability intelligence, Sydney
  329. Guzys-McAuliffe Judith, Teacher, Victorian Department of Education and Training, Frankston South
  330. Vicki Kotsirilos AM, Medical Practitioner, Dunstan Dental & Medical, Clayton
  331. Timothy Schaerf, Academic, University of New England, Armidale
  332. Elizabeth Pare, teacher
  333. Susan Walton, AIN, Kanahooks
  334. Emma Walker, Medical scientist
  335. Anita Nahabedian, Sydney
  336. Samantha Grant, Teacher, Canberra
  337. Mihan De Silva, Medical Student, National Executive of Australian Medical Students Association, Perth
  338. Azariah Abdullah, Full-time Mother, Ballarat
  339. Bethanie Duckett, Community worker, Perth
  340. Elizabeth Pearce, Environmental educator, Sydney
  341. Tony Johnson, Director, Perth
  342. Rachael Bott, Dance Teaching Artist, Creative Moves WA, Perth
  343. Barbara Hodge, Retired Nurse, Perth
  344. Elizabeth Johnson, Portfolio Analyst, Perth
  345. Pallas Mareyo, Doctor, Western Australia
  346. Kerri Murdoch, Climate Campaigner/Artist, Port Melbourne
  347. Elise Fowler, Stay at home mum, Gympie
  348. Mike Jones, Self employed, Perth
  349. Duc Dau, Researcher, Perth
  350. Ayeisha Milligan Armstrong, PhD Candidate, Perth
  351. Naomi C, Dentist, Brisbane
  352. Amanda Simpson, Media Monitor, Victorian Public Service, Melbourne
  353. Jayne Flanagan, Occupational Therapist, Sydney
  354. Sarah Egan, Academic, Curtin University, Perth
  355. Amanda Simpson, Media monitor, VPS, Melbourne
  356. Mel Ingram, MELBOURNE
  357. Kurt Labuschewski, Accounts, N/A, Brisbane
  358. Vida Thomson, Immunocompromised, Canberra
  359. Maria Vanderpoel, Teacher, Newcastle
  360. Martina Polinkova, Office manager, Perth
  361. Robert D Forbes, Teacher, Blackheath
  362. Mike Lazarus, Data Analyst, Sydney
  363. Deborah Staines, Public servant, Melbourne
  364. Kailey Payne, Physiotherapist, Perth, Subiaco
  365. Chris Kingsbury, Nil, Narooma
  366. Kelly Nolan, Retail, Sydney
  367. Sheila Narayan, Ballarat
  368. Rachelle Sandow, Adelaide
  369. Simon Cowan, Retired, Immunocompromised, Nambucca Heads
  370. Heike Motzek, Perth
  371. Duncan Merrell, Paramedic (Ret), Huonbrook
  372. Julie Shead, Solicitor, Sudney
  373. Milan Prokic, Promoter, Somerton Park
  374. Lisa Dunning, Retired, Castlemaine
  375. Diana Burgess, Retired, Sunshine Coast
  376. Cailin Jordan, Psychologist, Perth
  377. SAMANTHA SKINNER, Auditor, Salisbury East
  378. Catherine Morris, Project Manager, Melbourne
  379. Holly Adams, Nurse, Melbourne
  380. Amanda Murray, Glen Iris
  381. Lucinda, Officer manager, Victoria
  382. Tamsyn Van Rheenen, Senior Research Fellow, Neuropsychiatry, University of Melbourne, Melbourne
  383. Emma Ricketts, Melbourne
  384. Christopher Payten, Speech Pathologist, Gold Coast Health, Brisbane
  385. Kassie
  386. Verity Bristow, Veterinarian, Yarrambat
  387. Mina Turkington, Brisbane
  388. Sherilyn Yao, Casual Academic and PhD Candidate, UNSW Medicine, Sydney
  389. Yvonne, Retired, Melbourne
  390. Deborah Feldman, Melbourne
  391. Irene Hagen, Teacher, CRANBOURNE EAST
  392. Conrad frankland, Sydney
  393. Sally Fitzpatrick, Research Fellow, University of Newcastle, Sydney
  394. Carolyn Vaughan, Teacher, Melbourne
  395. Toni Rontaunay, Quorn
  396. Nicole Liu, Research Fellow, Sydney
  397. Michael Monash Block, Psychiatrist, Armadale
  398. Janine Cantoni, Beauty Therapist, Townsville
  399. Lauren Champs, Adelaide
  400. Matthew Charles, IT Cybersecurity, Melbourne
  401. Sandy Yusman, Sydney
