3 December 2021

Request for opening the source code for the PSE on Elkhart Lake.

Dear Intel IOTG management.

The upstreaming and approval process for Elkhart Lake in the coreboot project is currently ongoing and the PSE firmware is entering the open-source world as a closed binary blob. This new blob is causing acceptance issues within the open source coreboot community.

coreboot is a lean and tightly integrated firmware framework for various hardware platforms. The high integration level allows us to avoid redundancies that otherwise would make firmware development harder and result in bugs and vulnerabilities. This model enables us to provide high quality firmware.

This goal of highly integrated firmware can only be achieved if the code that is integrated into coreboot is available as source code. Every piece of executable code that is loaded in binary form during the boot time contradicts this approach and produces tension within the project. Having the source code for all pieces in the boot flow enables us to find the most suitable solution across all cores and to build the firmware for all cores from a single source.

It's also a quality concern: it's impossible to evaluate the quality of executable code provided in binary form, and given the privileged position firmware has in a design this impacts the trustworthiness of the complete platform.

Since Elkhart Lake is the first platform with PSE, we want to avoid the precedent that the PSE firmware is provided as binary only: From experience it's hard to go back once binary only components have been established.

To support all these goals (ability to review, ability to improve, ability to tightly integrate) for Elkhart Lake firmware, we request that you make PSE firmware available as open source.

In addition to source code availability under an open source license, having the documentation for the PSE subsystem publicly available will enable everybody interested to develop applications based on the PSE, which increases the value of the platform for customers.


