29 January 2023

To Amazon's Audible.com division: Please reinstate support for HumanWare's popular Victor Reader Stream player for the blind and low vision community

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that you give priority to updating the Audible Sync software so that it supports the Victor Reader Stream from HumanWare.
The Victor Reader Stream is a device designed for blind users, with an intuitive user interface controlled via keys which are easily distinguishable by touch.
The Stream makes a wide variety of content accessible, including material from libraries specifically for those with print disabilities, as well as a range of mainstream content that is available elsewhere, but may be more difficult or less convenient for many blind people to access in other ways.
Victor Reader Stream users have appreciated Audible’s willingness to support this device in the past, and have expressed that appreciation by subscribing to Audible. While Audible continues to make efforts to ensure the accessibility of its own apps on smartphone platforms, for a variety of reasons, the Stream remains the preferred choice for a significant number of blind people to read Audible books. Just a few of these reasons include:
*The vast majority of people who are blind or have low vision are seniors who experience their vision impairment later in life. Some choose not to use a touchscreen-based smartphone. Lack of support for the Stream will lock these users out of the service.
*Even for experienced users of accessible smartphones, some simply prefer reading audiobooks on a dedicated device with physical keys. This may be because they find it more straightforward, but it may also be because heavy smartphone users who already have their screen readers talking a lot are concerned about battery life. The Stream is a dedicated reading and listening device that offers impressive battery life.
Some months ago, a new version of Audible Sync broke longstanding compatibility between Audible and the Stream for new users seeking to authorise their Audible accounts. This has been a growing frustration, but the matter has come to a head now because HumanWare has announced a new version of the Victor Reader Stream. This means many blind and low vision Stream users around the world will be upgrading their devices, and will lose access to Audible if Audible does not act.
In a recent podcast interview, HumanWare confirmed that while support for Audible on the Stream is ready to go, their new third generation Stream cannot support Audible until Audible adds support for the Stream in Audible Sync.
Blind people are avid audiobook readers, and therefore passionate Audible customers. Indeed, the audiobook format was invented for blind people. Only a fraction of the world's books are accessible to blind people. After many years of enjoying Audible on the Stream, it would be a disappointing and distressing sep backwards if Audible were to deprive some people of access to some of these books.
We submit that not only is it the right thing to do to give blind Audible customers support for the service in whatever way feels most comfortable to them, it is a good business decision. There is no doubt that Audible's support on the Stream has earned it revenue it would not otherwise have had. Not acting will definitely result in revenue foregone.
We therefore urge you, please, readd Victor Reader Stream support to Audible Sync so that current Stream devices in the market are supported again, and the third-generation Stream, soon to be released, is also supported.
We thank you for reading, and trust that you will remedy this matter expeditiously.

Update 03 February 2023

An Update on the open letter to Amazon requesting reinstatement of Victor Reader Stream support

Thanks to everyone, 678 people at the time of publication of this update, who signed the open letter requesting that Amazon reinstate support for HumanWare’s Victor Reader Stream.
The letter came about as the result of comments made by HumanWare representatives in episode 212 of the Mosen at large podcast that not only was the forthcoming third generation Stream not yet supported by Audible, but changes to Audible Sync prevented new authorisations of current models.
During the week, I received a comprehensive audio demonstration from a listener, which will air in Mosen at Large 213, showing that with the latest version of Audible Sync, authorisation of the current generation Stream has now been reinstated. I should emphasise that this is not a result of the open letter, the Audible Sync update had been published previously but it seems Audible had not communicated this fix to product management at HumanWare.
I have contacted HumanWare and they confirm that they have heard similar and verified the fix with internal testing.
This is good news for all current Stream owners.
While matters are less clear with the third generation Stream and it appears HumanWare may need still to do some work on their side, things are also looking positive there as well.
It is a pity that communication between Audible and HumanWare hasn’t been better, but it is great that those who choose to read Audible books on the Stream can do so now with the current device, and should be able to do so soon if they purchase the new model.
Full credit to Amazon for responding, but I encourage larger companies to take the time to communicate with those serving the blind community. We are a small market, but the consequences of these things are significant for us.
While better communications would have saved us the bother of this open letter altogether, it has been a positive demonstration that we care about this issue.

Update 03 February 2023

A final update

This is likely to be my final update on the open letter to Amazon, and it is all good news.
HumanWare have let me know that they will be meeting bi-weekly with Audible and that communications have been strengthened. Hopefully, this will avert future disruptions that have in the past in the cause of concern.
HumanWare further advise that the third-generation Victor Reader Stream will not support Audible at launch because further work is required on both sides, but that a software update will be released, most likely in April or May, that will provide Audible support.
I am also advised that the open letter was circulated among Audible staff and that they were moved and impressed by the passion our community displayed.
So with this issue resolved, I will conclude with two expressions of thanks.
Thanks to Audible for listening so respectfully, being so responsive, and recognizing the choice that many in our community have made to read Audible content on the Victor Reader Stream.
And thank you to everyone who took the trouble to add their names to the letter. Sometimes, it feels like we are too insignificant, as individuals and even as a community, to make change. But when those seeking change and those able to make that change happen are willing to engage with courtesy and compassion, we can all make good things happen.
Happy reading, and on this issue, it’s over and out.