  402. Jennifer Christesen, Registered Nurse ret., BEECHWORTH
  403. Wendy Liu, Optometrist, Sydney
  404. Emilia Storm, Designer, Bellfield
  405. Terri Psiakis, Melbourne
  406. Char, Nurse, Smj, Abermain
  407. Georgina Taylor, Teacher, Eastlakes
  408. Maureen Canning, Nurse, Melbourne
  409. Michael Block, Psychiatrist, Armadale
  410. Vera, Nurse, Perth
  411. Geoffrey Miller, Retired, Chisholm
  412. Cindy Che, Medical practitioner, QLD
  413. Geoffrey Constable, Company Director, Southbank
  414. Carla Furey, Sydney
  415. Peter Vogel, Solicitor, Peter Vogel Legal, FAULCONBRIDGE
  416. Mary Liu, Mental health worker, Sydney
  417. Natalie Fitzgerald,, General Manager, Sydney
  418. Charisse manwaring, IT Consultant, Kensington
  419. Anne Wills, retired, Sydney
  420. Kate Doherty, Environmental management, Sydney
  421. Vicki Black, RN, SWSLHD, Campbelltown
  422. Rita Magro, Ashfield
  423. Louise Elliott, Cleaner, Department of Education, Walkerston
  424. Gayle Arrowsmith, Reception, Coburg
  425. Ebonie Salter, Dentist, Horsham
  426. Eva Naumovski, Sydney
  427. Lisa Chawner, Teacher, Newcastle
  428. Cassie Worssam, Dietitian, Adelaide
  429. Laurie LaBerge, Retired, Sydney
  430. Stephanie Williams, Director, SRW Solutions, Saratoga
  431. Kelly Ritchie, Teacher, Sydney Catholic Schools, Matraville
  432. Kate Renzenbrink, Chief Nursing & Midwifery Information Officer, Western Health, Melbourne
  433. Szilvia Virag, Social Worker (& public health qualified), Ballarat
  434. Heather Shields, Team Leader, Sydney
  435. Michael Fisher, retired, NA, Neranwood
  436. Angela Dunnett, Science Communications, Individual, Coogee
  437. Amanda F, Melbourne
  438. Yvonne McCarthy, Bookkeeper, Perth
  439. Lina Tran
  440. Karen Brown, Sydney
  441. Martin Low, Medical specialist, Sydney
  442. Richard Swift, Perth
  443. Sari fisher, Retired, Gold coast
  444. Margaret Jarvis, Retired, Morisset
  445. Sharon Westwick, Library technician, Gardenvale Primary School, Melbourne
  446. Ilana Fisher, Dentist, Sydney
  447. Nicole Puttyfoot, Teacher, Point Cook
  448. anna bates, Public Servant - health, Ministry of health, Sydney
  449. Megan Higgins, Medical practitioner, Brisbane
  450. Rebecca McGowan, Mum, Sydney
  451. Nicole Rowan, Lawyer, Riddells Creek
  452. Michelle Pitman, Medical Librarian, Grampians Health, HORSHAM
  453. Kristi Ellingsen, Teacher, Hobart
  454. Robyn Coleman, Retired, Modbury Heights
  455. Nathan Jones, Teacher's Aide, Sydney
  456. Pamela lincoln, Dietitian, Albany
  457. George Manoliadis, GP, Mayfield
  458. Linda Thomson, Medical Practitioner (Retired), Brisbane
  459. Jeremy Heritage, Software Developer, Sydney
  460. Brendan Lo, Massage Therapist, Alexandria
  461. Margaret Dubois, Retired, Gatton
  462. Rebecca Dam, Teacher, Eduction, Darlinghurst
  463. Dr Janice F Sheringham, Medical practitioner, Bendigo
  464. Michelle Lee Crutchfield, Teacher, DoE, Karabar
  465. Mary Bullen, Teacher, CEO Parramatta, NSW
  466. Matthew Saunders, IT Analyst, Adelaide
  467. Amanda Neil, Health economist, Menzies Institute for Medical Research, Hobart
  468. Julia Geraedts, Registered Nurse, melbourne
  469. margaret kelly, sydney
  470. Lisa Adams, Maroubra
  471. Colin Kinner, Brisbane
  472. Elaine Greyling, Retired, Belrose
  473. anonymous
  474. Jan Chamberlain, Ex-Program Manager, Northcote
  475. Jan Ogden, Registered Nurse, Carlton
  476. Elyssa Mackie, Massage Therapist, Massage and Soul, Bullaburra
  477. Cathy Nell, Retired, Momcologist and carer, MCKELLAR
