11 August 2023

Solidarity Statement - Students stand in solidarity with detained international student

In June 2023, Muhammad, a University of Stirling postgraduate student was arrested and detained by immigration officers in his place of work.

He is accused of breaching the conditions of his visa by working more than the legally permitted 20 hours per week. He is currently being held at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre, where he has been detained for over seven weeks now, and has had his visa cancelled.

The student has asserted that he was following his visa requirements, attending all of his classes, and completing all of his assignments. The Court denied his application for bail, leaving him in Dungavel awaiting a decision on whether his case can be judicially reviewed.

In 2018, a WHO report found that immigration detention can have a severe impact on migrants’ health, especially mental health, and that these negative effects increase in severity the longer someone is detained. (WHO, 2018). The student has told us that he is experiencing extreme emotional distress and declining physical and mental health as a result of his prolonged detention.

We are becoming increasingly worried about our fellow student, specifically regarding his health, and are appalled by the way his case has been handled - despite having provided the Home Office with evidence to support that he was following the conditions of his visa over a month ago, they are yet to review his case. The student continues to live in limbo.

We urge the Home Office to review his case, properly consider the evidence he has provided, and make a decision on the case promptly - rather than unnecessarily prolonging the deprivation of the student’s liberty which has proven to have detrimental effects on him.

We stand in full solidarity and hope to welcome him back in our community at the University of Stirling as soon as possible!

Amnesty at University of Stirling
Student Action for Refugees Stirling
NUS Scotland
No Evictions Network

1,121 verified
  1. Cornelia Cederlöf, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  2. Webster Susan, Civil servant, Perth
  3. Niamh Kirkbride, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  4. Taylor Ogle, Marketing Coordinator, Leeds Beckett Students' Union, Sheffield
  5. A Fletcher, Glasgow
  6. Jonny Exon, CEO, University of York's Graduate Student's Organisation, York
  7. Amy, Development Coordinator, University of York, York
  8. Chidozie Nwaigwe, Student President, Glasgow Caledonian University Students' Association, Glasgow
  9. Clare Andrews, Lecturer, University of Stirling
  10. Sam Collinson, Student, Manchester
  11. emir, Student, Manchester
  12. Ashley Suárez Clarke, Student, Manchester Leftist Action, Manchester
  13. Esther McIntosh, Academic, Leeds
  14. Kainat saroya, Student, GGCgojra, Gojra
  15. Erika Sella, Student Adviser, Edinburgh
  16. Magdalena Ietswaart, Academic, University of Stirling
  17. William Harmar, Student, Alva
  18. Carrie Friese, Academic, London
  19. Sara Salem, Academic, London
  20. Amanda Sifoni, Retail Manager, Glasgow
  21. Julie Brinking, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  22. Sophie Watson, Senior PGR administrator, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  23. Alex Paterson, Student, Stirling
  24. Alisa, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  25. Shazia Dar, Director, Top Hat Drycleaners, London
  26. AE O'Donnell, Lecturer, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
  27. Elizaveta frolova, Director, Inteldis Ltd, Stirling
  28. Emilia Borowska, Research Manager, LSE, London
  29. Raj khan, Auditor, Centric, Glasgow
  31. S b, Teacher, London
  32. Suzanne Hall, Professor, LSE, LONDON
  33. Ioannis Gioukas, Coventry
  34. Christopher Blount, Student, Sheffield Solidarity Group, Sheffield
  35. Daniela, PhD student, LSE, London
  36. Tem Muller, Actor/Model, Penryn
  37. Tony Robertson, Lecturer, University of Stirling, Glasgow
  38. Anna Tefoglou, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  39. Holly Kelman, Social Worker, Perth and Kinross Council, Perth
  40. Maya Chowdhry, artist, Manchester
  41. Isadora Dullaert, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  42. Pooja Marwaha, Student, University of Edinburgh, Glasgow
  43. Martina Vittoria Sottini, PhD candidate, LSE, London
  44. Lucy Mackay, Lecturer, Glasgow
  45. Heidi hafner, student, University of Edinburgh, edinburgh
  46. Sherzod Khaydarov, PhD student, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  47. Aerin Lai, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  48. Christine Logan, Retired, Stirling
  49. Kirsty Jenkins, Edinburgh
  50. Penny Creed, Event manager, Self employed, London
  51. Miriam Vishniac, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  52. Míngjué Xiè, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  53. Mohamad, Senior Data Scientist, Glasgow
  54. Bilal Anjum, Student, University of Chester, Manchester
  55. Jenn Xing, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  56. Costanza Cagnina, Environmental consultant, Glasgow
  57. Katie Colquitt, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  58. Daisy Alston-Horne, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  59. Alicia McHardy, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  60. Daniel Delfs, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  61. Rachel Watkins
  62. Roger Jeffery, Professor, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  63. Esther Shaw, Student, Edinburgh
  64. Tijs Adams, Graphic Designer, /, Brussels
  65. Dr Anna Bobak, Senior Lecturer, University of Stirling
  66. Ellen Frank Delgado, PhD Student, University of Edinburgh
  67. Leo Henderson, Architectural Assistant, Glasgow
  68. Sharessa Naidoo, Student, University of Edinburgh
  69. L, Student
  70. Cory MacCormack-Montequin, Student, Edinburgh
  71. Maisie Sherriff, Student, Kingston University, London
  72. Dove Agheda, Student, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham
  73. Sophia Blum, Student, University of Edinburgh, Falkirk
  74. Henry Miller, Actor, London
  75. Catherine M., Postgraduate Student, Hawick
  76. Rowan Paterson, Glasgow
  77. Dhuha Alyousef
  78. Nicola Burns, Lecturer, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  79. Alana, Student, UOE, Edinburgh
  80. Kalyan Garika, Student, SFI India, Edinburgh
  81. Emma Dodd, student, Edinburgh
  82. Varun Sangtani, Student, Imperial College London, London
  83. Harshana Sangtani, Medical Student, University of Birmingham, Birmingham
  84. Amy Rumney, Edinburgh
  85. Chitra Sangtani, PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  86. layla khan, student, glasgow caledonian university, Glasgow
  87. Katucha Bento, Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  88. Jennifer L, Student, Edinburgh
  89. Tyler Sefranek, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  90. Ella Dobson, Student, Kingston University, Kingston
  91. Ella McKay, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  92. Orlène, Nanny, London
  93. Vanessa Huang, Student, London
  94. Angel Loi, Student, Edinburgh University Students Association, Edinburgh
  95. Hayley Handscombe, Student, Edinburgh university, Edinburgh
  96. Ruby Evans, Graduate, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  97. Amber roe, Student, Kingston University, Kingston
  98. Ella Murray Murray, Student, University of Edinburgh, Lewes
  99. Thalia Assan, PhD student, University of Edinburgh
  100. Camille Dressler, Retired, Isle of eigg
  101. Paul Howden-Leach, Ecologist, Hope
