9 December 2022

Stop Deportation of Student Activist Zain Haq

We, the undersigned, are calling upon Canada’s Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Refugees - Sean Fraser, and Prime Minister - Justin Trudeau to immediately suspend and revoke deportation proceedings against Zain Haq.

Haq is a nonviolent climate activist who has been advocating for the protection of old-growth forests in British Columbia, and led a successful fossil fuel divestment campaign at his university.

Zain is, and has long been, publicly and actively committed to the principles of nonviolence. Zain grew up in Pakistan, a country where millions of people have recently been displaced by floods because of glacial melting, and are facing ongoing crises of hunger, health care, and housing.

Deportation is an undue punishment for someone who has no arrest record other than being engaged in nonviolent civil disobedience to raise awareness for the urgent climate emergency.

Furthermore, the attempt to paint a 21-year-old, nonviolent university student as a risk to public safety, and bar him from completing his education, is obviously racist and Islamophobic.

We ask the Canadian government to revoke this intended condemnation of a climate activist to persecution by authorities in Pakistan, and to act in line with the nation's professed commitment to protecting civil liberties, freedom and democratic values. The Minister of Citizenship has discretion to do so.

The climate emergency is getting ever worse. Government repression of those who are raising the alarm is no substitute for lifesaving action.

As UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said earlier this year: “Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous radicals. But the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil fuels. Investing in new fossil fuels infrastructure is moral and economic madness.”


2,123 verified
  1. Sheila Asdal, retired teacher, Hope, B.C.
  2. Timothy Hardy, cashier, Langley
  3. Judi Coburn, Retired teacher, Toronto
  4. Suzanne Andre, retired Health care Mgr., Nanaimo
  5. Scott Blabey, Prince George
  6. Ji Montgomery, Tax collector, None, Shiremanstown
  7. Phil Wilayto, Editor, The Virginia Defender newspaper, Richmond, Virginia USA
  8. Fern Walker, Victoria
  9. Dr.Trevor Janz, Palliative Care Physician, Nelson BC
  10. Warren Kazor, Retired, OSSTF, Burnt Church
  11. Gail Star, Victoria
  12. David Pawliw, retired, Regina
  13. K Wood, Nelson
  14. J Wood, Nelson
  15. Brenda Stewart, retired teacher, Nanaimo
  16. Karl Perrin, retired, Burnaby
  17. Serena Patterson, psychologist, Courtenay, BC
  18. Chris Botting, Engineer, Vancouver
  19. Carl Cherland, Retired, Lutheran Church, Regina
  20. anonymous, Retired, Nelson
  21. Andrew Bear, Chaplain, Salinas
  22. Douglas Buck, retired teacher, Unitarian, Toronto
  23. Gordon Doctorow, EdD, retired academic, Toronto
  24. Rich Sobel, retiree, Port Moody
  25. Celeste Varley, artist/retired, Pender Island Conservancy, Pender Island
  26. Lydia Hicks, Graduate Student, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay
  27. Carol Guin, retired, Galiano
  28. Paolo Bressanin, retired, Calgary
  29. Deborrah Dunne, counsellor, Dogwood, Vancouver
  30. Joy Rosemary Manarin, retired nurse, Dogwood BC, Castlegar
  31. Suzanne Clouthier, retired librarian, Vancouver
  32. Mary Ellen Stewart, Teacher, Rosemary Heights Elementary, Surrey
  33. Anna C Gagnon, retired historian, Beaumont
  34. Betty AND Bill Geier, 50.00, Terrace
  35. Shelagh Bouttell, Dietitian, Personal, Chemainus
  36. Sheila Xie, Retired, San Francisco
  37. Sue Brown, retired teacher, n/a, Victoria
  38. Fernand Magnin, Retired, Victoria
  39. Elizabeth Anglin, retired, Unitarian, Montreal
  40. Barbara Joy Rackow, Calgary
  41. Deborah Littman, Retired, Toronto
  42. Simran Talpade, Student, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay
  43. Rick Rempel, Welland
  44. Frances Moyle, artiste, Montréal
  45. Matt Sifton, Montreal
  46. Annette Taylor, Woodstock
  47. Claire Adamson, Architecture, Retired, Montreal
  48. Terri Grassick, Vancouver
  49. Anjali Carter-Rau, Student, Vancouver
  50. Nancy Lanphear, physician, Vancouver
  51. Tilly Schalkwyk, Retired, Vancouver
  52. Jae-hong Kim, Vancouver BC
  53. Mary Sarsfield, Retired, Plantagenet
  54. Van Varga, scholar, Delta
  55. Jane Devonshire, retiree, Dogwood, Victoria
  56. Brenda Maunders, Retired, Kelowna BC
  57. Charles Douglas, retired, Victoria BC
  58. Karin Hartner, Retired, Vancouver
  59. Dorothy Henaut, Artist, Artistes pour la paix, Montreal,
  60. Judith Henkewick, Raging Grannies, Montreal
  61. Mauricio Argote-Cortes, Professor, Toronto, ON
  62. Monika Grunberg, clinical counsellor, Courtenay
  63. Richard Fahlman, Retired, IATSE 891, Gillies Bay
  64. Patricia Beer, Senior Aquarium Biologist, Vancouver Aquarium, Surrey
  65. Dolores Dawson, Retired, Dogwood, West vancouver
  66. Malinali Castaneda, Student, Thunder Bay
  67. Robyn Newton, Retired, North Vancouver
  69. Ed and Jan Jang, Retired, SaltSpring Island
  70. Vivian Ly, Student, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
  71. Sonja Arntzen, scholar, Gabriola Island
  72. Christina Timms, Planning Tech, Lillooet
  73. Tommy Wharton, Miner, New Westminster
  74. Linda Hass, Retired, Anglican Church, Victoria
  75. Dell Knight, Retired, Cranbrook
  76. Bernhard Juurlink, retired, Mill Bay, BC
  77. kristin sonstebo, Artist, Conservancy Hornby Island, Hornby Island
  78. Penelope Millway, retired, Brentwood Bay
  79. Margo Hennigar, Retired, Gabriola
  80. Christopher Shepherd, student, Victoria
  81. Bob mcClymont, Retired Provincial Gov. biologist, Langley
  82. Catherine Garvey, retired, Edmonton
  83. John R. Evans, Capt. Retired, Brentwoodbay
  84. Don Skerik, Electrician, Cobble Hill
  85. Jane Jenkins, Self-employed, Essential Elemental natural products, Denpasar
  86. Peter Milburn, Retired, Victoria
  87. Walter Latter, Retired, Kimberley
  88. Robert Tarswell, retired, Kamloops
  89. David Cunningham, retired, Nelson
  90. Gerry Guiden, Gardener, Nanaimo
  91. Corinne Rivers, Solicitor, C M R LAW OFFICE, Whitchurch-Stouffville
  92. Corinne Rivers, solicitor, C M R LAW OFFICE, Richmond Hill
  93. Tsilavo Ralandison, -, -, Thunder Bay
  94. Vanessa Siemens, Langley
  95. Tanya Grant, retired entertainer, none, Nanaimo
  96. Andrea Sussmann, retired Biology faculty, Gibsons
  97. Philip Symons, retired scientist, Victoria
  98. Heather Plaizier, Family Intervention Worker, Sundre, AB
  99. Louise Trusler Mangan, Retired Clergy, Planetary Resilience Council, Vancouver BC
  100. Sharon, Coquitlam, BC
  101. Annabel Bradshaw, retired teacher, Vancouver
  102. David Kirkby, New Westminster
  103. Pam Mountain, retired librarian, Toronto
  104. mary ekman, manager, vancouver
  105. Zoe Wang, Student, Vancouver
  106. Paul DeFelice, Retired, Nelson
  107. Tien Tien, Homemaker, Vancouver
  108. Barbara Bird, Retired, Courtenay
  109. Patricia Larson Winston, Montreal
  110. david phillips, retired, west vancouver
  111. Nora Jukes, Retired Teacher, Castlegar, B. C.
  112. teresa mcgrath, retired, portland
  113. Sean Scammell, Energy advisor, Winnipeg
  114. Blanche Tanner, Crawford Bay
  115. Barbara Fournier, retired artist, Sault Ste. Marie, On
  116. Faune Johnson, Retired teacher, community volunteer, Vancouver, BC
  117. Danielle Rice, Burnaby
  118. Judy Fudge, Retired teacher, none, Brighton, NL
  119. Ann Kajander, Professor, Lakehead, Shuniah
  120. Michelle Blake, Hamilton
  121. Shane Harris, retired, Human Race, Nelson
  122. Adina Lyon, retired, Winnipeg
  123. Pia Kuni, Vancouver
  124. Gary and Liz, retired, none, Savona BC Canada
  125. Julie Kenny, Nurse, Courtenay
  126. Christina Duvander, retired, Pointe Claire, Quebec
  127. David Zakus, Professor (mostly retired); and Editor/Publisher, University of Toronto; Planetary Health Weekly, Seguin