  478. Gregory S Heard, Massage Therapist, Greg Heard Massage Therapist, Richardson, ACT
  479. Andrew Bullock, Lawyer, Adelaide
  480. Donna Murdoch, autoimmune vulnerable, Not happy with Let It Rip, NUNAWADING
  481. Emily Bryson, PhD researcher, Adelaide
  482. Christine S, Canberra
  483. Matt Kelly, Doctor
  484. Melanie Little, GP/ED, Rural WA
  485. Helen Bloomfield, Solicitor, Brisbane
  486. Jacinta Hidajat, Customer Service Consultant, Pertg
  487. Jann T., Melbourne
  488. Annette Taylor, Retired, Waikiki
  489. Luciana Lanza, Psychologist, Private practitioner, Fairfield
  490. Porter Coralie, Retiref, Darley
  491. Liz Slade, Cancer patient, Carlingford
  492. Lucie Phaxe, Yackandandah
  493. Basil Lambert, Retired, Mundaring
  494. Taylor Penny, Education, Garran
  495. Barbara Ryan, Retired, Wodonga
  496. T. Hanrahan, Sydney
  497. Carol Rose, Casual Academic, La Trobe University, Bendigo
  498. Bonnie Allan, Melbourne
  499. SuzyPreketes, Sydney
  500. Valerie Clews, Retired, Grandmother, retired childcare worker, Gosford
  501. Sigrid Langker, Arts Manager, Yarrahapinni
  502. Janine Brown, Retired, Revesby
  503. Alex Harris, Doctor, WACHS, Broome
  504. Tracie Jarvis, Wodonga
  505. Tracie Jarvis, Wodonga
  506. Jo Morris, Lalor Park
  507. Elisabeth Spurr, Hobart
  508. Pamela Kilduff, retired, Cessnock
  509. Jenny Jones, Sydney
  510. Racheal Thackray, Mother, FIGTREE
  511. Debra Carroll, Movement & Remedial Massage therapist. Immunocompromised., AMT, ACT
  512. Marissa Kyriakopoulos, Melbourne
  513. Simone Stubbs, GP, Perth
  514. Nick Davis-Poynter, Science teacher, Education dept, Brisbane
  515. Melinda crumblin, Writer, Katoomba
  516. Natalie Beak, Senior Lecturer, Sydney
  517. Leah Vern Barnett, Manager, Professional Standards, Queensland College of Teachers, Brisbane
  518. Sarah Chesters, Mother, Educator and Ethicist, Brisbane
  519. Alicia John, Clinical Nurse, Perth
  520. Madeline Bell, Admin, 2776
  521. Jenny Knox, Health worker
  522. ian robinson, Princ Process & Research Process Engr / Physicist (retired), n/a, GATESHEAD
  523. Samantha Hill, Teacher, Department of Education, Sydney
  524. Grant Purtle, Product Designer, Adelaide
  525. Jennifer Thomas, Retired, Sydney
  526. Su Langker, Retired English teacher, Sydney
  527. Carolyn Morick, Social Worker, Health, Port Augusta
  528. Connacher Robyn Robyn, Massage therapist, Amt, Sydney
  529. Kelly Jones, Transcriptionist, ZEEHAN
  530. Adrian langker, Painter, Sydney
  531. Gemma Hamilton, Engineer, Kewdale
  532. Claudia Iacovella, Freelance graphic designer, claudesign, Woodford
  533. Cassandra Barford, Registered Nurse, N/A, Sydney
  534. Simon jakes, Psychologist, Health, Wollongong
  535. Sarah magoffin, Social Worker, Sydney
  536. Katharine Castello, Victoria
  537. Sheree McLachlan, Ex nurse, Adelaide
  538. Leanne B, Admin, Vic
  539. Rebecca Barnett, CEO, Association of Massage Therapists, Sydney
  540. Diana Cundall, Scientist
  541. carole wallace, retired, ACT
  542. Claire Purtle, Adelaide
  543. Carmel Ryan, Retired, Preston
  544. Mary Costello, teacher, Sydney
  545. Elisia Yeo, Writer, Sydney
  546. Geoff Oliver, Retired, Kew East
  547. MARTHA YOUNG, Engineer, Preston
  548. Heather Oliver, Retired teacher, N/A, Melbourne
  549. Amanjit Gill, BE/BCS GradDipEd, Melbourne
  550. Peter Ofner, Retired Science teacher, Sydney
  551. Elizabeth Denny, Retired, Sydney
  552. Linda Shboul, Retired, University of Sydney, Sydney