  102. anonymous
  103. Scott Hurrell, Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  104. Freya Aitchison, Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Glasgow
  105. Alma Riessler, Edinburgh
  106. Sophie Jewell, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  107. Katie Dubarry, PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  108. A’ishah Vorajee
  109. Stanca, none, student, toronto
  110. Sandy Malcolm, Student, University of Edinburgh
  111. Kathryn Marini, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  112. Jessica P, Designer
  113. Dr. Aswin Govindan Sheri, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  114. Anna Hendricks, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  115. Juliet Compagnon, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  116. Issy Pountney, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  117. Alexandra Wallace, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  118. Noah Mauchly, Freelance animator, Kingston University, Lebanon
  119. Laur Fitton, Educator, London
  120. Michael O'Dwyer, Public health consultant, York
  121. Martha Schlegel, Project Manager, Edinburgh
  122. Tandy, University of Stirling, Glasgow
  123. Ateeq ur Rehman, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  124. Ruth Corkery, Retired Teacher, Leeds
  125. Derek Taylor, Accountant, DT Finance, Glasgow
  126. Dara Coward, Student, Edinburgh
  127. Casey Ellis, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  128. Shannon Finnan, Edinburgh
  129. rosie sherlock, student, university of edinburgh, edinburgh
  130. Sarah Wilson, Senior Lecturer, University of Stirling
  131. Soma Elek, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  132. Sophie Deshpande, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  133. Karryghan, Student, Not affiliated, Edinburgh
  134. Ella Joyce, Student, Uni of edinburgh, Edinburgh
  135. Stan Miller
  136. Emily Kemp, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  137. Sarah Cros, Studeng, Edinburgh
  138. Gordon Bain, Glasgow
  139. Archie Duffin, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  140. Riva, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  141. Una, Student, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh
  142. Barbara Anstie, Retired nurse
  143. Maanas, Student, University of Stirling
  144. Harris Grothey, Edinburgh
  145. William Anderson, Bartender, Edinburgh
  146. Pankhuuri Srivastavva, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  147. Mauricio, Media Communications Expert, San Pedro Garza García
  148. Haley Pritchard, Teacher, London
  149. Eman Al-Maadeed, Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London, London
  150. Lawrence Williams, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  151. S walker, Charity Manager, Govan Community Project, Glasgow
  152. Sandy Boyd, Student, Fridays For Future, Edinburgh
  153. Rosie, Student & Activist, Youth in Resistance, Edinburgh
  154. Mariangela Alejandro Cortez, Alumna, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  155. Millie Lord, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  156. Ricardo Ribeiro Ferreira, PhD Candidate and Tutor, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  157. Zairah Flores, , Stirling
  158. Shawki Al-Dubaee, Chairman, United Yemeni Community in Scotland, Glasgow
  159. Richard Gwynn-Jones, Clinical Physiologist, NHS, Cardiff
  160. Leticia Valle, Urban designer, Sustrans, Edinburgh
  161. Alan McAllister, Immigrant, Entrepenuer, Bangkok, Thailand
  162. Soifur Rahman, Unemployed, Manchester
  163. Camilo Jara-Villalobos, PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  164. anonymous, Me.com
  165. Elise Corry, Postgrad student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  166. Grayson Bartels, PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  167. Dave Anstie, Mental health nurse, Likewise, Sheffield
  168. Lisa Wagenknecht, Community Development Officer, Scottish Refugee Council, Glasgow
  169. Ryan Collins, MA Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  170. Lynsey Amy Stafford, Postgraduate student, University of Edinburgh, Cambridge
  171. Gaia Zanotti, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  172. Gozde Ozakinci, University of Stirling, Cupar
  173. Aafiyah Shaikh, PhD Researcher, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  174. Nicolas Silva V., PhD Researcher, U. of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  175. Jakub, Videographer, UoE, Edinburgh
  176. Roisin Higgins, Teacher, Truro High School for Girls, Truro
  177. Elizabeth Bell, Head Teacher, Monmouth
  178. Ewan Robertson, Teaching Staff, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  179. Josefina, Teacher, Edinburgh
  180. Luisa Gandolfo, Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  181. Leo Kritikos, Researcher, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  182. Michael Walker, Engineer, Stirling
  183. Matea Senkic, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  184. Camilo Ardila, PhD Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  185. Laura Salazar, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  186. Valentina Rioseco, Phd student, Edinburgh
  187. Nadia Silhi Chahin, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  188. Sofie Thoft Illemann Jaeger, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, EDINBURGH
  189. Lyn Gordon, Support worker, 1st Home Care Ltd, Dumfries
  190. Lauren Rogers, PhD, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  191. Jamie Argent, Nurse, Sheffield
  192. Sabina Fathima Khan, Psychotherapist, Self employed, London
  193. Jarmo de Vries, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  194. Joe Noteboom, PhD student, University of Edinburgh
  195. Yamama Dayoub, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  196. Sandra Alland, Glasgow
  197. Lucia Juarez, Lucia Juarez, PhD. Life and Academic Coach, Edinburgh
  198. Emmett Christie, Student, university of edinburgh, EDINBURGH
  199. Olivia Egyiawan, Children's Placement Commissoning Manger, LB Hounslow, London
  200. Sue Argent, Retired, N/A, Hope Derbyshire
  201. Adam Pearce, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  202. Meenakshi Mani, Graduate Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  203. Jennifer Argent, Student, University of Edinburgh, HOPE VALLEY
  204. Daniela Mardones, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  205. Lorna Clark, NA
  206. Abel Harvie-Clark, Student, SOAS, London
  207. Donna Shields, PhD Candidate and Social Worker, University of Edinburgh
  208. Nicole Anderson, PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  209. Aileen Graham, College Lecturer, Edinburgh
  210. Mark French, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  211. Lesley Muir, Retired teacher, Ullapool
  212. Melrose Fernandes, Teacher, School, Oxford
  213. Yazmin Morlet Corti, Teaching staff, The London School of Economics, Edinburgh
  214. Femi Adekunle, Birmingham
  215. Heather Clark, College lecturer, Edinburgh
  216. Paulina Gonzalez, PhD student, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  217. Wendy Maltinsky, Lecturer, University of Stirling, Fortrose
  218. Tamara Chibhamu, Student, Stirling university, Glasgow
  219. Tony Openshaw, Out In The City, Manchester
  220. anonymous
  221. Graham Dane, Retired, Currie
  222. Hannah Gormley, PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh, Glasgow
  223. Bianca Luna Fabris, PhD Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  224. PABLO FUENTEALBA, Student, University of Edimburgh, Edinburgh