  128. Debra Mair, retired, Ottawa
  129. Milica Knezevic, Student, Novi Sad
  130. anonymous, retired, ottawa
  131. Fiona Gregory, Geospatial Data Analyst, Athabasca
  132. Jake Javanshir, Retired, Jake, toronto
  133. Bill Woolverton, retired, Nanaimo
  134. Elizabeth Keenan, retired, Toronto
  135. Jean James, retired, Richmond
  136. Frances Deverell, Retired, Nanaimo
  137. Steven McLellan, retired, Comox
  138. Rita Ann Reynolds, retired, ONOWAY
  139. Amir Rezaeivahdati, Remediation, QM Environmental, Vancouver
  140. Chuck Wright, Educator, Vancouver
  141. Erica Munn, Dog walker, Halifax
  142. Carolyn Herbert, retired, Nepean
  143. Patti Chapman, retired social worker, N/A, Elliot Lake
  144. Dennis Mense, Retired biologist, Whaletown
  145. Addison Smith, Whistler
  146. Lorraine Nielsen, Retired, Sackville
  147. Kari Rust, Animation mentor and author/illustrator, Vancouver
  148. Jerry Barenholtz, retired, Sal Spring Island
  149. Peter Halling, retired, myself, Victoria BC
  151. Eizabeth Beale, retired, Gabriola, BC
  152. KEITH BRAND, Food Importer, lagrotta, Coquitlam
  153. Allandra Gardner, Counselor, Courtenay
  154. Shirley Steven, retired, Port Alberni
  155. Peter Keays, engineer, Brockville
  156. Grace Okada, retired, Hudson's Hope
  157. Jo-Anna Logan, Lay Chaplain, SSIUF
  158. Bev Roberts, Retired
  159. Greta Hurst, Retired, Retired, New Westminster, B.C.
  160. Neal Kretchmar, retired, Nelson, BC
  161. Roger Thomas, Retired, Victoria
  162. Robert kappmeier, Retired, Van Anda
  163. margot wood, retired teacher, Stand up for Earth, Quathiaski Cove
  164. Cecelia Keyes, retired, Calgary
  165. A.R, Victoria
  166. Jane Harder Smith, student, Thunder Bay
  167. Sally McRoberts, Teacher-on-Call, SD#23, Lake Country
  168. Diana Hardacker, Chemainus
  169. Betty Cadre, retired, Kamloops
  170. Darleene Horricks, retired, Victoria
  171. Andy Sinats, Retired, Victoria
  172. Chris Armiento, Clinical Trial Research, Thunder Bay
  173. Murray Oliver, Retired Secondary School Teacher, Toronto
  174. Elbert Toews, Retired school administrator, Steinbach
  175. JoAnne Jarvis, Retired, None, Victoria
  176. Klee Hunter, Retired, N/A, Victoria
  177. Willem Atsma, CTO, Vancouver
  178. Judy Smith, Victoria
  179. Adam Rohrlick, Musician, Hip Pocket, Vancouver
  180. Chloe Merkel, Stratford
  181. Janine Plante, tax preparer, Belle River
  182. Glenn Fidler, Retired, None, Powell River
  183. Jon Carrodus, retired educator, Force of Nature Alliance, North Vancouver
  184. Andrea Fieldman, Teacher, Montreal
  185. Rachel Portinga, PhD Candidate, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay
  186. Robyn Raichle, Vancouver
  187. carol williams, retired, private, Elora
  188. Ted Baldwin, retired, Ottawa
  189. Bonnie Waterstone, Retired PhD, Last employer: SFU Faculty of Education, Gibsons
  190. Trevor Houlden, retired, Rossland
  191. Anne Hamilton, Retired, Sioux Narrows
  192. Claudia Cornwall, Writer, West Vancouver
  193. Wayne Cole, retired, Nelson
  194. Michael Paul, ROCKWOOD
  195. Donna Gaudard, Retired, Victoria
  196. Joeann Argue, professor, Beaver Falls
  197. Elsa Pachoud, Student, Thunder Bay
  198. Janet Waines, Retired nurse, Burnaby
  199. Margaret Tchir, Retired educator, Nelson
  200. Susan Canning, retired gardener, none, Powell River
  201. Jane Armstrong, Gardener, Victoria
  202. Diane Norman, Retired, Montreal
  203. Sabina Dennis, Manager, 2 Rivers Remix Society, Fort Fraser
  204. Marguerite Meyers, Retired, Kingston
  205. Tamiko Suzuki, Retired, Unitarian Church of Vancouver, Vancouver
  206. Marg coady, Victoria,BC
  207. Beverley Tracey, retired minister, The United Church of Canada, VICTORIA
  208. TJ Redvers, Etobicoke
  209. darrin mcgregor, port alberni
  210. Alexander Briggs, Retired, Skiff Lake
  211. Joanne Harris, Retired, Nelson
  212. Anne Hamilton, retired, Penticton
  213. Anne McKague, retired, climate defender, Ashcroft
  214. Bruce nicol, Retired, Victoria
  215. Vivian Kloosterman, retired, Whitby
  216. Jodie Bergeron, Accounting, Parksville
  217. Alex Thomson, educator, student, Severn
  218. Ruth Perkins, Retired, Peterborough
  219. Danny Woodward, retired, none, Ladysmith BC
  220. Arian Setareh Kokab, Student, Thunder Bay
  221. Jill Pringle, Delta
  222. Kathy Karlstrom, Farmer, Little Fort
  223. Kathryn Bragg, Halifax
  224. Nadya oli, Student / retail, NA, Thunder bay
  225. Sonya Makaroff, retired, Vancouver
  226. Kathleen Beaton, Clinical Counsellor, Kathleen Beaton Counselling, Delta
  227. Teresa Mozol, librarian, Niagara Falls
  228. Christine Dunbar, New Westminster
  229. Maria Carbonetti, teacher, Vancouver
  230. Lison TARDIVET
  231. Carin, Bioinformatiian, Edmonton
  232. Rosemarie Morris, Ancaster
  233. Georgina Firth, Retired, Canmore, Alberta
  234. Sharon Mistele, Retired, Self, London
  235. Brigitte Champaigne, Thunder Bay
  236. David Melanson, teacher, Salmon River
  237. christine malaka, stevedore, Prince Rupert
  238. Jason Creighton, Surrey
  239. Khaula Mazhar, n/a, Mississauga
  240. Manuel Costa, Ottawa
  241. Mary Potter, retired, Pelham
  242. anne Dickason, retired, Gatineau
  243. Deborah Gervais, Owner/operator, Cabinet Shop, Ottawa
  244. Faye Ho, Retired, Vancouver
  245. Karen Lara, Ottawa
  246. Oli Cosgrove, Retired, private citizen, Gloucester, ON
  247. Dan Schubart, retired teacher, Alberni Valley Transition Town Society, Port Alberni
  248. Helen Hansen, retired, many, Guelph
  249. Suzanne Bernardin, retiree, n/a, Mont Tremblant
  250. Linda Scherzinger, retired, KAIROS Halifax, Halifax, NS
  251. Aynsley Klassen, MHSc, Thunder Bay
  252. Petra Albrechtova, Jasper
  253. Jeanne Maki, CHARLOTTETOWN
  254. Colin Chapman
  255. catherine mcquaid, retired, CMassociates, toronto
  256. Lesley Clark, Lasqueti Island
  257. Ruth Thomas, Fernie
  258. Iain Scott, Production Designer, NEWMARKET
  259. Alan Crook, Retired, none, Lindsay
  260. Odette Morin, Prévost
  261. Ian MacIntosh, Retired, Energy Efficient Building, Little Britain
  262. Tracy Sanford, Metrologist, Orleans
  263. Dale Ashfield, retired, Lake Loon
  264. Gary Markotich, retired Engineer, Napanee
  265. Marie-Therese Maurice, Director and Founder, One Minute for Earth, Mont St-Hilaire
  266. Mathias Rittgerott
  267. Virginie Gysel, Landscape Designer, Toronto
  268. Jewel Walker, Retired, Gabriols
  269. Margo Dale, retired teacher, Sault Ste Marie
  270. Lindsay Galway, Professor, Lakehead university, Thunder bay
  271. P'nina Shames, retired, Nelson
  273. Vanessa Pasqualetto, Biologist, Konstanz
  274. Martin Hykin, Retired Cabinetmaker/teacher, Victoria
  275. Eric Merkel, Electrician, London
  276. Marianne Pedretti, Acupuncturist, Barefoot Acupuncture Peterborough, Peterborough, Ontario
  277. Travis Frampton, Registered Nurse, GRCHC, GGH, GCHC, Elora
  278. Laura Logan, Retired, Montreal
  279. George Malcolm, farmer, Kawartha Lakes
  280. Nancy Golinia, wildlife shelter manager, Prince Rupert Wildlife Rehab Shelter, Prince Rupert, B.C.
  281. Margaretta Sander, Retired international museum consultant, Earltown NS
  282. Kim Nanticoke, steelworker, Port Dover
  283. Arlene slocombe, Executive Director, Water Watchers, Eden Mills
  284. Dr. Naida D Hyde, retired psychologist, Victoria
  285. Christine Petronis, T'Sou-ke
  286. JillAbson, Retired, Montreal
  287. Robin Hendra, Retired, LaHave, NS
  288. Angelika McLaren, Retired, Chase
  289. Michael Geilen, SRO front desk worker, Atira Property Management, Vancouver
  290. Redman, Builder, Adi, Toronto
  291. Jim Quigley, retired lawyer, NELSON
  292. Scott Van Denham, service sector, Burnaby
  293. Jim Wilson, Tutor, Seattle, WA
  294. Monica Nelson, Health care, Victoria
  295. Terri Robins, Semi-Retired, n/a, Fernie
  296. Richard Sharpe, Retired, N/A, North York
  297. Mary Rankin, Teacher, Stratford
  298. Diane Hollingdale, Retired, none, Edmonton
  299. David Spragge, Musician, POWELL RIVER
  300. DAVID STEWART, Regulatory Affairs consultant, 0891771 BC LTD, SAVONA
  301. Aaron Berghoffer, Technician, None, Surrey
  302. Bonnie Caulfield, Retired counsellor, N. Vancouver
  303. Gary Saulnier, Psychologist, Private Practice in Clinical Psychology, Vancouver
  304. Philip Ratcliff, retired, none, V1J 4H6 Fort St. John
  305. Barbara Bradbury, homemaker, Vancouver
  306. N.Lubenow, Surrey
  307. Anne Pavlasek, Business owner, Gabriola
  308. Gala Munoz, Vancouver
  309. Carol Ratcliffe, Retired, Cortes
  310. riki vogt, retired, Quadra Is.
  311. Enid Muirhead, Nurse, retired, Vancouver, BC
  312. Nancy Clegg, retired, CCowichan Bay, BC
  313. Teresa Bigham, Gibsons
  314. Joan James, Homemaker, None, Courtenay
  315. Marie Stevens, Burnaby
  316. Rob Neumann, Retired, Merville
  317. Sandra May Finley, retired, edmonton
  318. Glenn Reid, North Saanich
  319. David Harry Talbot, Retired. Teacher, Comox
  320. Virginia Hutton, Retired Physical & Occupational Therapist, Seniors for Learning in Retirement, Kelowna, BC
  321. Donna Kennedy, Retired, Canmore
  322. Tony Jarvis, Shipwright, Gabriola
  323. Niki Boon, North Vancouver
  324. Deborah Webb, Bookkeeper, Penticton
  325. Charley Lyons, Artist, Iatse, Vancouver
  326. Jean McClure, Retired, Calgary
  327. Erik Wood, Retired, Abbotsford
  328. regina gaudet, biofield therapist, HTAC, Delta
  329. Paula Ford, retired, none, Vancouver
  330. Jeannette Lucas, RN retired, Halfmoon Bay BC
  331. Sandy Lang, Coach, Abbotsford
  332. LILI sOLEIL gARBUTT, RETIRED, NONE, sidney bc
  333. Courtney Sands, Technician, Fine Tuning Musical Instrument Repair, Nanaimo
  334. Gary Dobko, RN, Penticton
  335. Jamie Bowman, Legal researcher, Comox
  336. Terrence Pardey, Retired, North Vancouver
  337. George Verch, Retired, Victoria
  338. Eveline de Koning, retired, Nanaimo
  339. Geri Soloman, retired, BADEN
  340. Jim, mediator, Victoria
  341. Bsrry Bennett, Retired, Powell River
  342. Susan Port, Retired, Castlegar
  343. Ruth Ann Darnall, retired, Fort St. John,
  344. Frank Martens, Retired, Summerland
  345. Teri Young, retired business owner, Cowichan Bay
  346. Katharine Odgers, retired, Victoria B.C.
  348. Fred Richer, Retired forestry worker, Nelson
  349. Aednik Kleeband, Self employed, CLINTON
  350. Evelyn Wedley, General Manager, Surrey
  351. Patty Benjamin, Retired, Victoria
  352. Carol Stewart, Consultant, Nelson BC
  353. Connor Ferster, Design engineer, Vancouver
  354. d robinson, Grand Forks
  355. Ira Ames, retired, Vancouver
  356. Helen Griffiths, Vancouver
  357. Eileen Campbell, retired teacher, Victoria
  358. Lori Shoaf, Retired, West Kelowna
  359. PAm Hetrick, retired, Vancouver
  360. Victoria Lee, Mother of young children, Burnaby
  361. Lorna Pelly, Consultant, North Vancouver
  362. Shelley Ledingham, Teacher, Sea to Sky School Board, Whistler
  363. Susan Paynter, Retired teacher, Salt Spring island
  364. Lou Stone, Inchelium
  365. Hannelore C. Pinder, retired, Unitarian Church of Vancouver, Vancouver, B.C.
  366. Feliks Welfeld, retired, Ottawa
  367. Yvon Ricard, Retired, Retired, Powell River
  368. Tara Atkinson, North Vancouver
  369. Doug Green, Retired, Toronto
  370. ANN WILSON, retired, VICTORIA, B.C.
  371. paul berntsen, Mtn Guide, self employed, mission BC
  372. Cheryl Hanna, Retired, Dogwood, Victoria
  373. Brenda parks, Retired
  374. Andy Murray, Kayak Guide, Tofino
  375. Kathleen Tait, Retired, Shawnigan Lake
  376. Jane Perry, Library Technician, Vancouver Public Library
  377. Susan Lee, Ucluelet
  378. Jane Henderson QC, retired, victoria
  379. Yesman Post, educator, Victoria
  380. Katrina, Homemaker, Victoria
  381. J-Kris & Yvon Nielsen, Retirees, Comox
  382. Janice Rodgers, Retired, Penticton
  383. Elizabeth Dunn, retired, Vancouver
  384. Robert Southey, Engineer, Bois-des-Filion
  385. Sharon Wright, retired, Brentwood Bay
  386. shannon rancourt, Kelowna
  387. Carol Bassingthwaighte, Counsellor, Nanaimo
  388. Brenden MacDonald, editor, Vancouver
  389. Alex Hejazi, Physiotherapist, Montréal
  390. John W. Grant, Teacher, Rossland
  391. Trudy Beaton, Occupational therapist, Courtenay
  392. Devon Lee, PhD Candidate, Thunder Bay
  393. Henry Guinn, cleaner, vancouver
  394. Barbara Lowe, Pensioner, Sechelt
  395. Sidonie Wilson, Research, Trent Hills
  396. Robin Faye, Retired, Thunder Bay
  397. Steve Weeks, Business Owner, Canadian Citizen, North Vancouver
  398. Erica Milligan, Consultant, Kelowna
  399. Patrick Coll, physician retired, New Westminster
  400. Sam Viavant, Economics Instructor, Vancouver BC
  401. Al Maxwell, Retired, Mayne Island
  402. Lyonoor Lardein, retired, Gibsons
  403. John McCubbin, Calgary
  404. Marie, Retired, Denman Island
  405. Marjorie McKenzie, Retired, Marjorie McKenzie, Surrey
  406. Rod Olstad, Edmonton
  407. Wanda Prescott, Retired, Rocky View County
  408. Allan Ridley, Toronto
  409. Gareth Ainslie, Coach, Coldstream
  410. Virginia Neale, Victoria
  411. John Bosomworth, retired, Penticton
  412. Pam king, Sales, Ben Moss, Kelowna
  413. Shari Reid, Self-employed, Burnaby
  414. David, consultant, Toronto
  415. Kristy Jackson, Edmonton
  416. marion balacko, retired, thunder bay
  417. Jane Glover, retired, Nanoose Bay
  418. Nadine Gagnon, Office clerk, Nanaimo
  419. Janice Ebenstiner, Vancouver
  420. Sheila Smyth, self-employed, Guelph
  421. Irme Mende, Retired, N/a, Winlaw
  422. Bryan Spencer, Retired, Logan Lake
  423. Whitney Laughlin, Consultant, Self-employed, Victoria
  424. Katherine Jorgensen, Retired RN, Campbell River
  425. Douglas Carrick, retired, N/A, Hornby Island, BC
  426. Steve Hamilton, Nanaimo
  427. Ian chadwick, Retired, Enderby
  428. Catherine Pedretti, Social worker, Very concerned citizen, Gibsons, bc
  429. Adrienne Zinbi, Dartmouth
  430. Carl Rosenberg, Translator, Vancouver, BC
  431. Jeanette Paisley, Retired teacher, Langley, British Columbia
  432. Pierre Poulin, Retired, Pabos
  433. Clare Samuel, Toronto
  434. Bernice woollam, Retired, Duncan
  435. Deirdre Goodwin, Retired Teacher, Squamish
  436. Diane Silverthorne, Retired, Hillside Beach
  437. Hassan Merali, Communications Director, North Vancouver
  438. Michele Cook, Retired, Regina
  439. William Elliot, Calgary
  440. Nikolas Cuff, retired, Action in /time, New Westminster
  441. Arthur Forer, retired biologist, Toronto
  442. Liz Moore, Retired, Toronto
  443. Saul Arbess, Anthropologist, Canadian Peace Initiative, Victoria
  444. Evan Jones, Teacher, Chilliwack
  445. joella grymaloski smith, gardener, Mayne Island
  446. Melvin Zimmerman, Senior Schoar, York University, Toronto
  447. Fiona Gold, RN, Vancouver, BC
  448. Barbara Gluckman, Business Woman, White Rock
  449. Helen coon, Retired, Brunswick
  450. Terry Korman, Retired Teacher, Athabasca
  451. AJ Simmons, Performing Artist and Mental Health Worker, VANCOUVER
  452. Alison Roberts, Voc Rehab Consultant, Nanaimo
  453. Sally Felkai, Dir IT, Burnaby
  454. Fred Chambers, Retired Minister
  455. Mary Sherlock, retired, Vancouver
  456. Nora Balogh, bicycle tour guide, Escape Bicycle Tours, Ottawa
  457. Heather Kovacs, Retired, Victoria
  458. Aline newbery, Retired, NNew Hazelton, BC
  459. Pieter van der Breggen, motel owner/operator, BraeBurn Inn, Fort Qu'Appelle
  460. Fran Tanner, Retired, Vancouver
  461. Lennie McKim, Retired lifetime Equine Listener, Nelson
  462. Dr Garth Greskiw, Ret., Quesnel
  463. Vernon Pawloske, Retired, None, independent and alone, McBride
  464. Judy Dick, Retirement, Courtenay bc
  465. Diana Cole, Writer, West Kootenay People For Racial Justice, Nelson
  466. Leigh, Artist, Parksville
  467. David Ham, carpenter, Lasqueti Is. BC
  468. Haley Alcock, Montreal
  469. Hunter Lange, Sales Attendant, UBC, Kelowna
  470. Ella Mister-Douglas, Student, University of Victoria, Victoria
  471. Lois Danks, Retired, Freedom Socialist Party, Port Angeles
  472. Melissa Wilding, Registered Nurse, Pritchard
  473. Rod McConnell, retired, none, Edmonton
  474. Herb Walsh, Cabinet Naker, North Vancouver
  475. Fayza Bundalli, Social Worker, Vancouver
  476. Joanne Waite, Grand Forks
  477. Miriam Caplan, retired, Vancouver
  478. Gordon A. Sadler, Retired, Belcarra
  479. Alison Bailey, Assistant professor, UBC, Vancouver
  480. Peter Vincent Dent, Musician, N/A, Victoria
  481. Liz ciocea, Retired, Gabriola Is
  482. Charlene Simon, Retired, Victoria
  483. Annie Smith, Educator, Campbell River
  484. andrew schulz, white rock
  485. Andrea Turner, Retired (Farmer), COABC, Cawston
  486. Daniel Friesen, Surrey
  487. Kathryn-Jane Hazel, Retired university instructor, Nanaimo
  488. Rona Crawford, Zeballos
  489. Deborah ego, Educator, Chilliwack
  490. Melody Mason, Economist, Retired, Vancouver
  491. Sylvie Lefebvre, Scientist, Bois-des-Filion
  492. James J Matthews, Toronto
  493. Audrey Taylor, volunteer, First Unitarian Church of Victoria, Victoria
  494. KAREN YOUNG, Cobble Hill
  495. Stephen Hardy, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
  496. Lamar Grube, retired, Victoria, BC
  497. Erica Scott, Educator, Delta
  498. Mary Ann Riley, retired, Guelph
  499. Catherine Bowerman, Homemaker, Kenora
  500. Rayna Holtz, librarian, retired, no, Vashon
  501. Laurel Young, retired, Frankford
  502. Dawn Lecky, business owner, Southwood Holdings Ltd., Squamish
  503. Mary Carlisle, retired college instructor, Victoria
  504. Harold Schnee, retired farmer, Medicine Hat
  505. Ellen Scott, Celista
  506. A T David, retired teacher, Qualicum Beach
  507. Richard Mortimer, retired, Duncan BC
  508. Julia Lane, Writing Services Coordinator, Simon Fraser Univesrity, Burnaby
  509. Bill Darnell, retired teacher SFU alumnus, ...Victoria
  510. Michael Buckland, Vancouver
  511. Maggie Panter, retired teacher, Toronto
  512. Johanna Sandkuhl, Retired, Individual, Nelson
  513. Ron Brooks, Carpenter, Burnaby
  514. Robert Woosnam, Retired, Retired, Thornbury
  515. Jennifer Tett, retired teacher, Thunder Bay
  516. Katharine Harris, Toronto
  517. Ronald Gates, Masset
  518. Mee Young Aird, retired, Burnaby
  519. Nancy Macgregor, retired, many, Victoria
  520. Jim Thompson, Retired Minister, Retired, Orillia, Ontario
  521. Ernie Siemens, retired, Kelowna
  522. Steve Barringham, Vancouver
  523. Kate Bradshaw
  524. Paul Doyle, Retired, Oliver
  525. Sandra Purton, Retired, Penticton
  526. John Ambrose, Botanist, Pelee Island Centre for Butterflies and Nature, Pelee Island
  527. Anne White, Retired, Sechelt
  528. Jean Robertson, Retired, North Vancouver
  529. Flo Rublee, Retired, Roberts Creek
  530. Tim Collins, Letter Carrier, Canada Post, Vancouver
  531. Tanya Bruce, Gif worker, Toronto
  532. Cyndia Cole, retired health care administrator, Vancouver
  533. Carol McGauley, Retired, BC Ministry for Children and Families, Vancouver
  534. Judi Leger, Bookkeeper, Community Services, Delta
  535. Susan Millar, Retired, Squamish
  536. Ken Potter, retired minister, Canadian Baptist Ministries, Rossland BC V0G 1Y0
  537. Dian Brooks, Retired Social Worker and Fosteer, Princeton
  538. Hans van Kessel, retired educator, Gabrioila
  539. Panagiota Aggelakos, Manager, North York
  540. roxee, Retired, New Westminster
  541. kristina knowles, retired educator, -----, white rock, b.c.
