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Since March 2020, the avenue Van Vollenhoven in Schaerbeek is car-free. The decision was motivated by the need for social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis. For eight months, the inhabitants of Schaerbeek took great advantage of the space. Children learned to ride bicycles and skate. Older people could walk around and enjoy social life at a safe distance. PRMs and cyclists could safely cross the park to the other side of Schaerbeek....

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Dear Elke Van Den Brandt, We, citizens of Brussels, kindly ask you to make Sunday Without Cars every Sunday at least till the end of September. ...

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We are not against cars. They do have their utility. But why privatise most of the public space in our commune for those cars that make our streets quite dangerous for our kids? Can’t we share this public space?...

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For members only - please put your membership number in the 'organisation' section when signing. Dear Walthamstow Trades Hall Committee,...

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18 July 2024

Save Bangladeshi Students

17 signatures

Dear World, As you read this, my homeland, Bangladesh, is on fire. We, the Bangladeshi students, have been protesting peacefully against the controversial quota system of the government, which reserves more than half of the jobs in the public sector for specific groups, including the children of freedom fighters. Many of these "freedom fighters" who derive benefits from the state are fake; they never fought for our independence in the first place....

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**bold** To: BCBSTX CC: Cassie Brown, Texas insurance commissioner **bold** We are writing to express our deep concerns about the discriminatory and harmful nature of your policies towards midwifery care and home birth and the families who rely on it. The following points outline the critical issues that need immediate attention:...

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Dear Professor Larner, President and Vice Chancellor of Cardiff University, We are writing this open letter to express our disappointment at the recent decision by Cardiff University not to run its Applied Environmental Geology MSc programme for the academic year 2024/2025. We are concerned that this decision may have a tangible negative impact on the economic sectors populated and supported by geoscience graduates should the course remain permanently closed....

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To the Leadership Committee of Austin DSA: We are members of Austin DSA deeply concerned about community health risks due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the exclusion of disabled and immunocompromised comrades from DSA organizing spaces and events. As a group we hold a variety of identities, including disabled, neurodivergent, queer, trans, Black, immigrant, and working class....

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13 July 2024

Emergency Funding For Hulls Independents

2,248 signatures

We have recently seen a stir in the local news about the not-so-local business "Wendy's" receiving part funding of £200k as part of the levelling-up grants provided by the government via our local council. ...

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11 July 2024

Liverpool Pride Drop Barclays

150 signatures

Dear Amanda Hilton, Kriss Hubbard, Nicola Croft-Girvan, and Matthew Exley We are writing to you as a group of queer folks from across the Liverpool City Region to express our concern about LCR Pride Foundation's partnership with Barclays, and acceptance of donations from other companies complicit in the genocide of Palestine....

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11 July 2024

Sexual Harassment in Joyce Studies

132 signatures

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 Sexual Harassment in Joyce Studies To Declan Conlon, Conor Gallagher, and the Irish Times:...

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8 July 2024

Bitten Peach: Drop Genocide Pride!

25 signatures

The Bitten Peach are knowingly working at events, that have ties to genocide. Individuals and collectives have been meeting with The Bitten Peach privately. The Bitten Peach are aware of the corporate events that are investing in the genocide of Palestinians. They have continued to work at the events. ...

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