627 verified
  1. Yanilza Gonzalez, NY Connect Benefit Counselor, CIDNY, New York
  2. SOFTDONE1, Finance, Government, Nnewi North
  3. Cathie Snyder, Durham
  4. Emilia Zocholl, Gdansk
  5. Sherry Jones, HM, organizer, Self owned, Whitley City
  6. Manon Daigle, Saint Lambert
  7. Wayne Gile, retired
  8. Wayne Gile, retired, Lions, Palm Coast, FL
  9. Natalie Osborne, Vision rehabilitation specialist, CIUSSS Centre-Ouest de l'ile de Montreal, Montreal
  10. Catherine M Stager, Assistive Technology Specialist, Front Range Community College, Fort Collins
  11. John Taylor, Sterling Adaptives, Santa Rosa
  12. ชยานนท์ กุศลวงษ์, business owner, TaroEnterprises, Wang Thonglang
  13. Sidaqvir Singh Lotay, Student, Montreal
  14. Tracey Ansman, Retired, American Council for the Blind, Walbridge
  15. sara, special care counsellor, ciusss mab site, montreal
  16. Biplab Ghosh, DBA Manager, CP Rail, Calgary
  17. Dave Scott, Commercial Property Management, Toronto
  18. Mark Riccobono, President, National Federation of the Blind, Baltimore
  19. Anita Everette
  20. Joseph P Ansman, WALBRIDGE
  21. Gail Johnson, na, na, Kyle
  22. Chantal Ferreira, Johannesburg South Africa
  23. Ayoola Efunkoya, Journalist and Accessibility Consultant, Lagos, Nigeria
  24. Don Davia, retired, Glen Ellyn
  25. Mark Alan McLeod, Retired, Retired, Alexandria
  26. Barbara McLeod, Retired, Alexandria
  27. Sherri Brun, Medical Transcriber, National Federation of the Blind, Orlando
  28. Randy Rusnak, access technology trainer, Duluth
  29. Anna Nevis, Program Technician II, CA Secretary of State’s Office
  30. Lachlan Thomas, Melbourne
  31. Violet Gill, Toronto
  32. Angel
  33. Parmjit Nahil, researcher, England, Coventry
  34. Anthony Cobb, EEO Specialist, National Federation of the Blind of Maryland, Ellicott City
  35. Ronza Othman, Attorney, Baltimore
  36. William McTague, Carrollton
  37. Brian, Programmer, NA, Warren
  38. Adrian Spratt, author and lawyer, Brooklyn, NY
  39. gregory L. bobo, Cyber Security, Huber Heights
  40. Alisha Geary, Dickson
  41. Glenn Lemmerick, Retired, Calgary
  42. Ramona Mandy, Tech Support Advisor, HumanWare, Melbourne
  43. Thomas Shults, Embedded Software Engineer, Consultant, Santa Clara
  44. Mickey Quenzer, Diane Ducharme, Franklin
  45. Lorie Ross, retired Massage Therapist, Keswick
  46. Si watson, Peterborough
  47. Olivier Collomb d'Eyrames, Directeur, ROP03, Quebec
  48. Thomas Bryan, Consultant, Personal, Wellington
  49. Karen Delzer, retired, San Bernardino
  50. Ken Scott, Retired, N/A, Sacramento
  51. Laura Lanning, Accessibility Specialist, Chicago
  52. Howard Goldstein, Retired, New Haven
  53. Wayne, tech, n/a, Denver
  54. Paul Warner, Software developer, Glasgow
  55. Mark Pighin, California rehab counselor, Martinez California
  56. Pshon Barrett, Attorney, ADA Group, llc, Jackson
  57. Lisa Blinn, Communications, Navigate Accessible Communication and Marketing, Burlington
  58. James, Screen Reader Analyst, BRISTOL
  59. Blake Roberts, Felton
  60. Phillip Brown, Ellijay
  61. Laurie Mattioli, Employment specialist
  62. Eileen Nisrahi, Occupational Therapist/CVRT, Oak Park, CA
  63. Marc Grossman, Accessibility QA tester, Miami Beach
  64. Jule Ann Lieberman, Assistive Technology Specialist Blind/Low Vision, TechOWL, Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, Philadelphia
  65. anonymous
  66. Diane Smith, Self employed, self employed, Calgary
  67. Mitchell, Oceanside
  68. Edward Hudson, Retired, Ormond Beach FL
  69. Kate Crohan, Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Perkins School for the Blind, Arlington
  70. Pamela Loch, Retired teacher, Bay state Council of the Blind, Hopkinton
  71. Scott Greenblatt, attorney, Tampa
  72. Christina Weymouth, IT Specialist, Arlington
  73. Paul Leake, Relationship Counsellor, Not applicable, Stockport
  74. Raymond Bishop, Therapist, Missouri Council of the Blind, Saint Louis
  75. Mark Sutliff, attorney, Boston
  76. Amy Downard, Teacher, Dept of Education, Honolulu
  77. David Andrews, Chief Technology Officer, State Services for the Blind, Stillwater
  78. Catherine Little, Physio, Calgary
  79. Brian Albriton, Reader advisor retired Los Angeles
  80. Rose Garza, Houston
  81. Jeanne Wisa Fike, homemaker, none, Chesterfield
  82. Joseph Z, a/n, a/n, orange
  83. Kristen MacPeek, Williamsville
  84. Wesley McGlaun, retired, Knoxville
  85. Jim O'Neill, Retired, Blancha rd
  86. Roxanne Calibraro, retired, Arlington Heights, IL
  87. Vickie Kennedy, retired, Hawaii Association of the Blind, Ewa Beach
  88. anonymous
  89. Steve Bauer, Retired Teacher, Culver City
  90. Roger Bailey, Retired, Charleston
  91. Adeline Ciment, Retired, Montreal
  92. Joan leonard, Retired
  93. Maria Campbell, retired, Kingsport
  94. Michael Babcock, Founder, Payown Media, Coquille, OR
  95. Christopher Claus, sales, Lubbock, TX
  96. Lovette Yewchan, stay-at-home mom, Surrey
  97. Kathy peery, Retired, Washington DC
  98. Mike Marlin, Librarian, Sacramento, CA