  542. Kari Nelson, biologist and retired public servant, Nanoose Bay
  543. Antoinette Chambers, caregiver, Casselman
  544. Damian Kuehn, Vancouver
  545. Michael Owen-Evans, retired, n/a, Squamish
  546. Paul Betts, Associate Professor, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg
  547. Kelly Eydt, Retired, Almonte
  548. Nolan Gingrich, Retired Clergy, ELCIC, Nelson
  549. Bronwyn Specht, Retired, Port Moody
  550. Anne Lloyd, retired, Victoria
  551. Andy Bianco, Retired, Not applicable, Etobicoke
  552. tatiana bourlova, instructor, ubc, vancouver
  553. Glenn, Retired, Human, Vancouver
  554. V. Lessoway, Health care, Vancouver
  555. Owen Hughes, retired, Val Morin
  556. Paul Glover, Environmental Technician, self-employed, Smithers
  557. T. Carroll, Retired Lawyer, MySeatoSky and 55 Plus Centre, Squamish
  558. Michael Elson, Human, BSPS, Port Moody
  559. Lucille Harper, retired, Antigonish Women's Resource Centre, Pomquet, Nova Scotia
  560. Andre Sigouin, Retired, N/A, Kanata
  561. Erin LaRocque, Financial sector, Vancouver
  562. Maxine Leichter, retired, Salt Spring Island
  563. Warren, Tofino
  564. Deb Ritchie, Sicamous
  565. Janet Hacker, Retired, Victoria
  566. Sofia Slater, Student, Port Moody
  567. Kate Pinsonneault, Health Care, Private practice, Courtenay British Columbia  V9N 9G2
  568. Aziza Miller, Toronto
  569. Jon Woodland, Musician/Audio Engineer, Duncan
  570. Charlyn Black, Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  571. K. Fair, Burlington
  572. Ruth MacLean, Minister, Presbyterian Church, Kincardine
  573. barbara lee fraser, retired, sechelt
  574. Jenny McClean, service industry, Salt Spring Island
  575. Alton J Hayek, Retired, St Williams, ON
  576. carole masure, Teacher, abcfrench.ca, Victoria
  577. Andrew Thompson, Toronto
  578. Gail Kettles, retired, Port Alberni
  579. Toby Dent, retired teacher, none, vancouver
  580. Betty Jacobs, Parksville
  581. K Wilson, FedEx Canada, Burlington
  582. Rowan Ferrie, Student, Powell River
  583. Maureen Harris, writer/librarian retired, Toronto
  584. Sheila Dunnachie, Retired public servant, Mayne Island
  585. Paul Berger, Associate Professor, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay
  586. S.E.C. Walker, Retired prof., Nanoose Bay.
  587. Tanya Lebar, Teacher, Vancouver
  588. Daphne Hales, retired, West Vancouver
  589. Helen McInnes, Retired, Nanaimo
  590. Brian K Short, P. Eng. (ret.), Nanaimo
  591. David Miller, Retired, Courtenay
  592. Heikal Badrulhisham, Vision Zero Vancouver, Port Moody
  593. Tomek Bartczak, Engineer, Toronto
  594. Josefine Singh, Retired RN, self, Edmonton
  595. Terry Danyleyko, retired, Toronto
  596. Anneliese Schultz, Lecturer Emerita, UBC, Ms., Richmond
  597. Sandy Lowe, Burnaby
  598. April de Voy, retired, Chemainus
  599. Jane paddon, N. Vancouver
  600. Gloria Romaniuk, retired, Cooks Creek
  601. Mary Ferguson, Retired, Dundas, Ont
  602. Susan Petrusa, retired, Dogwood, New Westminster
  603. Carol Moore, retired, Creston
  604. Pam Antonovs, Port Coquitlam
  605. Richard Sharman, retired, Sooke
  606. M. O'Connor, retired, West Vancouver
  607. Carmina Gooch, Delta, B.C.
  608. Guillaume Manningham, Sherbrooke. Qc
  609. William Langlands, retired, Powell River
  610. Adrienne Brown, Landscape Architect, Mayne Island
  611. Marilyn MacDonald, retired clergy, United Church of Canada, Milford Station
  612. Nancy Marion Beach, farmer, Canadian citizen, SQUIRREL COVE
  613. Alfred Serfas, retired teacher, Nature Vancouver, Vancouver
  614. Steve Mullin, Welland
  615. Christopher Gosselin, Kitchener
  616. Heather Cameron, Visual artist, Gabriola Island
  617. M Hawkins, retired, Mission
  618. anonymous, none
  619. Megan Lofting, Photographer, Edmonton
  620. Chantal C., Biologist, Moncton
  621. Thomas Kemp, Counselling, Kelowna
  622. John Elliott, Retired, Sooke
  623. Jean Jenkins, retired teacher, Victoria
  624. Karen Walker, Waterloo
  625. Stephanie Hendy, rehab consultant, Vernon, BC
  626. Jo Hayward-Haines, Educator, Peterborough Pollinators, Ennismore
  627. John easton, Toronto
  628. John Young, Resesrcher, Private consultant, Vancouver
  629. Eileen Floody, retired, Tofino
  630. Sandra Harris, Gibson's, BC
  631. matheson kincaid, Film, Nelson
  632. Pat Wells, retired teacher, Nanaimo
  633. Brenna Slawich, Waterford
  634. Dylan P Gale, Deckhand, Denman Island
  635. Lynn Heiberg, Homemaker, Golden
  636. Douglas Laird, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  637. Bronwen Brice, retired, Nanaimo
  638. amanda vaughan, retired, black creek
  639. Jennifer Pors, Vancouver
  640. Vivian Meyer, Teacher, Toronto
  641. Mary Pomfret, Retired, Hamilton
  642. Bob Trudeau, Retired, Kamloops
  643. Sheila G Cano, retired, NORTH VANCOUVER
  644. Joe Bowser, Staff Machine Learning Engineer, Port Moody
  645. steve bramwell, CHILLIWACK
  646. Eric Madelein, Victoria
  647. Doug Goodman, Retired, Sointula
  648. Gai Cotter, W Vancouver
  649. Susan Abells, Retired, Victoria
  650. Vandy Savage, retired business person, West Vancouver
  651. Mary Ann Baxter, retired, Edmonton
  652. Angie Morris, medical social worker (retired), Victoria
  653. Pauline Ripat, Professor, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg
  654. Shirleen Smith, anthropologist, Riondel BC
  655. Vanessa U, student, SFU, Vancouver
  656. david coe, retired designer, Gabriola
  657. Lawren Richards, consultant, Salmon Arm
  658. Bud Kurz, Musician, Roberts Creek
  659. Mihela Mihelcic, Vancouver
  660. John Bechhoefer, Professor, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
  661. Russ Bonny, Enterprise Architect, Victoria
  662. Pat Moss, Smithers
  663. Chris Kunz, VICTORIA
  664. Barbara DeMott, retired prof, Qualicum Beach
  665. Jesse Leithwood, N/A, None, Aurora
  666. Diana Radford, Retired, Powell River
  667. Laurie Friskie, Retired, Nanaimo
  668. Sandra Rose, Retired, Vancouver
  669. Barry Trute, professor emeritus, Universities of Manitoba and Calgary, Nelson
  670. Berrian, retired, Victoria
  671. Tom McLean. PEng, Financial Engineer, Victoria
  672. Sandra Iseman, Sr Project Officer, CICan, Prescott
  673. Peter Miller, retired, crofton, B.C.
  674. Troy Munn, Health Care, Kelowna
  675. Christine Harris, Delta
  676. Earl Richards, retired, Victoria
  677. Robert S. Anderson, professor emeritus, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
  678. Evelyn Gigantes, retired, Stop SMRs, volunteer, Ottawa
  679. Laurie Steffler, Victoria
  680. Patrick Ward, Courier driver, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Penticton
  681. Barbara Roper, retired, Victoria
  682. Victoria Gershon
  683. Heidi Greco, Surrey
  684. Adrien Richardot, Victoria
  685. Charlotte Weiss, Retired teacher, University of Hong Kong, Victoria
  686. Randall Inman, Retired, Victoria
  687. Robert Froese, Victoria
  688. Dave Thomas, retired, Vancouver
  689. Nova Erickson, Retired, Canadian citizen, Vancouver
  690. Doreen Tenerelli, Retired, Vancouver
  691. Lana McQueen, retired, duncan
  692. Anna Hughes, Musician, Guelph
  693. Ray Borns, Product Manager, Nelson, BC
  694. Charlane Simpson, Victoria
  695. Arthur Soles, retired, Victoria
  696. Carolyn Chodeck, Mammalogist, Victoria
  697. Janet Wenger, retired, Sidney
  698. Jenny Buzek, n/a, Parksville
  699. Robin Beinhauer, Cook, Salt Spring Island
  700. Theresia Smith, travel consultant, Nanaimo
  701. Martin Scott, Educator, Kativik School Board, Aupaluk
  702. peg frank, Researcher, SFU, Victoria
  703. Terry Kristoff, retired, Chilliwack
  704. Sally Mackenzie, retired, Krestova
  705. Kelly murphy, Montreal
  706. Marilyn Atkey, retired, Delta
  707. Adrienne Brown, Retired, Chemainus
  708. Doug Anderson, Retired, Whitby
  709. Patricia Maddalena, St Catharine’s
  710. benoit desjardins, Inverness
  711. Charles Ku, Sooke
  712. Iris Dzioduck, Retired, Nanaimo
  713. Sarah Fulton, Gardener, Victoria
  714. John Elliott, Physician, Nanaimo
  715. Carolle Eady, market gardener, Eagle River
  716. Gary Cralle, photographer, Gary Cralle, Georgetown
  717. Bob Bossin, musician, Gabriola
  718. Joanna Pettit, Retired, Victoria BC
  719. Vickeri Cochrane, Retired social worker, Nanaimo
  720. Mike Popowicz, retired teacher, Edmonton
  721. Lorraine Porter, Balderson
  722. Murray Chantler, Retired, Qualicum Beach
  723. A. Valent, Retired Teacher, RTAM, Winnipeg
  724. Monika McKinney, Gardener, Vancouver
  725. Madeleine O’KEEFE, Retired teacher, Kaslo
  726. Derek James, retired, RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA. V6Y2S7
  727. Rosemary Pogue, Retired Biologist, Shawnigan Lake, BC
  728. d. collins, teacher, duncan
  729. David Anderson, Bookseller, Vancouver
  730. Diana Finley, retired, Nelson
  731. Peggy Lalor, Retired, Volunteer with Dogwood, Vancouver
  732. Diane Saibil, retired, Nelson, BC
  733. Lorna Stirling, retired, Geographer, Victoria
  734. Kimberly Pflieger, Retired, Kelowna
  735. Robert Bringurst, OC
  736. Eleanor White, retired, Shawnigan Lake
  737. Marlene Alexander, Music, London
  738. Robert Alexander, retired, London
  739. Richard Sullivan, professor emeritus, UBC, Vancouver
  740. Leon and Dianne Bradshaw, retired, Goderich
  741. roy schiesser, ecologist, independant, grand forks
  742. Mark Whitear, Farmer, Salt Spring Island
  743. Frank Henning, retired, Roberts Creek
  744. PIerce Sharelove, Retired, Victoria
  745. Ruth Taylor, Artist, The Wild Portal, Vancouver, BC
  746. Rayana Erland, Port Alberni
  747. Esther Chase, Retired teacher, West vancouver
  748. Karin Scarth, Kootenay Bay
  749. Dr. David Maxwell, Retired Physician, Middle LaHave, NS
  750. Valerie Sylvester, Toronto
  751. Hanny Simo, Mono
  752. Hermann Thoene, Duncan
  753. Maggie Campbell, Vancouver
  754. Judith gane, Retired Psychologist, Member SSIsland Transition, Salt spring island
  755. Frankie Allen, Retired, Saanichton
  756. Tim Kovacs, Victoria
  757. Debra Shogan, Retired, Gabriola
  758. Daniel Harms, Skid steer operator, Port Coquitlam
  759. PAUL FORTIN, Toronto
  760. Peter V Russell, Retired, Dogwood Initiative, Parksville
  761. Floyd Patterson, Millwright, Yes, Gibsons
  762. Marie-Lynn Hammond, songwriter, human race, Cobourg
  763. Gabriel McCutcheon Koenig, Vancouver
  764. Diana Tiessen, title, Brighton
  765. Marilyn Heraty, retired, Human race, Gabriola Island
  766. Gordon Gilgan, Retired, Whitehorse, yukon
  767. Betty Masson, retired, Gibsons
  768. Mary Wallace, Retired, Human race, Nanaimo
  769. Judy Daniels, Retired, Winnipeg
  770. Sabrina Lundquist, Victoria
  771. Alexander Lautensach, Professor, UNBC, Salt Spring Island
  772. Alice Kidd, retired, Lillooet
  773. Joan Bunn, Retired home support supervisor, Vancouver
  774. Sandra Jackson, retired, Nanaimo
  775. Sharon Priest-Nagata, farmer, Hazelton
  776. Peter Puxley, Journalist, Retired, Sherwood Park
  777. Elaine Brindley, Community Service, Toronto
  778. Dennis Rankin, teacher / union rep, Retired Executive Director Yukon Teachers' SAssoc, Surrey
  779. Ross Dabrusin, Olds
  780. Carmen Aguirre, Theatre artist and author, Vancouver
  781. Lisbeth Mousseau, retired, Ottawa
  782. Agnes, retired, Vancouver
  783. Ramona Behan, Bookkeeper/Server, Powell River
  784. Ken Soehn, retired, none, Edmonton
  785. Jennifer Coles, disabled, Surrey
  786. Francine Turgeon, retired, Deux-Montagnes
  787. Sue Guttenstein, healer, Erin
  788. Sarah, Receptionist and student, Victoria BC
  789. Elisabeth Weir, Yoga Teacher, Kootenay Bay
  790. Solenetessier, Self employed, Montreal
  791. treva, retired, Human Rights, Camrose
  792. Onni Milne, Retired, Vancouver
  793. Margrit Robinson, retired, Yarmouth
  794. Sue Ebisuzaki, Retired, N/a, Toronto
  795. Felix Reuben, Retired, Victoria
  796. Corrie Bus Kamphof, Retired, Cobble Hill
  797. Paul Gardner, Toronto
  798. Andrew Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence Images, Vancouver
  799. Sandra Smeds, Retired, North Vancouver
  800. jan durban, Production, Elora
  801. Kristin Wilhelm, Thunder Bay
  802. Elizabeth A Menard, Industrial Park Manager, Nanaimo
  803. Tamara Low, Business Owner, Vernon
  804. Justin Quann, Mount Pearl
  805. George Desmond, Writer, Private, Victoria
  806. Susan Ferguson, Retired, Gibsons
  807. Mahmud Motani, Richmond
  808. B. McCarthy, Videographer, Priavte, Victoria
  809. Martin R Musser, Kimberley
  810. anonymous, Retired, Montreal
  811. Linda Bordage, Retired, Ottawa
  812. Brian McCarthy, retired, Private, Victoria
  813. Cher Dodsworth, Soapmaker, Worth it Soap Company, Courtice
  814. Bill Guse, Self Employed, Calgary
  815. Brenda McCarthy, Health Worker, Private Citizen, Victoria
  816. Thomas Wiegand, Retired, SurrealRanch, Ottawa
  817. Jutta Moritz, Retired, Salt Spring Island
  818. Ray Bull, self employed, Victoria
  819. Pamela Ross, retired Human Resources, Hamilton, Ontario
  820. Stephen O'Neill, retired, Gabriola
  821. Kimball Finigan, care aide, Vancouver