  225. Ari Stillman, Student, Edinburgh
  226. Novie, Students, London
  227. Emma Byers, Student, University of Stirling
  228. Winarti halim, Students, Doctrine UK/ University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  229. Emma Shorter, Edinburgh
  230. Emily Mann, Postgraduate researcher, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  231. Aulia Rahim, PGR Student, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
  232. Omar Loera, Lecturer, CIDE, Edinburgh
  233. Juan Pablo Orrego, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  234. Adelaide McGowan, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  235. Katherine Gillespie, University of Edinburgh, EDINBURGH
  236. Sharleen Estampador Hughson, Tutor, The university of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  237. Robyn Thomas, Edinburgh
  238. Fiona Bain, Project coordinator, Charity, Ayr
  239. Scott Williamson, Policy Officer, Stirling Council, Stirling
  240. Judith Lowes, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  241. Anupama Ranawana, University of St Andrews
  242. Fergus McNeill, Professor, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  243. Stuart Crosthwaite, South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group, Sheffield
  244. Danna Sim, Student, Glasgow
  245. Jenny ure, Retired researcher, None, Aberdeen
  246. Gill Docherty, Housing officer, Stirling
  247. Michael Coleman, Security Engineer, ForcePoint, Cheltenham
  248. Kathy Coleman, Coach, Kathy Coleman Ltd, Cheltenham
  249. Anna Judson, University lecturer, Durham
  250. Victoria Clarke, Lecturer, Durham University, Leeds
  251. Helen Scholar, Retired lecturer, Bolton
  252. steven reilly, Engineer, Royal Navy, Stirling
  253. Izzie Kirkpatrick, Student, Dundee
  254. Jacqueline Gilroy, Staff Nurse, NHS, Midlothian
  255. Dr Suzanna Chan, Lecturer, Ulster University, Belfast
  256. Lorina gilroy, Regional manager, Edinburgh
  257. Heather Milligan, PhD Researcher, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  258. Tom O'Neill, IT Consultant, York
  259. Colin Dawson, Dunfermline
  260. Judith Kramer, retired, Unite Community, Manchester
  261. Niamh McGuire, Support worker, Glasgow
  262. Michael Robertson, Translator, Augsburg
  263. Rebecca Knowles, Travel money advisor, Sainsbury's Bank, Sunderland
  264. Kate Marsh, Bookkeeper, Self employed, Brighton
  265. Rachel Whitehouse, ESOL Teacher, English For All, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  266. Rebecca Lee, Bristol
  267. Margaret Winning, Retired, Stirling
  268. John Clifford, Administrator, University of Manchester, Manchester
  269. Tommy Geddes, Winchester
  270. Sheilagh Guthrie, Volunteer, Care4Calais, Dalkeith
  271. Nicholas Harrison, Retired, Edinburgh
  272. Anita Gill, Teacher, Nottingham
  273. Imogen Lucas, Retired, N/a, London
  274. Andy Pettit, Tutor, Stand up to Racism, Coventry
  275. Nicola DeVeaux, Lecturer, University of Lincoln
  276. Henni Ekola, Aberdeen
  277. Linda Corbett, Student President, Ayrshire College Student Association, Kilwinning
  278. Daniel James Wright, Head of Representation & Leadership Development, Edinburgh Napier Students' Association, Edinburgh
  279. Lynda McAlpine, Retired, Stirling g
  280. Paulina Hoyos, PhD programme manager, Manchester
  281. Holly, Care Worker, Oxford
  282. Alan Kemp, Professor, University of Strathclyde
  283. Jessica Luong, Student, London
  284. Wren Boon, Charity Worker, Leeds
  285. ayush, student, stirling, stirling
  286. Mrinalini Greedharry, Academic, Laurentian University
  287. Natasha Alkaff Day, Volunteer, Glasgow
  288. TW!, Glasgow
  289. Lynda Shentall, Social worker, Glossop
  290. Francesca Lindsay, University of Brighton, Brighton
  291. Stephen Burns, Glasgow
  292. Student Cost of Living Campaign
  293. Jillian Nicol, Advocacy, Carnoustie
  294. Donald Macdonald, Retired, Glasgow
  295. Holly Toone, Chef, Stirling
  296. Lynn Hancock, Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool, LIVERPOOL
  297. Andrzej Walus, Perth
  298. Christopher Bibby, Warehouse operative, DHL, Birmingham
  299. Emma Alexander, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Manchester, Manchester
  300. Katie mcstravock, Financial service provider, Scottish Widows, Glasgow
  301. Phoebe Harding-Walker, PhD Researcher and GTA, University of Manchester, Manchester
  302. Anastasia Lemaitre, Autism Practitioner, Scottish Autism, Alloa
  303. Joanna Knight, Glasgow
  304. Niall Hamilton-Smith, Associate Professor, University of Stirling
  305. Mairi Langdon, Teacher, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow
  306. Job Chuhan, Director, Crossing Footprints, Manchester
  307. Nazim Bharmal, Research Scientist, Personal, Durham
  308. Kate Alexander, Director, Scottish Detainee Visitors, Glasgow
  309. Tasneem Majid, London
  310. Sarah Fenby, Teacher, Skelton
  311. Ruairidh Langdon, Loan Officer, Glasgow
  312. Ryan McCue, Student, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  313. Carole Jones, Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  314. Arya Pandey, Aylesbury
  315. Douglas langdon, Manager, Augean, Glasgow
  316. Kian Spilhaus, Medical Laboratory Assistant, UHNM Royal Stoke NHS Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent
  317. Lesley Donaldson, Teacher, Retired, Jedburgh
  318. Charlotte Arno, Perth
  319. Dante Lopez, Student, Stirling University Scottish Nationalist Association (SUSNA), Stirling
  320. Aidan Jolly, Researcher, Liverpool
  321. Zoe Parker, Art & health worker, Yorkshire Life Aquatic, Leeds
  322. Lily Henderson, University of Stirling
  323. Sarah Gooding, Nanny, Jedburgh
  324. ANGUS KEMLO, Music teacher, Stirling
  325. Louise Sheridan, Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow, Gartcosh
  326. Joan Bailey, Lecturer, Bolton College, Bolton
  327. Jan Bridget, retired, Millom
  328. Martin Young, Nurse, Scottish Nursing Guild, Edinburgh
  329. Olly Bey, London
  330. anonymous, Electrical Engineer, Self employed, Falkirk
  331. Niall Whelehan, University of Strathclyde
  332. David Andrews, Retired, ANSTRUTHER
  333. Roger Bromley, Emeritus Professor, Prestonpans
  334. Mrs Helen Weir, Teacher, City of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  335. Paul Rimmer, Glasgow
  336. Sue Ball, Director, Media And Arts Partnership, Leeds
  337. Ellie Cummings, Learning Support Assistant, Newcastle
  338. Simi Borovska, Stirling
  339. Stella Barnes, Researcher and Consultant, Freelance, Huddersfield
  340. Dan Beck, Head of Client Success EMEA, Televerde, Glasgow
  341. Naomi Ross, Environmental Policy, Stirling
  342. Arran Reader, Lecturer, University of Stirling, Stirling
  343. Nicky Bashall, Huddersfield
  344. Daniel Newton, University of Westminster, London
  345. Mr Kenny J Lochrie, IT, Aberdeen
  346. Kirsteen, Scotland
  347. Esessien Essien, London
  348. Susan McManus, Lecturer, Queen’s University, Belfast, Belfast
  349. Phoebe Roebuck, Stirling
  350. Charles Lachut, Retired, Macclesfield
  351. Alison Gallacher, Project Officer, Perth and Kinross Council, Perth
  352. Robin Ward, Retired Police Officer, Manchester
  353. Catherine McFarlane, Social Worker, Islay
  354. umber ghauri, HR, London
  355. Brandon, Leeds
  356. Claire Low, Lecturer, College, Glasgow
  357. Eilidh Simpson, Edinburgh
  358. Sara L. Uckelman, Associate Professor, Durham University, Durham
  359. Beth Anderson, Finance Officer, Glasgow
  360. Ash O'Brien, University Student, Stirling
  361. Robert McBride, Retired, Kettering
  362. Nathan G, Tutor, Woodlawn, MD
  363. Kerry Cavana, Civil Servant, CUMBERNAULD
