21 November 2022

The Parent Response to "Opinion: A call for rejecting the newest reading wars" in The Hechinger Report

To the 58 signers of the Hechinger Letter to the Editor:
Dr. Randy Bomer, Dr. Celia Oyler, Dr. Laura Asceni-Moreno, Katherine Bomer, Dr. Paul Thomas, Dr. Timothy Rasinski, Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Mike Matthews, Dr. Sam Bommarito, Lois Bridges, Elisa Brown, Christopher Paul Curtis, Georgia Heard, Carmen Agra Deedy, James Howe, Sarah Weeks, Naomi Shihab Nye, Dr. Harvey “Smokey” Daniels, Dr. Cecilia Espinosa, Michael Fisher, Phil Daro, Prof. Lynne Einbender, Dr. Lucy Calkins, Leslie Zackman, Carl Anderson, Dr. Rachael Gabriel, Ellin Keene, Ruth Swinney, Dr. Daniel Friedrich, Dr. Ofelia Garcia, Dr. Maria Paula Ghiso, Dr. Cecelia Traugh, Dr. Phyllis Harrington, Dr. Kara Hollins, Dr. Mary Howard, Bena Kallick, Penny Kittle, Laura Kotch, Jonathan Kozol, Dr. Heidi Mills, Dr. Cara Furman, Dr. Douglas Reeves, Donna antman, Maurice Sykes, Dr. Richard Allington, Dr. Amy Tondreau, Dr. Mary Enrenworth, Marc Tucker, Patricia Vitale-Reilly, Prof. Molly Welsh Kruger, Dr. Marjorie Siegel, Anita Silvey, Dr. Kylene Beers, Dr. Connie Briggs, Dr. Erika Dawes, Dr. Mary K. Lose

Your supporting universities and public-school districts:
The University of North Texas, Teachers College, Columbia University, CBSE, Brooklyn College, Furman University, Kent State University, New York City Public School System, Denton Independent School District, Lehman College, Bank Street College, University of Connecticut, City University of New York, Bank Street Graduate School of Education, Oceanside Union Free School District, University of South Carolina, University of Maine – Farmington, University of the District of Columbia, University of Tennessee, University of Maryland, Texas Women’s University, Lesley University, Oakland University

The publishers supporting your work:
Heinemann Publishing

And, to the medium for your published letter:
The Hechinger Report

To All of the Above Named:

Parents have sat by and watched for decades while our children have not been successfully taught how to read or write within the American education system, with curriculums that have been written and supported by the signers of the Letter to the Editor for The Hechinger Report.

For decades our cries for content rich curriculum that is founded on and dedicated to the empirical data on how the brain learns how to read and write as evidenced by the work of Dr. Guinevere Eden, Dr. Stanislas Dehaene, Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Dr. Bennett Shaywitz, Dr. Mark Seidenberg, Dr. Maryanne Wolf, Dr. Louisa Moats, Dr. Joseph Torgesen, Dr. Daniel Willingham, Dr. Jack Fletcher, Dr. G. Reid Lyon, and countless others, has fallen on deaf ears. (See reference list appended to this letter for the scientific data your letter was lacking.)

Finally, in a very small way, acknowledging the outcries now echoing out of the megaphone provided to our voices by the reporting of Emily Hanford, you crafted a letter to state that your own research has been ignored, yet you do not provide a single link to a single research paper, blind study, or other scientifically recognized medium to prove data and show real results; instead what you present is only your emotional blustering that your work and the work of your self-proclaimed martyrs like Marie Clay, is ignored at best, and defamed at worse.

Sadly, in your willful dismissal of the evidence before you over the proceeding decades, you choose yet again to dismiss our pleas as misinformed, misdirected, divisive, and irresponsible.

Collectively, we are forced to send our children to compulsory education where the products you prostitute are forced onto our children who are incapable of quantifying their struggle. Few among our populace can afford private schools that may have alternative curriculums seated in the Science of Reading, and fewer still can make the necessary sacrifices to homeschool children to salvage their education.

Instead, you willingly choose to focus on the age-old straw man argument that this is solely about phonics and simply dismiss the cries of parents as “Sold a Story” fans and say that we are being divisive, and then blame us for creating a pretend war between those who believe in phonics and those who do not. Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve missed the entire point. That or you are blatantly choosing to ignore the cries of parents quite literally begging you to do better.

This has never been just about phonics. Parents, who are the champions of the Science of Reading movement, have never once claimed this “pretend” war (paraphrasing your statement: “creating a false sense that there is a war going on between those who believe in phonics and those who do not.) to be just about phonics; neither have the neuroscientists who have dedicated their lives to understanding how the brain learns how to read and mapping that process as well. From day one of our collective dissension against your curriculums we have asked for nothing less than your willing alignment to what our cognitive science has empirically proven. These are beautifully illustrated by Hollis Scarborough’s Reading Rope (https://dyslexiaida.org/scarboroughs-reading-rope-a-groundbreaking-infographic/) and Joan Sedita’s Writing Rope (https://dyslexiaida.org/joan-seditas-writing-rope/).

You proclaim with your letter that teaching phonics is a settled issue, yet your curriculums only have a smattering of phonics instruction while you still promote 3-cueing. You claim that essential too is comprehension strategy instruction, knowledge building, vocabulary acquisition, language development, writing process, culturally responsive teaching, emotional well-being and attention to educational equity, but do you actually understand any of those concepts? Do you honestly think we are collectively NOT advocating for those very things as well? By dismissing our dissension as being purely for phonics you attempt to place yourselves on a pillar of righteousness claiming you are the only ones invested in that long list of items. If you digest the data from the cognitive scientists, as well as what the advocates for the Science of Reading, aka parents, you would understand what we are really asking for. You would clearly see that we want all of those things as well but done sequentially and with explicit instruction.

You are all skilled writers who know how to use buzz words to make your arguments sound sincere, but you do not truly understand the meaning behind those buzz words, nor what the voices of dissent are seeking. You instead are far more invested in salvaging your careers instead of changing course to help save the lives and futures of our children. You are willfully blind to the support you would have had for parents if you had just stated that you did not understand and changed your ways, but instead you double down and choose to berate the very people begging you to change how you think children learn to read and write.

Further, to protect yourself and your pocketbooks you throw every educator under the bus by claiming that Ms. Hanford’s reporting reveals that educators are naively inadequate. That was a nice way of saying that they’ve blindly followed your teachings and that they are the source of the angst proponents of the Science of Reading target, when you know with all certainty that is not factual. Parents have always supported educators, but your pedagogy encourages educators to dismiss parents as hapless and unknowing while defending the righteousness of your thoughts and ideas. You are using them as pawns in this important issue which you dismiss after Ms. Hanford’s Sold a Story as being oversimplified and polarized. You, in fact, are the ones being reckless, but your recklessness is not without consequence. Those consequences are living, breathing children who are forced to attend schools where your damaging curriculums are used by educators across the country to “teach” them how to read and write. The abject harm you have caused to countless generations of people is overwhelming, yet you ask for the “rest of the story.”

You have been the only ones with the megaphones of doctrine for decades. You’ve had more than ample opportunity to prove your research and sing your own praises. Your side of the story has been heard, and the evidence of your failure is overwhelming. The 2022 NAEP scores are out and reading in 4th and 8th grade is down by 3 points which is a significant decline. This is even more revealing knowing that the NAEP is an accommodated assessment, which means the children who took it had assistance to ensure success, and the scores still declined. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the evidence that your curriculum failure is not being oversimplified or polarized. You have collectively failed to educate our children.

NAEP 2022 results for reading in both 4th and 8th grade: https://www.nationsreportcard.gov/highlights/reading/2022/.

You have had your opportunity, and you have failed to rise to that challenge.

All of us who have signed our names here are the ones invested in doing the real work, and we truly care about coming together and moving forward in a productive way, but you have proven time and time again that you are not truly invested in change, or admitting that the curriculums you’ve written and / or supported are wrong. Your continued efforts to dismiss the cries of parents begging you for change is what is wasting our time. We are here to focus on what matters most – our children.

You also do not get to brush us aside because we are “just parents.” That blatant dismissal isn’t going to work anymore. We all possess Ph.D.’s in our children, and we see their struggle. Collectively we are raising our voices so that you can plainly see with your own eyes that parents are the ones demanding you change your curriculums for the sake of all children. We know and fully understand what is needed. We have not been “sold a story” on a mythological idea that is the Science of Reading, and we are not going to let you off the hook as you attempt to PR spin your way out of this. We are informed, we are watching, invested, and paying keen attention to what you do next. We are also openly advocating for change at our school boards, and in our state legislatures.

Prove to us that you are collectively dedicated to the hard work of change for the sake of all children’s ability to read and write or do us all a favor and retire so you will stop harming them.

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Update 22 November 2022

Update to The Parent Response to "Opinion: A call for rejecting the newest reading wars" in The Hechinger Report

To the addressees:

I was remiss in one aspect of my original letter. I stated American schools, but you sell your curriculums across the globe. This letter is on behalf of every child educated under your curriculum, regardless of country. This letter is on behalf of all parents. We are the ones in the trenches demanding change. Our voices will be heard.