  99. Alana Guinn, Artist, Santa Barbara
  100. Regina alvarado, Retired, Sterling heights
  101. Michael Massey, Unemployed/retired, National Federation of the Blind, Pueblo
  102. Victor Andrews, Work for amazon, GNYCD, Brooklyn
  103. Angela Wheeler, Riverton
  104. Bruce Gilmour, consultant, BC Barrier Free, Vancouver
  105. Kevin White, Customer Support Manager, Chester, VA
  106. Greg Hall, retired, Kamloops
  107. Craig Aucoin, Produce department at Sobeys, CNIB, Pictou
  108. Mary Kozy, retired social worker, IL
  109. Marvin Commerford, Homewood, IL
  110. Lynette Elliott, Collone
  111. Andrew Summers
  112. scott meyer, retired
  113. Walter EG Elias, Hailey
  114. Gladys Sibayan, Estate administrator, AB Gov, Calgary
  115. william sean martin, disabled and half owner of Bluestreakradio.com, individual, mount vernon, il 62864
  116. Sheldon Martin Werner, Attorney, Department of Defence Canada, Oak Bay
  117. Mélanie Montreuil, Adjointe administrative, CIUSSSMCQ, Drummondville
  118. Ilire Goca, High School Transition Coordinator, The Arc of Ocean County, North Haledon
  119. Christopher Kchao
  120. Farrah Green, Student, Washington
  121. Kathy Claus, writer, Lubbock
  122. Kelly Wickham, Mineral Ridge
  123. Jody Wong, N/a, N/a, Montreal
  124. Amanda Wilson, Retired special, education, teacher, White
  125. JudithL Lawrence, Retired, ARBC, Torino
  126. Ricky London, Bible Instructor and Radio Station Owner, Elizabethtown
  127. Charles Bailey, Retired, AEBC and CCB, Chilliwack
  128. Dan Miner, Software Developer, Union
  129. Eric Sirois, Montréal
  130. Bruno Long, Long Exposures Photography, Revelstoke
  131. Sandra Moore, Director, Leicester
  132. Nancy roy, Retired
  133. Kimberly Carmichael, Senior Distribution Analyst, Talladega
  134. Monica Svopa, Houston, TX
  135. judy garrow, mechanicville
  136. yael hart, artist, Calgary
  137. Amro Bilal, Writer, Liverpool
  138. craig mcgee, disabled, epsom
  139. Tracey Melia, Director, CCABVI, Coatesville
  140. Brian, audibal and stream user, AEBC, north Bay
  141. David Hoppman, none, NA, Wernersville
  142. Diane Karabin, Homemaker, no organization, Canfield
  143. Sandro Greco, Administrative Agent, Batshaw Youth and Family Centres, Montreal, Quebec
  144. Simon
  145. Michelle Collins, Mum, Surrey
  146. Monique Beaudoin, Semi retiree, None, Gatineau
  147. Irene Lambert, retired, AEBC, DDO
  148. stewart warren, retired, calgary
  149. Maria Friozzi, Chateauguay
  150. Betty Gray, Retired, Knoxville
  151. Nancy Murray, Retired, Albany
  152. tony bowers, retired, the accessible friends network, telford, UK
  153. Iris Corcos, Laval
  154. Catherine Turner, Creative Producer, Colchester
  155. Edwin Khoo, Executive Assistant, Singapore
  156. Angell Lu-Lebel, surrey
  157. Mary Ann Di Giacomo, Housewife, Montreal
  158. Maria Kovacs, Retired, Maple Ridge
  159. Angel Adorno, counciler, none, New York
  160. Kylee Maloney, Timeless Words, PALMERSTON NORTH
  161. Mary Lou Mendez, Office Operations Manager
  162. Aaron Linson, Sales Rep, Lab Computers, Lexington
  163. Andrea Guinn, Retired, Calgary
  164. John Vickers, Calgary
  165. Patrice Philion, Retired, Montreal Association for the Blind, Lachine
  166. Lee horne, Retired, Calgary
  167. Anthony Tibbs, Lawyer, Montreal, QC
  168. Lee Martin, Retired, National Federation of the Blind, Indianapolis
  169. Maria Fitton
  170. D brown, Toronto
  171. Grant Pattingale, Piano Technician, Penticton
  172. Fran Warren, retired, Calgary
  173. Kelly Sapergia, Moose Jaw
  174. Greg Alexander, Retired, Volunteer guide for blind skiers - CADS, Calgary
  175. Hal Zapitosky Pearson, Home User, Montreal
  176. Sandy Zapitosky Pearson, Retired, Montreal
  177. robert trudel, alliance for the equality of blind canadians, montreal
  178. Burt ds, Retired, West Kelowna
  179. Jocelyn Clayards, Retired Telecom, Ski for Light, Calgary
  180. Sandra Baillargeon-Molloy, Community Organizer, Montreal
  181. Jakob Winkler, Contractor, Calgary
  182. Niccolina Mariconi, Teacher, NA, Springfield
  183. Shirley Manning, Retired, n/a, Hawthorne
  184. Marc Baillargeon, retired, Montreal
  185. Robert Ponto, school, alliance for equality of blind canadians, burnaby
  186. Steve Dresser, Retired, Reading
  187. David Plumlee, Retired, acb, Independence, MO
  188. Mary Brunner, Musician, AEBC, Vancouver
  189. Peter Quaiattini, retired IT professional, N/A, Calgary
  190. Adam Palfrey, Newton-Le-Willows
  191. Tom Jones, Retired US government employee, Mount Carmel IL
  192. Joe Foster, Retired Engineer, NA, Ottawa
  193. Marcia Yale, Volunteer, Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, Huntsville
  194. Cathy Stuckenberg, Web Accessibility Tester, Vancouver
  195. Hugh McLeod, Retired, Nanaimo Canada
  196. Betty Nobel, Retired Teacher, AEBC, Vancouver
  197. Lisa Lawson, Not working, Surrey
  198. Beth Terranova, Retired, Virginia Beach
  199. Michelle Kamermans, na, Alliance for the equality for blind Canadians, Dartmouth
  200. Joel Zimba, Baltimore
