11 March 2024
United for animal and human rights - we demand a permanent ceasefire in Gaza now!


As Animal Rights organisations and individuals we are part of a global social justice movement. We commonly prioritise the fight for freedom and justice for our fellow non human animals as our goal.

However, the current genocidal war of Israel against the Palestinian people of Gaza calls for a unified response of all social justice fighters, intersecting from the same root cause of oppression, be it animal or human rights groups. Now is the moment to show the world, that we as Animal Rights activists want to expand our moral consideration to include the fight against unjustified suffering and oppression of Palestinian humans and non humans alike.

Despite the pressure the ICJ ruling put on Israel six weeks ago https://www.icj-cij.org/node/203447 Israel keeps continuing its military attack on Gaza, whilst at the same time preventing essential supplies and medical aid to enter Gaza. The death toll amongst civilians in Gaza increases every day. As of March 10th it stands at 31.045 people killed, including more than 12.300 children, and more than 72.654 people injured. aljazeera.com/news/longform/2023/10/9/israel-hamas...

There is a further increase in settler violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since October 2023, with 425 Palestinians killed, including 113 children and more than 4.650 people injured, as of March 10th. aljazeera.com/news/longform/2023/10/9/israel-hamas...

Nobody has been able to count the numbers of non human animal victims, but one must expect the worst, considering the circumstances.

UN agency UNWRA warns of a famine in Gaza:“The last time UNRWA was able to deliver food aid to northern Gaza was on January 23,…” aljazeera.com/news/2024/2/26/no-aid-delivery-in-no...

Sulala Animal Rescue is the only animal rescue in the Gaza strip. https://sulalaanimalrescue.com

Palestinian Animal League (PAL) https://pal.ps is the leading animal protection group in the occupied West Bank. They have been a beacon of hope since their foundation in 2011, not only for occupied Palestine, but across the world, living and showcasing the very intersection of social justice by fighting for animal and human rights at the same time.

We, the following Animal Rights organisations and individuals acknowledge the injustice done to the Palestinian people and stand in solidarity with PAL and Sulala Animal Rescue, who symbolise the oppressed - humans and non humans alike - by demanding:

First: *An immediate, permanent and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza.

Second: *To immediately lift the siege and allow supplies and humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Third: *To de-escalate settler violence in the occupied West Bank.

Fourth: *To start the peace process to end Israeli occupation once and for all.