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  1. Philippe Charlebois, Dentist, South Burlington VT USA
  2. Wesley Gahr, Application security specialist, Securify, Amsterdam
  3. Julius Werner, Firmware Engineer, Google
  4. Robert Zetterstrom, COO, Baezeni, Chonburi
  5. harwal, Teacher, Portland
  6. Yves Mermoud
  7. Yash Lad, Student, Nashik
  8. Ben Iofel, Software Engineer, New York
  9. Georg Hackel, CS student, Leipzig
  10. Alex Gurenko, Senior Software Quality Engineer, Red Hat GmbH, Dachau
  11. Maya Bonkowski, system architect, n/a, London
  12. Peter Robinson, Software Engineer, London
  13. Tóth Áron, Developer, Budapesti Inter-Fa, Budapest
  14. Michele Baldessari, Engineer, Bolzano
  15. Paul-Emmanuel Raoul, Security researcher, Founder, SkypLabs Limited, Dublin
  16. Gabriel Kerneis, Security researcher, National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI), Paris, France
  17. Chester Tan, Researcher, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  18. chris vanden broek, libre software enthusiast, rhinebeck
  19. Cezary Klamra, student, UW, Warsaw
  20. Cedric Heintz
  21. Ahmed, Student, IAT - Dubai, Dubai
  22. David Heidelberg
  23. Christian Krützfeldt, COO, balticfinance, Harrislee
  24. Janto Martin, Software-Developer, Hamburg
  25. Luigi Messina, Library IT staff, University of Milano Bicocca, Milano
  26. Florian Ludwig, CEO, Essen, Germany
  27. Alberto Rodríguez Rodríguez, Software engineer, Blulabs, España
  28. Karim Vergnes, student, Bordeaux, FR
  29. Cameron Matheson, Software Engineer, Plaid, Salt Lake City
  30. Matthew Boyd, Linux User, St George, ON
  31. Pranav Bhattarai, SystemAdmin, NOS, Kathmandu
  32. john Westerdale, Sr Consultant, Red Hat, Wayne NJ
  33. Don Armstrong, Debian Developer, Debian, Sacramento
  34. Jed Baldwin, Salt Lake
  35. Janne Jokitalo, Software Consultant, Mavericks Software Ltd., Helsinki
  36. Ferry Toth, Director, Exalon Delft BV, Delft
  37. George Cagle, Systems Engineer, San Diego
  38. Elias Flohr, Berlin
  39. Jeremy Soller, Principal Engineer, System76, Denver, CO
  40. Jeroen Mackenbach, TME, Dell Technologies, Roosendaal
  41. Hein-Pieter van Braam, Engineer, Prehensile Tales B.V., Uitgeest
  42. Imran Remtulla, Student, Ryerson University, Toronto
  43. Arthur Cohen, Systems Engineering Student, Paris
  44. Esteban Blanc, Student, Paris
  45. robart k yadra, developer, Linux
  46. John Denton, scientist, Praha
  47. Harry ten Berge, Entrepreneur, Baseflow, Amsterdam
  48. David Harmon, Student, This is from Twitter, Chandler
  49. Blake Kostner, Developer, elementary, Inc., Denver, CO
  50. Hau, ZaloPay - VNG, Sai Gon
  51. Richard Brezak, System Administrator, Serokell, Bratislava
  52. Jonathan Brielmaier, Linux Administrator, TransnetBW
  53. Cassidy Blaede, Co-founder & CXO, elementary, Inc., Denver, CO
  54. Finn Häse, System Administrator, Constanze
  55. Wilson Holmes, Computer Engineering Student, Michigan Technological University, Houghton
  56. Ricardo Biehl Pasquali, software developer, tafstore, Campo Bom
  57. Lucas C. Villa Real, Research software engineer, IBM, Sao Paulo
  58. Pieter Hollants, Engineer, Kriftel
  59. Georg Maunz, Entrepreneur, ArgoNET, Austria
  60. Marcus Lenegård, Sweden, Stockholm
  61. David Akopov, Engineer, Tbilisi
  62. Leo Shneyderis
  63. connor F., Research assistant, SFU, vancouver
  64. Shaunak Basu
  65. the-weird-aquarian, digital privacy & tech enthusiast, Linux User, Earth
  66. Mindus A. Debsin, Disabled, Seattle Computer Products, SPOKANE VALLEY
  67. Andrej Friesen, System and Software Engineer, Cologne
  68. Vladimir Ivanov, developer, Sofia, Bulgaria
  69. Harikesha Suresh, Student, The University of Queensland, Ipswich
  70. Aravind, Research
  71. Ian Ferguson, Retired, Linux user, Bedford UK
  72. Joshua, Software Engineer, Twc-media.de, Berlin, Germany
  73. Alexander Petcoglo, Software Engineer, Kalkul Inc., Chișinău
  74. Deniz Safak Yazar, Deutschland, Reichelsheim
  75. MOHAMMED SINPHIL, Senior Development Engineer (Software), Three Phase Techno Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd., Trichur, Kerala, India
  76. Dimitrios Savvopoulos, Engineer, Metrics design, Earley, Reading
  77. Jacob Cardinale, Open Source Enthusiast, Walnut Creek
  78. Gregor Schram, Student / Junior Developer, Stratex, Oud-Beijerland
  79. Petr Silon, CEO, XTEL, Frýdek-Místek
  80. Martin Marconcini, Software Engineer, Neutobo BV, Almere, NL
  81. Pratham Patel, Student, None, Kalol, Gujarat, India
  82. Beat Rupp, Freelance Mobile Consulatant, Munich
  83. David Cooper, IT Consultant, St Neots
  84. Richard Hughes, Principal Engineer, Linux Vendor Firmware Service, London
  85. Zurschmiede Lukas, Senior Security Engineer, Lommis
  86. Daniel Maslowski, Software Engineer, Essen
  87. Michael Niewöhner, Dachau/Munich
  88. Felix Singer, coreboot developer, secunet Security Networks AG, Darmstadt
  89. Nico Huber, Senior Coreboot Developer, secunet Security Networks AG, Eschborn
  90. Michael Benedix, Global Head of Development, secunet Security Networks AG, Dresden
  91. Angel Pons, coreboot developer, 9elements GmbH
  92. Philip Müller, CEO, Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG, Munich
  93. Piotr, IT, ActivePC, Warszawa
  94. Paul Menzel, System architect, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin
  95. Christian Walter, Head of Firmware Development, 9elements GmbH, Bochum
  96. Vojtech Vesely, Engineer, Siemens, Pilsen
  97. Moisés Simón, Enthusiast, Enthusiast, Madrid, Spain
  98. Markus Vögele, privacy & security advocate, Germany
  99. Ivan Ivanov, Enthusiast, Enthusiast, Russia
  100. Federico Denkena, Enthusiast
  101. Husni Faiz, University of Moratuwa
  102. Sean Rhides, Engineer, Star Labs, Godalming
  103. Sven Semmler, Principal Embedded Solutions Engineer, Austin, TX
  104. Matt DeVillier, coreboot engineer, Purism SPC, Round Rock
  105. Network Admin, IT, Technology Dept., ASHEVILLE
  106. Pitrolle JJ, eng, personal, le-pecq
  107. Werner Zeh, Firmware Engineer, Siemens AG
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