9 August 2023


We are SISTER (Stroud in Internationalist Solidarity Together for Earth Repairs) - and we have reclaimed the Old County Library building in Stroud's Town Centre to create a powerful community site to challenge mis-education, host events, and connect. We are in a cost of living crisis and facing the climate crisis with this being the hottest summer since records began. Meanwhile the government is passing bills to make peaceful protest illegal. Our county coucil (the owners of this property) are failing to effectively address any of these issues, so we need to come together as a community and organise, like people have done many times before to solve their problems!

This building has been standing empty, we're bringing the energy to make something beautiful of it - sign on to show your support for the project!

Who is SISTER?

We are a group of local young people, teachers and parents who have decided that buildings like this shouldn’t stand empty while there is a cost of living crisis, our public servies have been obliterated and our education system is failing us. We have reclaimed this space in service of the community!

SISTER stands for Stroud in Internationalist Solidarity Together for Earth Repair and is part of a network of communities across the UK and wider world who are supporting each other to create positive change, liberate education and resist colonialism - communities who are demonstrating how education can be taken back into the hands of the people to address the issues we find ourselves facing. Please find out more about the Planet Repairs Action Learning Educational Revolution (PRALER) on the instagram @praler_news - and drop in and ask questions!

What is the space being used for?

The space is being used for running educational sessions (workshops, film screenings, crafts etc) and community events. There's skillshares, talks, socials and meals for anyone to come along to, with many generations involved! It's all about bringing people together, organising to change things for the better and learning from and working with other communities and projects who are doing this very successfully.

This has been demonstrated by communities such as the Otomi who occupied the National Institute for Indigenous Peoples in Mexico​ as it has been infringing their rights- and they turned it into a community organising centre. They used one part of the building as a craft space, making Lele Rebelde dolls- a symbol of resistance and their traditions, as well as a way to raise money. Last year we raised money to bring one of these dolls to Stroud! Please find out more about the work of the Otomi and other communities of resistance @praler_news, and come into the space to learn more.

We’re also supporting the School is a Crime Scene campaign - a local youth-led community campaign to challenge the (mis)education system - saying we can't keep letting our young people go through schools that are killing their imagination, teaching obedience over curiosity and still telling the majority of people they're stupid! We've got to reclaim our schools for education that helps us actually solve our problems, that lifts people up and empowers us all to build a better world - you can find out more about the campaign @schoolisacrimescene

Why occupy a building?

Lots of things have been won by people protesting – its how we have everything from weekends off to the trees in Stratford Park. Squatting (legally occupying a building) has been used by many people to fight for what is right - just look at what the Stroud Rooftop protests of the 70s did to preserve our heritage buildings! This energy is what we need when our community faces so many issues and the government is not solving problems for us, instead making it harder and harder to protest.

So, sign on to show your support and to tell the council that community spaces and projects should be encouraged! Much love.

