5 April 2024
UKCP's recent withdrawal from the MoU2 on conversion therapy

On the eve of the 25th Anniversary celebration of Pink Therapy (the UK’s first and largest organisation created to help LGBTQIA+ clients and therapists to have a better experience in the counselling world), the current UKCP leadership has announced its withdrawal as a signatory of the current version of the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy (MoU2) (and from being a member of the coalition).

The withdrawal apparently comes about because the MoU2 includes conversion therapy against children, and the current UKCP board would appear to disagree with this stance. This is despite the UKCP being part of a coalition of professionals that is fully aware that conversion therapy impacts young LGBTQIA+ people. There is no evidence that suggests that conversion therapy works (and indeed, UKCP’s own website still states that they expect practitioners not to engage with conversion therapy) and extensive evidence exists that it is harmful.

We remain unclear about why including children (some of our most vulnerable potential clients) in a ban on conversion therapy is perceived as a negative. Statistics concerning homeless people show a significant over-representation of LGBTQIA+ people, including homeless youth. These statistics, considering the existence of the LGBTQIA+ child, suggest that children and young people are at significant risk of being forced into some kind of conversion therapy (or risk losing their home). The current UKCP leadership suggests that it does not disagree with the notion that ‘conversion therapy is bad’, but with the idea that ‘children’ and ‘young people’ should be included in the ban. We hold that if conversion therapy is bad (and we know from evidence that it is), then the age of the person does not actually matter. Conversion therapy kills. That does not change when someone reaches 18.

UKCP’s statement suggests that their concerns have not been listened to on “a number of occasions”, however, the fact that they voluntarily signed the MoU version 2 several years after they mention these concerns suggests that this is in fact a position change by UKCP, rather than an ongoing issue, where the wording for the MoU2 would have been robustly discussed as part of coalition membership.

Not only does this move potentially leave LGBTQIA+ clients undefended but also leaves the many queer and cisgender straight therapists who are UKCP members, and queer and cisgender straight trainees on UKCP-accredited courses feeling blindsided, betrayed and demoralised that a membership organisation they have either chosen to join, or are required to join as part of their training or job commitments, and no longer represents them safely. The UKCP has happily taken members’ membership fees and then made a unilateral decision not in the best interests of the membership, the profession, or clients, and indeed has done so entirely without consultation with its paying members. Who then does the UKCP represent?

UKCP’s current Board of trustees have made this unilateral decision, with no discussion or consultation with the UKCP membership as a whole, many of whom find themselves disgusted by an apparent ‘knee-jerk’ response, with no parallel documentation in place to apparently achieve the same aim (the withdrawal letter states their own policy on conversion therapy will be created). This comes after the UKCP repeatedly refused to respond to invitations for dialogue about serious concerns raised by multiple UKCP members, Members’ Forum Representatives as well as over a thousand signatories of Therapists Against Conversion Therapy and Transphobia (TACTT)’s open letter (last updated in January 2024). This letter was initiated as a result of the UKCP’s recent position concerning the promotion of so-called 'exploratory therapy' for so called 'gender-critical' therapists, again without any consultation of its UKCP members or concerned therapists and clients.

This latest decision made by the current UKCP leadership seeks to undermine the efforts of a broad-based coalition of professional organisations, respectfully working together for a number of years to achieve the agreed goal of ending conversion therapy. Undermining several years’ work and broad-based professional opinion that conversion therapy is harmful seems to be a retrograde step. Given the current climate of discrimination which has led to a record rise in violence against LGBTQIA+ people, this action of withdrawal from the MoU2 is an act of hostility which would not be supported by the UKCP membership, clients, or other stakeholders who are LGBTQIA+ or allies if they were consulted.

We suggest that the UKCP has acted against its own code of ethics (point 32) in making this decision. We firstly call upon UKCP’s board to reverse this decision made on behalf of its membership and other stakeholders without consent or any form of referendum, to establish members’ agreement with such action, with immediate effect.

Secondly we call on UKCP members to join us in calling for a vote of no confidence in the UKCP board, and in calling for their removal from office by a removal election. This letter serves as the petition calling for this, which needs to be signed by 2% of the membership (approximately 250 UKCP members, based on UKCP’s current listed membership statistics).

Join us in letting UKCP know that conversion practices for any age of client are not acceptable, and the most ethical way to ensure that clients are safely held in this regard is by adherence to the membership code, supported by UKCP being an MoU2 signatory.

We the undersigned, agree with the text above.

If you are a UKCP current member, please state this next to your name.

Update 05 April 2024


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Update 06 April 2024

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We’ve become aware that a small number of people aren’t getting verification emails. If you don’t get an email straight away, please would you try with a different address?