  553. Avril Keanan, Mother/Student, Mount Gravatt
  554. Janet Santer, Retired Nurse, Zetland
  555. IAN CARTER, Scientist, sole trader, Sydney
  556. Melinda Chan, IT Analyst, Melbourne
  557. Jane Annells, Business owner, ex RN/RM, immunocompromised., Adelaide
  558. Kerry Highley, PhD Medical Historian, Australian National University, Canberra
  559. Rebecca Yuen, Melbourne
  560. Kirsty Joosten, Psychiatrist, Private Practice, Melbourne
  561. Jodie Thornton, Parent coach, Jodie Thornton Parent coach, Coombs
  562. Tracey Hales, Person living with a disability, BELFIELD
  563. Ed Jones, Wynyard
  564. Miriana Ristivojevic, IT Consultant, *, Hobart
  565. Brent Hodgson, Data analyst, Hawthorn
  566. Jenny Richardson, Myotherapist, Canberra
  567. Narelle Gardiner, Retired RN, Carer, Adelaide
  568. Magdalena Bors, Photographer, Melbourne
  569. Siobhan Baker, Nurse, BURNSIDE
  570. Fiona Myers, Mother and disability carer, Wollongong
  571. Adele Foale, Retired, Rothbury
  572. Trudi Cairns, Clinical Psychologist, Bunbury
  573. Julian Bowron, retired, Bunbury
  574. David Foale, Retired, Rothbury
  575. Julia Mizuno, Translator, Brisbane
  576. Mutullah Yolbulan, App developer, Melbourne
  577. Julian Garcia, Sydney
  578. Felix Ratcliff, Freelance writer, Ettalong Beach
  579. Leanne Tonkes, Film Producer, Sense & Centsability, Sandringham
  580. Cat Kilderry, Payroll and Administration, Narre Warren North
  581. C.Crosbie, Community Engagement, Bairnsdale
  582. Laura Eve, Finance Manager, Adelaide
  583. stephanie wood, Inspector Local Government, Adelaide
  584. Eva Reiser, Jeweller, Melbourne
  585. Emma Wyatt, Domestic Goddess, Portland
  586. Margaret Vischer, Retired, Bondi
  587. G. Britton, Domestic engineer, Victoria
  588. Corrine Porter, Scientist, Melbourne
  589. Helen Farrell, PhD Virologist, University of Queensland, Brisbane
  590. Rhonda Daly, Nurse, Geelong
  591. Chris Han, IT Systems Engineer, Melbourne
  592. Kay Scouller, researcher, Sydney
  593. Kathy Ross, Teacher, Melbourne
  594. Jane Daly, Adelaide
  595. Barbara ALEXANDER, Goolwa
  596. June Wieland, Retired, Bolton Point
  597. Phil Jay, Education
  598. Rob Howes, Patient Advocate, Narre Warren
  599. Matthew Charles, Cyber security analyst, Melbourne
  600. Robert Fabian, Anaesthetist, dreamtime, NORTHCOTE
  601. David Dessauer, Educator, Melbourne
  602. Sharon Thornton, Law Student; Bookkeeper, Victoria
  603. Joanna Franklin, Retired, Lake Cathie
  604. Kristen Stone, Organiser, Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association, South Melbourne
  605. Donna Edwards, Projects, The Gap
  606. Duncan Macqueen, retired, Pomona
  607. Hannah Dobson Gornall, Doctors, Melbourne
  608. Fiona H., Melbourne
  609. Jane Stanley, Education, Sydney University, Clovelly NSW, Australia
  610. David Morgan, Anaesthetist, Melbourne
  611. Robert Gibson, Estimator, Bryan and Petersen, Bulleen
  612. Kristy Newton, Librarian, Wollongong
  613. Sylvia S, Melbourne
  614. Ben Burford, Dr, Perth
  615. Jody Stephenson, Nurse, Newcastle
  616. Desiree Koch, Science Comms, Canberra
  617. Ros Gleadow, Professor Plant Science, Monash University, Melbourne
  618. Anna Gibbs, Adjunct Professor, Sydney
  619. Christine McDougall, Interpreter, Melbourne
  620. Carol Van Der Peet, Retired, Mount Barker
  621. Michelle O’Sullivan, Occupational Therapist, Frenchs Forest
  622. Tania, Teacher, Gosford
  623. Malicia Anna, Bookkeeper, Sylvania
  624. Peter Coleman, Manager, Wollongong
