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Since March 2020, the avenue Van Vollenhoven in Schaerbeek is car-free. The decision was motivated by the need for social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis. For eight months, the inhabitants of Schaerbeek took great advantage of the space. Children learned to ride bicycles and skate. Older people could walk around and enjoy social life at a safe distance. PRMs and cyclists could safely cross the park to the other side of Schaerbeek....

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Dear Elke Van Den Brandt, We, citizens of Brussels, kindly ask you to make Sunday Without Cars every Sunday at least till the end of September. ...

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We are not against cars. They do have their utility. But why privatise most of the public space in our commune for those cars that make our streets quite dangerous for our kids? Can’t we share this public space?...

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Dear Jenny Helin (Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Gotland), Annica Nilsson (Vice-head of Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering at UU), ...

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Activists call for the cancellation of the Global South’s debt. To: Governments of the G7 countries....

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Dear Miss Sarah Taylor, We are practitioner psychologists registered with the HCPC, who have provided or are currently providing services to AXA policy holders....

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5/17/2024 NASW-IL Board of Directors: Latesha Newson Hilary Edgerly LaTasha Roberson-Guifarro Anjanette Young...

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17 May 2024

Otevření kontaktních center v Praze

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Vážený pane primátore Svobodo, v Praze žije podle kvalifikovaných odhadů kolem 13 000 lidí, kteří užívají nelegální návykové látky tzv. rizikově. Do začátku roku 2023 obsluhovala potřeby těchto jedinců 3 kontaktní centra. Dle Strategie Hlavního města Prahy pro oblast závislostního chování na období 2022-2027 si Hl....

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Dear Trent University's Administration and Senior Leadership, Today (Wednesday, the 15th of May, 2024) marks the 220th day of Israel's genocide in Gaza, a genocide which has been declared as such under the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and by countless human rights specialists and academics worldwide....

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On May 13th, 2024, a walk-out at UvA’s Roeterseiland campus was organised in opposition of police violence in the Netherlands and massive human rights violations and war crimes in Gaza. Unfortunately, there were also instances of destruction and violence carried out by a small group of individuals on our campus, such as smashing computer monitors, vandalising walls and floors, and destroying art. We are saddened to conclude that this encampment was not entirely peaceful. ...

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Dear ACASA Board Members, We are writing to you as the students and staff of the University of Amsterdam’s Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology. We want to voice our concern and disappointment with the university’s response to the protests happening since Monday afternoon. We hope that you, as our faculty’s ACASA board members, will join us in condemning the UvA’s choice of sending in the ME, i....

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Dear Prof. Dr. Vinod Subramaniam, Prof. Dr. Ir. Tom Veldkamp and Drs. Machteld Roos, We are a concerned group of students and faculty members at the University of Twente writing to you about the University’s ties to organisations and programmes complicit in Israel’s ongoing 75-year occupation and apartheid regime in the occupied Palestinian territories and current mass killing that has left at least 34,735 people killed and 78,108 injured in the Gaza strip since 7 October [1]....

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