1,349 verified
  1. Micah Drury, Owner/parent of 2e with dyslexia, San Antonio
  2. Melissa Lazaro, CEO, DIGA, Inc., SAN DIEGO
  3. Martin Steffen, MD, PhD, scientist, Brigham and Women's Hospital, parent of 2 dyslexic children, Boston
  4. Stephanie Dunlap Stephensen, Hairdresser, Stafford
  5. Kim Entzminger, Literacy Specialis, East Aiken School of the Srtd, Aiken
  6. Tara Ritchie, Hospital Administrator, New York
  7. Katharina OConnor, , Parent of two children who received direct reading services, Darien
  8. Stacey Tie, Advocate, Darien
  9. Laura Heneghan, Attorney, Brookfield
  10. Luna Sisan, Katy
  11. Evalina Day, Parent & Academic Language Therapist, Dyslexia Institute of MN, Rochester, MN
  12. Julie Childers, Researcher and Parent, Framingham
  13. Tiffany Tangel, Frontier Families for Literacy, Blasdell
  14. ELISA COUSINS, Parent & Teacher, N/A, Atlanta
  15. Marie Johnson, CPA/ parent, Edina
  16. Stephanie K. Hopkins, Teacher, Bartlett
  17. Jess Quattrocchi, Nurse, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston
  18. Mendoza Alissa, RD CDE, Parent of a child with dyslexia, Newtown
  19. Michael Beeston, Dyslexic, parent, grandparent, Spaulding trained tutor, Mooresville, NC
  20. Kathleen Whitbread, PhD, Professor, Special Education and parent of dyslexic child, East Haddam
  21. Ann Andrew, Reading teacher and parent of 3 children with dyslexia, Landmark school, Manchester, MA
  22. Kathryn Budin, Speech Language Pathologist, SUNY Buffalo State, Orchard Park
  23. Christine Craig Seppi, Reading Tutor, Pittsburgh
  24. Anne McCarthy, Literacy Tutor, Larchmont, NY
  25. Kimberly Moncur, Mother of 3, 1 with dyslexia, Pocatello
  26. Michelle H Kennedy, Parent, Parent of 3 Children with Dyslexia, San Francisco
  27. Ali Sharp, Parent/RN, Meridian
  28. Rosette Roth, Co Founder, Decoding Dyslexia PA, Harrisburg
  29. Aletha Wilks, Actuary, Minneapolis
  30. Melissa Thomas, Educator
  31. Irene Hales, Teacher, Walnut Elementary, Turlock
  32. John Rowlands, Father, Wilmington
  33. Amanda Lundberg, Ed.S., BCBA, Parent and School Psychologist, Roswell, GA
  34. Jennifer Brooks, Badass mom advocate, Lake Oswego
  35. Stephanie Sullivan, Physical Therapist, Rapid City
  36. Kurt Heisler, Sales, Winchester
  37. Concetta Sardzinski, Bedford
  38. Rhonda Bear, tutor, LDFS, Surrey
  39. Catherine Ferrell, Educator, LearningQuest, Salida
  40. Emily murphy, Self employed, Garland
  41. Beth DeMello, Parent, Scituate, MA
  42. Kalin Da Rosa, Business Analyst, Lilburn
  43. Natalie Robbins, Educator, Robbins' Dyslexia Care, West Linn
  44. Carol Ann Petruccelli, Teacher, Boston
  45. Jennifer M. Pultz, Tutor, The Blosswe Center, Portland
  46. Randy Laxson, Executive, Atlanta
  47. Melonie Darcy, Hanover
  48. Maya Reyes, Rockville
  49. Anne Glennie, Literacy Trainer, Reading Reform Foundation, Isle of Lewis
  50. Jodie Vasily-Cioffi, AtAttorney & Parent of 2 dyslexic children, Reading, MA
  51. Diane Gress, Educator
  52. Lindsay Brown, North reading
  53. Kathy Schell, M.Ed., Teacher and parent of dyslexic child, Reading
  54. Jennine Dumont, Parent and Dietitian, Holden
  55. Jessica Miyasato, Teacher, Parent, Natick
  56. Carrie Jelsma, Social Worker and Parent, Wenham
  57. Jessica Taylor, SAHM, Fontana
  58. Kara clark, Parent of Dyslexic children, West linn,Or
  59. Andrew Livanis, School Psychologist and Parent, Livanis Behavioral Consulting, Astoria
  60. Elizabeth Martin, Educator, administrator, parent, Portland, OR
  61. Kathryn Siverling, Registered Nurse, Relentless Mother, Knoxville
  62. Heather Schmidt, Parent, Lincoln Ne
  63. Marsha Smith, Retired, Pueblo
  64. Elizabeth Steiner, Teacher, SACRAMENTO
  65. Susan van der Vorst, Executive Director, Camp Spring Creek, Bakersville
  66. Laurel Roeder
  67. Shari Macias, Teacher, CALT and Parent, Wellsboro, PA
  68. Kathy Hardie-Williams LPC LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist, I am a former teacher who works with families., Lake Oswego
  69. Bethany Statum, Parent & advocate, Pearl
  70. Adrienne Adams, Melbourne
  71. Janet Jackson, OT and parent, NEWTON
  72. Jill Hughes, MTSS Lead, Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School, Upper Arlington
  73. Janelle Beiler, Middle School ELA Teacher and CALP, Birdsboro
  74. Anne Wahlgren, Kindergarten Reading Specialist, Tigard
  75. Jennifer Hendrickson, OG tutor and mother to dyslexic child, Bend
  76. Kylee Rogers, Teacher, Portland, Victoria, Australia
  77. Jean Colner, OG teacher trainer, Childrens Dyslexia Center, Columbus,Ohio
  78. Jessica Tracy, Owner, cybersecurity consultant, Tracy Consulting LLC, Highlands
  79. Melanie Smith, instructional coach, Charter School, Las Vegas
  80. Aly BAUER, Teacher, Barcelona
  81. Tara Navarro, Substitute Teacher, Alameda Unified School District, Alameda
  82. Vanessa Warren, Dyslexia tutor, Beaverton
  83. Carrie E Williams, Literacy Specialist, Upper Arlington Schools, Upper Arlington
  84. Janet Stinson, Tutor, Language Skills Therapy, Manzanita
  85. Cathryn Brennan, Parent, Wellesley
  86. Pamela Cook, Education Consultant/Advocate - Retired Teacher, ABC Consulting Services, Pittsburgh
  87. heather helfer, Parent, nashville
  88. Karen HOlt, Assistive Technology Specialist, Parent, Oregon
  89. Michael Marincic, Principal, SPASD, Sun Prairie
  90. Casandra Huerta Murphy, ESL teacher/Instructional Specialist, Portland
  91. Lisa Aburto, Teacher, Apple Valley CA
  92. Karen Bent, Child care provider, Grandmother of 8, so far 3 are dyslexic, Maces Bay .NB
  93. Carolyn Randall, Parent, San Francisco
  94. Sue Lloyd, Retired teacher/Co-author Jolly Phonics, Retired teacher, Haverhill
  95. Jeff Harley, Barber, Beaverton
  96. Erin Dodge, Parent and Teacher, Sandy Spring
  97. Elizabeth Nonweiler, Education Consultant, Teach to Read, Oxford
  98. Sarah S Ellam, ELA Teacher/Dept. Head, HOPKINTON
  99. Roxanne Sterling, Teacher, Santa Rosa, Miami
  100. Radhiya Juma, SpecialNeeds Teacher/ Reading Tutor, Retired, Dubai - UAE
  101. Robyn Wheldall, Researcher, Macquarie University and MultiLit Pty Ltd, Sydney
  102. Stephanie Pilkington, Nurse Practitioner, Dyslexic and parent of dyslexic, Chico, california
  103. geraldine carter, retired reading tutor, piperbooks.co.uk, Oxford,UK
  104. Michelle Martin, Literacy Interventionist, Dyslexia Therapy, Buena Vista
  105. Cindi Bess, Parent and Reading Specialist, Oceanside
  106. Kathy Halvorsen, Powhatan
  107. Catherine-Anne Lamb, Retired, Melbourne
  108. Asma Sayed, Ajman
  109. Terri Tuttle Carrera, Tv and film executive, Mom to an awesome dyslexic son, Los Angeles
  110. Caroline Lubbe, Parent, Los Angeles
  111. Lanaya Waldron, Parent, Shoreline
  112. Jessica Kramer, Energy Efficiency Consultant, Mother of one dyslexic child, Portland
  113. Meg Nelson, Parent of dyslexic/former teacher, Las Vegas
  114. Yarrow Currie, LCSW, Mom of 4, West Linn
  115. Mary Raygoza-Byers, Parent, Bothell
  116. Troy Wilkerson, Realtor, Parent, Portland
  117. Sheila Buhrer, Realtor, Portland
  118. Katy Fontneau, Parent, Boring OR
  119. Meg Hagan, Tax business owner, Decoding Dyslexia OR, Portland
  120. Kellie Yazembiak, 1st Grade Teacher, Lincoln Unified School District, Stockton
  121. Marnie Perini, Parent of 2 dyslexic students, Walnut creek
  122. Angela Olson, Teacher, Syracuse
  123. Amy Moore, Teacher, Sherwood
  124. Jess Bogdan, Reading Teacher, Ottumwa
  125. Dr. Cheryl Roth, Parent of 2 children with dyslexia, Wilsonville,OR
  126. Julie Frazier, Teacher/Mom, West Linn
  127. Dionne Bradley, retired teacher
  128. Amy Fredericks, Teacher, Public Education, Vancouver WA
  129. Katherine Buhts, Prospect
  130. Shannon Brand, Reading Specialist, Omaha
  131. Sarah Kimbrough, Snellville
  132. Molly Sjoboen, Teacher, Olympia
  133. Debra Joseph, educator and parent of 3 dyslexic learners, Red Creek
  134. Tracy Smith, former paraeducator, Parent/ Guardian of Adult Autistic son, Louisville
  135. Colleen McInnis, architect, mother of a child with dyslexia, Winchester
  136. Diane Talbot, Dyslexia specialist, SPIRAL SKILLS TUTORING, Northglenn
  137. CJ Snow, Reading Specialist, Central Elementary, Ypsilanti
  138. Susan Gaines, CPA, Parent of dyslexic child, Golden
  139. Kara Osberg, Vertical Skills Academy, founder, Golden
  140. Jennifer Parmeley, Educator/SAHM, Sappington
  141. Shannon McCormick, Physician Assistant, Mother of a child with dyslexia, Winchester
  142. Tanya Brady, Teacher Aide (Primary School), Proud mother of 2 wonderful sons who are made by dyslexia, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  143. Dalanda, Stay at home mom, Aurora
  144. Stacy Bracewell, REALTOR®, mother of dyslexic 1st grader, Mount Dora, FL
  145. Aleesha Ast, Registrar, Boca Raton
  146. Lindsey Ackland, Small businesses owner, St. Louis
  147. Michelle Siviter, Parent of a Child with Dyslexia, St. Petersburg, FL
  148. Rachel Bertin, Education specialist, Strategies for Learning, Orinda
  149. Christina H. Lim, Dyslexia Specialist, Learning Success, Montgomery, AL
  150. Barbara Munro, Retired, Natick MA
  151. Angela Matthews, First Grade Teacher, New Baltimore
  152. Lindsey Bailey, Homeschool mom, Quitman
  153. Judy Crawford-King, Tutor, Private tutor for children with learning differences, Fairview Park
  154. Lisa Fuller, 1st grade Teacher, Las Vegas
  155. Joan Cohen M.S.,Fellow/AOG, Educator/Consultant, Self, Hamden
  156. Shantell Berrett, VP of Content Development, Reading Horizons, Kaysville
  157. Adam Ratterree, Painter, Maine RSU71, Belmont
  158. Christie Toops, Educator, Reading Teacher, Colorado
  159. Kay Byrne, SLP, SLP, Slingerlands
  160. Janice Stokes-Naumann, CALT, mom of 5, Texas, Houston
  161. Roukia omarahmed, Houston
  162. Abdinasir Ismail, Software Engineer
  163. Jackie Koziatek, Reading specialist, Educator, Pittsburgh,PA
  164. Rhodora DeGuzman, Nurse, Parent, Chula Vista
  165. Wendy Brantley, Literacy Educator, Dyslexia Tutor, mom to a striving reader, Tennessee
  166. Laura McGowen, Mom, Teacher, Nashville, Indiana
  167. Michael Abraham, Teacher, Abraham Education, Minneapolis
  168. Mika Stjernvall, Mom, San Francisco
  169. Dr Scott Smith, Educator, Decoding Dyslexia - OR, Hermiston
  170. Ivana R Cowie, Histology Tech, Pathgroup, Atlanta,GA
  171. Eliza Finkelstein, literacy advocate, FULCRUM, Berkeley
  172. Janda McManus, Photographer, Stockton
  173. Susan Boyd, Dyslexic military spouse with Dyslexic children, Florida
  174. Michele Linch, PhD, Educator, Little Rock
  175. Nicole Chick, Literacy Specialist, Early Literacy Labs, Waitsfield
  176. Jennifer Halsall, Orton Gillingham tutor, mother of a dyslexic child, Arvada
  177. Abigail Kurlfink, Homeschool Mom of Child with Dyslexia, Homeschool Mom of a Child with Dyslexia, Rockwood
  178. Kelly Fitzpatrick, ABA, mother of a dyslexic child, Winchester
  179. Rachel Thrall
  180. Amanda Davis, reading interventionist and reading clinic owner, MindRise Learning, Saint Augustine
  181. April Bartoletti, Physical therapist, Minneapolis
  182. Indra Epple, Winchester
  183. Karen Pavlik, Retired RN, Cortez Florida
  184. Colleen Dolan, Educational Therapist, Marin Country Day School, San Rafael
  185. Matthew capobianco, Consulting, Healthxare, 01890
  186. Michela C Capobianco, Mother of 4, one of whom is dyslexic, Winchester
  187. Sarah Davis, , Mother of 2, one of whom is dyslexic, Cohasset
  188. Carrie M. Hall, Web designer, Mother of severely dyslexic child, Jacksboro, TN
  189. Aurora De Luca, Photographer, Mother of dyslexic child, Winchester
  190. Erica A. DiGrazia, Hiring / Talent Acquisition, RIDGEFIELD, CT
  191. Pam Schmidt, Grandparent of dyslexic grandson, Los Angeles
  192. Pip Cleary, Parent
  193. Andrea Rowson, Literacy Specialist, Columbus, OH
  194. Michelle Hallock, Education, Deposit
  195. Cathryn Hurley, Education, Ridgely
  196. Katie Eynon, Tutor for dyslexic kids, Fishers, IN
  197. April Schoenberg, MTSS Literacy Support Specialist, Olathe School District, Olathe, KS
  198. Sabine Triplett, Parent, Houston
  199. Martina Werner, Scientist, Parent, Winchester
  200. Margaret Wulff, Retired teacher, Year, Valley Park
  201. Sarah Wilson, Parent, Australia
  202. Sharon Mulkern Ware, Associate Professor/Director of Literacy Internship Program, University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford, Connecticut