  201. Jerry Berrier, Retired, ACB, Malden
  202. Andrew Roberts, Personal Assistant, Ruardean
  203. Bobbie Jo Schillinger, Homemaker, North Versailles
  204. Susanne Burdyshaw, retired, PCAB, tacoma
  205. Laurie Scott, Retired, Cobourg Ontario
  206. Rick Alfaro, Retired, Boca Raton
  207. Eric Thomson, non, non, Dundee
  208. Jerry Purcell, retired, National federation of the blind, south euclid
  209. june thompson, homemaker, talladega
  210. Ryan Fleury, Blindness Sales and Support, Canadian Assisstive Technology, Vancouver
  211. Mark Morby, Brierley Hill
  212. Judy Dixon, Semi-retired, Arlington, VA
  213. Bill Belew, Retired, Ashland
  214. Christy Crespin, Clinical Social Worker, California Council of the Blind, Highland
  215. Phyllis Magbanua
  216. Graham Mustin, Retired, Leeds
  217. Deborah ralston, Retard, Manchester
  218. Louise Taylor, Hereford
  219. Barry Abbot, Retired
  220. Ray Gormley, Retired, Sandwell Visually Impaired, Birmingham
  221. Karen Karsh, singer-songwriter, Erie Colorado
  222. Joanna L., Archivist, London
  223. Jacquie Baxter, Baker, Manchester
  224. Marvin Atkins, Retired, Brantford Ontario
  225. anonymous
  226. Annemarie Cooke, mentor to blind teenagers, Treasurer, National Federation of the Blind of NJ, Southampton NJ
  227. Jim Denham, Access Technology Specialist, Madison, WI
  228. Olga Kronenberg, Piano teacher, Princeton pro musica, Skillman
  229. mohammadwaseem khan, East Of Kailash Block G
  230. Dean Martineau, self-employed, Melbourne FL
  231. Lianne Fisher, Educational developer, St. Catharines
  232. Dr Norman Waddington, Animal Behaviour expert, None, Featherstone
  233. Darren Gilchrist, Network Analyst, Saskatoon
  234. Maria Grimaldo, Homemaker, Houston, TX
  235. Scott Rutkowski, Sydney
  236. Judith Boyce, Retired teacher, - - -
  237. Ross Winetsky, Jacksonville
  238. Michael Corcoran, Retired broadcast technician
  239. Ian Robinson, None, Cumbria, England
  240. Nicola Dixon, home maker, N/A, Hornsea
  241. Bijal Damani, Switchboard Operator, Leicestershire County Council, Leicester
  242. Mark Fielding, Customer service agent, Thornton
  243. Phil Smalley, Administration, Leicestershire County Council, Leicester
  244. anonymous, Clover
  245. Elaine Hoctor, Retired, London
  246. Jeffrey Baake, Chemnitz
  247. Yusuf Osman, Access Consultant, London
  248. Emma Skelton, Commercial Manager, Simtor Ltd, Carlisle
  249. Joan Ann Brosnan, Kerry Ireland
  250. Terry-Ann Saurmann, Retired state of Illinois rehabilitation instructor
  251. Valerie cole, Retired, Chelmsford
  252. François Boutrouille, Engineer, Montréal
  253. Paul Migliorelli, Retired, Boulder Colorado
  254. Emilie Viau, Montreal
  255. Christopher Sims, Telephone customer Service, ANZ Bank, Melbourne
  256. Jane McGoldrick, editor, Brooklyn, NY
  257. Michael W May, Retired, White Cloud
  258. Robin Fallowfield, Morgan Hill
  259. Harvey Heagy, retired, ACB, Baltimore
  260. Dennis, Advocate, AADI
  261. Marianne Robbins, Adaptive Tech Educator, Massage Therapist, Nat'l Federation of the Blind, American Council of the Blind,, Livingston, MT
  262. Sally A. Maguire, Retired, California Council of the Blind, Pinole
  263. Monty Icenogle, Bakersfield, California
  264. Natalia Voegele, Teacher for the blind and visually impaired., National Counsil for the Blind of Ireland, Dublin
  265. Ka Li, Markham
  266. Kathy Davis, National Federation of the Blind, Ormond Beach
  267. Ray Campbell, American Council of the Blind, Springfield, IL
  268. KK, NA
  269. Bobbi Blood, Customer Survey Satisfaction Representative, Draper
  270. Shaun Oliver, Self Employed, Adelaide
  271. Marcia Moses, retired, N/a, Canton
  272. Jack Lesser, Rochester
  273. LEE F MCLEAN, Librarian, Dunedin
  274. Lou Kolb, Retired broadcaster, Brigantine, NJ
  275. Debbie
  276. Zerline Johnson, Retired, N/a, New York
  277. Hope Williamson, Winchester
  278. Sophie S, Student, Wellington
  279. Kim Laver, Casper,
  280. Christopher Dempsey, Researcher, Auckland, NZ
  281. Stephen Judd, researcher, Christchurch
  282. Elisabet Gonzalez, interpreter, WINSTON SALEM
  283. Dave Wilkinson, Digital Accessibility Analyst, Hilton, Louisville
  284. Lena Hinkle, teacher, SixDotsArt.com, San Diego
  285. Isabelle Drolet, Nurse, Government of Québec, Sainte-Catherine
  286. Courtney Curran, Severna Park
  287. Ryan Bishop, Director of Customer Experience, American Printing House for the Blind, Louisville
  288. Peggy Kern, Retired, Sacramento
  289. Darla J. Rogers, Homemaker/retiree, Kansas City
  290. Jo Ann Kucic, ACB, Parkville
  291. levine, Flushing ny 11365
  292. Governor Staten, Presbyter, Cleveland
  293. Harry Grimshaw, Retired, Wigan
  294. Aaron Di Blasi, Publisher, Top Tech Tidbits, Mayfield Heights
  295. Brandon Kozak, Saint Cloud
  296. Sylvie Gariepy, Drummondville, QC
  297. Deborah Worstman
  298. Kevin Roberts
  299. Bill West, Retired director of various disability-related state projects, Friends of Colorado Talking Book Library, Denver, Colorado