  364. Hannah Lalley, Bonnybridge
  365. David Innes, retired educationalist, Edinburgh
  366. Amanda Murphy, Human Resource Officer, Saltcoats
  367. John Dyke, IT, Gairloch
  368. Dr Elaine Cameron, Lecturer, University of Scotland, Stirling
  369. Colette Ansell, Academic Support Provider, Self-employed, Ballymoney
  370. Dr David Moulds, Associate Lecturer, The Open University, Dundee
  371. Josie Wall, Birmingham
  372. Laura, Lecturer, N/A, Largs
  373. Dr Lily FitzGibbon, Lecturer, University Of Stirling, Stirling
  374. Gordon McLeay, Retired GP, Auchterarder
  375. Graham, Service Manager, Edinburgh
  376. James Gregory, Teaching Assistant, Derby
  377. Donald MacPhie, retired, Dundee
  378. Pat Nichols, Middlesbrough
  379. Neil MacKenzie, Warehouseman, Lifescan Scotland, Forres
  380. Natalie Hutt, Teacher, Stirling
  381. Jess, Student, Liverpool
  382. Steph, Designer, Sheffield
  383. Laura, Student, Manchester
  384. Thomas N, Student, Brighton
  385. Angela Quinn, Retired, None, Kilmarnock
  386. Holly, Teacher, Stirling
  387. Samuel Thompson, Barista, London
  388. Fiona Sherwood-Johnson, Lecturer, University of Stirling, Stirling
  389. Linda Foshea, Retired, Dunoon
  390. David Sherriffs, Retired, Golf Del Sur
  391. Mary Stewart, Nurse, Edinburgh
  392. Joshua Carrigan-Key, Teacher, Blairgowrie
  393. Anne B Thomson, Retired, annethomson14@gmail.com, Linlithgow
  394. Charlie Britten, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  395. Elizabeth Robson, Researcher, University of Stirling, Stirling
  396. Sean Mallon, Parking attendant, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow
  397. Harpreet Kaur, Doctor, London
  398. Patricia Maguire, Retired
  399. Liam McCormick, Student, None, Carlisle
  400. Amy Hillhouse, Customer service, Glasgow
  401. Patricia Brennan, Retired, Largs
  402. Catherine Spooner, Professor of Literature and Culture, Lancaster University, Lancaster
  403. Gyorgy Toth, University lecturer, University of Stirling, Stirling
  404. Sam davidson, Sales Manager, Stirlingshire, Glasgow
  405. Gabor Vida, Nurse, NHS GGC, Glasgow
  406. Sahaana Kang-Stewart, Student, SOAS, London
  407. Mairead Mackechnie, Retired, Bowmore
  408. Andrew Moodie, Property Management Coordinator, Fallin
  409. Amina Adamu, Doctor, Strathpeffer Medical Practice, Inverness
  410. Matthew Raine, University of Stirling Alumni, Walsall
  411. Janet Weir, Community Educator, Caley Gas, Glasgow
  412. Matt Wolber, student, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow
  413. Jenny Macdonald, Retired, Retired, Stirling
  414. Graham Findlay, Retired, Dollar
  415. Hannah Knorws, Early Years Educator, Tillicoultry
  416. Anne Wilson, Retired, Houston
  417. Elizabeth Findlay, DOLLAR
  418. Jack Newton, Student, University of Manchester, Manchester
  419. Janet Macdonald, Retired, Glasgow
  420. Gillian Smith, Supply Chain Manager, Menstrie
  421. Janet Laverick, Occupational Therapist, Perth
  422. Maureen McGinley, Retired EHO, None, Coatbridge
  423. Mrs A Y Samson, Coordinator, Church of Scotland, Stirling
  424. Maralyn Terry, Retired NHS, None, Gladgow
  425. Ros O'Sullivan, Bookseller, N/A, Banchory, Kincardineshire
  426. Teige Matthews-Palmer, Research Scientist, University of Oxford, Oxford
  427. Alex Hopkins, University Professor, Newman University Birmingham, Walsall
  428. Claire Grantham, Sales Assistant, Glasgow
  430. David Cole, teacher of English as a foreign language, retired, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
  431. Alice, Operations, London
  432. Patricia Macdonald, Retired, None, Stirling
  433. Lorraine Gray, Hygiene officer, Asda, Dundee
  434. Mohammed Saquib, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  435. Zahra, Student, Student Action for Refugees, Canterbury
  436. Marion Dawson, Student Support Worker, Manchester
  437. Katherine Mackinnon, PhD researcher, University of Glasgow, GLASGOW
  438. Alex Rudd, Glasgow
  439. Matthew Dorans, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  440. Felix Okoye, Healthcare Professional, Hull
  441. Jennifer Speirs, counsellor, self-emplyed, Edinburgh
  442. Jean McClure, Handmade in Bernera, Isle of Lewis
  443. Laurel Hilliker, Glasgow
  444. Chelsea Wood, Unemployed, Clydebank
  445. Will Reid, Glasgow
  446. Gill Moreton, Psychotherapist, Edinburgh
  447. Umar Al Faruq, Researcher, King's College London, London
  448. Dr Jane Andrew, Voluntary sector, Perth
  449. Bill McGuinness, Retired, N/A, Aberdeen
  450. Kenny Grant, Retired, Aberdeen
  451. Mary Scankan, Srkf employed
  452. Bissie Anderson, Lecturer, RGU, Aberdeen
  453. Rachel Norman, Lecturer, University of Stirling, Stirling
  454. Darrell Mckerchar, Shop worker, Musselburgh
  455. Joy Karjalainen, Customer service adviser, Prudential, Stirling
  456. Tony, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  457. Kirstein Rummery, Professor, University of Stirling, Stirling
  458. Amanda Kerr, Glasgow
  459. Jennifer Davies, Retired, Stirling
  460. Claire Das Bhaumik, Chartered Engineer, Inkling LLP, Harpenden
  461. Amber Ferguson, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  462. Margaret Gray, Retired social worker, none, Glasgow
  463. Catherine Foster, Public Health Researcher
  464. Timothy LaRock, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Oxford, Oxford
  465. Maggie Grant, Lecturer, University of Stirling, Stirling
  466. Guido Noto La Diega, Professor, University of Stirling, Stirling
  467. Liam Nisbet, Self employed, Edinburgh
  468. John Hamelink, Software engineer, Glasgow
  469. Hugh Sawbridge, Energy trader, SSE PLC, Stirling
  470. Ian Smillie, Shop worker, Dunfermline
  471. Emma Calam, MSP Regional Support Officer, Glasgow
  472. Norman Pettigrew, Retired, Norman Pettigrew, Kingussie
  473. Sharon Parker, unemployed, carluke
  474. Katie Stirling, Academic, Stirling
  475. Lindsey Orr, Retired, Larbert
  476. Nick Gardner, Support Worker, Scottish Greens, Edinburgh
  477. Gillian MacKenzie, Student, None, Edinburgh
  478. Tom Wallace, teacher, Armadale
  479. Madalena Lemos, Assistant professor, Durham University, Durham
  480. Rosie Burrell, Glasgow
  481. Tim McConville, Teaching fellow, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  482. Alec Gordon, Dumfries
  483. Marianne Docherty, Retired Teacher
  484. Catherine Aitken, Edinburgh
  485. Joe Smith, Lecturer, UCU Stirling, Stirling
  486. Chidinma, Stirling
  487. Isabel MacRae, Retired
  488. Tanya Lucas, Lecturer, Halifax
  489. Deborah Hunter, Arcueil, France
  490. Charles Kenny, PhD Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  491. Fiona McGrogan, Teacher, Hamilton
  492. Catherine Buchanan, Celebrant, Humanist Society Scotland, Stirling
  493. Sharon Kessler, Lecturer, Stirling, Stirling
  494. Lara smith, Student, Stirling
  495. Veronica Kerrigan, Teacher, Stirling
  496. Julia Edgar, HR Manager, STIRLING
  497. swaleh talib, Student, University of stirling, Stirling
  498. Thomas Stevenson, Stirling
  499. Haris Nadeem, Student, Scotland, Edinburgh
  500. Sian Jones, Academic, Glasgow
  501. Colin Venters, Retired, Glasgow
  502. nikita leeson, Quality control, galashiels
  503. Nitasha, Student, Scotland, Edinburgh
  504. Emma Pamley-Liddell, MRes student
  505. Linda Okhuoya-Ologe, Education officer, Rainbow Turtle, Paisley
  506. Peter Booth, Retired, Humanitarian, Edinburgh
  507. Frances Carney, ADMINISTRATOR, NHS, Edinburgh
  508. Oluwaseun Mabunmi, Students, University of Stirling, Scotland
  509. Pamela Hill, Carer, Glasgow
  510. Martin Hall, Archivist
  511. Iona Brandon, Bathgate
  512. Joni Venters, Edinburgh