  203. Janet Beatrice, Reading Tutor, Maynard
  204. Leslie O'Hagan, Brentwood Bay
  205. Erika Sanzi, Cumberland
  206. Jeanne Walters, Dyslexia specialist, tutor and advocate, Blossom, Learn & Grow Tutoring, LLC, Santa Rosa
  207. Shayna Virginillo, Tutor, Vancouver
  208. Paul Gramenz, Physician, Cave Creek
  209. Robin Sullivan, Educational Therapist, The Rochester Reading Center, Chatfield MN
  210. Shelby Riha, High School Science Teacher, Maine East High School, Darien
  211. Anne Morgan, Former Teacher, Homeschooling Dyslexic Child, Fort Benning
  212. Melinda Bender, Proud Parent of a Dyslexic Child, Goshen, NY
  213. Heidi Salerno, Deputy Attorney General, Pasadena
  214. Aoife O’Donovan, PhD Psychologist, San Francisco
  215. Barbara McCarthy Green, Retired lawyer, Mom of dyslexic MSW (5 years Orton Gillingham), Indianapolis
  216. Christy cosmano, Pharmacist, Prosper
  217. Pam Bender, Speech Pathologist/mother, Canal Winchester
  218. Candice Zaniewski, Talent Acquisition Consutlant, Mom to 2 children in public schools, 1 of whom is dyslexic, Sherwood, OR
  219. Jane Gramenz, Dyslexia Specialist, Mom of child with dyslexia, Ms. Jane’s Tutoring & Dyslexia Services, Cave Creek
  220. Tracy Strong, Nurse Practitioner, Mom of a child with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia, Tampa, Fl
  221. Kacy Pierce, Mom, Dallas
  222. Beverly Burnham, Reading Specialist, Bluestem Elementary, Augusta,KS
  223. Lori Mor, Teacher, Teacher and Mom of 2 dyslexic children, Dallas
  224. Christi Parker, Mom of a child with Dyslexia, Houston, TX
  225. Libby maxim, Retired teacher, kidsReadFirst, West chester pa
  226. Tom Rawson, Parent, educator, Cambridge, MA
  227. Christine Chiappinelli, Parent, Dyslexia Therapist, M.A., LDT, CALT, n/a, Texas
  228. Deborah DeBacker, President, Stop Common Core in Michigan, Troy
  229. Robin Blackmore, Piano teacher, Creston
  230. Megan Giliault, Oregon, USA
  231. Ellen Esposito, IBCLC and mother to a dyslexia daughter, Fort Lee
  232. Maria Aielli, Teacher, Mount St. Joseph University, Cincinnati
  233. Rebecca Karper, Ohio
  234. Aimee Orta, Chicago
  235. Wendy North, Teacher, --None--, Guilford
  236. Dana Manning, Mother/School Psychologist, Halifax
  237. Sarah Gates, First Grade Teacher and Parent, Noblesville
  238. Kathryn Johnson, First Grade Teacher, Rochester
  239. Alejandra Rosas, Parent of Two dyslexic children, Hoschton,Georgia
  240. Karen Navantieri, Teacher, mother of Dyslexic son & husband, Safety Harbor
  241. Kayla Fawe, Photographer/Homeschooling Mom, Saint Charles
  242. Regina Geesey, K-12 Administer, River Valley School District, Indiana
  243. Michele Hudak, EdD, Special Education Director/Independent Consultant, True North Academy, Phoenix, AZ/Latrobe, PA
  244. Faith Green, Crestwood
  245. Lisa Klein, Teacher / Mother, Nashua
  246. Trisha Barker, Mother of child with dyslexia, Springwater, ON, Canada
  247. Pooja Patel, Teacher and Parent, Fort Lee
  248. Jennifer Keeler, Mother of two children with dyslexia, Cumming
  249. Catherine Cook, former Reading Recovery Teacher, Teacher, School District #27, British Columbia, Canada, 150 Mile House,
  250. Sonia Gomez, NP, Parent of daughter with Dyslexia, Concord, CA
  251. Pamela Lang, Teacher/ Private Tutor, LPSB, Denham Springs
  252. Shannon Gala, Homemaker, Prospect
  253. Katie Prentice, Teacher and Parent, Austin
  254. Linda Nartker, Concerned, Helping children, Kalida
  255. Beth schierse, Teacher, Downingtown
  256. Annie Lewis O’Donnell, Education Consultant and Mother of Two, Naples, FL
  257. Karen Kellerman, Reading Specialist, Hillsborough, NJ
  258. Nicole Prihoda, Congers
  259. Christina Morreale, Mother of 2 Elem Aged Children, Seabrook
  260. Rhonda Nelson, MTSS Literacy Facilitator, Bettendorf
  261. Nikki Panos-Lavi, Teacher &parent, Bellevue
  262. Cathy Merritt Caton, Mother of a dyslexic teen, analyst and volunteer parent advocate, Clifton VA
  263. Debra Thompson, Parent of Dyslexic child and Public School Teacher, New York
  264. Kristine Futoran, Attorney, Parent of Child with Dyslexia, Los Angeles
  265. Dori Richardson, Parent of Dyslexic Child, Talbott
  266. Annmarie Mcewan, Head of School, The dePaul School, Clearwater
  267. Catherine Naglik, Parent of Dyslexic Child, Whitby, Ontario Canada
  268. Dondi Tondro-Smith, Grad Student, Antioch University, Wilson
  269. Becky Pallone, Kindergarten Teacher, Quakertown
  270. Carolyn Andrae, Physician Assistant, Minneapolis, MN
  271. Sara Ray Brooks, Parent, Monroe
  272. Jennifer Schweigerdt, Private Reading Tutor, Parent, Lees Summit, MO
  273. Andrew Zobay, Program Manager, Parent, Los Alamos
  274. Pauline Meyer, Chiropractor, Waverly
  275. Alyssa Thomas, OG Tutor, Parent to 2 Dyslexic kids, MA
  276. Ryan Edward, 1st grade teacher
  277. Audrey Kelly, Librarian, Richmond, Virginia
  278. Cassie Long, Dyslexia Specialist, Farmersville
  279. Adelina Rodriguez, Self Employed, Walnut
  280. Andrew Wexler, Educator, Houston
  281. Carmen Gutierrez, Hanford
  282. Sarah Johnson, Parent and advocate, Mom of 3, St. Catharines
  283. Julie Swanson, Mother to 3 dyslexic children/advocate, Houston
  284. Lauren Walker, Parent, Parent and Advocate, Houston
  285. Michelle Grorud, Mom, Crestwood KY
  286. Dawn Miller, Vocational Instructor and Mom to an adult with Dyslexia, Lake Land College/IDOC, Pittsfield
  287. Jessica Tolerba, Reading Intervention teacher, Palo Alto School District, Palo Alto, CA
  288. Anne Marie Bachmann, Mom of Dyslexic Children, North Port, Florida
  289. Alison Henry, San Francisco
  290. Rebekah Wilkie, Teacher, Elementary School, Dilworth
  291. Adrienne Caldwell, Educator, Tree Child School, Mound
  292. Sara Kilty, Teacher and Mother of a dyslexic child, Enfield and Granby Public Schools, Granby CT
  293. Robert Rogers, Physician, The Reading League Texas, Fort Worth
  294. Leca Addison, Teacher, Seminole ISD, Seagraves
  295. Donald Meagher, Parent, Crestwood
  296. Wendy Brydon, Speech-Language PathologistLP, Quebec
  297. Amy Augenblick, Parent, Great Falls
  298. Jacqueline Fadel, Parent advocate, Blacklick
  299. Dr. Kayla Steltenkamp, Assistant Professor, Thomas More University, Crestview Hills, KY
  300. Emily M Johnson, Speech-Language Pathologist, School SLP, volunteer reading tutor, Hickory, NC
  301. Kyle Butler, PhD, parent, Northampton, MA
  302. Erika Jungwirth, high school English teacher, Masters in Education and Literature, Saint Paul
  303. Denise Gillman, Parent, Pewee Valley
  304. Christy Wilson, Public school teacher, Lexington
  305. Luke Sheperd, Biologist, Parent of a dyslexic child, Fremont
  306. Harold Koffler, DADvocate, Recruiter, Parent of a child who is dyslexic and suffered in public school, Columbia, SC
  307. Mandy Brown, Parent, Canberra, Australia
  308. Lauren Zurenda, Parent, Chapel Hill, NC
  309. Elizabeth Bevars, Library Program Director, Teach My Kid to Read, Trumansburg
  310. Heather Stroh, Parent, Renton
  311. Monie deWit, Photographer, Santa Barbara
  312. Laura Johnson, Literacy Specialist, Lombard
  313. Carlos Chacon, Parent, Houston
  314. Fannie maryles, Teacher, Staten Island
  315. Erika Williams, Teacher, CEDP Parramatta, Sydney
  316. Kelly Gorman, Retired sped teacher, Rosemount
  317. Allison Preve, Educator, Decoding Dyslexia San Diego, Poway
  318. Lorin Peritz-Sharp, Parent of Dyslexic child, Palo Alto
  319. Brandi Dunk, Business owner, Lagrange
  320. Valerie Capriotti, Mother and wife of two beautiful, dyslexic humans, LETRS PLF; Academy of Orton-Gillingham, West Sayville
  321. Thomas Rogers, Sheriff Deputy, Katy
  322. Cheri Rae, Executive Director, The Dyslexia Project, SANTA BARBARA
  323. Jennalie Blackwood, Parent - Clinical Pharmacist, Saint Louis
  324. Elise Lovejoy, CEO/Founder, Express Readers, mom to a struggling reader, Pasadena, CA
  325. Christine King, Teacher, Patterson elementary, Fenton
  326. Rachel Smith, Parent of dyslexic children, Atlanta
  327. Mandy Horton Walker, Educator, Love 2 Read, Inc., Hobe Sound, FL
  328. Melissa Hostetter, Teacher, Springfield
  329. Reid Lyon, Ph.D, Neuroscienst, NIH, Retired, North Fort Myers
  330. Dr. Valdine Bjornson, Reading Clinician; FIT/OGA, Reading Learning Clinic Manitoba, Winnipeg
  331. Karla Rogers, Admin, Katy
  332. Jennifer Syamala, Homemaker, Crestwood, KY
  333. Meredith Naim, Lake Worth
  334. Sharon Hoover, Teacher, Keller, Public school
  335. Lori C. Josephson, M.A. independent Independent Educational Consultant, Dyslexia Specialist, Parenting to Foster Language and Literacy-Lori C. Josephson LLC, Akron OH
  336. Jennifer Kiilerich, Mom of a child with dyslexia, Brentwood, TN
  337. Kaley Bennett, Parent of a dyslexic child, Goshen
  338. Michelle Adalian, Literacy Coordinator, Mechanicville City School District, Mechanicville, NY
  339. Jennifer Garity, Reading Specialist, DeForest, WI
  340. Joseph Owens, Physician, Michigan
  341. Cassandra Trull, Teacher, Springfield
  342. Gabrielle Matte-Roy, One of the student who could not learn to read, Reading now because my mom took care of it, Milton, Ma
  343. anonymous
  344. Melissa Runyon, Psychologist, Crestwood
  345. Melinda Gage, Parent, Special Education Advocate, Issaquah Special Education PTSA, Sammamish
  346. Marion J King, Special Education Activist, Foxborough, MA
  347. Summer Golden, Former Educator, Advocate, Mother of a child with Dyslexia, McKinney, TX
  348. Katie Houston, SAHM, Advocate for my 3 boys, Jackson Twp.
  349. Tessa King, Reading Tutor, White Bear Lake, MN
  350. Kara Dunivin, Occupational therapy practitioner, Spring Valley
  351. Rebecca W. Miller, Managing Director, FixLexia, Omaha, NE
  352. Sandra Bermudez, CEO, The Lucy Project, Miami
  353. Debbie Draper, Educational Consultant, Debbie Draper Education, Nuriootpa
  354. Kea Herron, MA, ABD, Certified Dyslexia Specialist, Parent, Tutor, & Owner, Bee's Knees Literacy LLC, Tallahassee
  355. Jennifer Ralston, ELA Curriculum Specialist, MD Public Schools, Frederick
  356. Elizabeth Hanna, Dyslexia Specialist, teacher, parent, Cambridge
  357. Ema Jitsukawa, Early Literacy Tutor, Parent, OUSD, Oakland
  358. Susan Patrick, Parent, Parent of three including one dyslexic child, Greenville, SC
  359. Valerie Rinaldi, Stay-at-home parent, Parent of 2 dyslexic children, Yorktown Heights NY
  360. Katrina Pinkston, Ward
  361. Brenda Wallace, Advocate, Building Better Worlds, Phenix City
  362. Alistair Munro, St. Augustine
  363. Jane Pfautsch, Cognitive Language Intervention Specialist, Acacia Center, Granville Ohio
  364. Tami Adkison, Education coach, Gilbert
  365. Savannah McCay, Educator, Reading Specialist, Educator Mentor/Trainer, Parent
  366. Jamie Young, Nurse Practitioner, parent, Schenectady
  367. Sue Breazeale, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Self employed, Orlando
  368. Shannon Schloss, Reading Specialist and Parent to Dyslexic Children, Athens, Ohio
  369. Lark Barker, Parent of a dyslexic child; advocate; OG Educator, Decoding Dyslexia Ontario, Toronto
  370. Sarah Kiefer, Parent, Skaneateles NY
  371. Carin Ilkig, Dyslexia therapist and diagnostician, Winter Garden
  372. Robbin VanNewkirk, Chapel Hill
  373. Karen Godfrey, Parent, Dansville
  374. Barbara Cumming, Teacher, Australia
  375. Kristin Hospodar, Parent, Parent to dyslexic children, Pittsburgh
  376. Cynthia Bauman, Reading Specialist, Parent of a child with dyslexia, Rochester NY
  377. May Washko, Parent of a dyslexic, I used og to teach mine. Schools failed "SLD", Lincoln Park
  378. Kelly Ramirez, Reading Specialist, Roanoke, VA
  379. Gina Hayunga, Intervention teacher, dyslexic, parent of a dyslexic child, Rockford
  380. Dawn DiPasqua, ROCHESTER
  381. Jessica McGuth, Reading specialist, Education Essentials, LLC, Wyncote
  382. Donna Anderson, School Psychologist, Columbus
  383. Amanda Kaune, Paoli
  384. Grady Morgan, Student, Student with dyslexia, Paoil pa
  385. Charlie Morgan, Brother, Paoli,PA
  386. Theresa Lundquist, Parent of a child with Dyslexia, Mother demanding better for all students!, Grand Island
  387. Kristi Lamborn, Parent, LOS ALAMOS
  388. Casie Beldo, Advocate/Parent of Dyslexics, Andover
  389. Katherine MacFarland, Supervisor, Troy
  390. Melissa Morgan, Mother, Child with dyslexia, Paoli, PA