  300. Victor Tsaran
  301. Luc Béliveau, Laval
  302. Marcia Dresner, Retired, Severn
  303. John Covici, It consultant, Covici Computer Systems, Leesburg VA
  304. Danielle Ledet, Education Liaison, Families Helping Families of Acadiana, Lafayette, LA
  305. Shea Anker, unemployed but a very avid reader of audio books, Prince George
  306. Dean R. Wasserman, Physician-Retired, Plymouth, MA
  307. Laurie Verwey, Household Engineer, North Bay
  308. Andrea Arrowsmith, Doncaster
  309. Robert Kline, Columbus
  310. Rick Harmon, Akron
  311. Nick Gawronski, student, end user studying audio engineering, Cleveland
  312. Patricia Harlan, ACB, Baltimore
  313. Lynn Buchanan, Carer, Liverpool
  314. Kevin Groskreutz, CTO, Springfield
  315. Shaun Everiss
  316. Tracy Duffy, sewing machine operator, Dallas
  317. Joy Tilton, Sacramento
  318. Margaret Mercer, Vancouver
  319. Lyndsey McBride, Manchester
  320. Cha Smith, Hawaii Association of the Blind, Honolulu
  321. Angela Matney
  322. Myrna Votta, Assistive Technology Specialist, Brooklyn
  323. Jackie McBride, Owner Bright Stars Web Technologies, Bright Stars Web Technologies, Sun City
  324. Jarrod Jicha, Self Employed, Holt
  325. Shay Bishop, Stay at home parent, San Antonio
  326. May Anderson, CSR, holt
  327. Shannon Smithson Reece, Mother, Las Vegas
  328. Adam Crispin, Managing Director, Home Instead North Devon, South Molton
  329. Sharon Strzalkowski, Information Coordinator, Bay State Council of the Blind, Worcester
  330. Tony Sohl, Unemployed, Tempe
  331. robert richards, retired, none, aurora
  332. Jay Pellis, Assistive Technology Instructor
  333. mary otten, retired, none, eugene
  334. David Quarmby, Retired, Outlookers, Huddersfield
  335. Stephen Clower, Software Engineer, Desmos Studio, PBC
  336. Ann Hamilton, Library Officer, Glasgow Life, Glasgow
  337. A;nita Doyle, Retired, American Council of the Blind, Encino
  338. Toni Nye
  339. Byron Sykes, unemployed, Louisville
  340. john melia, retired from fedex, exton
  341. Ray Wright, Teacher of the Blind, Sandy
  342. Debora, Canadian councel of the blind, Peterborough
  343. Joyce Oshita, Accessibility Educator and Trainer, VMware, San Francisco Bay Area
  344. Ruth tipps, Retired, Tulsa
  345. Janet Hunt, Retired, N/A, Winnipeg
  346. John Dowling, Musician
  347. Louise Peyton, retired vocational rehabilitation counselor, n/a, Tampa
  348. David Gordon, retired, Laguna Woods California
  349. Andrew Nelson, Piano Tuner, Private individual, Flint
  350. Michelle Routledge, House Wife, Private individual, Flint
  351. Rachel Bodek, blind adult and TVI, Insight Beyond Eyesight, Suffern
  352. Tj Squires, Accessibility Engineer, Caldwell
  353. Howard Foster, Retired, Amlwch Anglesey
  354. Linda C. Knight, New Port Rchey
  355. Christine Moore, Professional
  356. Richard Bartholomew, Retired, Edinburgh
  357. Herman Fermin, IT professional, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaf
  358. Rachel Usher, Volunteer, Royal National Institute for the Blind, Redcar
  359. Alexandre Bellemare, Montréal
  360. Viv woodward, Manchester
  361. Jakob Rosin, President, Estonian Blind Union, Estonia
  362. Kathy Legg, Retired, Akron
  363. Kyle Laconsay, Rehab Teacher for the Blind, Ho’opono
  364. April Enderton, Brailler, Beulah Reminer Legacy, Des Moines
  365. Peg Halverson, Adaptive Technology Specialist, Lincoln, Nebraska
  366. William Mutch, Retired upholsterer, Aberdeen
  367. Carole Bunford, Yeovil
  368. Brian Lendrum, Retired, Whitehorse
  369. Sherry Gomes, author, Patterson, CA
  370. Janell Groskreutz, retired teacher, n/a, chetek
  371. Jeffrey Stark, Manager, CWDO, Ottawa
  372. Sharon Howerton, retired, Chicago
  373. Lynn White, Retired, Individual, Grand Prairie
  374. Wesley Martin
  375. Nick Bell, Designer, Fayetteville
  376. Donald Moore, Retired, Port Charlotte FL
  377. Barry Hill, Halifax
  378. Jennifer Harnish, Rehab Services Director, Natick