164 verified
  1. Amanda Whittington, Multimedia Storyteller, Stroud
  2. Nigel Price, Criminal in retirement, AO support group, B28 0HB
  3. Beki Aldam, District Councillor, Stroud District Council, Stroud
  4. Rosemary Augsburger, retired, Stroud
  5. Emily Weaver, Parent, Stroud transition textiles group, Stroud
  6. Joe FitzGerald, Market gardener, Elbow Farm, Seaton
  7. Louise Lancaster, Teacher, Climate Ecology Marketing, Cambridge
  8. Tim Lancaster, Director, Cambridge
  9. Verity Lancaster, Midwife, Chesterfield
  10. Sharmila, STONEHOUSE
  11. anonymous
  12. Patricia McCurry, Stroud Transition Textile Group, Stroud
  13. Liz and Martin Whiteside, Stroud
  14. Helen Elliott-Boult, Stroud
  15. Freddie Janke, Stroud
  16. Lou Perry, Stroud Transition Textile Group, Stroud
  17. Rosemary Liles, Retired, Transition Stroud, Cheltenham
  18. lare Sheridan, retired, Transition Stroud Textile Group, Stonehouse
  19. Giulia Holland, Health Pro, Stroud
  20. Nehaal Bajwa, VP Liberation and Equality, NUS UK, Brighton
  21. Sharon Kilgannon, Photographer, Brighton
  22. Penny Campbell, Teacher, Self employed, Queens Road Rodborough Stroud Gloucestershire
  23. Jake Newby, Editor, Stroud
  24. Shanti Finch, Student, Stroud
  25. Sol Finch, Student, Stroud
  26. Mitchell jackson, Sales, Stroud
  27. Laura Wheatley, Osteopath, Stroud
  28. Robin Layfield, District Councillor, Community Independents, Stroud
  29. Isla McKinnon, Digital Sculptor, Stroud
  30. Fabienne Formosa, Ph.D candidate, associate lecturer, artist., Goldsmiths College, London
  31. Tom Price, Engineer, From Dursley
  32. Hereward Corbett, Bookseller, The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop, Stroud
  33. Nirad abrol, Teacher, Maslaha, Birmingham
  34. Katie adkins, Ceo, Fair shares, Stroud
  35. Zac Larkham, Freelance journalist, Sheffield
  36. Cinder Adebayo, Gardener, London
  37. laila swann, stroud
  38. Bear Wojciechowska, Energy specialist, Brighton
  39. Maryam grassly, Outdoor education, Oxford
  40. Scarlet Page, student, exeter uni, exter
  41. Val Saunders, Illustrator & support worker, Individual, Stroud
  42. Marina tricks, Student, London
  43. Angie Hill, Transition Stroud Textile Group, Stroud
  44. Ianto Doyle, Youth Mentor, Journeymanuk, Stroud
  45. Sharon Baker, Support Worker, Stroud
  46. Vincent Trull, Carpenter, Trinity Rooms Stroud, Stroud
  47. Arune Hopestone, Stroud
  48. Matthew Heyse-Moore, Teacher, Dances of Universal Peace UK, Stroud
  49. Sandy, Student, YinR, Edinburgh
  50. Emma Kernahan, Writer, Stroud
  51. Lydia Popham, Apprentice Grower, Stroud
  52. Rosie Cairns, student, Cardiff
  53. Roseanne Steffen, student, Stroud
  54. Cassiopeia Cairns, Dursley
  55. Myfanwy Brice, Stroud
  56. Ned Mundy, Scenic artist, Glasgow
  57. Primidi Morgan, Malvern
  58. Rhiannon Ashby, Student, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
  59. Emily Wilder, Fairford
  60. lana walsh, Stroud
  61. Freya Freeman-Taylor, Stroud
  62. Dan Green, Student, Youth Strike 4 Climate, Stroud
  63. Rebecca Fulford, Student, Cotswolds
  64. Aurelia Page-Horrocks, Student, Stroud
  65. Millie Lord, Chipping Norton
  66. Amy Larkman, Gloucester
  67. Greg Pilley, Stroud Brewery, Stroud
  68. Jo McAndrews, Education consultant, Jo McAndrews, Stroud
  69. jo jowett, Companion carer, Stroud
  70. Francesca Stich, Antenatal teacher, Stroud
  71. Asha Wolfe-Robinson, Manchester
  72. Emma Calcutt, Activist, Stroud
  73. Toby Gale, Stroud
  74. Sam Trice, Cabinet Maker, Stroud
  75. Adrian Oldman, Community activist
  76. Chloe Turner, Stroud
  77. Jason Page, Stroud
  78. Hannah Robinson, Barista, Dursley
  79. Murphy Benner, Nottingham
  80. Mar Florence, Charity Worker, Stroud
  81. Jane Augsburger, Carer, Stroud
  82. Miranda Pole, Yoga teacher, Stroud
  83. Georgia Grace, Film programmer, The courtyard, Hereford
  84. Olive FitzGerald, Exeter
  85. Emily Finch, Stroud