  391. Nicolette Johnson, Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT), Dyslexic Reading Solutions, Highlands Ranch
  392. Lillian Stewart, Academic Language Therapist, Dyslexia Institute of MN, Rochester, MN
  393. Tracy Young, Reading Tutor, Freehold
  394. Rebecca Levenson, Rebecca Levenson Consulting, Berkeley
  395. Erin Maas, RN/parent, San Anselmo
  396. Shauna Barton, Dyslexic Educator & Parent of a Dyslexic Child, St. Louis
  397. Dwight Yochim, Manager, Canada, Coquitlam
  398. Dena Glynn, Teacher, San Diego
  399. Liz Ritz, Educator and Mom, Oak Harbor
  400. Rebecca Semler, Parent, Learning Specialist, and Tutor, Memphis
  401. Erica Mueller, Teacher, Fairfield, CT
  402. Allison Ibanez, Mom, Greenwich, CT
  403. Shannon Soller, Co-Founder Beauty Beyond, Parent Support Leader Decoding Dyslexia CA, Los Angeles
  404. Eliza LaRochelle, BCBA, Lawrence Public Schools, Lawrence
  405. Gail Howard, Teacher, Douglas County School District, Highlands Ranch
  406. Karen Swingle, Teacher and Grandmother and aunt of four dyslexic children, Retired language arts teacher, Jesup, Georgia
  407. Kelly Graham, Mother, Marietta
  408. Ellen Byron, Attorney, Project Monarch, Champaign IL
  409. Fay Van Vliet, Director of Programming, Dyslexia Institute of MN, Rochester, MN
  410. Kristin A. Allan, Attorney and Cherry Creek School District BOE member, Kristin Allan, ENGLEWOOD
  411. Winifred Winston, Advocate & Parent of a struggling reader, Dyslexia Advocation, Inc, Baltimore
  412. Catherine Murphy, RN, OG Tutor, advocate, parent, Decoding Dyslexia Maryland- Howard County Chapter, Clarksville
  413. Jennifer Abrams, Parent of a child with Dyslexia and Social Worker, Englewood, CO
  414. Melissa A Wren-Dail, Veterinarian, New orleans
  415. K. Camille DeLouche, Retired teacher, Orlando
  416. Ashley Nihart, Occupational Therapist, Parent of child with dyslexia, advocate, Building Blocks Therapeutic Learning, Mandeville
  417. Virginia Arocha, CALT Dyslexia Therapist/Reading Specialist, Castroville
  418. Laura Schultz, Advocate for Reading & Dyslexia, Decoding Dyslexia Maryland, Maryland
  419. Michelle Oakes, Dog Handler
  420. Sara Buetow, Parent, Advocate, Tutor, Bellingham
  421. Nicole Leaf, Parent and Special Education Paraprofessional, Prior Lake
  422. Cindy Russell, Nonprofit leadership, Dyslexia Institute of MN, Rochester, MN
  423. Janetta Davenport, Educator, Parent of a child with dyslexia, Tennessee
  424. Bridget Ligas, Teacher, Vestal central schools, Vestal
  425. Kari Roppe, Reading Specialist/Interventionist/Certified Dyslexia Specialist, Webster School District, Danbury
  426. Janet C Karsas, retired teacher, INDIANAPOLIS
  427. Malakai Valgean, Just graduated in June 2022, 18yr old who never learned to read with these curriculums, Essex Jct
  428. Danah Wagner, Substitute Teacher, Newnan
  429. Krista Hotelling, Educator and Parent
  430. Pam Gjellum, Educator/Consultant, LETRS PLF, CALP, Del Norte
  431. Laura Kowal, Mom of dyslexic child, Skaneateles
  432. Christine Elegante, K-3 Literacy Specialist
  433. Shelly Lawson, Educator and Parent, Knoxville
  434. Kathleen Morgan, School Counselor and mom, Medway
  435. Clare Maeda, Teacher, Aurora Public Schools, Aurora
  436. Julya Johnson, Mom to a dyslexic child, Knoxville
  437. Frederick Moore, retired, North Vancouver
  438. Heather South, Reading Specialist Teacher and parent to three children, Kennesaw
  439. Tamara Gallucci, Personal Trainer, Castle Pines
  440. Tayo S McGuirk, M.Ed., Educator & Parent of 2 learners w/dyslexia, DenCoKID, Denver CO
  441. Dean Fadel, Parent Advocate, Dyslexia Reads and Succeeds, Columbus
  442. Rebekah Murray, Mom, Denver
  443. Brodie Boilard, Mother to a Dyslexic child, Breckenridge
  444. Anella Wetter, CSO, 95 Percent Group, Illinois
  445. Emily Kadehjian, Mom & Advocate, Dedham
  446. Tambra A Amerine, Retired, N/A, Arcadia
  447. Kara wishman, Parent of 3 dyslexics, Parent Advocate, Urbandale
  448. Andrea Bishop, Teacher/Tutor/Parent, Mom/Upstate Literacy, LLC, Piedmont
  449. Katherine Braun, Teacher, , Lenox
  450. Diana Murray, Special education teacher, Show Low, Arizona
  451. Megan Bonselaar, Mother to a dyslexic child and occupational therapist, Buford
  452. Leia Schwartz, Dyslexic Student, New York
  453. Celina Morgan, Parent, Los Alamos
  454. Sara Erbes, Mother to a Dyslexic Child, Marion
  455. Kimberley Cobb, Teacher, Private Tutoring, San Antonio
  456. Cerissa Stevenson, Parent and teacher, Fort Collins
  457. Patricia Eleftheriou, Special Education Teacher, North Billerica
  458. Kate Mayer, Parent (5), educator, literacy advocate, Everyone Reads PA, Berwyn, PA
  459. Denise Emert, M.Ed., CALT, Educator, Pryor
  460. Kelly Herper, Reading Specialist, Fairfield Township
  461. Lauren McCarthy, Special Education Teacher, OG-Teacher Trainer, Wyckoff
  462. Anna Zobay, Parent, Los Alamos, NM
  463. Tracy Owens, Houston
  464. Trish Merrill, School Psychologist, New Hampshire
  465. Lisa Loschiavo, Dyslexia Advocate, dyslexic mom and dyslexic myself, ROCKLIN
  466. Kimberly Blumke, Literacy Consultant, Alanson, MI
  467. Kathleen Hovey, Dyslexia Interventionist, Los Alamos
  468. Lela Crawford, Teachrr, TCSC, Tipton
  469. Valerie Taylor, Firefighter, Naramata
  470. Jaymee Dow, Colorado Springs
  471. Elke Blanchard, Reading consultant, Southington, CT
  472. Trona jurden, Dyslexia therapist, Lavon
  473. Michelle Giglio, 2nd Grade Teacher, Charlotte County Public Schools, Port Charlotte
  474. Amanda Tima, Sonographer, South Lyon
  475. Ruth Giljohnston, Reading Specialist
  476. Jean Coker, Bowen Island
  477. Diana Toth, Retired, Middleburg
  478. Allison Stulpin, Mother to a dyslexic child, Wadsworth, Ohio
  479. Kathleen Buckley, Reading Specialist
  480. Allison Ratwik, Mother of a Dyslexic Child, Innovation Leader, Shoreview
  481. Cailin Dickens, Teacher, Edgewood
  482. Sarah Parker, Landscape Architect, Peachtree City
  483. Lauren Heffelfinger, Teacher, Knox esc, Mount Vernon
  484. David Kinsinger, Pilot, Newnan
  485. Kristin Carter, Teacher, mom of 3 Dyslexic children, homeschool parent, Atlanta
  486. Susan cecil, Business owner, North canton
  487. Ashley Henke, Houston
  488. Kerri Perez, Dyslexia advocate, Helping Hands Advocacy LLc, Cape Coral
  489. Claire Heil, Music Teacher, Peachtree City
  490. Ashley Quackenbush, Milton
  491. Tara Mientus, Special Education Teacher and Parent, Enfield
  492. Emilie Mallett, M.Ed., M.S., Secondary Interventionist and parent, SC
  493. Jackie Rowe, Social worker, Cocoa
  494. Deborah Collins, Reading Interventionist, Dyslexia Advocate, Dublin
  495. Brown Jerusia, Behavior Analyst, Behavior Analysts of Naples, Naples,FL
  496. Gretchen Krum, Engineer/Manager, OH-Kid, Parent of late diagnosed dyslexic child, advocate, Columbus
  497. Patty Beener, Business Owner, Parent of a 4th grade daughter with Dyslexia, Sunbury, OH
  498. Lisa Taylor, Self Employed, Dyslexianowwhat.com Founder; Writer; Parent, Hingham
  499. Wendy Baird, Business owner, Parent of three children w dyslexia., GLENS FALLS
  500. Maria Chambers, Radio Program Director/ AV tech, Syosset School District, Long Beach NY
  501. Elizabeth Kidd, Parent, Leesburg
  502. Jeannie Chambers, Business owner, Clean Living New York, Inc., Long Beach
  503. Kentrina Jenkins, Parent of dyslexic child, tutor, Fredericton, NB
  504. Jessica Hall, Teacher, EducationPlus, St. Peters
  505. Melanie Bujukovski, Teacher and parent, Melbourne
  506. Sarah Cope, dyslexia tutor, dyslexia mom, Houston
  507. Carrie Baker, Early childhood intervention specialist, Parent, Wooster
  508. Tara Sarathy, Reading Interventionist/ dyslexia mom, Washington
  509. Christine scott, Social worker, Worthington
  510. Rebecca K Sanders, Teacher, Australia
  511. Sandra Chittenden, Parent of a Dyslexic Child and Advocate, Essex, VT
  512. Skye Staude, Literacy Leader and parent, MacKillop Education, Torquay, Victoria, Australia
  513. Edwina, Teacher, Melbourne
  514. Jessica Millan, Fierce Rebel for all who struggle to read, CASL, Rochester
  515. Anne Fernandes, School Committee Member, Rochester Memorial School, Rochester
  516. Rhea Grant, Parent
  517. Kathleen Morrissey, Parent and advocate, Parent of late-identified dyslexic son, New York
  518. Joanne Pagnello Fremont, Fairfield
  519. Colleen Marsh, Informed Parent Advocate and educator, Spokane
  520. Michael Potesta, Business Development, Knoxville
  521. Heather M Groce, Reading tutor, Set Apart Henry County, Spiceland
  522. Jerel zak, Pharmacist, Parent, San Diego
  523. Gina Caiazzo, Parent educator in a family of dyslexics,, North Middlesex County, MA
  524. Megan Potente, Parent Advocate, Former Teacher, Decoding Dyslexia CA, San Francisco
  525. Michelle Young, Mom/Educator, Bakersfield, CA
  526. Stephanie Reid, Social Worker, Columbia
  527. Monica Haley, Marketing Manager, Monroe Township
  528. Alison Howard, Parent, Wellington
  529. K.C. Hansen, Teacher, Seattle
  530. Christia Mattey, Mom, OPEN-Bees, Medina
  531. Lori L Hancey, Mother/Teacher, Mesa County District 51, Fruita
  532. Amanda Dunstan, Business Owner, Haly Creek
  533. Laura Ortiz, Mft, Santa Ana
  534. Erin Harris, Parent of dyslexic learner, Grimes, IA
  535. Kelly Kuhlman, Mother of Dyslexic, Rochester,MI
  536. Collleen Crandal, Mother/ Teacher, Chanhassen
  537. Colleen Crandall, Teacher / primer, Chanhassen
  538. Kathy Schmudlach, educator, WI
  539. Heidi Van Roekel, Registered Nurse, Mother, advocate, Sioux Center
  540. Zoe Sewell, Teacher Aide, Ao Tawhiti, Christchurch
  541. Diana Weir, Literacy Consultant, Tools 4 Reading
  542. Mallary Lattanze, M.Ed., LDT, CALT, Dyslexia Therapist, Learning Specialist, Dyslexic, Advocate, Academic Language & Dyslexia Therapist, Houston
  543. Heather Smith, Parent, advocate, tutor, Highlands Ranch
  544. Josh Taylor, Artist / father of a dyslexic son, Loganville, GA
  545. Amy Iobst-Zunino, Reading Interventionist, Independent, Wilmington, De
  546. Rina Patel, School psychologist and special education teacher, San Jose
  547. Layla Boggs, dyslexic family, kokomo
  548. Darla Cowan, Instructional coach, Birdville Independent School District, Fort Worth
  549. Denise Wiseman, Muscatine
  550. Jennifer Kearns, Parent, Orton Gillingham Practitioner Trainee, Reach OG Learning Center, Alberta
  551. Jennifer Landau, Parent of dyslexic child, Litchfield, CT
  552. Miranda Moore, Mom, Roland
  553. Rita Pape, Educational Consultant working with dyslexics for over 20 years, Learning Disabilities Fraser South Chapter, Vancouver BC.
  554. Crystal Crow, Mom and Parent Advocate, Cave City
  555. Mok McKeithan, Concerned parent, Castle Rock
  556. Justine Forelli, Reading tutor, Lafayette
  557. Lynn Anderson, Chicago
  558. Kimberly Zitek, Salon owner, Shakopee
  559. Stephanie Higdon, Realtor, Spear Real Estate, Peru
  560. Lisa Steichen, Parent, advocate & learning coach, Renton, Wa
  561. Carina McSweeney, Mother; ex school teacher; now teacher trainer, Sydney, Australia
  562. Kristen Waddell, Speech-Language Pathologist, Berlin, NH
  563. Melissa Flood, Sr. Manager, Clarendon Hills.
  564. Ruth Bakken, Special Education Consultant & Advocate, IEP Beacon, Dallas
  565. Rose Caldarone, Individual Therapist, Parent of Dyslexic Child, Plymouth, MA
  566. Nicole May, Parent of 2 dyslexicsons, Spring
  567. Lorraine Baya, Artist, St. Augustine
  568. Kimberly Carlsen, Decoding Dyslexia MN, Board President, Plymouth, MN
  569. Tonya Dearing, Parent, Seattle
  570. Sonia Busby, Mother/advocate, Mom to a dyslexic son, failed by balanced literacy, Perry Hall
  571. Dorothy Steiner, Teacher/ OGA Associate tutor, OGA & CA Public School teacher, Sonoma County
  572. Brandon Erin, Fredericksburg
  573. Lisa Hermant, Literacy Coordinator, SD79 Cowichan BC, Duncan, BC
  574. Lyndsey Gillespie, Parent advocate, Fort Wayne
  575. Tanya ghans, New Rochelle
  576. Megan Seff, Parent, Teacher, RIDGEFIELD
  577. Martha Anderson, Language therapist, advocate, dyslexia specialist, Superior, CO
  578. Corrine Swigart, Instructional Coach, FMCSD, Iowa
  579. Lindsay Journo, Teacher Trainer, Tutor, Concerned Parent, Irvine
  580. Amanda Gossman, Advocate, Fape Defense League- MA, Plymouth
  581. Jennifer Grant, teacher, Bryan City Schools, bryan
  582. Jackie Behney, Retired teacher, dyslexia advocate, Decoding Dyslexia Pennsylvania, New Cumberland