  625. Elizabeth Hegarty, Cattle Farmer, Huntingdale
  626. Patricia Roberts, Retired, Canberra
  627. Lynne Jackson, Demand Planner, Sydney
  628. Carol ALLMAN, Medical Admin, Nelson Plaza Clinic, NELSON BAY
  629. Louise Ware, Editor/Teacher, Killcare
  630. Ruth Erby, Physiotherapist, Physio2You, Sydney
  631. Tess K, Teacher
  632. Josephine Harwood, Education Assistant, Perth WA
  633. Derek Maynard, Tully
  634. Pauline & Fred Wheatley, Retired, Perth WA
  635. Barb Hargrave, Teacher, Brisbane
  636. Cher Cochrane, Clinical data analyst, Brisbane
  637. Josara de Lange, GIS Manager, Bacchus Marsh
  638. Gale English, Melbourne
  639. Louise Verney, Self Employed, Perth
  640. Carla Anderson, Teacher, Regional NSW
  641. Mark Tindall, Retired, Maitland
  642. Peter McArdle, Engineer; Researcher - community resilience, University of Sydney, Sydney
  643. Davita janto, Sydney
  644. Jane Thomas, Office Manager, Melbourne
  645. Erin Patterson, Sydney
  646. Angela Walker, Practice Manager, Ipswich
  647. Heather THIRKETTLE-WATTS, Education Support, RESERVOIR
  648. Dani Barrington, Lecturer, Global Health, The University of Western Australia, Perth
  649. Jenny Lucas, Nurse, Sydney
  650. Jo-Ann Holstein, Academic, Sydney
  651. David Ollett, retired, Gerringong
  652. John Townsend, Social worker, Geelong
  653. Dale Fox, Doctor, Helensvale
  654. J Silverton, Doctor, Sydney
  655. David Caldicott, Emergency Consultant, Australian National University, Canberra
  656. Louise Treen, Registered Nurse, Sydney
  657. Ann Eades, business analyst, newcastle
  658. Scheherezade Holland, Full time carer and mum, Logan QLD
  659. Peter Higgs, Academic, Melbourne
  660. Catherine Hartley, Retired, Brisbane
  661. Pam Formby, Physiotherapist, Fremantle, Fremantle
  662. Ashraf ishak, Full time Carer, Melbourne
  663. Suzanne Leahy, Teacher, Sydney
  664. Nerida Rosenberg, Legal Secretary, Sydney
  665. Cindy Lee, Sydney
  666. Bernard Hemingway, Retired project manager, N/A, Melbourne
  667. Barbara Clarke, RN, Adelaide
  668. Anne Taylor, Registered Nurse, Victoria
  669. Brian Daly, New Lambton
  670. Andrew Stanton, Retired, Centennial Park
  671. Peter McCluskey, Melbourne
  672. Brian Hill, Director, Health Researcher, Assemblient, Central Coast
  673. Helen McDonald, Retired, Ballarat
  674. Claudia Gonzalez, Occupational therapist, Melbourne
  675. Mary, Brisbane
  676. Lynette Long, Beveridge
  677. Margarita Georgiadis, Artist, Gunning
  678. Hayley, Brisbane
  679. Graham George, CEO, Leadx, Lapstone
  680. Kieran Cummings, Stay-at-home Dad, Glenroy
  681. Rod Wilson, Retired Uni Teacher, N/A, Toowoomba
  682. Elizabeth Murphy, Retired, Gold Coast
  683. Sarah Kempster, Home duties, Adelaide
  684. Philip Wallis, Retired, NORTH ADELAIDE
  685. Cathie Rogers, Teacher, Central Coast
  686. Lorraine Hughes, Pensioner, Tamworth
  687. Sharon Luhr, Academic Compliance Manager, Enfield NSW
  688. Linda Slack-Smith, Professor, Social Epidemiologist, University of Western Australia, Perth
  689. Amanda Curran, Psychologist, Brisbane
  690. Elisabeth Hing, Health coach, Sydney
  691. Eliza Charley, Actor, Writer, Eliza Charley, Melbourne
  692. Carly Anne, Radiologic Technologist, Victoria
  693. Cecelia Compton, Disability support worker, Wollongong
  694. Dr Rob Hosking, Medical Practitioner, Bacchus Marsh
  695. Margaret McLeod, Retired, Narellan Vale
  696. Bill Porter, PhD, Agricultural Scientist, Retired, Fremantle
  697. Maria Taylor, Social worker, DFFH, Daylesford