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  1. LJ Potter, Psychotherapist and academic, Private practice, Stafford
  2. Sophie Hickson, Trainee systemic and family psychotherapist, Kings college (training), London
  3. Danny van Deurzen-Smith, Deputy Principal, NSPC, London
  4. Tristan Brooks, Psychotherapist, NCPS Senior Accredited Registrant, Bristol
  5. Sarah Favier, Systemic Family Psychotherapist, UKCP registered, Birmingham
  6. J F Evans, Psychotherapist and researcher, Private Practice, Glasgow
  7. Gail Simon, Psychotherapist, The Pink Practice, London
  8. Faye mcdonell, Family and systemic psychotherapist, Private practice & NHS, Cambridge
  9. Erin Stevens, Counsellor, Ilkley
  10. Alec Warner, Trainee Psychotherapist, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Leicester
  11. Jenny O'Gorman, Psychotherapist, Gloucester
  12. Katie Fisher, Trainee Person Centred & Experiential Psychotherapist, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Sheffield
  13. Diana Hurwitz, Trainee Psychotherapist, Sherwood Psychotherapy Institute, Nottingham
  14. David-John Cooke, Therapist, York
  15. Kathryn Nawrockyi, Counsellor (BACP) & trainee psychotherapist (UKCP), The Minster Centre, London
  16. Addison Raven, Psychotherapist & academic, Private practice & SPTI, Nottingham
  17. Ambika Erin Connelly UKCP member, Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer, Private Practice, Derby and Trainer SPTI, Nottingham, Derby England
  18. Salvo La Rosa UKCP reg, Integrative Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  19. Rachael Peacock, Person-centred Psychotherapist, UKCP Member, London
  20. Anna Morelle-Grey MBACP, Psychotherapist / Counsellor, Clearview Counselling & Psychotherapy, Cardiff
  21. Jan Goodfellow, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Wiltshire
  22. Emma Jacobs, Retired, Sheffield
  23. Martha Dunkley, psychotherapist, CliniQ CIC, London
  24. Rebecca Greenslade, Psychotherapist & Supervisor, Feminist Therapy Network, London
  25. Alistair Armitage, Counsellor (trainee)& Hypnotherapist in private Practice, BACP & National Hypnotherapy Society, Carmarthen
  26. Emily Bullen, Mental Health Nurse, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, London
  27. Jo Molle, Psychotherapist and trainer, UKCP registered, NSPC, London
  28. Emma Sunerton-Burl, Integrative psychotherapist, Bacp, Dolwyddelan
  29. Lenya samani, Psychotherapist, UKCP registered, Christchurch
  30. Lauren Dwyer, Trainee Psychotherapist, SPTI, Nottingham
  31. Helen Moss, Psychotherapist, UKCP reg., York
  32. Dan Jones, Integrative Counsellor, TACTT member, London
  33. Josephine Shaw, Integrative Psychotherapist, UKCP & BACP, Tunbridge Wells
  34. Claudia Zitz, Systemic Psychotherapist, Clinical Psychologist, Gender Plus, Birmingham
  35. Cat Johnston, Therapist, Supervisor, and Pink Therapy Clinical Associate, Kaleidoscope Counselling Scotland, Glasgow
  36. Claire Shaw MBACP, Counsellor, Private Practice, London
  37. Clive Patrick Nolan, Therapist & UKCP Trainee Psychotherapist, Clive Patrick Therapy, Wales
  38. LV Penman, Integrative counsellor (MBCAP) / Trainee Psychotherapist (UKCP), LV Therapy, LONDON
  39. Dr H Eli Joubert (UKCP registered), Clinical Psychologist and Gender Specialist, NHS and Private Practice, Leeds
  40. Rae Yates, Counsellor and Supervisor, Rachel Yates Counselling, Worthing
  41. Emily Adams, Psychotherapist, UKCP member, Manchester
  42. Alex Sanderson-shortt, Therapist, Kas counselling, Manchester
  43. Matthew Metcalf, Therapist, Preston
  44. Mica Hind, Storyteller, Newcastle
  45. Dr Debby Jackson, Clinical Psychologist, Gender Identity South West, Exeter
  46. Connor Biggin, Healthcare Assistant, Nhs, Hull
  47. Anna Fielding, UKCP trainee member, Birmingham
  48. Emma Simpson, Counsellor (BACP), Galashiels
  49. Alice Tew, Psychotherapist, Alice Tew Psychotherapy, Manchester
  50. Ellis Morgan, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  51. Mr DK Green, Psychotherapist & Supervisor, Author, Clinical Associate., DK Green . com, Chesterfield
  52. Silva Neves, Psychotherapist, Private practice. UKCP registered & COSRT accredited, London
  53. Patrick McCormack, Teacher, Manchester
  54. Ruth Millman, Psychotherapist, Private, Kent
  55. Hannah Mckellar-Ricketts, Psychotherapist, Hackney council, London
  56. Caitlin Molloy, Systemic psychotherapist, South west London St George’s NHS, London
  57. Ayhan Alman, UKCP registered Psychotherapist, Private Practice - UKCP registered, Liverpool
  58. Jonathan Morgan, Trainee psychotherapist, N/A, London
  59. Andie Davidson, Author, Trainee Counsellor CPCAB, Burgess Hill
  60. Ben Ross, Psychotherapy Trainee, Gestalt Centre, London
  61. Joel Robinson, Counsellor, Private Practice, London
  62. Catherine Hoyland, Counselling Psychologist, BPS, Craven Arms
  63. Jo sparkes, Counsellor, BACP, London
  64. Cheryl Livesey, UKCP-accredited integrative psychotherapist, Private practice, Birmingham
  65. Mrs Jennifer Snow, Counsellor, MNCPS, Southend on Sea
  66. Tyler Hatwell, Psychotherapist, LONDON
  67. Daniel Blanchard, Systemic Psychotherapis UKCPt, NHS, London
  68. Louise Ogilvie, UKCP Registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, London
  69. Anna Fry, Counsellor, Dewsbury
  70. Brian Beamish, Integrative Therapist, Private Practice, Swansea
  71. Grant Denkinson, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, UKCP MBACP, Leeds
  72. PuiSum Wong, Trainee counsellor, Psychosynthesis Trust, London
  73. Lucia Sarmiento, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Oxford
  74. Erin Webb, Trainee Psychotherapist, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Nottingham
  75. Niki D, Psychotherapist, London
  76. Ryan Holmes, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, London
  77. Lucy Rabone, Trainee Psychotherapist, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Birmingham
  78. ALICE TOBERMAN, Trainee psychotherapist, Edge hill University, LIVERPOOL
  79. Amandine de Schaetzen (UKCP member), SrTrainee Psychotherapist, London
  80. Annette Strzedulla, UKCP member, Systemic Psychotherapist & Supervisor, London
  81. Astro Kate Jones, Counsellor, London
  82. Milena Alincova, NHS, London
  83. Zuzana feltham, Counsellor, London
  84. Dr Stella Duffy (UKCP member), Psychotherapist and researcher, Private practice, London
  85. Lynne Lacock, Counsellor and lecturer, BACP member, York
  86. Kasia Marzynska, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  87. Shona Grant, Systemic Psychotherapist UKCP Registered, London
  88. Kathryn Leo Fox, Psychotherapist and writer, UKCP, Hartlepool
  89. Jessica Wilding, Trainee Psychotherapist, SPTI & NCHA, Woodthorpe, Nottingham
  90. Tiffany Paul, Trainee therapist, Minster Centre, London
  91. Leanne Chance UKAHPP accredited course, Student Therapist, Parenting 2000, Preston
  92. Laurie Atkinson, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Nottingham
  93. Maya Soto Jones (Ukcp member), Trainee Integrative Therapist (UKCP), Metanoia Institute, London
  94. Claudia Kempinska, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Private practice, Northamptonshire
  95. Louisa Harvey, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Private practice, Birmingham
  96. Dr Guy Millon UKCP member, Psychoanalyst, Society for Social and Critical Psychoanalysis, Exeter, UK
  97. Lucy Kelly, Student, Edge Hill University, Liverpool
  98. Skylar Watts, Trainee therapist, SPTI, Nottingham
  99. Charlotte Dearing, Trainee Psychotherapist, UKAHPP, BACP, Brighton
  100. Alex Thomas, Psychotherapist, at ease therapy (NCPS member), Gwespyr
  101. Dr Eileen Wood, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Northamptonshire
  102. Gladys Diaz, Trainee Psychotherapist, (UKCP member), London
  103. Christine Thomas, Counsellor, Private Practice, Glasgow
  104. Joe Wild (UKCP member), Therapist, Joe Wild, London
  105. Leah Salter, Psychotherapist, Wales
  106. Mary Yeomans, Trainee Humanistic Counsellor, Kent
  107. Oliver Jenkin, Counsellor, Budleigh Salterton
  108. Louise chapman, Systemic and Family Psychotherapist, NHS, Shrewsbury
  109. Demetra Brege, Systemic Psychotherapist, UKCP registered, London
  110. Jackie Young, Family & Systemic Psychotherapist, Self-employed, UKCP member, Glasgow
  111. Karen Partridge, Systemic Pychotherapist, Institute of Family Therapy, London
  112. Siobhan Toner, Person centred therapist, Private practice, London
  113. Sofia Robinson, Systemic family psychotherapist, UKCP member, Epsom
  114. Nikki Millard, UKCP psychotherapist, London
  115. Phil Smith, Teacher and trainee psychotherapist, Sherwood psychotherapy training institute, Nottingham
  116. Kate Hardy, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Ceredigion Counselling, Tregaron
  117. Zoe Goodacre, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Swansea
  118. Caz Binstead, Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Private Practice; Co-lead #TherapistsConnect (BACP; NCPS), London
  119. Roy Graff, Counsellor, London
  120. Gustavo Camilo, psychotherapist, London
  121. Mr Hugh Palmer, Systemic Family Psychotherapist, UKCP Reg., York
  122. Charles Brooks, UKCP Trainee Psychotherapist, Manchester
  123. Lesley dougan, Counsellor, Liverpool
  124. Emily strang, Psychotherapist systemic, UKCP, London
  125. Aoife drury, Psychosexual therapist, Drury Therapy, Co. Dublin
  126. Sam Feeney, Counsellor/therapist, MBACP, Private Practice, Huntingdon
  127. Jenny Kermode, Trainee, Liverpool
  128. Chris Colcomb UKCP Reg, Psychotherapist, Talking Works, Hull
  129. Serge Nicholson, Therapist, London
  130. Kian de la Cour, Embodied Counsellor, Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists, Norwich
  131. Julianna Pusztai, MBACP Psychodynamic psychotherapist, Red Clinic, London
  132. Nick Field, Psychotherapist, nickfield.com, London
  133. Tania Glyde, Therapist, Private Practice, London
  134. Deborah Ritchie, Counselling, Birmingham
  135. Karen Bennett, Psychotherapist, London
  136. Leah Davidson, Psychotherapist, Pink therapy, London
  137. Danny Ford, UKCP Reg. Integrative Psychotherapist, Private practice, Wakefield
  138. Paulina Roszkowska, Psychologist, Gabinet Psychologiczny Paulina Roszkowska, Warszawa
  139. DiLugh Yates, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, DiLugh holistic counselling, Tadley
  140. Alec Caseley, Therapist, London
  141. Christine Oxborrow, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Ironbridge
  142. Nath Weber, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Prilly
  143. Rosanna Singler UKCP member, Integrative Psychotherapost, London
  144. Adam Curtis, Psychotherapist, Adam Curtis Counselling, Penzance
  145. Valli Bowring, Therapist, Mind U.K., Croydon
  146. Rea Pearson, Psychosexual Therapist, Exeter
  147. Roy McPartland, Integrative Psychotherapist, UKCP registered, Nottingham
  148. Mardi Kennedy, Sexologist, Belfast
  149. CJ Webb, Psychosexual Therapist, PCE-CfD counsellor, EMDR therapist, Essex
  150. Clare Plumley, Somatic Experiencing trainee, Self-employed., Brighton
  151. Antonio Prunas, University Professor, Milano-Bicocca State University, Milan, Italy
  152. Heather Robertson, Counsellor, Heather Robertson Counselling, Belper
  153. Thomas smithson, Therapist, Wiltshire
  154. Michele Kirschstein, Psychotherapist, London
  155. Genevieve Collister Brown, Psychosexual Relationship Therapist, Private Practice, MANCHESTER
  156. Alec Scott Rook, Founder, TMSA-UK (Trans Masculine Support & Advice UK), London
  157. Karen Pollock, psychotherapist, Counselling in Northumberland, Stocksfield
  158. Marco Antonio Marques Cortez, Psychotherapist, Mindmentor (private practice), London
  159. Gavin Reid, Therapist, Manchester
  160. Andrew Tobert, Trainee Therapist, The Minster Centre, London
  161. Donna Chester, Counsellor, Donnachestercounselling, Keighley, Bradford
  162. James Hardman, Painter decorators, Manchester
  163. Maritxu Arlegui, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Edinburgh
  164. Michaela Brooks (UKCP Member), Trainee Psychotherapist, Gestalt Centre London, London
  165. Bethan Griffiths, Psychotherapist, B Griffiths Counselling & Psychotherapy, Birmingham
  166. Diane Hassall, Psychotherapist, Your Time To Talk, DORCHESTER
  167. Stephanie Bushell, Psychotherapist, London
  168. Robert Allan, UKCP registered, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  169. Kimberley Graham, counsellor, Peppermint Counselling, Great Yarmouth
  170. Shae Harmon, Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist, Private practice, London
  171. Lorna Hobbs, Clinical Psychology, Private practice, Brighton
  172. Milo Jones, Edinburgh
  173. Kathlen Murphy, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Private Practice, Margate
  174. Cat Thompson, Counsellor, BACP Member, Peterborough
  175. Bogumila Malinowska, Counsellor, PCU, London
  176. Lauren Walters, Trainee Psychotherapist, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Nottingham
  177. Michelle, Psychotherapist, Michelle Bridgman Psychotherapy, High Wycombe
  178. Sarah Faithorn, UKCP member, Systemic Psychotherapist, Leeds
  179. Aleksandra Kraszczyńska, Psychologist, psychotraumatologist, EMDR therapist, Warsaw
  180. Helen Kerridge, Psychotherapist, UKCP member, London
  181. Toni Rhoden, Psychotherapist, Private Practice. UKCP Registered, Bath
  182. Lucille Mclennan, trainee psychotherapist, Brighton
  183. Christine Jayne Finch, Counsellor and Tutor, Private practice and IAPT services, South Cumbria and online, Dalton-In-Furness
  184. TK Vincent, UKCP registered Systemic Psychotherapist, Senior Therapist, Kent, Maidstone
  185. Joanna strong, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  186. Kirsty Don, Systemic Family Psychotherapist, UKCP Registered, Leeds
  187. Albie Cornell, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Private Practice, London
  188. Hayley Kilhams, Trainee Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Sussex
  189. Max Chamberlain, Practitioner Psychologist, Brighton
  190. Aylin Albayrak, Counsellor, Private Practice, London
  191. Anna Mark Diget, Relational Integrative Trainee, UKCP, York
  192. Bima loxley, Therapist, London
  193. ANDREW RIVERS, Trainee counsellor, Liverpool
  194. Scarlett de Courcier, Psychotherapist, BACP, London
  195. Christopher Headon, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  196. Karen Millard, Psychotherapist, SAIL, Sheffield
  197. Heidi Brown, Counsellor, Self Employed, Manchester
  198. Adam Knowles, Psychotherapist, UKCP reg in private practice, London
  199. Emily Hodgkinson, Psychotherapist, Former UKCP member, Leicester
  200. Dianne Markham UKCP reg, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Ayr
  201. Doug Stow, Psychotherapist, Private practice, UKCP registered & COSRT accredited, Milton Keynes