  583. Julianne Lemmink, Parent, teacher, business owner, Newaygo
  584. Cherie Sanders, Parent, Hilliard
  585. Laura Amis, Mother of 2 & a Small business owner, Plymouth
  586. Jessica Miller, Narrative Specialist + Mother of 2 dyslexic children, Litchfield, MN
  587. Mary Ann Endsley, Former Teacher, Parent, Saline
  588. Carrie Simon, Director, FULCRUM, Berkeley
  589. Savannah J Roe, Parent of a Dyslexic son, Clifton Tennessee
  590. Sarah Snell, Physician, Parent, Chattanooga
  591. Heather Clouston, Teacher/Parent, Glenford
  592. Jamie Newlin Kirschner, Certified Teacher, Principal, Advocate, OG tutor, Education Advocates of America, Fort Myers, FL
  593. sarah nissim, teacher, Monkeypod Education, Bethesda
  594. Tracy Owens, Parent/Advocate, Troy, MI
  595. Sandra Ledwith, Executive Legal Assistant, Parent, Blaine
  596. Janette Lucius, Retired Teacher, Concerned Grandmother, Rochester Hills, MI
  597. Sharon Israel, PhD, Reading Interventionist/Industrial Organizational Psychologist, Associate - OGA; SLDI - CERI (IDA), Miami, FL
  598. Ayelet Schwartz, OG Trained Reading Specialist, NY
  599. Jessica Kearns, Parent, Fox River Grove
  600. Pringle Khulia, National Parents Union MN
  601. Belkys Benison, Reading Interventionist, Parent, Nanuet, NY
  602. Heather Martin, Attorney, Co-op Director, Delbarton
  603. Sheri Landers-Jones, Teacher and Parent, Millis
  604. Jennifer Spirito, Parent, Bristol
  605. Mark Shaffer, Sr. IT Developer, Westerville
  606. Nicole Pizzini, Parent, Decoding Dyslexia Iowa Board Member, Solon Iowa
  607. Neala Fogarty, MEd, Dyslexia Interventionist;Learning Accommodations Specialist, Houston Independent School District, Houston
  608. Gabriella Shaffer, Literacy Specialist, Olentangy SD, Westerville
  609. Katherine Blythe Wood, Educator
  610. Megan Arbour, Associate Professor of Nursing and Mom to 2 dyslexic sons, Tallmadge, OH
  611. John Prantner, Chief Analytics Officer, Buffalo
  612. Jane Salvadore, Designer, Providence
  613. Thomas Anderson, Educator and parent of a dyslexic child, Excell Academy for Higher Learning, Saint Paul
  614. Gina Carncross, Reading Teacher, Grand Island Central Schools, Grand Island
  615. Alicia Humphreys, Royersford
  616. Jennifer Hollman, Parent, Engineer, Bedford
  617. Alex Pavlik, Mom, School Psychologist, Columbus
  618. Sam Murphy, Media Director, San Francisco
  619. Kelly Volpe, Parent of dyslexic children (2), Collegeville, PA
  620. Phyllis Sparks, Student advocate, Bluegrass Institute, KY IDA, Walton, KY
  621. Jessica Jannace, Dyslexia Interventionist, Parent, Bedford, MA
  622. Martha McIntyre, Graphic designer, homeschooler, grandmother, MK/MCI.Design, Meridian
  623. Beverly Jones, Patent
  624. Cindy Nemecek, Parent of child who is dyslexic, Seven Hills
  625. Ariel Seckler, Reading Specialist and Mother to One, Burlington, MA
  626. Kimberly Lopez, Restaurant owner, Mother, Rochester Hills, MI
  627. Jill Berg, Teacher and parent of struggling readers (one with dyslexia), Maple Grove, MN
  628. Susan Willey, Pissed off parent of a child harmed by balanced literacy, Plymouth MN
  629. Katie Greving, Executive Director, Decoding Dyslexia Iowa, Clarion
  630. Erin Moran, Mechanical Engineer, Parent of Dyslexic Child, Bloomsburg, PA
  631. Harmony van Gogh, Administration, Maple Ridge
  632. J Scheetz, Parent, Physical Therapist, Sioux Falls
  633. Liz Gillmore, Parent and advocate, Cleveland
  634. Christine Clark, Special Ed Teacher, Atlanta
  635. Sara Willis, Elementary Teacher, Advocate, Richmond Hill
  636. Sue Grzybowski, Orton Gillingham level 1 practitioner, Cleveland
  637. Louise Dechovitz, Parent, Advocate, IL Early Literacy Coalition
  638. Jenny Lipford, Music teacher, Parent of 2 children, 1 with dyslexia, Silver Spring, MD
  639. Kelly Berg, Mom of 2 kids with reading disabilities, Hopkins, MN
  640. Katie McGuire, Teacher, Parent of 2, DeForest, WI
  641. Erica Kaufmann, Literacy Coach, Parent of a child with dyslexia, Cleveland, Ohio
  642. Kelly Hatfield, Former Sped Teacher, Current Advocate and Parent, Undivided.io, Culver City
  643. Julie Giudici, Teacher, Bellbrook
  644. Ashley Copple, Early Childhood Coordinator, Olathe
  645. Melissa Binkley, Finance, ODN, Lewis Center
  646. Jill O’Dell, Occupational Therapist, Mom of 2 children with reading disabilities, Telluride
  647. Tamara Nickerson, K-3 Reading Coach, IDAHO FALLS
  648. Susan Goff, Dyslexia Therapist, CALT, Castle Rock, CO
  649. Michelle Hilbert, Mother of 2 dyslexic children, OH
  650. Dee Dee Cain, Instructor, Parent & Advocate, Conway
  651. Jen Norman, Teacher, Louisville
  652. Anna, Teacher &translator, Windsor
  653. Kelly Mayr, Former special education teacher, current parent of nine, Highlands ranch, CO
  654. Courtney Caruso, speech-language pathologist & mom, Blairstown
  655. Julie Obbard, Education Consultant, Berkeley
  656. Marcella Rolwes, Mom of 3 dyslexic children, St. Louis
  657. Theresa Kaska, Mama Bear, advocate, educator, CALT, Mentor, Ohio
  658. Jennifer Iversen, Parent, Advocate, Castle Pines, CO
  659. Jennifer Dolieslager, mom of a dyslexic child, Illinois
  660. Sarah McLaughlin, MPH, Parent of a child with dyslexia, Reading, MA
  661. Michelle Yepez, Pharmacist, Parent of a child with dyslexia, St Louis
  662. Dianne Suchodolski, Reading Specialist, Shavertown
  663. Jennifer Strong, Parent of dyslexic children and teacher, Harrison
  664. Kelley Hayes, Parent and Interventionist, Franklin
  665. Deya Zalapa, SLP and mom of 4, 2 kids with LD’s, Katy, Texas
  666. Jaclyn Burdette, Mom, Brunswick
  667. Tamara Tinkham, Psychologist, Dyslexia Advocates, Lake Elmo, MN
  668. Susan Magers, Parent and Advocate, IEP for Parents, Venice, FL
  669. Brynn Egge, First Grade Teacher, Kalamazoo, MI
  670. Natalie PANKRATZ, Teacher, Athens
  671. Megan Porto, Speech therapist, mom of a dyslexic child, Connecticut
  672. Elizabeth Marie, Mom, advocate, Anthem, AZ
  673. Beverly Ethington, Retired, Toledo
  674. Cathy Stefans, Parent, Winter Haven
  675. Mike McGovern, Software Engineer, IDA Central Ohio, Columbus
  676. Gavin Gosselin, Student - Dyslexic, Cobb County GA - non-proficient reader @16!, Marietta
  677. Angie Schaal, Educator, Parent, Ottawa Hills
  678. Debbie Meyer, Dyslexia Alliance for Black Children, New York
  679. Amy Ingram, Edmond
  680. Shannon Fisher, K Teacher, Public school district in Ohio, Ohio
  681. Shannon Stott, Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital, Dyslexic Parent, Boston
  682. Liz Walter, dyslexia mom, Rockville Centre, NY
  683. Traci Thorstenson, Dyslexic parent, CALP, Reading Interventionist, Littleton, CO
  684. Maria Riggi
  685. Ashley Luna, Mom, and a County eligibility worker, San Diego
  686. Sarah Overby, DVM, Veterinarian, Parent of dyslexic children, Freeport
  687. Jessica Garnett, Parent of son with Dyslexia, Norwalk CT
  688. Jaime Aulet, Parent, Shelton
  689. Amy Clipston, Mother of Dyslexic Child, Pennsylvania
  690. Sandy Yanes, Instructional Specialist, Peach Creek Elemenary, Splendora
  691. Stephanie Needham, Parent of dyslexic child, New City
  692. Tracie Romo, Dyslexic, Mom of Dyslexic Child, Dyslexia Interventionist, Stellar Academy for Dyslexics, Newark
  693. Kate Robinson, Principal, Ballarat
  694. Cindy Coats, Parent, Independence, MO
  695. Christy DeMarco, Parent, Waxhaw, NC
  696. AMY GREGORY, Retired educator, Aiken
  697. Lisa Herrington, Senior Clinical Instructor, Conway
  698. Maeve Clancy, Biologist, Parent of a dyslexic child, San Francisco
  699. Niki Sidler, Dyslexia Therapist, Nashville, TN
  700. Jamila Dunn, Parent, Berkeley
  701. Molly Petersen, Student, Dyslexic 2nd grader, Saint Paul
  702. Christy Wackler, RN/OG tutor/parent, Ohio
  703. Rachel Petersen, Parent, Dyslexic, Saint Paul
  704. Dagny Fleming, Teacher/mom, Marshfield
  705. Cherie Huckstep, Dental assistant, Kilsyth South
  706. danyse streets, Ed. S., Reading Specialist/Educational Advocate, Bridging the Reading Gap, Fleming Island, FL
  707. Elissa Moore, Psychologist, Forest Hill
  708. Jessica Zumstein, Parent of a child with dyslexi, Midland, Tx
  709. Shelley Wells, Reading Specialist, Splendora ISD, Porter
  710. Linda Terry, Mother, Grandmother, Reading Tutor, Little Red Hen Schoolhouse, East Texas
  711. Michelle Barnard, Parent and Advocate, Breslau
  712. Laura Winarski, Home daycare owners, Gilberts
  713. Donnie Peterson, Gilberts
  714. Linda Sullivan, Dyslexia Therapist, Los Alamos, NM
  715. Julie Clark, K-3 Literacy Specialist
  716. Sara Spafford Freeman, Parent & Advocate, MPS Academics Advocacy Group, Minneapolis
  717. Sara Wiebke
  718. Suzie Glassman, Journalist, None, Castle Rock
  719. Kerry Knop, Parent, Ridgefield, CT
  720. Brenda Nahlen, Dyslexia Therapist, Conway
  721. Karyn Robson, Educator, Peak Reading Solutions, Colorado Springs
  722. Amy Dobronyi, Co-Founder & Co-Chair, COKID, Colorado Kids Identified with Dyslexia, Littleton, CO
  723. Brandee James, Parent of child who is dyslexic
  724. Kelly King, M. Ed., Reading Tutor, Chaska
  725. Sandi Greene, caregiver, Williamsport MD
  726. Michelle Perry, Attorney, San Diego
  727. Audrey Goninan, Literacy Specialist, structured literacy tutor, The Reading League South Carolina, Tega Cay, SC
  728. Nicole James, Parent of a child with dyslexia, Clear Spring MD
  729. Helen Dawson, Tutor, Oceanside
  730. Anna OConnell, Engineer & parent, MCU PLLC, Ann Arbor, MI
  731. Cornelia Lockitch, Parent, educator, reading specialist, Orange County, CA
  732. Amy Arnold, Columbus
  733. Melanie Hooper, President TRL-SC, SC public schools, Beaufort
  734. Elana Bernstein, Assistant Professor in School Psychology & Mom, University of Dayton, Dayton
  735. Kim Munson, Adult Education Teacher, Faribault Public Schools, Faribault
  736. Jennifer Mauser, Master Barton Tutor & Accomplished IEW Writing Instructor, The Accomplished Student, Saint Johns, FL
  737. Diane Dixon Zook, Education and child advocate, SREB, Little Rock
  738. Patricia C. James, M. Ed., DT, Dyslexia Coordinator, eStem PCS, Little Rock
  739. Amanda Nickerson, Literacy Consultant, North Canton
  740. Audra Alumbaugh, Retired educator
  741. Nicole hurst, Data analyst, Lake orion
  742. Alice Figueiredo
  743. Sean McQuarrie, Parent, Sooke
  744. Shaheen Munir-McHill, Special education teacher educator, Portland
  745. Anna DellOlio, English teacher, NYC
  746. Cheryl Johanson, parent & now home teacher, Sooke
  747. Kim Zolvik, parent, Branford, Ct
  748. Christine McCarthy, Reading Specialist, EBLI, Flushing
  749. Christa Cavan, M.Ed., Parent, Woodinville, WA
  750. kristine navarrette, 2 dyslexics sons, Jacksonville
  751. Natalie Felix, Parent & Fellow/OGA, Alpharetta, GA
  752. Kris Adler, Advocate for my son, Business Transformation Leader, Leading Global Consulting Firm, Stamford
  753. JohnMeggie Holt, SPED/Parent/Advocate, Williamston
  754. Lauren Wall, Parent of dyslexic children, Friday Harbor
  755. Amanda Stannard, Parent
  756. Melissa Ahlgrim, Director of Reading Sufficiency, Oklahoma State Department of Education, Oklahoma City
  757. Lisa Flores, Advocacy Specialist, Self, Austin
  758. Tonya Kipe, 2nd grade teacher, Polk County Public Schools, Auburndale, Fl.
  759. Tiffany Martinez, Special education teacher, Adams 12 five star schools, Thornton
  760. Brynion Berkey, Home maker, Hood River
  761. Laura Cannon, Reading Specialist, M.A., NY, West Nyack
  762. Sharen scerri, Teacher, Dept of ed, Sydney
  763. Ann Janis, Parent of dyslexic son failed by LLI, Boulder, CO
  764. Troy Hubbell, Teacher, Adams 12 5 Star Schools, Thornton
  765. Emily McCullagh, Nurse Practitioner, Parent of dyslexic son and a dysgraphic son, New City
  766. lauren bennett, Creative Director, Reading
  767. Quinn Baker, SPED Parent, Pasadena
  768. S. “Eddie” Hofmeister Porter, Parent/Advocate, Minneapolis
  769. Kathryn Reese, Literacy Specialist, San Francisco
  770. Tarja Parssinen, non-profit founder, WNY Education Alliance, Buffalo
  771. Rebecca Tolson, Educator, Neuhaus Education Center, North Canton
  772. Cheryl Lasater, Art instructor, Houston
  773. Amanda Mullarkey, Parent & Teacher/Reading Specialist, Naperville
  774. Janine Saragusa, School Psychologist and Parent of struggling reader, Perkinsville
  775. Sarah Emrick, Parent of dyslexic son, Saint Paul
  776. Lisa Young, OG tutor/ parent of a dyslexic child, OGA, Charleston