  822. Margaret Kuhn, Retired teacher, District 43 Coquitlam, Port Moody
  823. Kathy Cruzelle, gardener, Victoria
  824. Marie Gagne, Retired, PSAC, Victoria
  825. Rachel Foster, Substance use counsellor, Victoria
  826. George A. Rose, retired, Vancouver
  827. Hollie Adams, Retired, Drumbo
  828. Bruce Batchelor, Publisher, Agio Publishing House, Gabriola
  829. Rachel Prior-Tsang, teacher/musician, VSB/Owl Music, Vancouver, BC
  830. Gordon Horner, Family Physician, Daajing Giids
  831. Mark Fettes, professor, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
  832. rosemary miguez, retired, Matlock
  833. Mary-Ann Keena, Retired, N. Vancouver
  834. Mike Lees, N/A, Windsor
  835. Larry Colcy, Employed, Pender Island
  836. Pamela Porter, writer, Sidney
  837. Wendy Porter, retired museum technician, Victoria
  838. Marilyn McClelland, Retired, Fanny Bay
  839. Allan Gray, Pender Island
  840. Annie Potter, , Education, North Hatley Qc
  841. Bob Small, concerned human being, Rorketon, MB
  842. deanne, gardener, victoria bc
  843. Sharleen Grace Thompson, St mary's Metchosin, victoria
  844. Margo Weston, Retired, N/A, Vancouver
  845. Samantha Beleutz, Retail worker, Toronto
  846. Natalie Walker, retired, Toronto
  847. Marie, N/A, Victoria
  848. Karen Wilson, Vancouver
  849. Lyle Carroll, winnipeg
  850. Richard Bell, Retired, Human Being, Lawrencetown
  851. Yoo-Mi Lee, Coordinator, ServiceSpace.org, Vancouver
  852. Caroline Maloney, retired, Drumheller
  853. Michael Brown, New Denver
  854. Ingrid Schechter, retired UBC, Duncan
  855. James Ford, retired, Galiano
  856. Mary Stockdale, UBC Adjunct Professor, UBC Okanagan campus, Vernon
  857. Alex Brown, software developer, Vancouver
  858. Karen Doidge, Dance teacher, None, Athabasca
  859. Kira Merchant, Student, Ubco, Kelowna
  860. Beverly Chysyk, Artist, Royston, BC
  861. Eleanor Coffey, Retired, Vancouver
  862. Tony Pearse, retired, Mayne Island
  863. Connor Campbell, Student, Niagara College, St. Catharines
  864. Charmaine Bradley, Retired, West Vancouver
  865. Vicki Sherwood, Astronomer, Orillia
  866. Pete ☺ Stothart, Retired, Westport
  867. Lily Derksen, Retired, Vancouver
  868. Kim Fehr, Retired, Chilliwack
  869. Alexander Kennedy, Tree-Planter, Forestry Industry, Vancouver
  870. Fabiola Melchior, student, UBCO, Kelowna
  871. Lynn Grant, retired, Prince George
  872. ANNE DELEUME, victoria
  873. W. Halliday, retired, 0, Scarborough
  874. Patrice Thorn, Teacher, WRDSB, Kitchener
  875. Bill Rankin, Photographer, private citizen, Ottawa
  876. David Kraus, teacher, ECFNC, Wheatley
  877. Mark rankin, Victoria
  878. Carrie Tannant, Professor, Digital Studio Technician, Private Consulting, Courtenay
  879. David Bloom, playwright/director/teacher, Vancouver
  880. Laurie Forbes, Nelson
  881. Faye Maddock, Retired, North Vancouver
  882. Bryan Stevenson, CEO of software company, Electric Edge Systems Group Inc., Victoria
  883. Ticiana Barral, Toronto
  884. Dennis Varga, retired, Kelowna
  885. Jess Hodgins, artist, North Vancouver
  886. John Thorp, John Thorp, Victoria
  887. Valerie Ashenhurst, Retired, Langleu Twp
  888. Judy McDougall, Post clerk, London
  889. Paul F Willis, Kimberley
  890. Eileen Wttewaall, retired, Salt Spring Island
  891. Robin Harrison, retired, COMOX
  892. Therese Ramond, Retired, West Vancouver
  893. Teddy Kellam, facilitator, Good Grief Network, Cowichan Bay
  894. Kathleen OHara, Writer, No Clearcuts Kingston, Kingston
  895. Paul Mackenzie, MD retired, Kingston
  896. Phyllis Beardsley, retired, Victoria
  897. Greg Walke, Paisley
  898. PETER STROTHER, retired, Vernon
  899. Andrew Rose, Machine learning engineer, Audialab, Vancouver
  900. Lyndee Wolf, Kanata
  901. mitchel flynn, engineer, Vancouver
  902. Bill Henderson, Retired, Gibsons, BC
  903. Dr. James Blackburn, Psychologist, Courtenay
  904. David and Dorothy Torontow, Retired, Victoria
  905. Isobel Grundy, Retired prof, Edmonton
  906. Stephanie Bunclark, professor, Kelowna
  907. Amy Mower, retired, Maple Falls
  908. Judy Norbury, retired, Courtenay
  909. Caroline, Education, Vancouver
  910. Roger Haskett, Vancouver
  911. Emily Kelsall, Lifegaurd, West Vancouver
  912. Mary Therese DesCamp, writer, New Denver
  913. May Partridge, Courtenay
  914. Don Downer, Anglican minister - retired, Anglican Church of Canada, Waubaushene, ON
  915. Barbara Wentworth, Retired, Kamloops, B.C.
  916. Sarah Seo, Student, Mississauga
  917. Graciela Orlando, MD retired, Sooke
  918. JL Angell, retired, Rescue
  919. Greg Holloway, none, none, saanich
  920. Chris Bullock, Retired Professor, Victoria
  921. Lyn Pollard, Retired, Canadian activist, COOMBS
  922. Elaine van Doorn, Retired, Georgetown
  923. jenn chic, self employed, maplerose, nelson
  924. Kay Stewart, writer, Victoria
  925. Karen Henderson, Sayward
  926. Grace Golightly, retired, Creatively United for the Planet, Duncan
  927. Alan Creighton-Kelly, Retired Educator, NEU, Vancouver
  928. Larry Hannant, Victoria
  929. Chris Carter, Courtenay
  930. Dominique Basi, Editor, Contractor, Vancouver
  931. Gwen Shrimpton, Retired, Chemainus
  932. Gordon Willard, Lumby
  933. BJM, n/a, n/a, Cowichan Valley
  934. Eileen and Hank Hackett, Retired, Kamloops
  935. Amanda Croydon, retired, self, Toronto
  936. Vivien Adams, retired, COURTENAY
  937. Robin Surcess, robinsurcess ltd., North Vancouver
  938. Lynne Smith, GM, Western Canoe Kayak, Abbotsford
  939. Shannon Rasmussen, Legal Assistant, City of Victoria, Victoria
  940. wayne senft, retired, london
  941. Maria Wojtowicz, designer, retired self employed "Chrzaszcz Inc.", Vancouver
  942. Jacques Morris, Retired, Sechelt
  943. Alesa Goga, Goddess, Vancouver
  944. Heather Fisher, Engineer, Winnipeg
  945. Janet Fairbanks, retired, World Community Development Eduction Society, ppu
  946. Ted Freylinger, Retired, Port Coquitlam
  947. Shane Lange, Cache Creek, BC
  948. Mary Lynn Lewis, Retired, Golden
  949. Don Gibbs, Retired, Abbotsford
  950. Dr. Carole Peterson, Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's
  951. Susan Hammond, retired, n/a, Winlaw
  952. Jules Smith, Educator, Capilano University, Roberts Creek
  953. Diane Umezuki, retired parole officer, Vancouver, BC
  954. Anne Mailer, Retired, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
  955. Julia Warrington, retired, Victoria
  956. Carole Peterson, Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Portugal Cove-St. Philip's
  957. Cat
  958. Sue Anderson, retired, Ladysmith BC
  959. Mirela Andronescu, scientist, Vancouver
  960. Dan Blake, Retired teacher, BCRTA, Vancouver
  961. Kim Alexander Kondrashoff, retired, n/a, Surrey BC Canada
  962. Emilie potvin, production clerk, chateauguay
  963. Maureen Foss, Author. Retired, Public, Lac La Hache, BC
  964. Sarah Lowis, Activist, Living Forest Institute, Gibsons
  965. Robert Young, retired, Vancouver
  966. sue wheeler, retired
  967. Glen Grunau, Retired, Nanaimo
  968. Frank Ansell, Retired, Pickering
  969. Helen Spiegelman, retired, Vancouver
  970. Ruth Leckie, Retired educator, Vancouver
  971. Dirk MacKenzie, Victoria
  972. Ellen Rainwalker, retired, Cumberland
  973. Sandy Bullivant, retired, Quadra Island
  974. Brent Eichler, Technician / union local president, Unifor Local 950, Vancouver
  975. Nadine Richard, Toronto
  976. John Calvert, Retired Academic, Simon Fraser University FHS, Vancouver
  977. Colleen Fuller, Researcher, author, na, Vancouver
  978. John M Moore, Salt Spring Island
  979. Adam Bailey, fundraiser, Dogwood, Tahsis
  980. Laura Benson, Director of HR, Dogwood, Burnaby
  981. Carmen Poetschke, Vancouver
  982. Leslie Dyson, philosophy student, Aldergrove
  983. Paige Gorsak, Organizer, Dogwood, Vancouver
  984. Kai Nagata, Communications Director, Dogwood, Hazelton
  985. Astrid Hobill, Graduate student worker, Kingston, ON
  986. Hannah Abt, psychotherapist, Berlin
  987. Cate Hilton, Retired
  988. Jelica Roland, retired, Buzet
  989. Christine Wiercinski, Retired, Saskatoon
  990. Stephen Hilton, Family Doctor, Eyemouth
  991. Laurie Wilson, Consultant, North Vancouver
  992. Gillian Harper, Consultant, Realize Strategies, Vancouver
  993. Ellie O'Sullivan, Coordinator, North Vancouver
  994. Jackie Fontes, Home Health Aide, East Providence, RI, USA
  995. Chris Vance, legal services worker, Vancouver
  996. Karen, Retired teacher, Toronto
  997. sally gillespie, writer, Psychology for a Safe Climate, Sydney
  998. Elaine Mansfield, writer, Burdett
  999. Batur Talu, Studenr, Istanbul
  1000. Gillian, Nurse Practitioner, Self employed, Toronto
  1001. Sheila Pratt, ret'd, Maple Ridge
  1002. Lyba Spring, retired, Toronto
  1003. Annie Cassells, Retired, Vancouver
  1004. Maureen Elwood, retired Mental Health Worker, Victoria
  1005. Carol Labar, Retired, Vancouver
  1006. VIOLINI EVELYN, Okotoks
  1007. Dave Abbey, not applicable, Saskatoon
  1008. Andrew McGlashan, Retail., None., MELBOURNE
  1009. Xan Dagenais, Human rights campaigner, ICLMG, Gatineau
  1010. alexandra quinby, vancouver
  1011. Melinda huntley, Medical office assistant, Vancouver
  1012. Patricia Hayward, climate activist, Toronto
  1013. patti hirschberg, CMHA, Vancouver
  1014. Rod Mariner, Ministry of Environment, North Vancouver
  1015. Jenna Maingot, Mississauga
  1016. Thomas Chan, Mechanical Engineering Technologist, Protect The Planet, Burnaby, BC
  1017. Chloe Arneson, ISSA councillor, Simon Fraser Student Society, Burnaby
  1018. Moira Hutchinson, Retired
  1019. Christine Lowther, Writer, Tofino
  1020. Kelsey McMullen, Film, N/A, Toronto
  1021. Lina Medaglia, retired prof, Toronto
  1022. Linda Dawn Pettigrew, retired, ms, Toronto
  1023. Margie Sumadh, retired, Peterborough
  1024. Farhang Yousefi Tehrani, IT Consultant, Montréal
  1025. Lynn Jondreville, retired, Peterborough
  1026. Carol Gallagher, Teacher, Toronto
  1027. Betsy Anderson, Church worker, Toronto
  1028. Anne Keary, Toronto
  1029. Ann Russell, Massage Therapist, Ann Russell Massage, Toronto
  1030. Sandra Shlomit Segal, Graphic Designer, Toronto
  1031. Kim Kerridge, Hamilton
  1032. Jennifer Chou, Marketer, Surrey
  1033. P, Canada
  1034. Maggie, Toronto
  1035. Karel Baloun, Engineer, Lafayette
  1036. Reg McQuaid, Retiree, Bathurst St. United Church, Toronto
  1037. Kate Chung, retired, Toronto
  1038. Randolph Haluza-DeLay, KAIROS, Toronto
  1039. Gordon Hamilton, retired teacher, International Socialists, Toronto
  1040. Michael Wilson, Toronto
  1041. Ranjith Kulatilake, Toronto
  1042. Peter Votsch, Retired, CUPE Retirees Network, Douro-Dummer
  1043. Diana M. Scott, Retired Teacher, Burlington
  1044. Alison Scott Butler, Retired Lawyer, Nova Scotia
  1045. Heidi Solanki, Retired, Surrey
  1046. Cassie Norton, Musician, Toronto
  1047. Soham Talukdar, New westminster
  1048. Mostafa Elhoushi, Software Engineer, Mississauga
  1049. Natalie Simms Burns, Entrepreneur, Toronto
  1050. Ivan Ferugson, XRGTA, Toronto
  1051. Nojan Medinei, Toronto
  1052. Mark Simmons, Toronto
  1053. Trevor Cluthé, Food Bank Worker, Climate Voice Toronto, Whitby
  1054. Murray Lumley, Retired, Toronto
  1055. eden, n/a, vancouver
  1056. Adrian Saint Cyr, Student, Delta
  1057. Aaliyah Proietti, lifeguard, burnaby
  1058. Sally, Toronto
  1059. Jude, assistant manager, castlegar
  1060. Lola, Vancouver
  1061. Adrian Radical Creasy, Student, UBC, Vancouver
  1062. Janet Haddock
  1063. Tim Bartoo, engineer, Harmonic Functions, Burnaby
  1064. Matilda
  1065. Dechen Ellen McSweeney, Social worker, Washington DC
  1066. Kyōshin Liu, monastic, Lowell
  1067. Anezka Marie Sokol, teacher, Vanløse
  1068. Javney Mohr, Ph.D Candidate, Presidential Scholar, University of California Berkeley, Vancouver
  1069. Matthew Barron, Writer, Vancouver
  1070. Donald L. Anderson, retired biologist, 0, Falmouth
  1071. justin a ruben, BROOKLYN
  1072. Ash Casselman, Human, Berkeley
  1073. Madison Vonk, Lawyer, Vancouver
  1074. Ashley Young, Tampa
  1075. Erin Richards, managing editor, Center on Reinventing Public Education, Milwaukee
  1076. Eugene Kung, lawyer, vancouver
  1077. Erika Rathje, Designer, Vancouver
  1078. D'Arcy Cunningham, Software Architect, Superior Software Designs, Victoria
  1079. Brigette DePape, Grants Manager, Winnipeg
  1080. Joanna Shniad, Teacher, Vancouver
  1081. Mark Cunningham, National Representative, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Halifax
  1082. Sagar Memon, Consultant, Vancouver
  1083. Christie McLeod, Lawyer, Vancouver
  1084. Corinne Benson, retired, Communist Party, Edmonton
  1085. Ann Atkinson, Retired, Toronto
  1086. Sue Luzia, retired, Mrs., Abbotsford
  1087. Ellen Wood, Voter, Stonewall, Mb
  1088. Spencer Izen, Student, Civil Liberties Advocate. Legal Researcher, Vancouver
  1089. Aamrah Khan, Programmer, Vancouver
  1090. Sam Stumborg, Project Manager, Vancouver
  1091. Leonie Haimson, Education advocate, New York
  1092. Rachel Thevenard, Kitchener
  1093. Savanna Skinner, Student, Vancouver