  202. Andrea Summers-Green, Psychotherapist, Portsmouth
  203. Natalie Clarke, Psychotherapist, UKCP registered, London
  204. Lauren Rutter, Therapist, Lauren Rutter Counselling, East Morton
  205. Jessie Holder, UKCP member, Arts Psychotherapist
  206. Anna Barry, Trainee Counsellor, UCW, Weston super mare
  207. Kate Moore, Psychotherapist, London
  208. Charmini Glo, Trainee psychotherapist, Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy, Manchester
  209. Adriana Brito, Psychotherapist, UKCP BPC, London
  210. Orla Blakelock, Psychotherapist, BACP, Brighton
  211. LJ Loveys Jervoise, Trainee therapist, UKCP, Metanoia, London
  212. Kate Lewin, Trainee Integrative therapist, Sherwood Psycotherapy Training Insititute, Nottingham
  213. Allyson Vuli, Psychotherapist, UKCP accredited, Doncaster
  214. Morgaen Warner, Trainee psychotherapist, TTMC, Brighton, uk
  215. Nika Jelendorf, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  216. AJ Bettison, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Orkney
  217. Louise Heywood, NCPS, MBACP, COSRT (training), Therapist, Louise Heywood Counselling, Northwich
  218. Dr Geoff Warburton, Psychotherapist, Self Employed UKCP MEMBER, London
  219. Susannah Gill, Psychotherapist, UKCP member, Bristol
  220. Gillian Keareny, Psychotherapist in training, Manchester Institute of Psychotherapu, Manchester
  221. Marie Darnell, Counselling trainee, CPTA
  222. Charlie Best, Trainee therapist, UKCP trainee, Birmingham
  223. Ivan Rodriguez, Dance and Movement Psychotherapist, ADMP UK, London
  224. Meg-John Barker, Writer, Brighton
  225. Emma Palmer, Psychotherapist in private practice, BACP accredited, NCPS senior accredited, Bristol, UK
  226. Fiona gorman UKCP individual member, Psychotherapist, Southampton
  227. Amy L Emmerson, Trainee Pyschotherapist, UKCP Trainee status, Hull
  228. Jamie McNulty, Existential Psychotherapist, UKCP registered, London
  229. Dr Charlotte Haylock, Chartered Counselling Psychologist, HCPC reg., MBPsS
  230. Maz Martell Tweedy, Counselling Supervisor, Private practice, Gloucestershire
  231. Jenny Watkins, Person-Centred Psychotherapist, UKCP Member, Jenny Watkins Therapy, London
  232. Isa Delannoy, Private practice, UKCP member, Eastleigh
  233. Claire Parsons, Counsellor UKCP Member, Private practice and training, Purley
  234. Lisa Marie Hall, Counsellor, Private Practice, Keighley
  235. Jo Hawkes, Trainee Psychotherapist and EDI Coordinator, UKCP, Hove
  236. Christine Beckett, Retired, St Helens
  237. Kathy Engler, Counsellor, Kathy Engler, Huddersfield
  238. Simon Stafford-Townsend (UKCP), Psychotherapist, The Bristol Therapist, Bristol
  239. Justin Clark, Psychotherapist (UKCP), Therapy Nottingham, Nottingham
  240. Jacquie Jenner, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Trauma Therapist, Ash Tree Counselling, Norwich
  241. Abel Brooks, Person-Centred Counsellor, T4T Counselling, Manchester
  242. Augusta Annesley, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Teddington
  243. Rachel Simpson, Trainee psychotherapist, Manchester
  244. Agnieszka Jankowska - trainee psychotherapist, UKCP, Metanoia Institute, London
  245. Stacey Duke, Psychological Therapist and Social Worker, Birmingham
  246. Dominic Keavey, Psychotherapist in Advanced Training, UKCP, Manchester
  247. Nicholas Wilson-James, Trainee counsellor, Canterbury
  248. Emma Dowson, Trainee counsellor, Worcester
  249. Marc Mason, Counsellor, London
  250. Nikoletta Karachaliou, Dance Movement Psychotherapist (ADMP UK and UKCP member), Imara CIO, Nottingham
  251. Chris Williams, Psychotherapist, GPTI/UKCP, London
  252. Tara Beazley, Therapist, BAAT, Edinburgh
  253. Isabella, Counsellor, Manchester
  254. Vincent Goyon (trainee psychotherapist on a UKCP accredited course), Counsellor, Vincent Goyon Therapy, London
  255. Cassi Perry, Counsellor, NHS and UKCP Registered, Banbury
  256. Harry Trent, Student, Sheffield
  257. Dr Anne Augustine, Gestalt psychotherapist (UKCP advanced trainee), Glasgow
  258. Penelope Wenham, Counsellor, Private Practice, Reading
  259. Ben Bradshaw, Trainee Psychothereapeutic Counsellor, Ellesmere Centre, Hull
  260. Alex Drummond, Psychotherapist, Cardiff
  261. Dr Jay Watts, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, City University, London
  262. Sophie Thompson, Psychotherapist, UKCP and BACP member (Private Practice and NTU), Beeston, Nottinghamshire
  263. Keith Barber, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  264. Alex Jamieson, Trained counsellor, Edge Hill University - UKAHPP affiliated course, Liverpool
  265. Hannah-Phoebe Bowen, Counsellor, Private Practice, London
  266. William Smith
  267. Matthew Meegan, Psychotherapist, NHS, London and Private Practice, London
  268. Emma Bowers current UKCP member, Trainee psychotherapist, Self employed, Manchester
  269. Rose Johnson, Concerned Parent, Derbyshire
  270. Yoav Landau-Pope, Clinical Psychologist, London
  271. Josh Moritz, Psychotherapist, UKCP reg, London
  272. Matei Dudu - UKCP registered, Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, STH NHS trust and SayIt, Sheffield
  273. Charlotte Bevan, Trainee psychotherapist, UKCP reg., London
  274. Rebecca Bogue, counsellor, London
  275. Paula Dangers, Counsellor, BACP, the Minster Centre, London
  276. Kirstin Bicknell UKCP member, Psychotherapist, UKCP member, CAMBRIDGE
  277. Enni Vanhatapio, Psychotherapist, London
  278. J.M. Welch, Trainee psychotherapist& therapeutic arts practitioner, APCCA, TPCA, Liverpool
  279. Ammar Al-Ghabban, Integrative Counsellor, London
  280. Ahu Tstli, Professor, Queen Mary University of London, London
  281. Tim Frost, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Re-Vision, and UKCP member, London
  282. Marita Fox, Trainee psychotherapist, CCPE, London
  283. Andrew Schiller, Psychotherapist, UKCP Registered, London
  284. Thomas Noonan-Ganley, Therapist, Private practice, London
  285. Megan Dalton, Trainee art psychotherapist, Goldsmiths University, London
  286. Rowan Hyde, Trainee psychotherapist, UKCP trainee member, Derby
  287. Esme Davies, Trainee psychotherapist, Metanoia institute, London
  288. Matthew Wheadon, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Bristol
  289. Mark Kinnally, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  290. Jane Flint, Psychotherapist, UKCP / GPTI, Melton Mowbray
  291. Gemma Maconie, UKCP reg, Integrative Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  292. Robert Manners, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Nottingham
  293. Dr Karen Adler, Psychotherapist; Trainer, Metanoia Institute, UKCP reg., Nottingham
  294. Susan Monteith UKCP Trainee member, Trainee Psychotherapist, University of Warwick, Warwick
  295. Maz Michael BACP Accred., freelance integrative therapist, BRIGHTON
  296. Laura Henderson-Begg UKCP member, Psychotherapist, Devon
  297. Gemma Masingiri, UKCP, Trainee Psychotherapist, Greater Manchester
  298. Orsolya Katalin Terenyi (trainee member), Counsellor, Chilworth, Guildford
  299. Jen Black, Psychologische Beratarin, Berlin
  300. Ryan Knight, Trainee, UKCP, Glossop
  301. Janet Busse, Psychotherapist, UKCP member, Bath
  302. anonymous
  303. Danielle Doughty, Crawley
  304. Noemi Lakmaier, Psychotherapist, UKCP accredited, London
  305. Michael Cahalan, Systemic Psychotherapist, Private Practice, UKCP, London
  306. Mihaela Momoiu, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  307. Sunny Hayer, Psychotherapist trainee, Regents University, London
  308. Helen Skelton (UKCP MEMBER), Psychotherapist, Brighton
  309. Rebecca Harrison, Psychosexual and relationship therapist, Newcastle
  310. Steph Scott, Trainee Therapist, Goldsmiths College, London
  311. Adam Kincel, PhD, UKCP Psychotherapist and Supervisor, Therapport Limited, Westminster
  312. Paul Isaacs, Trainee, Metanoia, London
  313. Felicity Brook, Trainee Person-Centred Psychotherapist, UKCP Student Member, London
  314. Jess Wright, Trainee Psychotherapist, UKCP registered, Bristol
  315. Jen Goff, Person-Centred Experiential Psychotherapist, Jen Goff Counselling and Psychotherapy, Glasgow
  316. Blythe Hunt - UKCP member, Trainee psychotherapist, Self-employed, London
  317. Rebecca Holtz, Clinical Social Worker, Oakland, CA USA
  318. Danielle Osajivbe-Williams, Therapist, This Is Dream Roots, London
  319. Danielle King, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Saint Leonards-on-sea
  320. Tracy Hutchings, Therapist, Ipswich
  321. Dr Claire Bloxsom, Registered Psychotherapist and Chartered Psychologist, Private Practice, Nottingham
  322. Amy Pearce, Counsellor, London
  323. Peter Wells. UKCP / COSRT, Sex & relationship therapist / supervisor, UKCP & COSRT, Brighton
  324. Roina Daniel, Systemic Psychotherapist, UKCP Registered, London
  325. Angelo Brieussel MBACP, Psychotherapist and associate lecturer, BACP reg. member, London
  326. Katherine M, Marketing, London
  327. Manu Bazzano, Psychotherapist, N/a, London
  328. Daniele Sorace, Integrative Practitioner, danielesorace.com, London
  329. Sarah Taylot, Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Private practice, Manchester
  330. Ta-you Chiu, Psychotherapist, London
  331. Neil Young, UKCP, Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, Neil Young Therapy, London
  332. Cam Field, Gestalt Psychotherapist, UKCP, Birmingham
  333. Herve Moquet, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  334. Rebecca Blacka, Therapist, Private practice, Manchester
  335. Carole Shadbolt, Relational Transactional Analyst, Independent practitioner, supervised and teacher
  336. Ann-Marie Wilson, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, BACP, Liverpool
  337. Clinton Raminhos, Therapist, London
  338. Louise Farrell, Psychotherapeuric Counsellor, Trainee member of UKCP, Norfolk
  339. Anamaria Tigan MBACP, Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Stockport
  340. Caitlin Buon UKCP Member, Psychotherapist, Becomings, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  341. Sue Wilders, Therapist, London
  342. Rachel McDonald, Psychodynamic therapist, Private practice, Faringdon
  343. Amanda Cromwell, Counsellor, London
  344. Sarah Wood, Therapist (UKCP), Private Practice, London
  345. Ablack, Carmen Joanne UKCP Honorary Fellow, Psychotherapist &Supervisor, London
  346. Julie Sale, Psychotherapist, Letchworth Garden City
  347. Tess Elliott, Relational TA psychotherapist, UKCP registered, Oxford
  348. Colin Kerr, Mental Health Counsellor, Private practice, Edinburgh
  349. Erene Hadjiioannou, Integrative Psychotherapist, UKCP Member, Leeds
  350. Deirdre MacGinley, Counsellor, BACP, London
  351. Sal Campbell, Psychotherapeutic counsellor, London
  352. Dr Georgina Bainbridge UKCP, Psychotherapist, Herne Bay
  353. Emilie Sclater, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  354. Law Turley, integrative therapist, Therapy@23, Exeter
  355. Will Reid, HCSW, NHS, Glasgow
  356. Hayley Watkins, Psychotherapeutic counsellor in private practice, Cactus Counselling, Bristol
  357. Holly Cassidy, Integrative Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  358. E N M, Trainee psychotherapist, London
  359. Alice Yendle-Parsons, Psychotherapist, Empower Therapies, Derby
  360. Neil Loffhagen, Counsellor, Counsellor Neil, Bracknell
  361. Ruth Nightingale, Psychotherapist, Bridport
  362. Mandy Coghill, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Wolverhampton
  363. Laura Woodhouse, Trainee psychotherapist, UKCP trainee member, Sheffield
  364. Annette Lucas, Body Based Therapist, Trainee Psychotherapist spti, Sheffield
  365. Lorna Edwards UKCP reg, Systemic psychotherapist, Independent, Cardiff
  366. Matthew Baskott UKCP, Gestalt Therapist, London
  367. Aman Sidhu UKCP member, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia, London
  368. Yannis Munro (UKCP, BPC), Psychotherapist, Self employed, London
  369. Florencia, Social anthropologist, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  370. Rachael Clyne, retired psychotherapist, self. previously a member of UKCP, Glastonbury
  371. Claire Alison Hams, Counsellor, Private Practice, BACP registered member, Epsom, Surrey
  372. Hayley Gearon, Psychoanalyst (trainee) UKCP member, Society for Social and Critical Psychoanalysis, Falmouth
  373. Annette Schwalbe, Body & Movement Psychotherapist, UKCP & ADMP UK, Radstock
  374. Lyn Wall, psychotherapist, 0251b954-7e71-4d93-a900-920844fc0b90, Gloucester
  375. Emmanuel Cornu, Higher Education Manager, Glasgow
  376. Zak Hulstrom, Counsellor, Private practice, Stroud
  377. Michelle gee, Finance Director / trainee psychotherapist, Metanoia, London
  378. Jinny Fisher, Retired psychotherapist, The Guild of Psychotherapists, Glastonbury
  379. Helen Turner, Family Therapist, title
  380. Dianne Bradshaw, Psychotherapist, AFT member, Sheffield
  381. Megan Tailford, Therapist in Training, CICS, Glasgow
  382. Orrow Bell, Trainee psychotherapist (UKCP), The Minster Centre, London
  383. Tina Hunt, Student Counsellor, Survivors’ Network, Hove
  384. David Collins UKCP registered, Psychotherapist, Horsham
  385. Jo Friston, Psychotherapist, BACP registered, London
  386. Helen Jack, Counsellor, Private practice, London
  387. Ilia Daoussi, Counsellor, Liverpool
  388. Nicola Saunders, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, UKCP, London,UK
  389. Sally Holligan, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Cumbria
  390. Daniel Morrison, Therapist, Q Changes, Todmorden
  391. Cam Ginty, Trainee Psychotherapist, UKCP, Manchester
  392. Marie Jefsioutine, Therapeutic Counsellor & Academic, Private Practice, Warwick University, MBACP, Alcester
  393. Catherine Menta, Counsellor trainee, Edinburgh
  394. Rod London, Psychotherapist, GPTI, Birmingham
  395. Tom Hall, Psychotherapist, UKCP member, SPTI trainee, Nottingham
  396. Elizabeth Michael, UKCP accredited member, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Chichester
  397. Michael Hill, Doctor, London
  398. Mark Matthew Palmer (UKCP Full Member), Jungian Analyst and Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Dublin, Ireland
  399. Catherine Marshall, Trainee Psychotherapist (UKCP), The Minster Centre, London
  400. Hannah Jackson-McCamley, Counsellor, London
  401. Charlotte Rump, UKCP Registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Norfolk
  402. Cassandra Geisel, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  403. Rachel Seymour, Therapist, Private Practice, London
  404. Lauren Donaldson, CYP Counsellor, Hitchin
  405. Laura Heslop, Trainee Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, The Ellesmere Centre, Hull
  406. Lucy, Psychotherapist, London
  407. Theresa Dewa, Edinburgh
  408. Allison Clough, Counsellor MBACP, (Private Practice), Sunderland
  409. Talia Cox, Person-Centred counsellor and civil servant, UKCP trainee member, London