  698. Annalea Davies, Office manager, White Rock
  699. Penny Underwood, Publicist, MediaWise, Melbourne
  700. Carolyn Kopp, Retired scientist(microbiology), Sandgate
  701. Dr Katy Alexander, Academic, Tamworth
  702. Cathy Young, Teacher
  703. Dr Runa Lindblom, Medical researcher, Melbourne
  704. Eldridge Leonie, Grandparent/Guardian, Sydney
  705. Cheryl Baron Levi, retired special education consultant, Eastgardens
  706. Priya Smith, Pharmacist, Melbourne
  707. Rebecca Appleton, Project Manager, Brisbane
  708. Elizabeth McCormack, Data Administrator, VIC
  709. Karen Finch, Artist/Writer, Bentleigh East
  710. Daniel Mueller, Sydney
  711. Bridie Burke, Bathurst
  712. Emily williams, ., ., Melbourne
  713. Dani Andree, Technician and HDR candidate, RMIT University, Melbourne
  714. Simon Young, Manager, Melbourne
  715. Alan Wheatland, retired, Port Macquarie
  716. Chris Donnan, Medical Manager, AMS, Grafton
  717. Andrew Rumble, Manager, MOLLONGGHIP
  718. Min, Doctor, Melbourne
  719. Branka Powter, PhD in virology, Sydney
  720. wendy smith, nerang
  721. Edwina Townsend, Retured, Geelong
  722. Amira Franklin, Lawyer, Caulfield North
  723. Rob Harding, Crossing Supervisor, Local Council, Torquay
  724. Jacinta Anderson, Customer Service, Warragul
  725. Leone Clark, Retiree, N/a
  726. Anthony Ewing, retired, private citizen, Brisbane
  727. Michelle Campbell, Registered Nurse, NA, Sydney
  728. PamEla MacQueen, Retired, Pomona
  729. Francine Elrose, Researcher, QUT, Springfield Lakes
  730. Riwka Hagen, Management Consultant, Medical Business Services, Melbourne
  731. Trish Crisante, Dubbo
  732. Shiree Colley, Teacher, Brisbane
  733. Peta Austen, Teacher, Perth
  734. Leanne Wicks, Pharmacist, Albury
  735. Kiran Alphonso, Melbourne
  736. Maria Mamalis, Accounts payable, Na, Carindale
  737. Effie Jordan, Medically retired police officer, Sydney
  738. Jenny Veliscek, Nurse, Revesby Heights
  739. Eloise Moore, Caroline Springs
  740. Dr Ka Chun Tse, Doctor, Shepparton
  741. Jennifer Edwards, RN, Eleebana
  742. Lisa Lynch, Perth
  743. Dianne Taylor, Consultant, Australian Institute of Managet, Varsity Lakes
  744. Amanda Cochrane, Teacher, Cessnock
  745. Julie Eisenberg, Consultant, Sydney
  746. Marilyn Raven, Retired, None, Tuross Head
  747. Sterre Siegenbeek van Heukelom, ESG account manager, Socialsuite, Thirroul
  748. Prue Coleman, Technical Manager, Roha Australia, Keysborough
  749. T, Education IT, Victoria
  750. Noor Bari, Doctor, Sydeny
  751. Susan Swetnam, Retired, Newcastle
  752. AMANDA HAY, Biologist, Umina Beach
  753. Yvette Templeton, Teacher, Sydney, Quakers Hill
  754. Silvana Sherman, Field Interviewer, Swan Marsh
  755. Liz McInnes, Researcher, Australian Catholic University, Sydney
  756. Desley Rolph, Artist, Noosa
  757. Jackie Campisi, Social worker, Sydney
  758. Julia flanagan, Teacher, Sydney
  759. Robyn Allen, Sydney
  760. Sarah Lalor, Newtown
  761. Chandini Raina MacIntyre, Doctor, North Wahroonga
  762. Julie Francis, Eltham
  763. Harriet Playle, GP
  764. Julia Furey, Sydney
  765. Jennifer Conway, Medical Practitioner, Get Well Clinic, Healesville
  766. Eileen Clark, Counsellor, Ferny Grove, Brisbane
  767. Nadia C, Financial services, Sydney
  768. Kerryn Pratesi, Retired Early childhood teacher due to Covid danger, Primary immunodeficiency sufferer, Ringwood North
  769. Muriel Weiner, Student, Sydney
  770. Le Cockinos, Sydney
  771. Dr Anna Leavy, Anaesthetist Ret., Bowral
  772. James Bolster, Sydney
