13 July 2021

We say NO to the "New Normal" for children

This letter is to School boards, Trustees, Principals, Public Health Officials, MPs, MPPs, MLAs, Ministries and Ministers of Health, Ministries and Ministers of Education, Premiers and Prime Minister.

We are a strong group of parents, grandparents, concerned citizens and professionals who are committed to advocating for the children of Canada against the "New Normal" continuing to be imposed.

Over the last 18 months, children have been made to carry the weight of the world and have been forced to endure completely unnecessary restrictions and abuse. Collectively, we say NO to masking, distancing, poisonous chemical sanitizer, isolation, testing, constant coercion and violation of bodily autonomy, and unproven injections. We say NO to ignoring our children's suffering, to putting their needs to the side and their lives in harms way all in the name of "health and safety" and "the greater good." Our children are the most vulnerable members of society and the most valuable. We will not let their voices go unheard, we will no longer comply.

Please see the following main points:


The most staggering statistics that have come out of the past year have been the levels of childhood suicides (now the number 1 cause of death for children), depression, anxiety, eating disorders, overdoses, and abuse. These harms have been directly caused by the isolation of lockdowns and the closing of important resources. According to SickKids Hospital, more than half of children aged 8-12 reported clinically significant depressive symptoms during the 2nd wave of the pandemic. That number jumped to 70% among adolescents. There have also been an unprecedented rise in hospital admissions for eating disorders and Type 2 diabetes. These figures alone should be enough to stop the harmful measures.

It has been well documented and proven globally that children are statistically at 0% risk of dying from Covid-19. Data from across the world, including Canada, shows that not only are children not seriously affected by this virus, they also do not spread it. In fact, children are at far more risk of serious outcomes from seasonal influenza than from Covid. Despite these facts, children have been forced to accept harmful rules and restrictions under the guise of public safety. These mandates have and continue to affect them socially, emotionally and physically. What we know is that there is no justifiable reason to take away youth sports or to isolate them away from their family and friends or to close down parks and playgrounds or to deny access to schools and co-op placements and force them in front of a screen. What we know is that the above causes a great deal of unnecessary distress to children and youth. We as a collective group will not accept any further locking down of these essential parts of life and liberty that each and every citizen in Canada was born with the innate right to.

The daily messaging regarding masking and distancing can be seen everywhere you turn. The propaganda in stores, on TV, on the radio, on social media and within the classroom has had a clear message to our children. The message is to fear the air they breathe and the people and objects around them. They have been told by peers, adults and teaching staff that they now have the power to kill their loved ones just by breathing air and having physical contact, or that the mask is the only way to keep themselves and others safe despite any discomfort they feel or any exemptions they may have. The damage and trauma done with this messaging can be irreversible! Masking is particularly harmful for our youngest children as they develop and learn. Children need to be able to see facial expressions and interact through play and touch in order to form healthy social connections, learn to read and speak, and feel secure in their world. Not only is masking unhealthy psychologically, it is physically hazardous. A fully peer-reviewed study published in The Journal of American Medicine (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/2781743) showed that after just 3 minutes of mask wearing, children were found to be inhaling over 6 to 10 times the exposure limit of carbon dioxide. This is TOXIC! With this type of exposure, children have been experiencing several symptoms of toxicity including: headaches, difficulty breathing, fatigue, loss of concentration and more. A German study of over 25,000 children also confirms these types of adverse events due to masking.

In April 2021, Health Canada set the indoor exposure limit for CO2 at 1,000 ppm. With the knowledge that children are breathing in toxic levels of CO2 for upwards of 8 hours per day, indoors and outdoors and during phys-ed; we can no longer allow this to occur!
In addition to the toxic air, the masks themselves, after long-term wear in this type of setting have been shown to become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and pathogens. The warm, wet environment within the mask creates an unsafe level of risk to the wearer as he/she is continuously exposed to this as well as causes the break down of mask material which can be inhaled. Even with a change of mask, children are not mature enough nor should they be required to worry about keeping themselves and a mask sterile. These are unrealistic and dangerous expectations that are leading to serious harm.

The new Covid-19 injections are only Authorized for Emergency Use. They are not Approved by FDA or Health Canada. There is no long term safety data at all for any age group. With the recent roll-out for children as young as 12 and the impending roll-out for children under the age of 12, we refuse to be coerced, bribed or forced to take part in these experimental injections in order to gain access to education, activities, extra curriculars and social contact. If you are told you have to take some drug in order to regain your freedoms, then you are NOT free!

As documented by Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and J&J, the experimental phase is not complete until 2023. As per the Nuremberg Code, our families have the right to refuse to participate in such an experiment. INFORMED CONSENT is non negotiable.
These injections have not been proven safe, in fact they have show an extremely high rate of adverse reactions and deaths as seen in Government adverse event data collection systems in several countries. There have been more reported deaths and reactions caused by these injections in the last several months than for all vaccines in the last 3 decades combined!

Reports of Myocarditis, Pericarditis (especially among boys), menstrual cycle disruptions, fertility concerns, blood clots, neurological conditions and death INCLUDING child deaths are coming out all over the world. According to the CDC's own data, children aged 0-17 are at 11.3 times greater risk of injury due to Covid-19 injection in comparison to any benefit that may come from taking the shot. Schools and governments that willingly participate in medical coercion will be held liable.

Families that choose to not inject their children will not allow their child to be treated any differently via segregation, masking, plexiglass or other, in any setting. Children are not to be excluded or have their private medical information divulged. Medical Privacy Laws state that consent must not be required as a condition of service. The Health Care Consent Act Section 11 outlines consent must be voluntary and informed.

To summarize our message: Our children have the right to an education free from fear and stress and free from restrictions and suppression. Our children have the right to have their voices heard and their needs put before our own as adults. Our children have the right to a full life with normal experiences and new milestones that will shape them into healthy, happy and confident adults. The path that we are currently on is going to have serious impacts that reach far into the future. We need to end these harmful measures today as that would be following true science and true evidence that we have had over a year to look back on. It is our duty as adults to do what is right for our children. It is OUR duty to protect them from harm, not the other way around.

Update 16 July 2021

Continued censorship

The Journal of American Medicine has been forced to print a retraction on the mask study quoted in our letter. This truly solidifies the continued censorship and unwillingness to accept any counter debate on science. The underpinning of valid science is to hear the debate on both sides, not censor it or cancel it.

Our children's experiences show what the truth is. That cannot be censored.

Update 03 August 2021

79 Mask Studies

47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects


Update 16 July 2021


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Thank you again for being an incredible group of advocates for Children and youth.