  410. Lisa Anthony, Counsellor, Liskeard
  411. Cath Knibbs, Child/Adult Psychotherapist, Wakefield
  412. Lisa Etherson, Psychosexual Therapist and Researcher, North Shields
  413. Lisa Hayter, Counsellor in Private Practice, BACP, London
  414. Laura Eastwood, Trainee Psychotherapist, Manchester
  415. Dr Heather Wood, Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice, Leeds
  416. Toral Patel, School Counsellor, Nuneaton Warwickshire
  417. Tatian Monassa, professor, Universite Paris Cite, Paris
  418. Lynda Britchford, Psychotherapist, Nottingham
  419. Megan Preston, NHS worker, Hastings
  420. Alexandra Duffy, Trainee Therapist, The Minster Centre (training), London
  421. Kathleen Van de Vijver, Systemic and Family Therapist, UKCP registered, London
  422. sissy lykou, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  423. Alex White, Counsellor, Private Practice, London
  424. Dr Hettie Malcomson, Academic, Southampton
  425. Sarah Davidson, Clinical Psychologist, London
  426. maeve rutt, Trainee Psychotherapist, GTP, Manchester
  427. Sue Jones, Huntingdon
  428. Audrey Linden, Trainee Psychotherapeutic counsellor, Private Practice (UKCP trainee), Newcastle upon Tyne
  429. James O'Callaghan, Trainee Counsellor, The Minster Centre, London
  430. Fiona Yaron-Field, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, The Guild of Psychotherapists, London
  431. laura Wells, Therapist, Engage Counselling Service, Salisbury
  432. KRIS BLACK, Psychotherapist,, UKCP, Reg
  433. Philip Gordon, Therapist and Town Planner, ETHICAL POWER, Aylesford
  434. Iro Athanasaki, Counselling Psychologist trainee, London
  435. Beth Livingston, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, Private Practice, Taunton
  436. Naomi Rule, Psychotherapist, East London NHS Trust, Brighton
  437. Katie Linden, Psychotherapist (BACP Accred), Newcastle
  438. Dr Malgorzata Milewicz, Integrative Psychotherapist, UKCP Registered,, London
  439. Lynda Britchford UKCP member, Psychotherapist, The online trauma therapist, Nottingham
  440. Alyssa Dalos, Student, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
  441. Yvonne O'Keefe, Trainee counsellor, LJMU, Liverpool
  442. Charlotte W, Counsellor, Edinburgh
  443. Joseph Grech, Psychologist, London
  444. Frances Barker, Trainee counsellor, UWE, Bristol
  445. Helen Storey, Psychotherapist UKCP member, London
  446. Sophie Farrell, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, Brighton
  447. Harriet Wicks, Therepist, In training, Stonehouse
  448. Ashley Gallimore, Student Therapist/Charity Service Manager, UWE/BACP, Dorset
  449. Ania Dimond-Koroza, UKCP Registered Therapist, Metanoia Institute, BUCKHURST HILL
  450. Jessica Trainer, Trainee Art Psychotherapist, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
  451. Gram Davies, Therapist, UKAHPP (formerly also UKCP), Exeter
  452. Iana Trichkova, Psychotherapist and lecturer, London
  453. James Cullen, Counsellor, Exeter
  454. Dr Dhillon-Stevens, Psychotherapist, HDS Therapy, Ascot
  455. Dr Eiman Hussein, Integrative Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  456. Tom Yeats, Trainee Counsellor, UWE, Bristol
  457. Bex Mullins-Smith, Trainee therapist, London
  458. Sylwia Korsak, Counsellor (BACP), VoxelHub.org, Bristol
  459. Jacinta O'Shea, Trainee psychotherapist, Minster Centre, London
  460. Dylan, Trainee Counsellor, Bristol
  461. Johnny Donnelly, Therapist & Civil Servant, johnnytherapy.com, London
  462. Russ Wolf, Retired Gestalt Psychotherapist, former UKCP member
  463. Leanne Roberts, Psychotherapist, Society of Analytical Psychology, London
  464. Jemma Gray, Trainee Therapist, The Minster Centre, London
  465. Carina Badger, Trainee Psychotherapist, UKCP, Carina Badger Wellbeing, Manchester
  466. Heidi Mavir, Autistic Author and Advocate, EOTAS Matters, Wakefield
  467. Emily Grainger, Private Counsellor (NCPS Member), North Wales
  468. Mhonh, Trainee therapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  469. Angela song-chase, Trainee clinical psychologist, NHS, London
  470. Samantha Clark, Psychotherapist, UKCP accr., Margate
  471. Jack Brenman, Psychotherapist, UKCP member, London
  472. Samuel O'Connell, Psychotherapist, UKCP Accredited Member, London
  473. Jane Nash, Psychotherapist in private practice, UKCP, London
  474. Claire Barry, Psychotherapist, BACP, Manchester
  475. Rhys Butler, Insurance sales, Gloucester
  476. Jessica Bain, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, London
  477. Julia Ouzia, Trainee Gestalt Psychotherapist, UKCP Member, London
  478. Lucy Rhoades, Student Councellor, BACP, Totnes
  479. Shannon Mahanty, Journalist/ trainee therapist, Minster Centre, London
  480. Finn Dowdell, Psychotherapist, The Minster Center, London
  481. Munzar Sharif, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, University of East London, London
  482. Karen Stepanova, Education Consultant, Manchester
  483. Sara Whittaker, Trainee psychotherapist, UKCP Trainee Member, Reading
  484. Debbie Smith, Counselling student, Bristol
  485. Chris Collings, Student therapist, Bristol
  486. Raeesa Khan, Trainee Clinical Paychologist, University of East London, London
  487. Danny olive, Therapist, London
  488. Melanie Chillag, Counsellor, PAM Assist, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  489. Victoria Baskerville, Psychotherapist, UKATA, London
  490. Aisling Coyle, Trainee Psychologist, London
  491. Marie Dixon, St Ives
  492. Guy Harries, Trainee counsellor, University of Westminster, London
  493. Stuart Lorimer, Consultant Psychiatrist and Gender Specialist, NHS, RCPsych, GenderCare, London
  494. Cushla Barry, student, Metanoia, letchworth
  495. Clare Harland, Psychotherapist, MBACP, London
  496. Ittai Welby, London
  497. Emma Marlborough, PWP, Nhs, Rushden
  498. Remi Jokiranta, Trainee therapist, Family Support Worker, Youth Worker, Glasgow
  499. Zena Nicholas, Counsellor
  500. Olivia Streater, Dance movement therapist, EMDR therapist, Olivia Streater Movement Therapy, London, Basel
  501. Lauren Williams, Hypnotherapy, London
  502. Leo Robinson, Trainee counsellor, Re-Vision, LONDON
  503. Karen Young, Wrexham
  504. Christopher White, Traine therapist, London
  505. Barbara Carbon, Support Worker, MHC, Hirnant
  506. Silvia Plaza, Psychologist, Violet Psychology, Dublin
  507. Amy Ryles, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  508. Hayley Johnson, Psychotherapist in trainee, Ellesmere Counselling and Psychotherapy Training centre, Hull
  509. Natsu Hattori, Individual and GroupPsychotherapist, Tutor and Supervisor, Gestalt Centre London, London
  510. Gwen Coyle, Student, Liverpool
  511. Rosie Goldsmith, Primary teacher, Cambridge
  512. Dr Brian Murray, Consultant Psychologist, Psych Insights Limited, Isle of Man
  513. Amy Walters, Counsellor, NCPS, Wiltshire
  514. Lucy Sykes, Counsellor, Shine Therapy, Hull
  515. Marta Costa caballero, systemic psychotherapist, UKCP member, Hertfordshire
  516. Daniel lehane, Painter and decorator, Harrogate
  517. Yvette Bruce, Trainee therapist, Dunbar
  518. Mary Johnson, Registered Counsellor, Derby
  519. Martine Renoux, Therapist, Private Practice, London
  520. Leonie O’Dowd, Psychotherapist, Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Dublin
  521. Claire Spiller UKCP reg., Gestalt Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and PhD candidate, Cardiff
  522. Katie Sexton, Counsellor, MBACP, Sheffield
  523. Christian Bates, Programmer, ARM - non member, Cambridge
  524. Sara Vali, Counsellor, London
  525. Kathleen Maunsell-Cogley, Art Psychotherapist, University and education based, Wirral
  526. Phoenix Maycock, Radio Presenter, Trans Radio UK, London
  527. Daniel Anderson, Group analyst, Private practice, Liverpool
  528. Emma Pooley, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Hull
  529. Peter Fingleton, Trainee counsellor, BACP, London
  530. Francesca Hopkins, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Southsea
  531. Jo Harrop, Psychoanalyst (trainee), Society for Social and Critical Psychoanalysis, St Just
  532. Sandra Kuehl, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Brighton
  533. Sally Outen, Oxford
  534. Gosia Garstka, Trainee therapist, The Minster Centre, London
  535. Julia Martin, Psychotherapist, Welsh psychotherapy institute, Cardiff
  536. Debbi Burch, psychotherapist, private practice, Marlborough
  537. Fiona Firman, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Edinburgh
  538. Ellis Johnson, counsellor, West Yorkshire
  539. Nyla Moran, Counselling psychologist in training, Glasgow Caledonian University
  540. Peter Thomas, Counsellor, BACP, London
  541. Geoff Williams, Counsellor (trainee), Helston
  542. Mamood ahmad, Therapist, Ukcp, Berks
  543. David Curl, Counsellor, David Curl Counselling, Glastonbury
  544. Garthine Walker, Integrative psychotherapist and trainer, UKCP-reg, Cardiff
  545. Katy Cotterell, Art Psychotherapist, Self Employed, London
  546. Bianca Parker, Hub Adviser, University of Auckland, Auckland
  547. Sian Renwick, Counsellor (MBACP), Radical Empathy Counselling, Oxfordshire
  548. Paula MacMahon, Integrative Psychotherspist, Private Practice, London
  549. Dawn Lucas, Art Psychotherapist, Private Practice. HCPC registered / UKCP member, London
  550. Siouxsie Bytheway MBACP, Lecturer in Counselling, University Centre Weston, Weston-Super-Mare
  551. Sarah king, counsellor, Bedford
  552. Camilla Waldburg, Family and systemic psychotherapist, Queer Family Therapy, London
  553. Andrew Samuels, Jungian psychoanalyst, LONDON
  554. Liz McLaren, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Wokingham
  555. Samantha Carbon, Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor, Private Practice, London
  556. Samuele Russo, dramatherapist, private, bristol
  557. Dr Shaun Bruwer (UKCP member), Psychotherapist and Counselling Psychologist, Private Practice, London
  558. Andrea Lawton, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Manchester
  559. Rayane Chami, Research Psychologist, King’s College London, London
  560. Sue Cowan Jenssen, Psychotherist, The London Psychotherapy amd Trauma Centre, London
  561. Patricia Grey UKCP, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  562. Paul Mollitt, Psychotherapist, London
  563. Muriel Walshe, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, St Albans
  564. Lauren Stanton-Matthews, Art Psychotherapist, St Andrews Healthcare, Northampton
  565. Rita McGrath, Systemic psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  566. Mark Bodha, Trainee, GPTI, Liverpool
  567. Nardine Khalil, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, London
  568. Lynda Victoria Pabari, Psychotherapist, Herefordshire and Worcestershire NHS Trust, Hereford
  569. James Agar, Psychotherapist, UKCP Registrant, Private Practice, Stroud
  570. Carolyn Willitts, Landscape Architect, Manchester
  571. Mel Ciavucco, Counsellor, Private practice, Bristol
  572. J Chance Czyzselska, Psychotherapist, BACP, St Leonards On Sea
  573. Linsey Bailey-Rowles, Counsellor, United Kingdom, Burnley
  574. Adele Oti, Psychotherapist, London
  575. Lynsey Searle, Sex and Relationship therapist, Recommend Counselling, Burnley
  576. Meriel Whale, Counsellor and teacher, BACP member in private practice, Lewes
  577. David Hansen, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Leeds
  578. Deborah cates UKCP member, Family therapist, NHS and Private Practice
  579. TOM GREENALL UKCP MEMBER (Trainee), Psychotherapist, Society Social Critical Psychoanalysis, Helston
  580. Melissa Steptoe MBACP, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Basildon, Essex
  581. Dr Katrin Tunstall, GP, NHS, Cornwall
  582. Nicola Atkins, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Portadown
  583. Ben Banks, UKCP registered trainne Integrative Psychotherapist, Bristol
  584. Julie Masters, systemic paychotherapist, Centre for systemic social work, London
  585. Mikoto Nakajima, Trainee, Re Vision, London
  586. Abigail Grierson, Psychotherapist, Liverpool
  587. Zara Heber Percy, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Brighton
  588. Jo Moores, Psychotherapist, Private practice UKCP Registered, Manchester
  589. Dr Emma-Ben Lewis, Clinical Psychologist
  590. Charles Neal, Psychotherapist, Hastings
  591. Ulisses Belucio, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, London
  592. Caroline Ferguson, Worthing
  593. Katrina Ives, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  594. Leila Breckman, Psychotherapist, Manchester
  595. Sarah Eldrid, Systemic Psychotherapist, UKCP registered, Highland
  596. Verity McCann, Trainee Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist, Metanoia (UKCP member), Dorset
  597. Alison Thorpe, Counsellor (NCPS), Private practice, Brighton
  598. Rhiain Limby, Clinical Psychology Trainee, London UK
  599. Shannon Marsh, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, LSCFT, Manchester
  600. Orly Koppel, Psychotherapist, Private, Glasgow
  601. Louise Sunderland, Integrative Arts Psychotherapist
  602. Isabella Evans-Zoltowski, Trainee Psycotherapist, Regent’s University, London
  603. Antonia Higgins, Counsellor, Private practice/Tranquillo Counselling, Falkirk
  604. Adriana Prado, Therapist, NCPS, Bracknell
  605. Charlize Storm, Chesterfield
  606. Christa Drennan, Counsellor and Supervisor, Sagebytes ltd, Canterbury
  607. Luka Smyth, Edinburgh
  608. Dr Angela Wright, Doctor/sexologist, NHS & private practice, Hull
  609. suzanne keys, school counsellor, London
  610. Helen Eyley-Aboda, Trainee counsellor, Studying at University of Brighton, Rusthall
  611. Samantha jayne Barnsley-Bridger, Counselling Associate Lecturer, Open University, Huddersfield
  612. Drew McAulay, Trainee, Minster Centre (taining), Burton on Trent
  613. Emma Colclough, Counsellor, Retford
  614. Esker Saward, Leighton Buzzard
  615. Robin Ewart-Biggs, Systemic psychotherapist, UKCP registered, Keswick
  616. Eleanor Roberts, Trainee, University of Brighton (student), Hastings
  617. Lorna Fulton, psychotherapist, The Bowlby Centre, london
  618. Archie Tilleray, London
  619. Stasa Morgan-Appel, Counsellor/psychotherapist & researcher, Edinburgh
  620. Fawzia Kauser, Systemic Psychotherapist, UKCP, Leicester
  621. Philip Messent, Systemic Pscyhotherapist, Independent Practice, Hove
  622. James Falcón-Martini Hallett, Trainee Psychotherapist/Counsellor, London
  623. Rosie Stevens, Senior Research Assistant, NHS, London
  624. Morgan Gairell, Therapist, Private Practice, BACP, Worthing
  625. Kirsten Williams, Nottingham
  626. Bay Deane, Psychotherapist, UKCP private practice, Frome
  627. Kid Di Pasquale, Trainee counsellor
  628. olivia widner, Therapist, UKCP member, chicago
  629. Alistair Semmence, Trainee Integrative Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, UKCP, London