  379. Robert Acosta, retired schoolteacher, American Council of the Blind, Chatsworth
  380. Virginia DeBlaey, retired, Madison
  381. Melissa Bube, High Point
  382. deborah e Joyce, author book on audible, self employed, Honolulu
  383. Ronald Canazzi, musician, Cheektowaga
  384. Genevieve Rousseau, Self employed, La Prairie
  385. Anna Sessarego Mercer, Teacher, Warminster
  386. Larry Watkinson, ADA Compliance Manager, Self, Olympia
  387. Peter Flanagan, Retired, Education colleges, Manchester
  388. Susan Jones, retired, National Federation of the Blind, Indianapolis
  389. Clare Page, Brêmes Les Ardres
  390. Debra Carver, mountaincrafted.com, Erwin, TN
  391. karen burgess, selfemployed, birmingham
  392. Jeremy Schmidt, Customer representative, Social Security administration, Bismarck
  393. Natasha Pogson, Billingham
  394. Sara Saint Jean, Westerly
  395. Anna Dresner, Pittsburg
  396. Rudy Azoulay, Montreal
  397. Anthony R. Candela, Administrator, Bronx
  398. Bernard Perella, retired, Cape CoralFL
  399. Clifford Blackwell, attorney, Madison
  400. Ben Humphreys, Accountant, Fernandina Beach
  401. Richard Adams, Retired, LUA, Decatur
  402. Linda Adams, Retired, LUA, Decatur
  403. Cathy lepage, Carignan
  404. Tony Swartz, Voiceover Artist, Allentown
  405. Helen J. McDonagh, Retired, Boston
  406. Janelle Joiner, Student, West Allis
  407. felix colaizzo, retired, none, houston
  408. Stanley Robinson, Retired audio tech., ACB
  409. Chris Nova, Mystic Access, Buffalo
  410. Kim Nova, Mystic Access, Buffalo
  411. William Vandervest, Lansing, MI
  412. Robin east, Policy and IT Analyst, Saskatoon
  413. Kimmie Curtis, HS ELA Teacher
  414. Paul Hopewell, Retired, Ex IBM, Eastleigh
  415. Ahmat, Paralegal, Utica
  416. Kathryn Bottner, Division of social services, state of Delaware
  417. Marita Mathews, Retired, Pittsburgh
  418. Mario Brusco, New Jersey USA
  419. Eric Kosten, Tech Support Rep, na, WyomingMI
  420. HELEN STARMER-ALLEN, Ecologist, Tetra tech international, Wigan
  421. Christine Hunsinger, Retired, and president of PCB, PCB, Pittsburgh
  422. Brian Tew, retired, N.A., Geneva, AL
  423. dave conkling, retired, Springfield
  424. Matthew Chao, Retired, BSCB, Newton, MA
  425. Julie Kline, N/A, Rochester
  426. David Kerr, Fort Myers, FLs
  427. Sheila M Foster., Retired., National Federation of the Blind., Leeds.
  428. Colton Hill, Computer Science major at Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas
  429. Tracy George, Retired, ACB, Talladega
  430. Jane Jordan
  431. Mary Ward
  432. Penny Reeder, Trainer, Guide Dog Users, Inc
  433. Danielle Burton, Apprentice Digital Accessibility and Inclusion, Louisville
  434. Dyann Burden, Traverse City
  435. Marvella Fresquez, Denver
  436. Aaron Spears, Lead Programmer at Valiant Galaxy Associates, West Virginia
  437. Timothy Appleby, Halifax
  438. Jerzy George Smolinski, Retired, personal use, Mississauga
  439. Michael Cleary, Wigan
  440. anonymous
  441. Anne Fairhurst, Secretary, Wigan Leigh Blind Society, Wigan
  442. Kathy Kalaluhi, Retired, Aliquippa
  443. Rebecca Reisner, blogger, New York City
  444. Lynda Boose, Retired, Houghton
  445. Abbie Taylor, Writer, Sheridan
  446. Russ Breitenstein, Retired, Louisville
  447. lilian stubbs
  448. Gerardo, Podcaster, Tampico, nexico
  449. Suzie Dufour, Quebec City
  450. Sonya Coulombe, Quebec City
  451. David Faucheux, Writer, Lafayette
  452. Lana Van Horn, Greeley
  453. Craig McIntosh, London
  454. Cheryl Fischer, NFB, Cleveland Ohio
  455. Mary Tyson, Retired, Daytona Beach
  456. Cheryl Miller
  457. Buffy Hartland, home baker, totally blind, halesowen
  458. Carrie Green, Regina
  459. Scott Berry, Healthcare Advocate/Healthcare Administration, NA, Billings
  460. Andrzej Holub, retired, na, London
  461. Jennie Facer, Test technician project lead, Boise
  462. Darren Hartland, Selfemployed, Treehouse Radio, Birmingham
  463. Joseph Norton, Dalton, GA, U.S.A.
  464. Paul Hunt, Retired, Austin