  1094. John Prescott, Retired, Veterinary scientist, Guelph
  1095. David Beringer, self employed, none, Nelson, BC
  1096. Natasha Broemling, Anesthesiologist, BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver
  1097. Jessica Lynn, Doula, Vancouver
  1098. Linda Maxwell, Retired psychometrician, Vancouver
  1099. ANDREW KNOX MAXWELL, Retired Firefighter/EMT, Vancouver
  1100. Shannon O’Leary Joy, President, EarthSense Foundation, Marble
  1101. Alyssa Marinos, Under Writer, Spring Financial, Burnaby
  1102. Guillaume Valette
  1103. Patricia Moss, Retired, Victoria
  1104. Jillynn Garcia, Ecotherapist, Portland
  1105. Anjuli Solanki, Urban planner, Toronto
  1106. Douglas Hewitt-White, Conscience Canada, Mississippi Mills
  1107. Leigh Bowie, Retired Psychologist, N/A, Vancouver
  1108. Paul Kompass, priest, retired Anglican Church of Canada, Ottawa
  1109. julie cousineau, nurse, gravenhurst
  1110. sara brown, vet tech, port moody
  1111. David Feurzeig, musician, Burlington VT
  1112. Dr Nancy H Furness, retired plant physiologist, Wondrous Tree Fellowship, Port Coquitlam
  1113. Adele Finney, Retired, North Vancouver
  1114. Klaus Frohlich, Carpenter, Adelaide
  1115. caroline, journalist, kelowna
  1116. Pauline Wingle-Land, Retired Teacher, Renfrew
  1117. Linda Edwards, Extinction Rebellion, Rochester
  1118. Boyd Reimer, Toronto
  1119. Mary Lou Whittaker, Community volunteer, Vancouver
  1120. Melanie Lindayen, Hamilton
  1121. Julian Simington
  1122. evelyn tischer, translator, peace activist, Regina Peace Council, regina
  1123. Christine Hutchison, Psychologist, Seattle
  1124. Jean Davidson, Retired, Private Citizen, Maple Ridge BC
  1125. Ashley Anastasio, Environmental Planner, Prince Edward County
  1126. Darlyne Plan, , Citizen of Planet Earth
  1127. Stacy Kelley, Rimrock, Arizona
  1128. Silke Bacher, Psychologist
  1129. Glen Shaw, Retired, Burnaby
  1130. Judith Bello, Editor, United National Antiwar Coalition, Rochester, NY
  1131. Jon Healey, retired, Salt Spring Island
  1132. Joe Lombardo, United National Antiwar Coalition, Delmar
  1133. Douglas Courtemanche, Surgeon, Doctors for Planetary Health - West Coast, Vancouver
  1134. Phil Wilayto, Editor, The Virginia Defender, Richmond, Virginia USA
  1135. Kai Irani, Physician, Vancouver
  1136. Wallace Robinson, Social Worker, Providence Health Care, Vancouver
  1137. Erin Despard, writer, Vancouver
  1138. saamia haq, unemployed, none, Karachi
  1139. Robert Stowe, Neurologist, Doctors for Planetary Health - West Coast, Vancouver
  1140. Barbara Westerman, community volunteer/retired, individual, responsible, Canadian Citizen, Burnaby
  1141. Roger Crowther, retired, none, Duncan
  1142. Charles Demers, Vancouver
  1143. Steven Carlson, Dilworth
  1144. Lenore S Clemens, retired, none, Vancouver, BC
  1145. Katherine Duggan, Retired, Bournemouth
  1146. Margarita Ives, retired, St. Catharines
  1147. Stephen Cahill, teacher, cdetb, Dublin
  1148. Andrew Larigakis, Architect, Vancouver
  1149. Evan Brice, sheet metal worker, Nanaimo
  1150. Ruth Campbell, painter, self-employed, Vancouver
  1151. Fouad Hafiz, Burnaby
  1152. Dru, Education, Private, Toronto
  1153. Tanya Kranc, teacher, Peterborough
  1154. Niovi Patsicakis, Teacher, Global Peace Alliance BC Society, Surrey
  1155. Adrienne Drobnies, Vancouver
  1156. richardboyer, West Vancouver
  1157. Stephen Chitty, Artisan, Surrey
  1158. Melanie Grant, Teacher, Vancouver
  1159. John Denison, Semi retired, Climate convergence, Surrey
  1160. Lis Jang, retired, Vancouver
  1161. Yusuf Saadi, teacher, Montreal
  1162. Kyla Wills, Social worker, Ottawa
  1163. Sikander Mughal, Courier, Logistics, Abbotsford
  1164. Susan Larkin, Employed, nonprofit, Vancouver
  1165. Wendy Boothroyd, retired physicain, citizen, Denman Isand
  1166. Anna Carastathis, Co-director, Feminist Autonomous Centre for research, Athens
  1167. Paul Rudge, Qualicum Beach
  1168. Patrick McArthur, Teacher, OCDSB, Ottawa
  1169. Brian Lowe, Victoria
  1170. Stuart Ross, Retired, Fire This Time, Guelph
  1171. Sung-Lim Kang, CUPE, Toronto
  1172. Nada Elmasry, Lab manager, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
  1173. Sheila Nelson, Retired, Kairos, Kamloops
  1174. Alex Adams, Toronto
  1175. Amy Walker, mobile arts facilitator, Makemobile, Vancouver
  1176. Fawn Warawa, Duncan
  1177. Alan James, retired scientist, Stoney Creek Environment Committee, New Westminster
  1178. Ryan Giesbrecht, Spiritual Health, Providence Health Care, Vancouver
  1179. Pat Howard, retired professor, SFU, Burnaby
  1180. Andrej Aleksic, IT, Port Coquitlam
  1181. Donna Schreyer, Retired, Private citizen, Lake Country
  1182. Carol Buchanan, Education Assistant, Vancouver
  1183. Allison mills, Victoria
  1184. Laura Jeffries, Vancouver
  1185. haley kuzek, MontrÉal
  1186. Linda Taffs, Retired, QUALICUM BEACH
  1187. Erin G, Designer, Concerned citizen, Nanaimo
  1188. Laurie Vandenhurk, New Lowell
  1189. Aryt Alasti, Harvard, Cambridge
  1190. Cara Fisher, Vancouver
  1191. Omri Haiven, Community Worker, Vancouver Urban Food Forest, Vancouver
  1192. jean m brown, piano teacher, 943 Dundonald Dr. Port Moody BC, Port Moody
  1193. Mary Gradnitzer, Rretired nurse, Esquimalt
  1194. Renee Nunan-Rappard, Retired nurse, Lanigan
  1195. Trace Bond, scientist, Vancouver
  1196. Sabrina, Planner, vancouver
  1197. Mairi Anderson, Teacher, Vancouver
  1198. RabiaKhan
  1199. Isabella Maudsley, Researcher, Vancouver
  1200. David Favrholdt, Retired, Vancouver
  1201. Anne McMillan, Social Worker, Vancouver
  1202. Patrick Schreck, Teacher, Vancouver
  1203. Jennie Milligan, Lawyer, Vancouver
  1204. Anne Roberts, frmr city councillor, Vancouver
  1205. penny crawford, retired, Save Old Growth, victoria
  1206. Salome Waters, support worker, Victoria
  1207. Paul Craik, Vancouver
  1208. David Ellison, Audiologist, Vancouver
  1209. Emmalee Biebl, Vancouver
  1210. Brenda Fidler, Retired, Victoria
  1211. SHARON BURNS, Vancouver
  1212. Lonnis McElroy, Retired educator, Victoria
  1213. Jane Devonshire, retired, Victoria
  1214. Jawwad Ashraf, Self employed, Aldergrove
  1215. Sonja Larsen, Vancouver
  1216. Teresa Sankey, Vancouver
  1217. Asheya Kassner, VANCOUVER
  1218. Cherilyn Spraakman, Newmarket
  1219. Joanne Manley, Retired, Sinister Seniors, Victoria
  1220. Rochelle Relyea, Victoria
  1221. Cédric Chen, New Westmisnter
  1222. David Quigg, Teacher, Nanaimo
  1223. James Fidler, Retired, Victoria B.C.
  1224. Lorraine Nygaard, Victoria
  1225. Kathryn Cass, Retired, Victoria
  1226. Jurgen Goering, piano technician, Nanaimo
  1227. Alvin Glover, Retired, Vancouver
  1228. Zeeshan Ali, Sales Manager, Auto, Surrey
  1229. Mary Girard, cleaner, Ottawa
  1230. Beverly Olds, Retired, Retired, Vancouver
  1231. Anne Relyea, singer, victoria
  1232. Gary Relyea, singer, Victoria
  1233. Aaron Malik, Teacher, SFU, Victoria
  1234. Angel Sukkau, Clinical Counsellor, Burnaby
  1235. Cory Greenlees, Activist, Victoria Peace Coalition, VICTORIA
  1236. Dana Dolezsar, Film Industry, VANCOUVER
  1237. M Arif qammar, Doctor, Heakth, Surrey
  1238. Ashna Misra, Process Engineer, Vancouver
  1239. Nora Osborne, retired, Vancouver
  1240. Mairy Beam, Vancouver
  1241. E. Kage, artist, Vancouver
  1242. Charles McFadden, retired, Fredericton
  1243. Omer Aijazi, Researcher, UBC, Vancouver
  1244. Adelina Muke, EA, RICHMOND
  1245. Susan DuMoulin, retired counsellor, Vancouver, BC
  1246. Toni Stanick, violinist, Vancouver
  1247. Sana Afridi, Social worker, Burnaby
  1248. John Comer, Orange
  1249. George Rammell, self, Vancouver
  1250. Asad Masood, Banking, Surrey
  1251. Barbara Pulling, editor, Vancouver
  1252. Brenda Vellino, professor, Title, Ottawa
  1253. Elizabeth Borek, Retired, n/a, Victoria
  1254. Prabha Khosla, feminist, Vancouver
  1255. Bruce R. Allen, Bruce R. Allen Paralegal, St. Catharines
  1256. Leena Hasan, Qualitative Analyst, Vancouver
  1257. David Moscoe, Mechanical engineer, Toronto
  1258. Debra Reynolds, Retired, Vancouver
  1259. Gurpreet Singh, Journalist, Radical Desi, Delta
  1260. Baryshnikova, Instructor, Crapilano university, North Vancouver
  1261. Heather Hiebert, Artist, Burnaby
  1262. Krisna Saravanamuttu, Toronto
  1263. Laura Marks, professor, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
  1264. Frank Kull, Writer, Vancouver
  1265. Ruby Banagudos, Student, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
  1266. heather hay, Teacher, Vancouver
  1267. Sarwat Naz, IT, PHSA, Surrey
  1268. Eddy Boudel Tan, Author, Vancouver
  1269. Ruth Caspell, retired teacher, RTA, Nanaimo, B.C.
  1270. Camilla Lade, Urban planner, Atira, Vancouver
  1271. Saima naveed
  1272. Kyle Farquharson, Writer & educator, Vancouver
  1273. Amanda Suutari, Milkweed Fine Art & Design, Hampton
  1274. Jana Rayne MacDonald, Artist, Vancouver
  1275. Debbie Dergousoff, Lecturer, Victoria, Victoria
  1276. Nan Gregory, retired, Vancouver
  1277. Jamal Hamadeh, Music and Arts, Vancouver
  1278. Bernice Kamano, outreach worker, PHS community Services, Victoria
  1279. Juanita Dee
  1280. Jennie Wright, teacher, Lansdowne, Ontario
  1281. Kim Savory, animator, Vancouver
  1282. John Sharkey, Teacher, Toronto
  1283. Roz Isaac, Retired, View Royal
  1284. Maha Chatha, RESP Advisor, CST, Delta
  1285. James Hodgson, retired, KAIROS, Summerland
  1286. Margot Thompson, Planner, Toronto
  1287. Glenn Schentag, Retired, Victoria
  1288. Janet Pritchard, Retired teacher, Burnaby, BC
  1289. Norbert D'Costa, Retired, Brampton
  1290. Susan Caldwell, Retired, +1 514 278 4032, Montreal
  1291. Kate McMahon, Burnaby
  1292. Tim Louis, Lawyer, Tim Louis & Co., Vancouver
  1293. Frances friese, Caregiver, Vancouver
  1294. Bill Marshall, Retired, Port Coquitlam
  1295. Mary G Richardson, Retired, Vancouver
  1296. Imtiaz Popat, Advocat, Coalition Against Bigotry-Pacific, Vancouver
  1297. Trinity
  1298. Elisabeth Tanner, Retired, Vancouver
  1299. Andrew Larcombe, Healthcare worker, Vancouver
  1300. Grady Mydlak, Burnaby
  1301. Raina Adnan, Ece, Simply kids, Langley
  1302. Mansoor Bajwa, Can, Edmonton
  1303. humna naeem, homemaker, surrey
  1304. Hadia Aslam, BI, Ausome Match Autism Services, Vancouver
  1305. Amna Awan, Project Manager, VCH, Burnaby
  1306. Stephanie Pincente, Student, Richmond Hill
  1307. Taymoor Arif, New Westminster
  1308. Feroz Shah, Investment Analyst, Burnaby
  1309. Danial Malik, Surrey
  1310. Alexine sanchez, Vancouver
  1311. Adeel shah, Business owner, Vancouver
  1312. Barbara Grant, retired librarian, Burnaby
  1313. Hessed Torres, Non-profit, Migrante BC, Vancouver
  1314. Aerelle Pakingan
  1315. Nancy MacLeod, Priest, Kemptville
  1316. Maxim Winther, Business Owner, Vancouver
  1317. Steve Fischer, Retired, None, Victoria
  1318. Syed Raza, Hamilton ON
  1319. Rehan Awan, Info Texh, Delta
  1320. Hana, Researcher, Jerusalem
  1321. Dulcy Wilson, retired, Salt Spring Island
  1322. Nayyar Sohail, Business, 01Concepts, Surrey
  1323. Aviva Gale-Buncel, Student, Toronto
  1324. Khurram Rai, Insurance, Surrey
  1325. Muhammad Dastgir, Sales, Na, Surrey
  1326. Haris, Senior Manager, Surrey
  1327. Robyn Letson, Toronto
  1328. Caitlin Herckenrath, Business Owner, Spring Magazine, Toronto
  1329. Fiona Murphy, Spring mag, Toronto
  1330. Sarah Nafisa Shahid, Toronto
  1331. Mina Rajabi Paak, Toronto
  1332. Rajean Hoilett, Organizer, Workers' Action Centre, Toronto
  1333. Adrian C.Y. Fu, tutor, Vancouver
  1334. Kai Koski, Baker, Spring Socialist Network, Vancouver
  1335. Jon Scop, Vancouver
  1336. Barbara Waldern, Just Peace Committee and ILPS-Canada, Burnaby, BC
  1337. Connie Lam, Student, Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto
  1338. Maurie Jackson, Parks Labourer, City of Burnaby, Burnaby BC
  1339. James Clark, Toronto
  1340. Neha Verma, Student, Markham
  1341. Samuel Tetelepta, Student, Toronto
  1342. Peter Hogarth, Toronto
  1343. Ayana Aden, Toronto
  1344. Myka Jaymalin, Community organizer, Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator, Toronto
  1345. Spencer Bridgman, Writer, Toronto
  1346. Valerie Lannon, Retired, Justice for Workers, Toronto
  1347. Pam Frache, Toronto
  1348. Adam Lee, Toronto
  1349. Erin Reinelt, Teacher, , Toronto
  1350. Fatima Barron, Montreal
  1351. Larry Pomerantz, Environmental, Earth Day Hamilton, Hamilton
  1352. Barbara Willetts, pensioner, MAWO, Surrey B C
  1353. Michael Larson, Electrical Engineer, Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver, Langley
  1354. Manfred Gerschack, Retired, Vancouver
  1355. Linda McDowell, Retired, Coldwater
  1356. Kevin Voon, Electrical Engineer, Vancouver
  1357. Mark Coulter, Sailor, Saltspring Island BC
  1358. Marissa Kulkarni, Analyst, Santa Clara
  1359. Susan Campbell, Retired uni teacher, Mission 'BC'
  1360. Ian Turnbull, Retired, Port Carling, ON
  1361. Pierann Moon, Teacher, Calgary
  1362. Christine lsobel Johnston, retired, I used to be an Adjunct professor at the Faculty of Social Work, Victoria Bc Canada