  630. Aidan Kelly, Clinical Psychologist & Gender Specialist, Gender Plus, London
  631. S.Dover, Patient coordinator, Gender Plus, Leeds
  632. Eleanor Gillott, Youth Worker, The Market Place, Leeds
  633. Reuben Thomas, Trainee Counsellor, BACP, Leicester
  634. jonathan greenwood, Cafe owner, Kulture, Leeds
  635. Jeanne Ziminski, Systemic Psychotherapist, UKCP reg, London
  636. D L Hopgood, Counsellor, Darren Hopgood, Counselling, peterlee
  637. Louella Faria, TA Student, Metanoia, London
  638. Claudia Kustner, Clinical psychologist, BHFT, Oxford
  639. Jos Twist, Clinical Psychologist, NHS and private practice, London
  640. Elisabetta Faenza, PhD Student, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh
  641. Camilla Ferraro, Trainee therapist, NHS, London
  642. Stuart Basden, Psychotherapist, RSPOP-UK (training), Todmorden
  643. Reena Shah, Psychotherapist, UKCP member, London
  644. Pam campbell, Counsellor, Stockport
  645. paul carruthers, Nurse Consultant, West Yorkshire, Leeds
  646. Ruth Barrett-Thoburn, Psychiatric Nurse (Adults and Children, retired), Cambridge
  647. Valerie Brind, Student, The metanoia institute, Norwich
  648. Kat Navrouzoglou, Trainee Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, Nottingham
  649. Lucy Martin, Counsellor, Supervisor, Private practice, Liverpool
  650. Anisha, Student, Leicester
  651. Leanne Parrott, School counsellor, John Colet School, Buckinghamshire
  652. Zaide Nicholas, Healthcare Support Worker, Great Western Hospital, Cheltenham
  653. Ali Milton-Doyle, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  654. Anne-Marie Martin, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology, Essex/Kent
  655. Stephen Tame, Embodied-Relational Therapist, ERTA, Bovey Tracey
  656. Caroline, Trainee Counsellor, Sheffield
  657. martha higgs, student, stourbridge
  658. Debbie Jelpke UKCP MEMBER, Psychotherapist, Nottingham
  659. Rachel Magill, Bangor
  660. Dominic Davies FNCIP FNCSP, Clinical consultant, Pink Therapy, London
  661. Ameen Kamlana, Psychotherapy trainee, UEL, London
  662. Victoria Nelson, Relational TA psychotherapist, UKCP registered, Deaf4Deaf LTD/DisabilityPlus LTD, Surrey
  663. Una Masic, Research Lead, Gender Plus, London
  664. S J Hubbard, Family & Systemic Psychotherapist, UKCP registered / independent practice, North Yorkshire
  665. anonymous
  666. Julie Iveson, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, MBACP, Leyburn
  667. Danielle Fitzhenry, Counsellor, Private practice, Stoke on Trent
  668. Sophie Holdstock UKCP trainee, Trainee psychotherapist, Gestalt Centre, London
  669. Erin Burton, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Eating Distress North East, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  670. Felicity Chaplin, Personal Assistant, Birmingham
  671. Jo McMahon, Gestalt Psychotherapist, GPTI/UKCP Member, Scarborough
  672. Abby Maitland, UKCP registered Family and systemic psychotherapist, Independent practice, North Yorkshire
  673. Eileen Docherty, Counselling, Private practice, Bathgate
  674. Sarah Jury, Trainee Counsellor, Metro Charity, BACP, London
  675. Katie Schofield, Counsellor, Doncaster
  676. Jenny Tudor, Trainee therapist, University of Salford, MANCHESTER
  677. Jack Mason-Goodall, Trainee psychotherapist, BACP, Bristol
  678. Seb Randall, Psychotherapist, CP-UK, Rowhedge
  679. Natalie Giorgi Alberti, Trainee therapist, Liverpool
  680. Fiona Sneddon, Trainee therapist, Liverpool
  681. Lisa Hayes, Trainee Counselling Psychotherapist, UWE, Bristol
  682. Briony Morgan, Counsellor, NAOS, Bristol
  683. Paula J Williams, psychotherapist and supervisor, Fellow and Senior Accred NCPS, Manchester
  684. El Welsh, Trainee psychotherapist, Metanoia, Bristol
  685. Josie A, Unemployed, Gloucester
  686. john gillespie, Therapist, Stornoway
  687. Faiza Khokhar, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  688. George Taxidis, Jungian analyst, Lecturer, BPC, Goldsmiths College, London
  689. Sally Evans, Psychotherapist, UKATA, Manchester
  690. Eleanor Aulakh, Trainee counsellor, Bristol
  691. Simone Owen
  692. Bob Smith, Psychotherapist, Birmingham
  693. Ruth Norman Mason, Therapist, Private Practice, Brighton
  694. Jules Haley, Person-centred Therapist, Jules Haley Counselling, Worthing
  695. ash d, trainee therapist, university of brighton, brighton
  696. Rory Smith, Therapist, Bedfordshire
  697. Alexander Smith, Trainee psychotherapist (trainee UKCP member), Self-employed,, Taunton
  698. Karen Greenfield-Burt, Trainee counsellor, BACP, Bristol
  699. Paul Stockwell, Systemic Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor, NHS, West Yorkshire
  700. Philip de la Haye, IFS practitioner and trainee counsellor, BACP/NCPS, Bristol
  701. Sarah Taylor, Life Coach, Hove
  702. Eleanor Carn, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Birmingham
  703. Richard Clarke, Counsellor & Supervisor, Private practice, Colchester
  704. Y totsuka, London
  705. Vivienne Watson, Trainee Therapist, UWE, Bristol
  706. Jo Law, Family Therapist, Self- employed, London
  707. Gillian Proctor, Lecturer, University of Leeds, Leeds
  708. Rosa Chillari, Psychologist, Dr Rosa Chillari, Stratford-upon-Avon
  709. Alex, Trainee therapist, UWE, Bristol
  710. Lynne Brown, Psychotherapist and academic, BACP member, London
  711. Caitlin BUCKLER, Counsellor, Bristol
  712. Jake Yearsley, Psychosexual therapist, Private practice, Tiverton
  713. Camila Ribeiro Castro Soares, Psicóloga, UFT (Brasil), Palmas
  714. Elisa Liberati (student UKCP member), Trainee therapist, The Minster Centre, Cambridge
  715. Michael Bala, Jungian Analyst, C G Jung Institute of San Francisco, San Francisco CA
  716. Emma Kedge
  717. A Gregg ukcp, Psychotherapist, Swansea
  718. Liz Calvert Thompson, Psychotherapist, BACP, York,UK
  719. Rebecca Smart, Psychotherapist, Private, Somerset
  720. Johanna Novales, trainee therapist, Minster Centre, London
  721. Zoe Hardie, Therapist, MBACP, London
  722. Erin kenny, Counsellor, Dundee
  723. James Price, Psychotherapist, UKCP registered member, London
  724. Teresa M Wilson Ukcp registered, Psychotherapist, Independent, London
  725. Rachel Hattingh, Psychotherapist MBACP & ACC, self employed, STANFORD-LE-HOPE
  726. Natasha Rosner, Trainee psychotherapist, Minster Centre, London
  727. Margie King, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Whitstable
  728. James O’Callaghan, Trainee, The Minster Centre, London
  729. Jo Self UKCP, Trainee Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  730. Ruth Lawson, trainee paychotherapist, Bright raven Therapy, Bromley
  731. Elena McGovern, UKCP Trainee Psychotherapist, South Warwickshire
  732. Teresa Cos, Trainee Psychoterapist, London
  733. Geoff Hopping, Psychotherapist, Link Centre, Brighton
  734. Paula Simpson, Nurse, LSCFT, Blackburn
  735. Isabel Wood, Bristol
  736. Arthur Niesser, Jungian Analyst, Private Practice, Schwendi, Germany
  737. Kitty McGilchrist, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia, Brighton
  738. Nibarna Kannathasan, Clinical Lead/Psychotherapist, BACP Accredited/UCPA member, London
  739. Michaela Mujica-Steiner, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Santa Barbara
  740. anonymous, Research Scientist
  741. Colette O'Connor, Psychotherapist, Glasgow
  742. Eglantine Flutre Grego, Trainee psychotherapist, Minster Centre, London
  743. Ruth Cohen-Rose, Couple's Therapist, St Albans
  744. Sam Settle, Community Coordinator, Braziers Park, Ipsden
  745. Chloe Young, Trainee counsellor, BACP student member, Bristol
  746. Joy Brooks, Psychotherapist, NHS & Private Practice, Leicester
  747. Dawn Thibert, Family Therapist UKCP registered, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, University of Bedfordshire, London
  748. Carlos Almeida MD, Psychoanalyst/Psychiatrist, American Psychoanalytic Association, New York
  749. Natalie Scott, Humanistic Psychotherapist, UKCP member, Norwich
  750. Claire Thom, Student, Physis Scotland, Edinburgh
  751. Erica, Student Psychotherapist, UWE, Bristol
  752. Anna Carling, Psychologist, Malmö, Sweden
  753. Rachel Kelsey, Teacher, Woking
  754. Oliver Jarvis, Psychotherapist, The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, London
  755. Cheryl Baines, Trainee counsellor, Bristol
  756. Helen Pitman, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  757. David Goldenberg, Psychiatrist, New York
  758. Sian Fletcher, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  759. Nicola Blunden, Trainer and psychotherapist, UWE, Bristol
  760. Kerri Parke, Counsellor, Private Practice, Sydney, Australia
  761. Mariana Panayides, Integrative Psychotherapist, UKCP member, London
  762. Oren Gozlan, Psychoanalyst, Toronto Psychoanalytic society, Toronto
  763. Stephen John Garratt, Jungian Analyst, Association of Jungian Analysts, UKCP member, London
  764. Victor P. Bonfilio, Psychoanalyst/Psychologist, Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern Califonia, San Francisco
  765. Sien Rivera, Psychiatrist, APsA, Columbia
  766. Sarah Levin, Psychologist/psychotherapist, Region Skåne, Kristianstad, Sweden
  767. Yuli Angelidou UKCP member, Systemic psychotherapist, Sheffield
  768. Jo Burch, Psychotherapist, UKCP member, Derby
  769. Rose Mahon, Coach, Mahon Coaching, Bristol
  770. Amanda Horwood, Mental health worker, London
  771. Adam Deuchars, Mental Health Nurse, Bristol
  772. Ruth Nanayakkara Bruce, Integrative therapist, BACP, Ramsgate
  773. Rob bode, MH nurse, Cambridge
  774. Grzegorz Giertner, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Edinburgh
  775. Rachel FAULKNER-JONES, Therapist, Simultas Counselling, DUNFERMLINE
  776. Rain Jones, Psychotherapist, Simultas Counselling, Edinburgh
  777. Catherine Richardson, therapist, Concordia, Montréal
  778. Dr Gillian Goodwillie, Systemic Psychotherapist, The Invergarry Practice, UKCP registered member, Shrewsbury
  779. Alice Kentridge, psychodynamic Psychotherapist, BACP, London
  780. Adele Wieder, Systemic Family Therapist, New Barnet
  781. Laura Keeling, Trainee psychotherapist, UWE, Bristol
  782. Alma Reisel, Systemic family therapist, Nhs, London
  783. Gwyn Whitfield, Psychotherapist, The Pink Practice, London
  785. Elizabeth Thomson, Family & Systemic Psychotherapist, Independent, Oxfordshire
  786. Elizabeth Day, Psychotherapist, Everything is Connected Press CIC, London
  787. Vasiliki Vatali, Systemic Therapist, Private practice, Thessaloniki, Greece
  788. Gemma Noakes, Artist, Camberley
  789. Carole Hunt UKCP member, Systemic Psychotherapist, NHS & private practice, Halifax
  790. Justine van Lawick, systemic practice, private practice, Amsterdam
  791. Susan Mary Benbow, Psychotherapist, UKCP registered independent practice, Stoke-on-Trent
  792. Lesley Kollikho, Psychotherapist, London
  793. Jonathan Richardson, Counsellor (BACP), London
  794. Belinda Hollows UKCP REG, Psychotherapist, London
  795. Kimberley Pearson, Therapist, Space and time counselling, Bristol
  796. cameron mcnee, Trainee Humanistic Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  797. Glenda Fredman, Systemic Psychotherapist, Independent Practice, Hove
  798. Fiona shaw, Family and systemic psychotherapy trainee, MPFT, Shrewsbury
  799. Emma Bronze UKCP Registered, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, Heart to Heart Child Therapy, Essex
  800. Sumeet Grover, UKCP Psychotherapist, Bedfordshire
  801. Maya Mukamel, Counselling Psychologist, LONDON
  802. Lotta Kitchen, psychotherapistist, UKCP, London
  803. julia nelki, Child psychiatrist, Merseyside
  804. Mark Huhnen, Systemic psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  805. Dr Peter JAKOB, Clinical Psychologist, CNTP Canada and Progressive Psychology Practice, Seaford
  806. Sandra Lansana, Teacher, Ashford
  807. Claire Cotgrove, Counsellor, Cotgrove Counselling, Norwich
  808. Efrosini Moureli, psychiatrist, infolibre.gr, Thessaloniki
  809. Sue King, Psychotherapist, Private practise, Cardiff
  810. Damian McCann, Psychotherapist, UKCP member, St Albans
  811. Lucy Watt, Therapist in private practice
  812. Anais, Freelance, London
  813. Ellis Beardsmore, Trainee Psychotherapist, Glasgow
  814. anonymous
  815. Elizabeth Riddell, Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor, MBACP, Glasgow
  816. Jack Goodwin, Trainee Therapist, Totnes
  817. Geoffery Unkovich, Dance movement psychotherapist, Stoke sub Hamdon
  818. Maxie Szalwinska, Psychotherapist, London
  819. Susan blishen, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  820. Hannah Mackenzie, Trainee psychotherapist, The Minster Centre, London
  821. Bella Jackson, Therapist/Mental health nurse, Oxford/London
  822. Jo Hadfield, Clinical Psychologist & Systemic & Family Psychotherapist, NHS, Reading
  823. Sue Harris, Perinatal systemic psychotherapist, Member of UKCP, LONDON
  824. Charlotte calpin, Trainee Counsellor, Sheffield
  825. L. Dennis, London
  826. Leonie Drake, Counsellor children and adolescent, Self employed, LONDON
  827. Petra Schmidt, Academic Tutor, KCL, London
  828. Elan Hoffman, Systemic Psychotherapist, Independent practice, London
  829. Celine Butte, Dance movement paychotherapist, Self employed, South croydon
  830. Daniel Rabin, Traininee therapist, Re-Vision, London
  831. Patricia Rock, Counsellor, NCPS, Derbyshire
  832. Juulia Karlaredt, Therapist, Anxiety Counselling Online, Edinburgh
  833. Anna Thomas (UKCP), Psychotherapist, Minster Centre, London
  834. Kate E Upshall, PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC COUNSELLOR, UKCP member, Gateshead
  835. april holden, therapist, UKCP, Teddington, Middlesex
  836. Carlos Molina, therapist, GPTI, London
  837. Regina Arnold, Psychosexual Therapist, London
  838. Eric Harper, Therapist, Gold, London
  839. Ian Martin, Psychotherapist, Priory Group, London
  840. Laura Scarrone Bonhomme, Clinical Psychologist & Gender Specialist, Affirm & Qeep Ltd., London
  841. Barbara Babcock, Trainee Family Therapist, Return to Wellness, London
  842. LynAnne Evenson, psychotherapist and sexologist, clinic for sexual gender health, Minneapolis
  843. H Rowley, Infosec Analyst, Brighouse
  844. Sarah Reilly, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Brixton
  845. Eleanor Anderson, Systemic Psychotherapist, Friends of KCC, RICKMANSWORTH
  846. Simon Harrison, Psychotherapist, London
  847. barbara Wattiez UKCP member, Psychotherapist, supervisor and trainee, Private practice/ The Link Centre, St leonards on sea
  848. Chiara Santin, Systemic and Family Psychotherapist, Rainbow Family Therapy Services ltd, Brighton
  849. David Hope, Graphic Designer, Nottingham
  850. daniella russo, gestalt trainee psychotherapist, metanoia institute, london
  851. Jose Veiga, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Jose Veiga Counselling, London