  465. Robert Martin, Professor Emeritus of History, Cedar Falls Iowa
  466. Curtis Chong, Nonvisual Access Technology Consultant, Aurora
  467. avid Richman, Professor Emeritus, University of New Hampshire, Durham
  468. Leo Bissonnette, Retired, Beaconsfield, Quebec Canada
  469. brice mijares, retired, modesto
  470. graham roby, retired, N/A, Manchester
  471. Robert Carter, Retired Psychologist, none
  472. Darrell Bowles, Accessibility consultant, advocate, Knoxville
  473. Chris Judge, Assistive Technoloty Specialist, Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada, Halifax
  474. Ian Dawson, retired, Bristol, UK
  475. Charles Wells, Unemployed, Munich
  476. Angela Miller, Retired, penrith Cumbria
  477. Reinhard Stebner, IT, Alexandria
  478. henry Miller, Retired, penrith cumbria
  479. Kevin Russell, Retired, N/A, Carmarthen
  480. Gary Ray, Retired, National Federation of the Blind, Asheville
  481. Kay Dear, Sight Loss Advisor Intern, My Sight Nottinghamshire, Nottingham
  482. David Griffith, Retired, None, London
  483. Audrey farnum, attorney, Oklahoma City, OK
  484. Julie Dawson, retired, National Federation Of The Blind, Kansas City
  485. Mollie McLeod, San Jose
  486. John Gassman, sales reservation agent Walt Disney Travel Company, Walt Disney Travel Company, Fullerton
  487. Milton Ota, Retired, National Federation of the Blind, Fargo
  488. Zivan Krisher, Access tech teacher
  489. Douglas Hunsinger, Retired, None, Pittsburgh
  490. Paul Miller, Retired, Assistive Technology Specialist, Aiken, SC 29801
  491. Emily Todd, Mediator, Government of Canada, Kingston
  492. Jason Fayre, Assistive technology specialist
  493. Lynette Frison, Halifax
  494. Joshua Swatosh, Austin
  495. Donald Risavy, Senior Rehabilitation Instructor, DBS, Daytona Beach
  496. Ricky Enger, Assistive Technology Content Creator, Hadley Institute, Charlotte
  497. Peter Tucic, Chicago
  498. keith waters, retired, london
  499. Louis Maher, Retired, NFB, Houston
  500. Paul Phillips, Retired, Bellville
  501. Maryse Glaude-Beaulieu, Ottawa
  502. Karen McCall, Digital Accessibility Professional, Toronto
  503. Andre Polykanine, Software engineer, Accessibility expert, Mannheim, Germany
  504. Alex Merced
  505. Kathy Blackburn, Retired State employee, American Council of the Blind, Austin
  506. Darren Paskell, London
  507. Linda Davis, Retired, Pittsburgh
  508. Rebecca Ilniski, na, na, Lansdowne
  509. aad leeflang, retired, private, noerresundby danmark
  510. Stephen Giggar, SR Programer Analyst, Edward Jones, Maryland Heights
  511. Edward Green, London
  512. Clive Jacobs, Retired Underwriter, Nr London, UK
  513. Terry Chaney, Royal Oak
  514. James O'Dell, Civil Servant and long-time Audible customer, Cardiff, Wales, UK
  515. Jane Carona, Silver Spring
  516. Nick D Daniels, NA, Derby
  517. Deenadayalan Moodley, Access Technology Specialist, University of South Africa, Pretoria
  518. Mariyah Saiyed, Software developer, Nhs, Birmingham
  519. Derry Lawlor, Civil Servant, Dublin
  520. Anne Fraser, retired, Glasgow
  521. Terry Robinson, retired, Glasgow
  522. Monique, Volunteer, Roermond
  523. Shawnese Laury, Rehab Counselor, Bureau of Services for Blind Persons, Detroit
  524. Adrien Collins, unemployed, home, Newton Abbot
  525. Robert Kingett, Author, Houston TX
  526. Kelly Burford, Architect, Murphy's, Austin
  527. Adi Kushnir, Assistive technology developer, Access Mind, Tel Aviv
  528. Macy McClain, Indianapolis, Indiana
  529. Katty, not working, Leuven
  530. Philip Simpson, Student, n/a, Nottingham
  531. Erika Gilbert, NA, NA, Moorhead
  532. Scott Erichsen, Access Technology Tester, Sydney
  533. David Ring, Retired, djringjr, Green Harbor. MA
  534. Leonardo Cantos, Arlington
  535. Paul Hopkins, Alternative Format Transcriber, All Formats, Birmingham
  536. mike pietruk, retired, none, oneida, il
  537. Sarah Matthews
  538. Martin Sutton, unemployed, Rugeley
  539. Pawel & Hanna Loba, Retirees, London, Ontario