  777. Allison Quirion, Parent
  778. DR. Laura Shoemaker, Retired Superintendent of Education, Retired SO WCDSB, Waterloo,Ontario
  779. Tricia Mosner, Reading Interventionist, LDSD, Lancaster
  780. Lisa Neith, Homemaker/Grandmother/Guardian of Dyslexic grandson, Pittsburg
  781. Ambor Moy, South Lebanon
  782. Ben Zulauf, Literacy Director, Cicero School District 99, Cicero, IL
  783. Carla Mazzaro, Director, Mother of dyslexic child, Reading, MA
  784. Christy Hintz, Mom of two dyslexic sons, Reading teacher, Advocate, Greenville, WI
  785. Briley Edwards, Banker, Moultrie Bank & Trust, Moultrie
  786. Susan Inman, Consulting Executive, Parent of a dyslexic child, Lexington, MA
  787. Susan Brassill, Parent/Advocate, Port Washington
  788. Stephanie Edgren, Instructor of Education, William Penn University, Oskaloosa
  789. Ed Jones, Learning Systems Engineer, Skunkworks\edu, Carrollton
  790. Annie Watson, Early Childhood Consultant, Kansas City
  791. kimberly Ferrell, parent/substitute teacher, Wilsonville
  792. Melinda Karshner, Teacher, Boulder Valley School District, Boulder
  793. Taisha Aquino-Van Graan, Parent & Advocate, Port Chester
  794. Stephen Mutkoski, Parent, Manhattan Beach
  795. Keith Jervis, former Director, Student Resources, The Pennsylvania State University, State College
  796. Michelle Stone, 2nd grade teacher, The Schenck School, Atlanta,GA
  797. Naomi Tarpley, Parent/Advocate, Kirkland, Washington
  798. Heather Robertson, Attorney, Sharpsburg, GA
  799. Megan Cahill, Minneapolis
  800. Katherine I. Martin, Associate Professor of Linguistics, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
  801. Rita Miller, parent/advocate, Fort Worth
  802. Jessica Easton, Mom of dyslexic 4th grader, Hillsborough, NJ
  803. Kristen DeBeer, Dyslexia Parent, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
  804. Sharon Bellusci, Project Manager, Parent, Literacy Advocate, Bend, OR
  805. Jennifer Baya, Artist, D&L Art Glass, Saint Augustine
  806. Kimberly Dumitrica, Mechanical Engineer, Board Member Decoding Dyslexia Minnesota, Saint Paul
  807. Jackie Fink, 3rd Grade Teacher, Powers Elementary, Amherst
  808. Keith Boggs, I'm dyslexic & 3 of my kids too. Teach my kids to read!!, Indiana
  809. Pam Dillon, Sales, Masterman’s, Leicester
  810. Jennifer Bahr, Parent, dyslexic child, Saint Louis
  811. Nichole Malmkar, Mother, Hauser Family, Lincoln
  812. Saira Lakhani, Writer, Software, Pickering
  813. Michelle Murphy, Director of Customer Service, Arlington
  814. Snow Parrott, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Southeast Retail Advisors, Greenville, SC
  815. Sarah Sarich, Parent/Advocate, Ardrossan
  816. Adrian Rountree, Parent and Advocate, Housto.
  817. Andrea S. Meier, , Houston
  818. Susan Marasciulo, Retired sped teacher, suemarasciulo.com, Murrells Inlet
  819. Kaleb White, SGT SRO, Sheriffs office, Forsyth
  820. Deanna White, Stay at home mom, White family, Forsyth
  821. Kenni Alden, Writer, Right to Read Project, Berkeley, CA
  822. Alison Lambert, Dyslexia Therapist, Parent, Board Member, Everyone Reading IL, Deerfield, IL
  823. Lisa-Marie Lohse, A Dyslexic and parent of Dyslexic Child, Trumbull CT, Trumbull
  824. Naomi G Hertsgaard, Minneapolis
  825. Jody L Hand, Substitute Teacher, Merritt Island
  826. Amy Schroder, ELL Specialist/Former Reading Recovery Teacher
  827. Jennifer Newman, Speech-Language Pathologist/Reading & Writing Specialist, Private Tutor, Massachusetts
  828. William Conrad, Educator, Newark, CA
  829. Melissa Stirn, Budget Analyst, Parent, St. Paul
  830. Jenny Lambert, Parent of a dyslexic son and OG tutor, Cleveland Heights
  831. Melisa Whipple, Teacher/M.Ed in Special Education, Meridian
  832. Amy Shepperd, Mom of a dyslexic child, Edmonds, WA
  833. Jennifer James, Winchester, ma
  834. Jessica Thueringer, MD, Parent of a dyslexic son, Minneapolis
  835. Josie Hallinan, Tutor, Parent, Manchester
  836. Beth Mappes, Early Childhood Educator of 30 years and parent, Eatonton
  837. Deborah Lynam, Parent, Haddon Heights, NJ
  838. Deborah Cochran, M.S., B.S.Ed., college Bio adjunct & tutor, retired, Webster,NC
  839. Kerry Yonushonis, Mental Health Therapist, LCSW, Dyslexia Coach and Advocate, Kerry On Coaching, LLC, Houston
  840. Jennifer Schuberth, Parent and advocate, Oregon Kids Read, Portland
  841. Megan Hesser, M.Ed, Tutor, Literacy Consultant, Hesser Literacy Partners, Cheyenne
  842. Kelly Huff-Snyder, Parent/Advocate, Decoding Dyslexia Virginia, Ashburn
  843. Kerry Yonushonis Yonushonis, Mental Health Rherapist, Dyslexia Coach and Advocate, Kerry On Coaching Dyslexia, Houston
  844. Maureen Brennan, Teacher, OG Tutor, Dyslexia Consultant, Proven Learning Solutions, LLC, Montrose, CO
  845. Lisa Barbiero
  846. Melissa Belanger, Concerned parent, Mooresville
  847. Lisa M. Reinhardt, Procurement, Hicksville
  848. JoAnn Riley, Parent of a Dyslexic Child, Annandale
  849. Brett Tingley, Education Reformer, Parents For Reading Justice, Columbus, Ohio
  850. Abby Kaufman, Parent, Sudbury
  851. David J Grand, Systems Engineer -Azure Cloud Computing -- English degree holder, NWEA and parent, Tualatin
  852. Kyle Redford, Teacher/ writer, Marin Country Day Schoo, Corte Madera
  853. Jackie Forney, Parent, Kindergarten Teacher, Torrance Unified SD, Torrance
  854. Holly Allison, Mother, Middleton, ID
  855. Karin Chenoweth, writer, Silver Spring
  856. Jenny Warner, Parent of a Dyslexic child, Wheeler, WI
  857. Rebecca Thackaberry, M.Ed., Advocate, Teacher & Parent, Groton
  858. Laurel(Lori) Mullins, Tutor, NA, Montrose
  859. Mindy VanZuiden, Dyslexia Specialist, Tutorburg, Williamsburg
  860. Michael Hunter, Reading Consultat, Readsters, Alexandria
  861. Janice Kyramarios, OT, parent, St Charles MO
  862. Edna Bicksler, Administrative Freelancer, Bothell
  863. Heather Johnson, Reading INTERVENTIONIST/ Instructional Coach
  864. Sonja Hak, Parent, Sacramento, CA
  865. R Brazell, Parent, San Diego
  866. Kelly Stuart, Speech-Language Pathologidt, San Diego
  867. Sarah Thompson, M.Ed., Dyslexia Specialist, Sudbury
  868. Alicia Smith, Parent, Tiny, Ontario
  869. Ashley Ehrenstrom, School Psychologist, Saint Charles MO
  870. Amy Sweeney, Former PR Executive, mother to 2 dyslexic children, Decoding Dyslexia NJ, Chatham, NJ
  871. Katie Streit, Literacy Specialist, Seattle
  872. D. Ross, Parent, Michigan
  873. Kim Harley, Sonographer, Parent of 2 illiterate children, Beaverton
  874. Megan Stephens, Domestic Engineer, Stephens, St Louis
  875. Kelly omdahl, Victoria
  876. Nicole Treanor, K-2 Literacy Coach, NYC Department of Education, NYC
  877. Lisa Aponoves, Parent of dyslexic child, Riverview
  878. Pam Marentette, Attorney, Parent of three, St Paul, MN
  879. Erin Wolsleger, SpEd teacher & Associate Member OGA, Olathe
  880. Mark Means, Advertising Executive, Father to a child with dyslexia
  881. Courtney Black, Teacher, Frisco
  882. Brenda Kraft, CPA, Parent, Poway, CA
  883. Ann Foster, Parent and Educator, Lexington Public Schools, Lexington
  884. Todd Swenson, Dad to a dyslexic child, Waterford
  885. Christine Palubinskas, Homeschool teacher, TITP, Oviedo
  886. Pamela Mehlin, Orton Gillingham Practitioner, Laughing Ogre Press, Minneapolis
  887. Jeanne Costello, Family Support Coordinator, Thrive Support and Advocacy, Worcester
  888. Gretchen Jennings, SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST, ST LOUIS
  889. Erin Smith, SLP and parent of a dyslexic child, East Greenbush
  890. Anna Wilson, Parent, Columbia
  891. Julie fry, Lawyer, West Orange
  892. April Westberg, Parent & advocate, Durango, CO
  893. Linda Diamond, Auyhor and advocate, diamondreadingdoneright.com, Menlo Park, CA
  894. anonymous
  895. Kelly Kelly, Parent of two dyslexic children, Townsend
  896. T. Maenad Widdershins, Retired, Parent of dyslexic son, Lebanon
  897. Vicki Asher, Head of School, Associate Member OGA, Dyslexia Interventionist, Kansas City
  898. Dave H, Artist, Parent
  899. Jenny Bogoni, Parent of a struggling reader, Philadelphia
  900. Melinda Mansfield, Parent and A/OGA Tutor, Decoding Dyslexia Va, South Riding
  901. Wendy Morrey, Former Educator, Parent of 4, Seven Hills
  902. Jessie Forston, Parent of Dyslexic child, Reading Specialist, Edina, Minnesota
  903. Kathy Bartoga, Swansea, MA
  904. Antonietta Quinn, Educator, Webster
  905. David Martin, Special education teacher, Public school, Olathe
  906. Catherine Brashear, Parent, teacher, Atkins
  907. Jenny Kier, former Reading teacher, Texas
  908. Beth Netherland, Instructional Associate Professor and Parent, College Station, TX
  909. Katrina Raia-Smith, School Psychologist
  910. Hilary Laxson, Dyslexia Military parent advocate, Decoding Dyslexia Military, Atlanta
  911. Hilda lennon, Grandparent to dyslexic children, Peru indiana
  912. Tom Parton, Speech-language Pathologist, Normal
  913. Sonia Walters, Board Chair, Dyslexia Advocates, Minneapolis
  914. Jennifer Dysary, Certified Orton-Gillingham Tutor, Hampden
  915. Jesse Lowe, MA, Marriage and Family Therapy, mother, Sepac participant, Devens, MA
  916. Kim J. Poirier, Attorney, Parent & Advocate, Overland Park, KS
  917. Katherine Baldwin, MEd, Reading Tutor and Parent, Chicago
  918. Sylvie Matte, Critical care Registered Nurse, My family is my organization, Milton
  919. Katie DeSouza, Literacy Specialist, Parent of a child with Dyslexia, Fairport
  920. Jaime Craven, Nurse, Mother of dyslexic child, Alliance, Ohio
  921. Angie Schreiber, Language Therapist, Cradle to Career Literacy Center, Emporia, KS
  922. John Cataldo, Retired Principal, Buffalo, NY
  923. Cynthia Elliott, Parent, Chicago
  924. Dr Gillian Evans, Parent, Dyslexia Science, Scotland
  925. Kristi Schmalz, Parent, educator, Warrenton
  926. Blatt-Eisengart Ilana, Psychologist, Arlington
  927. Ginny Osewalt, special education teacher and reading interventionist
  928. Lee Gaul, Sales Director, New York
  929. Susan Quarino, Former Educator, current SoR advocate, 95% Group, Brookfield
  930. Catherine Scholz, Parent, Wayland, MA
  931. Allison Pajor, Marketing, IMSE, Plymouth
  932. Allison Ward, Education Specialist, Reading Horizons, Herriman
  933. Brid Saxe, Astoria
  934. Jennifer Scott, Dental Hygienist, Jamaica
  935. Kelly Booth, Wilson Reading Practitioner, Private, Canton
  936. Jennifer Torborg, Teacher, The Literacy Compass, New Paltz
  937. nicole prati, Parent who changed to homeschooling
  938. Christina Quinn, Respiratory therapist, Stone Mountain
  939. Larissa Phillips, Mom, Adult Educator, Volunteer Literacy Project, Earlton, NY
  940. Genia Deets, Elementary Teacher, Olathe School District, Olathe
  941. Kim Mitchell, Tutor, Decoding Dyslexia NJ, Farmingdale
  942. Abby Marquand, Parent of two, one with dyslexia, Malden
  943. Rachel Moritz, Writer, Minneapolis
  944. Renee Glasscock, Literacy Instructional Coach, Katy ISD, Katy, Texas
  945. Jennifer Cook, Bloomington
  946. Sarah Solomon, Parent, Newton, MA
  947. Heather Eckner, Mother of 2, Ann Arbor
  948. Michele Bowen Woloszyk, School Psychologist & Parent of 2 (Formally) Struggling Readers, Oakland Twp, MI
  949. Susan Dunbar, Special Ed. Teacher, Orange County Public Schools, Orlando
  950. Brandon Warren, teacher and advocate, Center Elementary School, Waycross GA
  951. Pamela Harney, Parent of a dyslexic child, Pound Ridge
  952. Jenna Berry, Literacy Coach, Alpine School District, Lehi, Utah
  953. anonymous
  954. Brett Stevens, Parent, Education Research and Policy Specialist, PA
  955. Daniel Roe, Principal, Quaama Public School, NSW, Australia, Quaama
  956. Josh Taylor, Parent of a Dyslexic child and Husband to Lauren Taylor
  957. Thomas Wise, Data & Analytics, Reading, MA
  958. Kim Farlik, Mother of 2 with dyslexia, Waxhaw NC
  959. Nicole Diggins Locher, Parent & Literacy Advocate, Dyslexia Parents Group of Lexington, MA, Lexington, MA
  960. Colleen Mata, Parent, Ramona
  961. Colleen Q Malloy, Private OG Tutor, Parent, Fairview Park
  962. Deb Peters, Teacher, St.Mary’s School, Storm Lake
  963. Elizabeth Williams, Kitchen Designer, Parent, Tutor, Westport
  964. Tania S, Reading Teacher, NY
  965. Barbara Joyner, Terre Haute
  966. LouCyndra McDonald, Self-emplyed, Self, Flushing
  967. Sarah A. Friedman, Mother of a child with severe dyslexia, Chevy Chase MD