  1363. Kiara Grant, Law Student, Vancouver
  1364. Kathryn Bruinsma, Teacher, Edmonton Public Schools, Edmonton
  1365. Susan Higginbitham, Retired, Salt Spring Island
  1366. Linda Ziegler, Retired, Sudbury
  1367. Shirley Copeland, retired, KAIROS, Guelph, Brantford
  1368. John Lugsdin, Ret PEng, Na, Salt Spring island
  1369. William Geimer, Barrister (Ret.), Sooke
  1370. Denise Nadeau, Affiliate Professor, Religion and Cultures Department/Concordia U, Victoria
  1371. Jean-Michel Oblette, Teacher, Vancouver
  1372. Haruko Okano, artist, Vancouver
  1373. Christine Polle, Retired Nurse, N/A, Victoria
  1374. Joan Gage, Retired, Salt Spring Island, B.C.
  1375. Sharon MacGougan, retired, Garden City Conservation Society, Richmond
  1376. Arlene Dashwood, retired, Salt Spring Island B.C.
  1377. Anne Hoganson, United Church Minister, Enfield
  1378. Ann Hughes, Vancouver
  1379. Margaret Sagar, Ordained UCC Minister, KAIROS, Terence Bay
  1380. Ruipeng Yukiyama, Climate Policy Entrepreneur, Seattle
  1381. Darius Ludlow, employed with the film industry, Burnaby
  1382. Nancy Wigen, Retired Nurse, Christian, Salt Spring Island
  1383. Brennan Strandberg-Salmon, Burnaby
  1384. Jean FW Wilkinson, retired teacher, SALT SPRING ISLAND
  1385. Sam Nguyen, Community Organizer, Vancouver
  1386. Elizabeth White, retired, Salt Spring Island
  1387. Frances Hill, gardener, Salt Spring Island
  1388. eddie bains, Surrey
  1389. Sarah Newton, teacher, school district 19, Revelstoke
  1390. Robyn Stevan, Teacher, Toronto
  1391. Sally Soanes, Retired, Parksville
  1392. Manahil Leghari, Student, Surrey
  1393. myna lee johnstone, farmer, SSI
  1394. Kahlil Ingram, Vancouver
  1395. Benoit Cote, Contractor, Muskoka Interiors, Severn
  1396. Libby McMinn, Victoria
  1397. Anne Learn Sharpe, retired, Angus
  1398. Arlene McLaren, Retired Professor, Vancouver
  1399. Karen Fraser Gitlitz, Clergy, Saskatoon Unitarians, Saskatoon
  1400. Noelle lee, Vancouver
  1401. Jan Slakov, teacher, qathet region
  1402. Evan Gaensbauer, Vancouver
  1403. Eli Etzioni, Seattle
  1404. M Procaccini, communications/publicist, IATSE Local 669, Burnaby
  1405. Kathleen Higgins, Burnaby
  1406. Susan White, Retired university teacher, Winnipeg
  1407. Catherine Leckey, Retired, Hamilton
  1408. Jay Van Oostdam, retired, private citizen, Comox
  1409. Henry Tensen, retired, Waterloo
  1410. Erfan Rezaie, Post Secondary Instructor, Vancouver
  1411. Nellie Stadt, retired RN, Victoria, B.C.
  1412. John Gell, retired, Quakers, Toronto
  1413. Amanda Seth, Post Secondary Instructor, Vancouver
  1414. Devmurti Khalsa, nurseryman, Denman Island Climate Action group, Denman Island
  1415. Salesha Karim-Picco, Etobicoke
  1416. Marcella Pedersen, farmer, D & P, Cut Knife, Sask
  1417. John Liss, lawyer, Toronto
  1418. SHIRLEY TAYLOR, retired, SUDBURY
  1419. Doreen Conlin, retired/volunteer, St. Matthew's Cathedral, Brandon MB
  1420. Curtis Marwod, Minister of Religion, United Church of Canada, Tottenham
  1421. Dalton Jantzi, retired, Danforth Mennonite Church, Toronto
  1422. Joan lemmers, Retired, Save Howe sound, Lion bay
  1423. Rose Z Abramoff, climate scientist, Scientist Rebellion, Knoxville
  1424. Catherine Kennedy, Retired, Camrose
  1425. Jess Chinn, Counsellor, Vancouver
  1426. Annette Lengyel, Calgary
  1427. Cindy Bradley, Nanaimo
  1428. Elise Mennie, retired communications advisor, Gatineau, QC
  1429. Heidi Koschzeck, clergy, United Church of Canada, Victoria
  1430. Claire Doran, Retraitée, Kairos, Montréal
  1431. Heidi Matthews, Spiritual Director, Hillsburgh
  1432. Murray Reiss, editor, Salt Spring Island
  1433. Dr. Robert Bruinsma, Professor, KAIROS, Edmonton
  1434. Diane Van Oostdam, Retired, Comox
  1435. Michael Wall, Retired, Salt Spring Island
  1436. Dr. Susan Burgess, Physician, VCH, Vancouver
  1437. Anne B. Macklin, caregiver, Sundre
  1438. Evie Mandel, Accountant, Vancouver
  1439. Rob Hughes, lawyer, Out/Law Immigration, New Westminster
  1440. Carragh Erhardt, Toronto
  1441. Lisa Descary, Teacher, Richmond
  1442. Norma Emerson, retired teacher, Qualicum Beach
  1443. Raechel Drew, Graduate Student, Vancouver
  1444. Ella Taylor-Walsh, Retired clergy, Toronto
  1445. Rhondda Lymburner, social worker retired, Guelph
  1446. Shelley Meglaughlin, Administrator, ELCIC, North Vancouver
  1447. Don Smith, Des Jardins Housing Co-op, Ottawa
  1448. Melanie Bonin, Lustenau
  1449. Emily MacDonald, Retired, Victoria
  1450. johanna aucoin-slaunwhite, retired teacher, development and peace, halifax
  1451. James M Turner, retired academic, Université de Montréal, Gabriola, BC
  1452. Sarah Murray, New Westminster
  1453. Emily Posteraro, Toronto
  1454. Kerry Saner-Harvey, Program Coordinator, Winnipeg
  1455. Robert Faris, Minister and Moderator of the General Assembly, The Presbyterian Church in Canada, TORONTO
  1456. Mary Belyea, retired, United Church, Holland Landing
  1457. Janice Purcell, Nurse, Courtenay
  1458. Haley, Washington DC
  1459. Lois Brown, minister, United Church of Canada, Midland
  1460. Michael Fernando, THORNDALE
  1461. Cate Prichard, Toronto
  1462. Patti Kemp, Lawyer (non-practising), Thorndale
  1463. anonymous, landlord, Quakers, Ottawa
  1464. jeanne Laframboise, teacher (retired), Toronto
  1465. Pippa Mackie, Arts administration, Vancouver
  1466. Judith Carder, Victoria
  1467. Stephen Aberle, Actor, Vancouver
  1468. Peter Gorman, 35, Toronto
  1469. Rick Garland, Administrative Associate, KAIROS Canada, Toronto
  1470. Pamela Joyner, Retired, TDSB, Toronto
  1471. Virginia Mills, Toronto
  1472. Janis Warne, translator, Montréal
  1473. Jennifer L. Smart, preposee, Residence Soleil, Montreal
  1474. Avril Torrence, retired, Penticton
  1475. Rosemary Fry, Toronto
  1476. Lorne Jackson, retired, 0001, MOOSE JAW
  1477. Larry Neufeld, Regina
  1478. suzanne clark, Barrie
  1479. Nancy Harvey, Brantford
  1480. jeffery everden, funeral director, Penticton United Church, penticton
  1481. Violet Rosengarten, artist/art educator, Dartmouth
  1482. Rev. Vivian S. Roberts, Neudorf
  1483. Xavier Fisher, Montreal
  1484. Rebecca Nelson, Toronto
  1485. Carla Conrod, ED, Red Bear Healing Home Society, Forest Glade
  1486. Jan Andrews, Retired, Ottawa
  1487. Janet Cleveland, Researcher, Montreal
  1488. Zuzana Betkova, Registered Midwife, Midwives Collective of Toronto, Toronto
  1489. Sharon Vanclief, Retired, Ameliasburg
  1490. Gertrude lebans, Anglican priest, Dio of NS & PEI, Westwood hills
  1491. Marisa Orth-Pallavicini, Retired teacher, Van
  1492. Jan Sam, Student, Melbourne
  1493. Lucy Duncan, student, Barrie
  1494. Azza Rojbi, Mobilization Against War and Occupation - MAWO, Vancouver
  1495. Paul Blake, Retired Educator, ROCSOA, Burlington
  1496. Giselle Gerolami, Wixom, MI
  1497. Lois Greene, Retired teacher, PBVM, Mallow
  1498. Susan B Boyd, Retired professor of law, Advocate Harbour
  1499. Neelam Chadha, Vancouver
  1500. M. V. Ramana, Professor, UBC, Vancouver
  1501. Alison Bodine, Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver, Vancouver
  1502. Sejal, Researcher, South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy, Vancouver
  1503. Jim Wight, victoria
  1504. Janine Solanki, Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO), Vancouver
  1505. Javney Mohr, Ph.D. Candidate, UCBerkeley, Vancouver
  1506. Shami Nawshed Babu, Office Administrator, Vancouver
  1507. Max Tennant, Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver
  1508. Robert Ages, Retired, Delta, BC
  1509. Andrew Phillips, retired Handy Dart driver, Human Rights activist, New Westminster
  1510. Suki Lam, Writer, Vancouver
  1511. Ali Yerevani, Journalist, Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice, Vancouver
  1512. Tamara Hansen, Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice, Vancouver
  1513. Melanie Raoul, Vancouver
  1514. Margie Noonan, Kairos, D&P-Caritas Canada, Victoria
  1515. Rita MacDonald, Rosthern
  1516. Naomi Hart, Student, Ottawa
  1517. Karen Wolfgang, ED, Various, Portland, OR
  1518. yvon Raoul, retired teachere, none in particular, Denman Island
  1519. Janet Beck, Toronto
  1520. Janet Kuperus, Retired, KAIROS, Edmonton
  1521. Vera Funk, retired, none, Surrey
  1522. Chris Ramsaroop, Toronto
  1523. Marion Pollack, Vancouver
  1524. Leslie Windsor, Citizen, Victoria BC
  1525. Howard Scott, Montréal
  1526. Lilian Patey, Clergy, Windsor
  1527. Robert Gillies, Saskatoon
  1528. Sandra, organize, KAIROS, Nelson, BC
  1529. Robin Boodle, University Employee, Individual, Victoria
  1530. Kristina Zalite, Landscape Architect, Sole Propreitor, Vancouver
  1531. Evelyn Austin, Project Manager, Banking on a Better Future, London
  1532. Sneja Gunew, teacher retired, Vancouver
  1533. Terrence Rascher, RCA, Vancouver
  1534. Ron Hofmann, retired teacher, West Vancouver
  1535. Stanley Lee, Marketing Product Manager, Homedigy, Vancouver
  1536. Neville Lincoln, university professor, sfu (retired), Langley
  1537. Helen Reid, retired, Rev., Medicine Hat
  1538. Derek Hawksley, Retired, Religious Society Of Friends, Victoria
  1539. Sandra Berman, Vancouver
  1540. Constance More, retired teacher; lifelong citizen, Victoria
  1541. Peter Barry Kerr, retired, Kelowna
  1542. Earleen Roumagoux, Educator, Religious Society of Friends, Quakers, Victoria, BC
  1543. Lee Holland, Retired staff UCC, Etobicoke
  1544. Susan Warden, Retired, Scarborough
  1545. Aishwarya Puttur, Waterloo
  1546. Susan Draper, justice seeker, KAIROS Victoria, Victoria
  1547. Ryan Duffy, Victoria
  1548. Joanne Peterson, private music teacher, Stony Plain
  1549. David Lafleur, Teacher, Welland
  1550. Anjali Choksi, Teacher, Montreal
  1551. Carol Sweeney, Teacher, Ottawa
  1552. Ute Gerbrandt, retired, Ottawa
  1553. george sorger, retired university professor, n/a, Ottawa
  1554. Helen Sander, retired biologist, Kimberley
  1555. Chelliah Thambyrajah Premarajah, Retired Nurse, Richmond
  1556. K Braun, Winnipeg
  1557. Sheila Nabigon-Howlett, Teacher - retired, Peterborough Alliance for Climate Action, Peterborough
  1558. Rita Bijons, Retired teacher, climate activist, naturalist, climate human, Green 13, Toronto, Ontario
  1559. Stephanie Raoul, Teacher, Vancouver
  1560. Agnes black, RN, New Westminster
  1561. Bonnie Holland, retired, KAIROS Anglican Church, Nelson B.C.
  1562. Marianne Emig Carr, Clergy, First Presbyterian Church, Brockville, ON, Toledo
  1563. Dinah Simmons, Halifax
  1564. Sabrina Anderson, Farmer, Nanaimo
  1565. K.Hodgson, Retired university professor, Comox
  1566. Louisa Bruinsma, retired teacher, Edmonton
  1567. Mary Johnston, Ottawa
  1568. Vincent Hanlon, Retired MD, RcwpCanada, County of Lethbridge
  1569. Thom Norris, retired, Thom Norris, Toronto
  1570. Jo-Anne Harris, Technology, Kitchener
  1571. Ronald Wallace, Minister, Presbyterian Church in Canada, Lindsay
  1572. Bronwen Merle, Pender Island Truth and Reconciliation Circle, Pender Island
  1573. Yetty Joosse, Ingersoll CRC, Ingersoll
  1574. MBWoodley, Retired, Newmarket
  1575. Linn Kingston, Retired, Teacher, Sutton West
  1576. Tobey Champ, Server, Carnarvon
  1577. Frank Wagner, Priest, Saint Laurent
  1578. Rev. Dr. Teresa Hanlon, Priest, RCWP Canada, Lethbridge
  1579. Rev. Brynn Craffey, Priest, Anglican Church of Canada, Vancouver
  1580. Irene Watt, retired, Kingston
  1581. Marg Murray, ordained minister, United Church of Canada, Woodstock
  1582. Bob Luker, retired College Prof., Seniors for Climate Action Now, Toronto
  1583. Jenny Fitterer, RMT, Victoria
  1584. Stanley Bunston, Retired, United Church of Canada, Guelph, ON
  1585. Robert Sims, Ottawa
  1586. Jennifer Mary Palmer, retired teacher, jm7palmer, MALLORYTOWN
  1587. Isabel Lowe, Professor, Vancouver
  1588. Carol Bradley, Retired, Annapolis Valley Quaker Meeting., Currys Corner
  1589. anonymous
  1590. Michèle Ashby, retired, Social Justice Committee Coordinator, St James United Church, Antigonish
  1591. Ingrid Turk, stage manager, Vancouver Monthly Meeting, Vancouver
  1592. Kate Jordan, retired, minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, Abbotsford
  1593. Heather Chesney, Retired, Guelph
  1594. Carol Fox, Retired, Kingston
  1595. Janet Parker, retired, Middleton
  1596. Celeste Reinhart, Educator, SSND, Waterdown
  1597. Valerie Raoul, Retired professor, University if British Colimbia
  1598. Laurel Imeson, Select..., Waterloo
  1599. Beth Gilbert, Retired Teacher, Migrante BC, Vancouver
  1600. Bill Johnstone, writer-editor, Victoria
  1601. Tina Giusto, Educator, Sudbury
  1602. Lois Rumsey, Retired teacher, Victoria
  1603. Vida Jaugelis, Pastor, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, North Vancouver
  1604. Patricia Erhardt, Retired Social Worker, Citizen, Regina
  1605. Murray Etty, retired, United Church, Campbell River
  1606. Lois Kunkel, Registered Psychotherapist, Title, Toronto
  1607. Frances Heppell, retired, Gibsons
  1608. Walter Whiteley, Professor Emeritus, York University, Toronto
  1609. Linda Maw, retired minister, st James United Church, Etobicoke
  1610. Raymond Pierce, Religious Brother, Redemptorists, Toronto
  1611. Barbara Clarke, Retired, Etobicoke
  1612. Michael Pagé, retired, Montague
  1613. Dan Maitland, teacher, Guelph
  1614. Catherine and John Ambrose, retired, Eden United Church, Mississauga
  1615. Dr. Donald Payne, Psychiatrist, Toronto
  1616. Jay Scott, Retired, Climate justice campaigner, Toronto
  1617. Sandra Beardsall, Ordained Minister, Saskatoon
  1618. Gaby Ouellette, étudiant, UQAM, Montréal
  1619. Gini Dickie, retired, Toronto
  1620. Monica Petrie, Retired Educator, Pender Island BC
  1621. Catherine Pfeifer-Croken, Retired, Charlottetown
  1622. Eileen Kaarsemaker, Gabriola Island
  1623. Brydon Gombay, Retired community psychologist, Toronto
  1624. Guy Pocklington, Retired, BCGEU, Powell River
  1625. Elayne Lockhart, Retired, Toronto, ON
  1626. Helen MacDonald, GP
  1627. Henriette Thompson, Coordinator, Faith Climate Justice Waterloo Region, Waterloo
  1628. Nellie pozdzik, Retired, Saskatoon
  1629. Johanna Petite, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Toronto
  1630. Gerry Hiebert, retired, moose jaw
  1631. Sung Ran Kim, Minister, The United Church of Canada, Toronto
  1632. Christine Lauffer, Retired, Burk's Falls
  1633. Christine Gebel, Scarborough
  1634. Debbie Andersen, Retired, Claremont, ON
  1635. Penny Tennenhouse, retired, Victoria
  1636. Carol Germs, Retired, Sudbury
  1637. Rev. F. Mark Mealing Ph.D., Priest & Retired Professor, Anglican Church of Canada, Meadow Creek
  1638. Judy Sumner, retired teacher, Capreol
  1639. Martha Wiebe, Retired
  1640. Kerry Mewhort, Retired, Oliver
  1641. Constance Vaudrin, Montréal
  1642. Ashton Micheal Vanmarrum, Paper shredder, Nexus, Cranbrook BC
  1643. Katherine R Brown, Retired, Kairos, Halifax
  1644. Susan Stout, retired, North Vancouver
  1645. Mackenzie Harris, Project coordinator, Global Grassroots Support Network, Toronto
  1646. Richard Renshaw, RC priest, Holy Cross Fathers, Welland
  1647. Rev. Wendy Molnar, Minister (retired), United Church of Canada, Sturgeon County
  1648. Gay Richardson, retired, Ottawa
  1649. Anne Karges, retired, Peterborough ON
  1650. Margery Hadley, Researcher, Victoria, BC
  1651. Elinor Snell, Teacher, Waterloo
  1652. JA Ledwell, Retired and volunteering, St. John's NL A1B 1X6
  1653. Rhonda Gorham, Ministry Manager, Lutheran Urban Ministry Corp., Winnipeg
  1654. Carl Sorensen, Retired, N/A, Edmonton
  1655. Maura M McGrath, retired, Congregation of Notre Dame, Montreal
  1656. margo may taylor, retired, ancaster
  1657. Katherine Worotny, Retired, NA, Windsor
  1658. Glenn, Fletcher, Hamilton
  1659. Anne Hansen, artist, Victoria, BC
  1660. David Cosh, Retired, Kingsburg
  1661. Jocelyn S Rait, Retired, Merrickville
  1662. Norma Steven, retired, Nanaimo
  1663. Dave Wharton, Retired, Maple Ridge
  1664. bonnie carol case, actress, n/a, crestkn, b.c.