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  407. Renee McCubbin, Homemaker, St. Joachim
  408. Stephanie Miller, Teacher, Guelph
  409. Michelle Whitney, Doctor of Chiropractic, Wellington Chiropractic Group, Guelph
  410. Judy Lambers, professional organizer, Organize Clear Declutter, Blyth
  411. Katherine Longtin, Private citizen, Ottawa
  412. Misty Lalonde, Lunenburg
  413. Tanya Ferguson, Auburn
  414. katie watson, moving company president, moving company, cambridge
  415. Srinath Iyer, Consultant, CIBC, Mississauga
  416. Lindsey Battams, Bobcaygeon
  417. Kelli Hill, Self employed, New Lowell
  418. Ashley Oliveira, Cambridge
  419. Amber Mielke, Kitchener
  420. Dmitri Kouxenko, Contractor, Self employed, Richmond Hill
  421. Tabitha Cherewka, P/T supervisor, Brantford
  422. Michelle Smith, Rocky View County, AB
  423. Laura Lea Macaulay, School supervisor, Vankleek Hill,
  424. Christopher Chaarani, London
  425. Melissa Hansen, Winnipeg
  426. Mirjana Rousseau, Victoria
  427. Céline Paquette
  428. anonymous
  429. Chantell virtue, Childcare owner, Grimsby
  430. Alfia Banu
  431. Dawn Dawson, Retired teacher, Bluewater
  432. Brenda Howat, retired, grandmother, ontario
  433. Nancy Morgan, Retired, Beamsville
  434. John krahn, AYLMER
  435. Francesca figueira, Retired, Toronto
  436. Anna Krahn, Aylmer
  437. Laura, Travel agent, Beamsville
  438. Marlene Graydon, Supply teacher, Burgessville
  439. shelly-ann Jelley, homemaker, cambridge
  440. Judith Hoilett, Psychotherapist, Judith Hoilett Counselling & Consulting, Mount Currie, BC
  441. Ina Apse, Accountant, Vaughan
  442. Emilia H., Realtor, Hamilton
  443. Filomena Wood, London
  444. Amber Clark, Self employed, Simcoe
  445. Nicole Thompson, Self-employed, Ottawa
  446. Tara Cooper, Entreprenuer and teacher, MCK Academy, Phelpston
  447. Jennifer Timmermans, forest
  448. Courtney Spurdza, CYW, Glencoe
  449. Tiffany Aitken, Psw, Ottawa
  450. doug mcarthur, cambridge
  451. Felicia Leisk, Cleaner, Government, Everett
  452. Colin Nel, Engineering, BnR, London
  453. Peter Klassen, Truck Driver, Aylmer
  454. Jessica Davis, Brantford
  455. Mary knipf, Planner Scheduler, Dorchester ontario
  456. Maria Rondinelli-Speller, Teacher, Teacher, London
  457. Trudy Klassen, Aylmer, ON
  458. Brandi Powell, RN, Cambridge
  459. Kristy Jadischke, Kingsville
  460. Margy K, London
  461. Melissa Vader, Accountant, Picton
  462. Allison P, Aylmer
  463. Rebecca Klassen, Office assistant, Walmart, St.thomas
  464. Kelly Swanson, London
  465. Devin, Teacher, Kitchener
  466. Christine K., Aylmer ON
  467. Julie De Groot, Stratford
  468. Nadine Jocaitis, Marketing consultant, Innisfil
  469. Lucas Dietrich, Tradesperson, Waterloo
  470. Janice Sherwood, Retired, Surrey
  471. Elizabeth David, Retired acct, , Calgary, Alberta
  472. Anna Yusipenko, Calgary
  473. Jackie morales, Lash tech, Woodbridge
  474. Ricardo Reid, Contractor, London
  475. Joanne Labreche, Teacher, School Board, London
  476. Keith Guindon, Angus
  477. Nancy Guindon, Angus
  478. Jacklyn Duffy, Stay at home mom, Coldwater
  479. Stacy farsad, Mom, realtor, East Gwillimbury
  480. Holly, Hamilton
  481. Tino Desideri, Engineer, Whitby
  482. Kelly Marcotte, ECE, Grimsby
  483. ewa tomon, Mississauga
  484. Daina Fennell, Physiotherapy Assistant, Brant Community Health Care System, Brantford
  485. Melissa Larizza, Thunder Bay
  486. Suzanne Desjardins, Vaudreuil-Dorion
  487. Aida Steenkist, Brantford
  488. Jessalyn Hervieux, EVS, MIDLAND
  489. Francesca Walkey, legal assistant, Ottawa
  490. Lisa Massaro, Thunder Bay
  491. Melissa Keefner, Jarvis
  492. Terri Haydar, Retired, Milton
  493. Kassondra Taylor, Retail, Meaford
  494. Odessa Walker, Mother, Port Dover
  495. Karen Napper, retired, Port Dover
  496. Kathy Derbyshire, Self employed, Melbourne
  497. Fairilee Clermont, retired, Red Deer
  498. Susan Young, Retired, Russell
  499. Brian Ramsden, Retired, Me, Otterburn Park
  500. bokyung kim, lecturer, TST, toronto
  501. Breanne De Carolis, Mom, Simcoe
  502. Colleen Dale, Forest school educator, Simcoe
  503. Mary Fast, Mom, Leamington
  504. Cy Labre, Supervisor, Vale, Sudbury
  505. Katrina-lyn Drover, Mom, Dunnville
  506. Luigia de Martino, retired, CAMBRIDGE
  507. Jennifer white, Retired, Toronto
  508. Agnes Cseke, Retired, grandmother, Brantford
  509. Agnes Dombi, Bookkeeper, Brantford
  510. Brenda Head, Store manager, Oshtugon, Sioux Lookout
  511. Robert Brooks, Retired, Individuall, Cambridge
  512. Amanda, Brantford
  513. Tanya Ireson, Mother and Healthcare professional, Self employed, Brantford
  514. Danielle Ideias, Mother, Brantford
  515. Tanya Leblanc, Mother, Ottawa
  516. Janay K, Parent, Private, Toronto
  517. Rahno Simpson, School bus driver, Brantford
  518. Samantha Crandall, Teacher, Montessori, Keewatin
  519. Christa McKellar, Stay at home mom of 5, Corunna
  520. Natalie Y, Richmond hill
  521. Barb Martin, Cashier, Foodbasics, Simcoe
  522. Bob Sprenger, Cambridge
  523. Ann Larivière, Hairstylist, Ottawa
  524. samantha cooper-martin, stoney creek
  525. Sherry Geramikhosh, Office manager, Newmarket
  526. Alyssa Holstock, Homemaker, Cambridge
  527. Becky Mitchell, Listowel
  528. Bevan Paquin, Retired, Coniston
  529. Deb Hope, Burk’s falls
  530. Trisha Hunter, Self employed, Victoria Harbour
  531. Sean Mackenzie, Matheson
  532. Chad Mumby, St Catharines
  533. Shelley Bierworth, Rece
  534. Donna Fowler, Grandparent of 3, Chatham-Kent
  535. Anne MacGregor, Mother/glass artist, Private
  536. Pam Lalonde, Retired, Cornwall
  537. Alecia Atyeo, Health care worker, Care partners, Wainfleet
  538. Chantal Ducharme, North Bay
  539. Mr. Kim Dickinson, IT Specialist, Private citizen, McDonalds Corners
  540. Michelle Romero, Mom, Waterford
  541. Kristine Carr, Secretary, Sherwood Park
  542. Susan Norton, Hotel, Campbell River
  543. Jessica M, Kitchener
  545. Ken Savoy, Haliburton, ON
  546. Cheryl Irven, retired, Crysler
  547. Joseph Edward Weber, Stratford
  548. Sara Castillo, Direct Support Worker, Kitchener
  549. Stephanie Walters, Self employed, Cambridge
  550. MaryAnne Brown, Mom, Winchester
  551. Melissa, Teacher, Woodstock
  552. Irene Van Iperen, Dunnville
  553. Angela Potter, Calgary
  554. Eva wall, Homemaker, Leamington