  540. Celeste Wheelock, Pittsfield
  541. Martin Brown, retired, none, Maghera
  542. Ben King, Dental Recepshenest, King Family Dental, Spokane
  543. Mike Pietruk, retired, none, oneida, il
  544. Tina Hansen, Salem
  545. Jackie Brown, Technology For Life Coordinator, RNIB, Maghera
  546. paras, access tester
  547. Armando Vias, Byron
  548. Terry Clasper, Retired, Stoke on Trent
  549. Tara Briggs
  550. Iain Lackie, Retired, None, Bognor Regis
  551. Annette Moore
  552. Charlene Ota, Relay operator for the deaf, National Federation of the Blind, Fargo
  553. Humberto Avila, Braillist, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle
  554. Jim Mcauslan
  555. Sean Randall, Teacher, New College Worcester, Worcester, UK
  556. Katelyn MacIntyre, Music Teacher, Self employed
  557. Martin Jette, Tech Support, Anchorage
  558. Lynn I, retired
  559. Diana Brent, retired, Calgary
  560. Jasmine Kotsay, Currently unemployed, Bloomington
  561. Ashleigh Malone, Self-employed, Melbourne
  562. Shane Popplestone, Akron
  563. Margaret Thomas, Retired, 15 year Audible member, Kingston,RI
  564. Nick Pinder, Musician, HEDON
  565. Mitchell, Bakersfield,
  566. Timothy Wynn
  567. Ibrahim
  568. Graham Page, Technology advisor
  569. Vincent Blaise, Material Handler, Phoenix
  570. Melissa Hunt
  571. Katherine Schneider, retired, University of WI Eau Claire, Eau Claire
  572. Paula Pinder, Hedon
  573. Mich Verrier, un imploied., na, New Liskeard
  574. Todd HardingTodd HardingTodd Harding, Retired, none, Kamloops
  575. Dwayne McNutt, Hiltons
  576. Kaitlyn epperson, Content creator, Hazard
  577. Melissa Hoppe, quality control, Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Cincinnati
  578. Louise Hartgen, Caerphilly
  579. Gina Martin, Educator/instructor, Diverse Abilities, Victoria
  580. David Robson, Self employed, Premier Services, St. Louis
  581. Pamela Mast, Retired, Grove
  582. Pam Quinn, Retired teacher, Monticello, Iowa
  583. Susan Nance, Henderson
  584. David Goldfield, Product Manager, Philadelphia
  585. Albert Ruel, Retired, Parksville BC Cdn
  586. Gina Grunden, Columbus
  587. Joshua Hendrickson, Byron
  588. William Vandervest, none, none, Lansing, Mi
  589. Larry Lumpkin, retiree, Austin
  590. Jonathan Mosen, Mosen at Large Podcast, Wellington
  591. Jason Stradone, HENRICO
  592. James Scholes
  593. Louise johnson, volunteer work, AEBC, Surrey
  594. Caroline Toews, Winnipeg
  595. Brenda Bush, Retired civil servant, Ottawa Ontario, Canada
  596. Hamish Mackenzie, Digital portfolio accessibility lead, Melbourne, Australia
  597. Bruce Toews, Braille Proofreader, Winnipeg
  598. Justin Ekis, Memphis
  599. David Taylor
  600. Michael welty
  601. Bryn
  602. Kevan, Student, Kansas City
  603. Brian Hartgen, Company Director, Hartgen Consultancy, Caerphilly, Mid Glamorgan
  604. Margo Downey, Home health Care aide, National Federation of the Blind, Buffalo
  605. Miguel Orduno, Student, Carpentersville
  606. Matthew Whitaker, Audible User, n/a, Hackensack
  607. William White, Retired, Santa Ana
  608. Ruth Hartman, Castro Valley
  609. michael capelle, student, N/A, Wausau
  610. Berenice, Brownsville
  611. Donald Barrett, Technology Trainer, American Council of the Blind, Arlington
  612. Patti Johnson, Louisville
  613. Daniel Semro
  614. Scott Marshall, retired attorney, 20+ years audible member, Arlington, VA USA
  615. Dale Reardon, CEO, My Disability Matters https://allaccessibilitymatters.com, Cairns
  616. Myra Ross, Retired school counselor, Amherst
  617. Matthew Dyer, N/A, N/A, Columbus
  618. Keao Wright, Kaneohe
  619. Jack Falejczyk
  620. Andy
  621. Cay Bartlett, Retired government worker, Buffalo, NY
  622. Cullen Gallagher, Quincy, MA
  623. Mohammed Javaid, Social Worker, Huddersfield
  624. Dennis long, Na, Na, Shamokin pa
  625. anonymous
  626. David Allen, Professional loafer, Dunedin
  627. Ali Kazi, Solicitor, Birmingham
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