  773. Ros Shute, PhD, Retired, Adelaide
  774. Trish, Academic, Sydney
  775. Dan Jago, doctor, Caulfield North
  776. Elen Shute, PhD, Adelaide
  777. Paola Nunez, Education, Moorebank
  778. Trevor Satour, Self-employed consultant, Katherine East
  779. Katherine McCormack, Box Hill
  780. Shirin Bayat, Sydney
  781. Robina Reid, Retired, Katoomba
  782. Anthony Ruddy, Anthony Ruddy, Cairns
  783. Yujia Zeng, General Dentist, Melbourne
  784. Elizabeth SIGSTON, Surgeon PhD, Melbourne
  785. Carley Bryce, Sydney
  786. Andrew Gannon, Education Manager, Brunswick
  787. Catherine Steel, Critical Care Nurse, Geelong
  788. Elle Haus, Immunocompromised Citizen, Melbourne
  789. Dr Frances Batchelor, Physiotherapist and medical researcher, Melbourne
  790. Claire Service, doctor, Self, sudney
  791. Mitch Farquhar, Operations Manager, Brisbane
  792. Tess Chandler, Citizen, Kyneton
  793. Geoff Hurst, Risk Engineer, ENGENEOHS PTY LTD, Melbourne
  794. John Johnston, Emergency physician, Eastern health, Melbourne
  795. Julie LOKAN, Doctor, Austin hospital, Melbourne
  796. Dr Anita Hutchison, General Practitioner, ACT
  797. Mark Donnellan, Brunswick
  798. Katie Buckley, Research academic & Speech pathologist, Melbourne
  799. Karen Gaunson, Medical Practitioner, Melbourne
  800. Lana A, Brisbane
  801. Rick Nunes-Vaz, Professor, Flinders University, Adelaide
  802. anonymous, Emergency physician, Eastern Health, Melbourne
  803. Melissa Ford, Speech pathologist, Public hospital, Melbourne
  804. Emma Dalton, RN, Melbourne
  805. Justin Harper, Barrister, Brisbane
  806. Lorraine Baker, GP, Belmore Road Medical Centre, Melbourne
  807. Farzaneh Ghavami Moghadam, GP, West Pennant Hills
  808. Christine Morley, Professor of social work, Queensland university of technology, Brisbane
  809. Elsa Ng, GP, Melbourne
  810. Beng Oh, Anaesthetist, Melbourne
  811. Dr Tammra Warby, GP and PhD in Virology, Coomera
  812. Professor Gemma Carey, Director centre for social impact, UNSW
  813. Satoshi Akima, Physician, Sydney
  814. Dr Lizzie Skinner, Doctor, MBBS, PhD, Melbourne
  815. Lee Alexander, Social worker, Melbourne
  816. Chris Hartley, Research Fellow, University of NSW, Sydney
  817. Audrey Gathy, GP, Cooper Street Clinic, Sydney
  818. David Jereb, Occupational therapist, MoveAbout Therapy Services, Sydney
  819. Dr Kate Jardine, Paediatric Cardiologist, MBBS, FRACP, Newcastle
  820. Dr Jillann Farmer, Medical Practitioner, Bunya
  821. Jeremy Dawkins, Urban planner, Waverton
  822. Celia Green, Research Fellow, UNSW, Melbourne
  823. Lucy Labram, Teacher, Vic
  824. Andrew Hewat, Assistant Secretary, Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association, Melbourne
  825. Rachael Coutts, Doctor, Melbourne
  826. Michelle Cimoli, Speech pathologist, Melbourne
  827. Dr John Gray, Specialist Anaesthetist, Private Practice, Melbourne
  828. Dr Vasu Iyengar, O & G, Locum, Swan Hill
  829. Richard White, GP, RACGP, Churchlands
  830. Elizabeth Walsh, Doctor, Queensland Health, Brisbane
  831. Victoria Paine, Doctor, Armajun, Angourie
  832. Gianfranco Spinoso, Retired, Melbourne
  833. John Held, Architect, Adelaide
  834. THOMAS TSE, GP, MediCentral Medical Centre, Sydney
  835. Fatma Lowden, Psychiatrist, Canberra
  836. Mirabelle Wang, General practice doctor, Sydney
  837. Bi Hua Kua, Doctor, NSW Health, Sydney
  838. Nancy Malek, Doctor, Nepean Hospital, Sydney
  839. Yu-Feng Judy Huang, GP, Medicentral Medical Center, Sydney
  840. Anjali Didi, General Practitioner, Sydney