  555. Danny Covey, Embrun
  556. Margo Green, Sales/Marketing, Margo Green, Barrie
  557. Shannon Eskow, Sherwood Park
  558. Julie S, Ottawa
  559. Jessica Turner, DSW, Ottawa
  560. Kristen Rayner, Financial Advisor, Barrie
  561. Brenda Broley, Business Owner, Collingwood
  562. Jackie Adams, Teacher, Port Perry
  563. Judy Neufeld, Office assistant, Merlin
  564. Karine Baldwin, Keeping our kids safe, Ottawa
  565. Emilia Gueorguieva, Mother, Ottawa
  566. Beverley A Wilson, Manitoba
  567. Carolyn Cogan, Natural Health Care Practitioner, Embrun
  568. Inga Brandon, Retired, Ottawa
  569. Wilma Veldman, self-employed, Wellandport
  570. CAROLINE MAHEUX, Retail, Ottawa
  571. Dennis Crawford, Financial Planner, Calgary
  572. Erinn Knoll, Registered Nurse, Regina
  573. Karin Sikora, Insurance Broker, Markham
  574. Amira, Ottawa
  575. Magen eekhoudt, Mom, Keeping my family safe from government/health offical corruption, Winnipeg
  576. Anthony Delmedico, Wheel Trans Operator, Toronto Transit Commission., Toronto
  577. Veruska Ellestad, Self employed, Calgary
  578. Michelle Myszko, Naturopathic Doctor, St. Thomas
  579. Dominic Griffith, Halifax
  580. Helen Bantis, Markham
  581. Loriana Di Natale, North York
  582. Tammy Pottier, Financial controller, Tusket
  583. Susy, Woodbridge
  584. Norma Smith, PSW, NF
  585. Margaret wall, Office assistant, Wheatley
  586. Jill Darnell, Cavan
  587. Beverly Friesen, Administrative assistant, Steinbach
  588. Samantha, Edmonton
  589. Heather Featherstone, retired Personal Support Worker, Lanark County Ontario
  590. Steven Zoerb, Prince Albert
  591. Holly Barker, Nanaimo
  592. Ryan talbot, Smelter operator, Glencore, Sudbury
  593. Mike Bettiol, Underground Supervisor, DMC Mining Services, Hanmer
  594. Pietro Puzzuoli, Plumber, Brampton
  595. Kamila Zboch, Project Manager, Mississauga
  596. Mandy Fudge, Counsellor, Nanaimo
  597. John Maurer, Retired, Independent Culture, London
  598. Jenn, Special Ed. Teacher, Caledon
  599. Michelle Paquette, Support Worker, Toronto
  600. Lyndell Classon, self-employed, Cranbrook
  601. Daphne Houlton, Self employed, King City
  602. John Bruno, Construction, Toronto
  603. Autumn Perris, Sudbury
  604. Karen K Wideman, Port Perry
  605. Susan Jamieson
  606. Erica Patenaude, Medical Sales/ OT, Tillsonburg
  607. Marisa McLaughlin, Registered Dental Hyguenist, Tillsonburg
  608. Jennifer McLaughlin Barr, Registered Nurse, Tillsonburg
  609. Anna, Thornhill
  610. Carol Sweeney, Self-employed, Pembroke
  611. Erica Irwin, Teacher, Markham
  612. M. Boule, Self employed, Lorette, Mb
  613. Cory, Tilbury
  614. Marisa Grossi, Client services
  615. Liz Bouwmeester, Self-employed, JAE Farms, Rockton
  616. Jeff Brewer, welder, na, Fredericton
  617. Stu Shortly, Burlingon
  618. Tanya Moore, Owen Sound
  619. Sabina Kollman, N, Sarnia
  620. Without prejudice and without recourse Doreen Agostino, Retired, Newmarket
  621. Miranda Dayvis, Ottawa
  622. Julie branscombe, Banker, Oakville
  623. Bryce Desjarlais, Railway engineer, Kenora
  624. Linda Gray, Teacher, Orangeville
  625. Reanne, Teacher, Educators for Human Rights
  626. T Lochheaad, Ottawa
  627. Tina Capocelli, Manager, Richmond Hill
  628. John Almas, Technician, Winnipeg
  629. Randy Yaremkiw, School bus driver, Winnipeg
  630. Elizabeth Aris, Forest
  631. Byles Kelly, Piano teacher, Fordwich
  632. Gordon Silver
  633. Darlene Vanstone, Trucker, Trenton
  634. Sheila, unemployed, Toronto
  635. Michelle Johnson, Brantford
  636. Jake Carkener, Victoria
  637. Michelle Van Nes, Stratford
  638. Mary Richardson, Ottawa
  639. ANDREW WALKER, Engineer, Nanaimo
  640. Lisa Barreira, Brantford
  641. Andy Akey, Retired, Whitby
  642. Jodi Taylor, homemaker, Melfort
  643. Dee, Retired teacher/grandmother, Fredericton
  644. Kate Nov, IT, Anmore
  645. Rod Mor
  646. Robert Brown, Construction, London
  647. Angelica Treap, Teacher, Stouffville
  648. Voula McLaughlin, Toronto
  649. Tanya Lee, Mom, Duncan
  650. loretta sawchuk, retired grandmother, melfort
  651. Curtis Legiehn, Manager, Kidder, Thornhill
  652. Tammy Dillabough, Administration, Bancroft
  653. Emily Brown, Stay at home mom, Carleton Place
  654. Melanie Butts, School bus driver, Guelph
  655. Steve Van Nes, Mechanic/Farmer, Van Nes Maintenance and Repair, Stratford
  656. Trevor brady, Sales, Sudbury
  657. Mark Honey, Plane Driver, Caledon
  658. kim Caverley, Tillsonburg
  659. kim Caverley, Tillsonburg
  660. Tammy Brun, Ottawa
  661. Joanne Harvey, Tax expert, Sudbury
  662. Tracy Larock
  663. Angela Tucci, Business owner, Custom Comfort, Newmarket ontario
  664. Melody McDonald, Farmer, Portage La Prairie
  665. Jeremy Wideman, PORT PERRY
  666. Melissa McLaughlin, Dental Hygienist, Business Owner, Parent, Pembroke
  667. Colleen Elizabeth Davidson, retired teacher, Tilbury
  668. Marja Smellink, Iroquois
  669. Nienke Havemann, Mom, Toronto
  670. Candace Mackie, Grandmother, Calgary
  671. Therese Weiler, Grandmother, Concerned grandmother, Walkerton
  672. Jacqueline Krstic, York
  673. Connie Tremblay, Grandmother, Essex
  674. Joel Landry, Sudbury
  675. Jason Nissen, Manager, Energy Sector Worker, Owen Sound
  676. Sharon Mondor, White Lake, Ontario
  677. Rachel Roy, Finance Director, Nanaimo
  678. Jenna K, Ottawa
  679. Andrea Loken, union leader, Kingston
  680. Maria, Thornhill
  681. Renée Mondor, White Lake, Ontario
  682. Brooke, Teacher, Sudbury
  683. Sheena Morin, Bookkeeper, Hamilton
  684. Mélanie Blais, Speech Language Pathologist, Sudbury
  685. Eric martin, Biomedical Engineering Technologist, Concerned Citizen, North Bay
  686. Lisa Sparling, Education Assistant
  687. TonyPavicic, self employed, Kingsway, TORONTO
  688. Judy Elias, Stay at home Mom, Wheatley
  689. Anita Hopkins, Barrie
  690. Shaunacey Peplinski, White Lake
  691. Jenna Eidt, Chiropractor, London, ON
  692. Anyse gauthier, I work, N/A, Sudbury
  693. Nancy Heide, Stay at home Mom, Wheatley
  694. James Lavigne, Retired, Plevna Ontario
  695. Elena Kuzmich, Parent, Toronto
  696. Melissa Gervais, Hanmer
  697. Cherry Floccari, Bradford
  698. Sam Reid, Petawawa
  699. Veronique Berube-roussy, Sainte-catherine
  700. Angela Palmieri-Zerillo
  701. Pat Moore, Retired, Stratford
  702. Mary Larin, Retail, Newmarket