  513. Rowan McMonagle, Stirling
  514. Mia Fidge, student, just stop oil, exeter
  515. Clare Cutty, Durham
  516. Shonah Escombe, Student, Stirling University, Stirling
  517. Veronica Vasquez, Senior Early Years Educator, Clackmannanshire
  518. Chioma ofoegbu-Chinedu, Nurse, Glasgow
  519. Jay Burgess, Teacher, Dunblane
  520. Afeez, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  521. Melanie Hughes, Project Officer, Transport Scotland, Paisley
  522. David Nicol, Retired, Stirling
  523. Margaret Brown, Retired, Glasgow
  524. Lesley Frame, Lab Technician, Inverness
  525. Emma Halliday, Stirling
  526. Faridah BUKIRWA, University of Stirling
  527. Cathryn Hall, Teacher, Aberdeen
  528. Helen Cameron, English teacher, Stirling
  529. PATRICIA PIZARRO LETELIER, Retired, Human Rights Ex Political Prisoner CHILE, STIRLING
  530. John Kinnaird, Engineer, Pulsant, Edinburgh
  531. Martyn Harrison, retired, Hawick
  532. Alfie Watson, Bike mechanic, Sheffield
  533. Teri O’Loughlin, Retired, New Galloway
  534. Denise Richmond, Burntisland
  535. Godwin Omotoyinbo, Carer, Perth
  536. June Stewart, Retitred, Doune
  537. Carol Anderson, Retired, Dundee
  538. Natalie Mc, london
  539. Ben Walters, Engineer, Glasgow
  540. Santha Keith, School librarian, The Glasgow Academy, Glasgow
  541. Andrew Reid, Developed Analyst, Livingston
  542. Helen Coskeran, Edinburgh
  543. Jennifer Paterson, Artistic Director, Stirling
  544. Norman Keith Stanley, Retired, None, Burntisland
  545. Lawrence Gibb, Retired, Tillicoultry
  546. Derek McNeil, Retired, Forres
  547. Elisabeth CRAIG, Retired teacher, Na, Auchterarder
  548. Anja Komatar, Maths Support Advisor, University of Leeds, Leeds
  549. Tolulope, Student, Non, Stirling
  550. Anderson Smith, Engineer, Kilmarnock
  551. Maureen Garford, Retired, Castle Douglas
  552. Siân Lucas, Senior Lecturer, University of Stirling
  553. Miss Eve Gibson, Teacher, Edinburgh council, Edinburgh
  554. Willie Macmillan, Retired Bank Manager, Virgin Bank, Stirling
  555. Gary Davies, London
  556. Gerard Loughlin, Professor, Newcastle upon Tyne
  557. Jeremy Davis, Innerleithen
  558. Stephen Ashe, Assistant Professor, Durham, Paisley
  559. June McLelland, Retired, None, Fife
  560. Douglas ferguson, Feed technician, Harris
  561. Britt Potter, Inverness
  562. Beverly Maderson, Retired, Wimbledon
  563. Maarten, Inverness
  564. Shubham Lakudkar, Stirling
  565. Ihtisham, Student, Edinburgh
  566. India, Sales Assistant, Gretna
  567. Holly Garrick, Teachet, Glasgow
  568. Gordon Breingan, Retired, Deptford
  569. Aleksandar Rex, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  570. Andrew Penny, Student, Stirling University, Stirling
  571. Turlough, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  572. juno, kitchen assistant, wetherspoons, glasgow
  573. Matty Millar, Graduate, University of Stirling, Stirling
  574. Tom Berney, East Kilbride
  575. Jessie L, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  576. James Cross, Solicitor, Glasgow
  577. Zain
  578. Belinda mcelhinney
  579. Don McLeish, Retired, None, Pangbourne, READING
  580. Catherine Coyle, Unemployed, Gourock
  581. Karl J. Claridge, Glasgow
  582. Juli Titherington, Civil servant, Milngavie
  583. Anne Wood, Retired, Ayrshire
  584. Fiona Ferguson, Arts Manager, Edinburgh
  585. Zakia Ahmed, House person, Stirling
  586. Helen McGowan, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire
  587. Gerard Laing, Dundee
  588. Arthur Yarwood, Software engineer, Stirling
  589. Lore kelling, Retired teacher, Stirling
  590. Ben Fulford, Lecturer, University of Chester, Nantwich
  591. Lauryn Baldie, Dundee
  592. Stephen Quinn, Admin, Finance, Glasgow
  593. Mrs JOANNA M QUINN, Occupational Therapist, NHS, GLASGOW
  594. Arancha Lopez, Student, Edinburgh
  595. John Meek, Retired, Fife
  596. Graeme Riddell, Business Owner, Stirling
  597. Megan Thomson, Glasgow
  598. Kirsty Robertson, Teacher, Bridge of Allan, Stirling
  599. A Ainslie, Retired, Stirling
  600. Jerry Foley, Northamptonshire
  601. Lauren Cunningham, Glasgow
  602. Lindsey Maycock, Student, Glasgow
  603. Djeneba Bagayoko, Writer, HOBU, Seriate
  604. Ginebra Lavao Lizcano, Student, Stirling
  605. Matt Howard, Lecturer, University of Kent, Canterbury
  606. Elena Brand, Payroll Specialist, All3Media, Stirling
  607. Beth Frieden, Glasgow
  608. Kevin Harkness, Support practitioner, Stirling
  609. Dianne Robertson, Retired, East Kilbride
  610. John Knight, Retired, Alva
  611. Juliet Molteno, Physiotherapist, NHS, Stirling
  612. Marilyn Stewart, Retired, Isle of Bute
  613. Scott Napier
  614. alasdair smith, Teacher, Glasgow
  615. Gyll King, Tour Operator, London
  616. Rebekah Bishop, Student, Stirling
  617. Susannah Loney, Retired, Renfrewshire
  618. Beth Anderson, Barista, Starbucks, Stirling
  619. Sherene Meir, Lecturer, Durham Uni, Newcastle
  620. Michael Bauer, translator, Glasgow
  621. Natalia Matusiak, Student, Glasgow
  622. Howard Marsden, Retired, None, Helensburgh
  623. Catherine idr, Nurse, NHS, Stirling
  624. Celia Camille Clarke, Occupational Therapist, NHs Grampian, Aberdeen
  625. Evan McLaughlin, Student, N/A, Glasgow
  626. Ryan Yon, Optical Assistant, Vision Express, Stirling
  627. Ruth Humphreys, University lecturer, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
  628. Rowan Exton, Student, Stirling University, Dunblane
  629. Fola Omo Odidi, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  630. Kyran Joughin, UCU Higher Education Committee, UCU, London
  631. Olivia Mcfeely, Stirling
  632. Mairi Whittle, Student, Stirling
  633. Graeme Gibb, Teacher, Paisley
  634. morag martin, Senior carer, Private, Aberdeenshire
  635. Graham Wroe, Retired Lecturer, Tell the Truth Sheffield, Sheffield
  636. Jill Burdett, Alloa
  637. Richard Bradley, Manager, Alloa
  638. Ross Clark, Councillor, South Lanarkshire Council, Larkhall
  639. Sarah Lahm, Student, University of Leeds, Leeds
  640. Eileen Cromwell, Lochwinnoch
  641. Linda Wight, Retired teacher, Helensburgh
  642. Ofmat Austus Ofmat, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  643. Lynne Finlayson, Nurse, Shettleston SNP, Glasgow
  644. Dario Carugo, Associate Professor, University of Oxford, Reading
  645. Seun Adeyemi, Cumbernauld
  646. Jude Pym, Language Examiner, Various, Perth
  647. Kathleen Jack, Retired teacher, N /a, Blairgowrie
  648. Robbie McAvenue, Retail Assistant, Marks and Spencers, Glasgow
  649. Benjamin Blessing, Student, University Of Stirling, Stirling
  650. Jon Musgrave, Self employed map maker, Self employed, Aberdeen
  651. John kirby, Retired, Private, Dundonald
  652. Donna McGowan, Service Manager, Stirling
  653. Malcolm Nicholson, Retired Police Officer, LARGS
  654. Ken Smith, Consultant, Stirling
  655. Margherita Rossi, Retired, Glasgow
  656. david robertson, Invigilator, Forth Valley College, Larbert
  657. Jamie Callahan, Professor, Durham University, Durham
  658. Aysha Motala, Lecturer, University of Stirling, Stirling
  659. Michael Gill, IT Consultant, Glasgow
  660. Rachel Johnson, Lecturer, University of Leeds, Leeds
  661. Karen Paton, Retired, Fraserburgh
  662. William Crosby, Associate Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
  663. Bronagh Gallagher, Student, Glasgow
  664. Jarl Strachan, Duns
  665. Caleb Day, Student, Durham University, Wallsend
  666. Nik Machen, Teacher, Fife Council, Dunfermline
  667. Valeria Tolis, Lecturer, University of Leeds, Cardiff
  668. Anne Alexander, Retired, Glasgow
  669. Eeva Sointu, Associate professor, York St John University, York
  670. Neil Chambers