171 verified
  1. Kerstin Voigt, Co-founder & Director, Corvid Isle Sanctuary, Highlands
  2. Dr Stephan Voigt, Co-Founder, Corvid Isle Sanctuary, Highlands
  3. Go Vegan World, Psychologist, Go Vegan World, Ireland
  4. Sandra Higgins, Psych, Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, Ireland
  5. Karen Glover, FHA, Chilliwack
  6. S. Johnson, 2x Olympian, California
  7. Tanya love, Support worker, England
  8. Raquel Franco, organizer, Sacramento Direct Action Everywhere, Sacramento
  9. Elizabeth K Berman, Caregiver, Columbia
  10. Samantha Holland, Bookseller & Somatic Educator, Nairn
  11. Ceinwen Sanderson, Retire, N/A, LONDON
  12. Elizabeth Haggis, Solicitor, Buxton
  13. Animal rights for Palestine, Activism, Animal rights for Palestine, Bay Area
  14. Ben Thijssen, retired, n.a., Rosmalen
  15. kathryn strzelecki, retired, chicago
  16. Antonia Ruiz, educator, CCSF, San Francisco
  17. TISSI Aum, Barcelona
  18. Annie Milelli, Cannes
  19. Radhika Subramanyan
  20. Pia Sarker, Helper/Rescuer, New Cat City Rescue & Sanctuary, Toronto
  21. Susan Banks, Activist, Animal Rights Toronto, Toronto
  22. Rose Galacz-Weir, Roofer/activist, Toronto
  23. Agnes Cseke, Retired, Brantford
  24. Temara Brown, Caregiver, The Browns Microsanctuary, Cambridge
  25. Belinda Morris, Editor, ReVision, Toronto
  26. John E Sakars, Artist/Activist, NIAGARA FALLS
  27. Dimitri DM, Pop-Up Shop Végane, Montréal
  28. Amber Gilewski, Professor, Ithaca
  29. Peter Athenaios, Developer, Vicap Homes, Toronto
  30. Emily Jarvinen, Damascus
  31. Jacinta McDonnell, Activist/Model, Toronto
  32. Miriam Chisholm, Founder, NY Farm Animal Save, Kingston
  33. Natalie Marconi, HEALTH Care, Toronto
  34. Barb, Toronto
  35. Marion Markham, Social Worker and Organizer, KW Animal Save, Kitchener, Canada
  36. Susan Gordon, North Plainfield
  37. sonit nangia, csr, Toronto
  38. Laurie Kallis, Communication Consultant, Hamilton, ON
  39. Deni The OG Vegan, Save Lives!, Go Vegan! Save Lives!, Austin
  40. Karol Marocho, Organizer/activist, EXA, Toronto
  41. Erica Perrault, Toronto
  42. Diane Smele, Library Technician, Peel District School Board, Brampton
  43. Gloria Carbajal, Social Worker, Ferris
  44. Sujoy Dsouza, Toronto
  45. Anthea Larke, President, Meadowlarke Stables Inc, Mississauga
  46. Anthea Larke, Owner, The Equine Emporium, Mississauga
  47. Brooke Johnson, Wye Mills
  48. Rohin Subramanyan, Student, University of Toronto
  49. Tarun Bishop, Student, Portland, OR, USA
  50. Robert Rehnmark, Mineworker, Kiruna
  51. Yuri Mitzkewich, Nonprofit organizer, Vegan Outreach, Flat Rock, NC
  52. Peter Riad, Toronto
  53. Iris Mudford, Support worker, Bournemouth
  54. Paulo Fradinho, Animation Director and Creator, Independent, São Caetano do Sul - S. Paulo
  55. Lauren A.R. Koslow, Organizer, Direct Action Everywhere, Baltimore
  56. probosKURATA, activist, japan
  57. Rena Ban, Manager, Activist, Advocate, Detroit
  58. Nupur, Toronto
  59. Rosanna Rostad, Semi-Retired, Intersectional Activist, Duluth
  60. Gearoid O'Dowd, Retired, Nobe, Galway
  61. Les Mitchell, Researcher, University of the Free State, Liverpool
  62. Cody Yelton, Gainesville
  63. Blaze Azelski, Security Guard, Carlisle
  64. Micheline Steele, Retired, Sarnia
  65. Lorena Elke, Toronto
  66. Sandra Brunner, Toronto
  67. Annette Holding, Eyemouth
  68. Tanya Spasic, chef, ALK, Toronto
  69. Reema, Advisor, TD, Toronto
  70. Pam Dugal, Belle river
  71. Sujan Selvanathan, Milton
  72. Paula Reid, South Yarra
  73. Scott Garant, Toronto
  74. Mercedes Howard, Writer, changemaker for all being's rights, U.S.
  75. Kay Hurley, Suffolk
  76. Barbara Bode, Krefeld
  77. Kelly, None, None, Sutton
  78. Jeff Hege, Dishwasher, Ithaca
  79. Lewis Pogson, writer & educator, N/A, South London
  80. Laura Kramer, Financial Manager, Hermitage
  81. Amanda DeMattio, Self-employed, Colchester
  82. Shanine
  83. Pamela Vega, Heritage Planner, Mothers Marching, Newmarket
  84. Malena Widman, Physiotherapist, Conexion Animal Merida, Merida, Mexico
  85. Alexandra Isfahani-Hammond, Professor, U.C. San Diego, Los Angeles
  86. Gary Gill