  703. Tyler Rae, Millwright, Nu Tech, Pembroke
  704. Courtney, Pembroke
  705. Joanne Dixon, RMT, Leamington
  706. Stephanie Quibell, Self Employed, City Of Kawartha Lakes
  707. Judy Vincent, Retired, Triton
  708. Jane sherrard, Retired teacher, Pugwash
  709. Robert Gagnier, Teacher, Hamilton
  710. Edyta Harris, BLOOMINGDALE
  711. Natalie Anne, Capreol
  712. Paige Rose, Business owner, Keswick
  713. CorA Vandekar, Retired RPN, Sunderland
  714. Kal Mankal, Healthcare, Ottawa
  715. Karen Chevalier, Sales, Cottam
  716. Felicia Bakker, Dental Assistant, Mother, Brantford
  717. Dominique Burgess, Plumber, Hanmer
  718. Sue, Teacher and Mom, Educators for Human Rights, York Region
  719. Sandra McPhee, Mother, Niagara Falls Ontario
  720. Lianne Gills, Teacher, Val Therese
  721. John Adam, electrician/dad, Burks Falls
  722. Iliana Ivanova, Ottawa
  723. Colette
  724. Karen Carpenter, Pembroke
  725. Nicole Lavigne, Self employed, Douglas
  726. Robin Dewhurst, Mental health, Grey Bruce health services, Owen Sound
  727. Agnieszka Cicha, Toronto
  728. Shane leroux, Nfld
  729. Lyndey Renyi, Pembroke
  730. kelly bennett, Reidville
  731. Mandy Mc Coshen, Timmins
  732. Pheobe Adam, Mom, Burks Falls
  733. Joe Di Nenno, Plumber, Self, Aurora
  734. Sarah Hayhurst-Newman, St. Marys
  735. Christopher Dardick, Sudbury
  736. Melanie Proulx, Sudbury
  737. Hubert Ziegler, Prescot
  738. Megan Buckboro, Calgary
  739. Stephen Doupe, Driver, Sanitation, Hinton
  740. Carol Denton, Brandon
  741. Mike Thomson, Georgetown
  742. Vicki Johnson, Management Consultant, Aurora
  743. Laetitia Ekman, Surrey, BC
  744. Rene D'Aoust, Self employed, Beaverlodge
  745. Melanie Poworoznyk, Banquet Service, Concerned Parents of Saskatchewan, Regina
  746. Pat L Kirkwood, Bus driver, School, Saskatchewan
  747. Ramona Invidiato, Retired teacher, Kingsport
  748. Meghan Styles, Georgina
  749. Nancy Dupuis, retired, Scarborough ON
  750. Crystal Cartwright, Shop manager, Abbotsford
  751. Mandi Ochsner, Drayton Valley
  752. L. Allen, document review
  753. Clara Nickel, Stay at home Mom, Niagara Falls
  754. Léona De Rosa
  755. Anthony Pacitto, Self employed, Barrie
  756. Ivanka Z, Georgetown
  757. Rose Kelada, St-Lazare
  758. Annette Russell, Grandma, Fort Fraser
  759. Mary A, Woodbridge
  760. Tracy Allard
  761. Leighan Basadur, St. Catharines
  762. Luigi lamanna
  763. Tina Tammaro, Mortgage Broker, Toronto
  764. Andrew Mayer, Paramedic
  765. Jason Reddy
  766. Jody Deveau, New Minas
  767. Michael Tammaro, Engineer, Mississauga
  768. Kayla Mirhashem, Airdrie
  769. Sandra Robinson, Mother and RN, Pembroke
  770. Angela Martin, Newfoundland
  771. Erin Steinman, Homemaker, Milverton
  772. James Walker, Cornwall
  773. Liz Jimmie, Grandma, Chilliwack
  774. Lise Andrée Walker, Social Worker, Cornwall
  775. Kandice Belanger, Accountant, Hanmer
  776. Susan Jessup, Pembroke
  777. Robin flood, Government, Canninton
  778. Tina, Product service, Nil, Woodbridge
  779. Delia, Vaughan
  780. Katrina Nafziger, Stay at home mom, Brunner ont
  781. anonymous
  782. Marieke Van Den Broek, Springfield
  783. Kev Dawe, Director, Pembroke
  784. Robert, retired, taxpayer, Caledon
  785. Teresa Angileri, Vaughan
  786. Julie Polmateer, Ea, HPEDSB, Stirling
  787. Monica DiPardo, Woodbridge
  788. Andrea Bicho, KLEINBURG
  789. Linda Jay
  790. Ken Vandenberg, Insurance Agent, Brantford
  791. Stephanie White, Medical Sales, CMT, Burlington
  792. RubyHoogsteen, Mother, Essex
  793. Elizabeth Rapacchietta, Teacher, Burlington
  794. Nicholas greig, Support worker, CLNH, Georgetown
  795. anonymous
  796. Jenna Snyder, Labourer, Trenton
  797. Danny dipardo, Electrician, Woodbridge
  798. Angela Borysenko, Richmond Hill
  799. Brad Mason
  800. Karen Copeland, Murillo
  801. Audry Snyder, Administration, Trenton
  802. Ceri S, Teacher
  803. Brittany MacDonald, New Lowell
  804. Margaret Janeczko, Hamilton
  805. Glenda McKibbon, Lab tech, Shelburne
  806. Jessica Lynn, Teacher, Educators For Human Rights, Ontario
  807. Kevin, Father, Orangeville
  808. Brittany, Mom, Grandvalley
  809. Anthony M, Teacher, DPCDSB, Brampton
  810. Patricia Rapacchietta, retired, Burlington
  811. Joanne, Mom, Caledon
  812. BonGiovanni, Entertainer, EFHR, Georgetown
  813. Erica Regnerus, Brantford
  814. Bill KLomps, Farmer, Bayfield ON.
  815. Frank kargus, Dad, Eganville
  816. Margaret Turnbull, Unemployed, Belleville
  817. Carolyn, Teacher, Educators for Human Rights, Toronto
  818. Shellie Overbeek, Teacher, Courtland
  819. Derek Smith, Security, Bayfield
  820. Danette Liedtke, Grandmother & Children’s Pastor, Pembroke
  821. Katelyn Bresseau, Pembroke
  822. Marissa Secord, Rpn, Non practicing, Owen Sound
  823. Cindy Barras, VAW Case Worker, Pembroke
  824. Mark Childerhose, driver, sales,, Never Old Bikers M.C., Cobden
  825. Laura Molinaro, Admin, Mississauga
  826. Catherine Courtine, Thunder Bay
  827. Delia, Teacher, EFHR, Whitby
  828. Steve Christofi, Plumber, Toronto
  829. Danielle Woodcroft, Richmond hill
  830. Jessi ca, Daycare, Arnprior
  831. Suzie Kargus, Eganville
  832. Amanda Pennell, Educator, Ottawa
  833. Juliana Taunton, disability, Bayfield
  834. Nadia Alonzi, Program Manager, Ontario Public Service, Richmond Hill
  835. Gina Coon, Mississauga
  836. Tim Peplinskie, Teacher, RCCDSB, Pembroke
  837. Oscar González, Technitian, Etobicoke
  838. Margaret Rahn, Para transit driver, Pembroke
  839. Lesley Peplinskie, Teacher, Pembroke
  840. Brittany McNally
  841. Patricia Conde, Accountant, Toronto
  842. Anna Maria Cecchetto, Vaughan
  843. Tammy Prince, Barrys bay
  844. Hope Wright, Mom, St Catharines
  845. Benjamin tessier, Ottawa
  846. Amanda Wright, Psw, Private, St Catharines
  847. Marie R, teacher & mother, EFHR
  848. Joan Van Huigenbos, Retired, Dorchester Ontario
  849. Michelle Stuck, Dundas
  850. Olga Palmeri, Barrie
  851. maria Dyck, Aylmer
  852. Arnold Janz, Winnipeg
  853. Marcie Kluke, Arnprior, ON
  854. Krystle Carnegie, Mom, Ottawa
  855. Vanessa vallée, Realtor, ExP Realty, Ottawa
  856. Sherry Caserta, CS Manager, Woodbridge
  857. Jillian Anderson, Small business owner, Barrie
  858. Josie, Teacher, Educators For Human Rights
  859. Cassandra Lacey, Accountant, Working mom of 1, Edmonton
  860. Jolene Pilat, Petawawa