  86. Orla van’t Hoff, Stroud
  87. Paloma Sparrow, Healthcare, Stroud
  88. Parus Shah, Worker, London
  89. Michelle Chatham, Company secretary, Stroud Against Racism, Stroud
  90. David Lambert, Historian, Stroud
  91. Justin Morgan, Software developer, Stroud
  92. Emma Winkley, Facilitator, Stroud
  93. Laurie Wright, youth activist, Oxford
  94. Kerri Tyler, Stroud
  95. Olivia Raeburn, Yoga instructor, Yogi Oli doula, Stroud
  96. Kasya Robert, Artist, Nottingham
  97. Ben Absalom, Teaching Assistant, Stroud
  98. Alex Fister, Teacher, School/ self employed, Gloucestershire
  99. eli, support worker, stroud
  100. Joa Robins, Executive Coach, Stroud
  101. Janie bates, Jewellery maker, Stroud
  102. Tim Kendall, Tutor, Gloucestershire Adult & Community Education, Stroud
  103. Joseph Barnard, Teacher, Stroud
  104. Nick Weir, Facilitator, Open Food Network, Stroud
  105. Susan McQuail, Stroud
  106. Pagu chidambaram, Engineer, Microchip Technology, Stonehouse
  107. David Hudson, Lecturer, Regents University, London
  108. Ray Paul, musician, wildlife gardener !, Stroud
  109. Alexandra Raeburn, Discrimination law, Stroud
  110. James Beecher, Youth Worker, Stroud
  111. Sam Gowing, Stroud Gloucestershire
  112. Elaine Weaving, Retired, Stroud
  113. Tosca Cabello - Watson, Support worker, Stroud
  114. Kelly O, Educator/Artist/Academic, Dursley
  115. LynnDivali Batchelor, Sacred Earth (activism), Stroud
  116. Allia Fredericks, Youth worker, Maslaha, London
  117. Jayne Adkins, Teacher retired, Stroud/Bristol
  118. Trish Nowak, PhD Student, University of Exeter, Exeter
  119. Peter Clarke, Counselor, Gcs, Stroud
  120. Nick Naydler, Psychotherapist, Stroud
  121. davey macGregor, retired, Stroud
  122. David Lambert, Historian, Stroud
  123. Sally Brooks, Artist, Stroud
  124. James showers, Voice artist, Stroud
  125. James Saunders, Permaculture designer, PFF/Stroud commons, Stroud
  126. N.Hill, Stroud
  127. Rachel Charter, Stroud
  128. Katie Fesel, Teacher, Tewkesbury
  129. Zoe Bee, artist/healer, Stroud
  130. Hannah Boss, Stroud
  131. Karen Cooke, Stroud
  132. Julie Rogers, Human being/Elder, Stroud
  133. Anna Cady, Artists Moving Image, Me, Stroud
  134. Oliver Swanston, Membership and Policy Executive, Energy UK, Stroud
  135. Fiona Ellis, Coach, Sustaining Futures Ltd, Stroud
  136. Carol Mathews, Self-employed admin, Stroud
  137. Naomi, Human, N/a, Earth, travelling
  138. Alison Cockcroft, Artist/Educator, Stroud
  139. Graham kenneth brown, Web designer, Stroud
  140. Feygl
  141. Sysen dennis, Campaigner, Fight4Aylesbury, London
  142. Caitlin Strongarm, Community Organiser, Artist, Save The Warehouses, Harringay
  143. Roz Bird, Facilitator and conflict mediator, Totnes
  144. Gail Bradbrook, Co Founder, Extinction Rebellion, Stroud
  145. grace lally, nanny, hastings
  146. Andrea Gilbert, Advocate, London
  147. Christina Barnett
  148. Jess lewis, Logician and Tattoist, Stroud Goddess temple, Stroud
  149. Karen Green, Teacher/artist, Stroud
  150. Holly Antrum, Artist, Filmmaker and Doctoral Researcher, Kingston University and BFI, Stroud
  151. Laura Rowan, Community Worker, Stroud
  152. Caroline Molloy, Writer, Stroud
  153. Nils Agger, BRISTOL
  154. Jo Woolfall, Community organising and activism, Parents for Future, Stroud
  155. Edda Reichenbach, Youth activist, RYSE, Stroud
  156. Connor Newson, Journalist, London
  157. Joanna Robinson, Massage Therapist, Stroud
  158. Devon Olney, Artist, Oak Art Collective, Stroud
  159. Josie Cowgill, Community Hub Manager, Stroud Earth Community, Stroud
  160. Terri Hathaway, SEN Teacher, Stroud
  161. Natalie Rothwell-Warn, Doctoral student, University of the West of England, Stroud
  162. lucie brown, Organiser, Parents for Future Stroud, Stroud
  163. Kevin Ashby, Gardener, Stroud
  164. Robin, Youth Activist, The RYSE, Stroud
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