  87. anonymous, Mothers Against Dairy
  88. Bryan Wong, Organizer, Direct Action Everywhere Las Vegas, Las Vegas
  89. Shayna K, Mississauga
  90. Sabina Makhdomi, Vice President, Phauna Foundation, Brooklyn
  91. Annika Strignert, Örebro
  92. Kristy Alger, Author, Animal Liberation Tasmania, Campania
  93. Wang Ruby
  94. Lilián Solís Medel, Forensic, Xalapa
  95. Donna Anderson, Retired, Hollywood
  96. Liz Marshall, Filmmaker, Gibsons, BC
  97. Louise Jorgensen, Activist, Animal photojournalism, Animal Sentience Project, Toronto
  98. Veda Stram, Activist, Liberation for All, Camano Island
  99. Caryn Alonso, Yucaipa
  100. Sowmya, Ernst and Young, Toronto
  101. Carla Kuijpers, educator, Thames Valley District School Board (retired), London
  102. Rajiv, Toronto
  103. Laura Sager, Retired, Coalition to Free Palestine, East Lansing
  104. tomato, activist, Osaka
  105. Permatasari, coordinator, jakarta
  106. Sebastian Voigt, Gardener, NA, Ryde
  107. Ted, Beauty, Ontario, Toronto
  108. Darlene Dynega, Bayonne
  109. Amber Deakin, Ryde
  110. Dina Zulfikar, Animal Rightd, Brooke Hospital for Animals, Cairo
  111. Nancy Zaazaa, Community Cordinator, Global Allians, Cairo
  112. S.A. Bachmab, Retired, LOUDER THAN WORDS, Los Angeles
  113. VEFO VISION, Vegan Love 4 All
  114. Chiharu McGee
  115. Lauren dean, Social worker, Plant based treaty, Toronto
  116. Valerie, Toronto
  117. Caroline Hartley, Australia
  118. Varun Virlan, Activist, Toronto
  119. Roberta, Optometrist, Christchurch
  120. Nicky de Bouille, Real estate agent, Christie’s, Saumur
  121. Bridie Hembury, Teacher, Barcelona
  122. Lorna Rankin, Glasgow
  123. Ben Frimet, Artist, N/A, HIGHLAND
  124. Anu Tiermas, Finland, Oikeutta eläimille, Kuopio
  125. Holly Elissa, Founder, United Commons, Scotland
  126. LOUIS GEDO, Flushing
  127. Susan Krajnc, bird conservation, Toronto
  128. Alexis Smith, Film Director, Self-Employed, Auckland
  129. cheryl v. hopkins, self employed, animal advocate organization, Colrain
  130. Jessica McQuarter, Retail, Bay City
  131. Leila Dehghan, Founder, Plant-based Health Justice, London
  132. Cait Cochrane, Trauma Therapist, Canterbury
  133. Christine Fortuna, Keswick
  134. Amanda Parker, University Administrator, Brisbane, Australia
  135. Kelly Guerin-Buckley, Video producer, Humane Society International, Durham
  136. Antero Mappes, opiskelija, Oikeutta Eläimille yhdistys, Tampere
  137. Christopher Eubanks, Executive Director, APEX Advocacy, Decatur
  138. Anne-Marie Richards, Broadstairs
  139. Elsa Correia, Montijo
  140. Megan Wiley, Teacher, Wexford
  141. Pierre Parent, Retired, Kingston
  142. Yuki Takahashi, Animal advocate, Fukutsu, Japan
  143. Emily Shirley Hepburn, Christchurch
  144. Nessa FitzGerald, Teacher, Waterford
  145. Mayu Kumoi, Kobe
  146. Hannah Elliitt, Illustrator, Studio Taro, Bristol
  147. Natalia Veen, Executive Producer, Boulder
  148. Di Donnelly, Nurse, Bantry
  149. Sherry Bowman, Animal Protection Party, Canada, Burlington
  150. KAREN UPSHAW, HR Manager, Barrie
  151. Jacqueline Cassavoy, Medical Administator, Milton
  152. Me Me Zin Oo
  153. Linda Clark, Animal Rights advocate, There's an Elephant in the Room, Scotland
  154. Susan Fitzpatrick, Swindon
  155. Sharon Tupper, Librarian, Sharon Tupper, Melbourne
  156. Hanh Nguyen, Country Coordinator, Animal Alliance Asia, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  157. Adrian Voigt, Sports Therapist, Invergordon
  158. Julia Denos, Author-Illustrator, Massachusetts
  159. Becca Von Matterhorn, Canada
  160. Akbar Ali, Denver
  161. Jamie Glass Glass, Artist, Malden
  162. Christopher Sebastian, journalist, Prague
  163. Leila Boukarim, Berlin
  164. Juliette Dunn, Portland
  165. Trish Zanetti, Actor, Palmyra WA
  166. Vegan Queer Community, organiser, Romania
  167. David K Boghdan, Artist, San Diego
  168. Alison Hillyer, Teacher, Norwich
  169. Vicky Foster, Support officer for learning disabilities, Council, Poole
  170. Lauran de Jonge, Netherlands, organised not memberised, Amsterdam
  171. Patricia, Dakar
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