  861. Maryna Kalnoochenko, IT, Toronto
  862. Brittany Champ, Cda, SURREY
  863. Anna O'Malley, waterloo
  864. Penelope Trottier, White Wolf Canmpgrounds, GERALDTON
  865. Maria Zazzarino, Mental Health Counsellor, Woodbridge
  866. Vita Pantaleo, Toronto
  867. John Wagner, Mechanic, Wrenchers auto repair, Pembroke
  868. Greg Wood, Grandpa, Peterborough
  869. Jacob Tuchendler, Ottawa
  870. Liz Kerley, Medical administration, Kawartha Lakes
  871. Courtney Giannola, Brampton
  872. Karrie Gevaert, Merlin
  873. Jennifer Redmond, self employed mother, Guelph
  874. Stephanie Brown, Pembroke
  875. Shawna Hiebert, Steinbach
  876. Jean I Clarke, Self Employed, Clarke Bros.Aluminum, Woodville
  877. Atousa Deyhori, MOM, Aurora
  878. Angela Beaudoin, Richmond Hill
  879. Naria, Woodbridge
  880. Michael Legacy, Bathurst
  881. Amanda Miron, Mom, Concerned Parent, Pembroke
  882. Jessica Riches, Business owner, Mt Albert
  883. Donna Krebs, machinist, windsor
  884. Diana Sansone, Richmond Hill
  885. Brenda Smith, Ottawa
  886. Magdalena Maj, Assembly, Windsor
  887. Trudy Kerr, CSR, Foymount
  888. Sharon Grossi, Ontario
  889. Marisa Grossi, Manager Insurance, Richmond Hill
  890. Viki Katsoulis, Office manager, Mississauga
  891. Darlene Dustyhorn, EA, Raymore SK
  892. Nancy O’Brien, Educator, Educators For Human Rights, Toronto
  893. Bruno Persichilli, Vaughan
  894. Gabi Albu, father, Oakville
  895. Shannon Champ, Stouffville
  896. Alana Boyce, RPN, Hamilton
  897. Linda Spence, Grandmother, Palmer Rapids
  898. Betty Luckovitch, Golden Lake
  899. Clyde, Utterson
  900. Cristina Albu, mom, Oakville
  901. Melissa Chretien, Stay at home mom, Fournier
  902. Katherine Dunne, Project Coordinator, Cambridge
  903. Crystal Borutskie, Ottawa
  904. Paula Tucci, Stand Up Canada, Russell
  905. Beatrice Susin, Grandmother, Toronto
  906. Mirna Said, Ottawa
  907. Maria Santos, Instructor Therapist, Barrie
  908. Lori, RN, Waterloo
  909. Cecilia Reddy
  910. Diana Zeni, Teacher, DPCDSB, Woodbridge
  911. Jeresa Delic
  912. Sandra Compton, Waterloo
  913. Maggie Russell, Teacher, Napanee
  914. Val Kohlsmith, Business owner, Arnprior
  915. Jen Donnelly, Burlington
  916. Robert Shapton, Retired, taxpayer, Caledon
  917. Laszlo Pekter, Professional Contractor, Toronto
  918. Harina Wolters, Ingersoll
  919. F wiebe
  920. Adam Thrasher, Dad, Amherstburg
  921. Samantha Stamplicoski, Mom, Eganville
  922. Bonnie Ellis, Bus driver, Arnprior
  923. Hailee Gay, Homemaker, Windsor
  924. Laura, Beeton
  925. anonymous
  926. Carm, Vaughan
  927. Diane Ortt, Realtor, Concerned Grandparent, Calgary
  928. Alex Nascimben, Vaughan ont.
  929. Tiffany Massey, Arden
  930. Jacob Baba, Mechanic, Mississauga
  931. Amanda Hartwell, Teacher, Ottawa
  932. Carolyn Frail, Self employed, Sell Employed, Toronto
  933. Rachel Ortt, Ottawa
  934. Judy Witczak, accounting assistant, Tillsonburg
  935. Olivia Venturin, Teacher, Bradford
  936. Rosa McConnell, Parent/Educator, Ajax
  937. Gemma N, Teacher, British Columbia
  938. Jillian Norrad, Mother, concerned, Oromocto
  939. Nancy Heykoop, Natural Health, Holistic Health Center, Kincardine
  940. JOHN TSIROPOULOS, Realtor, London
  941. Jeremy Palmer, IT, Deep river
  942. Lorrie Dawson, Ottawa
  943. Ted Witczak, Retired, Tillsonburg
  944. Kelly Riehl, Educational Assistant, Gadshill
  945. Laura Repo, Toronto, ON
  946. Jennifer, Teacher, Brampton
  947. Lynn Anderson, Retired, Caledon
  948. Connie M, Social Worker, Wasaga Beach
  949. Leslie Mondolo, Schomberg
  950. Eileen Kilbreath, Retired RN, Concerned citizen, Sarnia
  951. Kirsten Schruder, MOTHER, Renfrew
  952. Diana Viola, Teacher, Caledon
  953. Danielle C, Teacher, Whitby
  954. Christiane Gravel, College Student, College, North Bay
  955. Shera Rael, New Westminster
  956. Leslie Sansom, Teacher, Whitby
  957. Wendy Lawrence, Calgary
  958. Davey, Truck driver, Kingston
  959. Jennifer, Non-practicing Registered Nurse, St. Thomas
  960. Darya, Designer, mom of 3, Vaughan
  961. Rosie, Vaughan
  962. Mary Marino, Vaughan
  963. Donna Hibbard, Ottawa
  964. Kristina Muskat, Work from home, Bill gosling, East Gwillimbury
  965. Lorenzo LaLomia, Carpenter, Cookstown
  966. Sergey Shevtsov, Partner, CPA practice, North York
  967. Carol Rothfusz, Oakville
  968. Rhonda Convery, Event Planner & Mom, Ottawa
  969. Kelly Vella, Teacher and Mom of 4, Guelph
  970. Mary Boni, Retired, Vaughan
  971. Tonya Wilcox, London
  972. Clint Gunter, Telcom Tech, Stone Mills
  973. Tracy Volkaert, LONDON
  974. Brian Bonik, retired, no affiliations, Barrhead, AB
  975. Colleen jordan, Self employed, Concerned citizen/ mother, London
  976. Ryan Crouse, Plumber, Newmarket
  977. Olga Iankine, Parent, King
  978. Cherylle Smuland, Business Owner, Grand Forks
  979. Michelle Wilson, Citizen, Society, London
  980. Lisa Mitchell, Richmond
  981. Ramona Schuster, Kelowna, b.c.
  982. Kim Schenk, Teacher, Grand Valley
  983. Carol Manning, Custodian, Kelowna
  984. petra klaukien, LPN, Nursing Home, Vancouver
  985. Tina Avery, Self employed, Regina
  986. Tara Campbell, Kemptville
  987. Traci Akins, Mother of 5, St Thomas
  988. Paul Mourad, Engineer, Windsor
  989. cindy muskat, Interpreter, Toronto
  990. Malvina Sousa, Medical administration, Saving the future of our children, Cambridge
  991. Mirjam Rotteveel, Farmer, Tavistock
  992. Ike Quiring, Stone Mason, Pillar, Leamington
  993. Amy Gulbert
  994. Vadim Nauruzov, Automotive Quality Assurance, Richmond Hill
  995. Hayley Christilaw, Teacher, Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board, Brantford
  996. Kevin, Police officer, Mississauga
  997. Brock Mohr, Trader, Regina
  998. Judi, Retired teacher, London
  999. Caroline, Writer and Mother, Montreal, Quebec
  1000. Natasha Avery, Toronto
  1001. Joy randall, Nurse, Delta
  1002. Christine Jensen, Legal assistant, Edmonton
  1003. Nadia Filoso, Vaughan
  1004. Laurie Hubble, Business Analyst, Markham
  1005. Patricia Cappadocia, Parent, Everett
  1006. Ramona Cooperstock, self-employed, Toronto
  1007. Nichele steenbeek, Varna
  1008. Sheri Swan, Project Manager, Regina
  1009. anonymous
  1010. Eugene Clutterbuck, Electrician, Hammond Mfg., Kitchener
  1011. Judith Martens, PSW, Aylmer
  1012. Anna, retired, London
  1013. Sophie op den Kelder, Salford
