30 January 2024
Toadsmoor Valley Preservation Open Letter

Dear Sir Julian,

We are residents of Eastcombe and Bisley who know and love the Toadsmoor Valley, especially the stretch just below Cricketty Mill, which has become a haven of flowers and wildlife. While we have no argument with the good management you are bringing to the fields above the old mill, between Bisley and Nashend, we would be dismayed to see the lower section cleared for sheep-grazing. It has an enchanting quality, a feeling of being away from the hurly-burly of modern life. It is also, we believe, an important place for biodiversity, with orchids and other flowers, bushes and trees where birds nest and many animals and insects find sanctuary. As you will know, it is a favourite walk for locals, dog-walkers and others, and some of us have enjoyed its tranquility since we were children. We ask you, therefore, to let it remain as it is, for us and future generations to enjoy.

278 verified
  1. Louis, Prisoner support worker, N/A
  2. Felix McClafferty, Painter/Decorator, Stroud
  3. Amelie Hünnebeck-Wells, Peatland Conservationist, Greifswald Mire Centre, Bisley
  4. Ruby Debonnaire, Retail Supervisor, Better Food, Bristol, grew up in Stroud
  5. Corinne Hunnebeck wells, Childcare, Bisley
  6. Calum McGowan, Instructor, Stroud
  7. Jemima bennett, Dancer/mother, Walk in the valley, Stroud
  8. Rory Thomas-Lawton, Production Technician, Stroud
  9. Gaby Horsley, Stroud
  10. Kate North
  11. Constance Winchester, Civil servant, Cabinet office, London
  12. John-Luke Back, Technical operator, Severn Trent water, Gloucester
  13. Oliver bennett, Exploring, Stroud
  14. Ed, Landscape Architect, Stroud
  15. Miss Z D Bennett, Student of environmental science, The Open University, Stroud
  16. Claudi Williams, Ops Lead for Sustainability Education, Stroud
  17. Louise Romain, Anthropologist, climate campaigner and podcast producer, Stroud
  18. Teresa Howes, Retired, Stroud
  19. Ophelia, Eastbourne
  20. Sally Birch, Retired, Nailsworth
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verified signatures
  1. Jo Corley, Lecturer, Stroud
  2. Janet Keppie, Retired
  3. James Sweetman, Ecological Consultant, Niche Ecology, Brimscombe
  4. Jennifer Godsell, Company Secretary, Brimscombe
  5. Iona Edmonds, Stroud
  6. Emily van de Venter, Brimscombe, Stroud
  7. Georgia Griffiths, Manchester
  8. Mathew Wilson, Designer, Stroud
  9. Richard Knight, Silicon Chip Architect, Infineon Technologies, Toadsmoor
  10. Dr Wendy Bowley, Clinical Psychologist, Chalford
  11. Sha Xi, student, no, Khiva
  12. Grace B Newman, Bristol
  13. Connie Tongue, Civil servant, Nashend
  14. Christopher Bricogne, Surgeon, NHS, Brimscombe
  15. Alice Bricogne, Barrister, Brimscombe
  16. Steve Hurrell, photographer, retired, Stroud
  17. Julian roger Horsfield, Poet., Coleford
  18. Alan Sage, Stroud
  19. Grethe Paulsen, Gl52TZ, Stroud
  20. Richard Humphries, Retired, Bussage
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