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Since March 2020, the avenue Van Vollenhoven in Schaerbeek is car-free. The decision was motivated by the need for social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis. For eight months, the inhabitants of Schaerbeek took great advantage of the space. Children learned to ride bicycles and skate. Older people could walk around and enjoy social life at a safe distance. PRMs and cyclists could safely cross the park to the other side of Schaerbeek....

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Dear Elke Van Den Brandt, We, citizens of Brussels, kindly ask you to make Sunday Without Cars every Sunday at least till the end of September. ...

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We are not against cars. They do have their utility. But why privatise most of the public space in our commune for those cars that make our streets quite dangerous for our kids? Can’t we share this public space?...

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30 March 2024

To BCBF, Palestinian Children Matter

360 signatures

To the organizers of the Bologna Children's Book Fair (BCBF), As Palestinian and Arab publishers, authors, designers, and illustrators, we write this letter to BCBF, the most prestigious children's book fair celebrating diversity of children's literature in all its forms....

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As members of the global English Language Teaching (ELT) community, we are compelled to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza and express our profound disappointment at the silence exhibited by ELT organisations and by our peers in the industry....

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“Do you want to have a positive impact on the world?” The line that opens AUC’s website appears utterly grotesque in light of the events of March 25th. As AUC alumni, we are saddened to learn that our university, which markets itself to prospective students by leveraging their desire to contribute to social and environmental justice, has allowed police to operate violently on its premises and against its own students who were calling for an end to the full-fledged genocide of Palestinians in Gaza....

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Dear Sir Keir, The Home Office is applying for a Special Development Order to continue with the delivery of an asylum camp at Scampton....

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Dear Sir Keir, The Home Office is applying for a Special Development Order to continue with the delivery of an asylum camp at Scampton....

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21 March 2024

An Open Letter to World Book Day UK

557 signatures

As members of the writing and publishing community, we support the mission of World Book Day to promote reading for pleasure. We believe all children should have the opportunity to read for pleasure and benefit from the improved life chances it brings....

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Dear Superintendent and Esteemed Members of the Stanislaus County School Boards, I am writing to you as a [concerned community member, educator, parent] with the utmost respect for the significant role you play in shaping the educational landscape of Stanislaus County. The purpose of my correspondence is to address a matter of critical importance and immense opportunity for our students' futures: the integration and expansion of computer science education across all schools within the county, with a particular focus on inclusivity for students in areas such as West and South Modesto....

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Dear University of Birmingham investment team, We are writing to you to ask that you commit to completely divesting from fossil fuels within the next three years. ...

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16 March 2024


267 signatures

[Disclaimer: This letter and the signatories will be published publicly soon, so please keep the link within the Apple family for now]...

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