  1014. Mary McLean, Retired, CAMBRIDGE
  1015. Lukasz Gustof, Construction, Mississauga
  1016. Niji John, Architect, Totonto
  1017. Shannon Currie, Mother, Sylvan Lake
  1018. Sarena Petruniak, Marmora
  1019. Shannon Wells, Professional, Richmond Hill
  1020. Mike Rennicks, Carpenter/Business owner, M&MRennicks, Design and Renovations, Orleans
  1021. Mariona Surette, Librarian, Woodstock ON
  1022. Shauna Tessier, Ottawa
  1023. Ingrid Wilkinson, Pipestone
  1024. Julie Wrigley, Ottawa
  1025. anonymous
  1026. Hajnal Biro, self employed, Paris
  1027. Teresa Ann De Wetering, De Wetering Hill Farms, Stratford
  1028. william trochym, manager, pvp, uxbridge
  1029. Juanita Diorio, Allied health, Hospital, Hamilton
  1030. Monika Barylski, St. Catharines
  1031. J. Sada, BScN, Mother, Alberta
  1032. David Henry, Crane manager, Grand Bend
  1033. Jenny Thornton, Hairstylist, London
  1034. Elco DeBoer, Tillsonburg
  1035. Cindy Armstrong, Brownsville
  1036. Charlee Gingrich, Stay at home mom, Seguin
  1037. Lori vande Werken
  1038. John Pelleboer
  1039. Wendy Thornton, Ophthalmic Technician, London Ontario
  1040. Shadi Ashamalla, Richmond Hill
  1041. Tracy Mamoniw, Mother, Whitby
  1042. Diana Deverall-Ross, Retired executive, Midland
  1043. Linda Arends
  1044. Natalie Miller, St.Catharines
  1045. Laura Muldoon, SAHM, St. Thomas
  1046. Lana T.
  1047. Jen Schiller, Teacher, Thanes Valley District School Board, St Thomas
  1048. Mary Barton, Winnipeg
  1049. Florence Pasquier, Barrie
  1050. Krysten Linker, Church Staff, St. Thomas
  1051. Katharine Poplawski, Project coordinator, Milton
  1052. Neil Magrichuk, Retail, Ottawa
  1053. Lynn McMurray, Homemaker, Sudbury
  1054. Shelley Parent, Brantford
  1055. Justyna Bruciak, Medical assistant, Dr madej dental, Mississauga
  1056. Corinne DeJong, Stay at home mom, Rockwood
  1057. Katarzyna Malinski, Buyer, Mississauga
  1058. Angela Sajeba, RMT, Self employed, Unionville
  1059. Kara McLachlan, Homemaker, Keswick
  1060. Galina Kolesnikova, Teacher, CHAT, Toronto
  1061. Natali Katsoulis, Burlington
  1062. Tanja Velic
  1063. Brittany, Dietary Aide, Hanover
  1064. Jaime Janco, Administrator, Toronto
  1065. Shane pitre, Realtor, Embrun
  1066. Leanne Treu, Self employed, Richmond Hill
  1067. Emanuel Boucher, Warehouse, Ottawa
  1068. Kristen Bennett, Mother, Essex
  1069. Vanessa Lessard, Law Clerk, Ottawa
  1070. Lori Reid, Cambridge
  1071. Anne Kehoe, Grandmother, Lakeshore
  1072. brian thompson, retired, Vankleek Hill
  1073. Eileen McClinchey, Farming, Auburn
  1074. Josie, , Bradford
  1075. Vicky Blentzas, Toronto
  1076. Melanie Bugera, Brandon
  1077. Daniel Hinschberger, Sales, Critical Thinking 101, London
  1078. BJ Watmough, Power Engineer, Calgary
  1079. Carolyn Baltaz, Office Manager, Ayr
  1080. Laurie Wilson, Ottawa
  1081. David Daines, Retired
  1082. Vicky Noel, retired, Cobourg
  1083. Brooke Marinez, Mother, Keswick
  1084. Kate Kozlova, Teacher, Milton
  1085. kristina brasil, Admin, New Tecumseth
  1086. Rafael Aguilar, Automotive, St Catharines
  1087. Caroline Turek, MD, Ajax
  1088. Laura Celli-Henriques, Maple
  1089. Samantha Oxley, Georgina
  1090. Cherie Lawson, Cambridge
  1091. Nancy Klomps, retired, I am a concerned Canadian/ontario citizen, bayfield, ontario
  1092. Anna, Credit manager, Toronto
  1093. Carly Kostuch, Admin assistant, Newmarket
  1094. Michelle, Mother, Huntingdon
  1095. Alexandra Velma, Teacher, Richmond hill
  1096. Cristina Salerno, Teacher, Newmarket
  1097. Malhorzata Machnicka, Teacher, Mississauga
  1098. Christie Arsenault, Homemaker, St Catharines
  1099. Vlatka Tadic, Mama (bear), Markham
  1100. Keith Loder, Fleet Prime, Egmondville
  1101. Christine Shelston, Newmarket
  1102. Susi Kennedy-Burcew, Ottawa
  1103. Michele kujawa, Teacher, London
  1104. Rachel Bobek, Windsor
  1105. Nick Henderson, Teacher, Hamilton
  1106. Lesley Johnston, parent, None, Owen Sound
  1107. Elide Roberti, Self employed, Tottenham
  1108. Olga Ijewliw, Retired, Ottawa
  1109. Janelle Dayman, Parent, Newmarket
  1110. Sean Rothfusz, Oakville
  1111. Ed Opitz, Mississauga
  1112. Renee regehr, Mother, London
  1113. Sandy Salazar, Barrie
  1114. Alexis Clark, Psw, Barrie
  1115. Stacey Lance
  1116. Maria Catanzaro, Richmond Hill
  1117. Aleksandra Jokovic, Kitchener
  1118. Stephanie Buggemi, Teacher, Woodbridge
  1119. Shelley Withyman, Mother, Newmarket
  1120. Kimberlee Hill, mother, Paradise
  1121. Alisa Sadler, designer, toronto
  1122. Jenn Buckton, General Manager, Toronti
  1123. Lisa Thurman, Self-employed, Kincardine
  1124. Leah Baverstock, Law Clerk, Kitchener
  1125. Kim Mumby, St. Catharines
  1126. Jacqueline Ninaber, Conestogo
  1127. Michele Crowe, Retired, St Thomas
  1128. Liana Primerano, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Toronto
  1129. Patty Zieske, former teacher, Guelph
  1130. Katherine McSpadden, Tillsonburg
  1131. Sharon Masters, OTA/PTA, Brantford
  1132. Rebecca Groombridge, Chatham
  1133. Dayna Mahon, Dublin
  1134. Len Williamson, Parent/Grandparent, Burlington
  1135. Jana Roudny, Grandma, Peterborough
  1136. Billie LePage, Mom, Penetanguishene
  1137. Deni Wolfe, Self Employed, Mitchell
  1138. Jean-francois Bourguignon, Retired/ Disability, Personal, Peterborough
  1139. Danielle Paonessa, SAHM, Stouffville
  1140. Jessica Dykeman, Self-employed, N/A, Kincardine
  1141. Darlene harnest, Sauble beach
  1142. Aimee Wolfe, Vocational Rehab Counsellor, Kingston
  1143. Cheryl Aarts, London
  1144. Carol Schmidt, retired, Burford ON
  1145. Lauren Heffernan, oakville
  1146. Pat Kelly, W.G. Kelly Construction, Mitchell
  1147. Liz Ruggiero, Single mom 3 kids, vaughan
  1148. Mike kelly, Hamilton
  1149. Joel Armstrong, Farmer, Kincardine
  1150. Becky Hart, Homemaker, Waterdown
  1151. Concetta Schiraldi, Digital marketer, Tech company, Bolton
  1152. Laura Burns, Retired, Cambridge
  1153. Sam Smith, Barber, Bayfield
  1154. Kerri Hallman, Business owner, Waterloo
  1155. Lori-Anne Lundy, Custodian, Newmarket
  1156. Kate Peterson, Windsor
  1157. Tracey, Edmonton
  1158. Diane Toulouse, travail social, MonAvenir School Board, Smithville
  1159. Melissa Goetz, Saskatoon
  1160. Joseph O Donnell, Retired, Calgary
  1161. Anita Howald, Waterloo
  1162. Melissa Winsor, EA, Barrie