  968. Elyse Swenson, SPE ED Advocate, Waterford
  969. Anne Matthews, Esq., Mother of a dyslexic child and SEPAC board member, Hingham
  970. Marion Waldman, Executive Director, Teach My Kid to Read, Albany, NY
  971. Gale Morrison, Consultant, John Catt, Greater Philadelphia
  972. Lauren Rogers, Nurse, None, Madison
  973. Rachel Brodeur, Mother, Abington
  974. Jennifer James, School Psychologist/Former Special Education Teacher/ Parent, Grand Rapids
  975. Kelly MALICE, Parent of a child with dyslexia, New City, NY
  976. Eleanor Parker, Teacher, social worker, mother of 3 including one with dyslexia
  977. Christine McGinley, Parent of a dyslexic child., Jackson, NJ
  978. Gretchen Eastler Fishman, Boxford
  979. Ben Tobin, teacher, Williamsburg
  980. Alaina Kakos, Literacy Coach and mom of 2, Danbury, CT
  981. Coby Hallas, Creative Director, Tearfund, Melbourne
  982. Katia Fratticci, Reading Tutor, Mother of dyslexic child, Port Jefferson
  983. Faith Borkowsky, Literacy Consultant, High Five Literacy LLC, Plainview, NY
  984. Heidi Gregory, Parent Advocate, Founder, Dyslexia Victoria Support, Melbourne
  985. Mary McKay, Reading Tutor, Maplewood
  986. Tonya Murray, Research Study Coordinatir, San Jose
  987. Nicole Muzzy, Cherry Valley
  988. Nancy Barnard, OG Interventionist, Non profit, Jacksonville
  989. Heather Ribblett, Reading Interventionist and Mother of 3, Crestwood, KY
  990. Bing Shaw, Speech Language Pathologist and parent, Silver Spring, MD
  991. Aida Klement, CPA, Parent, Fort Myers
  992. Dorothy Weisenberger, MDUSD Community Advisory Committee Chairman, string:MARTINEZ
  993. Simone Fisher, Teacher, Eynesbury Primary School, Bacchus Marsh
  994. Lisa Lyon, Reading Tutor, Decoding Dyslexia Oregon, Portland
  995. Caitlin Solomon, Architect, Mother of 3, Lakewood, OH
  996. Cathy McMillan, Dyslexia BC, Port Moody
  997. LeeAnn Bricker, Reading tutor, Zionsville
  998. N. Sommers, Parent/Advocate for a Dyslexic Child, Reston
  999. Paulette Altmaier, Computer Engineer and tech business manager, Retired, Mclean
  1000. Nicole Mitsakis, Parent of Dyslexic Child, Middleton
  1001. Catherine Lock, Director of Education, DEMAT, Cambridgeshire
  1002. Donna Hourigan, Psychologist, Australia
  1003. Kathleen Myers, Homeschooler, Parent & wife to loved ones with Dyslexia., Fellsmere
  1004. David Boggs, professional engineer, parent of 4 children, Alaska Reading Coalition, Anchorage
  1005. Erika Livingstone, Mother, Toronto canada
  1006. Heather Doty, Personal Assistant and parent, Parksville
  1007. Erin Daniels, Parent, Orton Gillingham private tutor, Changemakers Education LLC, Seattle
  1008. Cindy Lumpkin, Parent/educator, Triumph in Life, Inc., Atlanta
  1009. Kristie Bruns, Speech-Language Pathologist and parent, Katy
  1010. Julia England, Teacher, Primary school, Toorak
  1011. Kathy Lee, Retired teacher and mother of a dyslexic adult, Mountain View
  1012. Kaitlin Culhane, Teacher, Loomis Union School District, Loomis
  1013. Posie Boggs, Tutor, IDA, Anchorage
  1014. Elena Blount, Tutor-ESL, Mom of 3, NY
  1015. Charme Smith, Retired Kindergarten Teacher, Now Ed Cinsuktant with Tutor Doctor, Phoenix
  1016. Erin Sain DDS, Dentist, Summit Reading Initiative, Silverthorne
  1017. Jenifer Balducci, Parent, Orinda
  1018. Shelley Shultz, Reading Specialist, Noble Elementary-Bakersfield City School District, Bakersfield
  1019. Tracie C. Allen, Director, Health Information Management, Department of Defense, Elma, NY
  1020. Erika Glick, MS Ed and mom of 2 children with learning disabilities, NY
  1021. Michelle Gibby, M.Ed., Educator, Literacy Non-Profit Manager, Dyslexia Tutor, Parent, Rise Institute for Literacy, Layton, UT
  1022. Jacquelyn Christy, Lecturer; Student Teacher Supervisor, College of Education, CSUF, Tustin
  1023. Amy Dowell, Advicate, ERN, Westport
  1024. Amber Jones, Historic Preservation Consultant, Arkansas Dyslexia Support Group, Little Rock
  1025. Janice Spangenberg, Parent of two dyslexic children, Chicago
  1026. Miriah de Matos, Parent and former special education teacher, San Diego
  1027. Tara Perez, parent, Mountain House
  1028. Danielle Paling, Teacher, Vancouver Island, Canada
  1029. Kareema Radford, Parent Educator, Roseburg, OR
  1030. Melanie Baerg, School Psychologist & Lecturer, School of Education, University of Northern British Columbia, Williams Lake
  1031. Naomi Jelks, Parent and Librarian, San Francisco
  1032. Becky Gasaway, Parent and School psychologist, Glen Ellyn
  1033. Susan Ward Schmidt, Tutor, SWS Literacy Solutions, Ann Arbor
  1034. Sonja Dyck, Parent and Teacher, BC, Canada, Chilliwack
  1035. Liz Barnes, Parent of a dyslexic college student & Non-Attorney Advocate, Decoding Dyslexia-NJ, Cream Ridge
  1036. Tammy Terry, Kinder teacher/parent, California
  1037. Michelle Anderson, Physician, El Paso
  1038. Anna Quint, Disability Advocate, Special Friends Foundation, Latino/Latinx
  1039. Nicole sheehan, CPA/MOM, Florham Park NJ
  1040. Tara Jewell-Mixon, EDUCATOR, Spotsylvania
  1041. Meegan Nagy, Engineer, Carmichael
  1042. Morgan Matthew, Parent Advocate, Black Parent Advocate, Menifee
  1043. Theresa Buczek, Teacher/Parent, Richland
  1044. Tai Allen, Occupational Therapist and mother, Oklahoma City
  1045. Amanda Fletcher, Parent to a Dyslexic child, Juliaetta, ID
  1046. Lorie Dawson, Dyslexic and mother of children with dyslexia, Long Island
  1047. Heather Cea, Teacher, Mother or dyslexic daughter, Hauppauge
  1048. Amy Tryba, Register Nurse, Parents of 3, one of which is Dyslexic, Altoona
  1049. Michail Boyko-Vekin, Business Owner, Father of a Dyslexic Child., Keswick, ON
  1050. Kristin Streeter-Tarlow, Photographer, Parent Advocate of 2 dyslexic children, Concord
  1051. Kelly Urbani, Elementary Principal, Indiana Area School District, Indiana
  1052. Melanie Presha, School Psychologist, Woodcliff lake, NJ
  1053. Sandra Norman, Mom, Mom of Aspen, who has dyslexia, Stettler, Alberta
  1054. Jennifer Fischer, Teacher, parent, Mother of a struggling student, sister to a brother with autism, California
  1055. Sue Dwyer, Guilford
  1056. Karin Dallas, RN, New Hyde Park
  1057. Tamara Jablonski, Mom, Pocatello
  1058. Diana Cessna, M.Ed., PCET, Educational Therapist / Parent, NILD, Valrico
  1059. Shawna M. Landaker, Attorney, Mother of a dyslexic child, Waterford, Ohio
  1060. Elizabeth Phelps, Mother of a dyslexic child, Hinsdale
  1061. Chrystal LaVoie, Teacher, Apopka
  1062. Dr. Michael Paff, Parent, Psychologist, SoR advocate, Gardiner, NY
  1063. Gabriel W. Landaker, 3rd Grade Student with Dyslexia, Waterford, Ohio
  1064. Kara Franke, Parent, Educator, tutor, Advocate, Lees Summit
  1065. Marlee Harford, Farmer, Mazon
  1066. Alison Babb, Parent and Advocate, Arlington, Virginia
  1067. Cindy Cline, Shawnee
  1068. Geri Kipp, SAHM & advocate for all, Louisville
  1069. Heather Martin, Parent, educator & advocate, Walnut Creek, CA
  1070. Ann Baum, Special Education Teacher
  1071. Kristine Haws, Business owner, grandmother of dyslexic child, Boise
  1072. Suzanne Joyner, Teacher, Ponte Vedra Beach
  1073. Kimberly R. Christy, Retired, Rural Valley
  1074. Shelley Skuster, Parent, Reading Tutor, Des Moines
  1075. Kevin Seaman, Parent, Olathe
  1076. Emily Clark, Teacher/parent of dyslexic children, Beavercreek
  1077. Shannon Olsen, Reading Therapist/Yoga Instructor, Ounce of Prevention Reading Center/EBLI, Grand Blanc
  1078. David Douglas Ayer, Hansa Language Centre, Toronto
  1079. Nikki McLaughlin, Parent and reading tutor, Waunakee
  1080. Deborah Lombardi-Aiello, Parent of 2 struggling readers, Wading River, NY
  1081. Lisa Nicholson, Elementary Principal & Parent, Arvada
  1082. Laurie MacLeod, Certified Nurse Midwife, Proud mother of 2 children with dyslexia, Branford
  1083. Sarah Woodbury, parent + disability advocate, Washington State, Marysville
  1084. Terra Walters, Parent, founding member Decoding Dyslexia MI 2013-2020, Traverse City Mi
  1085. Amanda Miller, Mother of 3 Children, Olathe
  1086. Shanya Caldwell, Reading/writing Teacher and Parent, Rutherford County Schools, Smyrna
  1087. Sarah Bannon Proulx, Teacher/parent, Middlebury
  1088. Courtney McClain, Teacher, Clarksville
  1089. Allison Lawton, Teacher, Estill
  1090. Tiana Lemley, Parent, Bayfield
  1091. Celeste Tini, Mom of dyslexic child, Advocate, Fairfield
  1092. Katherine Hamming, Physician and Parent, Lake Forest, IL
  1093. Renee Harding, Parent and Advocate, Sherwood
  1094. Violette Cortez, Parent Advocate of a child with Dyslexia, Eastvale, Ca
  1095. Diane Dragan, Lindbergh: Leaders in Literacy; Decoding Dyslexia MO, Saint Louis
  1096. Margaret Flaherty, School Counselor, Portsmouth NH
  1097. Bonnie Dombrowski, Parent, East Lyme, Connecticut
  1098. Michelle Castro, Mother of Dyslexic Children, Homeschooler, Training in OG/Barton, Sonora
  1099. Marianne Hunsaker, Parent, Rock Springs, Wyoming
  1100. Jenine Hanson, Parent, Dyslexia Action Group Of Naperville, Naperville
  1101. Jamie Young, Teacher, Scarsdale
  1102. Kerry M.Agins, Attorney, Agins & Gilman LLC, Cleveland
  1103. Sharyn Hoffert, Teacher, Gresham
  1104. Julie Stalker, parent, Rochester Hills
  1105. Paul Black, School Psychologist, Education Specialist, Kaysville, Utah
  1106. Brittany Jensen, Teacher in training, PoWR- Parents of Wyoming Readers, Casper, Wy
  1107. Tracy White Weeden, President & CEO, Neuhaus Education Center, Bellaire
  1108. Jeffery Christy, Professional Engineer, Rural Valley
  1109. Jessica Besler, Mom/Teacher, Wisconsin
  1110. Daniella Green, Advocate/Parent of dyslexic, Toronto
  1111. Kaitlyn Clark Matatia, Special Educator, Parent/Teacher/ Advocate for Sister with Dyslexia, Poughkeepsie,NY
  1112. Pamela Cohen, Teacher/Parent, Member LAUSD Board Special Ed Cttee, Los Angeles
  1113. Jake Spurgeon, Designer / IEP Student Parent, St. Charles, MO
  1114. Valerie Browers, School Psychologist, Parent, Torrance
  1115. Melinda Kim, Nurse/ parent of dyslexic, trained in OG, MD
  1116. Lynsey Hubbard, Parent of dyslexic student, Indianapolis
  1117. Guy Hartling, Teacher, Halifax
  1118. Rachel Lathrop, School Psychologist, South shore regional centre for education, Halifax NS Canada
  1119. Dana Cilono, Parent, Funder, Oakland, CA
  1120. Scott meyer, Finance, Parent/Advocate, Armonk, NY
  1121. Edith Hernandez, Nurse, San Antonio
  1122. Chrostowski Twyla, Sign Language Interpreter, Kansas City
  1123. Nicole Thomas, Teacher/Mom of dyslexics, Boston MA
  1124. Carolyn Czegel, Self-employed, Toronto
  1125. Regina A Kolarchick, Legal Assistant/Parent, Troy, MI
  1126. Melissa MacArthur, Teacher, Avon Maitland District school board, Canada
  1127. Shelley Blackwell, MTSS Literacy Specialist, Olathe
  1128. April Meier, Educator, Parent, Michigan
  1129. Holly France-Kremin, Nurse practitioner, Parent of dyslexic child, Dublin
  1130. Anders Lunde, M.Ed., Educator, Chilliwack, B.C.
  1131. Angela McMasters, School Psychologist / Parent, Indiana
  1132. Roselyn Gishen, MEd student / literacy researcher / tutor, Thornhill, ON
  1133. Marji Nordick, School Nurse, dyslexic, and mother to a fabulously dyslexic girl, West Ada School District, Meridian, Idaho
  1134. Robin Basney, Mom, Child with Dyslexia, River Forest
  1135. Erin Schryer, PhD, Principal & Researcher, Origins Academy, Quispamsis NB Canada
  1136. Sara Harty, Literacy advocate and parent of a dyslexic college student, Lake Forest, IL
  1137. Bridgett McDowell, Former South Lyon Community Schools Trustee, Parent, Northville, MI
  1138. Ronit Glickman, Teacher and mom to a dyslexic child, Santa Rosa City Schools, CA, Santa Rosa
  1139. Noelani Perry, Advocate, concerned citizen, home educator, Copperas Cove, TX
  1140. Erin Murphy, Ph.D., Mother and literacy advocate, Project Monarch, Champaign
  1141. Teresa Olafson, Registered Nurse, Advocate, North Dakota Parent's Right, Fargo
  1142. Lisa Koffler, Digital Sales, Columbia
  1143. Jennifer Garris, Dyslexic, mother of 2 dyslexic sons, OG practitioner -AOG, Lowcountry Orton-Gillingham, Charleston, SC
  1144. Gina Bring, Advocate, Parent, Blaine
  1145. Nichole Peltier, RN, Woodbury
  1146. Scott Crosby, Corydon, IN
  1147. Faith Sampat
  1148. Kathlin Bibens, Parent of 3 dyslexic children, Burlington, VT
  1149. Kristy Crosby
  1150. Dana Carman, Parent, Chicago
  1151. Dr. jennifer Bremser, Neuroscientist/mom