  1665. Gillian Neville Ball, retired priest, The Rev. Gillian Neville Ball, Mahone Bay
  1666. Leslie Payne, Community Connector, Nelson
  1667. Deirdre Gotto, retired editor, Elders for Ancient Trees, Victoria
  1668. Shannon Neufeldt, Educator, facilitator, KAIROS Canada, Toronto
  1669. Alexander Lamb, antique dealer, Vancouver
  1670. Johannes Chan, PhD Student, Student Christian Movement of Canada, Mississauga
  1671. Rev. Emma Seamone, Minister, Carberry United Church, Carberry
  1672. Alex Choinski
  1673. Jan Constantinesscu, retired, Salal and Cedar Watershed Discipleship Community, Vancouver
  1674. meinsje vlaming, artist, Lamancha's Dreamcaravan, Cortesisland
  1675. Pat Martin, retired teacher, CASM, Canyon
  1676. Rebecca Thacker, CMT, Mansons Landing
  1677. Bruno Vernier, Richmond
  1678. Marianna Padolsky, retired, Elders for ancient trees, Mill Bay
  1679. Laurel Dykstra, priest, Salal + Cedar, Burnaby
  1680. Turcotte Jean-Pierre, Delta
  1681. Pashta MaryMoon, death midwifery practitioner, journeying beyond, Victoria
  1682. Tia Leschke, retired, Winlaw
  1683. D Brummel, Retired, Rainforest Flying Squad, Nanaimo
  1684. Keiana Mayer, barista, vancouver
  1685. Silver Damsen, Charleston
  1686. Dr. Glen Davis, Retired clergy, Presbytery of New Westminster, Vancouver
  1687. Kirsten Rusko, Teacher, Vancouver
  1688. Barbara Kempthorne, Retired, Chemainus
  1689. Gail Whiteman, Professor, Arctic Basecamp Foundation, Toronto
  1690. Cheryl McNamara, Writer, activist, Toronto
  1691. Sharon Hazelwood, Retired, Victoria
  1692. Keith Wiley, Journalist, Nelson
  1693. Colin Stuart, professor (retired), Member - Vancounver Island Monthly Meeting (Quakers), Victoria
  1694. Silver Damsen, activist, Lincoln Ave Progressives, Charleston
  1695. Jaden Phillips, Student, UBC, Vancouver
  1696. Roma De Robertis, Writer educator, Saint John, NB
  1697. Dan Favarger, Parksville
  1698. James Sandham, Executive Assistant, Toronto
  1699. Marcela Gutiérrez, Student, Puebla, México
  1700. Luc Boisvert, Peterborough
  1701. Amber Egmore, Teacher, Sd35, Langley
  1702. Sarah Miller, Clergy/psychotherapist, Toronto
  1703. Justin Arseneault, Teacher, Port Moody
  1704. Catherine Strickland, Trainer, Necessary Trouble Collective, North Vancouver
  1705. Aubrey R., MOA, Vancouver
  1706. Gwen Deegan, Graphic designer, Toronto
  1707. Chloe Tse, Richmond Hill
  1708. Makena Macey, Vancouver
  1709. Ladan Kalani, Victoria
  1710. Beth, pastor, Vancouver
  1711. Elizabeth Brown, BC
  1712. Jackie Larkin, Victoria
  1713. Fran Cochran, Retired, Courtenay
  1714. Patricia Molloy, Company Name, Toronto
  1715. Punith reddy, Logistics supervisor, Walmart, Brampton
  1716. Prerna Subramanian, Researcher, Queen's University, Kingston
  1717. Zinatara Lalani, Toronto
  1718. Kim Koyama, Toronto
  1719. Adeilah Dahlke, Peterborough
  1720. Joe Chang, deli clerk, Toronto
  1721. Alex Thomson, Toronto, ON
  1722. Kendall Mar, Student, Toronto
  1723. Valerie & Gordon Sherriff, retired, Valerie, Courtenay
  1724. Brian Champ, Climate Voice, Toronto
  1725. Bill Johnston, Retired, Elders, Victoria
  1726. Kathy Duong, Department assistant, Langara College, Vancouver
  1727. Carol McAndrew, Retired, Salmon Arm Ecumenical Committee, Salmon Arm
  1728. Rosemary and Diane Baxter, retired, Courtenay
  1729. Susan Gage, retired, Esquimalt United Church, Victoria
  1730. Ellen Fulton, Teacher, North Vancouver
  1731. Emily Tym, Peterborough
  1732. Feyzi Baban, Professor, Trent University, Toronto
  1733. Joan Quast, Knox United Church, Terrace
  1734. Maureen Fitzmaurice, Victoria
  1735. Kathy Miller
  1736. Nelson Lee, Business Owner, MCBC, Vancouver
  1737. Linda Winski, Retired, Edmonton
  1738. Rohana Laing, retired Minister, United Church, United Church, Chemainus
  1739. Susan Cadogan, Barrie
  1740. Katherine Dunster, Instructor, Vancouver
  1741. Robert Hart, Social Worker, Knox United Church, Terrace
  1742. Sherri Hohert, Social Worker, Private, Victoria
  1743. Maureen Fowler, Process Facilitator, KAIROS, Richmond, BC
  1744. Parry Mudhar, Vancouver
  1745. Jan Johnston, Retired, Victoria
  1746. Ann Remnant, Retired, Victoria
  1747. Ellen Pye, retired senior senior, Vancouver Monthly Meeting Religious Soc.of Friends (Quakers), Calgary AB
  1748. Ryan Schebek, VANCOUVER
  1749. sheila, retired teacher, Green Party, Victoria
  1750. Gayle Raphanel, Lawyer/Mediator, Vancouver Monthly Meeting Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Vancouver
  1751. Tom Burke, Retired, Grassroots, Vancouver
  1752. Horacio de la Cueva, Research Scientist, Vancouver Monthly Meeting, isolated friend, Ensenada
  1753. Douglas Yardley, Scarborough
  1754. Helen Kay Armstrong, retired, Surrey
  1755. Glenn Reid, Parks, Retired, Saanich
  1756. Don Baker, professor, UBC, New Westminster
  1757. Jennifer Dyck, Retired, Soap for Hope. Reg. charity, Malahat
  1758. Rev. Tim Dutcher-Walls, Retired pastor, British Columbia Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Burnaby
  1759. Gerhild Neugebauer, RN retired, Development and Peace, Ft.St.John
  1760. paula johnson, educator, mamas movement, salt spring island
  1761. Christopher Leinonen, Vancouver
  1762. Catherine Silverglen, Hamilton
  1763. Daniel Franklin, Toronto
  1764. Bill Willson, Retired educator, Coquitlam
  1765. Lyndon Bauer, Carpenter, Bauer Construction, Kelowna
  1766. Cecilia Hudec, Retired, Sisters of Charity Halifax and Kairos, Richmond
  1767. Carol Marks-George, Retired, Winnipeg
  1768. Sumarme Goble, Chaplain, Presbyterian Church in Canada, Vancouver
  1769. Bill Willson, Retired educator, Coquitlam
  1770. Rev. Dr. Victoria Marie, Priest, Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Community Society, Vancouver
  1771. The Reverend Margaret Marquardt, Priest, Anglican Church of Canada, Vancouver
  1772. Alison Hackney, retired farmer, Senneville
  1773. G.Lana Maree, writer, grandmother, Vancouver
  1774. Lausanne Yamolky, Freelance interpreter, Self employed, Maple Ridge
  1775. Anne Thompson, retired, Powell River
  1776. heather F Clarke, retired, Vancouver
  1777. Heather F Clarke, retired, none, Vancouver
  1778. Rudiger Krause, retired teacher, KAIROS, Vancouver
  1779. Rev. Glenn Inglis, Clergy, Presbyterian CHurch in Canada, Sechelt, BC
  1780. Brian Smallshaw, historian, Saltspring Island
  1781. Janette McIntosh, Educator/Facilitator, KAIROS BC-Yukon, Vancouver
  1782. Penny Brown, Nurse, Sechelt
  1783. Philip Vernon, design consultant, Salt Spring Islanders for Justice and Reconciliation, Salt Spring Island
  1784. Maggie Ziegler, educator, Salt Spring Island
  1785. Liz mayer, Tree planter, Vancouver
  1786. Sheila Adams, Vancouver
  1787. Elisabeth Hart, Powell River
  1788. David Howell, , Victoria
  1789. Julia navarro, RN, New Westminster
  1790. Carol McGrath, retired, Victoria
  1791. Claire Diamant, Student, Victoria
  1792. Tasha Diamant, Artist and mother, humanity, Victoria, BC
  1793. Rainbow Eyes, Land Guardian, Dzunuḵ̓wa Society, North Sannich
  1794. Dr. Bob Abell, CEO, Rovell Enterprises Ltd, Ottawa
  1795. Erika Heyrman, Baker, Victoria
  1796. Landon Beggs, Maintenance Engineer, na, Victoria
  1797. Veronika Coleman, Business Consultant, Dayton
  1798. Saige Patti, Educator, Vancouver
  1799. Neville Jackson, Retired, KAMBAH
  1800. Andrea Palframan, Communications Director, RAVEN - Respecting Aboriginal Values and Envrionmental Needs, Salt Spring Island
  1801. Diana Mongeau, Retired, Errington
  1802. Claire M Kraatz, Calgary
  1803. Chuck Tatham, Writer producer, Arctic Basecamp, New York
  1804. Emily, Therapist, Qualicum Beach
  1805. Ashley Fleming, Teacher, Kamloops
  1806. Jasmine Nicholsfigueiredo, Professor, Douglas college, Burnaby
  1807. Marie Purcell, Retired counsellor, Comox Valley
  1808. Lynda Peach, Retired, N.A., Campbell River
  1809. Earle Peach, musician, Solidarity Notes Choir, Vancouver
  1810. Karen Crosby, Teacher, retired, New Westminster
  1811. Kathy Code, Environmental Activist, Fairy Creek, Cobble Hill
  1812. Adelle, Research, CALGARY
  1813. Abigail Austin, Teacher, Eco families, Madrid
  1814. Mark Stad, Chilliwack
  1815. molly murphy, Builder, salt spring island
  1816. Anna Farkas, Coach and teacher, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels
  1817. Kelly Tatham, Author and Filmmaker, Vancouver
  1818. Colleen Glynn, Retired, NDP, Richmond, BC
  1819. Lauren Strumos, PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa
  1820. Joy Cozens, Vancouver
  1821. Abby Rutherford, Comox Valley
  1822. Jennifer Groundwater, Writer, Comox
  1823. Andrew Williamson, Burnaby
  1824. Hadewwijch Verhenne, Werchter
  1825. Tommi Jane Scurfield Seida, Calgary
  1826. Martin Girard, Victoria
  1827. Leísa Sasso, Professor, SECEC/SEEDF/MUN, Brasília
  1828. Kim Murray, Horticulture, Salt Spring Island
  1829. Rani Earnhart, Retired, Victoria
  1830. Nicolas Yung, Community Organizer, SRO Collaborative, Vancouver
  1831. Warren Kimmitt, Teacher, Victoria
  1832. Mike Nestor, Mental Health Counsellor, Denman Islanders for Climate Action & Social Justice, Denman Island
  1833. Purdy Jones, Educator, Vancouver
  1834. Kelly Lim, Energy Specialist, Vancouver
  1835. Bari Precious, Teacher, Nanaimo
  1836. Shari Laliberte PhD, Child youth mental health nurse/faculty, Nursing, School of Health Sciences, Vancouver Community College
  1837. Diane Lake, Vancouver
  1838. Anne Lavergne, Vancouver
  1839. Katherine Couch, Nelson
  1840. Romilly Cavanaugh, Engineer, Vancouver
  1841. Annie Thuring, Retired, Elmira on
  1842. Sam Barlow, Support worker, SaltSpring Island
  1843. Savanna Callison, Herbalist, Allenville
  1844. Manuel piña, Professor, UBC, Vancouver
  1845. Sara Hall
  1846. Laura Zadorozny, Food management, Virchew, Vancouver
  1847. Jessica Gallinger, Student / small business owner, Nanaimo
  1848. Patricia Johnston, Ladysmith
  1849. Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta, Freelance translator /editor, Independent Jewish Voices, Burnaby
  1850. Renate Herberger, Therapist, North Saanich
  1851. Mike Gildersleeve, Retired, Mission
  1852. Christine Harms, Teacher, Langley
  1853. Esther Callo, Teacher, Victoria, BC
  1854. David Weintraub, Retired, Gibsons
  1855. Urs Dietschi, Retired, Salt Spring Island
  1856. Francesca Bravo, Student, Trent University, Peterborough
  1857. Stephen Benson, PhD, psychologist, private practice, Blue Hill
  1858. Christine Pawley, Sechelt
  1859. Kawthar
  1860. Martin McNabb, Teacher, Coombs
  1861. Derek Menard, BC Rep, Green Party of Canada, Nanaimo
  1862. Helena Kreowska, Landscape Architect, Nanaimo
  1863. Maayan Kreitzman, Post doctoral fellow, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver
  1864. John Gellard, Retired, Vancouver
  1865. Emily Lowan, Victoria
  1866. Kris Hermes, author/writer, Vancouver
  1867. Douglas Gook, Forest Worker, FORPA Forest Protection Allies, Quesnel
  1868. Doug King, Retired, Kaleden
  1869. Maureen Curran, Teacher, New Westminster
  1870. Karly Pinch, Educator, Vancouver
  1871. Dawn Mollerup, Vancouver
  1872. Stefan Hall, Surveyor, Victoria
  1873. Megan Ryan, Teacher, Vancouver
  1874. Sally Fendick, Social Work, Nanaimo
  1875. Ella Heyder, retired, Ottawa
  1876. shauna paull, poet, vancouver
  1877. Pia Massie, teacher, vancouver
  1878. Marcus Peterson, Vancouver
  1879. Ed Maguire, Teacher, Loring
  1880. Ed Wilson, Retired P. Eng., N/A, Vernon
  1881. Laurie Tobacco, Retired, Cumberland
  1882. Caroline Ouellet, military veteran, Pont-Rouge
  1883. Stas Beskin
  1884. Charity Munro, Teacher, Forest Defender - stop Ecocide member, Courtenay
  1885. Dianne (Fireweed) Radmore, voter paying attention, Denman Islanders for Climate Action & Social Justice, Denman Isand
  1886. Bill Appledorf, Retired, Victoria
  1887. melanie murray, gardener, Denman Island
  1888. Fran Halsall, Landscape Architect, Sheffield
  1889. david frederick boehm B.Sc.,Zool, retired env'l activist, greenpeace, BCEN, CEN,GALTT..., gabriola