  1163. Victoria George, Retired grandmother, Markham
  1164. Cheryl Holden, Cambridge
  1165. Lesley Spence, saskatoon
  1166. Jennifer Z, Toronto
  1167. Mary Catanzaro, Richmond Hill
  1168. Viktor, Self employed, Stouffville
  1169. Luanne Jones, Marsden
  1170. Peter Doyne, Self employed, Bowmanville
  1171. Stephen Loveless, Design, Brooklin
  1172. Margaret Johnson, Calgary
  1173. Emily Loveless, Homemaker, Brooklin
  1174. Valerie Carpenter, Sarnia
  1175. Dagmar Cymbaluk, Grandmother, Barrie
  1176. Wendy Stampflee, Home support, Omineca Home Support, Vanderhoof
  1177. Denise Tsui, Small business owner, Markham
  1178. Ashley Fenrich, Mother, Summerland
  1179. Tyson Maxwell, Grande Prairie
  1180. Lori Ann McIntyre, Gatineau
  1181. Maria Grevenitis, Self employed, Toronto
  1182. Johnny Wiebe, Business owner, Kingsville
  1183. Paul, Public servant, Van
  1184. Teresa Hoo, Nutritionist, Advance Holistic Nutrition, Brantford
  1185. Liana Di Giulio, Stouffville
  1186. Kathleen Beauvais, Recruiter, Kary Tech Solutions, Waterloo
  1187. Cheryl S, Executive Assistant, Richmond Hill
  1188. Sherry Huskinson, Carstairs
  1189. Dawn McKenna, London
  1190. Beckie M
  1191. Doriana Velardo, Director, North Hill Private School, Maple
  1192. Christina, Entreprener, WHITCHURCH-STOUFFVILLE
  1193. Sandra, Fitness coach, New Tecumseth
  1194. Jean-Guy Chauvin, School Bus Driver, Wheelchair Accessible Transit, Scarborough
  1195. Susan Maceachern, Brampton
  1196. Michelle Tsoukarellis, Toronto
  1197. Joseph Carubba, Graphic Designer, Adfactor Inc,, Toronto
  1198. Alan Bredeson, Trucker, Kelowna
  1199. Michelle Holdforth, Buckhorn
  1200. Marcia Spencer, RECE Kindergarten, Kincardine
  1201. Sylvia Bianco, Mother, Vaughan
  1202. Julie Kapassas, Markham
  1203. Stephanie Aguiar, RECE
  1204. Trish Hirsekorn, Medicine Hat Ab
  1205. Wayne Oosterhoff, Agriculture sales, Nachurs Alpine Solutions, Dunnville, ON
  1206. Nelson da silva, Carpenter, Thornton
  1207. Ryan Weening, Teacher, Orillia
  1208. Justin Porter, Surrey
  1209. Mary Capone, Retail, Caledon
  1210. Gaspare Indelicato, Professional, Technology, Vaughan
  1211. Shelby crick, Autoworker, Woodstock
  1212. Korine Vandeburgt, Dunnville
  1213. Kathryn Fahey, Coordinator, Vanier
  1214. Carolyn, Mother, East Gwillimbury
  1215. Heather Laakso, St. Catharines
  1216. Melanie Buttigieg, Medical receptionist, Thornton
  1217. Cassandra Coelho, RECE, Bradford
  1218. Liesbeth deBoer, Tillsonburg
  1219. Ilean monaru, Pickering
  1220. Nat
  1221. Sophie, Durham Region
  1222. Fanny Guevara, Vaughan
  1223. Tracy, Self Employed, Markham
  1224. Zoe Zoe Prassoulis, Self employed, Bradford
  1225. Donna Thiffault, DSW, Carrying Place
  1226. Jacobus de Boer, North York
  1227. Carol Hay, Oakville
  1228. Leah Geo, Self Employed mom, Markham
  1229. Dorothy Vandenburg, Oakville
  1230. Tory M, Lindsay
  1231. Frances Lynn
  1232. Irena Tsepelevich, Mother, Vaughan
  1233. Veronica M, Ajax
  1234. Janice Pavicic, Mother, Toronto
  1235. Sarah Smith, Schomberg
  1236. Annalisa Peca, Woodbridge
  1237. Bill Kelly, Mitchell
  1238. Annie Duplessis, Montreal
  1239. Jasper Lourenco, Whitby
  1240. Benjamin Gabbay, Musician, Toronto
  1241. Lucie Mathieu, Teacher, Saguenay
  1242. Kailey Hawthorn, Designer, Kitchener
  1243. Erica Pacey, Administration, Burlington
  1244. Stephanie L, Bowmanville
  1245. Heidi Kelly, Stay at home mom, Waterloo
  1246. Alex Summers, ECE, TORONTO
  1247. Rhonda Broomer, Office Manager, Holland Landing
  1248. Jenn McLean, Account manager., Mount Pleasant
  1249. Lyndsey Hall
  1250. Deshawn Noreiga, Contractor, Kawartha
  1251. Erica Tratch, Teacher, Ottawa
  1252. Marielle Timson, Stay at home mom, Port Perry
  1253. Michelle, Pet Groomer, Trenton
  1254. Christina Gibson, Administration, Burlington
  1255. Olga, Vaughan
  1256. Erin McDonald, Police communicator, Queensville
  1257. Emma Denhoed, Office work, Private, Kawartha lakes
  1258. Clarence konkel, Power engineer, Bredenbury
  1259. Lisa Merie Annis, Angus
  1260. Adriana Denhoed, Retired nurse and caregiver, Private, Oshawa
  1261. Steve, Simcoe Ontario
  1262. Jackie Burney, Mother, Windsor
  1263. Leah Ebelher, Medicine Hat
  1264. Missy Walpole, Registered nurse, Grand River hospital, Rockwood
  1265. Deb Murphy, Accounts receivable, Brantford
  1266. Danielle Martin, Keswick
  1267. Amber, Mother, Rocky Mountain House
  1268. Jessica Weening, Nurse, Orillia, ON
  1269. Amanda Sutherland, Postpartum Doula, Bradford
  1270. Mallory, Kingston
  1271. Dora Tsagaris, Chilliwack
  1272. Emily Coleman, Travel Consultant, Listowel
  1273. Zoran Lukic, Kitchener
  1274. Tanya Scott, teacher & mother, Port Perry
  1275. Chris Nugteren, Self Employed, Smiths Falls, On
  1276. Evonne Nugteren, Postal Worker, Smiths Falls
  1277. Graham Walker, Truck driver, Northumberland rise up, Harwood
  1278. Christina Kember, Owner, Southwest fence and decks sarnia, Sarnia
  1279. Jolanda Kramer, Grandmother, Self Employed, Dresden
  1280. Bonnie Grootenboer, retired dairy farmer, Kakabeka Falls
  1281. Khristine Rodriguez, Owner/operator, Khristine's Kreations, Essex
  1282. Andrew Bursey, Operator, Bonne Bay
  1283. Sarah Howden, Health care, Sarnia
  1284. Yuly fernandez, aesthetician, Etobicoke
  1285. Jasmine Macneil, Sudbury
  1286. Joanne Sanci, Lawyer & Mother, Etobicoke
  1287. Daphne Smith, Edmonton
  1288. Janine Vinski, Self Employed, Windsor
  1289. Darlene Beaupre, Self Employed, Red Deer
  1290. Erin Clever, Sarnia
  1291. Krista Ganes, RECREATION THERAPY, Abbotsford
  1292. Tanya Kotsopoulos, Toronto
  1293. Gracie Cicciarella, Banker, OSHAWA
  1294. Scott St.John, Operations Manager, Calgary
  1295. Jeannie Crowe, Apsley
  1296. Marie, Grandmother, Calgary
  1297. Timon P., Developer, North York
  1298. Jonathan Mateer, Lisle
  1299. Frances Prins, Spruce Grove
  1300. Sally Warren, Accountant, Richmond Hill
  1301. Zoe Alexandra, Account Managerr, Toronto
  1302. Diane Quigley, Youth councilor, Kingston
  1303. Elena Porotnikova, Finance manager, Oakville
  1304. Agnes Ruygrok, Zurich, Ontario
  1305. Melanie Crawford, Registered Practical Nurse, Sudbury
  1306. Kristen Cass, Payroll Coordinator/Mother, Brampton
  1307. Alex Koens, Nurse&Mother, kemptville
  1308. Jennifer Karb, Ece, Windsor