  1152. Juwana Riggins Simon, Student Advocate, Atlanta
  1153. Halie Creekmore, Delavan
  1154. Jeannine Leitch, Concerned parent of struggling readers, Lacey
  1155. Shawna Audet, Teacher, Flying Cat Academy, Smithers, BC
  1156. Erin Dudley, Ed.S, NCSP, School Psychologist & Parent, Chicago
  1157. Renée O’Brien, Special Education Advocate, Parent of 2 dyslexic children, Billerica
  1158. Laura Standridge, DC, BCN, Tutot/Parent/Speaker, Laura Standridge, D.C., B.C.N., Mount Pleasant
  1159. John McGrath, Lawyer, Law Office, New York
  1160. Colleen Walston, Mother, Concord, MA
  1161. Misty Powers, Tax Associate, Green bay
  1162. Jennilyn Pagan, Parent, Medford
  1163. Shelly Lee, Parent, Senior Business Intelligence Developer, Crestwood, KY
  1164. Alissa Plaisance, Director, The Bridge at The Christ School, Orlando
  1165. Michelle Walker, Parent & Advocate, Co-founder Open Schools USA, Portland, OR
  1166. Melanie Smith, Teacher, Mom of a dyslexic child and a reading teacher, Magnolia
  1167. Erica KLEIN, Reading Tutor, Grasp Reading, Fredericton
  1168. Jana Pursley, Teacher/Parent, Ringgold
  1169. Jessica Brody, Parent of dyslexic children that this curriculum failed, O Fallon, MO
  1170. Amy Leng, Accountant, University of Illinois, Rantoul
  1171. Heather Haigler, Parent, Delavan, WI
  1172. Carrie Wood, Parent
  1173. Christine Cohen, Literacy consultant and mom of a dyslexic child, Literacy How, Inc., Portland
  1174. Ashley Makridakis, Self Employex, Boston
  1175. Janice Jones, Parent, Parent of dyslexic university graduate and B.Ed student, Halifax, NS
  1176. Melanie Brethour, Teacher & parent, Decoding Dyslexia Quebec, Brossard
  1177. Amy Nugent, Parent, Ogdensburg, NY
  1178. Lyndi Cook, Self Employed, Peru
  1179. Jillian McDonough, Business owner, mom of dyslexic children, Winchester
  1180. Holly Hesse, parent, engineer, Atlanta
  1181. Meredith Kroot, Parent, CPS Family Literacy Collaborative, Chicago
  1182. Melissa Bosman, RN, Garden City
  1183. Nanci Sears Perry, Parent of college students who are dyslexic & former tutor, Decoding Dyslexia Indiana, Muncie, IN
  1184. Marie Torre, Mother and former elementary teacher, Mom to 2 dyslexic daughters, San Francisco
  1185. Joanne Neubart, Longwood
  1186. Erin Martin, Business owner, Charlotte
  1187. Julie Gosselin, Consultant, Marietta
  1188. Erin Ness, Parent, St. Louis
  1189. Beth Blum, Parent / educator, Westchester, NY
  1190. Kecia Lettington, Leesburg, VA
  1191. Ena Stoops
  1192. Meagan Swingle, Parent, Decoding Dyslexia Georgia, UntilAllCanRead.ORG and Little Light Group, Decatur
  1193. Nykki Stevens, Vice President, former teacher, mother of a dyslexic, Monmouth, ME
  1194. Steve Dawson, Dyslexic photographer & artist / parent of dyslexic child, Tampa Bay
  1195. Kristen McKee, Ed.S., School Psychologist/Parent, Lagrange Park
  1196. Dianne Dawson, Child & spouse have dyslexia / 1st Grade Teacher, Tampa Bay
  1197. Michelle Nelson, Professor, Urbana
  1198. Dina Tanzillo, Teacher/parent, Morrisville
  1199. Sara McCullough, School Psychologist, Dallas
  1200. Amanda Harrison, Bitter&Angry parent paying it forward, Literacy Moms NC, Raleigh, NC
  1201. Beth Bolger Rivera, National LETRS trainer, Former TC Student turned dyslexia advocate, Upper Arlington, OH
  1202. Morgan Ziegenhein, Parent, Arlington, VA
  1203. Brandi Perkins, Parent, CRNA, Fernandina Beach
  1204. Connie Foster, Advocate and Mother to a 9 yr old with dyslexia, Morenci, MI
  1205. Jill Schulte, Teacher, Wentzville
  1206. Shannon Johannessen, Business Owner, Reed Charitable Foundation, Winter Park
  1207. Amanda K. Whitmore, Parent, Maryland
  1208. Teresa Aracri, Pittsburgh
  1209. Gilian Goldman, Bedford
  1210. Robin Boda, Executive Director, Hope Education, St. Louis, MO
  1211. John Plunkett, Parent, Arlington, VA
  1212. Laura Goetsch, Ann Arbor
  1213. Katy Ruth Huling, Teacher, Parent, Folkston, GA
  1214. Audrey Wauchope, TV writer, Sherman Oaks
  1215. Philip Young, School Psychologist, Aiken SC
  1216. Laura Letiecq, Teacher, Manassas, VA
  1217. Brian Dailey, SAHP, Oak Park
  1218. Lindsay Sutton, Homeschool Teacher, Saint Charles
  1219. Lisa Baker, Literacy Tutor, Parent, Empowered Literacy LLC, Norwalk
  1220. Jennifer Delorenzo, Parent/Educator, Denver
  1221. Brian Caulfield, Writer / Editor / Parent, Scotts Valley
  1222. Molly Woodworth, Parent Advocate, Owosso, Michigan
  1223. Beckye Barnes, Parent, Educational consultant, Fort Mill Special Needs United, Lake Wylie
  1224. Milena Schmidt, Communications, Concerned citizen and parent, New York
  1225. Leah van Belle, PhD, Parent and Executive Director, 313Reads, Detroit
  1226. April Poer, Parent, Alabama
  1227. Lisa Salisbury, Teacher, League City TX
  1228. Brian G Connell, Business Owner, Parent & School Board Member, IntegrityFirst Consulting LLC / Olathe Public Schools, Olathe
  1229. Heather Kinsinger, Parent, Advocate, Fayetteville
  1230. Jessie Scott, Parent, advocate, dentist, Decoding Dyslexia South Dakota, Yankton, SD
  1231. Havah kelley, SpEd advocate/ parent, SF
  1232. Mindy Arriaga, Educator/Parent, San Antonio
  1233. Steven Pitts, Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis
  1234. Lisa Leggett, Parent, Advocate,Teacher, Waterford
  1235. Megan Bacigalupi, Executive Director, CA Parent Power, Oakland, CA
  1236. Sara Masura-Koester
  1237. Beverly Hill, Education Parent, Prattville
  1238. Benjamin Woods, Teacher, Suzhou’s International School, Melbourne
  1239. Jennifer Hyland, Mom/Advocate, Empowering Dyslexia for Spring Branch Houston, Houston, TX
  1240. Pavlina Stoyanov, Accountant, Mother, Toronto
  1241. Stacey Moses, Procurement Manager, M.S, B.S. Accounting, Parent, Katy
  1242. Jennifer Rowland, Dyslexia Mom and Special Educator, Nashua
  1243. Jeff Poole, Teacher, FWCS, Fort Wayne
  1244. Sherry Harper, Parent & Concerned Citizen, Waverly School District 145, Walton
  1245. Josh Fisher, Instructional Designer, Pittsburgh
  1246. Jennifer Hom, Redwood City
  1247. Jessica Kutsovsky, Special educator, Valley stream
  1248. Melissa Lang, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Center for Psychological & Educational Assessment, Atlanta, GA
  1249. Karin Maria Hodges, Psy.D., Psychologist, Parent, Concord, Ma
  1250. Jonathan Clark, Parent of two dyslexic children and one dyslexic wife, Maynard, MA
  1251. Jessica Clark, Parent & Advocate, Maynard, MA
  1252. Elizabeth Lahey, Attorney, Parent, Concord
  1253. Dr. Annise Mabry, Retired Dean of Graduate Studies, The Dr. Annise Mabry Foundation, Atlanta
  1254. Alma Faust PhD, Research Development Professional, Naperville
  1255. Karrie Page, K-6 Literacy coach, Pennsylvania
  1256. Susan McGonegal, Dyslexia mom, Troy
  1257. Michael Malione, STEM Tutor, savemath.net, Piedmont, CA
  1258. Kim Barbalich-Arakas, Teacher, Mother, Educator, Advocate, Suwanee GA
  1259. Patti Fornwalt, President, OptiNet Consulting, LLC, Decatur
  1260. Cheryl Clemens, DD-IN, tutor, mother of 3 children with dyslexia, Greenwood
  1261. Sandi Smith, OG Tutor, Parent of dyslexic daughter, OG Works Tutoring, Greenville
  1262. Amanda Harding, Teacher and mom, West Newbury
  1263. Richard Reinders, Wauwatosa
  1264. Jaris Lewis, Teacher, Fruitland
  1265. Ashley Willmont, Teacher, Hahira, GA
  1266. Jeff Heindricks, Systems Engineer, Fortville indiana
  1267. Megan Carchedi, Reading tutor, Minneapolis
  1268. James Fogarty, Executive Director, A+ Schools, Pittsburgh
  1269. Kendra J. Pittman, Ph.D., Evolutionary Biologist, Parent of 2 with dyslexia and dysgraphia, Lawrence, Ks
  1270. Natalie Reyman, Hewlett
  1271. Faye Theriault, Tutor, Dyslexia Support New Brunswick Canada, Dipper Harbour NB
  1272. Sabrina Axt, Attorney, Law Office of Sabrina L Axt, Walnut Creek, CA
  1273. Shay McInerney, Teacher, Australia
  1274. Michelle Sarkan, Literacy Tutor, Valparaiso
  1275. Mary Markey, Moraga
  1276. Katrina Holcomb, Casemanager, Just People Inc, Flowery Branch
  1277. Catherine Sage, Mother to a struggling reader, San Diego
  1278. Holly Palacio, Education advocate, Decoding Dyslexia Olathe, Olathe
  1279. Kendall Pace, Former School Board President, Austin ISD, Austin
  1280. Cindy Smedal, Marketing Director, ORT, Chattanooga
  1281. Charla Lancaster, Dyslexia Mom/Librarian, Erie, CO
  1282. Mary C. Kretzschmar, Parent, Decoding Dyslexia-Alaska, Anchorage
  1283. Amanda Cox, Mother, Nonprofit President, Literacy Tutor, Indianapolis
  1284. Tina Simpkin, Meteorologist, Hammonds Plains
  1285. Richard D. Reinders, AP Psychology Educator, Port Washington-Saukville School District, Port Washington, WI
  1286. Angela Kinsey, Literacy Coach, South Carolina
  1287. Paige Abramson Hirsch, Parents of a dyslexic, former BL teacher and OG reading tutor, San Carlos, CA
  1288. Molly M Rose, M.A., CCC-SLP, Dyslexia Parent and Speech Language Pathologist, Adrian
  1289. Lori Janke, Federal worker, Davenport
  1290. Angela Milliren, Advocate, Parent of two dyslexic children, Overland Park
  1291. Tiffany Seaman, Parent, Advocate, Reading Science Doctoral Student, Kansas City
  1292. Kelly Peterson, Speech-Language Pathologist and Parent, Saint Charles
  1293. Mandi walker, Parent of a dyslexic child, Oregon
  1294. Katie Craft, Parent & SLP, Beverly
  1295. Shelby Gaul, RN, Cary
  1296. Emily Jansen, Amery
  1297. Sarah Cortell Vandersypen, Nonprofit Consultant, Baton Rouge, LA
  1298. Rebecca Pinquoch, Mom, Sedro Woolley
  1299. Christina Kelley, Teacher, Windermere
  1300. L Belinda Hill, Parent/OT/ dyslexia tutor, San Diego
  1301. Lisa McCarty, Parent, Decoding Dyslexia PA, Souderton
  1302. Ioana Santau, Parent of a child with LDs, Home, Boston
  1303. Rachel Levy, Clayton, Ca
  1304. Mollie Fahrmann, Certified Elementary Teacher, Ankeny, IA
  1305. Marilyn Muller, Dyslexia Mom, Weston
  1306. Emily, Sioux Center
  1307. Natalie Murrell, MOTHER, TORONTO, Canada
  1308. Lindsay Drakos, Co-Founder & Co-Chair, COKID, Colorado Kids Identified with Dyslexia (Advocacy Group), Denver, CO
  1309. Jana Pochintesta, Advocate and Parent, Longwood
  1310. Sarah Byrne, Dyslexic Attorney, parent, University Park
  1311. Charlotte Blanch, Reading tutor, dyslexic parent to 3 children with dyslexia, Austin, TX
  1312. Lani Mednick, Educational Services Specialist, CORE
  1313. Nancy Hartsell, Teacher, Grayson
  1314. Robin Zikmund, Dyslexia Advocate, DDID, Meridian
  1315. Christin Economou, Parent and Dyslexia Practioner, Worcester MA
  1316. Kate Pinkerton, Reading Interventionist & Parent, Houston
  1317. Charlotte Geary, Parent, Reston
  1318. Sheri Robertson, Self employed, Parent, Augusta
  1319. Jennifer Knopf, Parent, Attorney, President of Nonprofit, Orlando
  1320. Dinorah DellaCamera, Veterinarian/Parent/Board Member TMKTR, Teach My Kid To Read, Garden City NY
  1321. Tristin Harper, Attorney, Newnan, GA
  1322. Stacey Ramseyer, parent, Orrville, Ohio
  1323. Jessica McKee, Parent, Pottstown
  1324. Danielle Davis, Parent, Noblesville, IN
  1325. Diann Mair, Parent, Private Reading Tutor, Ogden
  1326. Natalie Gallimore, Volunteer Research Lead, Decoding Dyslexia Ontario, Ottawa
  1327. Bethany Kulig, Reading Specialist, Melbourne
  1328. Dr. M Kinzie, Doctor of Physical Therapy and parent, Frederick
  1329. Joanne Franco, Parent & Advocate, Dyslexia Advocacy Action Group, Long Island, NY
  1330. David Weingartner, Parent, MPS Academics Advocacy, Minneapolis
  1331. Ashley Johnson, Bothell
  1332. Maureen Ronayne, Mother, Medford
  1333. Frida Brunzell, Parent, Poway
  1334. Renee Saarloos, Parent, Sioux Center
  1335. Caron Howick, Parent, NJ
  1336. Kelli Owen, Educator, Jackson
  1337. Elizabeth Gyurko, Parent, Raleigh NC
  1338. Leah Noreng, Parent, Oro Valley, AZ
  1339. Macy Abell, Parent, Grayson
  1340. Amy Loggins, Frustrated Parent, Cornelia
  1341. Ellen Popov, Parent, Norcross
  1342. Brittany Wheelus, Parent, Statham
  1343. Missy Purcell, Parent and Advocate, Gwinnett Advocates for Dyslexia, Lilburn
  1344. Sarah Levine, Teacher, Parent, New Haven
  1345. Christina Engberg, State Leader, Parent, Decoding Dyslexia Georgia, Atlanta
  1346. Krysten Jenkins, Parent, Gainesville
  1347. Adrienne Groman, Biostatistician, Orchard Park
  1348. Lauren Taylor, Paren Advocate, Atlanta
  1349. Ashley Roberts, Parent & Advocate
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