  852. PETER HEDLEY, Counsellor and LGBTQ + inclusive Therapist, Herts Mind, Essex
  853. Fiona Ball, Counsellor, Private Practice, Binfield
  854. Jessica Wing, Counsellor
  855. Rachel Bailey, Therapist, NCPS, Aylesbury
  856. Dr Andy Pendle, Counsellor and senior lecture, York St John University, York
  857. Melanie Peele, Psychotherapist, Galashiels
  858. Laurie, Counsellor, Dorset
  859. Angela Ruotolo, Psychotherapist, UKCP registered, Private Practice, London
  860. Lucy Mason, Counsellor, Edinburgh
  861. Natalia Timlin, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Private Practice, Glasgow
  862. Desa Markovic, systemic psychotherapist, UKCP resgistered, London
  863. Rachel Reilly, Trainee Counsellor, N/A, Edinburgh
  864. Doron Levene, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, London
  865. Sheena Hutcheson, Psychotherapist in training, Bowlby centre, London
  866. Penney Hames, UKCP registered, Systemic Therapist, Anstey Park Counselling, Alton
  867. Jane Staniland, Sheffield
  868. Dr Katie McDowell, Paediatric Doctor, London
  869. SAMANTHA MCDONNELL, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London & Sydney
  870. Alison Munro, Psychotherapist, Alison Munro Counselling, Edinburgh
  871. Kathy Rose, Psychotherapist, Cambridge
  872. Tamar Posner, psychotherapist in private practice. UKCP member, London
  873. Hannah Creedon, Integrative Counsellor specialising in LGBTQ community, BACP member, BRIGHTON
  874. Christine Andreasen, Therapist, Private practice, London
  875. August Armstrong, Therapist, Bridtol
  876. Adriana Penalosa -Clarke, Psychotherapist, Private Practice UKCP registered, London
  877. anna pearse, therapist, OTR, bristol
  878. Sian Fletcher-Patel, Student counsellor, SAASS BMK, Hitchin
  879. Monica Mendes, Counsellor, London
  880. David Secrett, Systemic Psychotherapist and Supervisor, UKCP full member; Assoc for Family Therapy, Brighton and Hove
  881. Terry Hatton, Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice, Ross on Wye
  882. Lisa Cooper, Trainee Person-centred and Experiential Psychotherapist, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Nottingham
  883. Bernard Sharp, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, BACP & BPC member (not UKCP). Private practice, London
  884. Meryn Addison, Integrative Therapist, BACP
  885. Katharine Lifely UKCP reg member, Jungian Analyst and Psychodynamic psychotherapist, The Society of Analytical Psychology, St Albans
  886. Maeve Dwan, Family Therapist, Children's Health Ireland, Co. Dublin
  887. Sumita Dutta, Director, IFT, London
  888. kavita kaur, wellbeing practioner, OTR Bristol, bristol
  889. Kim Taylor, CWP, OTR, Bristol
  890. Jerry Gale, Professor, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
  891. Andrew Cranham UKCP member, Psychotherapist, Private practice and SPTI, Nottingham
  892. Kate Perris, London
  893. Sarah Lau, Psychotherapist, London
  894. Lynn Palethorpe, IFS Therapist, Tiverton
  895. Paul Vigg, Counsellor, Private Practice, MBACP, Brighon and Hove
  896. Laura Johnson, Psychotherapeutic counsellor, Willow tree therapy, Penrith
  897. Asheridan, Trainee psychotherapist, PCI college Dublin, Belfast
  898. Vikki Reynolds, Psychotherapist Supervisor, Vancouver
  899. Charlie Mangas, Psychotherapist, Edinburgh
  900. Madeleine Barnett, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  901. Francis Higgins, Counsellor, Private Practice, Edinburgh
  902. Gwyn Daniel, Systemic Psychotherapist, AFT, Oxford
  903. Jacob Wiles, UKCP Trainee Psychotherapist, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute
  904. Maksym Ilyashenko, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  905. Zoe Weston, Child Psychotherapist, London
  906. Sophie Cottrell, Therapist, NA, London
  907. Frances Holloway, Psychotherapist, MBACP, NCPS, London
  908. Ruth Coates, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Dunbar
  909. Ruth Gibson, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Private Practice, London
  910. Charlotte Burck, Systemic Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  911. Janice Acquah, Integrative Psychotherapist, UKCP registered member, London
  912. Micol Brunelli, Implementation Manager, Civica, London
  913. Shantelle Prosper, Trainee Psychotherapist, Hull
  914. Cynthia Ransley, Psychotherapist, Member UKCP, London
  915. Suehyun Kim, Trainee psychotherapist (UKCP member), Poole
  916. Zazie Lawson, Clinical Psychologist, TransPlus, London
  917. Mario, Trainee Psychotherapist, Self employed, North Warwickshire
  918. Rachel Casper-White, Therapist, Private Practice, Leeds
  919. Alice Howard, Paediatric Nurse, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, London
  920. Dan Cohen, Integrative counsellor, BACP, London
  921. Robert McDonald, Quality Manager, PPL, London
  922. Alex Narkis, Psychotherapist, London
  923. Debbie Toksvig, Psychotherapist, UKCP registered, London
  924. Fliss Power, UKCP registered Person-centred & Experiential Psychotherapist, Private practice, Sheffield
  925. Clemmie Groves, Trainee Therapist, Regents University, London
  926. David Bennett, Civil servant/Psychotherapist, Luxembourg
  927. Jennifer Summer, Systemic psychotherapist, Independent, Hertfordshire
  928. Simon Hallion, Art psycotherapist, Private practice, Nottingham
  929. Maureen McCamley, Psychotherapist (UKCP member), Brighton
  930. Katrina Johnson, Counsellor, KJ Counselling, Denny
  931. Shahna, DMP, Catharsis, Chesterfield
  932. Graeme Jardin, psychotherapist, self-employed, London
  933. Tom Warnecke, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  934. King-Wey Hii, Psychotherapist in training, CCPE, London
  935. Rhiannon Lewis, Consultant Psychologist, London
  936. Maxine Rushworth, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  937. Rima Hawkins, Psychosexual psychotherapist, www.rimahawkins.com, London
  938. Erica Eassom, Clinical Psychologist & CAT Practitioner, London
  939. Sharon Clark, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Synergy Counselling and Therapy, Sheffield
  940. Louise Goodwin, Therapist, SARSVL, Leeds
  941. Andie Alker, Counsellor, Private practice, Stafford
  942. Awa S. Ottiger, Psychothearpist, Authentic Becoming, Nottingham
  943. Judy Csiky, Student counsellor, CPCAB, Brighton
  944. Daniel, Warehouseman, Carterton
  945. Richard Mc Kenny, Systemic Psychotherapist, NHS, Devon
  946. Dorothy Hodgkinson, Counsellor, private practice, Finding Perspectives, York
  947. Irene Stoppoloni, Existential Psychotherapist, UKCP member, London
  948. Stephanie Queen, London
  949. Tracy Kitching, Therapist, London
  950. Tracy Rowberry (UKCP member), Psychotherapist, Private Practice & NCS, Nottingham
  951. James West, art psychotherapist, london
  952. Giorgio Senigagliesi, Trainee Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  953. Samantha McGarry Reg. UKCP, ICP, FTAI., Systemic Psychotherapist, Supervisor & Trainer, Independent Practice, Dublin, Ireland
  954. Elle mead, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, Self employed, Cardiff
  955. Cristina Cont, Art psychotherapist, Nhs, Sheffield
  956. Ben Scanlan, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, UKCP reg. in private practice, London
  957. Liz Anderson, Perinatal psychotherapist, NHS, London
  958. Janine Lees-Moorhouse, Psychotherapist, Self Employed, halifax
  959. Amanda Middleton, Systemic & Family Psychotherapist, The Pink Practice, UKCP, London
  960. Finn, coach and therapist-in-training, Edinburgh
  961. Dr. Sahanika Ratnayake, Therapy Researcher, Cambridge
  962. Jason King, Counsellor, Private Practice, Hyde
  963. Gemma Chapman, Trainee Psychotherapist, Mentanoia Institute, London
  964. David Oldham, Counsellor, Amlwch
  965. Rebecca Hobbis, Counsellor, Bee At one therapy, Crewe
  966. Annetta Tang, Child Therapist, Zarya Counselling, London
  967. Agi Gault, Trainee psychotherapist, Private practice, Swindon
  968. May Tomkinson, Counsellor, Manchester
  969. Lucy Goodwin, Care Worker, London
  970. Clare Taylor, Counsellor, Keighley
  971. Kate Meredith, Systemic Psychotherapist, UKCP member, Cardiff
  972. Claire Addison, Psychotherapist, UKCP; working in university counselling service, Bedford
  973. Alexandra Aldham, Student Art Therapist, Goldsmiths university, London
  974. Maja Miklavčič, Student, Ljubljana
  975. Rebecca Lewis, Social Worker and Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia, Bristol
  976. James Bourne, Clinical Psychologist, Private practice, London
  977. S NAVAJEEVA, Trainee Clinical Psychologist
  978. Billie Andrews, Psychotherapist, Manchester
  979. Kelly Taylor, Volunteer counsellor, Arcus LGBTQ CIC, Middlesbrough
  980. Erin-Louise Willimott, Trainee psychotherapist, Teesside
  981. Abi Parkins, MBACP (Accred.), Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Bristol
  982. Toritse Kakayor, Trainee art psychotherapist, Goldsmiths, London
  983. Kimberley Robinson, Trainee psychotherapist, Leeds
  984. Laura K Lower, Systemic psychotherapist, Laura Lower family therapy, London
  985. Charlotte Tuck, Integrative counsellor, Charlotte Tuck Therapy, London
  986. Rosie Scott, Counsellor, Hove
  987. Zahra Patel, Psychotherapy trainee, Trainee psychotherapist, Manchester
  988. Dr Karen Leonard, Systemic Psychotherapist, Private Practice, FTAI, Roscommon, Ireland
  989. Rob Tyson, retired, GPTI, Scarborough
  990. Susannah Cardy, Integrative counsellor and trainee psychotherapist, mBACP, London
  991. Leanne Hammond, Counsellor, Independent, Essex
  992. Grace Quantock, UKCP member, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, UKCP member, Private practice, South Wales
  993. Alison Drury, Person centred therapist BACP member, Warwick
  994. Luc Hudson, Toy Designer, London
  995. James Murphy, Retired Head of Sixth Form and schoolteacherh, London
  996. Sophie Fong Clarke, Student counsellor, UKATA, STAA, Glasgow
  997. Niloofar Ojani, Grad student, Irvine
  998. Rana Rose Kokcinar, Psychotherapist, Adelaide
  999. John MacDonald, UKCP Accredited, Psychotherapist, Prívate Practice, London
  1000. Keira McCormack, Domestic Abuse Service Manager, Gender Essence, London
  1001. S. Shalev, Psychotherapist, London
  1002. Guy Albert, Psychologist, USJS--United States Joint Statement against conversion efforts, Berkeley, USA
  1003. Ian Collier, Lay person, Wolverhampton
  1004. Gemma Gorringe, Counsellor, BACP, Kingston
  1005. Ian Parker, Psychoanalyst, CFAR, UKCP, Manchester
  1006. Caroline Bowden, Trainee psychotherapist, UKCP, Alresford
  1007. Rachel Cowey, Counselling Lead, Voluntary Sector - EDNE, Newcastle upon Tyne
  1008. Erica Burman, Group analyst, IGA, UKCP, Manchester
  1009. Rowan Fortune, London
  1010. Beverley Goodwin, Counsellor, Congleton
  1011. El Davis, Trainee Psychotherapist, Processwork UK, Cardiff
  1012. Tina Sims, Psychotherapist / Supervisor in private practice, BACP Acred, London
  1013. Vivienne harte, Psychotherapist, Private therapist, Forres
  1014. Rosie Lancaster, Trainee Psychotherapist, UKCP, Leominster
  1015. Shaba Bhore, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, NHS, Manchester
  1016. Emma Zagni, Student Counsellor and Youth Development Worker, Rochdale Connections Trust, Rochdale
  1017. Natalie Murphy, Student counsellor, BACP, Manchester
  1018. Dr Brian Solts, Clinical Psychologist & Group Analyst, Brighton, UK
  1019. Jamie Crabb, Counsellor (BACP) & trainee psychotherapist (UKCP), Aashna Counselling & Psychotherapy, London
  1020. Claire Barber-Lomax, Systemic Psychotherapist, Independent practice, Harpenden
  1021. Sonny Hallett, Counsellor, Edinburgh
  1022. Ro brown, Trainee Psychosynthesis counsellor, BACP, Brighton
  1023. Sarah Aref, Mental health support, Mind, London
  1024. Hywel Harrington, Therapist, BACP Registered Member, OTR, Bristol
  1025. Katie, London
  1026. Ammone May, Student Counsellor, BACP, Manchester
  1027. Suzie Shrubb, Trainee Psychotherapist, Processwork UK, Chichester
  1028. Alison Harris, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, BPS DCP, ACP, BPC, Manchester
  1029. James Gooding, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  1030. Jo Hearn, Psychotherapeutic counsellor, Private practice (pursuing UKCP qualification), Gerrards Cross
  1031. Caroline Digen Williams, Clinical Lead, Chester
  1032. Liam Kirkdale, Trainee Psychotherapist, Brighton
  1033. Ollie Warrington, Student, University of Salford, Salford
  1034. Caroline Roberts, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Eating Distress North East, Newcastle upon Tyne
  1035. BS, Person-Centred Counsellor, Liverpool
  1036. Emma Thatcher, Art Psychotherapist, Integrative Psychotherapist (HCPC, UKCP), Private Practice, London
  1037. Freya Bowes, Counsellor (BACP), OTR, Bristol
  1038. Jayjay Powell, Actor, Casting Collective, London
  1039. Anne Aiyegbusi, Psychotherapist, NHS, Berkshire
  1040. Sian wood, Trainee psychotherapist, UKCP UPCA, Newman University
  1041. Angela Shanly, Psychologist, Independent Practice, Oxford
  1042. Alp Ulgen, Senior Trainee Art Psychotherapist, Art-Led Psychotherapy, London
  1043. Jo Harding, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  1044. Angie Fell, Counsellor / Supervisor, Private Practice, Leeds
  1045. Chris Opyrchal, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  1046. Stephen Creek, Trainee Group Analyst, UKCP student member, Leeds
  1047. Darren Vella, NHS & Trainee Psychotherapist, UKCP Trainee Registration, Birmingham
  1048. Chiara APicella, Psychotherapist, UKATA/UKCP, London
  1049. Frances Risi, Counsellor, UKATA, London
  1050. Maja Koch, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, UKCP registered, York
  1051. Rebecca James, UKCP Systemic Psychotherapist, Systemic Psychotherapist, Warwick
  1052. Claire Darnell, Facilitator, Myoho Consulting, Ilford
  1053. Claire Black UKCP member, Gestalt Therapist and Supervisor, Edinburgh
  1054. Mellie-Luisi Crowley, Manchester
  1055. Nichola Danning, Managing Director, Nic Danning Limited, Falmouth
  1056. Zoë Miranda, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  1057. Éadaoín Lynch, Edinburgh
  1058. Elizabeth Aspinall, Retired Psychotherapist, Bath
  1059. Victoria Mary Richardson, Counsellor, Bread and Roses Counselling, HUDDERSFIELD
  1060. Catherine Douch, Paediatrician, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust, London
  1061. Emmie Prosper, Trainee Psychothetapist, Ukcp trainee member
  1062. Leah Lithgow Bijelic, UKCP Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Forres
  1063. Ellen Jones, author, Margate
  1064. Dawn Baird, Gestalt Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Trainee Play Thearpist, Gestalt West, Greenock
  1065. Rowan Moloney, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Eastbourne
  1066. Brigitte Boldy, Art Psychotherapist, UKCP registered, London