  1309. Wendy mcgonigal, Retired, Calgary
  1310. Savanna Suntres, Windsor
  1311. Rachel Kingma, Bookkeeper, Dunnville
  1312. Tony Smith, Cambridge
  1313. Amy Shee, Apsley
  1314. John Girard, Teacher, Holy Spirit Catholic Schools, Pincher Creek
  1315. Elizabeth Wright, Grandmother, SARNIA
  1316. Kristy Kusch, Burlington
  1317. Katelyn Leier, Teacher, Guelph
  1318. Gina Bartel
  1319. Christopher Garcia, Georgetown
  1320. Ashley Lima, London
  1321. Marilyn McInnes, Vilna
  1322. Victoria Bourne, Ottawa
  1323. Jonathan Krahn, Neuanlage, SK
  1324. Nataliya Vinogradova, Holistic nutritionist, Scarborough
  1325. Lorna Chapman, Concerned Grandparent, Barrie
  1326. Sandra, Mom, New Hamburg
  1327. Ovi Zega, Toronto
  1328. Carol Bergen, Winkler
  1329. Stephanie Tanguay, Concerned Mom / Insurance Adjuster, Holland Landing
  1330. John Lofstedt, Pastor, Pembroke, ON
  1331. John Hollander, Programmer, Newmarket
  1332. N. Read, Mom, Mississauga
  1333. Kathy-Jo Pickering, Windsor
  1334. Cindy Chabot, Lumby
  1335. Amanda Weber, Waterloo
  1336. Cindy Chabot, cindy chabot, Lumby
  1337. Lorraine St Croix, Housewife, Springhill
  1338. Corinne Brom, Saskatoon
  1339. Karen Sloan, Mom, Bothwell
  1340. Linda Fraser Waldmann, homeopath, Southampton
  1341. Mihaela Riposan, Programer, Mississuaga
  1342. Tracy Weaver, Support Worker, Social Services, St. Thomas
  1343. Jill, Medical Esthetician, Newmarket
  1344. Jon Morden, Truck driver, Barrie ont
  1345. Deborah Banderob, daycare provider, self employed, Cambridge
  1346. Dana Fisk, Educational assistant, Cornwall
  1347. Sueann Muzzerall, Dental Assistant, Welland
  1348. Shelley urlando, Mississauga
  1349. Lea Spanninga, Amaranth
  1350. Bob Lizmore, Accountant, BizMore, London
  1351. Bill Dawson, St Thomas
  1352. Louise Allison, Grandmother, Okotoks
  1353. Nikki Bult, Business owner, Bradford
  1354. Jolanda Weber, Grandmother, St. Marys
  1355. Nancy Ekes, Stay at home mom, St Thomas
  1356. V Peterson
  1357. Alana Hollander, Environmental Technician, Newmarket
  1358. Leonard Slogotski, Buchanan
  1360. Alex MacKenzie, Brampton
  1361. Darlene Lacelle, Sudbury
  1362. Irina Hodorkovsky, nutritionist, East Gwillimbury
  1363. Becky
  1364. Nicole Rempel, Kleefeld
  1365. Hasti Gomes, Business owner, Biblicalandreformed, Pitt Meadows
  1366. Shelly Lacelle, Kingston
  1367. Shawna Ruscitti, Cashier, Princess Auto, Barrie
  1368. Francine Gagnon, Teacher, CSPGNO, Sudbury
  1369. Mariah Tanner, Future mother, London
  1370. Richard James, Film Maker, Innisfil
  1371. Jason McVicar, Pastor, Fredericton Christian Church, Fredericton
  1372. Catherine Ballah, Mother, Amherstburg
  1373. Michelle Bagelman, Intuitive Coach, Michelle GB, Duntroon
  1374. Debbie Brentnell, Belle Plaine
  1375. Susie Rock, Counsellor, Church, Windsor
  1376. Debbie Brentnell, Belle Plaine
  1377. Tanja Primc, Mother, Toronto
  1378. Oxana Yakubovich, Mother, Self employed, Vaughan
  1379. Ashley Ientile, Mother, Etobicoke
  1380. James De Andrade, Construction, Milton
  1381. Scott hamilton, Father, Waterloo
  1382. Dara Bailey, Self employed, Holland Landing
  1383. Erick Racancoj, Software Developer/Dad, Edmonton
  1384. Yvonne sayers, Hamilton
  1385. Steve Tsoukarellis, Executive, Telco, Toronto
  1386. Joy Brooks, ESL teacher, Bradford
  1387. Stacey, Fort Erie
  1388. Mary Lou Hopson, Teacher/Mother, ALLISTON
  1389. Shona Orr, Letter carrier, Hillsdale
  1390. Andrea Geiser, Mother, Vaughan
  1391. Caroline Gulbronson, Newmarket
  1392. Carla Kulyk, Farmer, Buffalo AB
  1393. Cathy Alfred, Mother, Oakville
  1394. A Drohan, Parent, Ancaster
  1395. Christine Marrin, Teacher, Newmarket
  1396. J Zivanovich, Father, Stoney Creek
  1397. Cheryl Benish, Personal Support Worker, Renfrew
  1398. Karen Bos, Kingston
  1399. Christina De Santiago, HR Consultant, Mississauga
  1400. Julie bilodeau, Hairdresser, Pointe calumet
  1401. Stephanie Garcia, Mother, Georgetown
  1402. rosa blanco, childcare provider, Kitchener
  1403. Julie Vanexan, Consultant, Waterdown
  1404. Jessica Bornestig, Maple Ridge, BC
  1405. Iuliia Starovska, Mother, Halifax
  1406. Maria Herron, St. Thomas
  1407. Zelda Orser, Court clerk, Ontario Public Service, Newmarket
  1408. Lynn Smith, retired, Abbotsford
  1409. Kevin noel, Heavy equipment operator, Waterford
  1410. Yvonne Lucht, Financial Expert, WFG, Calgary
  1411. Larry Davies, Retired, Abbotsford, BC
  1412. Kim Zivanovich, Concerned Citizen, Ancaster
  1413. Helene Apostolopoulos, Oakville
  1414. Joseph Zivanovich, Grandparent, Canadian Citizen, Hamilton
  1415. Jen Savage, Concerned mother, London
  1416. Natasha Lamanna, Mother, Stouffville
  1417. Sherri Marshall, Brant
  1418. Erik Esteves, Project coordination, Toronto
  1419. Mary Luczak, Mother, Calgary
  1420. Brenda Parlee, Retired, Baddeck
  1421. Robyn Henry, Manager, Headingley
  1422. Rita Novikova, Edmonton
  1423. Blythe Silva, Speech Language Pathologist, Mount Pleasant, ON
  1424. Manjit Shergill, Ajax
  1425. Bonnie Jean Stacey, Self employed, Take Charge Tea, Ottawa
  1426. Andrew Hooper, Electronic Tech, Dartmouth
  1427. Anne-Marie Bredeson, Child Care, Kelowna,BC
  1428. Denise Zivanovich, Grandmother, Hamilton
  1429. Paul Laursen, Professor, AUT University, Revelstoke
  1430. Lealey Nunes, Manager, NA, Nobleton
  1431. Amy Cowling, Mother, Developmental support professional, Hamilton
  1432. Stephanie, Teacher, Mississauga
  1433. Jennifer Lewis
  1434. Jody Slater, Teacher, Grand Erie district school board, Simcoe
  1435. Jenilee Avey, Office manager, Scotland ontario
  1436. Mike Zivanovich, Father, Caledonia
  1437. Dawn Conium, Retired, Campbellford
  1438. Stephen Wragg, Self employed, Huntsville
  1439. Vicky Kobilke, Business owner, Surrey
  1440. Doug Fletcher, Glazier, DFletcher Photography, Grande Prairie
  1441. Michael Polson, Retired Law Enforcement, Severn
  1442. Russ Gaudet, Farrier, Russ &Katie's Farrier Service, Simcoe
  1443. Jasmin Fisher, General labour/homemaker, Caledonia
  1444. Nancy Nicklin, Retired, Haldimand
  1445. Kimberly Bredeson, Controller, Go Freight Pro Ltd., Cochrane
  1446. Tammy Bourque, Severn
  1447. Evelyn Morrissey, Retired paediatric RN, Surrey Bc
  1448. Scott Hanson, Barrie
  1449. Katie Gaudet, Norfolk
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