6 February 2024
Aldersbrook Medical Centre Funding Cuts

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our deep dismay at the recent announcements from Aldersbrook Medical Centre, which see the current provider pushed out due to funding cuts.

For decades, Aldersbrook Medical Centre has been one of the services at the heart of the Aldersbrook Estate and community. The service provided is an absolute necessity, particularly for the older and more vulnerable members of the community.

The current operator, Richmond Road Partnership, has put in huge amounts of work to provide a massively improved service in recent years.

Even as it stands, with the number of appointments available and extended opening hours, the practice is at capacity. All extra demand pushes people to out of hours services much further away and puts further strain on NHS resources.

Many amongst the group have shared their concern especially at the possible loss of the services of Dr Karan Bhatt and Dr Uzmah Chaudhary. Both Doctors are held in incredibly high regard amongst patients and have built up a huge amount of trust and respect with the people they have treated. This loss of trust and familiarity could be disruptive and cause anxiety for individuals who rely heavily on their current medical support system and those that are partway through treatments.

Any change to the current service, be it reduction in personnel, hours or provision, will directly impact local residents to a huge detriment. Closure of the practice, should another provider not be found, would be catastrophic for the estate and put further pressure on surrounding NHS services.

We urge you to do everything in your power to retain Richmond Road as the operator and secure the future of the practice and work with us to find a solution that ensures continued access to high-quality healthcare for all members of our community.

We seek a discussion with all interested parties who would like to join a collective conversation on these issues. We warmly welcome the opportunity to discuss this directly with BHURT and hope that, by working together, we can find an alternative solution and outcome which works for all.

Copied to:

Shane DeGaris, Group Chief Executive Officer of Barts Health and BHRUT

Matthew Trainer, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer of Barts Health and BHRUT

Dr Mamta Shetty Vaidya, Chief Medical Officer, Barts Health and BHRUT

John Cryer MP (Leyton & Wanstead)

Councillor Sheila Bain

Councillor Bayo Alaba

Councillor Jas Athwal

Councillor Mark A. Santos

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  7. Samina Islam, Wanstead
  8. Jack Noble, Solicitor, LONDON
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  10. Dagmar ellefsen, Teacher, London
  11. Sue Mutter, Retired, Aldersbrook resident, London
  12. Lindsay Schofield, Retires, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  13. Sarah Gibbs, NHS manager, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, London
  14. Jess Grattan Williams, Aldersbrook Resident, London
  15. John Tuite, Teacher, Aldersbrook
  16. Amina Malik-Lewis, Childcare Practitioner, BB's Childcare, London
  17. Sue Bestjan, Social Care & Health Consultant (retired), Aldersbrook, Wanstead
  18. Pat OBrien, Aldersbrook
  19. Amber Whitfield, London
  20. Elizabeth Thompson, Retired, LONDON
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