  671. Sarah Joss, Software developer, Heriot-Watt university, Edinburgh
  672. Eleanor Ferguson, Retired, None, Edinburgh
  673. Kate Ferrie, Teacher, Callander
  674. charles kelly, retired, Peebles
  675. Jo Donnell, Retired, Ayr
  676. Duncan MacGregor, Retired, Ardersier
  677. Carl Irvine, Minister, Indvidual, Inverurie
  678. Andy Donnell, Retired, Ayr
  679. Hannah Adeyemi, London
  680. CAROLINE fair, retired, none, Inverness
  681. Kelly Maguire, Revenue officer, Blantyre
  682. Jodie Williams, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  683. Brian Patton, Lecturer, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  684. Graeme Charge, Alumnus, University of Stirling
  685. Elizabeth Rimmer, Poet, Glasgow
  686. Tim Butler, St Andrews
  687. Rachel Proudfoot, Library worker, University of Leeds, Leeds
  688. Maria Velez, Lecturer, University of Stirling, Stirling
  689. Joanne Begiato, Professor, Oxford Brookes University, PRINCES RISBOROUGH
  690. Ellie Macdonald, Lecturer, University of Stirling, Stirling
  691. Rhian Elinor Keyse, Research Fellow, Birkbeck, University of London, London
  692. Susan lockhart, Retired, Renfrewshire
  693. Stefano Cremonesi, lecturer, Durham University, Durham
  694. Veronica, PhD Student, University of Exeter, Exeter
  695. Siobhan Murphy, Editor, Glasgow
  696. Lee Cleghorn, Business owner, Dalwhinnie
  697. Irene Frame, Retired, Stirling
  698. Ryan Burns, lecturer, UCU University of Brighton, Brighton
  699. Jon Webster, Senior Adult Psychotherapist, NHS Tayside, Dundee
  700. Alec Edworthy, IT Services, Loughborough University, Loughborough
  701. Ewen Lanyon, Management Information Officer, Barnardo’s, Stirling
  702. Prof Diana Jeater, Professor of African History, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
  703. Lewis James Willcox, Student, University of Edinburgh, Renfrew
  704. Morag Fulton, Stirling
  705. Scott Allinson, GIS Technician, Natural Power, Stirling
  706. Molly Biggar, Student, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  707. Kimberley Weir, Office Manager, Larkhall
  708. Vicky Blake, Educational Engagement officer, University of Leeds / UCU NEC, Leeds
  709. Nicola Scobbie, Bookkeeper, Stirling
  710. Katy Loudon, SNP Councillor, Rutherglen
  711. Joanne Smith, Director, Stirling
  712. Abbie Lee, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  713. Shelagh Low, Retired, Retired Social Worker, Kinross
  714. Irene Clark, Retired, Glasgow
  715. Luca Di Bona, Community Action Officer, Oxford SU LGBTQcam, Oxford
  716. Steve Chapman, Student, Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, Sheffield
  717. Charlie Thomas, Student, Student Cost of Living Campaign, Sheffield
  718. Eric Fileman, Student, Sheffield Solidarity Group, Sheffield
  719. Sara Lee, Workers' Liberty, London
  720. Alyson MacKay, Glasgow
  721. Jan Culik, university lecturer, Glasgow University, Glasgow
  722. Jane Carlton, Newton Stewart
  723. Hassan ali aziz, Student, Edinburgh Napier university
  724. carole odell, retired, Stourbridge
  725. Ruth Miller, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  726. Nicole Chen, Student, University of Sheffield
  727. Anne Davies, Accountant, AIMBRIDGE HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, Glasgow
  728. Caitlin Heneghan, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  729. Hammad Ali, Student, Ambiance studio, Karachi
  730. Will Stewart, Student, University of Stirling, Newcastle
  731. Mellie Price, Wimborne
  732. Mary Lafferty, Edinburgh
  733. Adam C., Student Nurse, Glasgow
  734. Lisa Hughes, Unemployed, Inverness
  735. Daniel Lafferty, Edinburgh
  736. Felicity Law, Artist
  737. Calum Macdonald, Western isles
  738. Vale Blacjwood, Student, Dundee
  739. Helen Wright, SQIFF, Glasgow
  740. Jim WATSON, Student, University of Dundee, GOUROCK
  741. Esther Chung, Student, The Hague
  742. Kerry Rush, Student, Edinburgh
  743. Kamila Svorad, Geographic systems and data officer, Invergordon
  745. Murray, Sports President, Stirling students union, Stirling
  746. Kasia Babraj, Student, University of Stirling, Dundee
  747. Steven Anderson, Commercial Manager, Stirling
  748. June Tucker, Retired, Edinburgh
  749. Maja Schippel, Support worker, Play Alloa, Glasgow
  750. Adam Conlin, Administrator, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  751. Nicholas Hargreaves, Student, Barrow-in-Furness
  752. Edwin Finsterbusch, Student, University of Stirling, Edinburgh
  753. Clare Richter, Student, University of Warwick, Coventry
  754. Wen Taylor, Doctor, Hawick
  755. Theo Letts, Teacher, University of Sheffied, Sheffield
  756. Daisy Watson, Student, University of Sheffield, Sheffield
  757. Keith McLeay, Retired, DRYMEN
  758. Hamish Young, Kilbarchan
  759. David Craig, designer, NOTL
  760. Stewart Bousie, Retired, Perth
  761. Gordon Mulholland, retired, GLASGOW
  762. Jim Swan, Machine operator, Stirling
  763. seagh Kehoe, lecturer, University of Westminster, London
  764. Edith MacQuarrie, Retired, Stirling
  765. Arianna Caboni, Stirling
  766. Norman Easton, public servant, Glasgow
  767. Abigail Taylor, Dundee
  768. Laura Bialecka, Student, Oban
  769. Peter Barlow, Retired teacher, New Luce
  770. Ashin, Student, University of Abedeen, Aberdeen
  771. Hannah Dewar, Stirling
  772. Angus J Stewart, Retired, Edinburgh
  773. Aelita Kockar, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  774. Raymond Young, Retired, Dundee
  775. James Roberts, Retired, None, Stirling
  776. Marjory Wallace, marjory.wallace@gmail.com, Glasgow
  777. Niall MacInosh, Business Manager, NhS Education for Scotland, Musselburgh
  778. Dave Gilroy, Retired, Balerno
  779. Noah J, peterborough
  780. Paul Bell, PhD Student, University of Exeter, Exeter
  781. James wallace, Retired, None, Kilbarchan
  782. Stella Hampson, Retired, DUNFERMLINE
  783. Margaret Dick, Self employed, Cardenden
  784. Veronica Owen, Student, Glasgow
  785. Helen Trainor, Retired, Glasgow
  786. Graham Hewitt, Retired, Selkirk
  787. Joan Marjory Barrington, retired, Helensburgh
  788. Mike Donaghy, Retired Scientist, Independent, Killiecrankie
  789. Paul Stevens, Researcher, Walls
  790. Brian Holton, Translator, Melrose
  791. Nicola Swordy, System scheduler, Renfrewshire council, Paisley
  792. Christine Milroy, Larbert
  793. Ciara Conlin, Stevenston
  794. Catherine Strong, Inverness
  795. Drew Milroy, Larbert
  796. Marshall Peters, Norwich
  797. Dean Turner,
  798. Peter Macari, Retired, Aberdeen
  799. Cameron Wallace, Cleaner, Kilbarchan
  800. Elenia Parkes, Student, Reading
  801. Neil Galbraith Cobb, Engineer, Stirling
  802. Cindy Stevens, retired lecturer, Isle of Barra
  803. Dr Calum Carswell, Composer, Edinburgh
  804. Keith Brown, pensioner, Grangemouth
  805. Dale Thomson, Manager, Aberdeen
  806. Hayley Melrose, Student, Edinburgh
  807. Morven Easton, Retired, None, Glasgow
  808. Lauren Dorward, Teacher, Bristol
  809. Joseph Robert Simon Roach, Stirling
  810. Daniel Sangster, Student, University of Aberden, Aberdeen
  811. Emma Schantz, Student, Glasgow
  812. Simon Maximov, Student, The university of Sheffield, Sheffield
  813. Liz Lowrey, Retired housing officer, Perth
  814. Lucy Young, Financial Planner, CII, Glasgow
  815. Stuart Morrison, Engineer, Stirling
  816. Taha Khan, President, Student Union, Huddersfield
  817. S. Dòmhnallach, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  818. Alexandre Belaiche, Student, University of Oxford, Oxford
  819. Shannon, Glasgow
  820. Rheia Wilkie, Marketing Coordinator, Collinson Ceramics, Stirling
  821. Catherine King, Interpreter, Self employed, Glasgow
