25 January 2024
VCSE response to Nottingham City Council Budget Cuts

Cllr David Mellen, Leader of the Council

Mr Melbourne Barrett, Chief Executive

Nottingham City Council

Station Street

Loxley House



Re: Nottingham City Council Budget Cuts

Dear Council Colleagues

We are writing to ask you to reconsider the proposal to cut 100% of the grants that the city currently provides to the voluntary sector in Nottingham. This funding has already been cut dramatically over recent years, and it is essential that the full allocation remains in place.

The voluntary sector is relied upon more than ever to provide support to some of our most vulnerable citizens. Covid especially demonstrated that without the voluntary sector many more people would have suffered.

The sector’s support will be relied on even more with the proposed cuts to some of the city's front line services. Nottingham City Council recognises how the voluntary sector is a valued and necessary partner in developing and delivering solutions to our city’s challenges. We note that a number of Equality Impact Assessments of service cuts highlight the sector’s crucial role in supporting citizens if that service is decreased or withdrawn. How can the city council reconcile a greater reliance on the sector’s support against the proposal to remove grant funding?

We certainly understand the need to provide a fair and balanced response to all city residents but we feel there are some cuts which will disproportionately impact on those with less means, and lead to more residents facing difficult circumstances.

Cuts to the voluntary sector grant has a clear and direct impact on those in receipt of the grant. A small snapshot of evidence we have gathered indicates significant job losses: upwards of 50 vital activities will be closed, impacting on up to 500 volunteering opportunities, and as many as 20 organisations are at risk of closure.

However, the cuts will also be felt by organisations not in direct receipt of these grants as it will significantly increase competition for other scant resources. We know that many external funders are already oversubscribed in Nottingham.

The voluntary sector has long been a partner to the city council, and we know that the relationship is valued. We ask that you consider the wider impact of withdrawing funds from the sector. The city council grant allows organisations to leverage additional money from many other sources. This will be severely diminished, as organisations at risk of closure will be less attractive to external funding bodies. Once those organisations are gone so is the wealth of community intelligence and trust held within them.

We urge you to reconsider both the short-term and long-term impact of these budget decisions. Nottingham’s diverse voluntary and community sector is key to identifying creative and cost-effective solutions to address our city’s challenges.

Now is not the time to disinvest in a sector which the city council and its citizens have come to rely on. We need a different conversation about the sector’s role in reshaping services so that all of Nottingham’s people have a better outcome.

On behalf of Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service and the other organisations signing this letter.

Jane Todd, Chair of Trustees

Jules Sebelin, Chief Executive Officer

256 verified
  1. Jules Sebelin, Chief Executive Officer, Nottingham CVS, Nottingham
  2. Jane Todd, Chair of Trustees, Nottingham CVS, Nottingham
  3. Denis Tully, Emmanuel House Support Centre, Nottingham
  4. Laurah Bachnack, Nottingham
  5. Laura Hughes, Suicide Crisis Service Lead, Harmless CIC, Nottingham
  6. Deborah John, Project Support Officer, Community Catalysts, Nottingham
  7. Jamie mack, Outreach Manager, The Prince's Trust, Nottingham
  8. Sian Ellerton, HR Advisor, Age UK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire, Nottingham
  9. Cal Phoenix, Manager, The Apollo Phoenix, Nottingham
  10. John O'Brien, CEO, CA Plus, Nottingham
  11. Katy Vegan-Soc, Volunteering Coordinator, The Vegan Society, Stafford
  12. Kate Whyatt, Ecotherapist, Wild as Well, NOTTINGHAM
  13. Owen Butler, Disability Adviser, The University of Nottingham, Nottingham
  14. Leanne Moulton, Training Lead, Harmless CIC, Nottingham
  15. Nic Williams, Community Lead, The Renewal Trust, Nottingham
  16. Rosie Needham-Smith, Marketing & Fundraising, Emmanuel House Support Centre, Nottingham
  17. Simon Cartwright, Chief officer, Transforming Notts Together, NOTTINGHAM
  18. Cherry Wells, Chief Executive Officer, The Renewal Trust, Nottingham
  19. mark Pearson, teacher, Confetti, NOTTINGHAM
  20. Celina Adams, Service Director, The Toy Library, Nottingham
216 more
verified signatures
  1. R. Molloy, Placement Counsellor, Nottingham Counselling Service
  2. Sharon cotterill, Therapist, Nottingham Counselling Service, Nottingham
  3. Mark Wayman, Employment Advisor, The Bestwood Partnership, Nottingham
  4. Jennifer Stretton, NCS, Nottingham
  5. Hannah Cantrell Charlton, Community Engagement Co-ordinator, NTU, Nottingham
  6. Julia Cook, Project Manager, VCSE Observatory, Nottingham
  7. Anthea Tainton, CEO, Equation, Nottingham
  8. Sandra Horner, Volunteer Coordinator, Nottingham City Council, Beeston
  9. Beverley Burton, Chair of Trustees, Second Chance Learning Academy, Nottingham
  10. Karina Fulton, Counsellor, Nottingham Counselling Service, Nottingham
  11. Stuart Keogh, Volunteer lead, Citizens Advice Central Nottinghamshire (Ashfield, Nottingham
  12. Mrs Leanne Calvert, Executive Assistant, Nottinghamshire Mind, Retford
  13. Sam Richardson-Martin, VAWG Specialist Navigator, POW Nottingham, Nottingham
  14. Claire McCurdy, Nottingham
  15. Andrea Barker, Retired, Patient Representative Nottingham CityCsre, Nottingham
  16. Ms Audrey Leach, Manager, Summerwood Community Garden, NOTTINGHAM
  17. Georgina Podd, Charity worker, Dogs trust, Nottingham
  18. Hitomi Boyes, Trainee therapist, Nottingham Counselling Service, Nottingham
  19. Lily Beaven, Managing Director, Women In Tandem, Nottingham
  20. Yasmin Lawson, Couples Counsellor, Nottingham Counselling Centre, Nottingham
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