  1067. Julian-Pascal Saadi, Counselling Psychologist, South London and Maudsley NHS, London
  1068. Sean Malkin, Clinical Psychologist, HCPC, London
  1069. Esther Usiskin Cohen, systemic therapist, Tavistock, London
  1070. Lina Mulvine UKCP member, Trainee Therapist, TA East, London
  1071. Joanna Clark, Psychotherapist, Joanna Clark Psychotherapy, London
  1072. Mandy Taylor, Anonymous, Anonymous
  1073. Sophia Prevezanou, UKCP Reg psychotherapist, private practice, London
  1074. Jay Sullivan, Animator, Dandelion Animation, York
  1075. Stephanie Baum, Psychotherapist, Brighton
  1076. Jon Blend, Child and Adult Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  1077. Oliver Carden, Trainee Psychotherapist, The Minster Centre, London
  1078. Amy Bullard, Yoga Guide & Facilitator, The Teapot Collective, York
  1079. Phil McKean, Student, Warrington
  1080. Max Townley, Psychotherapist, Stockport
  1081. Kate Dorward UKCP member, Family therapist, Independent practitioner, Northamptonshire
  1082. Jae Figures
  1083. J Vos, Senior Lecturer and Senior Researcher, Metanoia Institute, London
  1084. Margarita, Paychologist, Metanoia institute, Horley
  1085. Miriam Taylor (UKCP), Psychotherapist, Private practice, Ely
  1086. Skye McDade-Burn, Child psychotherapeutic counsellor (UKCP), London
  1087. Ero Sevan, Teacher, University of Manchester, Manchester
  1088. Mags Shevlin, Psychotherapist, Leeds
  1089. Joanne Green, Retired, Manchester
  1090. Samantha Jones, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Systemic Psychotherapist, NHS, Cheshire
  1091. Shelley Smith, Dramatherapist, Catharsis, Derby
  1092. Liz Smears, Psychotherapist, GPTI UKCP, Liverpool
  1093. Kit Zinovieff, Psychoanalyst, The Philadelphia Association, London
  1094. Elaine Bond, Counsellor, Elaine Bond Counselling | Nottinghamshire
  1095. Rachel Raynor, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Stornoway
  1096. Charlotte Mathysse, Trainee psychotherapist, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Nottingham
  1097. Peter Lewis, Trainee Therapist, Turning Point UK, Manchester
  1098. Oli Dickinson, Performer, None, Manchester
  1099. Jo Barwick, teacher/parent, London
  1100. Daniel Piggott-Stewart, Trainee psychotherapist (CCPE), UKCP member, London
  1101. Craig, Counsellor, Manchester
  1102. Jayne Caesar (HCPC), Art Psychotherapist, Derbyshire
  1103. Dave Coates, Counselling student, Edinburgh
  1104. Andrea Lewis, Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, Private Practice UKCP Reg, Bushey
  1105. Sabine Fairbairn, Psychotherapist, Counselling Sunbury, London
  1106. Luan Baines-Ball, Psychotherapist, Baines-Ball & Associates, Leicester
  1107. Joanne Collins, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  1108. Carly Weldon, Counsellor, QE school, Bournemouth
  1109. Kathleen Copeland, Counsellor, Copeland Counselling, Glasgow
  1110. Carlie Pottington, Therapist, Self-employed, Brighton
  1111. Georgia, Counsellor, Private Practice
  1112. Wanda Howell, Counselling Psychologist in training, Atypical Psychology, Swindon
  1113. Ly orrock, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  1114. Jess Michaelson, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Manchester
  1115. Becky Bonham-Carter, Creative Arts Therapist, Spectra CIC, Brighton
  1116. Sophie Eliades, Psychotherapist, Survivors Network- Brighton, Brighton
  1117. Heather Oglesby, Psychotherapist, NCPS, private practice, Cambridge
  1118. Tom Murphy, trainee psychotherapist UKCP member, Metanoia, Hailsham
  1119. Emma Bailey, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, UKCP trainee membership, London
  1120. Beryl Tomlins, Private practice, Counsellor, BACP, THORNTON HEATH
  1121. Alexandra Payne UKCP Reg. Current member, Integrative Child Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Brighton
  1122. Alessandra Merizzi, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Manchester Gestalt Centre, GPTI
  1123. Tayaba Nicholson, Family therapist, NHS, Devon
  1124. Madeleine Ayling, Counsellor (NCPS), Private practice, Southampton
  1125. Navdeep Kaur, Psychotherapist, BACP, London
  1126. Lias Mauersberger, Therapist, Self employed, Barcelona
  1127. Wendy Frazer, Trainee Humanistic Psychtherapist, HOMA, Cirencester
  1128. Kane Howarth, Psychotherapist, London
  1129. anonymous
  1130. Vanessa Cooper, Counsellor and trainee psychotherapist, The Bowlby Centre, Brighton
  1131. Melbourne Benjamin, psychotherapist, London
  1132. Rachel Cooke, Therapist, Private practice, London
  1133. Jamie Lawson, Trainee therapist, Edinburgh
  1134. Millie Fry, Therapist, BACP, London
  1135. Craig Kerrecoe, Trainee Psychotherapist, Tonbridge
  1136. Savannah Theis UKCP
  1137. Dr Mark Widdowson, Psychotherapist and senior lecturer in psychotherapy, University of Salford, Manchester
  1138. Lucy, Family support worker, Lancashire
  1139. Sarah Wallis, Art Psychotherapist, Catharsis, Oakham
  1140. Nick Cape, Psychotherapist, UKCP direct member, Devon
  1141. Annie Robinson, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Clevedon
  1142. Amy Taylor, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia, Brighton
  1143. Kay Barwick, Retired UKCP psychotherapist, London
  1144. Melanie Page, Art Psychotherapist, Imara, Nottingham
  1145. Jonathan. Pollard, Trainee Integrative Psychotherapist, Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Rugby
  1146. Gonce Ahmet, Child and adolescent psychotherapist, Private practice, Kent
  1147. Elizabeth O'Connell-Thompson, Chicago
  1148. Ruth Williams, Jungian Psychoanalyst, UKCP AJA IAAP BCP, London
  1149. Claire Comery, Integrative Psychotherapist, Private Pracrice (UKCP), Leicester
  1150. Rhian Sara Gower, Counsellor, Brighton
  1151. Derek Nasseri, Psychotherapist, UKCP reg, London
  1152. Amanda Hughes, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Tadley
  1153. Deborah Shakespeare, Psychotherapist, NHS and private practice, Telford
  1154. Richard Davis, Trainer and private practitioner, UKCP registered, Penrith
  1155. Sue Jones, Retired Systemic Psychotherapist, Ilkley
  1156. Gillian Smyth, Trainee counsellor, BACP University of Warwick, Birmingham
  1157. Clem Pab, counsellor, BKRW, Glasgow
  1158. Milo Jones, Edinburgh
  1159. Liz Mellor, Psychotherapist (UKCP), Trainer, Private Practice, Scarborough Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute, York
  1160. John MacDonald, UKCP, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  1161. Caitlin Molloy, Systemic Psychotherapist, SWLSTG NHS Trust, London
  1162. Lucy Button, Person-Centred Counsellor, Private Practice, Nottingham
  1163. Nathan Errington, Student, University Of Birmingham, Birmingham
  1164. Francesco Piro, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, London
  1165. Hermann Maier, Transport Planner, n/a, London
  1166. Mathilda Banks, Counsellor, BACP, London
  1167. Karen Herdzik, Psychologist, Karen Herdzik, East Aurora, NY USA
  1168. Ky Kepner, Trainee psychotherapist, Private practice, Bristol
  1169. Bryony Vickers, Counsellor, Private practice, Cambridge
  1170. Andrew Woodgate, Psychotherapist, Easterley, Ludlow
  1171. Brigitte Boldy, Art Psychotherapist, London
  1172. james (Fennec) barton, counsellor, pontypridd
  1173. anonymous
  1174. Natalie James, Psychotherapist, Manchester
  1175. Maeve Keenoy, Counsellor, Cardiff
  1176. anonymous
  1177. Fraser Connell, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  1178. Jamilatu Andersson, Trainee Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist, London
  1179. Michelle Hutchings (recently resigned UKCP member), Psychotherapeutic counsellor, Norwich
  1180. Sam McNally, Play Therapist & Lecturer, University of Chichester, Chichester
  1181. Liane Smith, Trainee Therapist, London Friend
  1182. Helen Pitman, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  1183. Adriana Prado, Therapist in private practice, NCPS, Bracknell
  1184. Michelle Warner, Trainee systemic and family psychotherapis, Chester
  1185. Malahayati Holland, Play Therapist, Nottingham
  1186. Rob Tyson, retired, GPTI, Scarborough
  1187. Will Hardy, Psychotherapist & Counsellor, Private Practice, London
  1188. Tara Robinson, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, MBACP, Private Practice, Bristol
  1189. Sarah Kinsey, Art Therapist, Charity, Isle of Wight
  1190. Rheanna Berryman, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Isle of Wight
  1191. Rhiannon Creese, Art Psychotherapist, Derby
  1192. Francesca Mills, Art Psychotherapist, Chroma, Derby
  1193. Joe Moran, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, UKCP Registered, London
  1194. Joanne Tasker, Counsellor, Voluntary Organisation, Newark
  1195. Lorena Fava, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  1196. Pavla Radostova, Psychotherapist, private UKCP member, west of Scotland
  1197. Julia Mantell, Music Therapist, Coram, London
  1198. Marika Lisowska, Psychotherapeutic counsellor, UKCP, Edinburgh, private practice
  1199. Leonie Johnstone, Counsellor, private practice, Doncaster
  1200. Jay Stewart, CEO, Gendered Intelligence, London
  1201. Sam Ayres, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1202. Chai-Yoel Korn, Psychotherapist/ Clinical Supervisor, Chai-Yoel Korn Psyhcotherapy, London, UK
  1203. Sarah Fitzgerald, Psychotherapist, Private Practise, manchester
  1204. Imogen Clapp, Practitioner Assistant, Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, London
  1205. Rachel Adams, Artist, London
  1206. Krystel Shelmerdine, Clinical Psychologist, UCLH Trust, LONDON
  1207. Lo Hyde, Writer, N/a, London
  1208. Foteini Brinia, Psychotherapist, ELFT, London
  1209. Amina Abdillahi, Trainee Therapist, BACP, London
  1210. Alec Caseley, Therapist, Private Practice, London
  1211. Alec Scott Rook, Founder of TMSA-UK (Trans Masculine Support & Advice UK)
  1212. Jo Morris Dixon, writer and university administrator, City University, London, London
  1213. Amber Sloman, Head of Professional and Educational Services, Gendered Intelligence, London
  1214. Ruth Nightingale, Psychotherapist, Bridport
  1215. Dr Jane Hudson UKCP member, Psychotherapist and retired medical doctor, UKCP, Swanage
  1216. Richard Howlett, London, London
  1217. Megan Teahon, Sustainability consultant, N/a, Chorley
  1218. Rebecca Wilson Green, Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Brighton & Hove
  1219. Stephanie Turner, Psychotherapist in training, BCPC, Frome, Somerset
  1220. Julie Oates, UKCP registered Family and Systemic Psychotherapist, Freelance, Poole
  1221. Joseph Suart, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Joseph@suart.com, Hayle
  1222. Laura Porta, Psychotherapist, London
  1223. georgina laing, student, minster centre, london
  1224. Beverley Meakin, psychotherapist, private practice, Stockport
  1225. Jo, None, None, Chorley
  1226. Emily Jane Lunn, Art Psychotherapist, Sheffield
  1227. Susi, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, CPFT, London
  1228. Sheila McNamee, Professor, Univ of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA
  1229. Sophie Starbuck, Trainee Counselling Psychologist, Share Psychotherapy, Sheffield
  1230. James Schindler-Ord, Psychotherapist, NCPS, Paignton
  1231. Claudette Kulkarni, Jungian Psychotherapist, Pittsburgh
  1232. Helena Gloeckner, Trainee Therapist, Nottingham
  1233. Kirsty Toal, Trainee Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, AGIP, Worthing
  1234. Robert Weiss, Psychoanalytis psychotherapist, The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, UKCP reg, London
  1235. Caitlin Boyle, Art Psychotherapist HCPC BAAT registered, Leeds
  1236. Helen Santa Maria, Trainee Psychotherapist, UKCP Trainee Member, Reading
  1237. CLAIRE FURBEY, Young People's Counsellor, Appletree Centre, Sheffield
  1238. Andrew Treacher, Counsellor for Depression MBACP (Accred), Mid & North East Essex Mind, Colchester
  1239. Leighton King, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Hertfordshire
  1240. Lucy Titterton, CEO, The Offload Project CIC, Nottingham
  1241. Phil Arthington, Lecturer in Family Therapy, University of Leeds, Leeds
  1242. Andrew Palmer, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  1243. James Loks-Thompson, Trainee Psychotherapist, AGIP, LONDON
  1244. kobus grobbelaar, Social worker, Waltham Forest
  1245. Charlotte Harris, Clinical Psychologist, BWC NHS foundation trust, Birmingham
  1246. Charlene McAuley, Trainee Psychotherapist, Manchester Gestalt Centre, Manchester
  1247. Masum, Doctor, London
  1248. Nafeeza Towheed, Integrative Psychotherapist and Supervisor (UKCP registered), London
  1249. Sophie Thorne, Final year trainee Art Therapist, UKCP accredited course, Kent
  1250. Marie McGovern, Systemic Psychotherapist, University of Leeds, Leeds
  1251. David Bishop UKCP registered, Systemic Psychotherapist, NHS, Staffordshire
  1252. Dr Emily Caldicott, Veterinary surgeon, Exeter
  1253. John Witney, Counsellor, Brighton
  1254. Carol Faulkner, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Maidstone KENT
  1255. Elisabeth Auer, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Greater London
  1256. Jane Bradley, Therapist, Rebel Therapy, Manchester
  1257. Gemma Harris, Trainee psychotherapist, BCPC Bath, Bristol
  1258. Jayme Bee, Mental Heath Nurse & Assistant Psychologist, NHS, Stafford
  1259. Katherine Murray, Trainee Psychotherapist, UKCP Member, London
  1260. Agnes Otzelberger, psychotherapeutic counsellor, private practice, Brighton
  1261. Hollie kingston, UKCP trainee, Ukcp, Bristol
  1262. Jane Lewis, Therapist, UKCP, London
  1263. L C B Cassal, Lecturer in Psychology
  1264. Jennifer Davis, Psychotherapeutic counsellor, Sudbury
  1265. Stuart Gore, Counselling Psychologist and Lecturer, Yorkshire Counselling Psychology, Leeds
  1266. Yasmin Drury UKCP trainee member, Counsellor, Apple Tree Centre, Sheffield
  1267. Martin Innes, Counsellor/Tutor, Glasgow
  1268. Alex Sanderson-Shortt, Psychotherapist MNCPS, Kas Counselling, Northwich
  1269. Matthew Pronger, Psychotherapist, Private practice, and PCU branch secretary (North and Mids), Sheffield
  1270. Lily Lang, Trainee Psychotherapist, London
  1271. Max Marnau, Psychotherapist NCPS Senior Accredited Registrant, Ettrick Counselling (private practice), Selkirk
  1272. Samia Nelson, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  1273. Josie Applegate, Trainee integrative Counsellor, Iron mill college, Poole
  1274. Hannah Tait, Integrative Child Psychotherapist, UKCP-Reg, Private Practice, London
  1275. Lex Gabriel Hyde, Trainee, Manchester
  1276. Lydia Davis, Writer, London
  1277. Rebecca Stirling-Turner, Keynsham
  1278. Giel Luichjes, clinical supervisor, Sinteze, London
  1279. Emily McArthur, Counsellor, Clear Insight Counselling, Leamington
  1280. Philippa Dillon, Trainee psychotherapist, Minster Centre, London