  822. Johanna Kauppi, Advocacy Worker, Stirling
  823. Corin Cassels, Lanark
  824. Ivana, Aberdeen
  825. Robin Burt, Retail Worker, Stirling
  826. Amir Shapira, Student, Stirling, Alloa
  827. Rose Thomas, Student, Coventry
  828. William Steele, Student, Warwick STAR, Warwick
  829. Jesse Prince, Student, London
  830. RoseMary Warrington, Retired business analyst, London
  831. Amber Lancaster, Student, Stirling University, Stirling
  832. Fiona Carmichael, Retired, Edinburgh
  833. Lamiaa L, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  834. Alexandra Jodie Whyte, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  835. Beck Broom, student, Warwick STAR, Warwick
  836. Gabriele Lazzari, Journalist & Writer, Como, Italy
  837. Jule Bandel, Councillor, Edinburgh
  838. Kate Mackinnon, Glasgow
  839. Charlotte Sutcliffe, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  840. Viktoria Stelikou, Glasgow
  841. Milo Bullock, Student, University of Sheffield, Sheffield
  842. Rudi Ellis-jones, Student, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  843. Benicio Maesa Gorga, Student, Amnesty Warwick, Coventry
  844. Satu Astikainen, University of Aberdeen
  845. Ludovico caminati, Graduate, Stirling
  846. Kaydian Payne, student, Stratford-upon-avon
  847. Rohil, Student, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  848. Alyshah Ali, Procurement officer, Local Authority, Glasgow
  849. Caroline Berry, Carnoustie
  850. Laura Curran, Liverpool
  851. Paul Wilson, Edinburgh
  852. Adam le Grice, Care Assistant, Home Care, Dundee
  853. Sanjith, Student, University of Warwick, Coventry
  854. Eloïse Bui, Student, STAR, Coventry
  855. Peter Lloyd, Retired, DUNFERMLINE
  856. Polly Bailey, Exeter
  857. ademola bello, Nottingham
  858. Janice Mills, Carer, Glasgow
  859. Caroline Scott, MSP caseworker, Scottish Parliament, Glasgow
  860. Rory O’Neill, Glasgow
  861. Reuben Woolley, Translator, Freelance, London
  862. Maria Liebig, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  863. Katherine Stevens, Trainee Solicitor, Petersfield
  864. Jim Robertson, Edinburgh
  865. Amalia Ciublea, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  866. David Grierson, Linlithgow
  867. Rob Gowland, Littlehampton
  868. Anna Pickles, Volunteer coordinator, London
  869. Olaf Stando, Campaigns Manager, NUS, Edinburgh
  870. Thomas Atkin, International Officer, LGBTIQA+ Greens of England and Wales, Sheffield
  871. Matthew Alan Hill, Academic, Liverpool
  872. Rachel Winter, NHS WORKER, NHS, Derby
  873. Olli Watkins, Student, The Open University, Wakefield
  874. Abbie Davidson, Student, Forth Valley College, Denny
  875. Johanna Beadle-Collier, Healthcare Assistant, NHS, Bristol
  876. Karim, Student, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  877. Mimi Hossain, Student, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  878. Eve Middleton, Manchester
  879. Eve Boyle, student, strathclyde university, glasgow
  880. Alice Souden, Student, Aberdeenshire
  881. Syed Aarim, Engineer, Baker Hughes, Aberdeen
  882. Nikhil Jay, Student, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  883. Joyce Harkin, Retired, Glasgow
  884. Sai Suresh, Sabbatical officer, Aberdeen University Students’ Union, Aberdeen
  885. anonymous
  886. Ronnie Avis, Retired, None, Edinburgh
  887. Helen Sones, Student, University of Stirling, Jersey
  888. Aidan Beresford, Student, Tillicoultry
  889. Sam Maccallum, Student, Edinburgh
  890. katherine cooper, student, guildford
  891. Jen Bell, Co-Convener, Scottish Green Trade Union Group, Glasgow
  892. Rebecca Sechi, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  893. Mila Cadene, Student, Stirling
  894. Nathan Gill, Fife
  895. PETER WRAGG, Retired, VENTNOR
  896. Lesley mcgilvary, Retired, Ayr
  897. Melissa Burt, Student, Dunfermline
  898. Samantha Omondi, Student, Sheffield
  899. Eloise Maraner, Student, University of Stirling, London
  900. Georgios Argyropoulos, lecturer, University of Stirling, Stirling
  901. Thomas Niblett, Student, University of Cambridge, Cambridge
  902. Lorna Muir, Retired, Paisley
  903. Caitlin Evans, Student, Stirling
  905. Alicia Hughes, Curator, London
  906. Em Allardyce, Student, Stirling
  907. Sammy Berninger, Student, Stirling
  908. Ciaran Sweeney, Student, Glasgow
  909. Georgia Noble, VP Wellbeing, Heriot Watt Student Union, Edinburgh
  910. Dr Michael Szpakowski, retired lecturer, Harlow
  911. Sophia Woodman, academic, Edinburgh
  912. Jack Newbold, Tunbridge Wells
  913. Albert, Retired, None, Manchester
  914. Kevin Rush, Retired teacher, Leicestershire
  915. Kai Galas, Student, Stirling
  916. Laura Bernardo Lutiano, student, stirling
  917. Bert Chu Man, Activist, SNP, Leith- Edinburgh
  918. Hannah Langdon, Student, Glasgow
  919. Kate Mathis, Researcher, Glasgow
  920. Sandy Sharkie, Edinburgh
  921. Katie Wilson, Student, Stirling
  922. David Hansen, Volunteer Co-ordinator, None, Fife
  923. Alaric S, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  924. Belinda Chisholm, GLASGOW
  925. Dec Magee, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  926. Ria Patel, Student, London
  927. MEEAD, Manager, Epsom
  928. Caitlyn Pendergast, Student, University of Stirling, Glasgow
  929. Estelle Bollei, Student, Stirling
  930. Ryan Lewis, Ward Host, Mansfield
  931. G Hasan
  932. Keisha Gould, Student, Scottish Detainee Visitors, Edinburgh
  933. Sarah McIntosh, Barista, Stirling
  934. Francis Odetsi, Student, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  935. Naabil Khan, Medical student, STAR Exeter, London
  936. Hannah brown, Falkirk
  937. Dan Dickson, Customer Advisor, Webhelp, Larbert
  938. Chiara Busini, Student, Stirling
  939. Ayesha Parwani, Sales executive, Sheffield
  940. Carlin Btaun, Student, Stirling
  941. Jack Robinson, Student, London
  942. Dylan Lewis-Creser, Co-Chair, LGBTIQA+ Greens, Sheffield
  943. Nikita Hulley, Student, Stirling
  944. Dorjee Nyima, dorjeesamdondup@gmail.com
  945. Adam Natha, Student, Sheffield
  946. Mads Wainman, Disabled Students Officer, Warwick SU
  947. cleo tench, Aberdeen
  948. Alessia Iacona, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  949. Cressida Gethin, Activist, Just Stop Oil, Northampton
  950. katie pirie, glasgow
  951. Caroline Kay, housewife, Suffolk
  952. Iina Jaara, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  953. Freya G, Hospitality, Restaurant, Stirling
  954. katie, student, university of stirling, stirling
  955. Brian McNeil, University Reader, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  956. Berni Kotelko, Student, University of Exeter, Exeter
  957. A Hasan, Student, Stirling Solidarity Space, Stirling
  958. Kevin Allison, Student, University of Stirling, Falkirk
  959. Hannah Woodhouse, Director, Hannah Woodhouse Ltd, London
  960. Christine Stephen, Privacy anslyst, Beckenham
  961. Olivia Davies, Student, Leeds
  962. Anna Ross, Student, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  963. Hannah Somes
  964. Lucy McIntosh, Operations, Newtonmore
  965. Karin Bakardjian, Student, Paris
  966. JAMES CAIRNS, Freelance Translator, Glasgow
  967. Cora Livesey, Artist, London
  968. Andrew Parker, Economist, Individual, Kirkintilloch
  969. Liam
  970. Ben Frankland, Student, University of Exeter, Exeter
  971. Peter Mathie, Retired, Perth
  972. James Varney, EE Part-Time Officer, Warwick SU, Coventry
  973. Chloe Cheung, Student, UCL, London
  974. Linda Kinnon, Retired HR Officer, Falkirk
  975. MD Tanim Hassan, Student, Anglia Ruskin University, London
  976. Grace Sutherland, Musician, Dunfermline