  1890. Jane Bailey, Macclesfield
  1891. Erica Scott, Educator, Decolonial Solidarity, Delta
  1892. Denise Cormier, Retired, Vancouver
  1893. Bev KOLSON, Retired, Vancouver
  1894. Catherine Traer-Martinez, Regd Clinical Counsellor, Independent, Victoria
  1895. Jillian maguire, Teacher, VSB, Vancouver
  1896. Maureen Bodie, Gibsons
  1897. Bob Petrusa, New West Environmental Partners, New Westminster
  1898. Barbara Shaw, Musician, Vancouver
  1899. Regine Klein, retired, Victoria
  1900. Kim Benson, Teacher, Sea to sky school district, Squamish
  1901. Norman Abbey, retired, Nanoose Conversion Campaign, Nanaimo
  1902. Lorne Salter, Criminology research, Protect the Planet, stop TMX
  1903. Elaine Prodor, Retired, Black Creek, BC
  1904. Erdene, Vancouver
  1905. Laura Lamb, building maintenance, Vancouver
  1906. Hisao ichikawa, Retired, A citizen of world, Vancouver
  1907. Olivia Peters, Vancouver
  1908. Barbara shuman, Retired, Stand.earth, Vancouver
  1909. Ruth Walmsley, Office Manager, Burnaby
  1910. Maike Mueller, Germany, Haar
  1911. Dr. Stephanie von Dehn, physician, Galiano
  1912. Brenda Belokrinicev, Vancouver
  1913. Vicki Pauze, Retired, Lake Cowichan
  1914. anonymous
  1915. Dan Tetzlaff, Contractor, Chief Roofing, Squamish
  1916. Stacey O'Sullivan, User Engagement Assistant, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, Victoria
  1917. William P Curtin, retired, Courtenay
  1918. Jerry Prager, retired stone worker, Kingston Ont.
  1919. Jane Weeks, Retired, Gores Landing
  1920. Ann-Marie Hunter, Teacher, Kamloops
  1921. Diana Monks, Retired, Gabriola Island
  1922. Anne Champagne, Editor, New Denver
  1923. Ian Gartshore, Marriage & Family Therapist, Shore Counselling Services, Nanaimo
  1924. Kate Vinent, retired, Vancouver
  1926. Marlene Andrea Hale, Chef Maluh's Catering/ Educator, Westmount, Montreal
  1927. Paul Kelloway, Bookseller, Socialist Alternative Canberra, Canberra, Australia
  1928. Donna Clark, Teacher, Decolonial Solidarity, Vancouver
  1929. Sepehr Samimi, Film, Vancouver
  1930. Devon Ellingham, Sechelt
  1931. Georgina kirkman, Retired, Self, Victoria BC
  1932. Viral Bhakta, Entrepreneur, Vancouver
  1933. Teresa Lollie, Duncan B.C.
  1934. Bharat, London
  1935. Susan Bibbings, Non profit founder, Sequoia Solution, West Vancouver
  1936. Glynne Evans, retired, Saanich
  1937. Valerie Elliott, Communications, iD2 Communications, Victoria
  1938. Monique Labusch, Mother/Grandmother, Lund
  1939. Doug Johnston, Sales management, Wholesale, Nanaimo
  1940. Tawahum Bige, Artist, Vancouver
  1941. Stacy Gallagher, Mountain Protecters, Vancouver
  1942. Carole Tootill, Educator, carole@ezpost.ca, Nanaimo
  1943. Tara Shushtarian, Climate activist, WE-CAN, Burnaby
  1944. Leanne Brown, Retired, Victoria
  1945. Nancy Gail Klassen, retired, senior, Coquitlam
  1946. Michelle Williams, Nurse, Victoria
  1948. John Hill, retired, Vancouver
  1949. Julie Johnston, Educator, GreenHeart Education, Victoria
  1950. Michael Marcoux, Vancouver
  1951. Jinhi Ahn, Vancouver
  1952. Victor Brice, retired, Nanaimo
  1953. Adrian Hough, Actor, Nanaimo
  1954. Evelyn Hunter, Retired, 1
  1955. Ron Cooke, Saltspring Isl.
  1956. Nancy Issenman, retired, Victoria
  1957. Dianne Varga, writer and activist, Nanaimo
  1958. Gaileen Flaman, Consultant, Shawnigan Lake, BC
  1959. James MICHAEL Farris, retired, Edmonton
  1960. Vaalea Darkke, Victoria
  1961. Phil Little, Ladysmith
  1962. Jo Phillips, retired, SOOKE
  1963. Dean Boulding, Screener, Scarborough Health Network, Toronto
  1964. Vi Bui, Organizer, Council of Canadians, Ottawa
  1965. Stephen collis, Professor, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
  1966. Linda Safford, retired teacher, 250 336 8429, Cumberland
  1967. Alex Krvtzv, Psychologist, Toronto
  1968. Camille Kessler, Student, Peterborough
  1969. Serena Karevich, Student, Peterborough
  1970. elizabeth lee, retired, mawo, langley
  1971. Bill Bargeman, Teacher (retired), Vancouver
  1972. Chanel Bowen, Student, Trent University, Peterborough
  1973. Marlyn Horsdal, Saltspring Island
  1974. Kirsten Francescone, Professor, Peterborough
  1975. Susan P. Walp, retired botanist, Cranbrook
  1976. Julie Jesson, Early-Career Researcher, SFU, Vancouver
  1977. Tom Schwalb, Engineer (Ret), Montreal
  1978. ML Gamboa, Anakbayan Toronto, Toronto
  1979. Kathleen Maser, retired teacher, NatureSaltSpring, Salt Spring Island
  1980. Eva Sharell, Vancouver
  1981. Ann Mayo, Retired, Coquitlam
  1982. Mark Lister, Socialist Action, Vancouver
  1983. Christopher White, Research and Administration, Belconnen
  1984. Shaye ogurek, Student, Uvic, Victoria
  1985. Jessica Bailey, Organizer, Vancouver
  1986. Canan Sahin, Phd Student, Kingston
  1987. Jennifer Hogg, Arts Admin, New Westminster
  1988. Lynn Taylor, retired teacher, Dogwood, Victoria
  1989. June Ross, Retired, Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition, Nanaimo
  1990. Richard Demontigny, No Organization, Electricity
  1991. Shari Laliberte PhD, Faculty - Nursing/Health Promotion/Health Equity, Nursing, School of Health Sciences, Vancouver Community College, Vancouver
  1992. Carolyn Egan, President, United Steelworkers Local 8300, Toronto
  1993. Gloria Filax, Retired, Gabriola Island
  1994. Hank and Eileen Hackett, Retired, retirees, Kamloops
  1995. Margaret Coutts, Council of Canadians, Vancouver
  1996. Ann Grant, retired, Vancouver
  1997. Faline Bobier, Librarian, Toronto
  1998. Rosemary Cornell, Professor Emerita in Molecular Biology, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
  1999. Faro Sullivan, Victoria
  2000. Susanne Jackson, Retired Veterinarian, Burnaby
  2001. Kim deLagran, Carpenter, Utterson
  2002. Glenn Vockeroth, Teacher, VEAES and BCTF, Vancouver
  2003. Patrick Mark, Sechelt
  2004. Christine Thuring, Researcher, Protect the Planet, North Vancouver
  2005. Laura Sacks, Castlegar
  2006. Wayne Choquette, Researcher, Sirdar
  2007. Khati Hendry, Retired physician, Penticton
  2008. Jane Welton, climate justice volunteer, Victoria
  2009. peter vranjkovic, retired, none, new west
  2010. Katherine Lawes, Child care worker, Victoria
  2011. Martha Lescher, Duncan
  2012. Bradley Hughes, College instructor, New Westminster, BC
  2013. Pam Johnson, retired, OPSEU, Toronto
  2014. Michelle Robidoux, Editor, Toronto
  2015. Stephen Crozier, White Rock
  2016. Zanna Ekeroth, After school teacher, Naramat Elementary School, Naramata
  2017. Shayna Hornstein, Physical therapist
  2018. Sid Lacombe, Toronto
  2019. Sarah Greenwood, IT, Dundas
  2020. Justin Mosca, Admin officer, Human and nature youth club, Vancouver
  2021. Roslyn Hart, Retired, Burnaby
  2022. DAVID MALLETT, Retired, Sooke
  2023. dan, consultant, new york
  2024. Quinn Xenia Jeffery-Off, Photographer, N/A, Montréal
  2025. Momina Habib, Quality & Compliance Coordinator, Toronto
  2026. nima g, shelter worker, ottawa
  2027. Bill Winder, Vancouver
  2028. Melody Monro, Allied Health Care, Burnaby
  2029. Barbara Wood, Vancouver
  2030. Lia hamelin, Hamilton
  2031. Alexis Kellum-Creer, Administrator, Vancouver
  2032. Rhiannon Ward, Regina
  2033. Angad Kaur, Mental Health Professional, Yoga Without Borders, Toronto
  2034. Sage Pearson
  2035. venus underhill, freelancer, Hamilton
  2036. Paniz Khosroshahy, Lawyer, Halifax
  2037. Nik Barry-Shaw, campaigner, Council of Canadians, Montreal
  2038. Chad Roberts, Senior Credit Analyst, Scotiabank, Woodstock
  2039. Briar von der Kall, Hamilton
  2040. Mike Starr, Retired, Sechelt
  2041. Jamie Shilton, Lawyer, Toronto
  2042. Teri Burgess
  2043. Jessica Page, Citizen, N/A, North Vancouver
  2044. Marcus Achilles, Graduate student, McMaster University
  2045. Cynthia J. Alexander, Professor, Acadia University, Wolfville
  2046. hibah, community capacity coordinator, HTHC, hamilton
  2047. Lois Little, citizen, Yellowknife
  2048. ROBERT THOMPSON, citizen, Victoria
  2049. Tak Gray, Vancouver
  2050. Ameil Joseph, Associate Professor, McMaster University, Hamilton
  2051. Ashley Theysen, Teacher, Hamilton
  2052. Elke Dehner, CEO, Delight Factory, NYC
  2053. Mari Piggott, Network Coordinator, West Coast Climate Action Network, Vancouver
  2054. catherine oliver, Retired physician, None, Toronto On
  2055. John Paterson, Retired teacher, Maryknoll
  2056. sarah Goodfellow, Producer, London
  2057. Zelda Shum, Coquitlam
  2058. Ashley Zarbatany, Victoria
  2059. Paul Watson, Writer, Coquitlam
  2060. Sehreen Noor Ali, Entrepreneur, Self, NYC
  2061. Diana van Eyk, retired, Winlaw
  2062. Lanika Yule, Burnaby
  2063. Jamie Wertz, Manager, Generation180, Charlottesville
  2064. Jay Edington, Nurse, Hamilton
  2065. Beryl Pilkington, retired professor, Toronto
  2066. Anne Newton, artist, Victoria
  2067. Margaret Klein Salamon, Climate Emergency Fund, New York
  2068. Min Zhu, Toronto
  2069. Amanda Charland, Teacher, DUNDAS
  2070. David Cowling, Vancouver
  2071. Seth Klein, Writer, Vancouver
  2072. Xue, law student, Ottawa
  2073. Nicole Cardoza, Reclamation Ventures, Austin
  2074. Rita Wong, Associate Professor, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver
  2075. Srinivas Murthy, Physician, Vancouver
  2076. Avi Lewis, filmmaker, teacher, Halfmoon Bay, BC
  2077. Verena Rossa-Roccor, PhD student, UBC, Vancouver
  2078. Nancy Kessler, Clinical Counselor, Nancy Kessler Counseling PLLC, Seattle, WA
  2079. Anthony Wilson, clinical social worker, private practice, Toronto
  2080. Jennifer Silverstein, licensed clinical social worker, JENNIFER SILVERSTEIN, LCSW, Santa Rosa CA
  2081. Annie Jordan, Depth Psychologist, Surface Depth, PLLC, Burlington VT
  2082. Bill MacMurray, Psychologist, Ottawa
  2083. Angela M McIntyre, Researcher, Simon Fraser University, Hornby Island
  2084. Tatiana Pakhomova, PhD Student, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
  2085. Wendy Greenspun, Clinical Psychologist, New York
  2086. Lillian Markaki, Psychiatrist Psychotherapist, Lillian Markaki, ATHENS GREECE
  2087. Lisa T Perry, Counselor, Leicester
  2088. Lyana Patrick, Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
  2089. WJ Rodgers, web developer, Burnaby
  2090. Leona Neftaliem, Doctoral Student, Stanford University, Stanford
  2091. Zoe Osborne, Research coordinator, SFU, Vancouver
  2092. Colleen Rollins, OTTAWA
  2093. Rebecca Krenz-Roe, Psychotherapist, Rooted Growth, LLC, Minneapolis
  2094. Connie Habash, Psychotherapist, Menlo Park
  2095. Amanda Yonkman, Research Coordinator, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Vancouver
  2096. Eva Jahn, Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO, USA
  2097. Julie Hassen, Clinical Social Worker, Alsana, Monterey, CA
  2098. Alexi Hu, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  2099. Dr. Kate Tairyan, MD, MPH, Senior Lecturer of Public Health, Simon Fraser University, Health Sciences, Vancouver
  2100. Linda Thyer, Family Physician, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver
  2101. Rodney Hunt, Lecturer, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
  2102. Kalysha Closson, PostDoctoral Fellow, Simon Fraser Universiry, Burnaby
  2103. Carolyn McGrath, Educator, Hopewell
  2104. Mark Lechner, Faculty, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
  2105. Tim Takaro, physician-scientist, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University, New Westminster
  2106. Rebecca Todd, Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  2107. Kiffer Card, Professor, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
  2108. Reka Gal, University of Toronto, Toronto
  2109. Anaïs Voşki Bayer, Doctoral Student, Stanford University
  2110. Marianne Rowe, Psychotherapist and Teacher, Marianne Rowe, LMFT and Monterey Bay Meditation Studio, Pacific Grove, CA
  2111. Catherine Balletto, Social worker, Catherine Balletto PhD, Northampton
  2112. LaUra Schmidt, Community Builder, Good Grief Network, Lansing, MI
  2113. Kelsey Hudson, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Climate Psychology Alliance - North America, Rhode Island
  2114. Rebecca Weston, LCSW, Climate Psychology Alliance, Hastings on Hudson
  2115. Sami Aaron, Founder, The Resilient Activist, Kansas City
  2116. Ariana Moran, clinical psychologist, CPA, burlington VT
  2117. SADIE FORSYTHE, clinical social worker, self-employed, Amherst
  2118. Guy Dauncey, Author, West Coast Climate Action Network, Ladysmith
  2119. Abhay Singh Sachal, Break The Divide, Toronto
  2120. Sarah Newman, Climate Mental Health Network, Washington, DC
  2121. Thomas Middleditch, Actor, Climate Emergency Fund, Los Angeles
  2122. Rowena Koenig
  2123. Anya Kamenetz, Aspen Instiute, Brooklyn
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