  841. Aileen Liu, Doctor, Cooper street clinic, Sydney
  842. Jade Knights, Doctor, None, Hamlyn Terrace
  843. Carol Bird, GP/ED, Broome
  844. Steven Wine, Doctor, The Eye Centre Hornsby, Hornsby
  845. Donna green, Scientist, UNSW, Sydney
  846. Jarrod N. Bradley, Addiction Psychiatry Advanced Trainee, NSW Health, St Leonards
  847. Prof Marie Bismark, 0488044032, University of Melbourne, Melbourne
  848. Eva Segelov, Oncologist, Melbourne
  849. Nora Abelev, Doctor, Cooper Street Clinic, Sydney
  850. Francis Nona, Lecturer, University of Queensland, Brisbane
  851. Bridget Haire, Senior Lecturer, Kirby Institute, UNSW, Sydney
  852. Jennifer Schulz Moore, A/Prof, UNSW, Sydney
  853. David Anderson, Medical research scientist, Burnet Institute, Melbourne
  854. Julie McEniery, Paediatrician, Childrens Health Queensland, Brisbane
  855. Stephen Duckett, Health policy analyst, Melbourne
  856. Melissa Haswell, Professor Environmental Wellbeing, University of Sydney, Sydney
  857. Kat McLean, General Practitioner, Gold Coast, Australia
  858. Associate Professor Carmel Crock, Emergency Physician, Melbourne
  859. Zoë Hyde, Epidemiologist, The University of Western Australia, Perth
  860. Anne Kavanagh, Public health physician, Australia, Melbourne
  861. Kerrie Doyle, Professor Indigenous Health, WSU, Blair Athol
  862. Michaela Waak, Doctor, CHQ, Brisbane
  863. Sharon Chen, Physician, Sydney
  864. Lynette Adams, Paediatric Nurse & Health Management, Brisbane
  865. Jennifer Martin, Gateshead
  866. Craig Underhill, Medical Oncologist, Albury-Wodonga
  867. Dr Ruth Barker, Paediatrician, Brisbane
  868. A/Prof Nada Hamad, Haematologist, Sydney
  869. Jay Mueller, MD, Emergency Physician, Brisbane
  870. Suzi Nou, Anaesthetist, Melbourne
  871. Karl Baumgart, Clinical Immunologist, Sydney
  872. Alan McLean, Paramedic, Public Health and Infection Control Practitioner, Adelaide
  873. Bill Bowtell AO, Adjunct Professor, UNSW, Sydney
  874. Katharine McAlpine, Medical Practitioner, Victoria, Australia
  875. Deborah Lupton, Professor, Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Sydney, Sydney
  876. David Berger, Medical Doctor, Campaigner for public health, Broome
  877. Brendan Crabb, Director & CEO, Burnet Institute, Melbourne
  878. Anna Davidson, Director, Port Stephens GP Super Clinic, Nelson Bay
  879. Karina Powers, Occupational and Environmental Physician, Perth
  880. Lisa Maher, Professor, UNSW Sydney, Sydney
  881. Kate Cole OAM, Occupational Hygienist, Cole Health, Sydney
  882. David Allen, Occupational and Environmental Physician, Sydney Occupational Health, Sydney
  883. Peter Wragg, Surgeon, Anatomist, Educator, Brisbane
  884. David Heslop, Associate Professor, UNSW, Sydney
  885. Guy Marks, Physician, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Sydney
  886. Steve Robson, Medical Practitioner, Australian National University, Canberra
  887. Kerryn Phelps, Medical practitioner, OzSAGE, Double Bay MSW
  888. RICHARD HOLDEN, Professor or economics, UNSW Sydney
  889. John Rasko, Physician-scientist, University of Sydney, Sydney
  890. Geoff Hanmer, Architect, ARINA, Crows Nest
  891. Andrew Miller, Anaesthetist, Perth
  892. Nancy Baxter, Professor, University of Melbourne, Melbourne
  893. Lidia Morawska, Professor, QUT, Brisbane
  894. Benjamin Veness, Medical Practitioner, Sydney
  895. Lisa Jackson Pulver, Epidemiologist, Research Academic, The University of Sydney, Sydney
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