  977. Himmat Sidhu, Student, University of Sheffield, Birmingham
  978. Lauren Holt, Student, Leeds
  979. Blenda Kjellgren, Student, Stirling
  980. Sophie Edwards, Teacher, Paisley
  981. Vicky Williamson, Glasgow
  982. Edred Whittingham, Activist, Just Stop Oil, Exeter
  983. David Starley, Alumnus, University of Bath
  984. Bridget Fraser, Retired teacher, Auchinleck
  985. Arthur, Event organiser, London
  986. Samara Leibner, Funeral worker, Glasgow
  987. Uchechi, President, University of the West of Scotland Student’s Association, Paisley
  988. Jean Hendry, Retired, Denny
  989. Laila, Stirling STAR, Stirling
  990. Anna Hailey, Student, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  991. Abd Ullah, Student, Stirling
  992. Kally Abdullahi, Student, Sheffield
  993. Elaine Toye, falkirk
  994. Ashlea Macdonald, Student, University of Stirling, Linlithgow
  995. Jago Gibson, Glasgow
  996. Stephen Smellie, Trade union officer, UNISON, Hamilton
  997. Ron Wilson, home, Campbeltown
  998. Morgan Guthrie, Belfast
  999. Harry Pearson
  1000. Robert Chalners, Student, University of stirling, Stirling
  1001. Frances Archibald, Retired, LARBERT
  1002. Carla, Student, London
  1003. Sarah Scott, Johnstone
  1004. Daniel Deery, Liverpool
  1005. Eleanor Hunter, Retired teacher, Helensburgh
  1006. Eda Ulus, Glasgow
  1007. Alice, Student, Falmouth
  1008. Aaron Sheridan, PhD Student, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  1009. Amber-Lee Peoples, Student, Glasgow
  1010. Kenny McGettigan, Roadworker, Glasgow
  1011. Irene McGettigan, Glasgow
  1012. Milo West, Student, North East Scotland College, Aberdeen
  1013. Daniel McPadden, Stirling Solidarity Space, Stirling
  1014. Evan Wragg, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  1015. Alina Zaharia, Deputy President, North East Scotland College, Aberdeen
  1016. Kate Nevens, Researcher & Facilitator, Edinburgh
  1017. Brian Mikkelsen, Retired, Edinburgh
  1018. LISA KELLY, Social Worker, Dundee
  1019. Emma de Saram, President Exeter Student Union, Exeter Students Guild, Exeter
  1020. Nia, Student, Stirling
  1021. Dan Watson, Students' Association Deputy president, North East Scotland College, Fraserburgh
  1022. Neill Clark, Chair, White Ribbon Scotland, Glasgow
  1023. Jane Kidd, Carer, Glasgow
  1024. Carrie Beaton, Students' Association Regional President, North East Scotland College, Aberdeen
  1025. Caitlin MacDonald, Student, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  1026. Linda Watkins, Support worker, Aviemore
  1027. Gracie, Wakefield
  1028. Keshni Vadivelloo, Student, Warwick university, Coventry
  1029. Gill Partridge, Transcriptionist, Newton Stewart
  1030. Gammorah, Student Union officer, Goldsmiths Student Union, London
  1031. Noreen Houston, Housewife, Glasgow
  1032. Vaishnavi ravi, Postgraduate officer, Warwick university students union, COVENTRY
  1033. Jodi Goodwin, Student / Barista, n/a, Glasgow
  1034. Enaya Nihal, Vice President for Welfare and Campaigns, University of Warwick’s Students’ Union, Coventry
  1035. Holly Roffe, VP for Education, Warwick Students' Union, Coventry
  1036. Imogen Robertson, Student/Community Organiser, Vegan and Rights for Animals Society, Stirling
  1037. Polly Vaker, VP Social&Activities, City of Glasgow College, Glasgow
  1038. Mr Graeme W Turner, Architect, Glasgow
  1039. Gill Bird
  1040. Isla Peggy Patersom, student, n/a, stirling
  1041. Laura Todd, Cumbernauld
  1042. Ciara McCarthy, Vice president of Diversity and Wellbeing, City of Glasgow College, Glasgow
  1043. Davide Bonne, Student, University of Surrey, formerly at the University of Aberdeen
  1044. Anne Hopkins, Retired, Glasgow
  1045. Nabeel Iqbal, Student, University of Stirling, Glasgow
  1046. NikitaMcGuire, Youth Pastor, Freedom City Church, Glasgow
  1047. Ann Love, Retired, Inverness
  1048. Lily Byrne, SU President, Sheffield Students' Union, Sheffield
  1049. Steven Jackson, BRIGHTON
  1050. Sasha Haddad, Student, London
  1051. Seth, Student, Na, Stirling
  1052. ELLEN CRADICK, Liskeard
  1053. maria jose lourido, Education Officer, Sheffield Students Union, Sheffield
  1054. Kay Watson, Retired, South Lanarkshire
  1055. Chloe Field, Vice President for Higher Education, NUS UK, Liverpool
  1056. Leo Subido, Student President, City of Glasgow City, Glasgow
  1057. Megan Reid, Forfar
  1058. Mark Frame, Student president, New College Lanarkshire, Coatbridge
  1059. Sher Khalid-ali, Student, Glasgow
  1060. Fiona Walker, Fife
  1061. Nehaal Bajwa, VP Liberation & Equality, NUS UK, Brighton
  1062. Lee Martin, Student, Cumbernauld
  1063. Ellie Gomersall, President, NUS Scotland, Glasgow
  1064. Catriona Watson, Inverness
  1065. Lucy Wilson, Falkirk
  1066. Luke Carroll, Student, Lanark
  1067. Emily Savage, Lecturer, University of St Andrews, Edinburgh
  1068. Karen McLaughlan, Isle of Bute
  1069. Sophie, Student, Glasgow
  1070. Suzanne Bosworth, Retired, Dunblane
  1071. Kat Cary, Edinburgh
  1072. Leon Irving, Paisley
  1073. Mr. H.B. Stewart, retired, Greenpeace/SCND/SNP etc..., Blantyre
  1074. Morag Wells, Glasgow
  1075. Katherine Linsley, Activist and Coordinator, London
  1076. Tash Miller, Former Students Union President, Stirling University Students Union, London
  1077. Susan MacDonald, Dundee
  1078. Krithi Ravi, Doctor, NHS Scotland, Glasgow
  1079. Timothea Kakouris, Assistant Manager (Cafe), Glasgow
  1080. SgOwen, Artist, DUNOON
  1081. Leen, Union President, University of Stirling Students’ Union, Stirling
  1082. Bryce Goodall, Activist, Dunfermline
  1083. Leona Skene, Editor, former Stirling student, Aberdeen
  1084. Merryn Green, Stirling
  1085. Anna Ridley, Student, Auchterarder
  1086. Ethan Martin, Graduate, University of Stirling, Linlithgow
  1087. Alastair Brown, Retired, Motherwell
  1088. Fay jolly, Student, Stirling
  1089. Ronan McCourtney, Student, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  1090. Miriam Hourch, No Evictions Network, Glasgow
  1091. Millie Wilson, Student, Stirling
  1092. Jamie Oliver, Civil Servant, ROS, Edinburgh
  1093. Kayleigh Lynch, Student, Glasgow
  1094. sarah lafayette, Stirling
  1095. Dorothee Richter, Edinburgh
  1096. Louise Nihmey, Larbert
  1097. Maureen Pickering, Retired teacher, Kirkcaldy
  1098. Samuel Wray, Student, University Of Stirling, York
  1099. Jamie McDiarmid, Treasurer, Stirling STAR, Stirling
  1100. Katie Hall, Student, Glasgow
  1101. Lucy Hoffmann, Student, University of Stirling, Stirling
  1102. Cormac Graham, Bartender, Black Isle Bar, Fort William
  1103. Giulia Teufel, Stirling
  1104. Scottish Socialist Youth Stirling
  1105. Niamh Brook, Student, Stirling
  1106. Aidah Anwar, educator, Council, Stirling
  1107. Louis David Bayman, Associate professor, University of Southampton, London
  1108. Daniel Atton Beckmann, PhD researcher, University of Stirling, Stirling
  1109. David Pritchard, Glasgow
  1110. Eliot Sherwin, Stirling Solidarity Space
  1111. Elizabeth Elliott, Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, edinburgh
  1112. Ross Gibson, Branch Secretary, Strathclyde UCU, Glasgow
  1113. Joshua Parsonage, Studebt, University of Stirling, Stirling
  1114. Shawn Jonczyk, student, Stirling
  1115. Kirsten Murray
  1116. Jess Urquhart, Student, University of Stirling, Edinburgh
  1117. Jules Adamska, Student, Stirling
  1118. Megan Lindsay, Volunteer, Calais Food Collective, Calais
  1119. Zoë Crosher, VP Communities, Stirling Students Union, Stirling
  1120. Andy Paterson, Policy Officer, Stirling
  1121. Susan Hare, Student Action for Refugees Stirling, Stirling
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