4 July 2024
We ask Belladrum to show love for Palestine

Dear Tartan Heart Music Festival Team,

We hope this letter finds you well. We are long-time attendees and supporters of the Tartan Heart Music Festival. We are particularly excited about this year's theme, "Love," as it embodies values that are crucial in today's world.

Given the festival's emphasis on love, we are writing to inquire about what actions the Tartan Heart Music Festival is taking to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, especially in light of the ongoing genocide and humanitarian crisis they are facing. In a time where the theme of love is more important than ever, demonstrating support and solidarity with those in need can make a powerful statement and resonate deeply with attendees and the broader community.

Understanding the festival's initiatives and stance on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Are there any specific programs, partnerships, or messages planned that align with the theme of love and support for Palestine? Additionally, how can festival-goers like ourselves contribute or participate in these efforts during the event?

Thank you for taking the time to consider our inquiry and showing solidarity with Palestinian people. We look forward to experiencing the festival's celebration of love in all its forms.

Warm regards,

Compassionate Belladrum fans

131 verified
  1. Lisa Bell, Doctor, Conon Bridge
  2. Jessica Ní Dhuibhginn, Student, Skye
  3. Salim Ghayyda, Inverness
  4. Jenna Macculloch, Yoga teache, Highland hearts for Palestine, Inverness
  5. Morven Kinnear - MacLennan, Registered Nurse, INVERNESS
  6. Fatima Sheik, Inverness
  7. Moya Sinclair, Education, Muir of ord
  8. Leanne Maclean, Project Manager, Cromarty
  9. Nicole Taylor, Falkirk
  10. jmorlandrussell@gmail.com, retired, Highland Palestine, Inverness
  11. Breagha Beaton, Mental Health Nurse, NHS Highland, Inverness
  12. Waseem Mustafa, Clinical Educator, NHS Highland, Inverness
  13. Kirsty Douglas, Dingwall
  14. Michelle Bremner, Administrator, Inverness
  15. Charley O’Hara, Freelance Dance Artist, Charley K O’Hara Dance, Invergordon
  16. James Shewan, Nurse, NHS highland, Inverness
  17. Alison Macaskill, Social Care, Inverness
  18. Alan McIver, Lead Information Security Engineer, Edinburgh
  19. Gabriella La Croix Rojas
  20. Viktoria Stelikou, Inverness
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verified signatures
  1. Garry Dymond, Engineer, Inverness
  2. Jordan Sutherland, Builder, Construction, Inverness
  3. Chrisann Stewart, Ross-shire
  4. Lynda fraser
  5. Hannah Wilkie, Inverness
  6. Katie O’Fee, Scientist, London
  7. Scott maclean, Engineer, Inverness
  8. Jacqui Mathieson, Hairdresser, Alness
  9. Iona Smart, Teacher, Inverness
  10. Sean Kenna, Tech, Knockbain
  11. Razzy Lee, Marketing, London
  12. Jill Sykes, Bangor NI
  13. Rachel Knight, Nursing Assistant, Nhs, Inverness
  14. Kirsty Watson, Teacher, Education, Muir of Ord
  15. Stephanie Cummings, Hairdresser, Inverness
  16. Grant Clark, Tech, Aberdeen
  17. Gillian Hoban, Makeup artist, Inverness
  18. Fiona Richardson, Dornoch
  19. Laura Begley, Teacher, Edinburgh
  20. Gordon Thompson, Software Engineer, Edinburgh
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