  1281. Pascale Waschnig, PhD researcher and UKCP Trainee psychotherapist, Pascale Waschnig, London
  1282. Richard Hughes, Integrative Psychotherapist UKCP registered, Private practice, London
  1283. Farah Cottier, Course Leader, Supervisor, Psychotherapist, Minster Centre, London
  1284. Cheryl Manna, GP, CMK Medical Centre, Milton Keynes
  1285. Eleni Henderson (MBACP), Counsellor, Private Practice, London
  1286. Mr Richard Booty, Wickford
  1287. Karen M JACKSON, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Society for Social & Critical Psychoanalysis, Cornwall
  1288. Sara Slamkova, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Integrative Self Therapy Ltd, Derby
  1289. Ben Stewart, Trainee, The Minster Centre, London
  1290. Hanine Miriam Habig, Trainee therapist, Minster Centre, London
  1291. Helen Swords, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, SSCP and BICA, CHESHAM
  1292. Julia Simone Fogelson, Therapist, Oakland
  1293. Andrew Bryant, Psychoanalytical psychotherapist, SSCP, Truro
  1294. Laura Prendiville UKCP Registered, Psychotherapist, Private Practice
  1295. Shabazz Nelson, Psychotherapist, Rebel Therapies, London
  1296. Ana Tomcic, trainee, teacher, academic, SSCP, University of Essex, Torquay
  1297. Sue Fox, Psychotherapist, London
  1298. Adam Jackson, Psychotherapist, Private practice, Penryn
  1299. Korin Knight, Trainee integrative therapist, Sheffield
  1300. Clare Burke, Psychotherapist, NHS, Devon
  1301. Hannah Hay, UKCP Trainee member (Psychotherapy), Private Practice, Aberystwyth
  1302. Tali Lernau, Psychotherapist, BACP, Borehamwood
  1303. Jane Hunt, Senior Lecturer in Counselling, London Metropolitan University, London
  1304. Lisa Cherry-Byrnes, TA therapist, Haven Counselling and Psychotherapy, Penicuik
  1305. Kat Barbour, Counsellor, Newbury
  1306. Alexis caught, Therapist, BACP/COSRT, Leeds
  1307. Frances Waterhouse, Trainee psychotherapist, The Minster Centre, London
  1308. Jennifer Huddleston, Arts psychotherapy student, Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education, London
  1309. Roshmi Lovatt, Psychotherapist, Bodhispace, Milton Keynes
  1310. Joanna Taylor, Trainee therapist, SCPTI, York
  1311. Helen Stokes UKCP registered, Psychotherapist, NHS/private practice, London
  1312. Craig Woods, Therapist, British Ascociation for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Derby
  1313. Vikki Chalklin, Counsellor, Spectra, London
  1314. Dermot Kelly, Lecturer/Psychotherapist, BACP, London
  1315. Michelle whiteside, Psychotherapist and supervisor, Private practice, Turriff
  1316. Isabella Watson, Therapist (BACP), Private Practice, London
  1317. Thomas Tyler, Trainee Counsellor, University of Cumbria, Lancaster
  1318. Nichola Marchant, Clinical Psychologist, Derbyshire
  1319. Pen Kallas, Trainee Psychotherapist, BACP, Edinburgh
  1320. Shradha Billawa, Counselling Psychologist, London
  1321. Jess MacIntyre-Harrison, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, Brighton
  1322. Mrs. Jane T Pointon, Family Therapist, Family Consultation, St John Jersey
  1323. Jessica Crampton, Trainee Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Chippenham
  1324. Jess Morris, Family Psychotherapist, NHS and independent practice, Telscombe Cliffs, Peacehaven
  1325. Ian Tucknott, Art Psychotherapist (trained), Chelmsford
  1326. Mariana Larcher, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, London
  1327. Adam Zubricky, Psychotherapist, BACP, London
  1328. Dr Melissa Dunlop, UKCP reg.d Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Researcher, The Interpersonal
  1329. Avgi Saketopoulou, Psychoanalyst, New York University, NYC
  1330. Ms Jenny Shepherd, Systemic Psychotherapist, NHS and private. UKCP registered, London
  1331. Stephen Sheehi, Professor, Doha institute for graduate studies, Doha
  1332. Cathy Hanville, Psychotherapist, Self employed, Yardley
  1333. Jenny Yates, Counsellor, Stratford upon Avon
  1334. Cecilia Covella, Psychotherapist (UKCP member but leaving in response to this), Leeds
  1335. Marina Arvanitaki, Psychosexual Therapist, Athens
  1336. Alison Windsor, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Bristol
  1337. Eleanor Hayeswood, Psychodynamic therapist, Oxford
  1338. harriet fisher, Trainee Counsellor, York St John University, York
  1339. Margaret Rosemary, psychotherapist, UKCP, Sheffield
  1340. Petr Gilar, psychotherapist, AGIP, Brighton
  1341. Adam Crowther, Psychotherapist, Brighton
  1342. Elisabeth Marshall, STROUD
  1343. Emily Hogan Turner, UKCP Trainee Psychotherapist
  1344. Thomas Hurlock-Norton, Counsellor, Bridgend
  1345. Kimberley Fuller, UKCP Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Bristol
  1346. John Monk-Steel, UKCP Reg Psychotherapist, 51, Leicester
  1347. Sarah Williamson UKCP trainee member, Trainee psychotherapist, Private Practice / SCPTI, HARROGATE
  1348. Lania Narjee, Art Psychotherapist, London
  1349. Sarah Walker, UKCP - Trainee RG Psychotherapist, Scarborough Counselling & Psychotherapy Training Institute, Bridlington
  1350. Dave Bain, Psychotherapist, London
  1351. David Ellis, IT Consultant, London
  1352. Adeena L Black, MScR Counselling Studies Student, Edinburgh
  1353. Christy, Art Theapist, CRATE, Calgary
  1354. Kate, Trainee therapist, Edinburgh
  1355. Elena Bain, Counsellor, Aberdeen
  1356. Monica Woodley, Trainee counselor, Re-Vision, London
  1357. James McWilliams, Counsellor (MBACP), Private Practice, London
  1358. Richard Kettley, UKCP, Edinburgh
  1359. Jenna Booth, UKCP Trainee Member, Doncaster
  1360. Kate Graham, Ukcp Psychotherapist and writer, Private practice, Ilkley
  1361. Nerissa McDonald, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist UKCP Accredited and MBACP, London
  1362. Trevor Gillen, BACP registered Counsellor and Lecturer, Private Practice, Harrogate
  1363. Taiwo Afuape, Family Therapist and Clinical Psychologist, Institute of Family Therapy, LONDON
  1364. Kevin Sma, Student Counsellor, UKATA, Livingston
  1365. Rebecca Infanti-Milne, Clinical Lead, Hackney council, London
  1366. Ronete Cohen, Psychotherapist, The Rainbow Couch, London
  1367. Juliana Fleig, Trainee Psychotherapist, TA East, London
  1368. Harry Voulgarakis, Psychologist, St Joseph’s University, New York City
  1369. Susan Iacovou, Counselling Psychologist, Altrincham
  1370. Dr Luke Ward, Therapist (MBACP Accred) & Lecturer, Northampton
  1371. Aoife Nic Charthaigh ukcp member, Psychotherapist, Norwich
  1372. Cate Hawke, Psychotherapist, London
  1373. Joanne Hipplewith, Family Therapist, NHS, London
  1374. Mr Vaughan Titheridge, Dtamatherapist, Dramatherapy/Supervision, Mitcham
  1375. Felicia Smith-Kleiner, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Training, Private Practice, Minster Centre, UKCP Member, London
  1376. Kendra Kronenberg, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, BPC, UKCP, London
  1377. Sharon Gibbons, Counsellor, Talk Together Counselling, WORCESTER
  1378. Naomi Stone, Psycotherapy Student, Metanoia Institute, London
  1379. Ana Draper, Consultant Family Therapist, Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, London
  1380. Kirsty Sanderson, counsellor, KAS Counselling, Warrington
  1381. Rebecca rahi, Trainee counsellor, MBACP, London
  1382. Chloe Foster, Counsellor & Trainer, NCPS, Brighton
  1383. Jeremy O'Sullivan, Person-centred Psychotherapist, Supervisor & Tutor, London
  1384. Peter Golder, Counsellor & trainee psychotherapist (UKCP), Private Practice, Brighton
  1385. Athena Matheou, Psychotherapist and supervisor, Private practice, London
  1386. Katherine Murphy, UKCP reg psychotherapist, Metanoia; ukcp, London
  1387. Allister Murdoch, Psychotherapist, Edinburgh
  1388. lakshnie hettihewa, psychotherapist, Therapy Space, birmingham
  1389. Sara Browne, Psychotherapist, Private practice, UKCP registered, Tunbridge Wells
  1390. Sonia Maria Teresa Nagi, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Not registered, Banstead
  1391. Victoria Kempleton, trainee counsellor, Weston Super Mare
  1392. Helen Charlotte-Clark, Trainee Therapist, Rushden
  1393. Mauri Sherrington, Trainee psychotherapist, The Philadelphia Association, London
  1394. Lily patten, Trainee Psychotherapist, The Philadelphia Assosiation, London
  1395. Cat Gradwell Reid, Trainee Therapist, NHS, London
  1396. Clara Fantoni, Trainee Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, Brighton
  1397. Jenny Clark, Psychotherapist, Supervisor & Tutor; UKCP Registered Member, Course Lead, The Minster Centre, Hitchin; London
  1398. Lottie Reid, Trainee psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  1399. Saynab Hassan, Trainee psychotherapist, Welsh psychotherapy institute, Cardiff
  1400. Daniel Winstanley, Counsellor, MBACP, London
  1401. Richard English, Therapist, BACP, London
  1402. So Mayer, writer, London
  1403. Cathryn MacLeod, Counsellor, Warwick
  1404. Andri White - UKCP Member, Trauma Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Chesham
  1405. Lucy Kuipers, Psychotherapist, ADMP UK & UKCP trainee, Lancashire
  1406. Abbie Sycamore, Trainee Counsellor, University of Northampton, Milton Keynes
  1407. Rebecca Fisher, DMP, YPCS, Peterborough
  1408. Helen wheeler, Psychotherapist, Quorn
  1409. Shelley Carr, Pscyhotherapist, Enford
  1410. jodie Barrat, Counsellor/project worker, Bristol
  1411. Clare Mains, Trainee counsellor, Bristol Mind, Bristol
  1412. Alison Rouse, Senior Lecturer and Counsellor, University of the West of England, Bristol
  1413. VRoberts, Trainee Counsellor, Glasgow Council on Alcohol, Edinburgh
  1414. Krysia Zalewska, Psychotherapist, UKCP and BPC member, London
  1415. Chris Dickinson-Keen, Trainee psychotherapist and stident member of UKCP, Student at Metanoia Institute, London
  1416. Lin Harrison, Principal Psychotherapist, UKCP Reg, UKCP registered, Sheffield
  1417. Philip Myers, Systemic Psychotherapist, Tower Hamlets CAMHS, London
  1418. Andy Rushton, Counsellor, London
  1419. Suzie Bright, Counsellor, NCPS Accredited Member, Lewes
  1420. Nik Lawcock, Trainee Psychotherapist (SPTI) and Specialist Mentor (HE), Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, Nottingham
  1421. Megan Wright, Person-Centred Therapist, Self-Employed, Nottingham
  1422. Jonathan Lake, Psychotherapist, Go Girl, London
  1423. Alessandro D'Accordi (UKCP member), Trainee TA therapist, London
  1424. Helen Sullivan, Trainee therapist, Metanoia, LONDON
  1425. Bonnie Meekums, UKCP Retired Psychotherapist, UKCP, Manchester
  1426. Salima Bhatia, Trainee psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  1427. Eva Karia, Psychotherapist, UKCP ProcessWorkUK, Stroud
  1428. Constanze Gilbert, Psychotherapist, London
  1429. Nic Milone, Trainee psychotherapist, UKCP member, Wales
  1430. Dharma Paul, current member, Psychotherapist, UKCP, London
  1431. Dr Greg Halliday, Clinical Psychologist, Glasgow
  1432. Rozen Rauf (UKCP member, Systemic Family Therapist, private practice, London
  1433. Gretchen Siglar, Family & Systemic Psychotherapist, UKCP member, Cambridge
  1434. Jess Beale, Trainee Integrative Psychotherapy, Metanoia Institute, London
  1435. Karen minikin, Psychotherapist, Exeter
  1436. Ruth Moore, Trainee psychotherapist and student member of UKCP, Metanoia Institute, London
  1437. Kathryn lock, Counsellor, MBACP, Cardiff Unvieristy, cardiff
  1438. Charlotte Sills, Psychotherapist, London
  1439. MT Talensby, Counsellor / Psychotherapist, MBACP, Scotland
  1440. Kirstie Paton, Trainee child and Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Birkbeck, london
  1441. Alex Monteith, Counsellor, Birmingham LGBT, Birmingham
  1442. Christina Rousseau, Integrative Child Psychotherapist, Lymington
  1443. Derek Williams, Psychotherapist, CCPE /UKCP REGISTERED, London
  1444. Cal Marrin, Therapist, London
  1445. Julia Godden, Therapist, Bacp, Stroud
  1446. Rhiannon Reed, Person Centred Psychotherapist, Bury St Edmunds
  1447. Jack Brown, Integrative Psychotherapist, BACP Registered, Manchester
  1448. Elisabetta Romani, London
  1449. David Morfill, Counsellor, BACP, Eastbourne
  1450. Seth Hamilton, University technician, ual, london
  1451. Hannah Rees, Gestalt Psychotherapist, London
  1452. Ricki Hewitt, Mental Health Practitioner, Oxford Brookes University, Manchester
  1453. Nassima Bleszynski, Psychotherapist, Bowlby Centre, London
  1454. Klara Schmidt, Trainee psychotherapist / charity worker, UKATA, London
  1455. Claire Parkinson, London
  1456. Evelyn Margaret Bailey, Counsellor, Private Practice, Saffron Walden
  1457. Emma Downie, Psychotherapist, London
  1458. Eve Wallman, Counsellor and counselling tutor, Private Practice and Kingston College, Surbiton
  1459. Emily Ashton, Trainee Counsellor, The Gestalt Centre, Cambridge
  1460. Galina Vyday, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Private practice, UKCP registered, London
  1461. Chloe Moran, Psychology Student, Dublin
  1462. Andrew Hodges, writing coach, Edinburgh
  1463. Eppie Wells, Counsellor, Eppie Wells Counselling, Tunbridge Wells
  1464. Emma Neville, Trainee Psychotherapist, Regent's University, London
  1465. Nigel D. Crossan, Psychotherapist, UKCP accredited, Worthing, West Sussex
  1466. Steve Blower, Psychotherapist, UKCP, Scarborough
  1467. brollie lakes, trainee dmp, university of derby, derby
  1468. Luanne Grima, DMP Trainee, University of Derby, Derby
  1469. Hsun Fok, DMP trainee, University of Derby, Derby
  1470. Deepanjali, Dance movement psychotherapy trainee, UNIVERSITY OF DERBY, DERBY
  1471. Melina Maliogka, DMP trainee (ADMP), University of Derby, Leicester
  1472. Niranjana Sajan, DMP Trainee, University of Derby, Derby
  1473. Mariana Jindřichová, Trainee, ADMP, Derby
  1474. Holly Boden, Counselling & Wellbeing Coordinator, Sheffield
  1475. Alexandra Michael, Psychotherapist, Enfield
  1476. Gemma Latimer, UKCP Gestalt Psychotherapist, Kindling Therapy, Glasgow
  1477. Paolo Plotegher, Psychoterapist, Queen Margaret University, Glasgow
  1478. Elizabeth Pittock, Psychotherapist, LP Psychotherapy, Glasgow
  1479. Alexander Lopez-Glynne, trainee therapist, Alex Glynne Psychotherapy, Falmouth
  1480. Vanessa Lindley UKCP member, Trainee Psychotherapist, Coventry
  1481. Tanja van Oudtshoorn, Psychotherapist, Private practice, London
  1482. Mark Chidgey, Systemic Family Therapist, AFT, London
  1483. Sarah Wood, Therapist, Private Practice, London
  1484. Jon Musker, Trainee Psychotherapist, Metanoia Institute, London
  1485. Pippa Bolger, Counsellor & social worker, Milton Keynes
  1486. Stephanie Lockett, Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Nottinghamshire
  1487. Frances Thompson UKCP student member, Trainee children's psychotherapeutic counsellor, University of Cambridge (student), Cambridge
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