13 July 2021
We say NO to the "New Normal" for children

This letter is to School boards, Trustees, Principals, Public Health Officials, MPs, MPPs, MLAs, Ministries and Ministers of Health, Ministries and Ministers of Education, Premiers and Prime Minister.

We are a strong group of parents, grandparents, concerned citizens and professionals who are committed to advocating for the children of Canada against the "New Normal" continuing to be imposed.

Over the last 18 months, children have been made to carry the weight of the world and have been forced to endure completely unnecessary restrictions and abuse. Collectively, we say NO to masking, distancing, poisonous chemical sanitizer, isolation, testing, constant coercion and violation of bodily autonomy, and unproven injections. We say NO to ignoring our children's suffering, to putting their needs to the side and their lives in harms way all in the name of "health and safety" and "the greater good." Our children are the most vulnerable members of society and the most valuable. We will not let their voices go unheard, we will no longer comply.

Please see the following main points:

The most staggering statistics that have come out of the past year have been the levels of childhood suicides (now the number 1 cause of death for children), depression, anxiety, eating disorders, overdoses, and abuse. These harms have been directly caused by the isolation of lockdowns and the closing of important resources. According to SickKids Hospital, more than half of children aged 8-12 reported clinically significant depressive symptoms during the 2nd wave of the pandemic. That number jumped to 70% among adolescents. There have also been an unprecedented rise in hospital admissions for eating disorders and Type 2 diabetes. These figures alone should be enough to stop the harmful measures.

It has been well documented and proven globally that children are statistically at 0% risk of dying from Covid-19. Data from across the world, including Canada, shows that not only are children not seriously affected by this virus, they also do not spread it. In fact, children are at far more risk of serious outcomes from seasonal influenza than from Covid. Despite these facts, children have been forced to accept harmful rules and restrictions under the guise of public safety. These mandates have and continue to affect them socially, emotionally and physically. What we know is that there is no justifiable reason to take away youth sports or to isolate them away from their family and friends or to close down parks and playgrounds or to deny access to schools and co-op placements and force them in front of a screen. What we know is that the above causes a great deal of unnecessary distress to children and youth. We as a collective group will not accept any further locking down of these essential parts of life and liberty that each and every citizen in Canada was born with the innate right to.

The daily messaging regarding masking and distancing can be seen everywhere you turn. The propaganda in stores, on TV, on the radio, on social media and within the classroom has had a clear message to our children. The message is to fear the air they breathe and the people and objects around them. They have been told by peers, adults and teaching staff that they now have the power to kill their loved ones just by breathing air and having physical contact, or that the mask is the only way to keep themselves and others safe despite any discomfort they feel or any exemptions they may have. The damage and trauma done with this messaging can be irreversible! Masking is particularly harmful for our youngest children as they develop and learn. Children need to be able to see facial expressions and interact through play and touch in order to form healthy social connections, learn to read and speak, and feel secure in their world. Not only is masking unhealthy psychologically, it is physically hazardous. A fully peer-reviewed study published in The Journal of American Medicine (jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticl...) showed that after just 3 minutes of mask wearing, children were found to be inhaling over 6 to 10 times the exposure limit of carbon dioxide. This is TOXIC! With this type of exposure, children have been experiencing several symptoms of toxicity including: headaches, difficulty breathing, fatigue, loss of concentration and more. A German study of over 25,000 children also confirms these types of adverse events due to masking.

In April 2021, Health Canada set the indoor exposure limit for CO2 at 1,000 ppm. With the knowledge that children are breathing in toxic levels of CO2 for upwards of 8 hours per day, indoors and outdoors and during phys-ed; we can no longer allow this to occur!

In addition to the toxic air, the masks themselves, after long-term wear in this type of setting have been shown to become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and pathogens. The warm, wet environment within the mask creates an unsafe level of risk to the wearer as he/she is continuously exposed to this as well as causes the break down of mask material which can be inhaled. Even with a change of mask, children are not mature enough nor should they be required to worry about keeping themselves and a mask sterile. These are unrealistic and dangerous expectations that are leading to serious harm.

The new Covid-19 injections are only Authorized for Emergency Use. They are not Approved by FDA or Health Canada. There is no long term safety data at all for any age group. With the recent roll-out for children as young as 12 and the impending roll-out for children under the age of 12, we refuse to be coerced, bribed or forced to take part in these experimental injections in order to gain access to education, activities, extra curriculars and social contact. If you are told you have to take some drug in order to regain your freedoms, then you are NOT free!

As documented by Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and J&J, the experimental phase is not complete until 2023. As per the Nuremberg Code, our families have the right to refuse to participate in such an experiment. INFORMED CONSENT is non negotiable.

These injections have not been proven safe, in fact they have show an extremely high rate of adverse reactions and deaths as seen in Government adverse event data collection systems in several countries. There have been more reported deaths and reactions caused by these injections in the last several months than for all vaccines in the last 3 decades combined!

Reports of Myocarditis, Pericarditis (especially among boys), menstrual cycle disruptions, fertility concerns, blood clots, neurological conditions and death INCLUDING child deaths are coming out all over the world. According to the CDC's own data, children aged 0-17 are at 11.3 times greater risk of injury due to Covid-19 injection in comparison to any benefit that may come from taking the shot. Schools and governments that willingly participate in medical coercion will be held liable.

Families that choose to not inject their children will not allow their child to be treated any differently via segregation, masking, plexiglass or other, in any setting. Children are not to be excluded or have their private medical information divulged. Medical Privacy Laws state that consent must not be required as a condition of service. The Health Care Consent Act Section 11 outlines consent must be voluntary and informed.

To summarize our message: Our children have the right to an education free from fear and stress and free from restrictions and suppression. Our children have the right to have their voices heard and their needs put before our own as adults. Our children have the right to a full life with normal experiences and new milestones that will shape them into healthy, happy and confident adults. The path that we are currently on is going to have serious impacts that reach far into the future. We need to end these harmful measures today as that would be following true science and true evidence that we have had over a year to look back on. It is our duty as adults to do what is right for our children. It is OUR duty to protect them from harm, not the other way around.

Update 16 July 2021

Continued censorship

The Journal of American Medicine has been forced to print a retraction on the mask study quoted in our letter. This truly solidifies the continued censorship and unwillingness to accept any counter debate on science. The underpinning of valid science is to hear the debate on both sides, not censor it or cancel it.

Our children's experiences show what the truth is. That cannot be censored.

Update 03 August 2021

79 Mask Studies

47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects


Update 16 July 2021


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